Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1912
Page 6
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6 THE^ lOLA DAILY-RE.GISTER, SATURDAYEVEyilNG, JANUARY 6, 1912. ALLEN couNTYi 1 Poultry Association's Exhibit lola, Kansas, January 9 to 13 STILL TIME FOR EXHIBITS. Any poultry fancier is eligible to membership in the Association and by paying $1.00 membership fee on or before the day of the show may become entitled to exhibit birds. Entries should be made before 8 p. m., TUESDAY, JANUARY 9. Exhibitors may bring exhibits or ship in care of Superintendent -PUBLIC INVITED TO SHOW- There is eveiy assurance now that the Second Annual Show will far surpiass that of las|: year, which proved a success. Many exhibits are promised and more are expected and an interesting and instructive display is certain. Cash prizes have been offered exhibitors and Mr.jC. E. Ackerman, of Kansas City, Mo., will act as judge, insuring impartiality and skill. ' • v. The general admission price will be Ten Cents and the public is cordially invited to attend, not only to encourage the Association but to receive value received from the exhibits shown. , Remember the Dates—January 9th to 13th OFFICERS: President, A. Badgley, Tola; Vice-presidents, William A. Hess, Humboldt, L. P. Coblentz, LaHarpe, A. C. Thompson, Tola; Treasurer, E. A. Bricker,Tola; Secretary, C. A. Runnell, lola; Assistant Secretaries, T. F. Melton, Tola, Mrs. F. A. Miller, lola. I E. A. BRICKER. Superintendent mm KOLOs ITS mmi HSU ui:i:vr r\(HA \(;Ki), mx HI VIM. i:o((Mi:i» vrii KEs. 1; » (:iltli' <;ii iUc >l:irkrt—Hogs Mi<ii;'i. I'iic l<i li'll CfUts • d ',.n ('•.—('locii i-iiiiiuii.'^sion ; .-•.I t r.^'.hi III .i \v!u:it. T!k' uiu ..;;a.u'M: to -.v olf. May 1 n. ri'^i.' 10 •• UIU :i.ili,:;nl to \i . C'lc^;—May $1.- .y t,,'j; July fiP-j 1 1 A 1 July -I.'. 11. •: .i i:' > < li'ii May jii . it" 17'-. ; - CATll-h" rvr. Iplh !:. . \,'s $-(.Tr.'.' \.:,'>: '• - j-iiK-nt-r- ami feci! ; < .- ami l.oif.T.-^ $2 .00 :rci:iM? 11. 1. ^tarJ:pt .">r "'t i :'.:\<';l JO^ HI :,r.!\y i;A2' pigs SI. (Iniin. I.n-.:>. :.:\:\. t; —WHKAT, close co'i.X —.l-n I."',: .inly Ti "j. (i-\.Tfc—May .Inly -t.'.Vj- S (.l .oiii> I.iiosloi'h. .''•r I.':.:.., .inn. C—fATTl.K re- c. i: 4 ''. '"••taily. N.if'vo steTS $4.:.H /i;.:.!'; cows and luift-rs $r).Tr>'(i 7; tioi-V-vf and fici:L-r.= j:; 2" ;7 . ;iO;;.<—]iccfii>t> .".i'.'i'. .Market : • 'ijT'.i .-^r . T .isihu-; S.'.^.'.'O 0.40; lui.xeil i''. J.""' 4-".; h.-avy li 6.47,. Kansas City (Jrain. Knn.-;;s Ci:y. .tan. 6.— AVHK.JiT. re(>:;!s. c:;r£. ("ash wheat, unchang- • 1 . n.- i-nt Richer. Xo. Z hard. i\.<2-^ I •<•:: .\o. ?,. $1.0K/1 .07; No. 2 .:. .<l.<2i..: No. ;!, ;i9fil.01. Close— Xi:y .«l.ols; July M'i. CO'.X—iiall" at one cent higher. Xo. 2 V,; or .'ffG'': Xo. ?. C4»iliC5: N'o: 2^. i;i;',i'7; Xo. e .'.'Tt u. Close — .iry t ;.-,v.: .tu'.y O.-.t;.; Sept. 64'/^. )'T>—Half crnt higher. No. 2 ..'•I'.e. ".c. i„; -Xo. 2 nii.xed, 4Si-i'ri41*. UY:"—:•" ]>er bli.-hcl. MAV—St":i3. Choice timothy $21 '22: il.o:,." prairie $1.'. <^0 5 16 .00. l!!;or)\! COItN—$70 ^1140 per ton. hiitivfiM Vltj Mvcsfock. K:n-v.< Ci'.y .)an. 0— CATTLE, re- 1! 2' '. Sii'aiiy. Niive steers $.'>.- 2"'-s2": c< ws and heifers J2.Tr >fi) 7 I'; stf.'.>••• and foiders t4.00ff }.fi.OO; hr'N 2:.r, 2': calv.'? $4.2.'.'fi S.2.'.. HOGS—lit rcipts 1,200. Strong to 5 to te ncents higher. Heavy $6.25@ ini • nriT UCUini Hi Tfl 00 •J .:!0: imckers and butchers f6.2o@6.- lUUl ULAI IlLlnUfl 41 lU uZ 271-1.; lights f 5.75 (§6.20. Ktinsns City Froanco. Kansas City Jan. 6.—BUTTER— Creamery 36c; firsts 34; seconds 32; liacking stock 21 l^PGS onds 17. lola Won 1(7 ElcTPnth Victory Last >"Ipht lit Nevada. The lola high school basket ball Kxiras d3c; firsts 31; sec-' ,^ , • ^ J Ave added another to their list of j victories last night by defeating the Lend and Siirltpr. i Ntjvada, Mo., high school five in that St. Louis, C.