The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on June 1, 1998 · Page 12
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 12

Salina, Kansas
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Monday, June 1, 1998
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B4 MONDAY. JUNE 1. 1998 CLASSIFIED THE SALINA JOURNAL the Salina Journal Publication Ad Deadline Mon , 11 a.m., Frl. Tues , 3 p.m., Frl. Wed. ,11 a.m., Mon. Thur. .11 a.m., Tues. Fri .11 a,m.,Wed. Sat 3 p.m., Wed. Sun , .11 a.m-.Thur'. New Ads, Cancellations and Corrections *(Llne ads do not Include photos, borders or artwork), Publication r Ad Deadline Mom ;.,» ,.i,.,t,,10a.mi,S#.;,,......... „ »1 p.m., Mom Wed........ *-„,.;;..... .1 p.m.,Tues. Thur. ...„*.,.,.„. .1 p.m., Wed. * Frl ,.»,,.;»,,•„ t ..,<,. .1 p.m., Thur. Sat ^.10 a.mi, Frl. Sun..............i, 1p.m.,Frl. '(Deadlines may be earlier during holiday periods) INDEX INDEX INDEX ANNOUNCEMENTS— Monuments, Funeral Directors .11 In Memoriam 15 Card of Thanks 19 Amusements, Events 25 Vacations, Resorts 27 Personals 29 Special Notices 35 Lodges-Clubs 39 Lost-Found 45 Schools-Instructions 49 SPECIAL SERVICES— Alterations & Sewing 55 Appliance Repair 59 Art Services 63 Beauty & Barber Shops 69 Bicycle-Motorcycle Repair 75 Billiards & Pool Tables 77 Bookkeeping-Taxes 79 Carpentry & Remodeling 85 Child Care & Services 87 Cleaning-Commercial, Home .. .89 Clocks-Watches-Jewelry 95 Courier/Delivery Services 97 Electric Service & Motors 99 Fencing 103 Furniture Repair 105 Healthcare 113 Hearing Aid Supplies 115 Heating & Air Conditioning .. .119 Insulation-Siding 121 Internet/Computer Services .. .123 Laundry-Dry Cleaning 125 Lawn & Garden Care 129 Lawn Mowers & Engines 135 Leather Cleaning, Repair 136 Masonry & Concrete 137 Miscellaneous Services 138 Moving 139 Nursing-Rest Homes 145 Odd Jobs 155 Office Equipment 159 Painting & Papering 165 Parking Lot Striping 167 Pest Control 169 Photography 175 Piano Tuning & Repair 179 Plumbing-Sewer Service 185 Rental Services 189 Repairs-Small Engines 190 Roofing 191 Security Systems 192 Shoe Repair 193 Storage 195 Swimming Pools-Spas 196 Therapy 197 Trash Hauling & Clean-up 198 Tree Pruning-Removal-Sprayingl99 TV Repair 203 Typing-Resumes 205 Upholstery-Carpet-Drapes 209 Waterproofing 211 Vacuum Sales-Repairs 213 Help Wanted, General 249 Help Wanted, Medical 251 Help Wanted, Drivers 253 Salespeople Wanted 265 Employment Opportunities .. .269 Situations Wanted 275 Business Opportunites 279 MERCHANDISE EMPLOYMENT- Help Wanted, Motel 245 Loans-Insurance 285 Want to Buy 289 Good Things To Eat 295 Musical Instruments 299 Wearing Apparel 305 Jewelry 307 Miscellaneous 311 Garage Sales, Flea Markets .. .335 Antiques & Collectibles 339 Furniture & Appliances 345 Heating-Air Conditioning 349 TV-Radio-Stereo 355 Business Equipment 359 Computers 361 Building Materials, Tools 365 Construction Equipment 369 Lawn Mowers 371 Firewood 373 Flowers, Plants, Trees 375 Pet Stock & Supplies 379 Farm Equipment 395 Farmers Wants & Services ... .399 Seeds, Feeds, Fertilizers 405 Livestock 409 Poultry & Supplies 415 Public Auctions 429 RENTALS & REAL ESTATE Furnished Apartments 475 Furnished Houses-Duplexes . .477 Sleeping Rooms 479 Unfurnished Apartments 481 Unfurnished Houses-Duplexes 483 Mobile Home Rentals 485 Roommates 585 Houses-Lots For Sale 589 Want To Rent 593 Investment Property 599 Business Buildings 