Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 12, 1962 · Page 8
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 8

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1962
Page 8
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Brief Sermon By PAUL W. SCHAIRER Pastor, St. James Lutheran The World Series has become a traditional fall classic for all of this country. Businessmen tell me that it definitely affects the flow of customers to their shops. They can tell when the game is over on a certain day because then the customers out of hiding. There was an editorial given recently that stated that there would be a general dearth of productivity throughout the entire nation because of the World Series baseball games. The number of man hours lost if figured up would reach a figure that would defy our imagination. I must admit there have been some lost man hours around this church office, and in this pastor's calling program because of some baseball games being played a couple of thousand miles from here. This series of games always seems to hold a deep fascination for the people cf our land. I do not doubt that this is probably good. No doubt there is a therapeutic value to the whole thing for jittery and nervous America. But the thing that intrigues me is the fact that in realitv these games are no different than the rest of the games of the season . . . but because of their setting . . . they become something that actually for a few days changes our way of living. . I ask you then, if a little thing like a baseball game changes our way of life, and it does so with little effort. Why do men have such a hard time letting their lives he changed by the message of Gcd contained in Christ his Son the Savior of the world? Now I hope that this demands a greater change than does the World Series. However we can lose millions of man hours watching the World Serie.j. lit are we willing to lose just one or two hours for the work of our Savior? I fear we can find me. e excuses for not doing the work of the Lord and the work of his church, than we can for not snitching on the lunch hour or trotting to the back room whKj at work to catch the World Series. The problem is a lack of com- i mitment to the principles of Christ. The same lack that the disciples had before Pentecost. , However when they received the ! Holy Spirit they worked for the ! Kingdom of God with ceaseless | eff-rt. | How about you, are you filled with the Spirit and will of God to dedicate as miic time to His work next week as you did to the World Series this week? i Silly isn't it, you should be ready to give much more time! Baptists Plan Special Affairs First Baptist Church is scheduling meetings next week by Dr. Charles Forbes Taylor, author, lecturer, humorist and min- istei. Sunday through Friday he will bo preaching every night at 7:30 p m as well as twice on Sunday morning at 9 and 11 a-m. His topics will be: Sunday morning, "Back to God, America"; Sunday evening, "Fight or Run"; Monday, Brand 'em to the Red;" Tuesday, "What Can A Man Believe?"; Wednesday, "The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall"; Thursday, "The Cost of Salvation 1 '^ and Friday, Special color movie presentation of his "Story of Jesus." An additional feature each evening will be narrated travel movies which have been obtained by Dr. Taylor in his world tours. Russian Orthodox To Send Two Observers MOSCOW (AP)—The Russian Orthodox Church announced today it is sending two observers to the Roman Catholic ecumenica.1 council in Rome. Second Cove-in Takes Life of Laborer / | SKANEATELES FALLS, N.Y. (AP)—Several years ago Giuseppe Galoni of Syracuse, a 59-year-old laborer, was rescued after a cave- in in a ditch he was digging. Wednesday, the dirt wall of an 8-foot-deep sewer ditch in which he was working collapsed and suffocated him. State police said they found in Galoni's wallet a tattered newspaper clipping telling of the earlier rescue. 