Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1912
Page 2
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55 » Did you tackle the trouble that came your way WUh a rci?olute hpart and clieorful. Or hide your face from the light of day With.a craven soul and fearful? OhI a trouble's a ton. or a trouble's an ounce, Or a trouble Is what you make it. And it isn't the fact that you're hurt that counts. But only how you tuko it? "ii'ou are beaten to earth. Well, well what'.s that? Conic up with a smiling face. It's nothing against you to fall ioy,n flat. But to lie there—that's disgrace. The harder you're thrown, why the higher you hound. He prouii of your blackened eye. It Isn't the fact that you're licked that counts. It's how did you tight and try. —.\non. Having uliendtMl the iinnual Kxposi tlon of Fashion in Cliicago, a n-pori- er likenB the malorlnl of one gown on display to a turkish haih towel. To be more cxiict he dfclares the costume is made of a towi-l. Of course the writer is a man who noted iln' reaeml)lnno«> of ili<» f.iliric to toweling—a woman would have known tin- name of the fabric and whether li wan cretonne or wool and the regulation •width. A desrriptlon of the coslumi' Includes (he staienieni thai the frtn;: • of the towel Is Irfi to hang over ;i straight drop of silk which borders the bottom of the skirt and a convincing argument in favor of the new "style" is that the dress looks stunning with the bathrobe coat. •:• %• Mrs. F. W. Ammerman assisted by Mrs. G. W. Adams. Mrs. I-aura nisliop and Mrs. Bnrnside, gave the Viole; club a very pleasant afternoon p;""iy yesterday. The refreshment tables •were arranged for Mrs. .1. O. Mundon Mrs. J. R. Davis. Mrs. W. A. AVoodrofT Mrs. Feli.\ Casey. Mrs. H. E. Smitli, Mrs. H. L. Stockton. Mrs. E. D. Curtis. Mrs. F. G. Moyer. .Mrs. J. F. Humes. Mrs. A. T. Craig, Mrs. K. G. Lacey. Mrs. J. C. Koim Mrs. F. A. Wagner. Mrs. W. H. Morris^on. Mr.-?. J. A. Malone. Mrs. Fred Cotfield. Mrs. Charles Guy, Mrs. G. A.. UussiU. The club had two guests. Mrs. Wilbur Robinlton. of San Die^o. California,' •who fe visiting her mother, Sirs. Laura'Bishop, and Mrs. U M. Bales, of Nevada, Mo., who is a guest of .Mrs. J. R. Davis. Mrs. Fred Conield wil! have the club in two weeks. * •> • —Big price rcduction.= on Coat:. Suits and Skirts.—Richardson's. • •:• • The Y. W. C. A. ciub which wa.« recently organized at Carlyle is fillins a social want of the joung people very satisfactorily. .Another of their delightful socials will be given Friday evening. .January twelfth, in ."^I. ' W. A. hall. Miss Gobin and a )»rou!) of members of the lola association will attend. REXALL CHERRY BARK J? COUGH SYRUI^ will cure your coiigh, :• Try it — under o u r ^ guarantee to refund^ your money if it fails. - 25c a Bottle 'C^DRUG ' , < J STORE The Kcxflll S(ikrr« West Side of thie Square —Yon should see the pretty line o New Dress and Silks at Richardson's. + •> •:• V .Mrs. F. S. C.