-Lead, quiet ?4 .33. 1'"''y ^ score of 51 to 42. AI- .<pelter, weak $6 30 ' 'hougli nobody expressed any doubt j that lola would win the game, the " local five having clearly proved Its lEXAS GIRL THE I{(>M!lt uf Sniit.i Kr Kssay Contest Is .IniKiiiurcTl by J. F. Jarrrll. l.ora Uolierts, of Aiiiarlllo, Texas, •.Mill tile t=anta Ko« first jirize in the '.:ay i'oiitesi wlilch recently closed, .-lie nieived a <;heck for $50. A Kan.-as I:i(i. llarofd Pay le, wa.<? second, and .1 Kansas girl, Klinor Elder, third. Alrss Ni'xa IJItter, of loin, wlio repre» si-nted the local schools In the con- ;(^t. received a very cotuplimentary honorable mention. The contest was conducted by J. F. lanell. publicity agent for tlie Santa Fi^ beginning at the close of the Santa .•-V- demonstration train's tour. President Rijiley authorized a prize •jf ?.'.o for the best essay on the edu- c.Uional, value of the train, $2.3 for the second and $10 for the third. There i wi-re five prizes of $5 each for essays j ranking from fourth to eighth and tea i prizes of $2.50 for essays ranking ' from ninth to eighteenth, inclusive. superiority over the Nevada team some time ago when It Vfon over that team by the overwhelming score of 51 to 14, and although It was conceded by all that Nevada would liiake a better showing on Its home court, nobody supposed that the margin would be as narrow as 9 points—the same margin by which loin defeated the fast llalstead team here some time ago. endorsement. COMFORTING IVORDS. }Iuiiy nn loin Hoa.sebold Will Find Thnm So. To have the pains and aches of a bad back removed; to be entirely {ree from annoying, dangerous urinary disorders Is enough to make any kidney sufferer grateful. To tell bow this great change can be brought about will prove, comforting wo)'ds to hundreds of lola readers. Mrs. M. E. Compton, 812 N. Chestnut St.. lola, Kans., says: "A member of our family suffered greatly from weak kidneys. The kidney secretions were unnatural pnd were a source of great annoyartce. Hackacbe was almost constant and there were other difficulties, caused; by disordered kidneys. After much niod- Icine had been talien without succes!*. Dt)an"K Kidney Pills were tised and they soon gave entire relief. This preparation is worthy of the highest PACIFIC MAKES A BIG ORDER ItailTvay to Rerehe .5000 »w Can* iu Next Few Months. $3.50 RECEIPT FREE FOR WEAK KIDNEYS n GALLS FOR AID TODAY Poar Comniissioner Is .Stnyine by the Telephone to Afford Relief. FREE TO YIIU-MY SISTEB Poor Commissioner Al Abranis remained within the reach of his telephone the greater part of today. There wore many calls for assistance and the commissioner did not have an opportunity to ger out of office. Most of the calls were for fuel and Mr. Abranis O. K.'d those he believed to be necessary over the telephone. ^ Mr. Abrams' term as poor commissioner will expire January 10th. The board of county commissioners are endeavoring to And some way to keep hiim in oflice because they believe commissioner saves the county much ii:oney and a great deal of trouble The board has a.sked the mayors and township trustees upon whom the work of the poor commissioner de volves when his office is vacated to surrender their rights mid .agree to the employment of a comnilsBloner. lola made the same score last night .">1 points, that It did when it defeat ed Nevada hero. Nevada made Just three times the number of j)olnts, 42 that It made in its game here—which goes to show that although Nevada has made no Improvement in guard ing, being no more able now than it was in the previous game to break up the team work of the fast lola five and prevent them from making baskets. It has improved fully 66% ner cent in team work and ba.sket throwing since It played here. Ne vada. In the past several weeks must have developed some rapid