10 DAY OPEN HOUSE HORIZON HOME AT 1222 BELMONT - GARDEN CITY! WEEKDAYS 5 to 8 p.m. SATURDAY & SUNDAY 1 To 6 P.M. Construction Next Haskell County Monitor-Chief Photo Members of the building committee and .others are shown at a ground-breaking ceremony for Satanta's Methodist educational building. Left to right: T. J. Scarbrough, For- rost Simpson, Walter Green, the Rev. R. R. Jeffries, Mrs. G. G. Feight, Mrs. Wm. Howard, Mrs. Bayne Foster, Mrs. Mayme Day, Mrs. Lena Anthony. New Churches for Syracuse, Elkhart Rev. J. J. Steel e Evangelist at Kalvesta Church The Rev. J. J. Steele, Coffeyville, will be the special singer and preacher for a fall campaign at the Kalvesta Church of the Nazarene starting Oct. 18 at 7:30 p.m. Services will be each evening and Sunday through Oct. 28. With a background of experience as a pastor for a number of years and as an evangelist since I960, Reverend Steele's ministry is rich with practical Biblical help for the needs of the people in a troubled world. He is widely known in a four state area for his radio work over a Coffeyville station for the past 22 years. Pastor Marion McKellips extends an invitation to the many neighbors and friends in tha 'the Kalvesta area to attend these Southern Baptists will soon launch new churches in Syracuse and Elkhart, it was learned this week. At the monthly meeting of the Southern Plains Baptist Assn. in Ulysses Tuesday the executive board instructed Associational Missionary Jon Wade Lurtz of Garden City to proceed with plans to establish Southern Bap-' tists churches in these Southwest Kansas cities. Reverend Lurtz reported to the executive board that preliminary surveys indicated that "our conservative theology and emphatic evangelism would be welcomed by a significant number of families in both Elkhart and Syracuse " In other action the association services. Gospel Quintef To Appear Here The Eppley Sisters Gospel Quintet, of York, Pa., will appear at the Church of the Brethren at 7:30 p.m., Oct. is. The five sisters — Sara, Mary, Verna, Lorraine and Pauline— present a spirtual program featuring vocal quintettes, soprano and alto solos, and numbers on tho following musical instruments: p'ano, vibra-harp, violin, electric Hawaiian guitar, sax- o p h o n e, accordions, cathedral chimes, musical saw and organ. The sisters are known from coact to coast and have appeared in churches in 48 states, Canada, Old Mexico, British Isles, South America and Europe. The public is invited to attend. elected associational Sunday school officers including Mrs. Jon Wade Lurtz, as intermediate superintendent, and Mrs. Warren Spinks, junior superintendent of training union, both are o* Garden City. i A new pastor in the associa- i tion, the Rev. Cover Garret of [ Dodge City, was introduced. | Meeting concurrently with the j executive board was a group of i 30 young people from three South! ern Baptist churches. Their eve- i ning of fun, fellowship and in- j spiration was organized by Mrs. i Gran Stinebaugh of Ulysses. MOST Series To Continue The Men of St. Thomas will hear the second in a series called "Grassroots Ecumenicity" at their breakfast meeting Sunday morning at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Robert Jones, deacon in the C 'o m m u n i t y Congregational Church, will be the speaker. He will discuss the creeds, sacraments, government and history of the Congregational Church. The morning will begin with corporate communion at 7:30 a.m. Naturalists Ralph and Florence Welles believe that the cele- j brated butting matches of bighorn rams are probably rituals, not serious fights for possession of mates. The bouts apparently fulfill some deep urge in the mating season but do not directly concern the ewes Directory of Garden City Churches ST. MARY'S ROMAN CATHOLIC Rev. Clement N. Goubeeux, C.PP.S.. Her*. . David Dougherty, C.PP.S. and James Schrader O.P.S.. assistants. Phone BR 6-4053. 609 St. John. Sunday Mai'es: g, 7, g. 9: 30, 10:45, 12:00. Weekday Masses: 6:30. 