Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1912
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THE lOLA DAILT VOLUME XV. NO. 63. Suecessf „.„,.„,, tola Oai.) Record and the tola Daily Index to the ioU Dally Register, the lol - - SATURDAY EVENING. lOLA, KAS., JAN. 6,1912— BUili SM WHS MS TWO KMil\KKRf« losi: \.\\\-.S AXD MAM' I'ASSEXJKKS SlFIKIt. THE WEATHER. Forofast f«r KBBiiaK: Fair and con- tinurd rold tonight and Snndiiy. Temperature—Highest yesterday at 7 a. m. 11 Mowest today at? a. m. -10; dpriciency In tenijipratiire yes- tpidsy 20 dcRrces; vdeflclency since .I^iniary 1st. Ofl degrees. MCTIC WINDS SWEEP CQUNIRY rOI .DKIt 1> KANSAS TUW Sl\(i: 190.-> AM> (.'ETTIX.' (Oi DKK. (}«.« SboHafn> anil lllorki-il Tninixpor- tatlon Maklnir TI '<Mi«iinds «f I'eople I'nrniiifiirtiilile. AVrlijht, Kansas. .T;in i' I'lialilo to sre the station IIRIIIS in ili<' Minding snow Btorm which swi-pt tivor WVst- «Tn Kansas Inst niiyif. Knuiiicpr C. C Demlng, of Santa Ke passoncpr train No. 12, ran pnt-t thi' staiinn. Hi-forc h> could back his trnln Into the siilinp after he had dlacovrrod liis inisiakp. Ills train was hit by tlio NVwton- Dodge City local vostbcund. Xlominp was fatally scalded, Knciir^cr .1. \V Chalfant of tlio local was killed and twelve passonciers woro hurt. Hoth engineers lived at Nfwion, Among th«» injured were: T'. P. Roher, Topeka; >V. T. llurrnff. Hutchinson: Charles Swansnn. Cimarron: Catherine Winter. norlRe City; ncssie Reynolds, Ottawa: .1. \V. Tanner. •Hutchinson: Edith Wilson. Kins'ioy; Verta n«>rk. and Chr.rh.s V. Biitelier Xewton. They were aH cared for in the TVidpo City hospital, \otie is-believed to be sertousJv injured. Gas Short at Kan >itis C\\\. Kansas City, Mo.. .Ian. r..— Adilinc fo the general sufferinp from the gas fnirlne. blocked transportation and •food short.-i.ce for livestock, the mercury in the northwest imlay f •!! .'o ilie lowest point resisfered in .s/>v»>n years. The readings raiicod from in below zero at Amarillo. Tex., to foi;r- teen below at Podr.e City. K;!;is;i '5. and thirteen below lirre, bri-akin? all records since Pehrii:iry ipori. when twenty below was repislered lic-i' and in many parts of Kansas. A fall of from two trt six iiiclies «f .-^now accompanied tlie drop in T <>nii>eiat>ire. All trains from the we.-t ;ir- diLiveil and telepratili wir<>s MJ-I" oiil .'I mnnv r)oln('«. The local foreea'-'er predicts coiiilnued eMrrm.' rold oi'er Sunday. Yesterday's extreme cold in f!ie iii>- ))er Missouri Valley w:is iit-< JD'enxi- tlrd today. At Norfolk \.-bt >A below was recnrdiil Tlie i old wiive • n the SdiithwesI i« •inlr^il ovrr W.-<;tern K7iii -:nB. nkli 'ioni:! and the T"»ns I'anliaii'lle v ]•.-,-. iiitinp north wind swept :'.ero?s ilv country nf .'to miles an h"i;r Tlv (••nu >i ''atiiri' at Oklahoma City w,\s two^ below, at •Wichita K;insas < iplit In low. .-i dro)) of from ten to fifiecn de?:r-e.!! in <.hu\ secrion since vesti nlay morninc. Kxtrcmely low temperatures ;ire re ported from central and northerr Kansas. Tt w .is n Iielow at .Atchison. The Missouri raeifie Prosjier Hranch reported twentv below, .TP,] eiehieen below on the Cen'-al riranel' west of Powns. 'Rlizz.ird conditions in South eastern Kai '!--is are re'iort'^-d f"on-" Piftsburc wlv^re the t^mper.nture is seven below .T IjJ/rifiinr Fnnw driven by P. northwest wind. The cas supply is T \e -.1{. \Y\e. consumers had to be shut off. •Wore Sn«w and Keener Cold. Chlcapo. .l;'n. fi.—Another decid'd dron in the i-'miirniture marked the sisth day of :he col<I wave throiiph the Middle W. .-ct today. From many cities come reports of brok,»n records. Superior Wis. was beltiw: T>nlutlv S7i<. below. A pener.ll ."Jr.owfall thronchout Illinois. Iowa. Virhipan and Missouri :i<idcd to il e misery. The ofRci:il forecast at 'lie pi^ve-n-" mrnt bureaM h-re was ilint snow would com in'!'