Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 25, 1974 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1974
Page 3
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Friday, October 25, 1974 Miss Ehrhardt, Mr. Branan to marry —Clyde Davis photo EILEEN EHRHARDT Mr. and Mrs. James Lumpkin of Hope announce the engagement and approaching marriage of her daughter, Eileen Ehrhardt, to Harvey Branan, son of Mrs. Merrell Branan, and the late Mr. Branan of Marianna, Ark. A November wedding is planned. U.M. W. district meeting in Hope The fall meeting of the United Methodist Women of the Hope District will convene Saturday, October 26, at the First United Methodist Church at Hope. Registration will start at 9:30 and the program will begin at 10 a.m. All United Methodist Women of the Hope District are urged to attend the meeting. Lunch will be served at the church by the local U.M.W. After lunch there will be the election of officers and the installation will follow. The Rev. Norris Steele is the pastor of the host church, Mrs. George Wright is the president of the local U.M.W. Mrs. John W. Rushing of Blevins is the district president. News of yesteryear Birtns: Mr. and Mrs. Ben G. Waller announce the arrival of a little son on Tuesday, September 29, at the Julia Chester hospital. The young man has been named Benjamin Gee Waller. (October 1, 1942 Hope Star). Little Miss Judy Franks was complimented with a pretty birthday party by her mother, Mrs. Cline Franks at her home Saturday afternoon. After an hour of supervised play the brithday cake with 3 glowing candles was displayed while the guests sang birthday greetings to the honoree. The cake was served with ice cream to the friends attending. The Halloween motif was carried out in the attractive favors presented the following: Kitty Jones of Shreveport, Sue Houston, Susan Davis, Carolyn Betsy Ross Spears, Sue Moses, Ann Marie Baggert, Bob and Arthur Jones, Ann and Oliver Adams, Judy Arnold, Van Moore, Mary Caroline Cox, Jimmy Jones Jr., Ava Max Cox, Anna Duffie, Margaret Frances Johnson, Martha Elam, Sonia Sommerville, Joan Chamberlain, Dick Broach, Martha and Barbara Hamilton, and Kay Franks. (October 12, 1942 Hope Star). HOPE (AHK.) STAR Has thirteen kids and she's proud of it By Abigail Van Buren • IBMbylhtChtalgoTrlbun. DEAR ABBY: I am a good Catholic woman. God gave me 13 children and I am proud of it. When people find out how many kids I have, they look at me like I committed some kind of crime. I am not on welfare, and I am not asking anybody else to help me raise them. Some people ask me if I ever heard of birth control. I have, but the only method permitted by the Catholic Church is called "the rhythm system." Why can't people mind their own business? PROUD MOTHER DEAR PROUD: One reason may be that they are concerned about a very real problem, which cannot be ignored. It's overpopulation. At present, the world population is increasing at the rate of about 68 million a year—much more than the total population of Great Britain, France, Italy, or West Germany! Every day there are 185,000 more mouths to feed. This means that the present world population of 3,632 million will double by the year 2010! But criticizing parents of large families after the fact strikes me as not only irrelevant to future solutions, but as meddlesome and unkind. DEAR ABBY: Our son, who will be 16 his next birthday, is fast-talking, persuasive and attractive. Jeff can charm the birds out of the trees when he wants to. He keeps making remarks like: "I can't wait until my next birthday so I can drive." He's all set to sign up for driver's ed in school. He doesn't have a car to drive, and we hadn't planned on buying him one, but he's been buttering up his grandparents lately, hoping they will buy him a car for his sixteenth birthday. (I have news for him. He still needs OUR permission to drive.) Coming and Going Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Oglesby of Atlanta, Ga. and Mrs. William Oglesby of Texarkana were visitors In the Roy Anderson home this week. (Dr. Oglesby was in Roy and Vera Anderson's wedding.) Mrs. Arch Moore Ellington of Atlanta, Tex. has been a guest of her mother-in-law Mrs. Justine Hamm. Mr. and Mrs. Fay James and Mr. and Mrs. Andy Caldwell have returned from a tour of the Ozarks. They particularly enjoyed Beavers