-inaisey hostess i a few members of the Loyal W<iiu''n 's class of the Christian <h'inli la;; night. A business nieiilng wn^ (> have been held but the alleiidaiic wits not a <)Uoniin. v •> * o Writing in Harper 's l!;iZ!i;ir i housekeeper says she linds ii profit able to o <'ca8ionHlly view tier luiin" ::ad it's occupants from the stand- iwlni of a guest. Th»> effect of porcli windows and curtains Is noted; then from the reception hall, the posilioi of pictures and Jurniture is tak<<n into account. The house of mistress and maid are not forgotten and the writer thinks the nnle scheme does mueh to helji her ke "p the house inviting and tastefully furnished. • •:• '> —TIw-Rrey llress .Model K here. Come, and see, saniule nicdel .IKt S. Wulnut. or riiU Ti^'<. When a reporter called up th<' V. W. C. A. rooms this inorninx for ;h day's news, the girls who att^ndetl the slumber party last night were pr< paring breakfast. Their repn-senta- tive at the telephone said t'.ie t)ariy was a success and added tlial this wa;; only the first of several which will b>' given during the wint<-r. •> •:• —Dr. Mcinien. Phones t2 and 2*2. * • •> Mrs. Lute P. Stover who gave a party for her card c I ii b yesterday afternoon, added three tables of guests, who were as follows: Miss Blanche Ponsler. Miss Bertha Swigart, Miss Mary McCarty. Mrs. DO YOD KNOW??? our Graduate Optician can fit you with the correct glasses? THY HIM: llati'fte^ AiBte Fe and M. E. ft T. ;,.ir«ti!h.lMverMr. lloy Funk. ML ^JS Bess Hyde. Mis Clara Fousi, Miss Dorothy Fous' .Miss Kiltia Klein, Miss Floy Housei Mrs. Louis Robinson, of BloomlleUi Missouri; .Mrs. Ruth Wlsmeyor nn .Mrs. Losmtler, of Emporia. Mr; llow.ird Wheaions scon- card mcilie the club pri7.(« iiPd .Miss Clara Fuu» won the gui'Si fa\or, Mrs. Stover ser vftd ail elegant luncheon after cardi •:• • The Reverend Anna Howard Shav without whose efforts the sutTrag movetniiil in the East vvould lack in) jietiis. will lecture in Kansas t'll. soon. Kansas City, by the way, is .suffragette stronghold and politics I more popular than Shakespeare i; dub circles at present. •>*•!• —AU of our pretty Hats going R lialf the marked price.—Richardson': • • In TPsponse to an invitation froi; the Ciianute lodge, sixteen member of the lola Sons and Daughters c .Justice went down Tue.sday night t attend the annual inslallation of of. cers of the hostess lodge, also a bat (luet which was served in cohnectioi "rhe lola order was represented b Mr. and Mrs. V. I. Swope, Mr. Henr Eyier. Mr. H. F. Hitchcock. Wil Gertrude and Mary Badgely, Mr. an ,Mrs. Haller, .Mrs. E. .T. Wright, Mis Laura Hill. Miss Alnla .Manley. M ;ind Mrs. Linville and .Mrs. Sheron. •> •:• —The clean up prices on all Coat: Sui;> and Skirts are making thei move briskly at Richardson's. * * • For a Mr. .J. E. Henderson ha very ably conducted rehearsals of th Baptist choir and for several weel- the members have been trying to pi:, a party for him which would be oomi'Iete surprise. Last night a con pany of young people went to h! home, took with them provisions fc an appetizing supper and enjo.ved merry evening with Mr. and Mr; Henderson. Music was an enteriair Ing feature of the p.irt.v ;ind an in prompiu program was rendered by majority of the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Ellis, .Mr. an Mrs. Alfro Uowd<'n. Misses Berth and .Vcltle Wise, .\ell Sliepard .Mar' Rndgely. Lel:i .Sliadwiek, .leTlllle an Hazel Hav, Flossie and Aria Leille .Messrs Taylor, Fred .McEwln. .Mario McCalbii and Alva SliailwJek. * • • A pink lea Willi regisiratifiii to vo< as a diversion, is the iitAiesI thing I It political way In i^acreiiienlo. C."l fornia. The first U-H will be glvc^ on tlie twenty-fourth of .January, i the first t'lirlKlian church and assis ant registrars will be presc^nl I swear in the women. • • • Mrs. S. A. CoiTnian will h:iv( th I'lii'v elub .Monday .ifrernoon. .Mr O. T. LaGrange win h.