Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1974 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1974
Page 11
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Thursday, October 24, 1974 (AttK.) STAR Page Eleven MOORE BROS. \ WE ACCEPT YOUR FOOD COUPONS SERVING YOU SINCE 1896 FARM FRESH URGE WHITE EGGS 79 C DZ TRAY PACKED 12 OZ PKG SLICED BACON PURE PORK SAUSAGE 89 C f LB GOV INSPECTED FRYERS 39 c LB FRESH MEATY PORK SPARE RIBS 69 c IB FRESHWATER CATFISH STEAKS GOV INSPECTED FRYER PARTS 51 00 DRY SALT FAT BACK GOOD LEAN PORK CHOPS 89 LB BORDENS MELLORINE 69 C H GAL MEATY PORK NECK BONES 10 POUNDSACK POTATOES 89 U. S. CHOICE CHUCK ROAST 79 C LB BIG ASSORTMENT COOKIES PUGs| 00 HEAVY SMOKED SLAB BACON 89 C LB GALLON JUG SWEET MILK 1 29c GALLON JUG BUTTERMILK MMMMHMMBMHHMM^KI^^" FRESH PORK LOIN ROAST 29C 1 79 c IB Chrysler official hits anti-inflation policies B> 0\VEN ULLMANN Associated Press Writer DETROIT (AP) — Declaring lhai the aulo industry and the naiion are in a recession, the chairman of Chrysler Corp. has called for President Ford to work toward easing credit availability and encouraging consumers to spend rather than save their money. "Recession is here in the automobile industry. Recession is here in the building industry. 1 would say recession is here in the country," Lynn A. Townsend said at a news conference Wednesday. He said the President's economic policies are aimed in the wrong direction because recession and slack demand have superseded inflation as the auto industry's key problem. "Our two problems in this country are inflation and recession. I think inflation has peaked, and very rapidly recession is taking the major spotlight," Townsend said. "We have been in a program here where apparently the opinion has been that we can control inflation by dampening down consumer purchasing. "I think it has gotten to the point that we should direct our efforts at stimulating the economy through consumer purchasing, rather than further depressing it." The news conference came one day after the nation's No. 3 automaker announced an $8 million loss on third quarter sales. Chrysler showed an $11.2 million profit Irt U.S. and Canadian vehicle sales, but that was offset by a $19.2 million loss in overseas sales. Chrysler raised its prices an average $415 in September, and Townsend said Wednesday there is "no doubt another price increase will be put on 1975 Chrysler vehicles in the "near term future." Townsend confirmed that Chrysler is considering closing its Jefferson Avenue plant here, which builds full-sized and luxury models and employs 5,000 workers, as an economy move. .The firm's auto sales are down 18.4 per cent so far this year. Industrywide sales were off 28 per cent in mid-October from levels a year ago. For the year, sales are off 21 per cent. Defense is trying to port] ray Dean as man who'll sacrifice anyonep^£2±2LL w *" ROUND STEAK SIRLOIN STEAK CLUBSTEAK RIB STEAK ROAST BABY BEEP SPECIALS! $|19 Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. $|09 89 e 79 C Fresh Lean GROUND BEEF TQC / * ; Fresh FRYER BACKS 5 $100 Lbs. For I Brisket STEW MEAT Lbs. For $1 39 Old Smoke House BOLOGNA 69 Lb. Fresh CALF LIVER Lb. Neuhoff BACON 12 Oz. Tray Pack •C Fresh Dressed Grade A FRYERS •15 Lb. Fresh Dressed HENS PRODUCE ^m ^ ^ rr^~~T^***T*^ Fresh Vine Ripe TOMATOES By DONALD M. ROTHBERG Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Defense lawyers at the Watergate cover-up trial are trying to portray star government witness John W. Dean HI as ready to sacrifice anyone to save his own skin when the cover-up began unraveling. "John Mitchell never asked you to bite the bullet for him," William G. Hundley, Mitchell's lawyer, said to Dean during cross examination on Wednesday. Hundley tried to get Dean to admit that he had tried to get -forhler' AttyrG6nT'Mitchell to step forward and take responsibility for the Watergate break- in. "You didn't have any information that Mr. Mitchell was responsible for the bugging," Hundley told the former White House counsel. "Yet you joined in a plan to have him step forward because that would save you." Hundley was the second defense lawyer to cross examine