Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1912
Page 5
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THUJPLAJ)AILX RgGISXm .^TURPAY JiVEI^NG.JANIJARy g.,^l&... FELIX AND FINK—They Start an Athlete SchooL WANTS—ALL KINDS. WANTED—WOOD TO SAW WITH buzz saw. Phone 4G1. WANTED FOR CUSTOMER—A private loan ot 1800 on a new eisht' room house on paved street, close in. j east front Want it for' three years and am willing to pay good interest. The Peterson Land Co. W.VNTKP—GOOD SKCOXII HAND gas klteUen range. Phone 2r>6. WANTKD—TO KKNT .'. ROOM modorn Address Uo.\ 3U2. WANTED^DINING ROOM .GIRL and dishwasher at once. Pennsylva- • nia Hotel. I . j WANT TO RENT—RY FEU. 1ST T. \}T 6 room hou.'^o, modern, close in. Box 16;i, lola, Kas. WANTED-TO T R A D E GOLD watch for good saddle; 217 W. Mad- '• ison. WA.NTKD--nOOD LAND, WELL! improved l .ving near lola. Will biiy j half section or more if worth the | money asked. Give price and full ; particulars for rei)ly. Owners only, j Meshew & Company, Tulsa, Okla. t LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE WAN- ti'ii No canvassing or soliciting r<'- quirod. Good income assured. Address National Co-Operative Realty Co.. V 142:$ Maiden Building. Washington, I). C. WANTKI>—PRIVATE NIGHT AND day students. Gregg Shorthand. Toucli Typewrltng. Mabel Brewer, lola, Kas. Phone 958. WA\TKD—("LEAN WHITE RAOS. Will piiy 3 cents a pound. Keglxtcr office. TO Ci^OSE ESTATE AT ONCE I must sacrifl^' beautiful lii-acro farm near .New Smyrna on tlie (Cast Coast iif Kloriila. tlood soil capable of yield ing owner a net income of $:!,(Kio a year under proper management. Close to rail and water transportation. Best market facilities, churcli. svliool and social advantages. Price for ijuick sale $2iMi. Perfect title terms $.".0 cast). |)alHncc $.-..00 a month, without interest. Address Z. I). W., S So. Dearborn St., Cliicago, HI. WANT— FlimNlSHED ROOM WITH clotiies closet, not further than three blocks from square. State price in first letter. Lock Box 196, lola, Kas. FOR LEASE. POSSESSION AT once and on reasonable terms The Majestic Theater;, best money maker in the citjr. Inquire of Hooker Sbapel. FOR SALE—FIVE WHITE OR- plngton pullets and one cockerll. Dr. NeuBome. Phone 824. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR SALE —SCOTCH COLLIE pup six months old; 618 N. Elm. FOR SALE—ONE FINE STAND- ard bred driving mare; registered. Two good buggies. Phone SO .'i. FOR SALE—A mare city broke, street. GOOD DRIVING Call at 620 S. Ohio FOR SALE—SOUTH SIDE RES- taurant. or will exchange restaurant and five room bouse for small tract of improved land. A. J. Justice, Plqua, Kans. FOR SALf]—A GOOD SIX YE.VR old horse; sound and gentle. Phone 104. Residence 704 E. Lincoln. J. W. Primmer. FORI SALE—39 ACRES OP NO. 1 bottom' land within 1 mile of lola at a bargain price; $300 down, balance on term to suit purchaser. Allen County Realty Co., Evans BIdg, lola. Try the Register Want ad way. FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RENT—A FIVE ROOM BRICK house. Phone 778. FOR RENT—MY ROCK CREEK ..arm. Inquire of Dr. W. S. Hendricks. FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS in modern house one block* from square; 308 N. Washington. i FOB SALE, ALFALFA FAB.U Kingman County, Kans, \ 160 acres 4 miles from railroad station; fair Improvements; 100 acres alfalfa land; only about 12 feet to water . It's a bargain at ?50 per acre Mortgage $2000 67c, difc In 4 years. Can exchange equity for good Jola property at Its cash