7:30. li a.m. Daily Rosary: 7:30 p.m.; Sunday: 2:30 p.m. Holy Honr Thursday. 7:30 p.m. Confession*: Saturday. Eves of Holy Dayi and First Fridays: 3:30-5:00 and 7:45-9:00 p.m. ST JAMES LUTHERAN St. James Lutheran Church member of The American Lutheran Church, 9th and Jones. BR 6-5108. Paul W. Schairer. pastor, 616 N. 9th. Sunday Sunday School. H:30 a.m.; vVursnlp Services. 10:45 a.m. Holy Communion celebrated the first Sunday of every month. PILUBIM CHAPEL Jamea T. Randall, pastor. 1409 A, Phone BR 6-3892. Sunday: Sunday school, 9:46 a.m.; Worship, 10:45 a.m.; People's meeting. 7 p.m.: Evening Service 7:30 p.m. Thursday: Prayei Meeting, 7:30 p.m. PIEBCEVILLE FEDERATED Sunday: Sunday School, 10:00 a.m.; Worship Service, 11:00 a.m. ; youth Clubs. 6:46 p.m.; Evening Worship, 8:00 p.m. FELLOWSHIP BAPTIST W. T. Froggate, pastor, phone BR 6-5826 or BR 6-5304, First ana Spruce StreeU. Randaj Bible School, a.4i, a.m.; Morning Worship, 10:30 a.m.; junior and senior young people's service 6:00 p.m.: Evening Preaching, Tuesday. 7 p.m. Church at work. Thursday: Mid-week lervice 7 p.m. GARDEN CITY MENNONITK BRETHREN Floyd E. Born, pastor. BR 6-7410. 3rd and Campbell. Sundaj : Sunday School 9:45 a.m.; Worship 10:45 a.m.: Evening worship, 7 p.m. Wednesday: rrayer service. 8 p.m. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH Rev. Herman R. Mayer. 408 Jones Avenue. Telephone 6-4464. First Service 8:30 a.m. Sunday School 9: 30 a.m. Second Service 10:45 a.m. Communion list Sunday, 8:30 a.m. 3rd Sunday, 10:45 a.m. LIGHT OF MFfc Tabernacle Samuel J. Larson pastor, second building north o! VFW, oft Hwy 50. Phona hli 6-6844. Sunday: Service, 8 p.m. Wednesday: Service. 8 p.m. Churcn open day and mght- CALVAUV BIBLE IHLUCH r~ (Independent) Jr'lui Keller, pastor, i:ju7 N. 7th Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.; worship lervice i-i a. ••!).; evening service. 7:30 p m. ^Wednesday: Midweek prayer meeting and piblL study. 7:!>) p.m. ItEOBGANIZED CHl'BCH Of JESUS CUBIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS ' .y A. Chapman, pastor, (ilion.j Bl: o-7o*.,r, N. 13th St. (Meetings in Seventh Day Ad- ,t Chapel) Miay 9:45 ».m. Church School and adult M) a.rn. Morning Worship 0 p.m. study group* O p.m. evening worship BETHEL. A. M. E. Sunday: Sunday icnooi: 9:30 a.m.; worship 11:00 a.m. Wednesday: Mission circle, 2 p.m.; Prfcyer and class meeting, f:30 p.m. FAITH TABERNACLE Assembly of God Church J J. Krlmmer, pastor, 8th and Kansa, DMn> BR K-MT7T: BK 6-1385 (homo Sunday: 9:45 a.m. Sunday School fo r families; 11 a.m. Worship time: 8 p.m. Revival time. Tn**day: 8 p.m. Men's Prayer me-etrng. Tlinrnday: 9:30 a.m. Ladies prayer meeting; 8 p.m. Prayer and praise service. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Arthur F. Fleming, pastor. Phone BR 6-410* or BR 6-5411. 7th and Chestnut. Snnilnv: Rnnrtav School. 9:45 n.m.! Worship, 10:45 a.m.. Evening 7:30 p.m., Chi Rho, 6 p.m., CYF 6 p.m. Thnrsdnv: Choir. 7:46 p.m FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Pavil ITantla, paator, phone BR 6-4523. 6115 North 6th. . s un<lny: Sunday School. 9:30 a.m.: Worship, 10:45 a.m.; MYF 6:30 p.m.; Evening WorahlD, 7:3(1 p.m. Thursday: Choir P.-actlce; Primary 4:15. Junior 4:50. Touth 7 and Chancel 7:45 p.m. CHURCH OF fiOD IN CHRIST R B Sanders, pastor, phone BR 6-3749. South Star Route. Snnday Sunday .School. 10:30 a.m.; Worship, 11 '<" a.m.: Y. P W. W., 6:30 p.m.; Evangelistic Service, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday: Bible Study. 8:00 p.m. Frltlav: Prnver Service. 8:00 p.m. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH .T. Mr-rion Knrtyk. pastor, 7th and Pine. BR 6-5323. RR 6-7918. Snn'lay: Sunday school , 9:45 a .:n. ; Worship, 11 a.m. Wodncsdny; Men's breakfast. 7 a.m. Thursday: Adult choir. 3 p.m. CH ve/;f fc'u 1! 6• ; i i. rmmcn Clarence Murphy, pastor, 1311 New York. 6-7481 Sunday -un.iay school. a-4fi a.m., Worsrip 11 a.m.; Sunday Youth. 