Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 8, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1912
Page 3
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THE IOTA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 8,1912. ( 8% Money. K. M. Cnnnlngliam. Attorney C. R. (;;ir<! i.-^ in K;in.=:i.- City today on l<'f;iil bii:i!i> Altoiiify S. A. Gaiil is in Yate.s Center today on —Everytliinpr going ui) except Monty's Meals—20e. Clyde Settle will leave t'mij^ht fo: Neodesha lor a slui;-: wiili friends. Mr. and Mrs. .lanies I.aUo. oi Clinton Place, are the jiaronis of a boy born last night. Harvey Heller, who has been here for the past two wi 'eks visiting hi.- parents, Mr. aiui Mrs. llelb'r. ro- turned yesterday to lii.< .sl\ulii'.< ai Kansas Univer.^ity. —Those Big £0c Meals. Monty'.^ Cafe. . Jud Carpenter, the ynunj; rian who has bii -n so seriously ill f,ir tin' past several weeks with a sirani-.r illi.rsf vvhirli follow«!(l Ills cnin .1 iMu • from an atta.k of s.:;;!.! i.\'r, roi)orled to be \(-ry low imlay. —Dr. WJrt, Oslwiialli. Tel 4ST, 8SS, .Terry Hedwell. who 1. ft li v sum. tliiK' af;o lo Jocatc in (Ha'lir. atul \ < left Ihi'i 'i? l;ilir tu ia 'i ' .. encc. has ri':i'lii-d lli. i •.iidii .-.n i • • llicrc Is no plaii- li!;' i'l .. a'l 'l !••: the ri\<\ of III'' wi'.-lv 1-. Ills family In tliis li'y i,. r a].'. '.;|. home. —It 'will ho to your intcrf-.= ' to buy your Fhiur and Feed of 11. Klniiinann 206 S. Jefferson. 2-".:'. Mr. and Mrs Knsic' If.-.-. <f !"! South Firs; Sir .',-I. ar.' ih" \'::i<-.\\> <.• a fiirl horn Saturday ui;-i:'. —I)r, McMHIen. Plionos X? and 2»i Mr. and Mrs. Ktit;- ""' ilirii;. whr lavc been visitiii^;. in <'"i.. .i: ii:!. l-i-, '<ir the Jiast sevrra! ila.-.-. utMIi -.i lola Saturday niulii i" nuiiin'-.c tl.. :• visit witli his part -n'.-. ''li-. a-'.d Mrs \V. .1. Ihri-j. for .-mi'-l^-r •',••!:. b.'- fore returninE; to ih.-ir !:••;.' i:' i'.oisv Idaho. Mr. Ihrii'.; i.'Tmrts T!,;'T MI.T. was a thirty mi'-' r.'.rt'.i a! Cca- <'orilia. and a t''n;iii v;^! i^' "! botow 7i 'ro. —DR. O. L. f OX. OctillsU Miss Martha Pi-li(.u-.'"-n;<. •.vi.o been in th.- r:!y •.'.ir >i^v.:- •:!:;•' •• with her sister. Mrs, 1 ^ merits, of 2"! I 'i--' iiniti-(i in iiiarri:!:--.' a: \i latt<-r this-niorninu' a" < • to Mr. \V. T. M. Kii-.-.'. I'rice of tl'.p First M 1". • . .Jtbe offi.'iairnii I'.iT .^yv.r'-i. bride and ;rronin a;.' v • sicanno T.-\a^-. tn;- v. .-. !..•> left tl 'is aii'-rni'iiii. —Dr. Lnry M. Hull. 0>1eop.itIi Teleiilione li-'tl and <;<;!. At li:.' Y M. r. ^. i ... tronbli-. "a, »\;.r!:! • ;,. i- the r .'.-uJ» "! ra . :i the <-oid. and ••• • i = i Rvnina .<inni r-i":ii .-ui'! • . ,-. . • ' Til.- flow ..! . • :. : • time liou f \ iT. !'i i.; • .. ;.: :i ,•suits. —Fred Kowden, IVrTod Dccfralrtr riione 7^fi. !.• Mi" lola lliL 'li Sehool \h ll .ne \i u ^laaii- jil 'rrainitiir Iii^I rect 'ir. Til'- r.-iiina-i'-ii "1 : :: •;; l.-afli 'T ^o: n. il i r: li^lij : • scr.'i"'. \v!;ir'i v*. .t - l:.:a !t '! tini'', b.-iii :i. ••.•ii:-'! !'y of edni-ation. .Mr T' .v-;: :, ;• the po-iiion ..f : • r ..f i ••• trahiinu for tli.- :>:x< r • • .!> and liis ^.•r\iiis '•.•.•A\ I - •, • -n-iy satisfactory hit.- r. - i:-"::.':> .a ('i ;!,;n. as tin- r-^ull 1.; i :a \il::; . ;jr.'l ' '..-iniiiar i.').-,ii!! in ]::,'.. which poin'. i." ''v;'! ].a \i ;.• c- *\F.-brMary, .\t .-ii- ... ;ii'' boaid Ti 'ni::!