and ac curate team work and some really good basket throwing ability to run np the score it did last night on the Tola five. Practically everybody con ceded that Tola would win. but the good showing made by Nevada was a surprise. STRING OF TEN VICTORIES. lola HiKh School Basket Ball Team Has Won Krery Game This Season. Free to You and Every Sister Sirf* ering from Woman's Ailments. am • wcmmn. ^ know woman'* «nff«ring*. % bav* fooad tba onre. . will mail, fre* of any chart*. nrliM •Mrt with fall uutroetioaitoaoy niifer*r from woman'* ailment*. I want to tell il women abont thi* core-iM, my reader, for roundf, yonr dancbter.yoar mother, or yoari<(t«r. I want to UiX ^on huw to nur* yoonelTe* at home with- oiat thf holp ofadoetor. Men ondenrtand women'* snfferlnc*. Wliat we women know feM MfMiMC*, we know better than any doctor. I know that myhomn treatment I* aafe and aoft core for ItmntaMwWtMMMiwiN, llHnili*.lb- IMn. wnrimn, Vtm. -* Miiiit tiiAii wtm* tmml lrn*ki*m*»KiUMtooar*«z. ^ Iwantto «<3idroai c*a|MilM tfai'i fciilwt otintr tm to proTH to yon that yon aaa cure TuareeU at noma, eaallr, qnlckly and inrelT. Bemember, «rt fMl to the ^re ^Cmenta c ^nplcte trial: and if yon .r f-.Lir. 1 wii; vlf^t se»mtc»»t. my Iwok—"WillWl ItfilCH itfWgT wl!__ h^l-'.t. m.-rr lllc: tra'-Son^ showuiir-Mb' wotEenBaffrt-.andhow theTcaaea *lIycnr«.11i»TO»«.lTe* CrvrT wcM:Mtb'i:;t<i Laveit, andlram tolUiklir lHrM8. Then when the doctor *ay»••>• ••<:•' !,.iT.. an<vxr,.t;<in ."Toucand «adeforyonnself. TbotnandKof woman hare cored t: .. -.\i;h Ji).rl<iu'r"ni..dr. It ram iB cU tr MH I, T I Mtait (f aaiMwt, I will ezptain a I..:..' 1. ••.r.r.t-L'tnt «t!ii.'iii!7K^<lTajid«-ffivtaallrcnrr*Iy..ornrTho«a,ammSieknn*8nd l'-.-:'c: .'I -rr. gi-.tiir .:>!t .'nsiruuian in }-oaneIiSdics,PlQmpnes*andUealchalwayaneaItafroie ",vj •T'-v.T voa live. I can r(.for you to ladifls of TonrownlooUtty whoknowandwHlgladly <::.!' .. a.-rl-r that tbi-s Hozi TRih *tirin«llr mn all wom«p'*dl»eB»i«. and make* women well, rv : T.:^^M>Bndm1>a2it. Jnl ttE< •<m* aMitu.and thefrr «n !aday'*treatincB *l »7a ^aI*e t.-.t'O'si. Wntet-wlaT, *< yon may not auotbisoaer again. MdAmm KiR^.tR.^vmxERZ, BexH - " South Bend, I IM I., V.9.K The tenth straight victory of the loia high scnco' basket ball team having hgen won Wednesday night from thfc Clay Cc'.ir.ty high school team,-it Is lelKvcd that the string of uninterrupted successes has now grown long enough to be worthy of review and ccuiment. Of the teams played loia l;as met but one of them Puffalo. iMue this season, having defeated fhetiK^in tiiar city and also In this city la'cr Tb^ game with Buffalo wa.^ tile first cf the season for loia. and w.'.s tht cio.«-rst the lola boys have played, they having been victorious by a margin of but three points. In the later game they beat Buffalo by a margin of 18 points. With the exception of Buffalo in Tola's first game Halstead and Clay County have put up the strongest games, the former having lost by 9 points and the latter by 5. The easiest game for lola was that with Nevada, the locals winning by a margin of 37 points. Fol lowing Is a list of the victories, with the score for both balve.s ipd the total for each team in each game played: lola 12-14—26. Buffalo 12-11—23. lola 24-23—47, Chanute g-ll"—19. lola 20-13—33 Halstead 11-13—24. lola 21-18—39. Buffalo 11-10—21. lo'a 21-30—.51. Nevada 6-8—14. lola 20-31—51. Topeka 20-10—30. lola 20-26—46. Wichita 10-9—19. lola 23-2>—48. Joplln W-&—24. lola 25-18—43, Carthage 10-18—28. lola 14-23—37 Clay County 23-9—32. Between the Topeka and Nevada games a team composed of players of the second team, aided by Nelson and Cantrell of the first team In the sec-^ ond half, lost to the Baldwin high' school in that city by the score of 301 to 27. This was by no means a defeat of the first team and Tola bopesi to prove her superiority to Baldwin in the near future. The total points made by the Tola five BO far Is 421, to their opponents 234. /' —rTbe W. C. Teats Healtjr Co.. Kress Bids.'' OHice rooDU 33^ 24. For sa!e by all dealers. Price tiOc. Foster-Mllhurn Co.. Huffalo, N. Y. sole agents for the United States. Beinember the name—l)'s— nnA take no other. Mrs. Mary Hec^k. who' some time^ rigo was pronounced to be of unsoifnd mind, ami for whom Quartei;.