Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 8, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1912
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 64. Suceetsjr to the tola'Dally Register, the lala Daio Record and the lola Dally Index lOLA, KAS., JAN. 8,1912—?,IONDAY EVENING. Daily Register, Established 1897. Weekly Register, Established 1867. SIX PAGES PLANT O'liS A «0,0(K) LOSS IX KAUl.V Si NDAY > MOKMNG BLVZi;. v THE WEATHER. Forpciist (or Hiinsus: Fair tonlGfht !ind Tuesday; colder tonii;)it. Temperature: Lowest yesterday at S a. 111., —13; liigheBt ypsterilay at 8 11. 111. !t; lowest today at " a. m. 1; deficiency in temiicrature yesterday r .l dcKreos: deficiency since January 1st, 121 ilrBrrc;. .> THE COMPANY IflliY REBUIID MA.W ORDERS 0> H \M» AM) UlT A MILLION HI{((KS. Mglit Mcu >Vcro Hiliilos Itcftire the RusIiInK Finnic* liiMiniiicc Car About 2:?.'> oclcik y(' ^T (Iay ir.orn- inp the entire ;HI\VCI- auil ii.acliinf ilo- partmems i)f ;lie I'nii-n lirick ConJ Jinny 's jilan; nvo iiiilcs ea.'t of tlio city, were ;i >;ally_ di stroyid by lift the cause iif which unknown. Tht part of the I'lanl imiianncd consi.^tt; of the dryers and kilns, and about 1,000,0(1(1 bricks. Tiic llr.' entailed ii JoHB of betwct-n li'> <and $:fii.niiii. and tlie insurance cai:icd was ilti.'hui. As to the cause of tlie lire noliody seems to iiaw been atp'iC to mivancc even a plausible tluosy as yet. A nlRht burner and a nifr'.it watv-hman were at the plant at the time Of tlio fire and the.v made their r.'; inspections not half an liour Lt I'oie tin tire was discovered. The two im-n were workinp on a lioil^'r, wiiicl; the severe cold put ov.i of working order, when tlie fire -.wis discovered in the machine room wh.ich is iu^^ norii of the encine room. Wlitn tluy rushed to the fi.'e, the men foi:ijd Iliat iht entire north and east siiies of the machine room were in flamt-s. They fou.irht the fire encrireticaUy, and did all thai could be dine with liuckc'.s and axes lo control it. It was imi'os- sible for them to rt:i( h the roof of ti; buildin?. luiwiver and th'' iiort'.i wim! r.'ipidly swept the f!an ;i ;u-:i>ss th; roof and to the enKine room a.ijoin- Inf. It soon became evident tdnt thr fire was beyond contioJ. and tiie m<r. busied theti.selves in j-.-otictin.K lh« kilns and dryers, which tht y !!'.ana«-i: to .'ave from any serious Injury. The engine and machine d<*paitn ;i -nis of the plant, however, ui .h evtrythinp ol value they contained, wire en;ire;y d Etroy »d. Mr. F. C, Ni.-holson. presiiirn; of the company stated this niorninir thn' notliinp in rrqard to thf rebuiMinsr of the iitan; conid be dt cidtd tip<!u until after the in-uranie adjnstors iii ;;kc their in\esiigatlon, wh'cli will tak. several days. The Vnion Rrick C .i;:;' .nny has fo: yrars been onn of t'.ie sMi -tnn'ial :u- dustrit-s i ^f io'.a and i: to tic iioi'*''! that it will relnii'.ii ituiM 'diat. ly. Tii. plant has bi^n or." of ;!.e most suc- ce.';sful in Kansi '.s and has run almost continuously, . vm diirini: tliose jicr- iods when t!nrc wa-^ a widrsjinad de- presion in tlie !)rick b••lsinl•s^. Tlie run for thf year IMl has 1-een v.-ry siic- cessful. and th,- Tnion Hrick ("otniiatiy jdani is the only brick jdant in ti .e stale which lia< not C I OM d down di ;r- in;; tlic year. T:;.' plant hail many o; d>rs itn band at : < liti..' i>f ihi lir<-. but these can b.- |i: rUailv ii!!(d uilf. tlie milliim t)rli k.., on hanij! Tin- licKi.-ti ; (i y i -orre.'^iion- di 'Ul from uiu'tii v'aiii'' tiv of tin fire, staii-.^ ti.i " t!i<' b -r if lU .plnj- wnt will be :•'A cbliilj i:i lola :<• but few <;,'!< ( ::\ nun were (mployvii nt the jiltint. Yesterday. 