Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 8, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1912
Page 2
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is-: THE TOLA DAILY REGTOp. MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 8, 1912. M«. H. M. Lefller (Xan Mitchell), of LaSalle, IlllDolB, will be here next *eek to visit her nunt. Mrs. W. s. doodln.. Mrs. Ix-ffler spent a year here Just before her marriage and Is well known to many friends of Mr. and Mrs. QoodDi. Other guests at the Goodln home Just now are Mrs. Alice Goodin and Miss Lee Bennett of Nevada. * + * Louis Xorthrup left yesterday for Kansas University nfier a visit with Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Xorthrup. « « « —^You should see the pretty line of New Dress and Silks at Richardson's. + * • The newest fad which the, idle rich have taken. up is the collection of quaint china and artistically decorated trays for the breakfast service. A tray and indi\idual service of china Is purchased to match the furnishings of ;sch biHl room and it is an increasingly popular custom for guests to breakfast In their own rooms. 4» + "S" Mrs. W. H. McDowell and Miss Craigie McDowell will entertain the misBionary society of the Christian church tomorrow afternoon. * * * —Big price reductions on Coats, Salts and Skirts.—Richardson's. * 4- * Thursday afternoon Mrs. G. W. Shepard will be hostess of tlir» Baptist missionary society at the parsonage, adjoining the church. * * <• —^The clean up prices on all Coats, Suits and Skirts are making them move briskly at Richardson's. + « * Mrs. LaGrange, who is visiting htT son, Dr. O. T. LaGrance, is spending a weiek with Mr. and Mrs. Dunlap and Mr. and Mri. Cozlne. of Carlyle. •S- * -i- Mrs. Ruth Wismeyer and Mr.s. J.os- tutter, of Emporia wlio h:iv<> been guests of Mrs. H. M. Howard, returned home yesterday. * * * Mr. and Mrs. J. A. \Vheelj>r entertained Saturday nipht with an Informal dinner for the Original Whist club. The guests were ,Mr. and Mrs. J. G. MIttlehach, Mr. and .Mrs. P. E. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Xorthrup. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Spencer. Mrs. L. L. Xorth­ rup, Captain and .Mrs. T. S. Stover. * * + —All of our pretty Hats Rolng al half the marked price.—Richardson's. •> * Monday evening, January fifteenth, the local Eastern Star Chapter expects to entertain .Mrs. Mabel|F. Uuu-. of Topeka, Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of Kansas. The Chapter will rehearso ihe Initiatory .Tnri seorfi vork for the inspection of Mrs. Lanf. after which a banquet will ho S '^rved. While in town Mrs. Lane will be thp guest of .Mrs. J. H. Kirk. * * * Friends of Miss Mamie Thayer, of Wichita will bo glad to know that she has almost entirely recovered from a serious illness. Miss Thayer formerly lived in lola. Butter colored with JUNE TINT Butter Cdlo^ Brings- Top of Market 23c a Bottle at The' Ifexall Stire" West Side of the Square The of Miss Edna Klein Irfi tliis; mornin? for Mexico, Mo., aftiT a holiday visit with her parents, Mr. iind .Mrs. Paul Klcm. + + •:• Gymnasium classes an- mecfinp n-s ularly at the Y. W. C. A. Tl\<" gymnasium is not warm enouRh 'o IK; used for a social event and unless the weather moderates, the Bible class will not meet tomorrow night. The regular meeting of th" LaHarpe club was held this afternoon. * + • ^Shield 's orchi-.-itra will pivi' a dance tonight in Masonic hall. + + * The Six-handed Kuclire elub of a season or two ago wHJ have a dinner and card party tomorrow night ut the home of Mr. and Mrs. Millard Teats, on ."