6:30 p.m. Evanpellstic service 7:30 p.m. Wednesday: Midweek service 7:30 p.m. HOLCOMB COMMUNIT7 PRESBYTERIAN Ruth Hacking, minister. Ph. BR 6-6501. P O. Bo: 52. Hok'omb. Sunday: Sunday School, 10 a.m.; morning worship. 11 a.m.. U.P.Y6 p.m. '''uesday: Prayer mettng and Bible Study, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday: Choir pracMce. 4 p.m. Friday: Junior BlbleClub. 4 p.m. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES Kingdom Hall. Corner Kansas and Pearl. Sunday: Public address. 7:00 p.m.; Watch- tov/ei study. 8:15 p.m. Tuesday: Bible study, 8 p.m. Friday: S2rvice instruction. , 7:30 p.m.; theo- craii<' ministry school. 8:30 p.m. THE CHURCH OF JESUS CUBIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS Rulon An.icisou. branch provident. BR 6-494S Sunday: Priesthood meeting, 9 a.m.; Sunday (School 10 a.m ; Sacrement. 11 a.m. SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH J. M. Stevenson, pastor, 6-4805, 1107 N. Main. Sunday — Sunday Scliool U:45 a.m.. Wowhip B'.-rvice II a.m., Union Training 6 p.m. * Weducsda — Prayer Service 7 p.m Thursday — Mission Circle. 2:30 p.m. ST. THOMAS EPISCOPAL CHUBCH Main and Walnut, rlecry E. Wright, rector. PIVJ •> BR 6-3173. Sunday: Holy Communion, 7:30 a.m.. Holy Communion and church school 10 a.m. first Sunday each month; Morning Prayer and fhurch school 10 a.m. other Sundays of month. FIBST BAPTIST CHUBCH Robert F. Rusk, pastor Phone BR 6-5266 llth & Jones. Residence phone BR 5-4474. Sunday: Summer worship, 9 a.m. Sunday Scliool, 9:15 a.m., Worship 11:00 am. Fellowship, 7 p.m.; Evening Service 8 p.m.' Wednesday: 8 p.m. prayer and Bible study. Men's Fellowship — 7:30 p.m. 2nd Monday. Women's Society — 2p.m. 2nd Thursday. Thursday: 8 p.m. Aiuit choir. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Dorsey i). Kotruck. pastor, BR ti-/;;ui, home Phone BR 6-7347. EiRhth and St. J ohn S..3. Snnday: Church school, 9:45 am.; morning worship, 11 a.m.; C.B.Y.F. 6 p.m., Junior High Fellowship and evening -orshlp. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday: Adult choir. 7 p.m. Thursday: Women's FMlowshlp, 1:30 p.m wery 3rd Thursday. Ju lior choir, 4:15 p.m. PBAIRIE VIEW CBUBGII OF THE BRETHREN 2 miles west of Friend on County Line. Mark Emswiler, pasto r, Ph. BR 6-1(097. Friend. A. L. Elrod, moderator. Ph. 995 W-2, Shallow Water. Sunday: Sunday School, 10 a.m., morning •worship 11 a.m. Youth Fellowship. 7:iHI p.m.. Prayer Fellowship 7 p.m. Evening Worship 7:!(U p.m. i FIRST CHURCH OF GOD Delon Hales, pastor, uhoiia BU 6-3008. 80S PershinE Sunday: Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; Summer Worship, 8:30-9:30 a.m. Prayer Coup. 6:15 p.m ; Evening service. 7:30 p.m. Thursday: Midweek Service. 7:30 p.m. FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH Jon Wada Lurtz, pastor. Phone BR 6-6609. 309 Weal Campbell. Sunday: Sunday School S:45 a.m.; Worship 10:50 a.m.; Baptist Training Union 6:45 p rn • Evening Services. 7:50 p. m. Mundu) : Brotherhood Tuesday: W.M.U. Thursday: Prayer Meeting. 7:30 p.m. Sunbeams, Junior G.A.'.s, • Iiitrrmediate O.A.'s and Royal Amba^ridorn, 6:TO ji.m. Friday: Visitation. CHURCH OF THF. NAZAHENE Carl Ingeraol. pastor, phone BR 6-5466 nth and Elm. Sunday: Sunday School, 9:-15 a.m.; Worship 10:50 a.m.; Young People 6:30 p.m.- Eveiniii; '<:3U p.m. Thursday: Prayer Meeting, r.M p.m. COMMUNITY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Sunday: Morning Worship 9:30 a. m. Monday: Boj atout Troop UK, / IHJ o rn rtiurmiuj ; (Jh).rs. VouUj b:4a: Children'* /:!& and Adult b p.m. CHIIUCH 01 oiutift'r Phone BR 6-4500. 1503 Pat's Drive (1 mile East of Maiu on Kansas) Sunday: Sunday cjehool 9:45 a.m.; Sunday worship 10:45 a.m.; Evening service ti p.m. Wednesday 10 a.rri Ladies Bible Study Thursday Night: Classe s 7:30 p.m SEVENTH OAtf Al>Vi,VriST James Oweca, paster, phone llli 6-7773. 