1 p. m.. 4 r. • ) p. 1 Today. HI . m.- m |i. iti p. m p. m .. 1>. m - . \<. m. ... p. m. 12 mil:, i'reciid'.-.tion 7 a. III. t<:;.'.Ty; cipitaiion sino Ir II 1 a. 2 a. :! a. 4 a. .'• a. « a. 7 a. s a. y a. 10 a. 11 a. tn m m. m m m m ni ni in ni 12 noon for 24 hours endinc; Trace e.vcess in iirc- .lanuary 1st, .i';". in di. He!;iti;e humidity 7 a. v.i. today .*;7 ner cent; baroir.* ter niim '.i to sea level 20.S7 inches. Sunrise today 7;:>'J a. m.; sunset .";i;t p. tn. THE COLO 1L0811 LITTLE A RISE OF TI:N TO TWENTY DE- <.'RKES THANKFILLY RECEIVER. eUT DOWN HGillN TONIGHT THAT IS FORECAST GIVEN OCT HV HEATHER RIREAU. WON THE BEES PSHTY CASE S H AVe Mldit as Well Ailniit That Winter Is Hero at I>nvt.—Trains Sim ReLijcd. IN THE SPORTING WORLD. FRiKMH.v I>RI\KIM; UOIT \0T I.VW VIOLATION CCHRT SAYS. Ted I.eilerer Freed froin Fine of #10!) iiitd .'to Diiis III ,lji!). lliMuIl Ca>e Ailirmed. HARRY ((ITT STIU ( h IIV TRAIN. Was riinmit Sfxiy leel '\tien Trnh: Struck Wawn— N«il Iladly Hurt. Harry Cott. a man c.l about forty- five years of tipi;. w;.s sirrvk-ny >ii;- soiiri Pacific j assens* r train No. 4n;i this mornii!>; nl .Hiut s. 1.'. oi lor'.;, wliijc driving a team and a \v:i'--!.n-i,-,!ii c, coal noith on Keni.Kky aJthouEii t.'ie I'lrcr" of c/;.:s :o:j threw him s ()i..o sixty tV t. h- fortunately nr.; seriously i::jmeii. a 'lil was able to I'l- t'.p :mi r.vor.r. . .'<•» hours after tin- i;cc.<Ie:i'.. Cott. who i- a leaiust,^;- l.v o,i-;pn- tion. claims llitit iie did not see the train ajiproa.- iiip, lis \i< \: cf <he track being :>'!;:t off oy the smoke froiH the L'nii'd Iron Works near by- The train sstr.nK til" r .jir eiiJ of tht wagon. siiias!i.:iK it i>adi:.. ("ott v.a.'-: thrown ou'. r.liu'iued o:i ::i.- 1 e,i.1 and shouldcis. Tlie onmr.'.ci-. .-ci iiit that he had s-.-u-.k i!i.> v.:.'.:o!i i!.:'i;c'- diately stopprU Iws 'raiu. u:i 1 'i'*- in- .jured man wa- pat aliour.l. an 1 t:;'.:.' to the Missoiri J'aciiic i ;>|,o; vliMt a physician vas called o dr.'--, lu- •wounds. Jt discovnd »!:.i' U.' was not seric s'.y injurci. ;:i ;(i be v.a.- , taken to his '. oitie at iul .\ori!: Keii- tf.cky street. -SERVANT IN Tin; HOrSE.'' Strontr C SIN I .' II Stninir I'lay ni the (irand. Friday. Jan. ii. Only a ea ^t of exceptioi ally iiite!- , lectual plajeis trained in the l::-r<! school of eNjenence coi ^lil do jiisti.e to the diHicv; t roles in •Tlie Servant in the House " tlie sensatiof.aily siic- /^cessful avd e',oeh-ii)ak)>)g ;)):iy whitli JS-to be presi :i'ed :it the Ciand Theatre on Frid:r-. .lariiary '2lh. There Js not a "siiaigiJ" |iart ill the [I'.-.iv Ka <'h <diar:icer is sirotiRly iudiviilna!- Ired and vivbilv drawn heinaii lieini; and only iil.iyers capable of assu.v- Ing dtfflcull -enre lolew ,i.n nieet wiili any success in pliiy. 'i Is n retiiarkRble eo.npatiy which Caskell and MacVltty in seiidluK lo tliis city for the preFcMnliou of thin druiun. a company headed by H URO B. Koch and which includes no letB than three playem who have been stars in their own right. Attorney .Toliii K. (iosliorii. representing the aiijK 'lIanf fn th'- c;ise of I tie City of lola vs Ted Lederer, received a inessape late Saturday after- iio <in sf;iti !i!T that tlie Supreme rourl had reversed the finding of the Allen eoi .r.ty district court in the "beer iiany" I :isc> and had ei^tered an ord'T annulling the sentence of HO days in fail nntl a fine of $)eO imposed on F-ed erer in the city court and afterward atlirnv .1 by .I'ldge Foust in the dis- 'r'"'': COM'!. l.ed'r T n'ld four friends decided itii't Ibey j<- '\ a ease of beer to add to :heir • rioynieiit during the heated • TPi of .Tulv. Kach one contrih- •JIM I 7" nts and I .ederer acting for the crov.ii. sent to Ktmsps City and 'JOT the beer. When it arrived in lo'a tlie beer was taken to the lio "se ot Barlow Criim nnd tliere the five m.