^ouih Wiisblngion avenue. Assisting host and hnstesR of the evening will be Mr. and Mrs. \V, S. Goodin. The elub has not been nrilve this winter arid the reunion tomorrow night promises to be n very d '-liglii- ful event for tlie members. + + A Mr. W. \Y. Xelson I '-fi yeHierrtay for a business visit lo Chicago. • * * Miss Mary Gl^d of Topeka, who has been visiting Miss Irish, of the high school, returned home today. Miss Gleed received word Saturday night that her father, mother and sis- tw were guests at tbe Excelsior Springs, Missouri hotel which burned but learned later that they escaped from the building without injury. * * + The Sorosis cliib will be enieriaine?! Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. S. S. Hilsoher. Officers will be elected for the 1912-13 season, program for the day will be: •Roll Call—Menu Suggestions. . .Tbe Development of Cooking. T^e Relative Xutritlvc Value iFoonnluirs—Mrs. H. C. Ford. Choosing Foods Which Go Together —Sirs. I.. H. Wlshard. Discussion—Dinner at Noon or Din nor at night. Leader, Mrs. L. \V. Mayberry. Music. ^ •>•><• The meeting of Ihe Board of Di- ioctors nf the Orphans' Home which was to h.Tve been held this afternoon postponed until next week. •:• • •> Following is the program to be ren ilereil Wednesday afternoon by the Mothers' club at Builders' Chapel: Sunday school lesson for Mothers— .'ilrs. \. I. Beam. Roll Call—Quotations from favorite authors. Sunday Afternoon—.Mrs. Peek The Children's Hour—Mrs. Waller Davis. Question Box—Mrs. Jason Watson. Music. <. The mat">rlal for study which was ordered recently by the young Ia <lies' mission circle of the Baptist church, lias not arrived and the society will not li:iv<' a iiieeiins this week. .:, .> A meeting of the Aid society of the .M.fliodtst church which was announced for tomorrow afternoon has te ^^n i)OSti »oned one week. • • * There will be no meeting of th" Current Events club this week and nn .Taniiary twenty-seennd the Riley jirograni prranged for today and tht lirogrri -1 for that occasion will ho rendered. <• •:• A New York sheriff who favors equal suffrage has appointed women deputies aecordin?; to a promise made in the eainiKiicn season. Only on< iippointefi. Miss Helen Gould, has refused te B .^rve. Mrs. Young, better known as Madame Xordiea, Mrs. O. II. P. Belmont, Mrs. James L. l.aidlaw .-nd Miss Inez Mi|hnl):ind. lu -ve ae- rffiii'l] th.- odico and Ii ;ive gikfil ?10.- eno bonds. The deputies will be giv- i-n work which ean be suitably don- iiv women and will attetnut to earo' i imt praciic-il ideas for th:' bete fit of "residents of the slum dirtricts. •> >> .Miss Gnice Stillwell has gone to Kansas Ciiv lo visit lier sist <T, .Mrs. F. O. Baher. jy With one or two exeeptions none of the feminine nii\lli:iri><s to IIH' churches will not meet this week. The eight-day campaign to liiiiTest tlie public in the .Men and Religion Forward .Movement will be carried on :\iid women of ihe churches are going to aid In everv way possible. + Few social events an- being plaiv, ned for the week. Houses are not (omfortiibly hi'Hied and until they tan feel as .surrcd of iielng able to nitertalti •;«eBlK In warin rooms, pi-o- )ile ari' nut going lo plan p.'irtli-s. Then- la so llMle doing In a social w;iy just now that there is iiol even enough gossip to make a thimble partv Intere.^tlng. '> '> + The I'niiy elub met with Mrs S. R. Burrell today. JnFtead of with Mrs. R. A. Coffman as wa .s decided previous ly. HO>'OBS»'BT liHE I'ZAK. prominent In Washington society this winter, and her pink rubies are the wonder of the capitol. They are considered among the rarest of their kind s big as cherrjei!. The snmller one:, re fashioned Into a beai;til°ul tiara, ith five points, the larger rubles being used as the bases, while each point Is decorated with an oblong haped ruby. With this tiara .Madame DO YW«IOW??? our Graduate Optician can fit you with the" correct glasses? TKT tflk! 1^ A meeting of the l.oya! Temperance Legion which was lo have occurred Saiurdiy j-fternoon at the W. r. T. !