-" to fall loniplit and Snnday and »he lemiieraiur.. would drop several deprc'-s. .\o prediction as ti6 when "lie niercurv woul-i -rriin Yesterday. Today. 1 |i. ni. . 1 a. ni— —3 2 i>. m... 2 a. m... -—4 :i \i. ui.-. - * ;i a. m... 4 p. ni . - 1 * a. ni... .—7 ji. Ill . 11 .•• n. in.- -—S li p tu - A li a. in.. .—<l T 11. Ill . . :i 7 a, »u.- — 1(1 ^ (1 III. . I N a. III.. — 11) !• p. Ill /eM) h. ni. . —'.1 111 p III — 1 Ill n. m.. —S 11 p. in -li 11 a .m.._ —7 (.•; m<r,' — 12 iw.n —fi I rei!i.l;ji Ion for 24 liours ending 7 a MI tiiilay .2ii ineh; excess |n pre- eiiiiiailen .-^Inee .lanuary 1st .n; in.-!). Kelatlve Imniirii'y 7 H. m. today iin per cent; liaronii .er 'sta live] ;"(n.4l Inches. Sunrise today 7:.1'.i a .m ; .^lunset ."«:17 p. ni. MERCORY OOWN 1010 BELOW A 81ET CA RIAL TilOMAK nOXAI.I) KIN DOUN ON HILA KLElTllir KAIl.KOAI). FRAGIURED BASE OF SKULL i>.iriri:» .MAN TAKEN TO SANI. TAHH .M THIS AFTKHNOO.N. .trcMeiit line (n MiKcnlculallnn hy Victim. .Moinrmnn nf Car As>;Tta —Wax Smtller KirMnun. Dally Regliter, Ettabllahed 1897. Weekly Register, Established 1867. SIX PAGES 'ANOJHEU LEAP ¥EAR PKOl'OSAL THi; COLllEST IN SEVERAL YEARS HEKE THIS .HOK.M.X.". TliernioerapJi Ran Wild and Muiildu Register—SuiYering Reported- Street far Traflic Stopped. start on its nnwnrd journey would be made by loc:'.l forecasters. The genon'I temperature rr^nc<' in the Canadian .N'oi'ttiwest to 'Iiy is from 14 to 3S beii.w. The r;inpe in the northwestern t>art of the Vnited States is froT'i 1.*; lo below. It wa<! ton below h. r--' rhis mwiinc. All >e »i :avl ,n Trains Late. Lincoln. Nebr . .Tan. r - I*ractie;;llv evory train ri;iii;inp throuch the .s;ite is reported !:it.. .Ts a result of the se. ^verc cold. It is seventi-en below tiere PEAPE >0^» IN KlNStS A. O. V. W. Salt of the National Lodge DismUxed on ri /.viiienl of **».00«, Topeka. .'rn '<—Tl:e suit of the supreme Ifidui- of the .\ncient Order of United We:linen against the grand lodge of i.'i-- s-anie order of Kansas was settled !-ere today. Tlie Kansas Workmen p-r.d IRO.ono to the supreme lodge. That amount in'.hides all attorneys' fee.-, rnuri costs and all other costs. Thi agreement was made some time ai-n. The suit wa>s fi'.ed apain.-it' the organization ':• Kan>;as by the sui)reme .lack Frosl met his friend Quick Sil ver on the ut^cet early this morning The alfalfa frescoing around Mr Frost's countenance was coated with a thin layer of wiiito along whose un- .".iilatipg surface crept a tiny rivulet led from Frost's eyes, and li.oiith. When he 'Mreatiied lie lookeil '.ike a .Aljillet locomotive .steaming down the Hack. "Ketter wdisttle." snorted .»;ilver •yor. ro coming to a crtissing. Out all nipiu as lisiial. I reckon." ' Yi saeiTed Frosl, "I was a fall man in a .-liort bed with a narrow :)ver—1 iriL'd to stay all niplit in that Turkish s-niunier bouse in court house park. Mr. Holcatiib calls it a kiosk." "Funny 1 didn't set- yon." replied Silver. "I was i!iere. tc <i." "We!l. ! suiiiiose thai was di:i" to Ih r.':cl that I WIS above yon „i, ih floor of till- hoii.-ie. Ullb' irinvd- ','d tlv.Mi'. /, Roe slept next to ine and I f'dl ..<iii It n-.HS cold. How did vn fare?' "("rowdi'd, too. While von Iiae <'i..iiaii.'- of '/.. Itoe. Uillik of iiie. 'I'eii hr'loiv. you know." "Terrible. Ibit do we b;i\e lo slani' for II aiioll'.er niplit?" "I think Ml. Fair and eoiiilnneij eiild lo-iik'.bt and SiMiiIav. ji^xs Mr Ho'( onib " •T".! bud Imt bif.dio'.d U'liiier car :iiiicily i;rnl ii.« .•iiiy «iir .-e. If Tber- ii'oprapli snb.