value. lOLA LAND COMPANY. TO CUBE A COLD l?f 0-NE DAY —Take Laxative Bromo Quinine ^Tablets. Druggists refund money if It Iail9 to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on each box. Kc. LAND FOR SALE! I have for sale the cheapest 160 acres of grass land in Allen County. For a pasture It can't be beat—everlasting water—or It all can be mown Close toR. R. station. Part time. I also bave 60 acres Improved land close to lola that I caif sell at a bargain. Terms reasonable. C. 0. BOLLIXGER CAlIFOB?iIA LA5DS. We are agents for Cllras Heights, fruit lands adjoining the city of Sac.ramenta. Free round trip to buyers. We are sole agents for this territory. CH.VRLES ft POTTEK. lola, Kunsas. MONEY TO LOAN—WE HAVE A client who has 11800 private money to loan on Allen county land. If you want this, come quick. The Peterson Abstract Co lOLA R. R.TIME TABLES A, T. A 8. F. BAILWAI South Bound. No. 201—Dally PaaaenKsr 1 :08 p. « No. 20%-I>ally Faaseiiger 3:43 a. Na 207^DaUy <excopt Sund»yj Paseez- ger g:60 p. m, No. lis— Dally (except Sunday) Way Freight Arrive J2:01 p. m. Depart 1:0S p. m, North Bound. No. 202—Daily Paasenger 2:23 p. tn. No. 204—^Dally Passentter 2:20 a. m. No. 208—Daily (except Sunday) Pasaen- Kor 6:30 s. m. No.-216—Datly (except Sunday) Way Freight. Arrive U:15 a. m. De part 12:01 p. m. inSSOUBI PACIFIC BmWAY Freight*—Wert Bound. 491—Local (dally ex. Sun) Iv.....«:« p. m. 4B1—Colo. Red Ball (daily) W.. .g:38 p. m. Freights—East Bound. 458—Red Ban (daily) ar. 1 :10 a. n. 493—I.ocat (dally ex. Sun) ar.....S:00 a. m Passenger*—Vyest Bound. 407—Kansas City-Tatea Center Mall and Express (daily) Iv. 4:47 p. m. 409—St. LouIs-WIchlta Mali and Express (dally) Iv 8:83 a. in. Passenger*—East Bound. 410—St. LoulR-Kansa* City Mall and Ek- press (daily) ar.. 7 :17 p. m. 408—St. t^uls-Kansas- City MaU and Bx- . press (dally) at. 8:38 a. m. M. K. & T. B^VILlfAT South Bound. _^ •No. B71—Way Freight, (dally ."JfeP* Sunday) 4:30 a. m. No. 75— MLted (daily) .4:« p. m. No. 7»-PaaseBKe;r .(daOy) 12:19 p. nj. No. 25—Flyer (dady) 6:B0 a. m. , . North Bound. LNO. 24 =-Pa3senger (dally) 1:25 p. m. ra,-No, 76—MlxedTdally) 2:30 p.m. y 'No. 672—Way Freight, (dally except Sunday)-.. 12:19 p. m •571 and 672 will carry passengers. MERCHAITTABLE ABSTRACTS. Every Abstract made In onr off let iB guaranteed to be a merchantable abttract or money refunded lOLA ABSTRACT COMPANY Frank Wood. Manager • M05BT'T0\L0Airr « > will lend on hotul«hold toa4» 9 ylaaos, orgaiu. stNrint a» « • IUBM , diamonds andM»w *'r* « • J. W. COFFET » • m Kortfc StTMt * .J. 4. A + + + + * t- * « •* • * RUMOBED ACGIDENT-GIIS MM IT IS HOPED, HOWEVKK, THAT IT ! IS WITHOIT FOUNDATIO>. Boy Hendricks Taken Suddenly 111 But Is Thought lo Be Im- proTlng. CAS CITY. .Ian. reiiort «;i.s circulated on tlic .streets yesterday, telling of a Jiorrll)Je accident whicJi befell H. O. .Adams, who i .s making a trip to Rupert. Idaho, in a car witli his furniture. The rumor .says lie was crossing the track hurriedly to avoid the approach of a fast mail train, when he slipped and fell. As a result boiU legs were severed just below tlie knee.s. The report has been traced to William Eppers south of town and lie .>;ays ho rereived liis Information over the phono Thursday evening. He was unable to tell who tlie imrties were that made such a .statement, tlierefore we are .still In tlie dark. It is probable and more than likely tliat tliis report arose wlien a Mr. Adams of Oarurti was run over by a train t.lie tir .-t of Die week and lost liotb le«.s .Mr. Adani -s' many friend.