Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY 6, 1912. J. O. Nyman. of Savonburg, siponl yesterday visiting friends In this city. —4% Money. B. M. Cnnnlngliam. Kd. StanHt'Id roturned last ninlit from a brief business in Kansas (.Mty. Attorney C. J. Pi-ierson this niorning for Kansas (."lly for a liri<'l business visit. —Watih for J. 1,. Aii;ini-'ns IliR Dairy Sale Mr. and Mrs. Kandoliili. of AW, Wi.-t Monroo, have Konc to I'.irsons for a visit. Miss Kazei Haioti le.'l lasi iii>;lit fur Moran ,to spend t-iiiiday visiting li.'v parents. Harry Webster, of Baldwin, i:- in the city, for a visit oNseveral da.vs with .Mr. and .Mrs. C. L. Cowdry. —Watiii for .). I.. AdanJviUs Hi-.; Dairy .Sale. TliP women of the Woodmen Cirele and thfi men of the W. O. W. lield a joint installuiion of oflioers at tl.o Knights of Pythias hall last nisht. —liverythiujr going up excein Monty's Meals—20c. K. n. Pussing is in K.iiisas < f a short business visit IC. \V. Stanlield is in Kan.-^as (i'y .. r :i' brii-f business vi>ii. .V. f. Uoneyi-u!t. who has b-'^ n i •>: lined to his I'.onie with illness ttu' ili • )iast live days, is aide to be out again. Mrs. John Sliea. of \Viil\ita. is i i tlie city for a visit willi Miss lii' '. Potts, enroule to lier home afii-; a visit with relativi's in Fort Scott FOK.HALI.y (;KKKT I'KKSIDEXT. —Those Ilig 20c .Meais. Cafe. Monty 's The little daughter of Mr and .Mrs. [Toward Fetty. nf .'ill' .Wuili Huih. vi'. sutT<'ring friuu sciirl.'t l"e\er. anil the home has been (|itaian)incd. —Dr. Wirt, Ostpopnih, Trl 4S7, SSS. :M 1 SS (Vcella WiKak. Miss Kdnn Ny,-. Itertrain and .Merwy liycrlcv. went to tola hiKt evening lo see the ba-ki t liall game liiitwecn Iid;i atui \..\< s Cetidr. The score was ;rj tii in favor of lola.—lliinibolill Herald —It will !)<» to your interest to b\iv your Flour and Feed of H Klauniann. 2('C S. Jefferson. Phone 2.''.». ^Miss .Anna Haberly. i«f Musk"'-.,.. Okla. fs exiieeted in tninorvow f.i;-a \lsil of -several diiys with Mrs (' I.. Cowd ry. —DB. O.jl.. rOX, OcnlUL SVaiing is now possible on ne:ir'v all the bodies of water arour.i I'd i. and if the temperature wasn't so t .n' . nobody eo\ild asl; fiu" a bniir ni'<.i,,- tunity. Tlie lee on trie river wns !•potted today to bo i',. incli -'S till.!;. » —Dr. Lnrr M. Tfiill. Osteop.ith. ^ Telephone 1*20 and (;CI. .\1 tlie Christian c?:ai-.\- p Mr. Leslie .T. I.yon^. rnite<) .-^i .Tr -s \-- torney. of Kansas t'ity, w:ll nib'.--^ a men's mass meetin;; as initiajin of the elgiit-day ean;i>aia!2 of Mi n .mil Rf-ligion forward :viovenienf. .\t i!-.evening service local Inynien w'" preach in the churclies t)iat ar.- cc- operating in this ijiovenn n; —J''ersons troubli 1 with partial p:i- nitysis are often v<ry n)ucii lifnof';- J l)v massaging the affected p-irt- tliorougbly when apidying ("ii;'.mL<:- Iain's Liniment. This liniment -['.^n lelieves rlieuaiatic pains. r (.r ^a!e h> all dealers. CORN WEEK BE6INS MONOiir A '•TOPXOTrHEK-' MOTEMEST IX YIELD.S STAKTED BY BOABD. .Vllen Counfr .Isked to Co-operate aird rreurhers lieqiieiited to I'reach on "Corn" January Htli. Washingtiin. .bin. " —X .'W V. ; r- I '.iy U.L -; given over entirely at the Capitol lo foncaliiy and gr:iiul uiiii '.ii o.- IC.iih year on .lanuaiy 1st nuin- I nnis receptions are luid. Int thi' mi.' i. iKl.Ted ^by the President is ahv:iys I'l cenhal interest. Diidiuiiais trnin III' I 'utirc world, in their gold and lace; military nii-n in tluir stitciV r.nil'ni i.i.