Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 12, 1962 · Page 7
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 7

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1962
Page 7
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Life Begins at Forty Hazards in Early Retirement By ROBERT PETERSON When the age at which both men and women could apply for social se.nirity benefits was lowered l> 62, this ctlumn predicted it w.mldn't be long till there was a campaign afoot to reduce it further. Sure enough, the campaign has been launched with the formation of "Sixty Now," a non-profit organization with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, which is reputed to have 15,000 members already. Not only is this group crusading to reduce the social security eligibility age to 60, but they want benefits raised to a uniform $200 a month. N Many of us want to see elders get all the breaks possible. But something-for-nothing movements of this kind, which are a throwback to the Townsend Plan, arc not sound. With people reaching old age in better health than ever before, we should be advancing, rather than reducing, the age of retirement. Although proponents argue that the plan will ease our unemployment problems, they seem unaware of the economic losses in labor skills which early retirement incurs. They also seem unaware that .work 'is a healthy, wholesome and noble pursuit, and that elders who continue working stand a much better chance of retaining their physical and mental well-being than those who retire early and become potential vic- tims of listlcssness and inactivity. . But elders may be in even greater need of the church — and more capable of infusing fresh vigor into projects and services — than younger members of the flock. While waiting for a plane at the | airport recently I fell inti conversation with an older woman .•om California 'vho volunteered that her husband was retired Irom construction work. When I asked if he had any trouble keeping busy she said, "He had a terrible time between 65 and 70 — just sat at home and wouldn't go anywhere. "But then my church began planning a new addition and needed someone ti take charge who knew the construction business. When tl'e minister heard about my husband he began wheedling him to head the committee — even though he never went to church. "My husband finally gave in and you've never seen such a transformation. He became friends with other i i on the committee and worked eight and ten hours a day. The church figures it saved at leas t $20,000 from the work he did and gave a big dinner in his honor. He's joined the church now, has been made head of the permanent mainte- ance ccmmittee, and never misses services." ! Great story. Churches every•where should awaken to elder po- i tentialities. Unfortunately, many | ' ministers, priests, and rabbis are ] so youth-oriented that they merely nod to the old-timers. They ' don't bother, to plan special i events for elders or coax Ihem | to perform useful tasks. If you would like a booklet "Things Churches Can Do for Older People" write to 'his col- Page 7 Garden City Telegram Friday, October 12, 1942 umn in care of The Telegram enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope and ten cents to cover handling costs. ANOTHER MOTE) TO PUT THEM FRQUVOUR IN WITH MV MOTHER? JVJLUNCH "ir^^ 1 OtAR SOU, ARE YOU 5TUDVINS HARD TOCAV? HAVE VOU MADE THE MOST OF THE MORNIN6 HOURS? VCUft FATHER AND I aJANTONLV THE BEST FOR VOU, 0UT VOO MUST 00 VOUft PAf?T,TOO....PONT FAIL , -Be DILI6ENT...LOVIN6LY,MOM " SOMETIMES ORA6 THAT BLANKET AROUNO, BUT NOaJ I THINK I KNOW.' STEVE CANYON Retail Sales Dip For Second Month By SAM DAWSON AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP)—That fsver chart of the American economy- retail sales—has disappointed the optimists again. Totals dipped in September for the second month in a row. They have been bobbing up and down since April. That the chart zigged in August and .September, when many looked for it to zag, is generally blamed on auto sales. The model changeover season and the lower than usual stocks of the older formerly PRAIRIE GAS & EQUIP. bruant FORCED AIR HEATING & COOLING SYSTEMS 5 YEARS TO PAY CUSTOM SHEETMETAL WORK Ducts, Elbows, Fittings Gravel Stop Rain Gutter, Metalbestos Flue Pipe, Furnace Filters, Grilles, Registers, Complete stock Minneapolis-Honeywell Thermostats & Furnace ..Controls. For Prompt Service or Free Estimate Call BR 6-5550 109 N. 8 models on dealers' hands may have led to the dip. Detroit, at any : rate, says the new models are at• trading good sales. 