-rs mi 1 may be :;l!b- to Itet .a little res-t. I^ast niplit I'.e wat on a will/. Cot hfdd of K(>!II<» kind i>f l.':ric'efr>/il from the north and 1-;K pins sliiified o;i! friiui under hlni." Such v.-as the record from t!ie Jjiosb in court Iiou.-<' park IIiN i>'orr;l-ic. I' [.-:inv,e.l. a«; Mr. Frost and Mr. .-^i' ei •el ii.-d. we had^ the coldest weather in seven years,' the mercury reicliin<: ten below 7cro at 7 a. ni. reniained there for an hour and ther :;rPdiially vo<:e to R st noon. OWIHF TO sonie sort of an accident, ibe ther- r.'ograiih. 'he Viltle ma'-V.ine that operate-- a per. and records the lemper- Tlure on a sbeet of paper, got out of •Z"P.f aid refesed to w.->rk. Observer ilolconib fixed it promptly. There is no relief from the cold in sir,ht lo- "a'ly. T!ic .'ev-re cold caused much dis- T's.:. espe'.-ially ' anionp tlii- jioor Thr're were repealed calls for fuel and food and Poor Commissioner Ah- raiiis was busy all day. I'p to 7 o'clock this morninp. twc ituhes of snow had failen. H.-ifts had blocked tl^e street railway track? to Bas.-ett and delayed cirs on lh< i.iHarpe line. Service to l-as?»tt wa.- resnmed at noon. Telephone and telegraph service was impeded but not suspended at any lime. Trains were ninnlnp nearly on schedule. The gas service locally was inadequate, bu* better than expected, Practically all householders alert to the siiuafior were iirepared with a sui'i-iy of coal or wood. Wjih the temperature standing at 1'111 low zero, water jiipes froze in many ri 'Sidenc'S ail>i e;en wlie;e sninll fires •AH'e kept buniinp the si-rvieo idpes failed to drill perfctly and had t< lie thawed out. .'<i\<:;.l iiersons siifrered from the .jevere cold by freezing. While re- ti'rntng trom lj\H:irpe last nichi where they atieuiled a ba-ki-i ball 5JII1C, Kltf .er Lawyer and Fratik Zbt- b-r each bail hotb of their ears b.-.dly frozen and are wearing bandages today. .Atfnincy A. 11 Campbell had bolh of bis ears frozen this niorninc while walking from his hou'e on .Vorth Jefferson AvApiie to his ofjlce In the Allen County Hank bnl'ding. Mr CnmpbiUl suffered the same experience several years aco .""d his earr hwi' been verv sensitive to the cold Thomas Donald, a man about sl.v- ty -flve years of age. home is at ;"i24 South street, this city, was struck by a street car this morning between 4:.'!0 and 5:00 o'clock near the Prime Western smeiterB, and was so badly injured that there is thought to be very little chance for his recovery. Mr. Donald showg/sympfomB of having sustained a fracture of the base of his skull, which is almost Invari.a- bly fatal, besides a severe injury, possibly a fracture of the left hip, and probable internal injuries. ' Thomas IJonald, who is n Ifreman on the night shift at No. 3 works of the Prime Western Smelters, hitri finished his regular work of the night and was waiting at the re :;ular street car stop lo return home on the ear which struck him. Although nobody .<:ay exactly how the accident hap- Iicned, even the motorman of the car, Frank Wortman having Aeen unable to see clearly on a<-counf of the snow and frost on his window. It is thought that Donald started to cross to the other side of the track as the car nearcd him and miscnicniaied ilf speed. The vestibuli- doors of tin street car on-the north side were closed lo shuf^ut the strong north wind, and Donald, who was standing on the nortff side of tlio track as the car approached, seeing that ho could not pet into the car on ihal side, chose to cross the track before the car stoi IH'd. The car did not strike hlin soiiarely and thus he (was thrown ;iside, and, fortunately,-^ot caught under the wlie <'lB. The iCnr was stopped ininiiHllately and the motormnn, onduntor and fAllo »'-*ntployes of the Injured