^ rest rooms was postponed because of the storm. Jl. A J. \ Mere )ran's Yieir*. Women never say what they want. They bring it about. Man's theory of life, before he meets •Woman Is generally rewritten later. , Women can't think: but they sugar the brains of every man who can. The beginning of righteousness Is generally a quarrel with a woman. Xeither man nor woman can forgive a rudeness from one of the opposite eex. A man's rudeness to a man is personal. It rouses wrath against a person. A woman's rudeness to a man is sexual, it rouses wrath against the sex.—John Massfield In the Street of Today. • * + .' Saturday afternoon there was special sesdon of the Woman's Relief Wa.shington, Jan. .Madame Bak-] Hakliiiieti<-fr wears a dog coliar and a iiietieff, formerly .Miss .Mary lleale, is j necklace of rubles and diamond:-., ami diamond earrings comiiosed of twC ioliiairie slimes nearly half an l"cl; Iiiiig. Her husband, the Russian .\inlni EiiUor. IS giving e.vcliisive entertain- ti'cnts and- inviting all iiioniinent leg i-lators, in view of tin- present agitation over the Utusian treaty, ir these entertainments .Mudaine (!nkli» iiietieff is of ilie central figure; HE GREY DRESS MODEL COMPANY We make the n d i V i d u a 1 orm. Come and see it this week at 310 S. Wahnit, or Call 708 LYONS OPENS THE CAMPAIGN i>i>lriri| Mturnc) Here in Interest oil of Kor Miird .MorfnienL The •-pe,'i;t! eigiit-day campaign n-. le .\!in ami Uell(;iiin Forward .Movet i-ieni in Icihi wa.-- upeneil yesterday af"- li'rnoon wlili an address by United .states Pi.-liicl .\il(irney l^eslie .1. Lyons at the I-'Irst t'inlstlan church. .Mir I ycms .'^linke again in the evening nf tie First I'.esliyierlHn church and vas rnllowed liy CliarlcK F. Scott ant'l K. 11 .Bennett. The three addresscH were very interesting and helpful and i j-:vve ll'.e s|,;;!:il week tif efforl a very - • —— • ^ ntliii-iastlf start. ! .Mr. l.yiins !i;iving h('fn called back irps to inithite the olllcers who were ; to Kaii.-a.-< lily r'.i ini.-in< ss last nigh! recently elected. The officers of the lie wa; unable to a:ti'nil the luncheon \. R. Post were also Installed. The j V. it!i tlie cduimiite tif one hundred Installing officer for the Corps was i which was to have occurred at the Y. Mrs. Margaret Anderson and Mrs. 1 y. c. A. rt noon today, and the lunchr .Vngellne Pegg assisted as Conduct-'i jn was i.-oslnoned until six o'cloclj ss. The following officers were intalled: President, Mrs. Emma J. Vaughn; econd vice-president, Mrs. Elizabeth \ till.- evening when three speaker.", f.oin Kan .-asi City and one from St: Louis will be picsent, some one ov t::nre of wiioni will address the men a all; junior vice-president, Mrs. Mar- j table?. On account of the severelj* garet Round; chaplain, Mrs. Sue D'-l-! cold wtatlier .>-:ome churches are cx» ilain; secretary, .Mrs. Agnes Heige-i i .-riencing some difficulty in heatinj: treasurer, .Mrs. Mattie Day; guard I tlielr buildings. In as much as the Ada Round; patriotic Instructor, An-; rnlted Brethren church is the nearest in Pegg; press correspondent, Alice, j-, tlie business section of the city and ewman: musician, Mrs. A. L. Tay- i a.s a heating plant equal to any emer or; color bearers, Mrs. l.^-'na Brown,' j iiuy it was decided this morning: rs. Lucinda Foster. i i i hold all meetings in that churcl, i i:nti! tlie moderates. There .VnnunI .Mi'etlnir Y. .>L ('. .\. i >f d l<e mi dnnbt about the house be-. The annual meeting of tl:.> Y. -M. C. i ing well warmed regardless of tht . will be held Tue^iday evening. Jan.' »i ;:ith^r condition. •1 ;'t 7 o'clock. There arc to be six ;er:tn:s elected and all members .;juld he present. "^•of. dedrge W. Tniitt am; lils sun up from Pittsburg this mor/iiiig lerviewing tlie Ilfiard of Ediicatioii ':»(ive in a possible jio ^ition in tlx- )!a bchiiols for thi- younger Mr. :oiif. Prof. Trout has many friends Allen Coimty. where he grew up. iio will bo Inlere.'^ted In knowfni; hat for the imst five years he has en teaching History and Social Science In tbe Pittsburg Xorinal School. Youi' Kodak Pictures neeil special ireiiiment tlM -se wiiii'-r riHiniliM. Bring ilieni to us and you will get tlu.