Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 8, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 8, 1912. lOLA, DAILY iiEGi./iii:ii Th«,lol«{Daily Record ana ftu lou Daily ' Indsx. fBl,BEGI8T£B PUBLIS1I1>G GO. jBntmd at th« loU }\)atorflce a.i Secund- Clam Matter. AdvertlUnK Kotxa Made Known on AppU- catlun. •UBSCniPTION RATES. JarriM- In lola, Gas City, L Cencrtto, LaHarpe and Baiiett: Tear »5.00 BY MAIL: Ona Tear, Inaldr county 12.00 One Tear, outaide cr .'jt :ty IS.Oy : iij uihtr buildings adapt- vd to suninivr nmusemcucs. And If wc ever need It there Is a bit of a grove on the bank of the rlv- vr right above the city wntor and l>ower plant that could be developed Into an extremely pretty little park. So lola Is well equipped with pleasure grounds, and while they didn't cost Vfjry much there Isn't money enough to buy them. They not only Mofe";'.;!!!!"!'.!;!!;!!!!!!'." ceMi»f*ont«"ibute to the pleasure, thi- conV TELEPHONES: fineineaa Office Boeletr Reporter Job ead Bindery Deju.. HI Official Paper of city of tola. Official Paper City of Batsett. Official Paper of Allen County. FABKS AS A> I.\VKSTME>T. fort and the liealth of the ii''0[jl'-. but lliL -y bring money to tin? town which would no! come hi-re OI I UTW I SO, and ilii -y are a good investment from ev- i ry point of view. Speaking from her o'.vn p.\/:frience, therrforc, the best wish loia could give li.T sister city would be that the bonds should carry and the parks bo acquired wliile they may still 'ue had. ty dishonestly to attempt to dictate the nominations of Viotber! The Decalogue and the Oolden Rule Indeed! The most cbaritablo interpretation to put upon'tli« Star's por.i- graph is that It doesn't know what eltbei' one of the words mean. The fact that tho r.roplo of Chanutc are to hold an eipciiou within a few days to pass upon liic question as to whether or not bond.s shall bo issued to buy one or two p;'.rks for that city, is a reminder, in spite of tlio wintry weather, that lola is most fortunately Provided in that resiiect., right in the heart ol town is the Court House Square four blocks covered with well grown froos, wt'.jt scores of people find rest anc' shade every day in the summor, wt..-rc hundreds of people spread fneir picnic lunch on circus daj ai.d iJie Fourth ol July, where rbllgli/as ineptlngs are held every Sundaj evening during ih'.' heated term, asd wlicre tli<' band concerts everj sunimi-r iiitcrtaiii the people, not jnly of lola, but of Ihe neighboring towns and surrounding country who come In to luar ihe music. There was a time wlien • (he"Public Square" was an «'.vrHor<> to loin itself and a source of endloBS lakes and Jibes to our ni .lglibors. Dut thnt lime has long gone by. It is now not only tin or /ianimi to Ui<' cliy but a practical utility. On the bank of the .Ninslio Uivir. Immediately adjoining tlio lov .n on the southwest, is our Uiverside Park, some forty acres, of which about otm- thlrd Is the primeval forest and the other two-thirds cleared land. That ia our Driving Park and Fair Grounil, I —the best Investment in many ways that lola ever made, for it is that Park'and that alone which has made Jt possible to maintain jk.county fair here which not only brings many thousand people to lola every year for \ three or four days, but contributes much to the building up of the county through the encouraeom'^nt afforded to agriculture and other itidv.strios. It Is useful also for any oth'-r occasion such as Fourth of July celebrations or the picnics of any society, when room is wanted for several thousand peopl" to make thenis l>i s comfortable and hav»» a good tirijo. 