^n met and iirceeedrd to drfnk the beer. Tiie police lie.nrd of the case of beer and ar- r< sti d all five, but Led -rer. who had laai' • 'he ptirchase from Kansas City was tl'e only one iirosece.ted. He was finei] .-^iriii ;))ifi ros'.^ .-'I 'lt s -ntenced to •ail for .'1'' liays, charged with having -oM beer and having aified and abetted in keeping a place where persons resorted for the purpose of drinking it!'<i-icniiii« liquors. In the (le.'islon wriitin bv .Justice ;"or;'r. the s-'tprenie court held that ib .r. was no sale ;nid that tlie ineet- in !7 a' the horn;- cf Cniin was not unlawful. Tv.o o'her c.-ises of interest to Ai- 'en county were decided by the tourt. In the ease of Kd Howell vs tile lola i'ortiatid Ce ;ii( lit company, a s-iit in •vliieb d:'T.r .r ;e <t for personal injuries in tb • sum of ?,1.riiiii had l-.een aw.arded in th." district eo'irt, attorneys Kwiug Card <t- 'lard were advised by tel<'- 1 hone liiat the fin'ting of the jury In the low. r court had been tilllrmeil Howell who was an oiler In the ce- 111. !'( id;iii w .ir injur d in an !icci<leni • riy three years ago. It was alb;;ed tliat V liile performing bis duties I.: v! eve bee ;n ;i(. involveil (n the ni.'l- ( iliiievy drawing lils atlti Into l( and t er-r .-ineiilly iiiiuriiig lilm. Nc^gll- i:ce ill fallivg to iTovide jiroper safe uiiards was charged. The c .-ise of Ihrj People'.n of Minneapolis vs IlaVid W. Held et a! •.v.-is also reversed. Attorneys Bennett and CuiJison representing th< tiank. have been tidvised by wire of the Supreme Court's dM 'isit.n. The as" WH"; tr: 'd twice in tlii.s court by juries. !lii> first resulting in a disagrei 'lent .ind tlie second a ve-dict in fair of t 'le defendants. Tlie revrrs -il >f ihe r;;se means a new trial in Ai- •u eoun'v /? the case is recalled be plaintiff bcuciif a number of notes liiven in payn-.ept for lands in Idaho '^oine of tl'.e purchasers allege th' l:'ndr, to be practically valueless ant' 'ecline to pay tli" notes on the grouni of inisretuestntation. Illy 111.. Pvpy „i Kansas City, Jan. .S.—Relief from rile intense cold came lo the .Missouri \:'Hev and the Southwest today In a sharp rise of from ten to twenty de- j.'rees. Snow fell ov(!r parts of .Mis- .-ourl and Oklahoma. Temperatures ranged from below at Huron, South liakoia to Iliirly-elplit above at Fort Worth. Texas. Tlu- lowest reported in .Missouri .ind Ktinsjis was zero. Oklahoma Cily was six above. Trains from I lie west are still de- liiyed. More snow and pro8 |icc (8 for continued cold left the out-look for eerii .aiient relief little brighter (or ih.> sufferers in the isolated comnuin- lii -s in Western Kansas. A thlrly- sl.x milt? wind swept Oklahoma but the ia«'rcury tdlmbi'd from below zero to ',!ie neighborhood of six above. N'ebnfsk;: t'-ititierafures were fron; 2 !>elr >w at Omaha to 10 below nt North I'laite. Des .Moines showed fouy be- lov . It wa? zero at Kansas City and Wiihita. Amarillo, Texas, registered six above WRECK KILLS THIRTV-THREE, Cnnndiaii racltic Trains Crash To- pether In (Jiieliei-. (Vv t !i.. .^s .-iv .-i. i-'I I'r-.«.s) Montrea.l. Car... .Tan. S —Thirtv- threi> persons ver> killed in a ••'>il- wav c-ollision this afternoon at Terror Bonier. Quebec. Two Canadian Pacific trains-crashed together at full speed. ilESTROYEIIS ARE IN TROOSlE N'l K. N. <.'i!s For Fuetorfes. Indenenfienee. Ktis.. J ;in. S—General Manager McBeth of the Kans;-- Va'i'ml (;.Ts Coii;t.-'ny. toOny was no- 'ifiid 1;v Goverti.T.-Stul)h.