Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 18, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1954
Page 3
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Thuriday, March 18, 1954 •« HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ^y&ig^jMJj^^>^*^aigyjfi|a^gjjLy|^teg|g^jJ 1 a^^^^ g- ^ B|1 ;^ — ^^^-^^r^j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^L SOCIETY Pbon* 7-3431 Between f A, M. ind 4 P. M. Calendar Thursday, March 18 The Fidclis Sunday School Class of the Unity Baptist Church will haVe their monthly meeting on Thursday night, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Brown on South Elm street. Hope Chapter 328 OES will meet Thursday. March 18th at 7:30. There will be an initiation. MUTINY... DMITRY... ROMANCE! mm stwsr TAliOfl- GRANGER -HUTU llIU 51. HUH . Kuan mm • Imi! mnmm . r News & "Just Ducky" Cartoon • • FRI. & SAT. • • J? t. ALSO — SHEHGER T H t n T n F COMING SUNDAY warn .. . They called him WORM SILENT AS GUNSMOKE and as Savage as the Surly Dog at His Side! «iih GERALDINE PAGE WARNERCOLOR <3 DIMENSION Friday March 1$ Mrs. Y. C. Golem an will be hostess to the members of the Dahlia Garden Club at two 6*eldek on Friday, March 19, In her home at 626 North Main. Mrs. Martin Green and Mrs. Frank Yarbrough will be co- hostesses. ';'.' j Everyone Is asked to bfing a mass arrangement. Girl Scout Troop Two, under the leadership of Miss Kay Camp and Mrs. H. H. Tippitt, Will meet at the Little House. Friday March 19, The Berean Sunday School Class of the Unity Baptist Church will meet at the experiment station on Friday night, March 19. at 7:30 for a pot luck supper. The Wisteria Garden Club members will entertain their husbands with a pot luck supper on Friday night, March 19, at seven, o'clock at the V. F. W. Hut. Monday March 22 W. S. C. S. Circle Five of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, March 22, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Fred Glanton with Mrs. Dexter Bailey and Mrs. Fred Johnson as co-hostesses. The third and final session of "Jeremiah the Prophet." will be led by Mrs. Lloyd Guerin assisted by Mesdames C. Dana Gibson, Jr., William Routon, Wayne Russell, and Sam Strong. The Jeremiah crossword puzzle will also be completed so members bring your Bibles. The devotional will be given by Mrs. Thomas Cannon. This is an important meting so a full attendance is urged and- don't forget to do something nice for your "Secret Pal" between now and then. The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Monday night, March 22 in the home of Mrs. Clyde Coffee. Mrs. Dale Wilson and Mrs. W. H. Gunter will be co-hostesses Mrs. Victor Cobb will have charge of the program for the evening. The De Molays will meet at 7l'30 on Monday night, March 22. This will be election night so all De Mo lay members and Masons are asked to attend. The Beginner Sunbeams of the First Baptist Church, Mrs. George Young, leader, will meet at four o'clock on Monday evening, March 22. The Primary. Sunbeams of the First Baptist Church will meet at four o'clock on Monday, March 22. FILL YOUR HOSIERY WARDROBE There's a stocking for every type shoe... X We are Happy to Announce that this Fine Hosiery Line is Ours Exclusively in Hope ^;JIP' : V ( -I 'smart-looking seamless to luxurious 66 Gauge 12 Denier there is a wonderful stocking for every type shoe... Come in today and let us discuss your "Hosiery Wardrobe"... A good selection of stockings will ;give longer wear... smarter looks.., $1.35 to $1,95 PROPORTIONED NYLONS THE FASHION SHOPPE "Th^ Uittle ?hv-p With a Ut of Style" 113 WTH MAIN STRUT \ .\,f *> <*t^*3SWs$ ..,? **i ".» ? *u 'j.jivlw \> fp9.