1( is there, too, that we po for our basi- ball and fool ball gamrs or otli.^r aih- Ittic events. And then on the east on tii-- t::r (jiiAu;;-.' Tiniii Ti: TO T.VKT. John Tnniile Gravos, a iJfiiicerat, was the toasiir.aslev ai ih • i banquet in New Yori: S::ii;:-"..: ::;t;;:;. and in the iti'rod'Ktion of ; r ii 1 r.t 'I'art he said: "Uui t"' ; !:r.'-ii,i;t MM have l;fen t:.!vii I.,;- ;<;•(;••.. i: .;i ii:;to- ry have L- ii ;i!Ur I;; !l. • ii.iniy- sevi'iitii i rosiiiint r,l lli-.' I'nited S:at"s, wiio lias luin iiiasnifircntly aided hy i!;;' u!:s. llioli Ai.;;o:u and devotion of the (lis;:ii.'--ii.sii( U Atiieri- can who sirves as liis Secfetary of State. "W'iiilo patriots iiav-- iin^aeluul and poets liavi- sung and journalists have wiiiten the I-rcsirtent, wiilioul noise, OP protestation, has prnseiiteil tht.- evangi'l of [M ace at tlie door or every c-JiancoJry in K "I:.-O|JP .-HI:! r)i • l-:asi. Tlie Seci-r'.ary of Siati' has overturned ever court in I'liri.siendoin and evdked a kliidiy si'iitinii lit iroin all, ai :d tuih'.y two great >*'lne treaties Willi Ki.ilK. and i'lligianii till- iwu iK 'artst world powcs, ;,lati>l coniplei- d and waiting tin- laggard Si'iiale'b vote, Willie .1 iJiIrd, Willi our gnai and good frli iid Ceriiiaiiy. must follow I'list u|i(in tlic lir!<i. •'Oilier I 'ri 'sidinis uf iU>' I'ulted Kl:il ''s iiave iinlird tlfeir naiiies lo po- ijlicai doctrines. Otlnr Presidents lia.e joined llicir faaic to eeononiie |i ..'icy. And soiii"' liave won a sliHre of glory in inartiai si rife. •Ituf the rresid-nt rising above tlie Ii.-- o!' faction or liu- ecoiioinic pas- bii ;ii ot liie liour, has linked his name and fame b> yond ail iiuestion or cavil lo ihi- immortal movi -ment of the tiiaos. "Uidies and g<-ntlenii-n, world men world woim-ii gatiierd here <o- ni;;lu in this great world cause, with thi- affection of a friend, witli iln fervor of a citizen, and with the full l>r:d" of an American, I present to you William Howard Taft, the great jieace I'r.sideiit ol the Repubiic's life." Wo once knew a man who had a bo ythat he was very fond of. The boy that ho was very fond of. The wanted to ;.t homi?, and when h? tried to condt^ct himself In school the same way and the taafhor chastised him the father licked the teacher. Instead of explaining to the boy that hf only got what was coming to him. The boy has grown up now, and for the past ten years the old pan has spent a large part of his time and most of his money paying his fines in the police court and keeping him out of jail. "These b^ the laws of the jungle and many and mighty are th^y; Out the head and the hoof of the law, and the hump and the haunch is OnEY!" Jections when the tenant raises the rent. What the average man can't understand Is why his wlto has ao much fnlth In him. Women arc naturally charitable. They would much rather share a secret with others than keep it. And tile more some peolile t xpect the more surprised they are If their expectations are realized. Probably there is .nothing that will { make u woman quite so happy as th possession of a thing her rival wants and can't alTord. emoves from TJie Topeka Caidtal says that all 'here is to that story about the county attorney of Shawnee county hiring a man to peddio booze for him ."nd so forth and so forth Is tiiat the attorney "loaned ?40 to a former liquor traveling man who professed to te able to secure evidence of violations of law, and