-. leaiitit'il debutantes, all go to iiiiike tP.e reception at tl;.- Wliii.- ihet-.- .•!>. of iiiagniliienee aud beauty. The .•ilimc is oi twil i :i !ii.ii;- Aii'.ie.ii) niililary ntdi, .Major (leneral lliicby and \I:ij"r (biirrii A iis\'..' Jij- 1 .i; they \\<>ri" entering the White l!o.::-e to greet frcsiiii'iit T.^i't Corn Week in Kansas begins next .Monday. January Stli. This spcclnl occasion Is the p^an conceived l)y the state agricultural colle(se to accentuate interest In niaxfnium yields on farms throughout the slate. J. II. Miller, director of the extension work of the college, has formulated u scr­ ies of studies to be used In the rural school.s for Ihl.'' .special week. The topic. Is divided litto two sections; Seed-bed and Seed. Stib-dlvislon.s such us plowing and listing. Importance of inulcliing, fall and winter plowing, grading jseed corn and thickness of planting lor best results are made for convenience In studying The outline is sent out by Director .Miller In circulars and he reouesta that not only the schools use It but I that a special nieetlnp'of the farmers Ins-titiite in each county be held on .rariitary l."!(h to discuss the subject. He urged that bankers, lawyers, doc- tor.u. tuerehants and business men take an Interest tiiid attend the meeting. Mr. Miller also requests the pastors of Allen County to preach a sermon on Corn or Farm Life on January 14th at one of the regular services of the day. The responsibility of working up interest in corn week in Allen County has been placed upon Mrs. K. W. .Myler. County Superintendent. nire<-tor Miller has written the superintendent asking that she write letters to all tlie schools in the county calling their attention to corn week and urging iln adoption of tlie tojdcs for special study. She has also been asked to request the ministers of the county to preach sermons on the topic suggested. , ••.\'ext week is a very unfavorable week for special work," Mrs. MyliT said, "but we will do the best possible. The exaniintitions are to be ludd next week anil they will inlnrfep much with the suggestions f>f Mr. Miller However. 1 will try to ininr- fst the schools in the topnotc'ier movement for corn yields and we will do as much special work as it 1.- found possible to do." .Mr and .M .S. Averitt, of near Cera. :ir.' il '.e (larentJ of a daughter •n till-- morning. \- :i.e re.uular monthly meeting of l ;i..iid of Directors ol the Y. M. C. Tliiirsilay. K W. .Myler, who lias Mrs WjI '.Mir ItehiiisiUi nl S.iii Ui'•.;o. Californii. is vi:- li'r .•iiollier, Mrs l.aura l^^ll<.;. o; .VeiMi Waliiu' street .Mr ai'il Mis, b'ciliinscui hav- been iti Caiil.iriii.i .i y, jr \ Hero In a IILMIIIIOII-C. —Kiir years .1. S I luiialiue. Ibmii .l ;„ , jj ., n;i iiiiii'r of the board for a long .Mich , a civil n ar- < aiii.iin ;is a lii- In - I •; j,.;mb d in bis resignation, the liou .-i' keejer. .ne!;e,i .nviijl v. ree;;>. i , ,..|„,„ i„.i ,.i; that his duties as a meiu- l.iit a (|i e<r l;.ei i.-.. he migi;' liav j ),,,,• „.• the board inteifered with ills reeuiar busine .-s. It was decided to tl;.> annual meeting next Thurs- liay nii;lit at which tttne six new di- nnior.- will he elected. llli'l [1 1 ni u THEGM A Few Applications of a Sin iplc Remedy Will Bring Back ' the Natural Color. "Pilll out i 'Tie gr.iv hair and a d'^/.e'i \\\\\ U • pl .e ••" i- all el'f .M .l.^'. wl.i. h i .v. \., :i -let cy.:'-nU tra. . i. i-i •-!e|i7. an taK< ll !'