681 Business Property 683 Office Space 685 Out of Town Real Estate 687 Garages-Parking Lots 689 Farms & Farmland 691 Real Estate Wanted 693 RECREATION- Sporting Goods 729 Boats, Marine Supplies 733 Airplanes 735 Mobile Homes 737 Campers & Trailers 739 AUTOMOTIVE Auto Service & Parts 761 Motorcycles, Go-Carts 763 Car, Truck Rentals 765 Cars 767 Trucks 768 Classics-Antique Autos 769 LEGALS (Published In The Salina Journal June 1,1998) PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE VACATION REQUEST The City of Salina will hold a public hearing on June 22,1998, at 4:00 p.m., in the City County Build- Ing, Room 107, tor the purpose of considering petition number 4163 which has been filed by Abner Perney for Salina Habitat for Humanity, Inc. The petitioner has requested the vacation of part of the alley right-of-way in Block 16, Pacific Addition in the city of Salina, Saline County, Kansas. All interested parties may appear at said meeting and be heard before the Board of Commissioners. Judy D. Long City Clerk (1|) nprovement dis- DRUG (First Published In The Salina Journal June 1,1998) NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Governing Body of the City of Salina, Kansas, will meet for the purpose of holding a public hearing as provided by K.S.A. 12-6a01 et seq. at the City County Building, 300 W. Ash, Room 107, at 4:00 p.m. on June 15, 1998 to consider the following proposed improvement: Installation of a water main on State Street between the vacated Orange Street and a point 300 feet east of the Southwest corner of Section 11, Township 14 South, Range 3 West in the City of Salina, Kansas. That the estimated and probable cost of such improvement is $30,190.00. The proposed boundaries of the improvement district against a portion of the costs of said improvement shall be assessed are hereby established and fixed as the following legal description: Benefit District "A": Lots 12 through 21, Block 5; Lots 10 through 17, Block 6, all In Elm Grove Addition to the City of Salina, Saline County, Kansas; and Benefit District "B": A tract located in the NW 1/4 of Section 14, T14S, R3W: beginning at a poinl on the south right-of-way line al State Street that is 527 feet west ol the NW corner of Lot 1, Block 1, Leavenworth Addition to the City o Salina, Saline County, Kansas thence 512 feet west along sale south right-of-way line; thence south 602.5 feet; thence east 512 feet to a point 527 feet west of the west line of Block 10, said Leavenworth Addition; thence north 602.5 feet to the point of beginning. Sale unplatted tract contains 7.082 acres, more or less; and Benefit District "C": Tract No. 1: A tract located in the SW 1/4 of Section 11, T14S, R3W described as follows: beginning al a point 75 feet north and 250 feel east of the southwest corner of SW 1/4; thence, northerly 220.7 feet thence east 102.7 feet; thence south 220 feet; thence, west 120 feet to the point of beginning. Tract No. 2: A tract located in the SW 1/4 of Section 11, T14S, R3W described as follows: beginning al a point 466.25 feet east and 75 feel north of the southwest corner ol said SW 1/4; thence west 100 feet; thence north 220 feet; thence wesl 102.02 leet; thence northeasterly 289.89 feet; thence northwesterly 134.8 ft.; thence northeasterly 268.1 leet; thence south 714.9 fee to the point of beginning. Tract No. 3: A tract located In the SW 1/4 of Section 11, T14S, R3W