-iv-^ eharpe f tlif- day's snidy of "IVer Gyul." Mr' Walker will eoiiipare the play in ban with otlKT Ibsen plavs. llio analys' to be in the I'oriii of a paper. Tb musical selections from the play wi" l.e rendered. .Mr. .T C. Burdick who ha.' hei-n i' Texas on bilsiness. came in vesterda^ for a visit wiih his son. W 8. Bur dick. He will jjo from lola to hh honi" in Chicago. <• •> 4- Mr? .1. n. I'epper returned yesterday afternoon from Kansas City. Sh' was accompanied by Miss .Mar.' Woods, of Cassopolis. Michigan, whi will spend the remainder of the win ter here with her brother. F. L. Woods. •i- <' •:• Til'- Working society of the J'resby terian chur'h intended having a meet ing yesterday afternoon and electing' officers but only two members went to the church. The meeting will bf held jome time n»xt week. + * • .January twenty-ninth has been set apart by the Woman's Relief Corps for a social event which will be a two-' fold cp'ebraffon, observing the annf-' versary of the organization of the Corps and the quarterly birthday. An invitation will be extended the Yates Center Post and Corps for the day and dinner will be served. All those who hfld birthdays in October, Noi-eraber nd lierember will he honor guests. Tlip annual installation of officers of tlie Corjis Is In p'oirress today. • • + .\ lecture which will be an argu- iiient In favor of equal suffrage will' THE lOLA DAILY REGISIEB,.SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY 6, 1912 T - i ^i u" ill. \.' OSEAItlllillMEYW^. CMif.'HlSSIOXKItS MILL FUKMMJIr WOKK FOK TIIK r>EMPLOYED. I Ruck M-Iirir«:^8|Hed iind ('riiNlie? aud .llade i^jf'for K UM I .S iu EaxSf BLstrict. IIOLA Anntial iSale -1912 GOODS Thirty thousand dollars, the anioub levied for good roads in Allen Coun IK in process of collection at t^ trca.siirer's office. The county cp: inissioners are iilanning to use SQllIi 'if .it In a very helpful way. "This money was raised for the pu I pose of providing good roads for Al/ '.en Cpunty," George .M. RoynoldsV chairman of the. board, said yeste Jay. "and while wc cannot make a immediate start on road hui'.dinff Mroper. It is possible to do .some he preliminary work. 1 favor •ouiniejieement of quarrying at once^ Giet out the rock and crtish it, rearfyf "or road making when favorable wca-" her do*8 come. By doing this, va'j -•an furnish work for many men Vllen County right now during the lullest period of the year and whe ,'mployment Is most needed by heads if families. In this way we will no mly get a start on our good road •)ut wo will help many deserving clti ^ens." * Commissioners Travis and Cuhblso ire said to be very much in favor he plan and it is probable that action vill be token at the adjourned sessh if the commissioners .to be held l'< I ginning next Monday. MONDAY, JAN. 8, to SATURDAY, JAN. 13 — Take Advantage of Th«se Genuine Bargains I given here lat° this month by Mr \dda Zehnm-. of Dallas. Texas. M !ehner will be brought to lola by th V. C. T. I', which is chauiidoning th •ause. A called mevtlng was held ye erday afternoon to determine whetl T or not .Mrs. Zehner's lectii; liould be arranged, for. The Union will have a menibersli! •ontest from now until the first March. Eighty women belong no« ind It Is hopiMl to secure many mon An exchange sale will be held nex 'attirday tome place on the east sId 'f the s(iuare. * * * The Music C!ul) will have a inisce aniMiiis program next Tuesday after loon at the residence of their presi lenU Mrs. P. E. Waugh. Tea will be erved after the music which will be )anse des Demoiselles Primi Mrs. Mitchell. The Days of Long .