> tlie e.iu^e. \\ !ier| ;;':!y hair> apl' ii a si;:ii li: it It i- .X.l'l.Te'- U.i'T. .111!!. !ile!e-< I-i!;in:^ out. i< ijet ell .iti'-ie:: .-ige. fer- ,,r ,.1 |..-iv •„..,..:,. • r hair wilhe-r, a tlile Ilee.!^ USsKt.Tle call f..r liilf. fira; h::ir. or hair that i- tic -cessarlly a si;:'i "f there are tli"ii-a :id- witii perfect Ije.-jds single sln*ak of gr -iy. When gray hair- e.m^e. .ir uben tbe hair .M -enis |.> be lifeie^- .•' .! .-.mie giHn!, reliable h.iir!i: i :e ;itiiiei!! sh ^iidd be resariej i., at >uiee. Siie-ial- isf<; s.iy that one of the I 'e ^t pr '-liar .i- tiori« to use i -s the i(ldfa^hi<in.ii '^.ice tp .i" wbieli our ?rnnd|inrents ii--.l. The l>e.-r preparati 'U of tlii-; kind i-^ Wyeih'> Sage and Snlpbur Hair Remedy, a prep- .irntion of diime^tie sage and Milphur. seirntifi^-ally compounde.1 with later di— covered hair tonics and siinniiaiT.-;. the whole miilure beitig 1 >arefii:!y balanced and tc.«c.l by experts. W'yeth's Sage .•mil Sulphur i< < aix) irholc^nie and perfectly harmles.'*. 1: rpfr«"shes dry. parche.J hair, retnnve- dandruff'and gradu.ill.v ri'sinres failed or gra> hair to i 's n.-nural i<>l..r. 'Don't dela.r an'>!ber minute. Start using Wyelh's ."<ase and Sulphur a* once and ^ee what a dif.'erenee a few days' treatment will make in ynur hair. This preparation is offeriKl m the public Mt fift .T eeots a liotlle. nml is recommended and sold by all dru{;£ist& Special Agent— S. it Burrell hi'cn :i 'vreck. Iiin .se.>', ii Kleciri Hitters had i;nt pr. v jned •"riiii i'ir- e<l Hi." <if kidi.'i-y trouidc and chilN. ' he "lit's. "af:! 1 h:'d taken s(i -calle,i ci:ie- fi'ir > 'ars. wii'iont beii- e(ir A -ul a !-ii "d ny si..b' .\lM\. al Se\ef,t>. 1 '•ini: li' I'or dyspeii>ia. i:;dii:'v-tici. al! s.'iiu .nil. liver a;ul kidiii'v 'r.niM .'S. tl;; y 'v without I (pi;;l. Tr\ ilfiy at all druciiisis. • Kerrill Overall : Vilay fie,- Oaheston. wnere lie •>•". r .-i;ii.e dtilies on a r. S- eriil<. nn,-, :;; I'or;. Mr. llveral! !•'.n v;-::*r^ in> :;:.i:h '1 re fur V:e :.'eM;iv-. . ' an c\ i:n;.; .' -vliei. : !i,.i I i' y '. ;>! bail te,ii:i (•!' • i ;i Ill re Ij-r.-tre tin • iv:;:. liir v;^ , :e,| iM I,. •.a! It Jjn;.-t indeed l;;r .i_ ill.:; ganu- til P:ild\>:!i i the high school teatu . dej-.ated by tiie baskc Clay C'tiTer by ti ;e .-;i -i It liad hei.Ti cl.Mlei] \\ ga^i '.e thai f! ( - l.f . i;,e margin hariily so < lo .-e. The result yieliis .-(i::t( !:able dope nn ti .e ga; •. • «!;:c!i Io!a i< '.O \lh>^ Witli l;,llll.-. 1!!. -.Wlii .il is I'.O.' the only te,';.-, aspi: ;ti the c! aia pinnsl .ip t'cit biia ^.a^ nr,l •''•;;:;.•<;. Wilil t !,e iieS .-illle e\ei;;iii!l n! Law- fence v.hieb may try t .ir 'I '-u 'i; loll iias d'-l-aleii iJ-ltlalo t «;ee. f!- s'ualler, I'largin lu-in^ ;i poitits. . iliif fall) Clay nter ;;] u> I'O. ;. ;!:argiii if ."• |'"iiMs. '":iy C-i.-'r': !iiari ;in nl' :: nM -r l!:iM'>\ in c;'..-..j Iid; strcni;!!! greater than that of r .;ild witi by 11 tioinis — Hi i- a retnedy tlir.r will r^ir' >onr c 'lid Way u;is!e time nr.] :n.';n- ey e\[ieriinen ?iii :j wiien yn'i ra .Ti ;:et r pr> iiaration that iia'-' wnn a 'vorld- V. : ],> re|iiirati"n by iis ejiri - "f tiiic i:j .e ,i~e and 'an al'.\:r. - I" i! •;u nil'" It 1- known e'. .-lyvvNere u- (••'ir--:i lleir .e -iy, tii .d i. •••.•ll :':••;•]• I'v: .-a!..- b^ "tion . • •' .i;ii!;ei iain' a ir. lii ine (i; all deale--. r-- il- T !;e h.-\y- •: by te),, 'in ell Jii ' e . " . team l!;i-~ eiirrei • M II. •• •:.:< Tl e train a.^d lola bai' i;;a.!e T'.- e'.' liie b;'-'.ii1 i.lll I-JII.. .1 III! .