= to shut off gas from all fac'orics and supply domes*ic cor.s'tiiiers only. I;ALE OFF CAFE HATTERAS SCAT- TI;K>»' FLEET OF FLYERS. : i lie Terry Riidly Disabled and Hj'v- cral Oiliirs Jsarely Escaise the Sioriii. WAS 13 YESTEBDAY .V New Low Temperature Record Set Volerda}. niikli .May Re Rroben Toniornw. R\MS\YS LOSE HY A FIRE. Ramsnv';. Carthage, M"- Store De- sfniycd by Fire .Sat:ird,iy. Wc7r'1 w;.p received here late Satur- d;iy evining by Mont I'almer. manager of Ramsay's Dry Goods store here lO the cfect th .Tt t ;)e l{;)ini;;iy Slor-"' il '"arthage. Mo., was totally de.'=troye'' by fire Stnurday evening between fo :H lld five o'clock. The fire. whicj started in an overheated furnace, was fanned bv the wind and biir»;vd s< fiercely that it s~"li b. > (erj control of the fire den-'rl .vrt'*. and li;' stock wa.- a tot .'.l Ir: ?'iy Iiowever. it was eo\er:d by :ns-ir..iic- The Ic.iiiding in which th-^ store wa:-- loe.-ted was 20(ix."(i fi 'et. and was th" ;>re;-erty of Cartilage capitalists. An- thi'i- location will be secured as -ocn as possible and business resumed RESENT DE .noCRATIC SAVINtJ. Ciinirre<*IoniiI Coaiiulttee Slemtirra. pliers Refuse t" Arre|it Cut. Washlnrrton. Jan. S.~For the flr .si lime In the liisiory of ilie Rovernmcni a labor strike held Up Congresiilonal tnacliiiiery today. Tlic Iforuse commil lee Htenograiihers refused to work be «-ai)se the aecouniJi rommJttee redured their compensation froln twenty -five to fifteen cents a folio. The sugar trust inrestigating comiaiftee had to adjourn until to (gorr6w^ -; Tiiirietn digrees iie'ow zero. That v:;^ lb; point on the therinonieter the ..irciiiv r»:;chei! yesterday morning ; i ^fil'.t o'clo.k and it breaks the new • icnl o:' 111 til hiw, which occurred -'atiirday morning. Not oni-e during Saturday did tiie mercury go abon f.cvn. the maximum temperaiure of iiat day. ri ticiied at :!:r !0 p. ni., iiavlng '.:(en below. .Vfier iliat it be ^an to all Hgtiln and liy midnlglil fthe teni- leratiire was in belftw. Knun tiiere it • 11 .•-tiaillly until tiie record of lit be;.'«• nt light o'clock was lenched. A ,v.i k ;i:;o Sunday a minimum temper- ilure of J below was reached. Tlie I luperature rose yesten.'ay tfi D de- •,'ree.s above at S 11. ni.. and fell to a minimum of 1 degree above at seven this morning. The jirediction is for •older tonigl.'t. wlilch in December, January and February, means that tlie iierciiry will fall at least ten degrees the next iwrnty-four hours from he jiilnimiini of tiie day i-reccdlng. ':;!iii wliicii il may be deduced that the e:eperatiire tumorrow morning win ii'^eab'y be !• or more degrees below •er ). Tiiere were flurries 'if snow tiiis :iorning. beginning ju-^t liefore day- :g !)t. am! ending about ten o'clock, lit they measured no more than a :ace. CHAROED WITH INSANITY. R. Ileeeli. Nervous )Vreck, Tlireat- ens to Harm Self. W. I!. Heeeii who .several weeks n;o was .-acquitted of a charge of in- •anify in fhp proii.".te court, was again taken into custody yesterday and h :n the county jail where he if, beine cared for pending obse2<-ation. and decision as to what aclidn to take. Mr. Beech appears to be mentally normal except at time when he is stricken with severe attacks of nerv- ^usness and ir.elancholia when he breatens to harm himself. His con- lition is that of a man whose nerv- eis system is wrecked, but the officers are I;ojiefuI that with careful treatment he may pt least partially regain his health. His is a most pitiable and unfortunate one. (IJy the Associated Press) V\'ashir.gton, Jan. .S.—The envire c-cond divi.