Dean, the lead-off government witness in the trial of five former Nixon administration and campaign aides accused of conspiring to block the investigation of the Watergate break-in. John J. Wilson, lawyer for H.R. Haldeman, former White House staff chief, led off the cross-examination and had Dean relate how he took $4,850 for his honeymoon from a $350,000 cash fund kept by Haldeman in the White House. "Didn't it lay on your conscience at all that you spent money that didn't belong to you?" Wilson asked.. "I was prepared to account for it at any time I was asked to," replied Dean. Bui the most heated exchange during Wilson's cross examination was not with Dean bui with U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica. Ai one point the 73-year-old attorney accused Sirica, an old friend, of being "palpably unfair." "Now listen, Mr. Wilson, you know me, you've known me for years," the judge replied, pointing his finger at the short, balding lawyer. "I'm as much interested in getting the truth out as you are." Ai issue was whether tapes of conversations about which Dean's memory was unclear would be played for the jury. Prosecutor James F. Neal accused Wilson of trying to imply lhai "I deliberately refused to play a tape because I didn't like iis contents." The While House conversa- Lions referred to took place on Feb. 27. 28 and March 13,1973. The prosecutors agreed to play the tapes. But after a bench conference later in the day, ii was decided that playing ihem would be put off for some iime, if not indefinitely. Pari of ihe procedure for in- tapes as evidence at the trial is that a participant in the conversation or someone accepted as authoritative can identify the voices and relate the substance of the discussion. Dean has been used for that so far. Hundley asked Dean a number of questions about the role of Charles W. Colson, former White House special counsel, in trying to get Mitchell to take the blame for the break-in. He drew from Dean testimony that it was Colson who had the closest relationship to E. Howard Hunt Jr., one of the break-in defendants, and that it also *"*%€"* Colson who ha'd." prodded campaign officials to utilize Hunt and G. Gordon Ud- dy, whose political intelligence plan led to the break-in. Originally, Colson was one of the cover-up defendants. Charges against him were dropped after he pleaded guilty to a charge in another Watergate-related case. The other defendants in the cover-up trial are John D. Ehrlichman, former Nixon aide; Robert C. Mardian, a former assistant attorney general; and Kenneth W. Parkinson, onetime attorney for Nixon's reelection committee. All are charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. All but Mardian also are charged with obstruction of justice. Sirica indicated that Nixon might be called as a court witness, meaning that neither the prosecution nor defense would vouch for his credibility. Sirica's statement came before Nixon re-entered a hospital at Long Beach, Calif., for further diagnostic tests on the phlebitis condition in his left leg. Meanwhile, White House Counsel Philip Buchen said that despite his willingness to do so, President Ford cannot release tape recordings of his conversations with Nixon unless a court agrees. "This administration doesn't own those tapes and can't make use of them except for ongoing governmental purposes," Buchen said. In another development, news reports said former Commerce Secretary Maurice H. Stans is plea bargaining with the special Watergate prosecutor in ihe hope of pleading guilty to minor charges relating to his 1972 fund-raising activities and having more serious charges dropped. A spokesman for Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski declined to confirm or deny the reports, as did an attorney for Sians, head of Nixon's 1972 campaign fund-raising activities. Copyright King Librarian of Congress Ainsworth Rand Spofford, in 1870, had the Library of Congress take control of the copyright, thus confirming the Library as the national library to which all publications would automatically flow. Fancy Red Delicious APPLES 3 $100 Lbs. | 10 Lb. 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