\i '. ai ;a. a - recU -e •••••< n :-.lit. .M 1(1 I'J. b:.^ •;. tile a; t!\ai of tl^e-liil: e . Ill b :• ! .i.;!;;',..... tb. !i. l>!a '1. Nev;,,!: M I \ .•• y e\ei' itiL- (it;. I'l !il ;;y ti'- i '\eiy pnlti' CM ,. nt th" (••••i ii , lir-t litilf wa.- lolii •:<:. N.'.aiia ''.i T!.' lii!a boys were s,iie.-.> )i;,t i /.tuiia;. I'l 'd iiv the fliMir. '.vliii !i t'l-y s.iy U the se-..intl:e '<t tl,ev |ia\.> ye! elUOItll- tered Ti.e croud v.:\s the fi;:t (if-'ii\>ti ( rov .il ll;.. lolti bu; .• have ye' played before. ; .* I How .Mike .Vearlj* Won IIis Ibt. Pat :;;ade a be; «i;h .Mike that hi could carry a hod of bricks e; three ladders to ll.e tj;i of the build ing. v.ith Mike sitnni; o-i liie hod. Th.; ladders were on the Oiit ?:de i :i tin building. On the third ladder P;,made a niissteii, b 'Jt oauglr. iiiiisel' in tin;e to s.ive Mike from falliuf forty feet to the sidewalk. ,\rrivin? at the top. Pat said; '"Begorra. I've won the bet!'" "Vis." rer'ied Mike, 'biit '.vhin yi sh!ii>ped 1 thoiigbt I had ye."—N. K .Mack's .N'iitional .Monthly. Iiid Carpenter, the young man whf has been dangerously ill for the pas- several weeJis, and who was reimrted to be improved yesterday, contlnuef to do well today, and his condition is more favorable than for some time. l-;-.rl F<"!-.erl;n C.lenn Ilean and il.i.\a:il .ll r .es left this afternoon for ivrisbtitil visit over Sunday. Iir. S. S Hibclier delivered at Col•>;-.•. la^•l night .a Ucture which is part i! the regular course of talks being i:; ly ir.tnisiers and laymen of lola 'n . iirrntinding towns for the luirpose ui' explaining and extending the work i;' -i.o Ml aud Keiigion Korivard .Mo. eU'.eUl-. Mis> Kli/abeti; .Mb-n. who has been lere ^iir rni ;-.e ihi-.e tor a visit with '.ler sis :er .Mrs. C. K. Taylor, returned •.ills ui'iining to her home in Omaha. .Mr> i.ucy S. .N'i.uh, of Chicago who '•as b^.ti iji.e for a visit of several days tti:!i i --r parents .liidge and .Mr.--. i>. P.. ii. S:i.ei ;-/er u -fi this afternoon ;'i>r i .er .'ifitii-;-. f; < t ui> S;:.- i ,-?er, iif .AJuskogpe, •,-aiiie in la.-; iii^iit rot- .-i visit with his pari-nis. .Itiiu-e r.nn .Mrs. D. U. D. Snicb /er. Ik- i-.ill turn tonight. TOWER OF ENEMIES' HEADS Monument of Modern Barbarism Erected by the Turk* In 1809 at Nith, Servia. A strange monument of modem barbarism BtlU survives at Nlsh In southeast Servla. During tbe war of Independence In 1809 tbe Servian gar riBtin here exploded a powder magazine and perished tbetein ratber than fall Into the hands of tbe Turks. A battle had. previously taken place and the Turks commemorated their victory by erecting a rude tower, ornamented with the heads of their enemies. Old people will tell you that Uiere were once 1.200 heads, but as the tower was ncvei; more than 25 feel high, this is probably an exaggeration. Lamartlne and other travelers relate that they saw hair still clinging to the skulls, which must have formed a grewsome spectacle. During many years visitors were In the habit of carrying off skulls as souvenirs, but when Nish became Servian the remainder were takeiL away for decent burial, all save a few that' were too deeply imbedded. Recently the remains of tbe tower have been covered over with a roof to protect them against the elements and they are re- gard'd ns a p! .;:s object of patriotic pil:;r;m,i^e.— Wide '^Vorld Magazine. STOf^ES THAT ARE SOCIABLE —Tile el.--ant line of Pretty Millin -i ry ;;oing at .'>'i cents on the dollar.