«! could not be secured at Osawatomie, \vas *aken vei-terday to the sanitarium. Mrs. Beck Is reported to be Improv- nroving. .nnd there Is hope of her ulU- mate reco^ry. —Tf your children are subject to attacks of croup. Watch for the first symptom, hoarseness . Give Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as soon as (he child becomes hoarse and the atttrck may be warde*-otf . For sale by all dealers. The .Missouri Pacific Railway Company has placed a large order for rolling stock with the several manufacturing companies throughout the United States?. The cost will reach into the hundreds of thousands of I dollars: The orders placed are as follows: 5UU 40-ton box cars standard, built at Hammond. III., delivery to be completed In February. 500 4U-ton stock cars, standard, Mt. Vernon Car Company, delivery In January nnd February. The following prdor to the .\tnerlcari Car and Foundry Compapy, St. Ix)uia, Mo.: 1000 ."".O-ton gondola cars, delivery In -Jinnuary. 1000 .lO-ton gondola cars, delivery In Februar.v. , 400 40-ton stock cars, delivery in Febnmry. 100 40-ton flat cars, delivery In February. • 400 40-ton, flat cars, delivery In March. . .lOO 40-ton automobile cars, delivery In March. ."JOO 40-ton furniture cars, delivery in March. 100 40-ton box cars, delivery In March. 400 40-ton box cvars, delivery In April. with horns on their noses like Mr. Hockett found are auite,pommon liere now. "He found one with three on either side of its nose. . . ike Skinner attended the .New ' RELIEVES URIN A RT AND KIDITEY Year'fe ball at La Harpe Monday | TROUBLES, BAC£ACH£, STRinf- night i ING, SWELLING, ETC We are sorry to bear of Hell \i\r:\ i being sick with i)ncumonia. Hope 1h- j Stops Tain in the Bladder, Kidneys, will soon be well. j and Back. Mr. Hannah, of Colony, has boujrht the Godell farm wiiere Mr. Sloan lived last year and wll move there the Ihit of March. A sister and hu.^band from Texas visited .Mr. Irwin and family during holidays. They went from here to Chanute to visit ills parents. There will be a meeting for tlie purpose of organizing a literary at the Wouldn't it be nice within a week or two to begin to say goodbye forever to tho scalding, dribbling, straining or too frequent passage of urine," tlie forehead and the back of the head aches; the stitches and pains in the back; the growing nniscle weakness; spots before the eyes; yellow skin; slugiylsh bowels; swollen eyelids or Wise fchool house on Friday niglit (inkles; lt.g cramps; unnatural short ^ j of this week. All are invited to attend breath; sleeplessness and the despoa- ^ i and help ni.nke it a success. 'denvy'! 1 have a rcceipe for these troubles —Mrs. A. K. Tabor of Cridcr, Mo., that you can depend upon, and If you had been troubled witli sick headaclie [ to n:ake a quirk recoTcry, you for about five years, when she began foiiglit to write and get a copy of it. taking Chamberlain's Tablets*. She has taken *wo bottles of them and they have cured her. Sick headaclie is caused by a disordered stomach for ' .Many a doctor would charge you |3..