-ion of the .Vtlantic flee; is caic.'iing for liit ilestioyer Terry -je- ported in distress off I'ape Hatteras. riie rietiic si.o.v will make it difficult :> lociui- tlie vessel but a sy.-temSitic (aicii proiiabiV wi;i iirove siicces.'ifiil The .\avy Iieparinunt believes t.hat .-ome of the searcliing ships have ai- .(•aily arrived on tlie scene of trouble, rile failure of the wireless on liie 'Jer .y and the stoiijiage of iier engines, .eporied liy the sieamc-r Tagiis, Ihe ast vcs .-e! in comiuuiiicalion v.ilh ijer. makes, starcii for the vessel more dif- licult. One Has Gone Ashore. Hamilton. Bermuda, Jan. S.— B B-ii!(S five I'niied Stales destroyjrs which arrived yesterday, two more ijre .now entering the channel and one l>as ,'one asliore off St. ('s. A Uig •.vhicii Went to Its assistance was also '.riven ashore. Two men belonging to he fiotliia Were washed overiioard. The Terry Is LoiMted. .Norfolk. Va., Jan. S—Tiie Fnijed stales torpedo boat destroyer Terry H.-abled In a .-lonu between N"ew I'ork ;ind l !ermiii !:i. Is proceeding liner her own sieaiii for the Vitginia 'apes JO I 111 ding to a wireles:- mes- ;ii;e reeeJMd he :e tliis afternoon. ." RHHESON WILL I'LEAO UllLTV. i The Hoston Preacher Will Be Sentenced to Death Today. "^toston, Mass., Jan. .S.—Uev. | IJiciieson was notified this after- : i noon tliai he need not appear in ; ! court icchauge liis plea of i.ol < I guilty to guilty until tomorrow-, j IT WILL RE ON TAP AT WASHINf.'- TON TONUaiT.-JACKSON HAY. (By the As.s.iriiit .'li 'ress) Boston Mass.. Jan. S.—Broken in spirits, weak in body and professing th.^ deepet remorse. Kev. O. V. T. Kicheson, la;c pa=tor of the Inimanual Baptist church, Cambridge, is expeci- e<i to go before the Suffolk County f'liperior criminal court iaie this afternoon to offer a plea of guilty to the murder of Avi.s LinneH. While the court will have no option but to pass sentence of death, counsel tor Biclicson hope tlie facftiiat his cimfession of guilt will save the coiin- :y .sums, protect innocent persons from embarrassing expetienee and suppress much tesiimony prejudicial to iiublic morals, will have weiglii with tlie (governor and Kxecu- t;ve Council when a petition for commutation comes before them. It Least Four Possilile Presidential Candidates Will be Tlierc-rNot Countiiitr Rrjaii. CLOSlNt; BRIRERY tJlESi'. RISSIA PRFSSINti ( HINA; IEei|iiests That .Miintroliii Re Reciur- ni7.ed IIS Independent. (P.y the .\ss'iel;ile.l I'r .-^xi IVkinL', China Jan. S.~Tlie Kussian -overnn.ent ha-; requested China to icognir.e the Kutuku at I'rg:;. the api.a! of Mong.-iHa. the r.-clestiasjie •liief who was installed tiiere De'c.qi- '•"r Iw ;r.dcii< Lust Witness in .tIeNiiniurn Rribintr Case E.xiimhied. (Hy tlie As.s<x-iiiti-d I 're.-is) l.os .\iigeles. Calif., Jan. .S.-Uobert I Bain, ihe .Mc.Vaiiiara juror alleged lo have been bribed by Bert H. i -'raiik lin, :i detective employed by the de- fens." and seven of Ids colleagues on the p:ilie|. were c.iKed today b'dor" Ihe county grand jury. The men sum iiuiiied were either sworii juri'fs. or j had been" passed for Besides I Bain, several of 'he jiiror.s were said I lo liave bren leiiialively approached I by persons interested in • "lianging " jtlie McNaiiiara jury. The exainintitlon of ihese nieii today according to,prosecution officials, nuirkeil the final si:ig" of Ihe bribery inquiry before the return of indictments charging one or more /ler.soiis coJim/ted with the .Mc.N'amara d. feiise wiili efforts to corrupt veiiirenien. SSI'; o? Ou:e:''Moi;go'a: \ ^USTAKE AR01-TJ.AWTH0RNE. KANSAS NATURAL YIELDS. , '»" !t (.'ives up the Flirht to Advance the ; Price of H'v I'e. .\.'i '--'iei:!|.d I'r.ssi Topeka! Kas.. Jan. .S.