^Siian>&.'fif, Donations to Local Red Cross Fund Contributions to thfe American Red Cross: Previously reported $2,572.03 Plunkett-Jarrell Gro. Co. $25.00, Hope Burke A. Henry 5.00, Addie Mae Wolff $5.00, Hope Beverage Co. $3.00, Hope Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n $10.00, Lou Emma Reed $1.00 Nova Phillips $1.00, Rephan's Dept. Store $5.00, Fred Robertson $2.00 John S. Gibson Drug Co. $7.50, M. D. Shell $1.00, Yellow Cab Co. $5.00 Donation $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Mack Stuart $2.00, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hamilton $5.00, Ken Rogers $5.00, A friend $10.00. T. I,. Brint $1.00, Leo Murray $1.00. Highway Employees W. T. Jeter $3.00. Ardell Clark $1.00, Floyd Pharris, Sr. $1.00, Floyd Pharris, Jr. $1.00, Sam B. Doss, Delight $1.00, P.C. Holt, Nashville $1.00, Howard L. Wright, Hope, $1.00, Jas. Ray Willis Hope $.50,: C. C. Avery Blevins $1.00. J. L. Hamric Hope, $1.00, Jay Roberts Nash ville $1.00. Morris Turner Springhill, $1.00, Lester Garrett Hope $1.00, L. S. Dingier Kirby, $1.00. W. T. Wingfield Murfreesboro $1.00, John L. Burke, Hope, $1.00, Delma Roy Faris Hope $1.00, C. G. Tittle Hope $1.00. Emery Jones Hope $.50, W. C. Beck $.50, Geo, Stroud Hope $.50. Calvin L. Webb Hope $.50 H. W. Taylor $.25 Lee Huskey Blcvins $1.00, Alvis E. Hoi- Mrs. Henry Haynes is the leader. On Monday afternoon at four'o'i clock, the J. D. Wagno'n chapter of the Royal Ambassadors, Mrs. Roy Taylor, Counselor, will have their meeting. On Monday afternoon at four o'clock the following organizations of the First Baptist Church will have meetings: The Lou Demie Jr., G. A.'s, Mrs. Charles F. Reynerson, Counselor; the Jeanette Hunker Jr. G. A.'s, Mrs. Andy Andrews, Coun selor. The Y. W. A. of the First Baptist Church will have a meeting at 7 o'clock on Monday night. Mrs. Danny Hamilton is the counselor. Tuesday March 23. Game night will be held at the Hope Country Club on Tuesday night, March 23. loman Prcscolt $.50, A. R. McElroy $1.00,, Ghas. S. Kitchens Hope $1.00 Elbert J, Carltoiv Emmet $1.00, Herman Barham Smmet $.50 Edward Bonds Hope $2.00. Sid Flowers Hope $1.00, Edgar Ferguson Hope $1.00, Loyce Burns $1.00, Edna Lewallen Sl.OO, Georgia Whittemore $1.00, Olive Jackson Hope $1.00, Bruner Ivory Employees: Beatrice Bales Sl;00, Ross Bales $1.00, Charles W. Andres $".25. Clora Ward $.50, Volmer V. Boyd $.50. Reid Clark $.23 Woody Cox $1.00. Virginia Haltom $1.00, Roy Ward $1.00, J. P. Steadman $1.00. Arman B. Hedger $.50, Vanders J. Lloyd $1.00, E. S. Andrews $1.00. H. M. Volentinc Sl.OO, Oscar Dunlap $.50, Jewell Dixon $1.00, Harvey Washington $.50, Olyn Powel $.50, Har- Very Fullcrton $.25 G. A. Cox $.25 Andruw Jones $.25 Clay Jones $.25 Walter Chance $.25, Lewis Sandefur $.50, Orlee Bragg $.50, Ambros Dunlap $.50, Hale Nash $.25 Willie Brandon $.50, Joe Bin-key $1.00, Truman Arrington Sl.OO, Joe Haschke $1.00, Dewey Kay $.50, Louie Lamb $.50 Roy Louder-milk $.25. Johnnie Mo- Corkle $.50, Elved Langston $1.00 Ervin Sinyard $.50, W. H. Sinyard $.50, E. L. Cox $.50, Denvil Sparks $.50, T. L. Smith, $1.00, J. V. Dodson $1.00, G. P. Townsend $.50, Roy Brittian $1.00. Claude McCorkle $1.00, Chester Miillins $.25', A. R Hamm S.50, Elmer Nations $.25. J. J. Shope $25, Elrey Wright $.50. L. A. Sinclair $.50, W. L. Ponder $.25, Cecil Rogers $.50, John Flowers $.50, O. L. Smith $.25, H. E Upchurch $.50, Dick Bennett $1,00 Wilbur Sisson $.25. Ray Kitchens $1.00, Dchnar Wright $.25, J. F. Goren $1.00 , Shanhouse & Sons Employes Alvera What ley Blevins $1.00. Sue Brighan Prescott $.35, Luetto Dickcrson Prescott $.50, Faye Ratt* liff Hope $.50, Friend Prescott $.20 Jennie . Kubancek Hope $.25, Mildred Russell Hope $.50, Virgilene Crawford $.50, Agatha Cox $.50, Alycne McLeland $.25. Anna Me- Corkle $.i!5, Eva Marie Beard Hope $.50 ,Inez Reese $1.00, Maxine Ellis, $.25, Fred Smith . $1.00, Mildred Webb $.25, Martha'Blllingsley $.25, Friend $1.00. R. W. Duval $18.20, Ester Ward $.50, Opal Russell $.50, Esther Beard $1.00, Edna Key $.50i Louis West $.50, Lucy Smith $.50,' Mildred Middlebrooks $.50, Esther McLain $.50, Virgie Caston $.50, Elsie Rae Polk $.50, Inez Huckabee $.50, Lollie Hill $1.00. Nelva Collins $.50, Mai;y Wren $.50, Bobbie Soo'ter $.50, Marie Ridgill $.50, Notice The Hope Country Club Dance scheduled lor Saturday night, March 20, has been postponed until Saturday night, March 27. Miss Settle Sue Edmiaston And Lt'. William .K'dd ., To Be Married Mrs. Ben Edmiaston of Hope announces the engagement and approaching marriage of her daughter, Bettie Sue, to Lt. William Kidd son of Mr. and Mrs. Mose Kidd of. Bauxite, Arkansas. 'The couple will be married in June in the First Methodist Church of Hope. Miss Edmiaston is a graduate of Hope High School and Henderson State Teachers College in Arkadelphia, where she was affiliated with Delta Sigma Epsilon Sorority. At the present time she is teaching in the Benton Schools. Lt. Kidd attended Ouachita College in Arkadelphia. Boyle Continued from Page Ons 2. If you fire* a lady, tihobtrusSvc- drop the — handle end first — down the bosom Of your gown. 3. Call the waiter over and say your cousin asked you to bring back n fork as a souvenir and please will he wrap this one up, 4. Stab with the folk whoever is sitting at your left and ask hi chill tones Of reproach, "Pray now, sir, will you cease pinching me beneath the table?" This will not only get you sympathy — it may win you applause that'll give you lime to pick up the right spoon. Here are a few other general tips, more or less serious, for those planning to lake their first cruise: My husband would like to go on a cruise, but hates to dress tip. What should 1 tell him? A. Tell him to shutup —and dress up. He should' wear a tux every evening except the first and last nights out and nights the ship is in port. But after lying out on deck all day under the warm sun, he'll really feel like sprucing uo. Q. My wife is .afraid she will get bored on a cruise. Will she? A. Any woman who can't keep herself entertained on a cruis«J probably needs an undertaker, and most ships have a qualified one among the crew. If your wife gets bored, you can always have her embalmed. Q. Can I go into the ship lounge in my bathing suit? A. Sure Once. ' Q. Am I likely to find a husband on a cruise? A. Yes. But the problem is whose. ' Q. I hear you have to tip every body on a cruise. How much do you tip the captain? A. Nothing. Just drop him a Dierks Bank Continued fraSd check for $3,300. Mrs. was acquitted in a State c<ftirl <tti this same charge last January. A jury got the' first case against Mrs, Sirmngton and Seals, v/ho was charged In only one indict' ment, at 10 a. rn. It until noon, and then recessed for lunch. Judge Harry J. ternley tdld the jurors that they cloald not llnd that Seals, 64-year-old farmer from Umpire, Ark., is guilty, and acquit Mrs. Symington, tie said Seals Is an ancompllce In the case. On the other hand, said the judge, the jufy can acquit Seals end convict Mrs. Simlngton, former assistant cashier of the dV funct bank. The pair }s charge jointly In the cashing of a $4,356.80 check. Mr6, Simington cashed the check f6r Seals at-a time when the man had only $4.49 In his ' account. The prosecution charges' Mm Slmihgton knew that Seals had in- stiff clcnt funds on deposit to support the check when she cashed it. 5 , , in closing arguments yesterday, the defendants were described as "scapegoats" by Mrs. Simington's attorneys, Boyd Tackett and Ben Shaver, ' "They the government h'ave to , •-.