^ here are anxious to learn the truth but simi rely liope tlir rumor untrue. It will lie reiuoiubered that Mr. Adams left Jiere about two woekH ago and has been snowbound in western KansaH for over a week The BnrtlcKville Enterprise reports the birth of a child to .Mr. and Mrs (Jeorge Wliippie wlio tor :iierlv llv.d liere. -Mrs. Wliipple was iiii lola (jirl lola girl. Roy Hendrick.-. manna! tr.ilninp mathematical teadier in thi- hji ;li school was taken ill Tliursday lind compelled to return to his home in Parsons. Mr. Hendricks thought lie would,be able lo return Monday .tliere fore no substitute wa .s serured to do the work yesterday. I'rof. Osl.orn beard bis clas .se.s. E .Boucher and faiiiily will leave .shortly for Sargent, .Mo., to iiiaki- tlieir future home. Mr. and Mrs. ('•. W. Feniuiore who left here a few months atio for .Arizona, left tliat state recently and are now enjoying a visit witli Mr. Fenimore's sister, Mrs. J. E. Guy, of I >3ng Beach California. Mrs! M. R. Mc.Murray arrived yesterday from Altoona for a short vi.sit with her brother .Edwin Hunter and family. -Mrs. O. A. Chitwood of near Bayard, will visit her mother. .Mrs. Julia Corns IRA B. FRANTZ BEGISTEBED OPTOMETBIST Humboldt, Kas. Moran, afternoon of Jan. 16 and all day the ITth. I..anarpe, Jan. ISth and I'Jth. for a few days. .Mi.-;s Di.vie Wade will visi. liiilil after ."Sunday with Florojce -Minnich, south of l^a Harpe. Tiie Doming investment Conipan.v has leased a gas well on the Evans farm north of town and will tutn the gas into their mains either today or tomorrow. The flow is up to the aver ase of the neighboring wells and will no doubt lie of great lielji to local consumers. .Mis .Anna Marker, of La Harpe. i.s siiemliiig tlie week with lier mother Mis. H. .Adams, south of town. V. M. ^•e^llitt has returned from Cabool. .Mo , after a week's visit with hi.s family Mi-> l)l\io \V,T(|n will vl^ii until after .Siu,i !:!.v with ,.Mi.-s l^'hiniKe .Minleh south of 1,11 Harpe. Tlie three year old dauuliter of .Mr. and -Mrs. i. Kincaid is reported ill, tlirenii'ned with pneumonia. .Mr>. Iloyer. of I'.ose Hill. Is <iiiltc ill. UHARPE GflURCH ELECTION PRKSBVTKBIA>S HOLD ANMAL MEETI.>« AND ELECT 0FF1CEB8. Smelter Furnnce.s Forced to Dead Fire on .Vccount of Leak in the ECZEMA eczeMA CAN seicuKeD TO STAV. whco 1 SWT cured. I mean Ju^t wtiat 1 say—C-L'-K-E-D. and not men -lT ijatriifd up fur avblle. to nrtuia mrsr than brtoie. itememU-r I nuke tbis brreiij Btatrment alter pumiiK tea jata of nir time oo tfaia ooe diamap and oaodlirwr In the mcjiti Uiiic a quarta -r of S ^ilkia cases of this tlreadlul d.ii)-iu<.'. t>°ov. 1 4o not cate wbat «U yoo fasrc tund. nor bow enany dortorabare told jou that you could nut tx cnn-d— •II 1 ask la juDt a rbanre to sliov yoa that I know vbat I adi talklns about. Itraa will write mr TO DAV. I will send r»u s FKEE TRiALot mr mild, •oottaloir. cuanuiteed cnn> Uut wlU conrmre you eiorc (n a daj than I or anyone elK could iu a nmotta 's time. It foa are dlsgiiatMl and dlMnoracec!, I darp TOO to«>rr ne a rliaoce in prore uiy cuinia. By wntin« roc to .day you will entoy toon n-al •••mi^ort thrni you bad arrr IbaHurtil ttila world hobla tor you. JuKtti -y Itaod yuu will aae 1 uu tuUiuK y »u tbe trutb. ^ I'UAIIIIK ItOSK. .hiiiiiary :!.—.Mildred, ^Itnbb sjient .Suii'lay with liome folks.* Shu i.s stay- Ini; at Mr. Kennedy's. .M;- .M. J. .Mattock was on the lijck li.