— .Traveling Pebbles of Nevada When ;;k-l .i ;rdsiiii's. Mr. and Mrs. Ixiuis Ttobinson. ot Idalia. -Mo., who have been here ilurjna: tiie hilidriys for a visit witii Mrs. Ibihin-ons si^ii-r. .Mrs. L. P. Stovc-r 'ef; Today ;'..r a vl .-it with his brother. Pr;ink Pobin.m. of (Juenemo Kas. Separated Move Rapidly Toward a Common Center. (•,n\ . "Traveling stones." from the size of a pea to six inches in diameter, are found In Nevada. When distributed on a floor or other level surface, within two or three feet of one another, they immediately begin to travel toward a common center, and there lie huddled like a clutch of eggs In a nest. A single stone removed to a dls- tJeorce I>o It. •.-l-nr Woodiow Wilson of .New le-.M-y V. hib cjimpaigning strenuous-' ly ill liie int. rests of the Iletiiocnitic i atidiilate;. came to ii small hostilry tance of three and a half feet, upon 11 Su-sev Countv. in the northern see- being released, at once started with 'ion of the >IIll. I Tl :e -.vaitet handed (he Presidential ' os.-ibility tie n .etiii cnid, but the bn-ertior. being tired froju the day's n'l iiaigniuK. imsh'-d it away and -said: ".Vine. ^; I (biu't want to bo- •her with that Take it away and ^o uii and f;e( ne- a guoi! dintier. Gel h- ! .-r-l yoi; !-;;ve. . That's iiU." Tl •• waiter >iroiight in the dinner) vh:- !i ll--» Covi i -nor ate \s be was eaving tlie rooin the waiter ;aid ".Mislah Wils-->n. if any n" yo' rier:d •• fi'ci; down at Princeton what aii't rend neither coiiie.- ui> this way von jes" send 'em to tleorge and I'll ;ike care o' 'em ail right.—Norn.ian •;. .Mack's .\:itional .Mor.Thly. wonderful and somewhat comical celerity to join its fellows. These queer stones are found In a region that Is comparatively level and little more than bare rock. Scattered over this barren region are little basins, from a few feet to-a rod or two in diameter, and it is in tbe bottom of these that the rolling stones are found. The cause for the strange conduct of these stones is doubtless to be found in the material of which they are composed.-which appears to be lodestone or magnetic Iron ore.—Harper's Weekly. Roots Barks Herbs Til. It have great medicinal power. Hre r;jjs. .J t .j tlieir b);:he»l etjlcleiicy. for -)urifyii:g and enriihlng the blocul. .13 hev are combined in Hood's tfar.?u- i.-rill 1. .i I te<tifnonials received by actual ouri in i.vo ye.irs. Be ture to lake Hood's Sarsaparilla Get il lod.iy ill u.>aial liquid form or jhix-oiated tablets called Sarsatabs. tn the Garden of Eden. "Did you know this waa my blrtlJ- day?" asked Eve. "Could I forget It?" answered Adam. "Let's see—how old are you. this year —now don't answer—let me guess. Your are—ah—seven!" "Tou hateful wretch!" cried Eve. "I'm only five, and yon know It "But that Is Just like you men— you try to pretend that the time 1» dragging and that your wires are growing old! Just because you are over six, and have lots of gray hairs,; you think you can insult your wlfe!"'| Eden was never the same after that-' tilt .!( Dioioia LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND T AXD tb the .itarved, thirsty, ship-wrecked sailor Is what Land In "Pie Lot ^er HIo I Crandp VaUry of Texa.s Is to the worn out. tired and dishearfefTed Northern Fanner, when drouth, wet weather or frost \eavcs nothing tp'.show for his season's hard work. Then come with us on our Special Tnim -and let jou this Land in the Lower lUo Grande Valley. Where crop fuHitreN are unkiionrn. Where you can cut Alfiitfa 8 to 1(1 (Itiies earli year, one ton per acre to the cutting. Where there are 12 growing months each year. Where there are no cold winter months; but summer always. Where Krtilt.s, Vegetable« and Jlehms will net you from lUO'i to $10P p<*r acre. Where they will pay you frotu Jl .'i to $l'.'