«• ,- -->have somebody to pin the shortage Shortage,. w&s '( on to save the face of bank exam- '"" *•••<-<-' iners and they picked Out Opal Simington," said Shaver. Pointing to what he, 1 termed a lack of evidence, Tackett said: "If that's all the'e,vid6nce , It takes to send Us'fo the pen, then we all may be hi trouble tomor- Mai Bdpti fiCcouni She, said v Uii,cK "" iestl,lMlon> was conMnted', ft by v !,tj August, i° K * '* •' •-' ;i ^ face and , connection '" Hazel Alexander $1.00, Audio Richardson $.50, Marie Dickey $1.00, Sibelle Parris §1.00,*Stella BoWden $.50, Bobbie Kennedy $.50, Arils Brooks $.25 Nettie McLeland $.50 Florinc Wyllc $.50 Avals Camp $1.00, Myrtle Kennedy $1.00, Lou elle Malone $1.00, Fadra Bonds $.50 Beitha Cox $.50, Joyce Burns $.25, Ruby Arnold $.25. Bessie Barrel] $.75, Lucy Taylor $.25, Phill Del Vecchio $.25, Velmd ... Cox $1>00, Uerl McAdams $.25 Dorothy Cowarl $1.00, Total $2,788.78.*' • -> ', t postcard after you get home, tell* :ng him 'how much you appreciate the swell way he drove ^the <"sAip. Piles Drove Him Mad- Bui Now He's Glad- ' OlndhcdlscdvorcdTMPilcOInt. ' tilentl Pnin-rcllcvlnsr, pKt- , Slirinklna; formula approved by , medicnl Uteff of America's Ie«d-; inu* hpnplUl »pcclalining In rectal nnd colon conditions, Doctors find It effective for "«tir- lilcnl-condition" patients—It, should help you I A>k youV drue- '' or TM (Thorntijn & JtinorJ nect*l Ointment and Suppo»l- •> Dl At 7-4616 or 7-4617 •0* 5c "" SAL r ^ — _ (^^^ --.«y^iw»*f.i t r SAL T BUBBLE DROPS HEPATICA BATH Saline Laxative 16-oz. '' ^Limit 41 >» ^ Walgreen iVBHk of Magnesia Fu " 1€|c. ^af ..•OS.r. Practical Nurses Meet Tuesday The Hope Division ,of licensed Practical Nurses met Tuesday night March 16, in the home of Mrs. Eldridge Cassidy, president of the organization. During the program, Mrs. Cassidy gave an interesting talk on cancer and read a letter from Dr. Delmar M. Randall, chief of staff at the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic, in. Dallas. Following a short business meeting the hostess served delightful refreshments to 13 members, Coming and Going Mrs. Walter Sims of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Louise Hanegan of Waco, Texas, are visiting Mrs. Wyatt Davis. Mrs. Beth Woosley of New Boston, Ohio, is visiting her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Davis. Hospital Notes Branch Discharged: Sadie Mae Moore, ewibville, Mrs. Jennie Huckabee Patrnos, Mrs. Sam Roach Hope. Admitted: James Johnson Hope, Mr. Fred Waters, Rt. 1, F.ulton Mr. Burnice Honea' Rt. 4, Hope. ' Discharged: Mrs. John Gray & baby boy. Hope, Mrs. Harold Bobo Fulton, Mrs. Raymond Johnson Hope Cecil Keeney, Texarkana, James Johnspn, Hope. Mr. and, Mrs. Troy Butler of Hope, announce the arrival of a baby boy on March 13, 1954 Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Johnnie E. Q'- Brian, Jr. Hope Miss Hazel Foun,- taine, Saratoga, Addison Elliott, Fulton,'Mrs; Jack Lowery, Hope, T, J. Hacker,,'Hope. Pispharged: Ophelia Shaw. Rjt- 3, Hope, Mrs. Horace Arnold, Sar,- atoga, Doyle Whitten ,Rt. 4, Hope. Admitted; Mrs. J, (3, Harwell. Saratoga, Mrs. Dorsey Huckabap, Hppe Jacfe'Richard Watkins, Rt. 4 Kpjje, WtSltlP'.JSJw Flenory, Rt. 4, Hope, Mr. frjumaj} Cox, Dischargect: Dr, I* M. LJle, ^Ir, and Mr§. Johnnie B, p' a new daughter, 4ra Louise, feoi'o Tuesday a, Ma,e BISODOL POWDER Alkaline-antacid t Box 6 C On Stationery Tray Slides! Train Case With Mirror 19 IQOQSacchari ____L^-—Jl^£-_ 1 !-^ j* 'j > ^**?5t S^' e >..q^fe f f^y ^ THUg||^CK|/||[| i m™swBRgjgssg-^jgji\ \Big STATIONERY BUYS!, CHOICE .BOXES SUPER BUYS in mmi NIIDS ; ,See What You SaV*I * Portable SHAMPOO AND B/VTH SPRAY 31. Quality lubber. Choice ol colon. , ' * . , 1^ __i^i,i,i,i,i,i,ii JO* Rubber Bands S$ar P9PHP9* pf pj?n,ty , 25' BQBBX PIN9 i 5»y^ f '<^Q!flq,,.l FOOT TWINE H < ijte xpl^r . ", TOOTH PRliSH t • KTsy'S.ir 41 *'' IRON BOABO PAD Foam Rubber.., ||« 29 6 SHOP BUFFER^ 8 '- W B GENUINE CHAMOIS— " *~ GUSS WAX ^ ••yBf|nM^HUBM.MHMiS!!Ea.i,^l.^^^^ Streamline Counselor Double Edged RAZOR

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