\go Mr. Hunter. •'iolin Solo . Miss Bennett. lerceuse—E Flat Major Ceasar Cu Miss Klein. Song Cycle—On .Jhelum River.Flnden .Mrs. Bolton. Mr. Hunter. toinance op. 3S No. 2 Schutt .Miss Hershberger. \n Irish Lovq Song Lang )eh: Non Voler Costringere.Donizetti Mrs. I.aQrange. linuetto Sclierzoso Lieblin Mrs. Woods. Solo Mrs. Walker. 'iano Debuajf.^ Miss Hobart. • •:• •:- Ever'time thcr's a cel (»bration thi :eems t' be a committee on ever'thin;: mt takin' down th* decorations. If •ver'hody's liver wuz all right this vould certainly be a jiaradise.—Ah- Martin. • • The Current Events club will hav< James Whitcomb Riley prograrr Monday afiernoon .it the home of Mrs. Henry Eyler, Cii2 South' Syca nore. The Clinker Club men gave a very lelightful dance in .M.isonic hall las ight which .was attended by ihi argest number of gui-sis the club lia: lad tills year, excepting of cours' he Thanksgiving hall. The l.eai ear spirit was introduced by several l..ailieH' Choice" dances and a (a( wo-step in whleh the ladles took th tiltiaiive. CtiieKis III till- (lance were: Ir. adn .Mrs. C. J. Halltetl, .Mr. aii<l Irs. Mel Fronk, .Mr. and Mrs. W. S \aulTman. .Mr. and .Mrs. D. C. Morrov r and Mrs. D. W. Relil. Mr. and Mrs I. F. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. E. I) shields, .Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Shields. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sawdy. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. .U W. Teats. .Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wheaton, .Ir. and Mrs. Frank Wood; Mlss<"s \\ary .Northrui), Lulu Grosh .Mildred Manley, L. Floy Houser, Carol Living 'Ion, Josephine Riddle, Mae Brigham, lazel Ofakc. Josephine Harrlgan, Marion I/)ls Talberl, Leah Johnson: Messrs .\. J. Brigham. R. J. Coffey, R. I. Drake, Geo. J. Gordon, R. Y. Har- -ison, Louis O. .Vorthrup. Dr. C. .M. tuss, D. F. Servey, C. A. Swipgeti, 5. H. Wittenberg. Foley KFdney Pills —always give satisfaction because hey always do the work. J .T. Shel- ut. Bremen, Ga., Bay.-?: "I have used •'oley Kidney Pills with great satis- "action and found more relief from heir use than from any other kidney nedicine and I've tried almost all <ind8. I can cheerfully recommend 'hera to all sufferers for kidney and oladder trouble." J. D. Mundis Co. Ladies' and Children's Warm Lined RUBBER BOOTS OVERSHOES lEGGlNS and GAITERS At the Lowest Prices MOM).\Y, 3 V. M.—Sheets 72x9G. fine material, each 25<!Pillow ;!Cx4l','e.^cll : >VL'I^^E.SI^.^Y, .1 I*. .M.—Ladies' Muslin Underwear, consisting of full width Skirts, regular OSc value each !25^ Bloomer Pants, both ityles lace trimmed, regular 7ac. each ^^ii Niglit Gowns, low nefk, linen, lace trimmed, finished with silk ribbons, regular r$l."><i values, each 1 25f Corset Covers, a.-^sorted patterns, beautiful lace trimiued, regular 7r>c values each TlirKSR.W, .\LI- i:.\Y—ijhams and Scarfs, embioidered and lace trimmed—to appreciate these you must see them—regular $1.(I0 values, each .' 5i5^ FRIDAY, -ILL D.\Y—Record-breakers—Doilies and Aprons, silk embroidered -regular .")0o values, each XO^ S.\TrHR.\Y, 3 P. .M Enamelware. Marbleizcd and Old English Gre.v— Ba.sting Spoons, IV^ to 4 qi. Pudding Pans, I'/: to l qt. Milk Pans, Seamless Rice Boilers, Berlin Kettles, all sizes Tea Kettles. 