man. who had by thin ihiii iirrlvc<I. carried him 'o ilic< en'.'ini room..and a physician was Inimedlnii-- ly summoned. Dona'd was uneon-'cl- ous from the Instani li" w ;is struck iiid this symiiiom. together with that of blerdlnp from the ears and other Indications discovered by the (ihysl- ian pointed Ui the fact that the un- I'orlunnte man luid auslaln-d a se- wre llie base ot the skull, which would almost cerffilnly prove iital. The Injured man also sustnln- rd a number ol severe cuts about tli' head, as w ,M! as bruls-s ' about the body, which indicate the possibility of internal injuries, althouph the later cannot be definitely diagnosed until Donald regains consciousness, if he ever does. Whether or not Donald sustained a fracture of the left hip will also remain in doubt until he regains consciousness, Tha iniur.-»d man after receivinc emergency trpatin^nt wj!s taken to 'nis home, and this afternoon he was taken to the sanitarium. Thomas Don Id has been employed as a fireman V-y the Prime Western smelter com- any for a number of years. He has a ••ife and family. Mr. D^onald but re- rnlly reco\er'.d from a severe surg- cal oiieration. REV. RiGHE T BOSTON' NI?iIS'PGR SATH HEPOIS- O.NED HIS Sn£ETU£ABT. UNDER THE LUSH OF REMORSE OFFERS NO EXrrSK AXT) DOES SWr PLEAD FOR MEUUY. It >Vns< n llrutal ami rnnanllr Crime and the PrnsHy Will be Paid by the Perpetrator. OR. SON IS 0IGTIITIN6 TERffiS THE .VrCHLSOX sriT FILED. 1 Kansas N'utiirnI May On Into Hands of u Hecehpr. i ULNA'S .NK>V PHESIDKNT OFFERS l>lJIEilAL tiUANTS fO VANtJl 'NH>-i> iJeinililirnn Lenders Do \«il IlcIlfU' Tliat A 10 Si-rious Figb^ing >li!i FoiU)\K (li> (IK- .\^-.. i.ilcd Sliangliai, .Ian. ti. — fho Hcpublieaii goveniiuent is assuming a very strong ,iosillun and now considers that ,tlie <ji 1 lilna is lairly wltlnn'iis iiands. The leaders believe the lonii- .ry Is uniiiilmuusly in favor of the lepubllcan iiiovcinunl and that tlie I'cgnlar trained arniy will come <ivor o ihelr side almost to a num. 'file cabinet *orn.v -.d by Ilr. Sen Yat .'i II today aunoDiiceil Ihe terms it svlll .ifTer to till' Mnnchiis on I heir siili.Ills: ion. These include u fri'" gp ::ii! <( the Forliiddi'ii City and Hie htiui- iK-r I 'f'lace Jn Peking, wlibh is vvrtrih iiit -.ilredF of Mitllioiis of dollaiK. In addition they will be assured lili' peii- -lons and oth<T c <incesslons, togellier ivlili eijiinlity in citl^iMiship and in 'lolding ollb-es uiiiler the i:lati>. The .Mauchus in the Kontlicrii proi- fhces ,Tre now being fed and cloMieil 'ly the Revolutionaries. WARMNt.': WATHI THE (JA.S. Neglect at This Time May PHMP Very Serious. (It.v (lie .As.liiol.lted I'rei.-J) ANliison, Kas., Jan. ti.—rpou authority from Attorney General John S. Dawson, B, 1*. Waggener today Died suit In the district court asking for a receivership for the Kansas Natural tl.'s Coiniiany on the grounds that the company \Iofated the state Uiw In iliverting gas from Atchison. He also asked an injunction to prevent further iviluvtion of gas pressure here to benefit other towns. EieHT-OIIY GAmiGN IS ON CHOPS KOOD, SAYS NOTKINO ((M-, ROOSEVELT .STILL SLAIUH. TKKINt; TIIOSi: TS'.FES. Hut He Refuses to Say a Ward About I'dlitics "or .\iiytbing Else. Serilcp «i In Special Effort lieglns To- iiinrrow Mnrniii" THE IMUJCE AS HOST.S. sii-'e ^ J. 1... Jones, of Northrup's Hank froze his nose and Ray Taylor's ears were idnched. The Oldest InhiibHnnts Say. Although the extremelv low te::^- Khe Men Slent on Renrhes nt,tlip Station L«..t NlgliL The police department up to this time exemti: from the demand of the wanderer for lodging, was busy last nicht finding shelter for "unfortunate •ravelers. Five wayfarers slept on the hen?!ies in police headquarters and r-evera! other friendless, pennilpss vl.