<t week. \V. ,\' Ford lia.s returned from I'eo- ria. 111., wh' re lie spent the holidays Willi Ills sister. l"!iesi<'r .Miller and .Alfred Decker spent S"veral days last week with their eoiisin. Clarenco Miller. -Mr Kenn"dy threshed kaffir corn for .Mr. .Manbeik and .Mr. Suliivan last we.'k. Mrs I>'na Milh-r and sister Mrs. Cora Calilwell. went to lola Tuesday to visit tiieir brother. Walter I^m, and family, and -Mrs. Miller's daughter Mrs. Orace (."nllcy. and family. F'rom lola Mrs. ("aldwell BXi>ects to go to Kingman county for a visit and then to her home in Oklahoma. •Mr. and Mrs. Klmer John.'^on spent Xew 'i'ear's willi their mother. Hazel Bacon returned to her school work in lola Monday after having spent tl.e iiolidays with home folks. Rev. .Miles jireached a splendid ser mon at Prairie Rose Sunday afternoon. There will be only five mon preaching services Ixifore conference He commenced revival meetings li. Brcmson Sunday evening. -Miss Florence Round returned from her holiday visit and resumed school work at Grant. Sunday afternoon the annual elec. tion of Sunday School officers was held. W. N. Ford was elected superintendent; 0. T. Nolan, assistant superintendent; Alice Robb. secretary; Leta Ford, assistant secretary; Xlnr Ford, treasurer; Edna Ford organist; Carl Tice, assistant organist; D. E Tice, librarian. The same teacheir were chosen for another year. Mrs. Mabel Smith and children returned to t'leir heme near IJB. Harpe after sevetai davj \if !t with relatives T. A. Wood ^i?led his brotbers .Tohn and Clark Wood, near Redfleld tbe iMUfit part oX last ireek*' I>aHarpe, Ka.s., Jan. 6.—The Annual j Congregational mating of the Prcs- i liyterian Church was held Wednes<Iay evening. Reports from heads of the various departments were read, showing a .substantial growth ttarougbout the year. The Dnanclal standing of the church is also reported In excellent condition. Tbe following ollicers were elected: Elders, D. A. Ayers and C. H. Meliza; Treasurer. G. F. Robins. .Mrs. Bowen has received a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bowen, who recently left here, stilting they were cdTrafortably located on a ranch near Tularo, California. Mr. Bowen says ho is well satlsfled and is afraid Kansas will never see him again. Owing to a largo leak on the main gas line. Furnace .1 and « at the East WorkH was compelled to bo put on doud-llro yesterday. The pipes were IIIHO frozen to a great extent, causing the other fiirnuceK to huve a very Into start. The lino lia.s been repaired nnd everything running in full blast today. —F .M Halm. M. o.. noHllBt Bert Patten nnd son. Ray, came In yesterday from Parsons for a short visit with friends. Mrs. Anna Barker is spending the week with her mother, Mrs. li. Adams southwest of town. Miss I»ulse Kennedy, after a pleasant vacation with her niother.- returned today to her school duties at Mt. Carmel in Wichita. Mrs. F. W. FItxgcrald and .Mrs. T. B. Van Bnskirk of lola wore guests of Mrs. Davis Ayers yesterday. H. S. Sears, who Is spending the hoiiilays with his parents, left yesterday for .\ev7ion to enjoy a short visit with relatives. C. W. Graen Is reported quite 111. being unable to attend his duties at the drug store. W. E. Voung of Moran w-as a business visitor here yesterday. —Waters & Danforth, Drugs and Jewelry. V. .M. .Xesbitt. who has been visiting his family at Cabool, Mo., returned to ills work here yesterday. Margaret KIrkpatrIck of lola spen; yesterday with the Mlsses"*Brown. Rufus Holman of Two Buttes Colo, md Claud Swangcr, or Bronson, were pleasant callers here yesterday. Owing to the Inclement