614 N. 13th. Saturday i 9:45 a.m. Sabbath School 11 a ra. Worship. Friday: 7:30 p.m. Young People's meeting. Young albatrosses on sunbaked Midway Island keep cool bv balancing on their heels with webbed feet outstretched in the shade of their bodies. Breezes can carry away most of the body's heat. St. James to Show New Building Plans St. James Lutheran Church will reveal the preliminary plans of their new church facilities to the entire congregation on this Sunday afternoon and evening. The showing will be accomplished by five briefing sessions beginning at 1 p.m. and concluding at 9:45 p.m. The congregation will be divided into five groups and in this manner the members will be able to see the plans in detail and discuss them with the building committee and the architects. R. L, Bentini, chairman of the building committee and 0. G, Kensinger, chairman of the con- i gregation, will be in charge of i all of the sessions. They will be j assisted by other building committee members, Frank Sehmale, Lyle Nelson, Lester Heinemann and Gerald Sperry. The building committee has accepted the proposed plans and is recommending them to the congregation for adoption. A congregational meeting will be Oct. 21 for this purpose. Representatives of the architec- Page 8 Garden City Tolcgrnm Friday, October 12, 1962 ttiral firm of Lyman, Jones, Cobb and Benson will be at all the briefing sessions to explain the plans. 4l The plans include the sanctuary of the church, overflow area for the church, balcony for the choir, offices for the pastor, washroom facilities, and educational facilities including a large multipurpose room. Sketches of all of these facilities will be viewed and discussed at these meetings. Location of the building on the property and parking areas will also be shown. Thr> project is to be constructed on the land recently acquired by the church on Belmont and Melanie, north of Kansas Avenue. A new parsonage will also be constructed as part of this project and plans for it will be developed so that the church and the house will be constructed simultaneously. Completion of the projects is expected in 1963. SPIRITUAL LIFE CRUSADE at fhe First Baptist Church Corner of 11 th and Jones Streets Rev. Robert F. Rusk, Pastor BR 6-5266 or BR 6-4474 Dr. Charles Forbes Taylor Lecturer, Author, Humorist, Minis* ter. Educated in England and America. D.D. and LL. D. degrees SEE and HEAR "Oiarlie" Taylor 7:30 Each Night SERMON MESSAGES Sunday—9 and 11 o'clock—"Back To God America" 7:30 p.m. "Fight or Run." Monday—"Brand 'em to the Red" (Movie: "A Trip to Alaska") Tuesday—"What Can A Man Believe?" (Movie: "Australia, Koala Bears and ten foot lizards) Wednesday—"The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall" (Movie: Bible Lands—"Early Hebrew Wanderings") Thursday—"The Cost of Salvation" (Movie: Bible Lands—"Growth of the Early Church") Friday—"The Story of Jesus" A Narrated Movie Sermon All are welcome. Good Singing. Special Features First Baptist is Affiliated with the American Baptist Convention HELP TEENAGERS BECOME MORE GROWN-UP A phone "for their very own," in their own room, gives them a sense of privacy and responsibility. Allows more freedom to express themselves and their ideas. Helps them with school, church and club activities. But mostly, it gives them the fun of talking with their special friends. Costs so little most youngsters could pay for it with their own moneyl Who needs extension phone service most? Families that make or receive five or more calls a day. Families with one or more members active in school, church, civic or club work. Families with active, popular teenagers or young adults. If any of these conditions fit your family, the chances are you need extension phone service. To order your personal extension phones- Princess, wall or table models, in a wide range of colors — call the telephone business office, or ask any telephone service man. SOUTHWESTERN BELL *"•«»,» t^ Call by number. . . jf's twice as fast

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