who was later ein- j'loyed by the attorney general, and .cave this man $5 to purchase liquor as a 'spotter.' The man was not em- ;lnyed by the county aftorney at any time according to .Mr. Simon's statement " So tiiai is the prosy end o one of the most vividly imaginative stories ti!;i( iijis appeared for niiny a long day. TKI.I.S now TO rrUE A (OLD. .Most Severe toid or llie (Jrippu lie Iloed In .Scleral Hours. The most severe ccld will be brok en. and a!! .grippe misery ended after talting a iioze of J'apr-'s Cold Com pound every two iiours until throe consceutive rioiu.-^ are taken. , You will distinctly iec! all the dis agreeable .•••ynii.tonis leaving after the 4e ;y first dose. The must mittrable headache dull ce.s .5, head and no.-e stuffed up. f.'ver- is'.iness, int-ciiing. lunning of the nose .-:ore threat, nuico'as catarrhal di.s cliargc:-. Eorene.s-.e, stiffness rheania li.'^m pains and ctlier i.'isiress van ishes. Pape's Co^fi Conipound is the re.-ul( of three ytars' research at a cost of more than fifty thousanrl dollars and contains no quinine, which we have conclusively <lenionstrated is not ef fective in the treatment of colds or grijiiie. T.".l;.' Vr.U harmle.s.s fcmround as direr'.cd, with the kaowied?;e tl.ere is i:o other medicine made any waive >'-e in t'.ie world, which will rare y .ii;- -eld or end grippe inisei-y a.= p.iia^i.t'y ami wiilioa; any other a ^istanl•^• or bad after-etfect.-; a.< a 2.') rr-r.: !.;!Ph ; (if Pa)ie's fold ("oin I-cca.!. whic;: any (lruggi.-;t in the wo;:il c-an suiiply. I 'nw suspicious tlK'Se Democrats are of one aiioilier. Here is llie Oita wa It'-publie, the most amiable of Journals, orilinarlly, Btigxestiiig ihat .Mr. rnderwood 'H appendicitis did not dexeloj) until he learned that .Mr. Pry an had been added to tlie list of .spi-akers at the Jackson Day ban- duet. Hut for the matter of that ihi-re are some Republicans tlial un suspicious of one another. It's a saij world. There is nothing the average Americ:!ii so much dreads as the idea of being tiiotight "small." That is tiio reason that all the organizations on earth will not break up the "tipping' practice. It is so much more comfortable to contribute a dime and walk out like a gentleman than it is to ••n:-.ik away from the table feeling .ik:' thirty cents. In otlior words the progressive ::'.'jVt 'iiient is fouiided upon the jirinci- P- ilial 'lie Golden itule and the Dec- .•logu.' sliall have a place in American politics.—Kansas City Star. -vs illus;rated in tiie ••i'rogres;jive" •r' 'I'll, ten days primary in the Seo- (ji. I l.'istricf last suinnn-r, wiih she line If you want to ride, but within i coiiiidtte approval' And as easy distance it you want to walk, is Electric Park. This park belongs to the Street Car Comjiany but it is to all intents and purposes a jmhlic park for the Company places no restrictions upon its use, and it is :i favorite resort every summer for small picnic parties,, and for thoR<- wiio enjoy bathing and botiting. Tin re is a ball ground here also, and an I'- 1- illustrated by the Kmporia Ga- 7 I'-'s suggestion to Ciov. Siubbs tliat Iv call a special sr-ssion i,i 'in legis- 'ii.'