weather the Literary at Pleasant Valley was post- ooned until next Friday evening. Charlie Newman is assisting in the HInes hardware store. J J. E. Llpe and family are movlnf ,o lola this week. / The high school l>asket ball girls ,on from the Moran girls last nigh y a score bf 16 to 3. Our boys wer< •»fpated by the Moran boys 32 to 14 Miss Reed and Miss Jones! elabor- itely enterUined tbe Young Ladles' 2:mbroldery Club yesterday a'temoon it tbe Hlnes borne on South tfain St. •ainty refresbmenu were served and 1 most.pleasant time reported. • Mrs. Hughes of near Oklahoma City ia tbe t ;ue8t of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. BwwUn tor »M«l* .j < Joe Klemick had the misfortune to lose a tooth yesterday, while, assisted by a strap, was attempting to raise a 150-pound weight with his teeth. Second hand coal stoves at big bargains at Hines' Hardware. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Lord have returned from Ottawa, where they attended the wedding of their niece. Miss Florence Robinson to Prof. H. II. Foster. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Carter and Mr.';. William Hoover, after a pleasant visit with J. W. Carpenter ^nd other relatives, win leave today for their home In Windsor, Mo. Christian Church—Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. Theme, "Heart Power, or the E.xcellent Way." Evening subject. "The Morning Star of Christianity." Don't forget the revival meetings starting at 7:30 each evening will continue inqeflnltely. F. R. Brotherton. of lola, will lead the choir.—V. L. Goodrich, Pastor. M. E. Church—Sunday School 9:4.5 a. m. Epworth League 6:30 p. m. Preaching 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Next Sunday morning we, will hold our communion service. We hope all members of the church be present. Sunday evening there will be a union service, under the auspices of the Men '.8 Forward Movement.—S. L. Chase, Pastor. Baptist Church—Sunday School at 10 a. in. each Sunday. Preaching alternate Wednesday evenings.—S. 8. Ilagcman, Pastor, Yates Center, Kas. Presbyterian Church—Sund. School iJ:4r. a. m. Preaching at 11 a, in. nnd 7:30 p. m. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. ni.—G. W. Clymer, Pastor; Foley's Honey and Tar Compeand. —is a reliable family medicine. Give it to your children, and take It yourself when you feel a cold coming on. it checks and cures coughs and colds and croup and prevents bronchitis and pneumonia. J. B. Mundls Co. THE SKEP 'I 'K. There was a man who advcrtikcd But once—a single time; In spot obscure placed he his ad. And paid for it a dime. And just because It didn't bring Ills customers by the score, "All advertising is a fake," He said, or rather, swore. He seemed to think one hammer tap Would drive a nail clear In; That from a bit of tiny thread A weaver tents could spin. if he this reasoning bright applied To eating, doubtless be Would claim one little bite woald feed Ten men a century. Some day though, he will learn that t<K| Make advertising pay. He'll have to add ads to his ad And advertise each day. —E. G. Towusend«in National Adver- User. 'oley's Honey and Tar Componnt "Cores In Every Case." —Mr. Jas. McCaffery. Mgr. ot th< 'chlltz Hotel, Omaha. Neb.. recoD" mends Foley's Honey and Tar Com- 'HKlnd, because it cures in every caaet °'I have used It lyyself and I have rec-' ommended It to many others who have since told me of Its great curative power in dlseases-^t the throat and lungs." For all coughs and coldf it Is speedily eCfectire. J. D. MmuUsJ .UiaifittaUZfltfKaifi, {.CMUBdaCoJ BAYABD ASD OSAGE. Jan. 3.