^ :.- i .r -/i...' • a siioc'ssor liT y," ']'• IV. li v.'; ' • •. j-ided upon. T. i- a-- .— cants for tiie JIOM'': Y. y\. «. A. Arill .l.lHS Defeated Vate» (enter H!L;!I »i(liM !i' Havket Hal! Tiam to s. In a iinr .ii- :.; r, ••, Saturday ni:;i.i. V. M, i" \ b'li.-s. a bask.-J l.-tl! «. of studi'nts <i. i:,.- h.-^' ~i i,-., ;. •. ffaii'd tl.i' Va;-'- I •- '.LI ti-;iui by tl 'i' -( .:' '' '• • • ; I(da bo> s iilllcl.i-.--. d i!.. i- <';•:••,'•.'..'• and W're it '-vr in I'vmi- • r.i i ;;i defeated. '•'"li-- ..~<.i:'' •.• il,. . the tirst hair was 1 'J I" 1 M f-.vr: of lola. Foiigwinu ua^ ll"- - i.- the lola t.-a.M: ."-'ln .-c .-i!.!! 1". id. ;-.rwards: i ;rown. <I'J; r; l.:i' .,r .!•;.: IgoTPetf. pitar.!.-. C! "k \!..! r-i .-i .a:' iK-nnett went a-.^ sni.siiial. ~. Big .uc.^t and best stock of Coal and Woitd HEATIIVG STOVES In Allen Ctmnty TO GIVE 'EM GOOD SEND-OFF 1 Camp Cook Tooted Funeral March to Call Men to Diet of Wormy Pie. •Ilank" Peters, a veteran flfe major of tho Civil war, has been cook in a luail>er camp for a score of years. Tho pld soldier has an irrepressible BenBO of humor, and BtlU preserves the shrill fife which he used in many battles. A shipment of "grub" TFas received at the lumber camp not long ago, 'ji which was a box of coarse raisins. When the cover was removed "Hank" dl.scovcred that tho dried fruit was filled with worms and shoved the box aside to.await orders for its condemnation from the "woods boss." When the gruff old Scotchman arrived, however, he received the suggestion with indignation. "Dump those raisins In the lake?" he roared. "Te'll do nawthin* o' the kind. Bake some pies, ye lazy rascal. I'm thinkin' that'll keel the worms, an' as for the boys, they're worm- proof!" Without a word "Hank" baked the pies. As the "cookeo" was about to take the long horn from above the door and announce the evening meal, the old cook stopped him and reached for l>ls fife. 'TU call the boya this evening," he said. From tho doorway tho astonished lumberjacks heard the old flfe drone rdow bars of a civil war funeral aar h. As ho turned to re-enter the hanly "Hank" remarked to his as ••• • nts: "If tho boys have to eat that pie, •s i good send-off we'll be giving .ucrj!" COASTING AND ITS GLORIES Columbus Editor Grows Some Enthusiastic as He Writes on the Subject. During the last snow spell the boys liad out their sleds and did a deal of coasting. There is no memory of youth as glorious as that sport. Nobody ever thouBht that the fun of alldlng down hill was in the slightest diminished by the labor of tradginj: back uphill. The swift and exhilarating Joy o! Hitting down the hillside was a grand jiart of a boy's experience, and will never grow stale in the memory. What a prr^at tiling it would be if the spirit of thai sport would get into the humdrum of life and brighten It up .•:oiae. There Is one feature of this coasting business that stands out I'ko a trcnioatory. That was "belly-buatln'." rhero is no use to feel sqnirmish .•.lo;;t t'ne term or hesitate to breathe ;t aloud in a literary column. Ti'.c.i v,-t'.s the exciting feature of ooastiag. and was indulged In mostly by tho lioya of daring and patched I'lothes. "Get otit of the way!" he .;ii')t:ts. and bang poos the sled on the :;ili>pery hillside, with the boy's legs stretched far a.';t/?rn/tho .