described as follows: beginning al a point that is 470 feet east and 75 feet north of the southwest corner of said SW 1/4; thence north 714.9 feet; thence northeasterly 140 leet; thence south 293.4 feet; thence east 25.5 feel; thence south 475 feet: thence west 160 feet to the point of beginning. All in the City of Salina, Saline County, Kansas. The method ol assessment shall be that 100% of the total cost assessed against the property in Benefit District "A" shall be based on front footage and Benefit Districts "B" and "C" shall be based on LEGALS square footage for each lot for utility improvements without regard to buildings or improvements of the land. The proposed apportionment ol cost between the im, trict and the city-at-large is: I.The costs assessed agains the improvement district shall be 100% of the total cost of 6" watermains, fittings, hydrants valves, and any incidentals thereto to complete the wale, system. 2. The costs assessed agains the city-at-large shall be ap proximately 18% of the water- main project cost for the ovei sizing of the pipeline from 6" to 10" to enhance the City's future water distribution system. The hearing may be from time-to-time and until the Governing Body shall have made findings by Resolution as to the advisability of the improvement, the nature of the improvement, the estimated cost, the boundaries of the improvement district, the method of assessment and the apportionment of costs between the im- jrovement district and the city-at- arge, all as finally determined by he Governing Body. All person desiring to be heard with reference to the proposed im- irovement shall be heard at this tearing. Judy D. Long, City Clerk (2tsp) LEGALS (Published In The Salina Journal June 1,1998) SALINE COUNTY TREASURER'S QUARTERLY REPORT BALANCE APRIL 30, 1998 COUNTY GENERAL 3,143,965.94 ROAD & BRIDGE 1,392,688.31 EMS 435,842.35 APPRAISER'S COST 288,534.21 NOXIOUS WEEDS 115,715.12 CONSERVATION DISTRICT (6,380.69 LIVESTOCK & EXPO CENTER 229,087.92 MENTAL HEALTH OCCUPATIONAL CENTER 6,748.0 PUBLIC HEALTH 1,475.15 SPECIAL ROAD & BRIDGE MACHINERY 966,092.2 NOXIOUS WEED CAPITAL OUTLAY 142,185.8 ELECTION 112,164.73 COUNTY EXTENSION COUNCIL 9,678.52 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 13,975.96 EMPLOYEE BENEFITS 1,581,713.16 COMMUNITY COLLEGE TUITION 142,419.57 EMERGENCY 911 591,177.2 COMMISSION ON AGING 4,097.32 FIRE DISTRICT 1 GENERAL 24,578.96 FIRE DISTRICT 2 GENERAL 95,141.93 FIRE DISTRICT 3 GENERAL 52,379.50 FIRE DISTRICT 4 GENERAL 89,668.58 FIRE DISTRICT 5 GENERAL 67,285 54 FIRE DISTRICT 6 GENERAL 19,095.46 FIRE DISTRICT 7 GENERAL 31,086.00 FIRE DISTRICT 1 SPECIAL EQUIPMENT 394.2 FIRE DISTRICT 2 SPECIAL EQUIPMENT 65,300.00 FIRE DISTRICT 3 SPECIAl EQUIPMENT 12,123.81 FIRE DISTRICT 5 SPECIAL EQUIPMENT 34,8192 FIRE DISTRICT 6 SPECIAL EQUIPMENT 16,945.2 FIRE DISTRICT 7 SPECIAL EQUIPMENT 1,871.59 FIRE DISTRICT 6 NO FUND WARRANT 20.01 PAYROLL CLEARING FUND 54,628.1 SPECIAL BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION 437,447.18 JUVENILE CENTER CONSTRUCTION 2,860.20 JAIL CONSTRUCTION JOPS 27,008.00 COUNTY FARM 105,226.83 COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS DRUG GRANT 3,432.43 COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS 145,207.32 DARE 14,830.32 ENFORCEMENT GRANT 40.21 DRUG PROJECT DIRECTORS DISCRETIONARY 25,095.17 SPECIAL PROSECUTORS TRUST 5,877.59 TRASH-LITTER PROJECT 