- best results. Gibson's Studio no X. n'u(>liinKloiu jlukent of Photos That Please. Ladies' and Children's Warm Lined RUBBER BOOTS OVERSHOES lEGGINS and GiUTERS At the Lowest Prices ••}f.'f -T .'i'^ f The meeting will be addres.sed to^ r'-Aht l.y II. P.. .McAfee ('has. R. Par', "ins ;!ud .\1. A. \Vi )!fe cf Kan.'jas City, : -i anniiiins -eil in .Saturday's Regi.ster, 1''im(iri -()w's iiro ;;ratn is as follows: . '.i::;'i a. m. —"Prayer a.s an Agency ot t!ie Kin .gdom," Chas. K Parsons. | ;i. in. —"Neerl and Opportunitx ii>r Special Work for .Men am! i ;i;:.> in the .Modern Church." J. H. Banks, ot St. l»uis. 11 :111 a. 1)1. —"Points of Weakness and htrength of .Men's Work in the Modern Church.' .M. A. Wolfe. '• r .':;!i» .Xoon—Liinclieon with Bu.-^ines.s .Men at the Y. .M .('. A. B. Sllcox. U:iiO p. 111.— "Iteihal of Ki'llgion," J. i;:4.' p. in—"Inter-Church Uespon- .-ihilty," J. II. Banks. ":".u p. 111. —"Kvangell .-ni and Coiu- irunily Kxtenslcin." Chas. R. Parsons. •l:ir. 11. m—Institutes: Bible Study, In .Men's Class Rooms, Geo. P. Taiibmnn. Social seivl (i> In auditorium IL B. .MiA.'ee T:."".!) p. m —".Men and the Bible." Gef. P. Tuuliinan. .Ml meetings Kuiiorrnw will he heh; In the I'nited Bii-lhren church exceii;; l.'ie noon luncheon whleii Is to be at the Y. M. C. A. All men are Invltei^ and urged to attend tlie.>--e luncheons., whether you are a cuiumliteemanj Imeiness ui »n. delegate, ov not. Yo«v i)re.>:enei' is expenfe<i by the men wh6 have iiiit so much effort into th«i planning and prefiaratory work t<i Miaite this campaign a success. Th<: pri p Is twenty-five cent>. It not be, ing p. luncheon for finanei .Tl profit huf for fellowshli) and to hear from thf= v:?-itir.g Bppclali ?fs. .\11 meetings are .'or ii;.'n and older boys only. eather At Reduced Prices in Our- January 2096 oH on aU WOOL BLANKETS, from $3.98 to $10.00 10% off on all COnON BLANKETS, from $1.25 to $4.50 15% off on aU ..... . . . COMFORTS lS7o off on all WOOL UNDERWEAR, from $1.50 to $5.00 10% off on aD WINTER UNDERWEAR, from $1.00 to $1.50 \M£W ro Coats, Suits and Furs at 1-2 and i-3 off THO&'DONAtD Ml RECOVER Mun .Struck Uy .Street Car .Satiirduy II :i> Fair ( hanre to Uet Wvll. The attending i>hys!ciau stated thld morning that Thomas Donald of 321 South Street, this city, the man who v .Ts Ftruck Saturday mornint; near Ihe Prime Western Smei'eis by a west .xiund car on the lola KJ-ctric Rail- •.vay. has a fair chance i'.)' recoveiy. After being taken to .he .s.uiiiarliiDi Saturday afternoon, a more careful vamlnation was miide of Mr. D*n!ld's injiirjcs. and it was then di.s- •overed tliat t ';e fracture of the skull 'xteiided from a point just above the "ft.ear to till' base ot t!ie skull. The ihysicians pcrformrd an operation to •elieve the pressure of Ihi! skul' on he brain, anil froiu fh::<. time H'm- Id has been |ierfect!y conscloiif:. .••r the injured man became con.sclous, vhicli Dceurrcil yesterday morning, it '.va.-i di.>-covored that he had also siis- 'alned a fracture of the left hip. .-V ."•.rel'iil exiiiiiiuatlon failed to dischi ':e. I'liy Internal Injuries, and this r :;ei, .ogelher with tlie fai-t that the frne- Mire of the skull, ccmsidiMlng its lo cation, is of a mild nature, lends tl:.! ;>hVaiclnns to believe that Donald n.n \ fair chance to get well. .As he_ ;:; I iiiun of sixty-five years i >f iig.!. 'iowfver, his linj)rovcinent will nci- •'.s.snrily be slow. ' The accident to Donald happened "-'atiinhiy morning between anil 'i o'clock as he was waiting, near th<5 Prime Western smelters, where he is ! •infiloyed as a fireman, for a car on •.vhich to ride to his homo. .As the •IT api)roaclied. he saw the vestibiil- doors were closed on the nortii ••Idc, on which side of tbe track he w;i3 standing, and he made an effor' iti reach the other side of the track Ic•"ore the ?iir stopped. POILTHY SHOW TOHORRtHY. Proceeds of Biggcut .Slioir Yet to <•'» to the Rnard of Charities. The Allen County Poultry .