—Tlie Kansas Vatural Gas Com'jany has given up | he figlit to increase the price of sas : Kansas towns now supplied ; Author's Son I'ieaded **.Vot <.'uil. ty," Instead of <>iiilty. I .... th.' .\s' .•.•cii.'.i i-r.->.sl New York,. Jan. —.\ siory sent oiit January erroiirously stated that Julian H:iwtborne, journalist and pro ii'oiir, Josiali Uuincy, ex-mayor of Boston, -Mbert Fn email. John .Mc- Kiniion and Dr. W. J. Horteii had o thirty Kansas towns now supin-ieu ,indictments charg- vitb natural gas by '•'^^^y^py. . , , ... I vestors in mining stock. The state- gani7 .a».',n of the company in Kani,as i _ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^.^ , FROZEN PIPES AT SCHOOL. Radiators in one of the rooms at •ho .lefTerson school buildltig burst tills morninK. causing n sliRht tem- •'oriiry leakage of water, and making it impoBsible to heat Hie rooms, so •hat it was neces-snrv to dismls*- the '••KR It (lie elghl'i grade and tlie -|-.:..:tR of the flfUl glade for the day. Some trouble was also experl- •nced tills iiiornlniE''nt the IJncoln •eiiool when pIpeK burst In the iia^e- •neat, but by shiftlnK the clasn to ooius which have herftofore been tho A\Hwf*f \ of class was obviated. None of the other scbbols j« II seriouK' trouble.^ Tentative plans for a complete re^)r-, '"'^''.^ gani7 .ati')n of the company in Kansas ; ^< s'ors to avoid the charge of violation of jhe , •.mtf-trust law are being discussed to- , • •pleaded not dav. This from will not prevent tlie peice ] STHANtJE KPIDK.MIC IT WAS. rom biing raised to 27 cents in fviii-, , , „,.„f„gijis iij,s Cursed Fifty- as City Mo John Marsljall. aitorpey ^j^^. .„ „^,j.^^ or tlie Public I Commissinn. I y^^^,..,-t:a- -i l-r-.-iv olin Dawson, attorney general; Ku-; wnco. Tex. .Ir>.n. Ala'med at the Washington, Jan. S.—Democratic oratory of which there is. always an abundnnt store, will run t.t :flcod ride in Washington tonight v.hen the leaders of the party gather here to fcas! in celebration of the .OSth- ant '.iversary •)f the Battle of .Ne '.v Orleans, won by that iiatron saint of Deniccracy Andrew .Jackson, some Nveeks afur o:ir second struggle with the liriiisb lion had nominally been brought to ::n end. Governor Woodrow Wilson, of .New- Jersey will probably bo the most con- spituous asidrant for the Democratic nomination in attendance. There v.ill -also be present Siieaker Champ rhirk :ind Ills rival in .Missouri, Form er Governor .los"\)h W. Folk, whom the committee ori.;;inally overlooked, wlio finally e.ot his invitation to tlu (iinner and has decided to break bre .'id •.'.ith the oHiers. Tin ii there will bi j'reseiit. either Governor I-'oss. of .Massiich ;i»e1t8 or Governor Baldwin, of Connecticut to represent tlie claim 0 filie Xew ••England D-.'nioeriicy for the presidency. Senator John W. Kerii, of Indiana, caiulidale for vlc'- iresldeisf. three ye .trs! ago. and considered .-IS !i posHlbillty for llrst place I 'll Hie ticket this year, will also :id- ilresii Ihe assembliige. _ liepresenla- tive .1. '1*. TJoyd, of Missouri, chairman of th - DeiiHM-ralie Congressional Coin- miilee. will llkowiso be one of the s |ieakers, and there will be several others. It has be-r^n arranged that William Jennings Bryan, wlio will also b' en -sent shall deliver (he closing .address. There is much interest in what 1 lie former candidate shall say In out iinin;.;. as he is expicted to no, wha- in his opinion the Dc-ocracv slm -i''' stand for this year. There has been some intimation that Air. tiryan wn. hits reeently taken up the advocacy cf prohibition, might seek to inject that issue into tlie Democratic pro- eram. and the practical politicians nlio .believe that (hat question should be left to the delermination of