Dam, Mt. Magazine, Blue Springs, Trail of Tears and Eureka Springs. Mr. and Mrs; Emmett Wassell have returned from a visit in Hot Springs Village and Bella Vista. They were joined by Mr. WasselTs two brothers from Texas and a sister from California. Mr. and Mrs. Olin Purtell entertained with a dinner at. their home Thursday honoring his sisters and their husbands, Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Taylor and Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Bruce. They will be leaving this weekend for their homes in California after several weeks visit here. Joining the group were another sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. John Clark of Hope, also Mrs. Pearl N. Hollis of Hope and Mrs. Cora N. Braswell of Texarkana, Ark. Tips For Working Women To dry the carpet, cover the spot with a Vi-inch thickness of white paper towels and weigh them down with heavy books. The carpet should be dry and stain-free in about 45 minutes. Around the kitchen-if you'll place a dampened paper towel under your mixing bowl or board, this will prevent it from sliding around when you mix ingredients or knead and roll out dough. Another tip — use a higher temperature when cooking in the oven. This makes it.pos- sible to cook a four-pound chicken in one hour. Or, by boning chicken first, 'you can cook the same chicken in about IS minutes. To speed up ironing time, put heavy foil under the ironing board cover. As you iron a garment, the heat from the iron will reflect from the foil and you'll find ironing goes twice as fast. This tip should also save on energy and electricity. Break a glass on your clean linoleum floor? For quick and effective cleanup, use a damp Scott paper towel to sweep up the elusive glass slivers. Paper towels are also ideal for carpet spills. Quickly blot up excess liquid with a paper towel. Next, apply cleaning solution with a soft, white cloth or another clean paper towel. Extend clothing dollars The smart shopper keeps the cost of care in mind when selecting and buying clothes for the family. For example, darker colors do not show soil as readily as white or brightly colored clothing. And because of this, they are more economical when it comes to dry cleaning or washing. Dark garments with contrasting lighter colored collars and cuffs may need more frequent dry cleaning or washing unless the collars and cuffs are removable. Long sleeves seem to attract dirt. And very soft fabrics seem to get soiled faster than those with harder surfaces. Hang and air garments between wearings each day. This can make a big difference in how often garments need to be laundered or dry cleaned. You can further economize on 'clothing care in using non-toxic spot removers to remove collar soils due to makeup or body oils. If such spots are allowed to dry untreated, they may turn yellow or discolor later when they are laundered. Wanda Williams, County Extension Agent-Home Economics, says that it sometimes' becomes necessary, regardless of how carefully you shop, to take your clothes to the dry cleaners. When this time comes, keep in mind that you needn't take garments to the dry cleaners if they are labeled "washable." However, if they are labeled "dry dean only," they do need to be cared for professionally. To eliminate extra charges for special handling or finishing at the dry cleaners, avoid buying leather, fur, sheer chiffons, pleats, beading, and other intricate design details. If buttons need to be removed before dry cleaning, remove them yourself to save up to 10 cents per button. Also, make any minor repairs yourself. If pickup and delivery service means an extra charge, make it another "do-it-yourself" activity. You might also watch for seasonal price reductions for dry cleaning, but always find out exactly what the reduced services include. Coin-operated and self- service dry cleaning establishments are a great money saver for many of your dry cleanable clothes. You can do some of the steps yourself, such as pre- spotting and pressing. Most garments usually require little or no pressing if you remove them from the machine as soon as the dry cleaning process is completed and are careful to hang them up promptly. —Loolong for something? Try the want ads. Hospital Notes BRANCH GENERAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Mrs. Viola Gallon, Lewisville; Charles Wade, Texarkana; Mrs. Stella Hampton, Lee Othel Lively, both of Hope. DISMISSED: Mrs. Annie McDowell, Hope. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ADMITTED: Mrs. Joe Bell, Mrs. Welsey A. Gierth, James fft? Downs, Mrs. Vera Quillin, Mrs. Howard McMillen, all of Hope; Mrs. James M. Pennington, Rosston. DISMISSED: Jeff Holt, Thomas Hall, J. D. Smith, Mrs. Gatha Williamson, Linda Lawson, all of Hope; Mrs. Charlie Stevens, Emmet; Mrs. Tom Gathright, Saratoga; George Pickard, Bodcaw. NEW ARRIVALS: Mr. and Mrs. James M. Penningtoa, Rosston, boy born October 24. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adcock, Lewisville, girl, born October 24. Jeffs grades are jus.t so-so, he doesn't always keep his word, and he has to show a lot more maturity and responsibility before we'll let him drive. He had a summer job and didn't save a dime. How do we get it across to this boy that just because the law says he s old enough to drive doesn't necessarily mean he s going to? MOM AND Pop DEAR M. AND P.: You seem articulate enough. Whv don't you just TELL him? y DEAR ABBY: I would like to just walk away from my home and husband, and start a new life somewhere where nobody knows me. I hate being married. I've been married for 25 years I have no children at home. I didn't really want to get married and I didn't have to, but in those days, social pressures made a girl feel like if she wasn't married there must be something the matter with her. Abby, could this feeling I have be the "change of life" es? RESTLESS DEAR RESTLESS: Could be. Women in their middle years (men, too) sometimes become depressed and dissatisfied with their lot. That "let-down" feeling could be caused by a hormonal change. Get a thorough physical checkup without delay, and tell your doctor what's on your mind I promise you, he's heard that tune before. There IS help for you. Everyone has a problem. What's yours? For a persona] reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A., Calif. 90069. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," Sif POLLY'S POINTERS Fouled up mail gets her goat / By Polly Cramer ==== Polly's Problem == DEAR POLLY — I am especially fond of a round lace tablecloth but it is not round any more. I do not want to discard this cloth. I hope someone can tell me of a simple way to get it back to its original round shape. - BENNIE. DEAR POLLY — My Pet Peeve is with the mail service. We live in a mobile home park and the mail is delivered any time from 11 in the morning to late afternoon and by a different carrier almost every day. Mail is left at wrong addresses and at homes where the people have returned North for the summer and have left a forwarding address with the post office. The other day there were four letters in our box all plainly addressed to people elsewhere. It seems that with postage rates so high we could get better service. After every delivery the neighbors are out taking mail to the right places. - MRS.J.S. DEAR POLLY — I have help for Yvonne who cannot copy recipes as fast as they are given on television. I keep a cassette player and blank tape ready by my TV. When someone gives a recipe I get it all down on the tape and then play it back as I copy it on a recipe card. It can be stopped and played back any time I am not sure about something and I nave built up quite a recipe card file by using this method. — CATHY. DEAR POLLY — When cutting out a garment to be made and you are not too sure about the fit of the pattern cut the notches for matching seams OUT rather than in as the pattern indicates. This will allow for a larger seam in case the garment needs letting out. — LORENE. DEAR POLLY — I bought a large styrofoam cooler on sale for little more than a dollar and use it for a picnic basket. I keep baked beans, scalloped potatoes, etc., hoc by putting them in the bottom and then laying my tablecloth over them and then other things are put on top of that. The food that . should stay cold is put in another cooler with the drinks so I have a "Hot Cooler and a "Cold Cooler." - MRS.L.S. DEAR POLLY — When my baby no longer needed her liquid filled teething ring I started keeping it in the freezer. It works like a small ice pack when baby gets a bump. She even holds on to it herself since it is a familiar object to her. I use a nut cracker for