<;led in the • 'ndonvor to g.ilde It, but, failing, ofr hp runs Into a boy here, knock.s one iTiyn there, and tnrns another end for t: 1 o )t in lb.' snow. Oh. but it was irlnus! One can hear that yell yet. If men would do that to one another in tiie grov.n-iip world, there would 1)0 ftgiiting and madness all the time, lut in tho boy world it belonged to tho beautiful sanctities of life. To •his day wo take off our hat to the 'Lelly-busler."—Columbus .Journal. FcmlnlnB Forgetfulness. Woni 'T pro growing more forgetful. At le.ast that is what somebody has •-aid who n:ake3 a study of surh lalnps, and tho tlieory was proved the other day by a woman In a New York department sto.'o. When she had .-hopped in several places and con- .-jn.'.d of tho afternoon, she r.uind she bad lost her muff. Return i;.g lo the shop inwhich she last re- i.temWered having it, she made a fervent appcrtl to the clerk of the "Found" department. "I left my mufi :tt one of your fitting rooms. I am ; tro." said tho woman; "you have it, >'. !•-.irse?" The girl looked at her '•a)n;ly. "Probably we have. Fifty- •-•tx mtiffs were found today." The v.-oman gasped. "Oh, yes. that is about onr aver.iire at this season," add'd the clerk. "Wo <ifien have almost 100 on a rold day: sometimes we gather up .•nly 40 or Cut I should say ZG is the average." (hif <i! I !<••^|M •<•I to Mr-. W.i.-hinu'on. .I .iii. - Tin- Siiiir<n;-- f'otm of '•]:•• I'ni'id Stall's today ad"I 'ltti'd ::.i!ii-iiiati'!y tificr in--iiii- !. (a:'.-.' ol tl:.' I'Mora! ir. '".i;;!.!!. ().. •ua'. if .Mrs. liay. ui;.- u\ .\-;.oci;i.' I. • : i \ 1.1 1"d :d ^ ,\1; .till: " \ t ' t' •ca.'his ! !!> ( liar.te I.iiinur Sale. bl 1 u a.- ti-r. I.Ml \ I'tli^.' l.y Cl Hi I'lilici' o ( I'tir^'c'.-- 111.' lb f.-ndalit ' t !i.' lavc •p .'ifi'.iit'ii^d in 111" -ti' « -t.T wilM .\lc- I it y ;iit.mipMii III .ni''r a pb-a in court 'Ms niiii; ;i 111 V i.n'.'d '"' ri] .-iiid 1' /.ir ( onii!;-,ii d llic I 'asc a". I lio'ii •| i u .".t t' .• I i'. w as r-'juii' .'d \ •:. -o !)(• s.wii inrl,i .-i in thick- 1 . and to 111- uiowirt.u tlii-ki-r nu'ld- ' . .\ ll.icl:nc.> of si -\cn inch"s frt-cz- cf.r i >n riiiini.'f.' '.vatr lu'-ans. of cour.e. t.:a' tlic bi" i- much tbicVer on '•'till ! ."iii'S of water, and thai, t !i": cfore ikatcr- ni-ed have no fear but that the i-e will liold them up. Sjuits and Overcoats .S30.00 Suits and Overcoats— COO Ef) Shovel 'Em Out ^£.£.iO\3 S2.5.00 and .?27..~)0 Suits and Over- COfl t\t\ coats. Shovel ^Em Out «P ^UiUU $22.o0 Suits and Overcoats— ^lA flfl Shovel 'Em Out iPlO .UU S20.00 Suils and Overcoats— ^1C 0(1 Shovel 'Em Out ipiO.UU S18.00 Suits and Overcoats— ^lAAfl Shovel 'Em Out »plf.«fU S15.00 Suits and Overcoats— ^19 flfl Shovel 'Em Out ^l ^iUU $12.50 Suits and Overcoats— CIl) 1)/) Shovel 'Em Out ^pftfiW A big reduction in Underwear. Sox, Shoes, Odd Trousers, Sweater Coats, Trunks, Suit Cases. Grips, and Boys' Odd Trousers A Real Money Saver! lOLA, , KANSAS Boys' Suits and Overcoats J 1-5 off Marked Price $12.50 Suits and Overcoats now ....$10.00 $10.00 Siiits and Overcoats now $8.00 $8.50 Suits and Overcoats now $6.80 $7.50 Suits and Overcoats now ....$6.00 $6.50 Suits and Overcoats now $5.25 $5.50 Suits and Overcoats now .....$4.00 $4.00 Suits and Overcoats now $3 .20 $3.00 Suits and Overcoats now $2.40 WEJTT S-IDE SQUA'RB MO'RTH -BLOCK. 