10 (jt. Water Pails, H and IT qt. Dish Pans. Mixing Bowls, Sink Drainers, Colanders and Double Roasters— priced from 1 10c>. 15<^, 25 <i A WORD TO THE WI.SE IS SIKKK lEXT. These are all brand new goods bought especially for a Record Breaking Kress Value Giving Sale. Stupendous Embroidery Sate Begins January 15th •••• "WATCH KRESS* WINDOWS** SOCIETY CJIRL ('.\BI>ET .M.IKER, .Mile, ernaten. age IV. daughter (}f the Prime MinlBster of Denmark, who has apprenticed Iierself to a cabinet maker. Abandoning riches and honors, she has n-solved to devote !ier life Vj the making of artistic furniture, working twelve hours a day. It is her at;)bitlon to some day manage a workshop of her own. t'nt.l then she will live the life of a simple working woman. IT 1I.\S nt;K.\ A (OLD WEEK. On V AVT} <hie of till- I'ast Se»CM Ilayj. Temperature Has licen Low. ^ The past v .eek has been cold enough o s:iii anylTody— that is, anybody ex;- cept an Eskimo or a snow man. It has been said that misery loves eom»- •any. and when a iiiiin comes out ot: his weather to a warm fire, he in willing to iiiiddle around it, even i( his deadliest enemy is engaged in ah-, sorblng the weleomo heat from the other side of the stove. It is a time to forget animosities—and other things that keep you out in the weather. It is a time when anything that even suggests a lower temperature is" abooed, when the process of elision s sued on such phrases as "cold eet." "cold weather," "cold recc])- inn" and "out in the cold." The ver.i word "cold" makes one sliudder. Ev- erybmly ia disposed to get up against be fire and think of the Fourth, riiose who li ;ive • tabooed everything li;.t suggests a bnver teniperature would belter not read the follnwint; list, wliicb Is that of the nilniniiiin enipevatiire of tl ;e past seven days: Saiiirday. I; Sunday. I: .Monday. !i; ['iiesday, 17; Werlnesilay. L!; Tlnn^ ay. .'i; Friday, fi. Tlif ItiuiKcr of Lii Crlppd —la ilx fatal tendency to pneiiino nia. To cure your la grippe coughs ako Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. U. E. Fisher Washington. Kas., says: "I was troubled with a severe attack of la grippe that threat ened pneumonia. A friend advised Foley's Honey and Tar Compound and got relief after taking the first ftw doses. 1 took three bottles and my la grippe was cured." Get the geniiine the vcllow package. J. D. Mundis Co. 1RA>TS BO.MKS FOR GILK ROAD. »<> Milliou Dollar Nsue Sanctioned (ly. tlw KansuM Coniniixslon. Tppeka, .Jan. —The Kan.--as public utilities commission has granted permission to tlie Winnipeg, Salina & Gulf Railroad to issue J2y.;t97.00r» in .'. per cent gold bonds to start the con- iruction work of the new line at Salina. This bond issue has been sold to lx)ndon financiers and covers the con .struction of l .OSO miles of the line. H. L. .Vliller and David Richie of Salina ere In Topeka today and obtained the certificate. It is proposed to build a line from Winni^ieg, Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico and a cross line from KanS!,6 City to Des Moines. N. M. The cro.sslng is to be in Kansas, but the route of the east and west line has not been laid out. The noith and sv.nih line will enter the state at Oak. Neb. just north of Concordia, will run souili to Salina and LindFborg. It will go through Sterling. Iluntsvllle, Cyltia, Turon and Kiowa to Oklahoma City and south. The construction work will