opening bottles of catsup, salad dressing, etc. My children always want to help when I bake bread but would wind up covered with flour. Now I put one of their father's old tee shirts on each. They come to the boys' knees and their clothes are kept flour free. — BONNIE. REMEMBER THOSE YOU LOVED WITH A MEMORIAL GIFT TO THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY COME BY THE- Dairy Queen Anytime between new anil Halloween niaht and pick up your FREE Halloween nag. Also en Halloween night pick «P year fRlf HALLOWKNTRIAT DAIRY QUEEN 917 E. 3rd Bex. US. P*. Off. Am. DJfi We offer our most grateful and heartfelt appreciation for each expression of sympathy in the recent death of our loved one. Except for the sustaining grace of God and the love and loyalty of friends and loved ones our grief would be more than we could bear. May God Bless You. The Family of Mrs. Floyd Crank P age fftrW 1 *Deo/t -Afcoo- Women s news Mrs, Annette Rogers Phone 777*3431 Calendar of events Friday, October 25 The Spring Hill PTA is sponsoring a Halloween carnival at 7 p.m. Friday, October 25, at the school. There will be a coronation of king and queen, an auction with Verdo Flowers as auctioneer, a drawing for a ham, and a concession stand with plenty of eats, plus 13 amusement booths. The carnival committee invites the niihllr to attend. Saturday, October 26 Hope District of Uttle Rock Conference of United Methodist Women will meet October 26 at 9:30 a.m. at the First United Methodist Church of Hope. Women of the Uttle Rock conference will be in charge of the program. Lunch will be served at 12 noon for $1.50 per person. Cub Scout Pack 62 and their families will be going to the special Halloween spook house and grave in Centerville. The group will meet at 6:45 p.m. at Garland school and go from there together. Bring a picnic lunch if you'd like. Monday, October 28 Plans for the new year will be made when the Third District Arts and Crafts Club meets Monday, October 28, in the Jack Lowe home in Oakhaven. All members are encouraged to be there. Tuesday, October 29 The Jett B. Graves Sunday School Class of the First United Methodist Church will have a potluck in the recreation room of the church Tuesday, October 29 at 7 p.m. Hostesses will be Mrs. David Griffin, Mrs. Herbert Bristow, Miss Elsie Snyker, Mrs. Maggie Cowling and Mrs. Wade Gilbert. Thursday, October 31 ; Emmet PTA is sponsoring a chill supper at the annual,,, Halloween Carnival at the school; Thursday, October 31,-, Serving will begin at 6:30 p.m. and tickets will be $1 adults and" 65c for children. Proceeds will be used for drapes for the new school building. The parents of Head Star! children at Guernsey School.^ will sponsor a Halloween-, Carnival on Thursday, October 31 from 6:3(W:30 p.m. at the School. For 25c there will be lots... of games and prizes for;-: everyone. , ^ Bobcaw PTA, Bodcaw, Ark'^ will have an old time Halloween carnival, Thursday, October 3; in the school gym at 7 p.m. Friday, November 1 Extension Homemakers Christmas Fair 2-6 p.m., November 1 in the Fair Park Coliseum. Christmas Decoration, Ornament and food^.. ideas available free of rhnrp«,- ;i Nov. 5,12,19, ^ 26, Dec. 3 NOTICE: An adult education class for welding beginners will >e held on 5 consecutive Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. at the Hope High School Agri building. Lessons, which will be taught by Urry Meeks, will be on November 5, 12, 19, 26 and December 3. A fee of $3 will be. charged. All equipment will be" furnished. Interested persons please call 7-3451, Larry Meeks or Trov Buck. Thursday, November 14 A meeting of persons interested in organizing a chapter, of A.A.R.P. and-or N.R.T.A. is : planned for Thursday, November 14 at 7:30 at the Douglas building. Details of the . plans will be given at a date' nearer the tune of the meeting. Saenger THEATRE Tonite-Saturday DOUBLE FEATURE Most cops play it by the book. /,. Newman wrote his own! "ACE ELI ROGERS" and. GEORGE CPPARD IM Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday You've been BLACULA-RIZED and SUPERFLY-ED-but now you're gonna be glorified and filled-with-pride... when you see "FIV6onTHe sine" PG] United Artiste DIXIE Drive-In Theatre Tonite7:15 Sa turda y-Sunday Adm.Jl.75 AND s REVEALING! COLOH A HEMISPHERE

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