.ive so l;.le liiul vlert' wdii'd not 1)( time to put into elfii.t ;i provisicr. Ifi an Iioiiest jirimary: And as illus- i::i<(i iiy tin- atritiid" ol the "Pro;;i •.isiws" generally in insisting iliai i.Miliary 'aws shall le so fi-imed as til . ncinirage tiic iivi-i'.i rs if "lie p-ar- A "postal cj.rd primary" undertaken by Republican leaders in an elec- 'io^ district in New York ci^'y shows that President Taft is the choice of .".0 per cent of the voters. Just id !lushes is second with 33 per cent, Roosevelt- -rr-ts 12 per cent and l-i- Pnll'-tte -> per cent. Tills is "Jackson Day," tlie !)St.h anniversary of ihe H;iltle of .Vew Orleans. If yoli hear any strange noises tonigiii, turn over and go to sii-ep .ipain: it will be only the big guns of Democracy going off in honor of tlii event. Does A.VYiiody read "Ruth Cainer- Dii 's Piiiiosoiiby." or MlUan Russell's ••P'auty Mints," or Xlrs. I.aFolletti-'s ••TI IOIIK I II for Kvery Day" or any .if the rest ol the spi-cial ediloral pagi' "f''aliires" of tlie n!etr (i :>olilan iiap-Ms? The fact tiial tliere are two millloh mnre men than women in the Cnited St-vles is wJi:it Ihe timorous ana ap- iiri'hensivi- bachelor of the Chanute Tr'ihun'^ vf vtards as "the silver lining •f tile leap year cloud." esplanade—you'll bathe in the sootliini: surf and laugh at whatthe cczlcnder tells you—you'ilmotor over tlie 32 miles of smoothest sea-side drives tiirourjh ti'.e refreshing, salt-laden sir... hers at winter time, all summer's freedom cf outdoor pleasure is yours. Come to Cdvestcn this winter—magni- uce:it ticzj LotA now ready. I Ehould like to send jv" <>•"' splendid new hooks aix>u( Ca^ator.. Write to-day. W. S. St. GEORGE, 1ST CMenlPaaeeMwAaa^ M. tMb, Mew Hy the way this hind of wejiilier jiTords just about as rood a cliiiiif 'o b" a Big Brother as Cliristmas ditl. irKFi,i:iTio>s OF A n.\rnK!.oii. From I he -N'-w York PffSS Mini'les are wh-n investni-nts turn oiii ««fe. And the ereatesf charity is bt ing •lecent lo vour relations. Nolipdy is so s'aon-sighied as to be un.ib.'e to Fcir his own virtues. .\ girl with a ladder In her stockinn: can ffel worse about a shower than Noah did about the flood. Thi' most \vond'=rful thing about a >vo>nan is how mucli she ran think an undeserving man deserves. ft POI>TKD PAKVfiHAPHS. From the Chicago News. .Most of us are always starting some tiling we can't finish. A woman isn't necessarily 60 he- caiiBP she talks like It. .Vo, Alonzo not all Hie white lies are engraved on tombstones. You can f'\ mom of the Ihinga yon want by worklrig h.ird tor them. The wan who tliinka .three tltnea before be vpcaks haa -bat little to imv. ITS vm.w. A Register ri'porter'n not PO iiad not to liad—e.vctisc for sliowing up late. Did .lack Frost lias invad il llie i„wii And till! fuel hill is up ami nier- eiiry down— Tlie clilll'i play lag. iiji and down my BplUi', While I hllK the stove ;inil slliV •.• .I!|(f wliino Tliat my earn and my nose are Just about froze— Hoo! It's cold. My good resolution on swearin's a wreck, I'm convinced 1 could skiite on tie- eiiflt ill my neck -i f have cussed at the cold and I have eus.icd at Ihe pluliiber .\nd I've wliistled "A Mot Time," and wished it were summer. I consicii each such storm to—a place thnt is warm— Uoo! Its cold. The weather observer des-rvrs thi most blame— The weather li" serves us is simply a shame. (This I say, as I gloomily ga,-..; at the sky And brush tears of ico from the tail of my eye). How that wiud does pierce—gee, this weather's 1 erce — liool It's coid. Tills is leap year for ail but tin- in-^v- cury .uaiigis— nil was docile while 1912 rages. If the day.'-, tlitil rr'uiain will be li!;-' the first seven. Then for me a big slice of old llMl. This New Year's a frost, its good n.ime is ; — P.oo! it's cold. I cannot conceive how a girl could proiiose To a man with cold feet and a fiery red Whose touch on her face, if to kiss her he'd dare Would causi- ler !