300 pairs of Shoes worth up to $5.00, Shovel Em (Dji QCJ Out ..... tpl.OO 150 pairs. Shovel 'Em Out, $1.10 ForthatCoughorCold Try KANOLA TOLU, TAR AND WILD CHERRY 25c and 50c Twenty years have I proved it to be equal to any, at about half the price. It Is Safe! EVANS BROS. Old Time Druggists :.• ;.\.'l.v..irt!i. Ka;,. .I;:n. .'•—.\iiii'nt; c naaic.; .•~ni:;;.'..ti d a; a .succi .-.--or 111- .lu.-ti'e Harlan ol 'he rnii-^d -lali.-^ ."^iipi ct.ic (o'ut lliat of .liidKi' .v. C. Hook Ol' till' l-a;;;illi Kniti'd •^'t .li'.s ( I'oiirl. AIK.I-C rcsidi-nci' in this city, stanil- out pri-inii- :cnt!;-. .(.'d;:.' llro'; ha;; e.slaldihhcd 111 i-n\ialili' 11 i.ul;itio,-i lhroii>;;ioin lli.' .ircuit for his wi.-^" and hotu'.-^l de•;-ion.^. He i. (onsidcrcd a n:o.-t cap- iliii' and i-Ihci.-nt jiidu.'. tiud hi.-; .'-•i- ••<tion v.ould int'i'l uiili jiopiilar ;ip- ,iro\ai. TIM,' Ki-.ord lliuclip)^ team vent t'l Ot'jiwa Salard.-.y ni:;lit and dcfcati'd !,•• liowlini; li't.ii. ol that city in thirty 'latri'.t hy ;i ipai-.-in of i'in>-. Th;1 .1 a iitip' wa.-. iiosiii a.-; follio.vs; II. l.'o'it. 'i .'I 'lrnton ("niiiininys. r'ir.-<-.- Kol:.'it I'r.'.'l .T.. Wjilter l)'"',;- r. Till- <.(iind (1lf,".a !ir .'.''liiis: tcatti '"• \fv Ui W S;'.firi'-iy night lo • .-y the lola si-'.ind tear .T. €^R and! Mday, J8nuaryJ |t!i I'OLICi; mVAK \\ TO S.WK roperlv ilin'iili'ncil liy Fire I'ro- '.erti'd l>j Vlirlliint OffU-ers. It apiiear.-; almost usele.-is to warn c:)n.-iinn'r.-. I '-^pct-lally in the down town di-lrict. of liic d:ini.'er of nisli' fin- Stov..; .-irc left "reKUlated" clo.-cd for the ulit come.'; on the a.nd overheated (;;i >!.ill .V Ma oi 'iT •Viltv thic.) titi' GrcaU'st .Modcin Play! llciir >!iiiir'-. .Sawi;. Thratre New Viirli Success 5» W.\MKD-CLEAX WHITE BAGS.; | Ke^ister office. im SERVANT in the HOUSE Hj r!:iiili"> Htinn Keiinf-ily l\Vi\0 B. KOCH Anil llif (.rt-atcst ('a!»t IC»<-r >ccll ill (lie .Middli'««->t 1 : • : r lu N". .v York I'ity; I >; a in I.oiuion; inontli.. in Ciiicitto; iii'v; il.i>ins iJi "i>-;iij Prices $1, 75c, 50c, 25c V. i .i 11 liiiiliiiiiL.'.- ar.i : I 11- v; tic lii - 1- i' • I- 1 « i -i' .-!i .V( I.ji-i y ;:..iiicn .Mcl'lier.son and (" '. r-- ol'lii;i d to lireak in •o il.r .< '•V:\.:\- ttnd crawl tiirou};h till' 'It:. •,: .;r .,!l .i'r in order lo turn c . •. :• • . • in htove.-- that were vliit.' \:..'.\ laa'. In two places, the woodwork near the Ptoves was a; i ::i' point of iunition. In the remain in;; two, a uiontcn' of two of delay would havo inctinl a hla/.e. The po- liccnii n have hien keepinjr up their fire patrol during the pa^l few nlKths hi 'caii;-" of tile ;..'vere cold weather—a :'iiii' wiicn con.-iuini'r.-: arc most likely to srow careless in their anxiety that notliinc perishable shall freeze. It Is very fortunate that they have done ;-o for failure on tlieir part to give the iitisiness district a eareful inspection would have re.'.-ulted. doubtless. In a serioii;-; eonflai;ratlon. "We are, of eourse glad to be of si -ivic to the business and professional int-n " an officer said this after noon, "but we cannot watch every point downiov.n a.- closely as we wish. The dant^er is that Koinetime when we are busy with other duties, an overheated stove will be missed and a 'fire r-.-iiili. It would help xis very I naich if all gas consumers would not 1 leave a stove unattended during the inlnhi. Tiii-re Is no inissihle way to r.