2,070.00 MAIL ROOM REVOLVING 48,595.81 TREASURERS SPECIAL AUTO 31,464.29 SLA GRANT (FORMERLY EMA) 1.68 SCHILLING ROAD GRANT (16,684.50) SERP 2,808.07 41.75 CRIME VICTIM REPARATION 53,751.86 I35/I70 DRUG GRANT DIRECTOR 15,598.80 35/170 DRUG GRANT 105,533.23 SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT GRANT 5,834.01 WATERWELL CONSTRUCTION 308,120.84 'ROSECUTING ATTORNEY TRAINING 635.72 COUNTY ATTORNEY CRIME VICTIM (480.42) GREAT (3,304.16) FALUN IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT 3,972.09 'IPPING FEE (WATERWELL) 235,663.48 LEPC GRANT BROCHURES 3,107.66 LEPC GRANT EIS MATERIAL 27.00 LEPC RISK MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP 30.00 STOP VIOLENCE GRANT (4,166.11) JJA GRANT - COMM CORRECTION 20,839.34 SCHILLING ROAD FARM 1,470.13 COMMUNITY PLANNING GRANT - JJA 31,506.07 VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN - FEDERAL (5,568.81) 12,256.20 COMM CORR JJATRANS- ITION PERIOD 28,839.34 COMM CORR/FAMILY TREATMENT 1,470.13 SICK LEAVE TRUST 9,040.90 1997 TAX 153,991.54 1998 TAX 55.82 1994 REDEMPTIONS 7,224.87 1995 REDEMPTIONS 18,064.86 1996 REDEMPTIONS 47,770.18 REDEMPTIONS UNDER FORECLOSURE 11,527.86 1991 DELINQUENT PP TAX 8,829.42 1992 DELINQUENT PP TAX 3,135.22 1993 DELINQUENT PP TAX 6,080.98 1994 DELINQUENT PP TAX 3,254.99 1995 DELINQUENT PP TAX 2,397.50 1996 DELINQUENT PP TAX 10,337.16 PARTIAL DELINQUENT TAX 4,513.41 TAX OVER/UNDER COLLECTED 1,328.73 RECREATIONAL VEHICLE TAX 9,329.34 STATE RECREATIONAL VEHICLE TAX 110.59 COMBINED MOTOR VEHICLE TAX 393,953.42 STATE MOTOR VEHICLE TAX 7,057.19 MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION (149.03) MVL SALES & COMPENSATING TAX 82,969.66 MOTOR VEHICLE LONGS & SHORTS (72.26) IN LIEU OF TAX 5,884.19 LOCAL AD VALOREM TAX REDUCTION 9,250.09 ESCAPE TAX 32,304.83 STATE EDUCATIONAL BUILDING (32.72) NSTITUTIONAL BUILDING (16.36) CORRECTIONAL INSTI TUTION BUILDING (13.48) 3AME LICENSE 54,311.50 'ARK PERMITS 3,150.50 45,635.29 TREAS SPL AUTO (LIENHOLDER) SAVINGS BONDS 2,785.50 235.00 LEGALS STATE WITHHOLDING TAX 9.81 OA KPERS CONTRIBUTION 2,317.37 GROUP INSURANCE PREMIUM 10,481.65 FLEXIBLE BENEFITS 1,113.06 ASSARIA BOND & INTEREST (6.34) ASSARIA GENERAL 378.26 BROOKVILLE GENERAL 699.51 GYPSUM GENERAL 473.43 GYPSUM EMPLOYEE BENEFITS 21.34 GYPSUM UTILITY 103.89 GYPSUM CITY LAW ENFORCEMENT (9.60) GYPSUM LIBRARY 19.13 GYPSUM CITY NOXIOUS WEEDS (4.80) GYPSUM BOND & INTEREST 288.76 NEW CAMBRIA GENERAL 141.33 SMOLAN GENERAL 220.05 SALINA GENERAL 57,101.31 SALINA EMPLOYEE BENEFITS 21,383.22 SALINA UTILITY 9,815.67 IALINA SPECIAL LIABILITY 157.60 SALINA BOND 39,590.21 SALINA AIRPORT AUTHORITY 4,527.26 :AMBRIA GENERAL ee.67 ;AMBRIATWP CEMETERY 2,030.13 DAYTON 195.91 ELM CREEK 7.42 EUREKA 963.19 FALUN GENERAL 462.58 FALUN TWP CEMETERY 992.62 iLENDALE 93.39 GREELEY 288.54 GYPSUM 652.14 LIBERTY 142.30 OHIO 293.39 PLEASANT VALLEY GENERAL 352.74 'LEASANT VALLEY FIRE PROTECTION 832.86 SMOKY VIEW 137.87 SMOLAN TWP 33.44 SOLOMON TWP 824.94 SPRING CREEK 724.34 WALNUT TWP 466 47 WASHINGTON 69 45 USD 240 GENERAL 466.64 USD 240 BOND & INTEREST 478.5' USD 305 GENERAL 60,855.09 USD 305 CAPITAL OUTLAY 15,203.54 USD 305 ADULT EDUCATION 1,515.55 USD 305 BOND & INTEREST 11,268.45 USD 305 RETIREMENT (1.15) USD 306 GENERAL 7,893.77 USD 307 GENERAL 4,313.44 USD 307 CAPITAL OUTLAY 1,059.23 USD 307 BOND & INTEREST #1 2,259 45 USD 393 GENERAL 579.49 USD 393 CAPITAL OUTLAY 