•Xssoeia- ion's second annual exhibit—withoiir doubt the biggest show of its kind :-at hTs ever occurred in this county—will be open to the public tomorrow In the [owa Store building mi Cast Madi:-on aveife. ;-'inci the buibl- rg was seceied :M:;ie litre :if;ii .f (:r e siiow. r .-H b.'c rrn: • ]<:• • .',r"ii ir- V i t •lergoing ;it i.-: ; gi ticry! v|f.-i:ii;>-.; •op."!. r'Ti! • ew (•< • '<• !!es>; T!-" .\---ii-j-! -.r-i- -r-'i • !•••,< ' -Ii;!!! !••• I'l •" • i'.- :• ! i r-e f : M nr.- •., V : • id ir,i >"'r<- M .-n i . . ep t') 'Iii- •• i ;-r- :! • •'•n: ii!'^r.'i;i'i' !•/>••'; • n fdri.iy. r.^.-I Ml" (••• r^i • ••: el •-.•^ '.r ;!- iv,n •111 1 Will r;ci;M y row. !' 1 I..- r .:l|v -v.. ' liiblls er -i •• •! ! the evhiliii ; ' ciiJcki-;:- d •. • "f g:iin"<.- • kevs acil •• The /ill!'' ' SllcilliiUl (•! f tnillgllt M Me . wlii'M ti'i- Ii"'! will cniM- 111" ailli.n. i-r : I •.;!|.; • i'l (•:>•- •. «<• •I-' "A- .-ill 1... • rl l'-t <M.-'"l ff.!- .Un: WIL.SO^ tJH.l>TEI» P.IHOLE. .tee Wilson, the youth who was ar-. i-e <-tfd here during fair week on a: c-barge of enticing a young girl away froni home and who was .sentenced trf p.iy a fine of fnOO and to serve six' months in Jail for the offense was: granted a parole In the district court- Saturday afternpon and released from^ custody. Wilson paid $100 on the fine! and the costs amounting to about $15.. These Items with other exnenseM- which Wilson had to pay. including at. tomey's fees .required about |150 all:; the money Wilton could raise. He' bad already aenred Are of tl>e air^ : mutbs' tenn in priaon. . ^ • mr. SI N sTii.'is nr.: v ,'r :;;i.--. New I're-Meul ef .I.I.-. M:.'—• Three Fmii'irJ-ii'i ' Kii'Ii'tmr"!-. San rriiiMJ-.Mi. . I.IM ^ 'rii-- iioriant i'ii'f>:n;ii"•,;;\^ iivn IHJHI I. by Dr. S'.in Ynt r -'-T. iT -ridipi of tlw. new Cliin-le Ri" nh'!--, ve"or li'-r; to a cable':r :Mii fe-Hved Iwre toilav by Min Chlnesf Pree- Pres.'. W-i Hrii .MIn. fiirirer (-c^crnor of r.inion. has been api-oicleil first private secretary to Dr. Sun Yat Sen. Fong Chi Yua, formerly a.sslstant editor of the Chinese- Fre" Press In San Francisco h .18 been appointed secretary .'ind geni-ral m-inacer for the pr'sldent. ;)ud" Sung Kan Yau has been anpoint- eil chi^f advisor cf the legal depart- ni mt Peking. Jan. 8.—A force of revolutionaries numbering ten thousand has reeaptiired tbe town of Shin Chow, from th» Imoerlal troops and is advancing on Ho -Xan. SOe PlaQues 2Sc folaFmrnflnre store. Blankets and Ooi; AT Greatly Reduced Now is the time you are ncedfn.<i: Ihem—and in.' order to close cut all the stock v.e have iiiade such reductions in (he price thai we are sure the stock- will not last loni^. Regular ?l.rjO IHrinket, 'si^x' (UxTG, now §1.00' Regular .$2.00 IJJiinkot, .<i/,c (MxTH, for $1.35. Regular .$:].G0 lUanket, VvOf ^lfinLsh, o4x7() $2.25 Regular $.150 Illankct, wiol fiiii.^Ii, (iGxSO .?2.75 Regular $o.0U Blanket^ al! wool, she 70x80... ..$3.75 Regular $7.00 very heavy all wool Blanket—white or grey, size 70x80, ft>r $4.85 Children's Crib Blanket?^—blue.^ and pinks — size: 36x50, extra heavy qiialily, eaeli 85e Regular $1.25 Comfort.^, wciol filled, each 85c 'Regular $2.,":0 Comforts, cotton fillod, each $1.75 Regular So.50 Coniiovts, coUon filled, each $2.70 SPECIAL PKKi.o Gls ALL STEEL RANGES! il ilJJ X) tJisriK .st 'i:! T siKMW HKIM;. fiAMU£L COMPERE San Francisco, J ^n. S.— Coincident with tiie attack by certain army officers on President Gompersiof the Americdii Federation of I.abor and other labor leaders, charging theni with trampling on and otherwise disgracing the American flag, cotnes this! picture taken last Ijlbor Day here. It shows President Gompers cheering and being cheered by the thousands of laboring men. and In front of him luid at bis baclt are American Hags, artistically draped which, seem to be reviving the utmost respect and care.

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