The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on June 1, 1998 · Page 15
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 15

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1998
Page 15
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THE SALINA JOURNAL Almanac MONDAY, JUNE 1, 1998 B7 JOYCE JILLSON Creators Syndicate Inc. • ARIES (March 21-April 19). Success comes from completing what you started yesterday. A change in appearance Is fantastic for your energy level and shocks your friends. Make up with an estranged relative. • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Creative ideas are only foolish dreams unless you take steps to make them an exciting reality! A love interest finally responds the way you were hoping. House mates request a change of living arrangements. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Provide plenty of assurance for a loved one, especially if this person doubts his or her attractiveness. You might be encouraged to act as liaison between family members. Some quick thinking prevents a catastrophe. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). You have all the ingredients to start your own business. An old flame turns * up. Changes in health and diet routines yield visible results. Patch up a relationship with an estranged pal, and spend money on a child. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Romantic undercurrents are exciting. Social gatherings lead to confrontations. A few hours of solitude bring general peace of mind. A bill is higher than anyone expected. '• TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (June 1). It's important to guard your health against stress-related issues and avoid overdoing an exercise program. Instead, indulge in relaxing walks and hikes in nature. Diet needs balance more than anything else. Your lifestyle is upgraded in December of this year and January of next year. Your best signs for love affairs are Cancer and Scorpio. Your lucky numbers are 14, 17, 19, 22, and 45. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Loved ones go to great lengths to be accommodating -- a display of your appreciation is wise. Romance is found at the car wash or Laundromat. Be the bold leader of your social group. Save money by paying cash. • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Improve your relationships with valuable contacts. Potential employers or patrons are impressed by recommendations. Romance with a polar opposite may be the most exciting yet. • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Financial information can be used to great advantage. Avoid letting a partner call the shots when you are more qualified to do so. Set financial and career goals as incentives to work. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Romance blossoms in an unconventional way. Part-time employment grows into full time. Something recently bought can be resold. Request an extension on a deadline. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You are the only one who knows how to make yourself deeply happy, so don't imagine others can read your mind. Entrepreneurial skills are hot. Consider private instruction in a specialized field. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You are a •nighty influence to someone who's skills are meager. Be gentle and nurturing of others' talents. When you feel overwhelmed, channel anxious energy into exercise or art. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Interdependence builds healthy relationships, but doing everything yourself makes others feel excluded. Winning partners are attracted to you now. Don't be afraid to bet on a sure thing. WEATHER Kansas today 93 63 LOW Today, mostly sunny and oreezy. High 93. Southwest wind 3 5 to 25 mph. • Tonight, partly cloudy, low 63. ' * » 8:49 p.m. Today's Sunset 6:07 a.m. Tomorrow's Sunrise • TUESDAY; Mostly • FRIDAY: Partly; \^ sunny, High in the . .cloudy. Low in the , "~- tower'90s. Tuesday lower 60s and high ! night, partly cloudy. near 80. < ', Low in the mid 60s. . ; „ • •• •WEDNESDAY: ,..„ , "-.•'. .:'•';' Partly cloudy with a ' •'";,/. chance of , ; :•=•'thunderstorms. Low , • ' • , ' -' ,, * * in the lower 60s, High in the lower 80s, * ' • •' • THURSDAY: Partly , cloudy with-a .chance ' ,,' -,- • of thunderstorms. .