start at Salina early In the spring on the north and south line, according to Mr. Miller. —ThB Missouri Pacific will have on sale January Uth, I4lh and ISth round trip tickets to Denrer, Colo., for National Western Stock show at I23.3S. with usual stop over privll- egeB. llP 'lt on return to January 31st. Phone ICti. E. F.. Munger, Agent. >ofo» From tlie University. or the eight candidates examined at Topeka last week to fill positions as state food inspectors, the one receiving the highest standing was Frank E. Rowland of Mulvane, a graduate student in pharmacy in the L'niver:jity of Kansas. Superintendent of schools anil other .^•cliool officers in Kansas will be asked to send copies of their reports anil records to the University of Kansas to be placed in-an educational museum that has been established by the .school of education. It is expected that this nmterial when collected will furnish to the experts in school ad- iiiinistration the basis for standardizing and improving school work in this state. A Kansas book of importance v> citi:'.en.s and^ oVfieiali* who are interested ill i|iie .-"i icn-• of iiiiiricii'al govern menl was puhlislnc! Iliis wer -lv umlcr the siipr-rvf-iiili oT I;. I!. I'riee, direc- t'lr 111' t'"' n ,iu;' -i.-l i: l'> ri iiei- I.mean o; ilii- I iiivi ri;\ (iT K :itt-a.s. Mr. Price i.- M «• i!.M .-.-r :•» l.ergiie of ['.Men: 1, :• .iii'' '.i I !< 'iniiiili" jiep." ::•:.>'.•:.. i.r •• rnn.i! iin'4 •<.l' i..;;-in':ii;'iiii <;i''. i.eld ai Jl 'i .i'e!, I t>., .•••'.il: i; i. • le 'Iimglng I D tl ;e I lagll"- :.<:\e lie • |': iii ced- Jng-" I I'l e -.n.i'. .;.M:" :.;.-<) ri - I eei\e ;i>i)iis on ;. iiiii.; i • V Trinity Methodist Church. Get ready for a great day Sunday. First, come, to .Sunday School at U:4."i. The sermon by the pastor on Sunday morning will be appropriate to tilt! .Men and Religion Rorward .Movement the subject will be; "Why An; the .Men in the Minority in the Churches?" On Sunday night Trinity will bo especially favored by the presence of one of the experts of the eight-day campaign. United States District Attorney Leslie J. Lyons of Kansas City. We should have a large representation of nien on Sunday night to hear this man. Now let Trinity inen be awake to tile religious inleresis of lola during next week. Study the elght-daj- campaign program. Attend all the meetings possible. Remember the meetings at Trinity in the interest of the boys, on Tiiursday and Friday at 4:15 and on Saturday morning at 9:30. Con suit tlie program for places of other meetings. One more thing, the campaign costs money, each church must pay. its sliare let Trinity men be prepared to contribute toward the budget by paying to Mr. Marsh on Sunday morning. C. F. JOHNSON, Pastor. t<>:.v» !>;30 a. m. * .-Sunday School 10:4.'> a. m. Choral Holy Communion 11 a. m. All strangers are heartily welcome to join us in the worship of God. ^ CARL W. NAU Rector. Reformed Churcli. Siinrlay School and Christian Ea- deav(jr at the usual hour. I'l.aeliing at 11 a. m. Theme: "Thy Will Done." .Milling in the evening will be nd- ihes .-i 'eil by two laymen and a boy. It Isihe beginning of the Ale^i and'Re- liglou Forward .Movement ilnd should be a ;;(iiid meeting. t'hrlslliiii ("hiircli. Ill ;;iilar services morning and even- lii); The biiihIInK will be warmed. You villi be more comfortable' at cMiireh at hoiiie. .Men's meeting In the afternoon . OTHO C. .MOO.MAW, Pastor. First .M.. E. Cliurcli. Sunday School at 'J:i'> a. ni. Sermon at 11 a. m. Epworth League 6:.'in p. m. .