144.73 USD 393 BOND & INTEREST 57014 USD 393 RECREATION COMMISSION 54.00 USD 400 GENERAL 744.41 USD 400 CAPITAL OUTLAY 248.35 USD 400 BOND & INTEREST 338 99 USD 400 BOND & INTEREST #2 429.94 SCHOOL BOND #5 1,993.00 SCHOOL BOND #83 3,206.67 MCPHERSON FD #2 GENERAL 51.01 MCPHERSON FD#2 AMBULANCE 1700 MCPHERSON FD #8 GENERAL 42.40 CEMETERY DISTRICT #1 GYPSUM 2,926.53 CEMETERY DISTRICT #2 GYPSUM 757.64 CEMETERY DISTRICT #3 ROSEHILL- BRIDGEPORT 53.98 CROWN POINT CEMETERY 20.74 DRAINAGE DITCH #1 DAYTON 7,661.21 DRAINAGE DITCH #3 ELMCREEK 1.1 DRAINAGE DITCH #5 GREELEY 358.58 CENTRAL KANSAS LIBRARY GENERAL 1,273.59 ENTRAL KS LIBRARY LEGALS EMPLOYEE BENEFITS 191.22 SALINA LIBRARY GENERAL 18,179.45 SALINA LIBRARY EMPLOYEE BENEFITS 1,586.75 UNCLAIMED LEGACIES 9,745.24 STRAY CATTLE 598.75 INTEREST 5,743.01 LONGS & SHORTS (137.93) PLANNING & ZONING 1,048.27 BALANCE AS OF APRIL 30, 1998 $12,649,215.02 I, KEITH LILLY, TREASURER OF SALINE COUNTY KANSAS, DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR THAT THE FOREGOING EXHIBIT IS TRUE AND CORRECT, TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE AND BELIEF, SO HELP ME GOD. /s/Keith Lilly, SALINE COUNTY TREASURER /s/Shirley Jacques, SALINE COUNTY CLERK Seal (1t) 33 TICKETS 1998 CHIEFS PEARL JAM/METALLICA SPICE GIRLS/WYNONNA ALL EVENTS NATIONWIDE 1-800-867-1967... Kansas City 249 HELP WANTED 249 HELP WANTED 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL GENERAL GENERAL JIMMY PAGE & Robert Plant, June 6th, Kemper Arena. Up to 4 tickets available. (785) 822-0865. BABYSITTER NEEDED at Christ Cathedral Church. Approximate hours Wednesdays 4:45pm-7:30pm, Sundays 9:45am-11:30am. Call 827-4440 tor more information. (First Published In The Salina Journal May 18, 1998) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Marriage of ROBERTO ESPINO TORRES and SOCORRO GONZALES RUIZ NOTICE OF SUIT Case No. 98 CVD 256 STATE OF KANSAS TO: SOCORRO GONZALES RUIZ, AND ALL PERSONS WHO ARE OR MAY BE CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed In this Court by Roberto Espino Torres praying for a Divorce; an equitable division of the property and obligations of the parties; and all other equitable relief and you are hereby required to plead to the petition, on or before June 29,1998, at 9:30 a.m., in the Court at Salina, Kansas. If you fail to plead, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the petition. Wm. Rex Lorson SC#8603 114 East Iron Avenue P.O. Box6116 Salina, Kansas 67401-0116 785-825-8236 Attorney for Petitioner (3tsp) (First Published In The Salina Journal May 18,1998) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of CHARLES H. BEACH, Deceased NOTICE TO CREDITORS Case No. 97-CVP-146 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that on December 3, 1997, a Petition for Probate ol Will and Issuance of Letters Testamentary Under The Kansas Simplified Estates Act was filed in this court by Betty A. Beach, a beneficiary and executor named in the Last Will and Testament of Charles H. Beach, deceased, and that on the same day Letters Testamentary Under The Kansas Simplified Estates Act were issued to Betty A. Beach as sole executor. You are advised that under the provisions of the Kansas Simplified Estates Act the court need not supervise administration of the estate and no notice ol any action of the executor or other proceedings in the administration will be given, ex cept