—Miss EuleU McCoy, of Garnett, was a guest of Miss Leota Best over Saturday and Sunday. Miss-Alta McGlnnis of LaHarpe was visiting with friends and relatives tlie jatter part of the week. : W. 0. McKlnley is visiting relatives in Indiana. It Is the first time he has been to see his folk lor fourteen years. Will Kennedy was in lola on business last Tuesday. ' Misses (Elva and Maude McAdam, of :Moran, were visiting with their cousin, Mamye Byerley, during vacation. Jesse Boyd and Ed Green, of Blue Mound, were guests at H. Norrick's the latter part of the week. Roy SIders. who Is attending school in Kansas City spent his vacation at nome, returning to school Tuesdey. Bert Jackson took the train at Bayard Saturday for Pueblo. Colo. Hoy Halney, of William Jewel! College, who Is spending his vacati3:i at E. R.,Brown's, has been quite ill with typhoid pneumonia, but is some better at present. ^ Miss Verda Best who^was spending last week visiting In Bronson, returned home Sunday. Miss Mona McCallen spent the week visiting friends In lola. The Ice on the teleplione wires put the lines In this vicinity out of lalk- ;lng order Sunday. I MlsB Myrtle Morgan was visiting relatives in Buelah, Kansas, tho lirst of last week . Grandma Hosley died at the home of her son Jim Thursday morning. The funeral services were held at the Falrview church Monday morning at II o'clock. Two ministers of tlio Church of Christ arc holding meetings at tho Falrview Church this week. They are nlnying at Mr. Emery Nabb's while in this vicinity. Mrs. Morgan received the sad news of the death of her brother in Kansas City last Tuesday morning. He wa3 working on the railroad and was accidentally killed. We have not yet heard the particulars. Mrs. Morgan and children departed for that place (o attend the funeral; Miss Cecil and Master Earle Dick> inson, of Moran, spent the latter part of Uie week with their grandparents .Mr. and Mrs. Dave Dickinson. Will Cutblrtb and family spent the day Tuesday at Robert Demastus's. Faul Colburn shipped a car load of stock to Kansas City Tuesday evening. Joe Paul and son and Will Van Pelt shipped two car loads of cattle to Kansas City Monday evening. Miss Cora Keath is- ill this weel: and unable to ajttend < school.; .Mr. Clyde Porter started idto school again Monday. It Is the first he has been In school since his sick spell. E. R. Brown and son Scott were In I.AHarpe during the past week on t>uslness. _ . -Mr. Harlan Taylor of tlie bank In Moran. was transacting business In Bayard, Tuesday. . i Miss Minnie Porter returned home from near Elm Sunday,.where she spent the latter part of the week visiting relatives. : Roy Norrick.was visiting friends in Iskwood Saturday, and Sunday. . Mrs.. Ullle Densmore,.. of Kansas ;:itx, Kas.. and Qra. Parker, of Nortb- )m Missouri, bav^ 'arrived to ..he «t .he bedside ot their hrotbers, LJozd tnd Ellfs Parker, wHB have. Iweo ^«nr sierously 111_ with, typhoid pneumonia. The boys are pronounced both, oat ot danger if nothing else sets In. • Farm ami CSiy Loans CI EINSAS AJO) OSLAHdXA. Loir Bate; Annual or JSeml-Annnol Interest—Fi^vUege to Pay In FnU Bednced Sates on Fire Insorance! R.M.Cunningfham Old Court Honse. Bldg. lots, Xss. The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance ot all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes fur non-residents, and do a general real estate business. We represent three of the best loan companies doing business in Kansas, and solicit a share of the loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and quick service as can be had anywhere. The Alien County Realty Co. B. L. Thompson, SIgr. OFFICES EVANS BLDQ. lOLA calling on.Mrs. Dave Dickinson, who l.