- Mors were directed to places of shel- The jioltcp take it as a part of their dii'y to befriend the worthy but n- fortunate and they are dolnii every- •hinp itosslhle to aid whom tliry t^Inrt. after inve-'-tlgallon. to be worthy .if :-s.>:!stance. lodge in VM2. imniediaxely followine I ature this morning broke all 'ora" the withdrawal of the orpaniazfion in Kansas froii' the rational organization. If wa--; contended that the Kansas organization was indebted to the supreme ornnization $17.3 000. which included $ir:'..000 due the relief fund and $10,000 due the general fund. The Kansas grand lodge sold the bunds necessary to pay thp claim to the state ofKan^Bs to «!ay. The bonds -were a part of the surplus fund of the Kansas organization. weather office records, older reslden's are au»hor:ty for the statement th^* much lower -temperature's have o/-- eurred in Ibia and vlelnitv. Justice 1^. S. Potter savs th?t he will remembers that about thirty years aKO »h» r !?erfurv fell to 20 decrees below, b'l' be believes the nresent cold «iao the o'dest sine fhat time. A N. Mi>- cbell. spys tbef he believes the mer- enrv trert sUeht'v lower I" 1^91 than it did this juorning. 11. W. Siemans who lives west of the river, says that In his thirteen years of. residence In lilts tounty It has never been colder, and J. V. HoberlB says tb;<t in his ten years of residence here the mercury lia.< never fallen lower than it did iliN ii'.ornlrg. Travis Morse remem- beJK n temjierature of 14 degrees be- ;ow. which occurred about 14 years ago. A. W. Crawford, who was a refldent of -Humboldt In lSfl7, says 'hat in that yet'.r the mercury fell on .<uo occasion to 27 below, ond .fames iJartlett corroborates this statement, insisting thai at Yates Center, where he then resided, the temperature went to 211 below. J. A. Monfort. w;ho has resided In Allen County forty years. ?ays that the temperature of this morning Is the lowest since the early -eventies. but K. IV. Myler thinks he ••embers of the mei^ury falling to ;jt 20 below in "83 or '84. It seems that the only satisfactory conclusion that can be evolved from all this testnmony Is that it has been so lor.g since the raercur^ went so 'ow as it did this morning that nobody has more than a Jiazy recollection of It. Kvpr}-lKid^ iS satisfied that 10 below is cold enough, at any rate A city official today took occasion to sound a warning to gas consumers. The warning did not come as an official statement or proclain.itinn, but 'o a iiarty of citizens who v.ere uis- ussin.s the cold weather, tiie otftcial declared that of all times tiiis i.s the iiarticular occasion on which to provide every safeguard in using pas. "Du:lnp lie day " said the speaker, "the presturc at limes become itiXht. We can expect nothing else, diir inp such a severe cold wave. No other city in Kansas is better supplied than lola, as far as I can Iparn.^ but here as well as elsewhere there is' '.anper in leaving a gas stove iinat- ;ended fer the reason that the.gas :::ay suddenly cense flowing and then •.ome on i;paln in increased volume. This may be due to several caiises. in t!.e first place, on many .stAves. Thi> special clpht-day campaign, I'liming as a clliiiai lo ili'e efforts of l!ie eodjitry wide Men and Uellglon I'oruard .Movement, opens tomorrow. ICacl! churcli has arranijed lor lis own servlies In the inornTi';. In the afternoon at throe'o'clock. United Ktaes District .