1 Optimists still are confident retail sales will turn upward si'gnifi- ! cantly this month and next. But i th e late spring dip, the mid-sum! mer rally, and now the late sum! mer and early fall slump have t merely added to the general un- I certainty about the general econo- '• my's course. | Sales arc well ahead of a year ago. But the failure to keep a I steady upward course and pace has worried merchants and dealers—a class prone to worry in the best of times. Making it more disquieting for them, the zig-zagging has been confined largely to durable grods. Sales of soft goods have mostly stayed good and usually on the increase. Americans are inclined to take the sale of soft gocds for granted. They are used to judging good times from bad by the amount of purchases of durable goods—the' j autos, household appliances and the like which American families buy to improve their standard of living. And laggard sales of hard goods when personal income totals have gene on rising are taken by many to indicate a worry by consumers over their future. I Various polls of consumer opin- | ions and intentions have denied that any such feeling now exists. Consumers are said to be cautious but far from really wor- j ried about their future. i Then why the lag in sales of j durable goods? i One school of thought is that j j Americans bought so manv gadg- j lets'in the 1950s that the demand , 1 has slackened naturally and is i new confined to an important dei gree to replacements and to those '• whose incomes are expanding and i bringing them into the still grow- i ing middle income class. School Problem i). W'/iy can't pinivorm control lie, started in schools? I hare spent a small fortune, on medi- ciilion anil now the doctor tells ma that my children can become infected again. / dread to send them to school. H hut can I do to start a control program? A. Recently developed drugs are highly effective and, with proper hygiene, will clear up •pinworm infcstution in short order. However, reinfestation can occur at uny time. An outbreak among school children does present problems unless every parent is willing to cooperate. Don't become overly alarmed, but should you encounter more difficulty why not discuss the matter with the school nurse or principal? We realize that it is a delicate subject, but with a tactful approach, you may accomplish a very worthwhile educational endeavor. Detergents O. If all of the detergent is not removed tchen dishes are mashed icould this lie hiirntful to health, especially children? A. It is dtiubtful that the small amount of detergent left on dishes would cause trouble. How- jver, if you are disturbed about this, why not use a spray hose to give the dishes a final rinse? Always ri-udy to give you I'rr- M-riplimi Sri-vice uitli llic urc-i'itt on Service. edical Mirror Send questions to: P. 0. Box 1174 Louisville 1, Ky, Aspirin For Diabetes Q, Some time ago 1 read where aspirin teds belief ir.ial in dia- lietes. Would you have, any information on this subject? A. Doctors have known for some time that salicylates (including aspirin) tend to lower blood sugar in diabetic patients. One case has been reported in which large doses of aspirin controlled the condition after usual diabetic treatment had failed. However, treating diabetes with aspirin is not generally recommended. Scientists have not yet discovered why salicylates lower blood sugar and, in addition, the long-term use of aspirin in large dosage can produce unwanted and sometimes serious side (Meets. McCLUNG - AYfv'E PHARMACY 109 Grant BR 6-6762 Participating Merchant—Garden City Cash Days Be in our store for cash day drawing VDUR FATHER ANP HIS FRItNPS WIU. PACE EXILE IF THEY FAIU-ANP WITHOUT OUR HELP THEY WILL. COLLAPSE / SO NOW MARE INVOLVED. 1 AUNT PILAK,PO you ANP THIS REP EXPKT/V1B TO BEA PARTV TO SUCH A FANTASTIC PLOT OONSUELO KNOWS THAT HER ONLV ESCAPE IS TO JOIN STEVE IN THE I- I'M OVER- WHELMEPl I THINK I MUST LIE POWN FOR AWHILE.' WHERE ARE YOU flOINS, CONSUELO? BATHER FACE JB YOUR FATHER THAN YCW AUNT WITH THAT OF TRIUMPH ON HER FACE.' NOW TBLL AU. ABOUT TAKE IT EASY, BABy...I WAS WATCWN0 VOUB UITTLE TABLEAU ON THE FROM THE 5HAPOW5 CISCO KID. HERE- H4LF OPTH/50ILL 15 NO GOOf? TO EITHEE OF US/ VOU GET WE OTHER fWLP WEN THE JOS \S ' PONE/ YOU'LL BE ABLE TO SEE WHAT RE PONS/ THBRBS A -. FULL /MOON TONIGHT/ IF t CM JUST 6&T HIM ON **• PECK AfTVK SUPPER/ TVIERES5 A PICK YOUR FAVORITE OPERA PUMP Medium or High Heels Black Calf Black Patent Brown Calf Black Suede Red Calf Blue Calf 70.99 Guaranteed for fit and comfort... with Life Stride's wonderful look of perfection! The basic opera pump, smooth lines, rich styling that makes this a fashion- favorite for any wardrobe. MICKEY MOUSE I SEE VOUR NEW APAfTTMENT HAS AN AlR-GONPITIONER! HOW PO YOU) I \T'S FINE, LIKE rr, r^ J EXCEPT. /b= .. WHEN THE LAPY IN ^ THE NEXT APARTMENT" PEELS ONIONS1 BLONDUE WE CAN FIT YOU I VOU MEAN I FIRST SHOULDVE ASKED VOU VJHAT KINO OF SOUP WE'RE HAVING ? FIRST THING VOU ASK ME \WHEN VOU COME HOME,IS WHAT ARE WE HAVING FOR DESSERT/ VOU KNOW BETTER THAN THAT HI-WHAT ARE .WE HAVING FOR DESSERT TONIGHT BEETLE BAILEY WITH YOUR COOKING AS BAP AS IT IS, THERE'S ONE THlN© I PONT UNPERSTAMP IT RUNS IN MV FAMILY, THAT'S 'WHY/ - MOW COME YOU'RE SO FAT? BESIDES/ \ I DON'T EAT J HERE / SHOE STORE SNUFFY SMITH I'M FIXIN'TO MOSEV DOWN TO TH'GENERflLSTORE, LOWEEZY--YE CRAVE, TO TAG ALONG?/ LET ME SCRIBBLE OFF A NOTE TO PAW FUST NOW, WAR CAW I PUT IT SO'S HE'LL BE SHORE AN' SEE IT? POGO 10-1-2- ._ THE RYATTS- 6RUNPOON PON'T HA8PIY TAIX NON6-N090PV UNP6WTANP5 WHAT 6AYIN0, U5UAUV- IN C0H50NAMT5. H6f?6'S SINC& Hg'S HAP CHICKEN POX f HE PA(.MAT(AN MASCOT wg'tu so ove« ANP IP tHe PinewSN CAN Rescue on OWL. ANP CHURCHY ... AMD THE REASOW > WE HAVE A HOLIDAY IS BECAUSE COLUMBUS DISCOVERED TODAY, MANY YEARS > flGO, HE SAILED OVER THE OCEAN AND WAS. THE FIRST TO FIND THIS COUNTt?Y WHERE WE > LIVE,., AND THE INDIANS,., AND. 'WERE THE INDIANS^ HERE WHEN clUMBUS DISCOVEREP AMERICA? OH...THEM WHY PIPNT

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