•> shive;- -he ivl from her Iiair^- If the year leaps. 1 s;iy, let il leap cl ar to MayPoo: It's colli. Yv'hen Gc rm a i\ discovered Persil and put O.^iygei /to work in the bundry, iiicy kiiockcil ilio shackles of wash'd'ay slavery €rora the hands oi every vvomiiin who will try their compound. PERSIL v/asheg cloL -ies dean v>ith- out rubbing,without irijury to the fabric, to colors or to the hand:;. And PeRSiLdocs a'l this in fc-j than luif t'.\c time usucllv tnUoo to v/a2h clothe in t!>c c>id', back b.-cakj;: O.vygen, The bass of PERSIL f G::Yfz:i h Nature's protect 'i' a^^ainst every kind ..:f dirl. \M:cihjr stained lace^] c i^reasy overalls arc \v:i:hed with PERSIL, ril iho foreign ntai;: ?r is forced out of il'. :;oods, but the faivrio ii:icli; is absolutely u::farmed. A P 'lckvTge cl:' PKRSiL coUs 10 cents and does 11 dollar's worth. One Price, i©c, at Ai! '^mmm i{i'raii>e II Lowers VJIaHly—IVlijil lo Do. it i;- lii'I t!:e it-ilf, bin ti :e iii;;t imi:; eoiiijiliealinns tiial lollnw 1. tilt piDjile !,ar Willi su'.ii L;I'OI I reaiin: tlie iiii!;irin.i; cniiiihs. tl:e lerri- «i .alvni ami l.'n.- li:;ljHiiy of I M- ailackiil hy pleurisy, pneiiiiionia >uw other seiiiuis ill. '.Ve .-.^y it i~ );i,:;lily ii,ii ei !;.ni Ii> e ;iie rVMelu <i!' elery t:at,- <if i,'ri|ji3 nil notliin^' is .-n .uood lor this ai \':nc!. our I '.eli'.icr 'K n>A .'iver and iron pai-.-itiiin wi.;.-.i cit.itis .strunsili ••..•1 iiillld- lip the innly. Mr.-. (". I.. K.i wards. Loi:^ I Iran.-h X. )-ays'. •l.r.^l Fehruavy I a Very bad attack of grip and ii ieft ii:e with a terrible coiigii. For tally six ek.s I ci'iiiiiied a .una: ileal, anil • ithinfT had any effect on il. iintii I ieii Vinol wliich Kave iiie rc- ief and has s:n;e bii)iii;:;l ai,i)at a oiniilete cure." ».'aa, anythin;.; 1." more cnnviniin'- .! Vi'i'l ji;-; «lial V'11 need ;i, ;•;!(.' w-Ti itii .I 'll !i ;ake you ^;nin.i;V II mi<>t p 'ritively. S. il irie;;. 11 iii,!:i.~: lola Kans. —.Special loiind trip rate willi la-al.s, ijertii and ail side trips inciiiil- 'i!. KoinK and retiirnlnn via K. ('.. t.i lie l.owir \t\(i f.r.ind Valb-y. See aii ifl.sewliere. HOW TO CURE BLOOD POISON Con/ogfoos Blood Poison is virJent gem, and like most o/Ar bacterid organisms, is very diiTrai to tall or destroy within thesysicr It would therefore be aseless tea deator to care the disease with son:. strong medkine intended to destroy die disease blqod cells and cirus. The proper way—the on!; -lay—is lo REMOVE the germs and poisons from the blcod by purifying the clr- calation. Thousands have cured themselves of this powzrfai disease by the ase of S. S. S., the greatest of all vegetable blood paviRers. This is a medicine of anquestioned ability in the treatment of Coata- gioas Blood Poison. For more than forty years it has been prepared and sold as a cure for this troable, and not only its efficacy, bat the fert that it does not contain a par- icU of mineral, OT ether karmfcl drug, should be an ind'^cex.ent io my Conlagiozis Blood Poison suffer' er to begin its i^se. S. S. S. goes right tlown into Ih.- ciri:t:l,;li"ii. £.nJ reraovts tvtry trice of tlu- c {<.;tru.'tive virus. U heals all sores, stops ialliuff liair, nnd by clcansinff ami enriching the blood, soon clears the'body cf every symptom. Home Treatment liook and any nedical advice free. §;i!HqI*at WKKKI.V I.IVKSTtK h KKVIKW v Ka-a- City. .Ian. .".— C::. '.<• r-^ceiveii hii'e tin's Wfk :;:!.';i:ii. ia-i ,\.ik Ii;.!i 1. il;e same wtek hirt yiar :;:'..';i 'ii. T.'e ai-llial irceiji-.s fell lii;n\v e.