\t 7:",» .Men and Religion Forward .Movement addressed by two or three laymen. J. H. PRICE, Pastor. Second Baptist Cliurcli. Y'ou are cordially invited to attend the following servicets with us: Sunday School at 10 a. m. Prai?e and Cov.enant meeting 10:.'>5; Ordinance of -he Lord i Supper administered 11:1.') a. m. B. Y. P. U. 6:30 P. M. Preaching S:0 .'i p. m. T.'uine of Ser mon, "The Midnight t :j. v.oasc. You are welcome. Prof. Harris, the blind artist, the musical wonder or second Blind Boone, will be vitli us at the church Tuesday night. Come bring your children and filends to hear this gifted blind man. You canaot alford to miss iiearing and seeing him for tlie first time in our city. J. W. GORDON. Pastor •;•( KMM-ri; !rn>S an ii: of iiu-n and v.'iiien ; .A:uer:ii'it;.e:> ;p studen;.- in ::e rn;;iT !i will) !'!!•. e'".wil ;(n licn 'r.- i would :()nt::;n ;ro:e th:.n niimbei .1' -'..e l;ll'.ks of \ i:s.' rl' forme.- r !iv if Kansas di-iinction a s.core of iiatiie^. I):!.::>'- i?' | ..ini .>-'ason in- •Vresting c -I':':;:;!i:ns to literature l-.ave ( (:: e':' "III I 'le pens of General Fredi :-i k Fi.a t)U. \v ;;(i I'Hs of his fix|i>'rien'-e.i in Mie Cui>an in;-urrection. Edwin IC. y.'.-icn. icilior of the New York lndep'n.!'r.;; I-"a;e S:i'5>i!ens. and Florence Tin. i Kei:... .V> w York i?;r;;rrs: S:!i;;:t (' il-;;r.v, .v-v e book i( novel. . . ;\ i.:u:i [raise abroad. »i::> V' V. .'.ii.:u .i:i. v.! i>.-e sec- f.nd li.ol: o I rvi' noil s !;as gone threiii-'a i lilror.- ^•!n••e Tha5iks giving In i'uiliii .nu to ;he.-e are many siandaru worl;-' :n M :.r..e and an. —Farmera Atienilon! Htgtt gradi distillate for sale Telephone 725 lola Of Humboldt Refinery M. Hunger- f«vrd. 304 Wejit RtT6 «t Presbyterian Church. First Church: Rev. S. S. Hilscher, the partor. will picach in the morning and hold a coiiiuiutiion service. In the evening three of lola's lay sjieukers will give short addresses. This wil! be a mining worth attending. Sabbath School at ;»:ir. a. m. and t'. E. meeting at l 'i :;!'i p. m. Little llulldeis' Chapel. .Mrs. E. .\'. .lones, superintendent. Boy's S<'h<iol ati; p. 111.. Regular School at .5 )>. m. Young People's meeting at 6:.'!f) p. in. Bassett I'hapel: W. 11. Meant, superintendent. Sabbath School at 2:30 I. m. Frlphtful Polar Winds —blow with terrific force at the far north and play havoc with the sklh, causing red rough or sore chapped hands and lips, that need Bucklen's Arnica Salve to heal them. It makes the skin soft and smooth. Unrivaled for cold-sores, also burns, boils, sores, ulcers, cuts, brurses and piles. Only _'."ic at all druggi.sts. TO BE "THE I0L.4 BOOSTERS." Fred At Fountains & Eisewrfiero Asicfor "H€RLIGKT Th» Orlfbal and Uavbrn MALTED MILK At restaurants, hotels, and founlanu. Delicious, invigorating and sustaining;. Keep 'A oa your sidetioard at home. • Doo *Hfavd *nthoutlt. iooick fauch picMml ia a nfaiate. fkbDobutatioa. jMtiiyiiOiUJCrS.'' M in Any MHkTnmi First Chnrch. Sunday School at 'J:4."