^0 just for writing this prescription, but I have it and will be glad to send it to you entirely free. Just drop me a which these tablets are especially in-I lino like tliLs: Dr. A. E. Robinson, tended. Try them, get well and stay j K932 Luck Building. Detroit, Mlchl-. well. Sold by all dealers. —Charles Durham, Lovington 111., has succeeded In finding a positive cure for bed wetting. ""My ilttle boy wet the bed every night clear thro' ^- • - on the floor. I trieft several kinds of C. H. Swim, who was seriously kidney medicine and I was In the drug burned about the right foot In an ac- store looking for something different cident which occurred at the United to help him when I heard of Foley Iron Works Wednesday, Is reporfed Kidney Pills. Ater he had taken them to be Improving rapidly although. It two days we could see a change and will be impossible for hint to return when he had taken two thirds of a to work for some time. ! iwttle he was cured. That Is about I six weeks ago and he has not wet In COOLO iT SLEEP IITH TM fiASiJ All Over Baby's Body, Head and Face. Scratching Made Sores. Used Cuticura Soap and Ointment and Have Had No Further Trouble. "On July 27, 1909, wc left Boston for il trip to Kiiclanil uiiil Inland, tiLldns bahif witb U9. Afttr bclnR in Ireland a frw dayjl a nu-'ty ro^li come out aQ over !iU bo<ly. Wp took him to a dortor who sal<l It v.ii rhlckfn pox, nr.d |uvi; u.i miillclne for htm. Tlii'troublrslurtrd in t!io forui ol a ra^h and won all nv< r batiy'* t>ody, h«uj and lace, at difTrrcnt '^i.rfSj tlmc^. Il lrrltati-<l, and -f: ^ he woidd KTStch It with ' .ill liU migiit. The coo. scqufnr(« wa» It dcvi lojiod Into sores, and we wero afral'l it would leavq /T nasty scars on hb face; "Wbeo we Teachcd Tngianl v.c took baby to another doctori T. iio said Id- condition was due to change ot food and rlimale, and gave mote medicine^ Tlie ra<li pot no better, and It lucd to ilc^ end bum at ntehf {•a bad that the child fould not flifp. He was completely covered with it at dilTerent times. It was at tbL4 time that my mother advised us to try Cuticura Soapt end Ointment. After atins Cuticura Sosjt end Cuticura Ointment (or ai>out nine months the places dl-appeared. There are not ary scars, or other kind of disCgurement. and baby Is completely nired by the Cutlcur»- Soap and Oint m?nt. We have had no further trotible with baby's skin. Nothing stopped, the Itrhlnc and allowed Inby to sleep but Cuticura Soap and Cutlcun Ointment.": (.SUm'.d) Mr.s. Margaret Ounn. 20 Burrell St... Uoxbury, Boston. Mas&. March 13. 1911. , Cuticura Soap and Ointment are' sold.' throuKbout tba world. Send Ip Potter Druf. & Chem. Corp., Drpt. li.V. Boston, for (reo samplo of each with 33-p. book on tba skin.. bed since." J. D. Mundis Co. Howard Moore was a caller at the been at lola visiting withjiis father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. i Moore, and came here to see his sis- I ter, Mrs. V. J. Sloan. The purpose of ! his trip, in addition to his visit, was to show an eighty-acre tract of land he recently bought from the Sloan brothers, located south of town five miles, to a friend to his i:i c>uiuhoina, which he had a prospect of trading for Oklahoma property. — Moran Herald. WISE. January 5.—Although we have lovely winter weather we haven't seen many sleighs or sleds in this neck of the woods. Our school began again last Monday after a week's vacation. IJttle Glen Irwin started to school at Prairie Union the fwst of the year. Press Weatherman's brother who lives In lola and has been assisting Press on the farm for a while has gone to Tulsa,. Oklahoma, to work. Bertha Montgomery resumed her school work again after a week's vaca tlon. She spent most of the week at home and then visited her grandma Mrs. Osborn, in West Pleasant Valley. Luella and Little Montgomery returned home from Greeley last week where they ^isited their uncle and aunt Rev. Montgomery and wife. They report a very pleasant time. Quite a good many horses have died in the county. Mr. McKihney lost one yesterday and Mr. Ballard lost one a short time ago. Press Weatherman butchered a nice hog for himself and one for Arch Montgomery last week. Very few unfortunate ones are as lucky as Arch to have as staunch friends as Mr. and Mrs. Weatherman are to him. Mr. and Mrs. Skinner visited a num l>er of days in lola recentlyx Jamea Mqnicomer; sayg Vrabblt»" (•Or>TY LINK. January 5.