-i;u!a!e the gas during this sort of In times when the pressure may he r.-Lan'-d as fairly certain, t ';.'re is much IPS.15 danger and though everybody knows tliat the pre.ssure is '-tronuir during the ni.ght when the 'l-'-n.ind Is leg^f•ned. there Is a much b'tii-r rea.son to he careful during se- viTt- cold. The pre.-suie may suddenly -top and conic on a;;;iin. but what's till' iiM- lo enumerate the dangers! .Inst ur'.re the peoph- oncn more to be eareful wiJli their stoves." ( laih ii ;e:\,itnj:lixloc ciiif shr einf c OF CHINESE BEVOLirriON first idiotogniphs showing actual scenes in the Chinese revolution ;ire of i)articnlar interest in view of the that that the rev<dnlion has, since these pictures were taken, proven a sncci ss and Dr. Sun Vat Sen been unani- moti.^iy elected I'resiilent. Tin- picture at tin. right shows types of rebel soldiers. The one below shows the rebels'" three-inch guu.s taking part in tho battle at Hankow in which the imperial forces were completely routed. moiioioiQiogoioioiQioioia LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND >(> ADVANCK IN KATES. Af Leavf Tliere Hill lie no AilTniire on Colli I'ntll May. 'Ily tti.- .\s>.« l .iO 'd i 're.'i.-i) •Washington .Tan. S.—Concerted advances in freight nites on soft roal, made by the niilrotids of the Western Trunk Line Association, effective Jan uary tMrteentli. today were suspended by the Interstate Commarce Commission until May elevejith. Begixter W«Bt Ads Get tie Bli. L AND to the starved, thirsty, ship-wrecked sailor is what Land in The Lower Rio <<raiide Valley of Texas is to the worn out. tired and disheartened Northern Fanner, when drouth, wet weather or frost leaves nothing to show for his season's hard work. Then come with us on our Special Train to Mission, Texas, and let us show you this J.and in the Lower Kio (.rande Valley. Where crop failures are unkuonn. Where you can cut .Alfalfa 8 to 10 times eaeli year, one ton per acre to the cutting. Where' there are 12 growing months each year. Where there are no cold winter months; but summer always. ' Where Frult.s, Vegetables and Melons will net you from 5 :.'0i) to $4 «0 per ac£e. "Where they will pay you from $I.-> to rent per acre for Farm F.aiid. Where you can prow two to three crops each year on the sanut piece of ground. Where 40 acres of this Ij^nd irrigated with the silt water of the Rio Grande river will jirodiice more than ItiO acres here; take care of this 40 acres three years and it will take care of yourself and family during life-time. Where the cool dry Gulf Breeze mingling with the pure mountain air from the .Mitre and Saddle; Mountains In Old Mexico, makes an Ideal din.ate ihaf will make your weak lungs strong and cure catarrh and asthma. Wliere we have the best Irrigating System in tiie world and give perpetual w^ter right. We you and prove the above to your entire satisfai lion, if you will only go with us. Next trip .Fr.miary Ifi, IIUJ. Call on or write i. v.. Wakefield. Ilumholdt, Kas. Kululit Land Co., .Voran, Kas. J. U James LallariK', Kansas. .1. >V. .Marker, lola, Kau>a<<. STAR LAND COMPANY 2«1 WEST MNTH .ST. (When writing mention thl .-i paper.t KANSAS tlTV, MO. LAND LAND LAND LAND , LAND LAND LAND LAND —C. .1. Peterson: Farm Loans. In-, surance, Abstracta. For the quickest results—The Register Want Column! - 2 -. !

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