> a. ni. Rowden, Supt. Sermon at 11 a. lu. Theme: "Forgetting and Pressing Forward." Holy communion 12 m. B. Y. P. U. ti:30 p. ni. Nell Shepard. leader. Speakers of the .Men and Religion Forward Movement at 7:'30; Mr. E. N. Jones and W- C. Foust. All cordially invited. G. W. SHEPARD, Pastor. First Clilrch of Christ SclenUst. Sunday School at 10 a. m. Cureh services at 11 a. ni. Subject: "God." Testimonial meeting Wed. at 8 p. IR. Services are held in the church building corner East and Sycamore streets. The reading room adjoining the church is open from 2 to 4 p. ni. each week day. A cordial invitation is extended the public to attend the services and visit the reading, room. I'nited Brethn-n Churciu Sunday School 9:ri a. m. .Morning sermon 11 a. m. Subj.?ct, "The Church of the United Brethren in Christ, and Us Relation to Other Churches." Christian Endeavor, Senior and lun lor, fi:30 p. m. ' Jfen and ReIi.;;on service addressed by two laymen, and a boy from other churches in the city, 7:30 p. m. All these services are for men. women and children, and you are cordially Invited. The house will be well warmed. All mei! i-re urged to atts^jd the social service {iddross for men only at the Christian church at 3 p. m. under the auspices of the .Men and Religion Forward Movement. 1. B. PRATHKR. Pastor. . City Ba.sket Ball Team Decided on a '.\anie—>'ew Suits Arrived Yesterday. Tlie naw suits for the city baslcet ball team arrived yesterday, and they are certainly beauties. The jerseys, which are sleeveless, are of a dark red, with a six-inch white stripe around tlie. middle. Above the white stripe is the word "lola" in white and immediately beneath this on !the white background, an appropriate symbol Is to be placed later. The trousers are different than any basket ball trousers that have ever been seen here, being of alternate red and white stripes. The stockings are of the same dark red as the jerseys, with a white stripe around the middle. The boys of the city team have decided to adopt the name "The Lola Boosters " which means that they will not only boost their score wheiiever possible, but also the town. The city team will probably play a game here next week. St. TImothy 'D Eplxropui Church. .«eivices tomorrow will be: Young Men 's Bible class (at rec- .\ t.-lrl.t Wild .HidnlKiit Ride. —'I'd warn people of u fq^rful forest fire in the Cai.skills a younK Rlrl rodo horseback at midnight and saved many llvr^s. Her derd was glorious but lives are often saved by Dr. King's New Discovery In curing lung trouble, coughs, and colds, which might have ended in consumption or. pneumonia. "It cured me of a dreadful cough and lung disease," writes W. R. Patterson, Wellington. Texas, "after four in our family had died with V-onsiimption. and I gained 87 pounds." Xothing so sure and safe for all tnroat and lung troubles. Pride 'lOc and 51.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by all druggists. OUTE or OHIO rit .• or rotroo. i l.l(.cs CoUNTr. f F RAXX J. CHE.VET makn oaih that lie b •enior DBrtncr ot tbe flrm ot F. J. C HE-KET A CO.: tloM tusincw In the City of Tairio, Comity anv ettts jJorMaW, anil that .snid nnn H UI par the sum ot ONK tlfXDHKD l>OU ..\Ra for each and everr nor. ot «AT*KHH tliat cannot be rured iiy tya Me of H .4I .L'd CATARRH CI RE. ! FR.^NK J. CHENEY, .swom to lx>forc and fnibsrtlbed In my- Dtcaenoob ttw 6th oay 01 B -ieaiber. A. D_ I88S. A. W. GLEA^X, XOIABT PCBtlC. Hairs CaLiTTh Curr in f.ilten Infernally »o*l artf lUrrrtly iipiwi the 6loiMl r.nd muroua surfaces of tM tj-sti-m. r*cnil lor u-siiaioiitHfj*. frrr. F. S. criK.VEV i CO. Toledo. / S.>;tl hv all Drnrct^ts, iv. Taa-Hall's '.j rr.r c'-t'^'l/'n.' ' • " that bum on low pressure of gas. See us today!!!

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