\llorniy Leslie .1. Lyons, of ICan.sji.s City will address a men's meeting at the Christian church '•n the subject of Social Service. In the evening two laymen and one older lioy will speak In the several pulpits. On Monday ttere will be a conference of woikers with the ministers at .!i< regular meeting of the City Ministerial .Association, beginning at 10 o'clock, in the parlors of the Y. M. C. \. At ILM.'i there will be a luncheon with the Committee of One Hundred :.t the Y. M .C. A. and the movement will be discussed. The price has 1 ccn fixed at twenty-five cents so as not »o excluile any man who might not feel able to patronize an expensive ilinuer. In the evening at 1:?,(K three' fifteen-mlniit addre.'^ses will he delivered at tl;e First Methodist church as .••orfiws; Hible Study and Social Service by ,Mr. II. B .Mc.Xfee, chairman of the Commiit'^e of One Hundred, Kansas City, Mo. Kvacpi-lism and Community Kxten- ion by .Mr. Chas. 11. Parsons, General Secrt fary Railroad Y. M. C. A.. Kansas t'itv. Mo. .AIi?slon.^ and Boy.- by Mr. M. A. \Vo}fc. General Secretary Railroad Y. (l !y the Assm-i;it«-fl Prcs.s) (lysler Ltay, Jan. G.—Colonel Roosevelt and a half dozen men choppeil down trees today in tlie woods neai Kagniiuire Hill. • Wht n Colonel Ropse- vell was not wielding an axe he wat /;lvlnK directions. T;:c biting cold aiipureiitly mude no Impression on him. To all iniinltles the Colonel sent woid he would say nothing. HOLDS RANKS IM-SI'ONSIIILK. I.ii Fiillctlp Says Tlipy Could Alnny> Preient l'unlr>. fllv llii- .\<>..., il I'r-u^'i Danvlll.s, Ills. Jan. C—Wall SlnM Is responsible for every panic the coun try has suffered and none would have e.-ciirrcd If the Federal goveruiiient. when the symptoms appeared, had threatened revfivershlp for the principal banking institutions ilnless they stcmn:ed the liisaster. declared Senator I.aFollctte here today. The Senator then proceeded to deliver his >'pt'pca CO, "Cn 11 '^devoting a -~ orirwniliifc. :;i;od portron i-ie position that the He took government sliiinld acquire all the railroads of .\!aska and construct other public jvorks. Fiieli as telpgra'ph.s telephones. wli.-rve.=. etc., r.nd siiould either itself operate or lease the coal mines. iiiixfr .'i are wo:king pcKirly. In some I C. A...Argentine Kansas. -ervicp pipes there may be water Again, whether conditons may cau?e the gas to almost flicker out f;)r a nio- ::;enf or two. Then it is that thifre is •-reat danger. If t'r.e stove Is \eti un- •iWended, the householder may forget about It until the gas comes on and the flow is received In the hou.fe in- stpad of being ignited and c(;nsnmed. With houses siitit up fight as they arc now. this mPnns trouhtp. It may not c.iu.'.e an explofjon but it may i^p'ult In some inrmber of the family helnp overcome with g.-s. This Is pspfclflMy I:lie durlnp thp nlpUt. After eltht or nine o'clock, the gas becnnies st-Vonp- er for there Is Jess demand. The hotels and cafps are throngli wltli siiii- j'er. stores close and the <:a8 |s turned off in many i;larp«. This leaves a greater supply for the homes. With this uncprtaln condition, a pas.stove can not be repnlatpd and lef '0 take care of itself. If is far better fibr the househoMer to go to some Inctbnven- fence In walcjiin:: the gas than to take a chance on seriou.s danger." Thirteen out-of-town workers, some .•^rom St. I»uls. Toj'eka and Kansas City, will be present to take part in the special services of tiie campaign. fHtRrH STRIKES A BAL-VNCE. In \ew Year 's Bnlletin Standing of Work Is Ghen. The First Christian church has struck Its balance sheet for 11)11. A neat little pamphlet, prepared under the direction of Rev. Otho C. .Mgomaw pastor of the church, and printed by the Register, contains the statement of actual church conditions, rosr-jr of officers, pastor's and financial reports. All the facts given shQrw the church work to . have progressed splendidly and thp outlook exceeding ly optimistic. A PAROLE FOR JOSEPH WILSON. L:»st Word Knini Packers' Trial. iRy 11>c .XssmMiited I'n-ss) • Chicago, Jan. 6.