„ , . Lowlnthelowereos. High in the lower 80s. Salina yesterday ; • Source: Salina Journal Weather Station .S. today Yesterday Normal High 99-; 79' Low 45 58 '' . • High and low to 9 p,m. " Record /Year . 104 / 1913 42/1903. © 1998 AccuWeather, Inc COLD WARM STATIONARY Pressure H L ESi ESI I HIBH LOW SHOWERS RAIN T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY Kansas yesterday U.S. today PRECIPITATION Sunday (to 9p.m.) , , , Saturday (24 hours) May to date Average May Year to date Average year through May , Average year KANSAS ,ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE 1 -800-585-7623 ft fin u.uu 0.00 1 4fi 4.£5 8.55 1ft 7ft 29.68 Belleville- .' . Belolt",-- ••• . Chanttte ' ConooKtfa • Docile City EmooHa. Garden City - ' Qoodland • Hutchlnson Lawrence Manhattan • Pjfttburd*" '• .Russell •> ' Topeka ' ~ Wichita • * HI 83 87 92, 84 85 87 82 80 88 87 • . 87 •~i '-,92- i < ' 86 85 .<- ,, 90 LO PREC 67 68 71 67 62 87 61 53 81 71 67 78"* • 65 71 66 Anchorage Atlanta Boston Chicago Dallas-Ft Worth Denver Kansas City Las Vegas Los Anpeles New York City Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Phoehlx San Francisco HI ' ,58 . 90 77 . ' 78 98 88 88 97 74 76 92 88 93 103 69 LO 44 69 62 50 72 50 60 65 69 62 64 64 72 72 S3 OTLK • Cldy' Cir Cildy Clr Clr Cldy CTr • Clr Cldy dr Clr Cldy' Cldy Clr Cldy PEOPLE BOND Bond glad to be at helm NEW YORK — After 12 years out of politics, Julian Bond is back at the forefront of one of America's most divisive issues — racism. "Over the last decade, I think racial relations have stagnated or gotten worse," the. new head of the NAACP says in the June 8 People magazine, blaming congressional conservatives. "They've aroused white America's fears about such things as affirmative action and rhetorically they've gotten the upper hand." In the early 1960s, Bond helped found the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. In February, he was named chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. "If you told me when I was at SNCC.I. would be chair of the NAACP, I would've said no way," he said. "I would've said they were a bunch of old, gray-haired people. But now I am one of those gray-haired people, and I want the NAACP to be the most powerful advocacy group in America." Fashion maven having fun NEW YORK — Retired fashion maven Carrie Donovan is enjoying a new career wearing her goggle-eyed glasses in commercials for clothing maker Old Navy. The 70-year-old left her job as high fashion doyenne for The New York Times Magazine in 1994 and was soon tabbed to help Old Navy by writing a fictional memo for print advertisements. A kidding remark about her latent acting talent soon turned into catchy performances. "I jokingly said, 'Oh, I'd be awfully good on TV," " Donovan said. Soon she was costarring in commercials with Morgan Fairchild and a dog named Magic. Brown pays tribute to Otis MACON, Ga. — James Brown paid a visit over the weekend to Otis Redding's hometown, where the Godfather of Soul and Redding's widow gave awards to six pioneering Macon DJs. Afterward, Brown broke into an impromptu version of "I Got You (I Feel Good)," complete with spins, shuffles and a few throaty wails Saturday night. Then he began singing Redding's "(Sittin 1 On) The Dock of the Bay," but he didn't finish the number. "Nobody can do it like Otis," Brown said. From Wire Service Reports BROWN T ADVICE it Bad ** Fair *** Good **** Excellent Dicklnion Theaters Children $3.75: Seniors $4.00; •Prlmetlms Adults S3.75; Other Times $5.75 Sunset 2, Sunset Plaza All seats Regular Admission $5.50, ($4.50 SAC Members)! •Prlmetlme $4.00, ($3.50 SAC Members) . The Horse Whisperer PG13« rating *** , ,. (*1:00-*4:30)-8:00 Central • 2 hours 40 min. Bulworth R« rating ***V4 (*1:50-*4:35)-7:20-9:50 Central «1 hour 52 min. Godzilla PG13'rating*'/. ('12:45-*3:30)-6:15-9:00 ("1:30-*4:15)-7:00-9:45 Central • 2 hours 12 min. Deep Impact PG13-rating **'/, (*1:40-*4:25)-7:10-9:50 Central • 1 hour 55 min. Hope Floats PG13« rating** (•1:30-"4:15)-7:00-9:40 Central • 1 hour 54 min. City of Angels PG13 • rating *** (*1:40-*4:25)-7:10-9:40 Central • 2 hours Almost Heroes PG13-rating** (•1:50-*4:35)-7:20-9:30 Central' 1 hour 32 min. Titanic PG13« rating**** (*2:00)-7:00 Mid-State • 3 hours 17 min. Quest for Camelot G • rating ** (*2:05-*4:30) Mid-State • 1 hour 26 min. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas R • rating * 7:05-9:25 Mid-State • 2 hours 8 min. The Wedding Singer PG13 • rating* (•1:45-*4:30)-7:15-9:30 Sunset • 1 hour 36 min. Mercury Rising R • rating ** (*1:30-'4:15)-7:00-9:40 Sunset • 1 hour 51 min. Doctors with addictions should consider patients Dear Ann Landers: I just read the letter from "Somewhere in Oregon," who said her 65-year-old husband had been abusing pills throughout his medical career. I know where she's coming from. For several years, I dated a doctor who was an alcoholic. I'll call him Chris. His behavior was accepted because he always performed well on his job and was an upstanding member of the community. Several times, I watched this man answer a hospital page after a night of drinking and leave my apartment hung over at 6 a.m. to work a 24-hour shift. Chris drove all over town sloshed out of his mind. He said his drinking was not a problem, and he just needed to unwind and have some fun. Some of the police of- ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. fleers who stopped him when he ignored traffic lights were former patients, so they gave him a pass. I might also mention that Chris was married. When he met me, he insisted that his wife "didn't understand him." He told me he never felt about his wife the way he felt about me. How stupid I was to fall for that old line. I am at a loss to understand why our society puts up with alcohol- and drug-impaired physicians. The medical review boards will not take away their licenses for this type of behavior. Doctors with severe addiction problems still are practicing, and no one says a word. It's a conspiracy of silence for which we all pay a price. Unfortunately, it takes a tragedy or a public scandal before the review boards will take action against their impaired members. — Ex-Mistress of an M.D. in New Orleans Dear New Orleans: Substance abuse among health-care professionals is an old TV TONIGHT and sad story. Their easy access to drugs, of course, is a great convenience, and very little can be done about it. Physicians write their own prescriptions, and of course, alcohol is available everywhere. To all the impaired physicians who are reading this, I would like to say, please consider the faith and trust your patients have placed in you. If you have a drug or alcohol problem, get some help before you make a mistake for which you never wHl be able to forgive yourself. Dear Ann Landers: In your column, which I read in the Raleigh, N.C., News and Observer, you said the only safe talk shows are Oprah and Rosie O'Donnell. I love them both. They are educational, and you don't have to worry if the kids tune in. That TV show where guests throw chairs and beat up on one another is disgusting. Almost always, a lot of the language has to be bleeped out. The host, Jerry Springer, stands by smirking. Mean- while, his ratings soar. I find this a sad commentary on the taste of the viewers. — M.W. in Raleigh, N.C. : Dear M.W.: Everyone has heard by now that Springer was fired. Of course, he was immediately picked up by another network and promised to tone down the violence. We will have to wait and see if he keeps his word. Many guests on that show have claimed that they were paid and went through at least one rehearsal of slugging and hair- pulling before the show aired. Dear Ann Landers: This is for parents who plan parties for their children and do not intend to invite the entire class. Please tell them to have the decency to put the invitations in the mail instead of pass-; ing them out in school. The cost per stamp is nothing compared to the cost of hurting someone's feelings. — Spencerport, N.Y. Dear Spencerport: Thanks for preventing a lot of heartache. 6/1/98 QPBS, Bunker Hill-Hays Q NBC, Wichita Q FOX, Wichita-Saline QCBS.Topeka El Access 6, Salina O FOX, Kansas City QPBS, Wlchlta-Hutchlnson QABC, Kansas City CD ABC, Wichita 19 CBS, Wichita SB NBC, Kansas City 0 Encore BWTBS HJCInemax EDstarzl Hi HBO FH Discovery SJCNN BDf/x H3 Amer. Movie Classics IB USA ED Nickelodeon 7:00 7:30 Going Places 62848 Suddenly 5536 Damon 331 97 Cosby 4064 House Rules 6 Get. Personal Raymond 4352 Salina Fire 31804062 Damon 60265 Get Personal Going Places 60246 Funniest Home Videos 97994 Funniest Home Videos 91 130 Cosby 6062 Sudden-Susan Raymond 6230 House 771710 8:00 8:30 People's Century 19536 Caroline 4284 Truth 3791 Ally McBeal 26468 Cyblll 6604 George 5739 Community 84826 Ally McBeal 53536 People's Century 79994 20/20 68082 