<i quite MI Tuesday-evening. Simon Huirman has put In his tele- phono now, making twenty telephones on Lino Four. Sniid.iy will be the day to elect lew o 'li-'-r .s at O.'Jiige Valley Baptist Suii'lay School and n good attendance IS (leaded; for all that stay at home will be given an oincc. Mr. Martin Decker, of Elsmore, spent most of his vacation with his uncle. Able Cook. Glendale, O.sago Valley and Valley Center schpols began Monday after a week's vacation. Miss Frankie Forrester, of Gas City who baa been staying with her sister,' Winnie Trimble, for some time, spent Christmas week at her home.. She .returned to her sister's Monday. , A number of the Young P^ple wetjt, sleigh riding Thursday evenliig, ahd^ all report a jolly time. Those who enjoyed the ride were: Misses Verda, Dema and T.«ota Best Martha ana Laura Norrick, and Messrs. Roy Cook. Floyd Cutbirth. John. Gregory, Mont Miller and Ro^coe Best. Mrs. Morgan who has been in Kansas City attending her. brother's funeral, retiimed home Thursday. Misses Verda, Deraa. Leota and Mr. Roscoe Best and Roy Hainey spent the day Thursday with Laura Norrick. Roy Halney took the afternoon train for Willlam Jewell 0>llege, where he will resume his studies. ' , —C. J. Peterson: Farm Loans, Insurance. Abstracts. WANTED— CLEAS 1IBITE BAGS. Begtster ofKw. ; ;" . > r?^.' id tnu« oui fee cued wltiuni* a anatml fcparatlen • b«rniB« plaMar. Wa bara ncoe - • diaaakca for lb* |iaat twaaty-y* MjSSOURi VALLEY SANITARIUM, % Boyal Typewriter Agency 9 % Controls Exclusive Sale of ths 9 S Boyal Standard Typewriter ^ In Allen County £ £. B. Bussing, Ageat % Northrop Btiilding Tola, Kans. • $ Tjiiewrlter Bepolrs and SiippUes 4 • « •S Dr. CL M. Boss 9 S DEinST 9 $ Boom Vo. 1, Iforthmp BIdg. 9 a Extraction without pain by ths • % use of ^ftrons Oxide Gas • * Phone—0~ico 653; Res 85J • $ $ $ $ s $ $ $ 9 s s a 3 e s • • « WHY iroTf, • ® Have Your Piano Tuned by aa • 3? Experienced Tuner—Ojie IJv 9 Ing in yoar hom» town 9 a T. 0. CiyiTSET • % Piano Ttner and Repairer 9 a Roberts Mnstc Co. Phone 411 • 9,9-9 9^99:999^9'6 9 9 99 9 F. L. B. LEATELL, H. B. Specialties— Diseases <>{ tha Chut Diseases ot Cbildna. Fkones—Office I47| Bes. 1«. lOLA STATi! BANK BLDO t ********** Jteftl Estate and KiMtMk JLCCXI09 ££9V_ Satisftotfoa gujaraiifeeiisnrtor shone at our expense for datee. • B. B. ClIiBS, letee enter Orer Coa. Baik ******** *********ib t ^ PHILLIP HEieEIJi .. ; •j • UOH South St . ^ . . HABNESS Aia> SADDELBX a . « • deMnl Bepalrlng, An Xlnds i , >*************^** KOITET TO LOAN on all kinds of household gooda or, Jewelry^—anything of value, ^igus Pawa Shop, East Side Square. Office in Fruit Store. All transactions strictly cohfl- denttal. ***** 99 99 9 9 99 9 9 ^ ^ m 9 ^ « Offlee Bes. « 9 Phone 185. Phone 185-X. 9 9 DB. J. 6. WALKEB. « 9 Kress BIdg. 9 9 Successor to Dr. S, A Coffmaa 9 9 Special attention to Obstetrics 31 9 and Disease of (Thlldren. 9 $ $ % $ $ 9 9 9 $ « « $ $ 9 a 1 UiEPETOAlftE IBSTBACT Is one which contains accurate information of all records relating to the property described therein. A complete and accurate Abstract Is the basis of a good deed. There are no better Ab- etraeta thaa. those prepared by THE FETBB80N IBSTBACT CO. mm n ^ m C9tft Bftgn ^

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