the tales themselves, and not to be taken up n.'tionally by the party, have been somewhat uneasy on that ae<^ount. It i;^ now- seid that Mr. Bryan will not att"iiii f to launch his temperance I'.ropaganda at this time, although he •lay do so at a later date. B ST STOi GENTEe DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COaDQT. TEE IX SESSlOX TODAY. W. J. e. WANTS GUFFY'S SCALP TO DECIDE ON PLACE AXD TIME OF NEXT COXVEXTIOX. TJiey Will Probably Walt Unttt After the Kepublieiins Have Xamed Their aiun. • •:• • •:• •:• •:• •:• • •;• •:• •^ « ^ <> Washington, Jan. 8.—The He • was iiassed in the Democratic • National Committee late today • and William Jennings Bryan <> made utltteiit to "appeal to ibo • peoidu" if over -ridden by the * committee in bis light to un- •> seat Col. Juiiies G.illoy. This * threat, coiutng iiiimodiatoly a{- '^ ter the Bryan-L'jKollelte con- * ferciice of yesterday, renewed <• goshlp as to (lie posBlbllity of a * Uiiid ptirty. Col. Guffey burled * the charge ot "liar" at Con- • pressman J'almer, who is con- • testing Ilia seat. • Jolin ... •jene Mrckey. iTK ^'dent of tile Kim- ras .Natural, and John Hones, g 'iieral in n Miiher •pinal of fatalities re .-^ulting from meningitis. !:ee, fifiy-five attorney for the comptiny wer''" in | d.^^tiij; [n twenty-five days, a meeting conference Saturday and again today '^ij. ij ,,iTines:^ luen today decided to call Hvorklng out details of the s ttleiiunt j Sophlon, of the KockefeHer Insti- OMEN WILL FKiHT HOOK. Oklahoma Senator Gives Notice of His Hostile Intentions. of the suits against the .Vat­ ural. "The couiptiny has given uii '^its •houi-'ht of increasing tiie price in lC;insa.a." .said .'M.irsliail today. "TJiey have thrown up their hands and ask"! ;i8 what to do. They are will'iuv lo do anything we want them to do\iiid do it right away. The whole tjfitible , will be settled satlafactorily !n .i sliort time. Tliey appear to be p'ay- ing square and doing everything t^iey cnii lo furnish gas, but II iippear .H that they cannot get gas to pulnp." tute -New York, to investigate. The theatres h.ave been closed for lack of patronage and the sclicols will be clo-ed .Monday. Mr.MANIGAL WILL TESTIFY. The Confe-sed Dyiiiiiiilter Will Refore Indhinu (•'r.ind .liiry. iRv lb,- .\««...-l.iteil Pr -MMi IndlannpolN. liid, Jan. .V—I'mle: strong Federal guard. Ortle M<-.Miinl- gal arrived here I'n'.ay to lie a witnev^ in the dynamite conspiracy lnves(li;:i- tlon. Tin* journey, from the coast iiiid GrorKc I>. ,Siiiel(zer. who lij i:p f/oin,flie entry here were surrounded by MiiskoKee for a visit with his par- j secrecy. ents, Judue and Mrs. I). B. I). Sii;idi- zer left this mornloK for Otfn«va .for n brief business visit. He will ?top In lola again before returning, t^ Mnskoeee. Mr. and .Mrs. C. F. Sager, who have been the guests of relatives In loin for the past several weeks returned to their bOOM todajr In Dewey, Okla. n;v 111'- ••-••>'-. .t.-ii i'--.<-;> Wasi-in^ton, Jan. S.—rSenator Owen, of Ok'ahoria.. .".nnouncod today that if I'residfnt Tnft sent to ihe Senate the '•f/rjiina'ion 'if -lurlge Hook as a member of the Sunnnie Court he would fight his confirmation indefinitely Senator Owen, also said he would Introduce a resolution calling on the President for copies of all of the in- 'iorsenii-nts o;" Judge Hook. . .MISSOIRI DRVS WIN. Court of \ii|>eals riihelds Le>rulity of Ihe .tiili..Stiloi>n Vole. (lie II,e As<i..-'iite <1 T'l'M'O .Springfield, .Mo, .Ian. .S.