20/20 17178 Cyblll 5710 Caroline George 1517 Truth 331 277 Movie ***» "Body Heat" (1981) William Hurt. 4606975 9:00 9:30 Cancer Wars: Blind 99772 Dateline 3888 News 63401 Real TV 62333 Michael Hayes 46604 Community 64062 News 33772 Cancer Wars 591 30 Practice 931 78 Practice 20642 Michael Hayes 15710 Dateline 920159 Movie **** 10:00 10:30 Charlie Rose 12389 News 42891 97 Roseanne News 231 31 97 Festival 44438 News 84081 Served 99246 News 591 2352 News 2252623 News 2247791 News 448130 Tonight Show Cheers 59371 Late 70838505 Festival 13826 Real TV 60401 Business RpL Roseanne Nlghtllne Late 29107913 Tonight Show "The Big Chill" (1983) 3112739 Major League Baseball Atlanta Braves at Milwaukee Brewers. From County Stadium. 829178 Movie "Wayne's World 2" (1993) 369517 Phantom Movie ** "Metro" (1997) Eddie Murphy. (CC) 6289807 Movie "Romeo" Cont'd NASCAR at 50 572536 Movie "Above the Law" (1988) (CC) 2923401 Movie ***»' 85850371 Hollow Reed" (1996), Ian Hart 3267913 Movie * * * "Gia" (1998) Angelina Jolie. (CC) 388159 Raging Planet "Fire and Flood" 342517 World Today 586739 X-Files 83881 59 Movie Cont'd Larry King Live 5621 59 NYPD Blue 8397807 Movie *** "Niagara" (1953)3234569 Walker, Texas Ranger 571 807 Arnold 689866 Brady 786642 World Wrestling Federation Brady 384474 Brady 134771 Beyond Bizarre 937449 Impact 575623 Color 2085772 Bobcat Larry Sanders Larry Sanders Justice Files 930536 Sports 881082 Moneyllne X-Files 8370130 Movie "How to Marry a Millionaire" (1953) 10395555 WWF War Zone (CC) 560791 Brady 209178 Brady 191710 Silk Stalklngs 570178 Brady 453062 Brady 462710 £0 MTV EBThe Nashville Network S3 Comedy Central £Q Odyssey BO ESPN E0ESPN2 EH The Family Channel ED TNT EB Cartoon Network EBsci FI C3 Animal Planet EQ Lifetime QDCNBC HI Encore Plus EH The Learning Channel 60 Fox Sports Network 60 Arts & Entertainment 63 Black Entertainment TV HDllnlvlslon G0 Disney Oil Entertainment ED Showtime 7:00 Artist Cut 7:30 Say What? Today's Country 343604 8:00 8:30 Total Request 91 5352 Prime Time Country 352352 Movie *** "Crocodile Dundee" (1986) 7350994 Our House 9095772 9:00 Road Rules 9:30 Darla 366062 Mon. Concerts 349888 M. MacDonald 465091 3 Movie "Firestorm: 72 Hours in Oakland" (1993) 9015536 College Baseball NCAA World Series - Teams to Be Announced. 642081 Arena Football 8728611 Rescue 911 908062 Diagnosis Murder 917710 Strongest Man Baseball Strongest Man Hawaii Flve-0 904246 WCW Monday Nltro (Live) (CC) 51 1468 Johnny Bravo Fllntstones Sightings 9736772 Animal Doctor Vets 66062 Unsolved Mysteries 91 1536 Hardball 41 48371 Movie "Marriage" Cont'd Extreme Machines 338772 Sports 899333 Pregame Biography 926333 Planet Groove 427265 Esmeralda 20246 Movie Cont'd Bugs & Daffy 4638791 Sliders 9745420 Crocodile Hunter 26420 Tom and Jerry Scooby Doo VR.5 9765284 Orca: Killers 46284 Movie "Final Justice" (1998) Annette OToole. (CC) 991772 Rivera Live 41 24791 Brian Williams 4144555 Movie "Bonds of Love" (1993) 4544642 Magical Monuments 347420 10:00 10:30 Loveline 905975 Dallas 342975 Dally Show Stein s Money Trapper John, M.D. 9027371 Sportscenter(CC) 398536 Wrestling: Free 4132710 700 Club 907333 "An Eye for an Eye" 623352 Johnny Bravo Batman Seaquest 2032 6614081 Animal Doctor New Attitudes Vets 57975 ; Golden Girls Charles Grodin 4147642 Movie "One Summer Love (1976) 48454159 Ancient Technologies 367284 Extreme Machines 360371 Major League Baseball Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies. From Coors Field. 888642 Polrot 935081 Hit List 428994 Pueblo Chico, Infierno 39994 Movie "Freaky Friday" (1995) (CC) 88398975 John Denver 946438 Movie "Matilda (1996) Cont'd Scandals Fashion Emer. Sherlock Holmes 922517 Comlcvlew 408130 Crlstlna: Edl. E. 19130 Growing Pains Talk Soup Movie * * * "Sister Act" (1992) 8237791 Growing Pains Night Stand Friend's Wed. Law & Order 925604 BET Tonight 41 851 7 P. Impacto Noticlero Uni. Walt Disney Presents 865401 Stern 679791 Tales ol City Stern 695739 Tales of City CHANNELS NOT LISTED: IDPrevue, 03 Weather Channel, B3 Education Access, ED Government Access, @Q Headline News, SJCSPAN, S3 Home Shopping Network, SJQVC, IB Country Music Television, EQVH-1, EBFIt TV!, EQCSPAN2, EB Court TV E) MSNBC, SgHome & Garden, EQ Knowledge TV, 03 TCI FYI, QJFox News, GQThe Food Network, QB America's Jewelry Store, B)-B3 Request, QJ Playboy/Action

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