-tiiii- .•ii.s .-aea if tie .rjisT f) lei (!;iys thi.s •v.,k. ::iu\ i:.: !;•-; ^••:!:ii!ateii tlie ::.:irk.'. .V!! iiiails aie •'esin,:; t!ir v.! 1 k III t'> r. and Liiyer: are ri'iiiplainia.' alnii; tl.r '.r.ah eo-i nf i 'liM' aniaiai-. Mn^t i ' the led s ;iick n .'H' c'.nilnf; Is tn.ikln^ .i f.''"»l jinifit il liie I' .ill r. ihiiiiLMi some of tile lat- that Will' iiiiriiili il to iiiarkil off lie Krass i.i>l .-111I111111-. lull belli on fled )i<i|iji:u' Ii/r a l'ei;,|- ii:a:ket, ;ire Insinj,' mi.aiy. As a iiile fieiiers do iiDi relisi' pin in;; -:\!y or sesenty I . nt c.iii; I:i!o laf.'e. and ili" lenilenev till:-. s<;i '.i: will I." l<i ^:rket stmf i.ii'y. '!'::: iM Im ii ,i- hi i ii plain 1\ M < .T I r/.- iK .-k; .-iifd The sUifV i- -.'iinv; ueml, owr.-is siiiniii'. r. t ix |ii • : i !.i -li' caMie lo I'mk as w.ll v> j'.en i; i^'l- to iiiaiki alie;- a culil ride on the e.ii-. as it i!.'> s -n Ui-il !i.-l. Ti ;i' rUi.vf teil stul'f iV.iliits tlii.- Yolir Merest Is icady All deprxsitor.-: ha\'in:: ;:i'C(/U';is in our Savings-"- Donartnic^nt wi!i please pit-.-ent ihvlv Pn^s Books at-the bank, to have" the e:em:-;!?:niial IXTEREST 'for'; the Ic.'^t half .of the yea-'-lf'ii tTcih'lc.'I thereon. You' can either draw this intere . \<\ CASH, or have it." credited to your accoimi w!.'.-!, v.:il di-aw 3Vc inter- ; e.^t, thus making COMPOTXD IXTEREST.' YOUR IXTEIU'ST IS READY! Capital S2o.000.00 urpliis $2,500.00 3' , Interest Paid on Time or Savings Deposits! THE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK OVKR FORTY YI-AR.S OF (ON •il.i. VATIVK M\.\KI\(J I.V tQL\- llepository for tin- fniied State*, >};.'..• of Halivas, and .\llen rountf Ollhi:].--: [.. (.. .NOHTIIKfP. I'r'-.ident li ['. .NOUTIliifl'. I'nd V-Prea. r. .\. .NOitTilitf!'. Vi. i--I':-e...iil.:it :;:i.V VL'A)SI<. Cashier. K. .1. l'I)i-'l-'l-;V. .\.s..,;!aJit fa'i.ier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Interest Paid on Time ne |i(is {ts Sitfcfy T>ei<)>il Jlav*-.* for Kent YfHK |{ I SIN;:S;: SOI.M ITI.H. mm- SExn Highest T !,::;•'• .a;^ ^or Hides and Furs. ar $7.:'" :.r!i' a la::- r .iiM .ii- r liinimiit i'.M'y til S ^l.".. fair tn vot>d s:e«.-.;j $C,.l\') :i> 7";. weitriit .-!jcri fed st»rr.= : tin tM i'. :.'."i native cov..-, fl.iii to; J', r.ii veal: lip to $^ ii<i. lilst ff'filer.- J;.III. cl'.i'i.-e srm-k»:-s ' II IO $"it;ii. ; I':' .V:;! ;"i':s iroiii ijiiaiiintine te.-ri-i •, :.y 1" Jr. 1 .1. ;it :i:':r aTi. >••.•:]^> •••.Irii: lie- lio^': ; ark 'i to tnke a S '-oot upvi.;iid aay [ i ::;y, lail l.iiy.:-.^ have lei*. T!..IT ev-nt ' I 'I" sii • •I" -t'liUy up t.t tMe present; l ;^•r^^ Ti 'en' r'.'iic.'iiati"::.--^ in-' C'.;T(I I i.;''.ti;y this weel;, fiis' tine' v>:iy :'r.i; 'in t':i- ii!!;ev. the ir.a.-keV- : !:;!!-' a li.-' or M r-nts Toji ro.'jy .-/•!,! a-. fi;.l>:;'..,. hulk ot .-ales I'.-. !o Ji'-II. !i'-;!'t v.eliiiiis ranfiins; !'i $'..t;' to fi;.li>. Kf;-,-ipt ..4 liave run ' al.ove e .-P'i .'.ati - iiinst df ;l.e t'liii- tiis v .i .k. ami t';-.:i> i.., a i::;;i!iir) ^r.i r^.a^e :.] 'i /r ;'-.,iai;e vieii;:; oi >> e hris;- S; I ::j;il !L'. I ^rket Prices ALsfj i ire Lump Coal for sale —I'.t-^^ L. KRUPPS .It' >K YARD Phone :li I YQUT iirns^ Warm Coal Kods tin i Coa! Stovas / xas and Vvcod 'toves OH Csns and Oil Stoves — Gas Stoves Si. I I. 11 relied I'.-.f nJ- week A-i.- !;\ *•• C iJ* P 'Tt • I.-! ' V .ik --ti^c wed: !-.-t '"O-" °."itS- '• .ir ::i The luMk't li;-.- sl-.;'\.a III!:-;; ;•'! w<—V. 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