> rent per acre for Parm Uuid Where .vou can grow two to tliree croiis each year on the .same piece od ground. Where 40 acres of this Land Irrigated with the silt water of the Hio C.rtinile'river will produce more than It'.o acres here; take care of this 4" ttcies three yeiirji and It will take cue of yoiirsidf and family during life-time. Whore thecool dry Ciulf Hree/e ndngllng with the drj- mountain air from the .Mitre and Saddle Mounttiins In Old Mexico, makes an Ideal climate .It. it will make your weak lungji strong and cure catarrh and asthma. Where we have the best Irrigating System In the world and give periictual wafer right. We can show you and prove the above to your entire satisfaction, if you will only go with us. Ne.'.t triji .January 10. 1812. Call on or write .1. E. Wukcfiold, Iluinlinldt, KUK. Kuight Land ro„ Moran, Kas. .1. IV. JHarker, .'MS E. .VadJ.son, Jolav Kas. STAR LAND COMPANY 204 AYEST^.MMll ST. (When writing mention this paper.) KAN.SA.S riTV, MO, iLAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND DIOimOIOMOIOIOIOIDIOIOm E .vsY MOM:Y ON EITHEK SIIIE. ForthatGoughorCoItf Try KANOLA TOLU, TAR AND WILD CHERRY 25c and 50c Twenty years have proved it to be equal to any, at about half the price. It Is Safe! EVAN 3 BROS. Old Time Druggists ^ SKATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday and; Saturday Evenings at 7- o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. ADMISSION 'Kvenlng 10c Skates ViC .ffternonns oc Skated lOe MORPECAl DP0WN Ciiicago, III.. .Ian. '>.—.\t last thi; outlaw b-aguo seems to be a certainty :is -tl competitor for iioiiularily with the majors. It is expected tiiat n?xt season will see the new league successfully laun<died with eight of the Iirihciiial ba.setiall cities included in the linieuii. One of the first stei>.s taken by the local outlaw manager. Rilly .Vicman, came when he announced that he may be able to secure Ibtcher Mordecai Itrow ii. the famed twirlor of the (libs, as manager. Thi.s imis Brown in a partiCitlarly envious po.sjtion, for he wiIl'droi> into a soft berth eitlier in the one league or the other.'with plenty of money as the central attraction either way he jumps. Bowliis has secured luO new liairs of skates for use on tlie skating rink, which continues to be poptilar wlih those who dislike the cold, notwithstanding the good Ice around lola It : iiresenf. The 300 toe straps or- leted recently have also arrived. ^ BegiKter >^nt Ads Get the BI*. $100 Per Plate —was paid at a banquet lo Henry Clay, in .New York. In 184L'. Mighty costly for those with stomach trouble or indigestion. Today people every- j where use Dr. King's New Life Pills for these troubles as well as liver, kidney and Iiowel disorders. safe. sure. Only 2iic at all druggist.s. 50c Plaques 2Se Ida Furniture store left me with a frightful cough aud very weak. I had spells when Iconif hardly breathe or speak for 10 to-W minutes. My doctor cottld not help me, bat I was completely cured bjp DR. KING'S Mra. J. E. Cox. joS«; m- SOc AND $1.00 AT ALL DRUOGiSTS.- —Fred Rowden, Period Deeerator. Phone 786. a TAKE Tonic J61

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