—A climax was reached today in the trial of the Chicago packers when counsel for the defpndants moved to have stricken from the records the, evidence of Jas. H. Pratt, identifying the handwriting ot J. Ogden Armour, Arthur Meeker and Thomas J. Connors on certain letters previously introduced in evidence by the Government to show the "Nistence' of a combination among the defendants in the period between 189G and IDDiJ. Zero Ra .«ip Rail News. Chicago, .Ian. 6.—Thomas M. Chiv- inpton was today re-elected President of the American Association. Yonth Who Was Found (•"ulUy of Ini- moral OfiVnie, Freed. In the district court this afternoon. Joseiih Wilson, the youth who was arrested here during the .Mlrn C. unty Fair r'la.-ged with enticing a girl un- •'er age away from home for questionable purposes Is i adeavorlng to enmplptp arrangPlnf nt.'-' for a parole. Wilson has served about five months e ,r a ^;ix uionihs' Jail sentence and is •'l>:e to pay a nan of a J.'«0o fine, thp two forming the penalty imyospd for his offense. ' County .\tto >npy Taylor has steadily rc/if-'Pfl to approve Wilson's appli- ^•.•ir .'on frr a parole unless he served the gieater part of his Jail sentence John Windier, a man about al.xty years of age has appe-.ired in lola i trom no-place-in-particular and Is ekeing out an existonce by giving im- iiromjifu sleight of hand performances for chance spectators, taking as pay coins contributed by'the lih'-rallty of ihe sjiectators. He .states that he has been In the business for about ten years during which time he has been over practically all of ibis country, atid for tim most part working on "Ills own liopk." Several tlinea hp has been booked on vaudeville clrclllts. Me I'lTtoTms with coins, thimbles c;'.rds and knives. (Itv the AsBorlnted PreM) tJoslon Mass., Jan. 6.— In a written statement given to his counsel, Rev. C. V. T. Richeson today confessed that he poisoned his former sweetheart. Avis Linnell. The full text of the confession is as follows: "Gentlemen: Deeply penitent and earnestly desiring to make atonement, r hereby confess that I am .gnllty of the offense of which f stand' indicted. "J am movea to this course by no inducement of leniency. Heinous as is my crime, God has not wholly abandoned niP. My conscience And manhood, however depraved and blighted, will not admit of tny Still further wronging by public trial, her. whose young life I have destroyed. I'nder the lashings of remorse I have snffpred and am suffering the tortures of the damned. In this t find a measure of comfort. In my mental anguish 1 recognize that there is still, by the mercy of the Master, some remnant of the divine spark of goodness stilt lingering with me. I could wish to live only because within some prison -Aalls, 1 might, in some small measure, redeem my sinful past, help some oiher despairing soul and, at last, find favor with my God. "You are Instructed to deliver this to thf- district attorney or tHo Judge the court. "Sincerely yours. "CLARENCE V. T. RICHESON" It WHS Written Three Days A(Ov The Judges of the superior coiirt and the dlstrlrl attorney conferred on the confession at tho court bouse for an hour. Later representatives of the press were called Into the oflloa of Miorney Morse, leading counsid for rjleheson. and the confHRslon was I iiiiiile puijl |c. Typewritten shMtS weie linnded, to ilid reporters. They were told there was nothl&f more to be .