—The legality of tlie lociil option elections held •I CiirHi;ige and Webb div were iip- :>eld today by the Slirlngfleld court of nii|iea|s. .Saloon keepers fougiit wrilr of nmndnnum nuthorl /InK the county court of Jasper county to Issue licenses, alleging Irregularities tn the elections, . (By the Associated Press) Washington. Jan. 8—When the Democratic .National Committee went into session here this afternoon, William ..'enning-s Bryan at once became' the torni center in an attempt to have l.iiiies AI. Oiiffey, of Pennsylvania, ;';:rown off the committee. The committee set 3 o'clock as .the in;? for hearing the representatfyes if ti:e various cities bidding for the •i<nvcntion. As this time approached /".aiUmore's chances seemed* increasing, it was said the supporters of -:ov. Woodrow Wilson were throwing heir strength to Baltimore. Gov. Wilson reached the city today. When Bryan, holding a Nebraska proxy, reached the committee room, 'le was greeted with applause.. Each 'inie he moved froiu one seat to an- ^fber *o greet a triend the applause ' c,is rerowed. .No other member of the comtuittee was given a demon-^" stration. Although there are "booms" in town "or all of the avowed presidential can- iidates. u'embors of the committee •eoired reticent in discussing the slt- lation. There seemed to be an opinion that the Democrats might well ifford to wait until after the Republi- ans l.ave made their nomination at • '^hlncago. It was argued that if Taft vere re nominated, it might be exped- ert for the Democrats to choose an 'lut-and-oiit progressive. If Col. Theolor" llooseveit were nominated, it was aid that it might be good Democratic policy to name a "more con- vaMve" man than the former pres- dent. fuiiiiedf.iietv after bis arrival today lovernor Wi!-on set about to prepare stateiuent e-iplaining the alleged ,'etter be wrote to A. H. .loline, gev- eral yi-nrsago suggesting that some e,.llieil 'hiiiiid be devised of "Rotting jd of Bryan." Bryaii's nupeal from the ruling In '•e .\;-lianiii CISC was defeated bv a ole of ilurly-three to thirteen. This ndlciiled tint ibe committee Is clearly •t'alnst be Neliraskan In his fight on •'olonel Guffey., KIDNAPER MIST .STAY. (;overnnr Denies Tlllotson Aiipeal for Release From Prison. n'y cs-oci.ted Pres<!i Topeka. Jan. 8.—The plea for clemency by F. H. Tillotson, of Kansas City, a detective, who was sentenced .-> from one to five years imprisonment for eoniidicity in the kidnaping of Marion Bleakley. the famous St. ' ouis World's Fair."Incubator Baby." was denied today by Goverimr -W. R. Stubbs. ^ The evidence showed that Tillot- sen was instrumental in abducting h-' child, then five years old, from the home of its mother Mrs. Charlotte Bleakley here in 1909, and in taking it to the home of its Foster-mother Mrs. .T. G. Barclay in Kansas City. The child was bom in St. Louis and -earW in an incubator. It was adopted by llrs. Barclay. The mother later ibtained title to her child through • lie Federal court. AVtiMEN REATEN TO DEATH. Six IVhite Wen Charged with Triple Jliirder in Arkansas. fR,- tb- \in»«•.! r*res.o) Memphis, Jan. 8.—Mrs. Kate Carpenter and her mother, Mrs. Davis, >ere killed and M. P. Carpenter, a wealthy jilauter. was probably fataUy njured by a band ot six white men who beat the women to death and left the man for dead at the Carpen• i-r bom.", near-Blytheville, Arkansas, :ist-irigl:i. according to reports here. ANOTHER FATAL WRECK. This Time 11 Was the Wahanh and One .lliiii Was Killed. . illv ilie ,\i <4iielaled I ^renH) Mob( r)y. .Mo.. Jan. 8. —Wabash passenger train, No. 14 was wrecked ut •'iiiKmllle today. James Hyde, of >!(iiiiberry, Mo., fireman, was killed. '•Engineers Baldwin and Runyan. and (I reman Colger were injured, the Iflft- *cr fatally. U la thought. No pasteu- ^ers were hurt.

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