—Happy New Year to aW^ E. D. BroulUette shipped a car "of hay from Colony one day last week. Miss Lena Banks returned to Colony Mondy to continue her work in ! the high school. Since the recent snows the hunters have again been busy hunting. Mr. Brainard, the popular mail carrier, took dinner at the home of Harry Hay Thursday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Hay and daughter called on Mrs. BroulUette Saturday af ternoon. Mr. and Mrs. .Tasper Powell are enjoying a visit from relatives in lola. Miss Browning returned Sunday ready to take up her duties at school the following day. Kay Wilson returned to his home in Topeka after visiting the BroulUette family a few days. Mrs. BrouHlette entertained a few | of her relatives and frieads at a New Year's dinner. Miss Brownrlgg is now boarding at the Bishop home. There was no Sunday School Sun- | aii, and I will send It by return ma.l} In a plain envelope. As you will see when you get it, this recipe contains only pure, harmless remedies, but it has great healing and pain conquering powers. It will quickly show Its power once you use it, so I think you had better see what It is without delay. I will send yooi a copy free—you can use it and cure yourself at home. in Colony Monday of this week. Harry Hay hauled a load of bogs to town Tuesday forenoon. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly are enjoying a visit from their son Edwin, who is a student in the State Normal. Better make new resolutions for the coming year, but don't make more than you can successfully carry out. When you want a reliable medicine for a cough or cold ta*e Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It can always be depended upon and is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by all dealers. Dale Lapp, who has been here ((\ the past two weeks for a visit with day on account of the New Vear"^, I 1 her sist.r .Mr;^. .1. G. Waiker, returned suppose. : lapt, niKht to her home in Fremont, Charley Paine loaded a car of hay 1 Nebraska. Women s Secrets There is one man in the United States: v/';o hn-. pcrlippc I .cnrd more women's sjcrcti than any other m.iu or -.vomiui in tlio countr>-. Thcsj secrets are not secret-, of duill <ir r .lnmc, but the RccrcM of iuFeriniJ, and they have hecn ci>nfidi '<i to UV. R. V. Pierce in the hope nnd expcc'-iti-m ol advice unU help. Tljat few of these women li:ivc been di-cppomt'-d in their tx- pcctotions is proved by the f.:ci tlu: niic'y- jirIiI per ccn*. of cll women treated !»v I-.-. I'iurcc Iiavo bscn nhsolutciy end altogether cured. Si:i.'' • -'. <rd would Ivj rcrr .arka'nlo if tbo cases treated were numlxirci Xvi !:;;:idrcd •. only. But when that record applies to t'.ia ol tnoTs :hun hal'-r.- million women, in a practice of over 40 ytin-s, ?£ is pliennmenal, ond entities Dr. Pierce to tiic Srolltmlu •j<:to'd..J by women, as the first ol specialists in the tr'.-utmcnt of women's di .svn Every sick woman may consult Dr. I'lerce by letter, absolutely without cltar^e. Ail replies are mailed, seated in perfectly plain envelopes, without any printinii or advortisi.n^ whctevcr, U!>on them. Write witliout fear as without fee, to World's Dispensary Medical .,S.s30ciation, Dr. K. V. Pierce, Prest., BufiVdo, N. Y. DR. PIERCE'S FAVOnSTE; PZiESCRIPTION THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO. lOLA'S PRODUCE ilVKKET Buyiitg every day—always paying best prices for POULTRY, BUTTER. EGGS aqd HIDES. Call us up. Phone 376. We are always glad to talk to you. That's what we are here for. (Snccessors to loin Produce Co.) ' Phone S7ft'; West of Santa Fe Tracks lola, Kansas \

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