^viid. The fuel that tho obhression was d:ited three days apo would not lie r-oiiimeiiicd Upon by counsel. District Attorney Polletlor snld ivhi a told of the confession: "The trial will po on Just' the same no mat- r w hat siaii ineiit miiy be issued by RfchPtTon " ; Seeking Wnvs in Sure His Life. Several lawyers here stated that Ihc only hope of saving Richeson from lin electric chair is by having him adjudged insane or by commutation of sentence by the Governor. Practically all,of (he minister's friends believed him Innocent and those who oxpresF .ed a doubt as to the identity of Miss Linnell's murderer abandoned their support of the prisoner '.vhen he mutilated himself in jail December 20th. The possibility that the District Attorney and the Court might find a legal way to accept the plea of guilty of murder in " thp second degree and permit of a lif» sentence was discussed by the court house. .MORE Li)S ANGELES AKR£i>T& The DynaniHr Grand Jnry Is Still Hard at Work. (P.y thR As .xDcijited Press) Los Angeles, Cal.. Jan. 6.—The Mc- \aiiiara brothers, McManigal, Tviet* •pore. Johannsen. Clancy and Munsey were re-Indicted by the Federal grand ary today in connection with the dy- laniite conspiracy, upon Uiree additional charges. District Attorney .McCormick intl- i-.iated that there might be other arrests in San Francisco and Los An- creles any time. muyfi IS ovT o> BAIL. Defecthe Is I'ndor Indlctmpnt for Kidnaping the .VcNaniaras. The condition of Wiuilebl Jones v.-ho w;is recently very seriously burn- efl ijy Plectrlciiy In an iiccldent at f'herryvale. continues to imnrovp. nl- an dpaid a part of the fine and thPfti-oug!- he is far from bciup out nf costs. In view of the prl.soner's l danger. The two burns on eirh side .vouth It Is probable that Mr. Taylor will recommend a parole for Wilson provided he can. make a good payment on the fine and ro.'is imposed. Mrs. ^V. H. Donnell, of .lO.i West Jackson avenue, who has h'-cn confined to hor bed witfi a dangerous illness since last June, took a sudden turn for the worse this morning, and il is thought that she can hardly survive the night. Mrs. Donnell's death has been imminent for some time, and several days ago she underwent an operation In tho remote hope that relief might be secured tut to little avail. of the Eidnp have done remarkably well, but the onp direci'y over the spine is in such a condition that a minor operation may become necessary. Mr. Jotips has sho'vn reinark- ab'e vlt!.lity and has a good cTiance now for recovpr.v. The f'inpnil of .^ffss Afa-=" Giflford daughter of Mr. and Mr.s; O. E. Gif- .ford of the courtry' of the city, who dipd yesterday morning as the result of beinti accidentallr shfjt December lOth. will be held tomorrow afternoon at one o'clock from the home. Interment will be in Highland cemetery. (By th« Aj <.<i.iulateii ITeaS) Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 6. —Federal .Mtjige Ander.vou today issued a writ of liabeas corpus releaHlnR Detective liiirns from the ciiBtody of the county lulhorlttes. His bondsmen had aur- rpiidered him to the county criminal .otivi, where he stands indicted oh .'.(• cliarge of kidnaping J. J. McNa- i';;r:i. NEW .MEXUO IS A REAL STATE The Prpfldent; Lssnpil thp Final Pro- rlHRmtinn Today. the A's.HocI.iled Press) Washington. .Tan. 6.—New Mexico, :be forty-seventh State to enter the '•pion. ceased to be a Territory at 1:3."> today when President Taft sign•d the proclam-atlon of statehood. "Somebody spent the night in mjl office witliotit permission," aaid Colonel J. B. Atchison this mornings, as he glanced at the furniture. Which was somewhat out of orfler, tho stove, n which there was a fire, and the 'pctric bulb, which was glowing. "Well." added the Colonel, "if it kept •lira from freezing he's welcome to <t." Nothing of value was mlssid :':om the office.

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