for Notice of Final Settlement of decedent's estate. All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against the estate within four (4) months from the date of the first publication of this notice as provided by law, and if their demands are not thus exhibited, they shall be forever barred. BETTY A. BEACH Executor JOHN L. KASPER PETERSON & KASPEH 221 N. Douglas, P.O. Box 398 Ellsworth, Kansas 67439 A/C 913-472-3155 Attorneys for Executor (3tsp) 35 SPECIAL NOTICES SECTION 8 APPLICATION WILL BE SUSPENDED ON JUNE 5TH, 1998. The section 8 program will no longer receive applications as at this time applicants may wait up to one year to receive services. Applications for Public Housing are still being accepted from 8:30 to 11:30 am and 1:00 to 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday and on Fridays from 8:30 to 11:30 am. Equal Housing Opportunity. Salina Housing Authority, 469 S.Sth St., Salina 827-0441. 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL $5.50 TO START Now hiring in housekeeping. Weekends required. Apply in person only to Best Western Heart of America, 632 Westport Blvd, Salina. BOSSELMAN TRAVEL CENTER Now Hiring: Store Cashiers Blimpies • Shop Mechanics • Fuel Desk Cashiers Excellent wages & benefits. Apply to Kay, Human Resources Office, 1944 N. 9th, (785) 825-6787. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Salina Area United Way seeks experienced, full time office assistant. Advanced secretarial and organizational skills are essential. Individual must possess an advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Access. Call (785) 827-1312 for detailed job description. Send resume and cover letter to: Salina Area United Way PO Box 355Sallna, KS 674O2-O3SS Deadline June 5,1998 AM COOK, Experience necessary, apply in person Ramada Restaurant, 1949 N. 9th, Salina. APPOINTMENT SETTERS needed. No sales involved. Ful & part time positions available. S6.00/ hour plus incentives. Call 822-0973 for interview! AVON Supplement your income, be your own boss. Call Ellen 827-2082. FARM FOREMAN needed immediately. Call (785) 658-3483. BECKER TIRE has immediate openings for experienced tire techs. We offer competitive salary, full-time employment, paid sick leave, 401K plan, paid holidays, paid vacation, health insurance. EOE. Apply in person to: Becker Tire 432 N. Broadway, Salina. BOSSELMAN Travel Center CARLOS O'KELLY'S is now accepting applications for full- time dishwasher and part-time kitchen help. Apply in person 2259 S. 9th. CARPENTER HEATING & AIR TRAINEE Full-time sheet metal Installer, no experience. Mechanically inclined, self-motivated individual to learn trade, will work in high places. Some hand tools required. Occasional out of town work. Excellent starting wage and company benefits. Apply in person at 1624 E. Cloud. CNA Full time positions available on the 6am-2pm and 2pm-10pm shifts. Shalimar Health Center, 2054 Lambertson Lane, Salina, 827-5589. COMPUTER/FREELANCE Data Entry, Word Processing, & Graphic work. Flexible hours. Modem required for freelance. 800-722-5155/800-622-1133. College Students SUMMER WORK Up to $9.15, flexible full-time/ part time schedules. Apply In Manhattan, work In Salina. No experience necessary. Scholarship opportunities. Conditions apply. Call 9am-5pm 785-539-4100 Construction Laborers, carpenters, leadmen wanted. Excellent pay potential if you work hard. 823-6812. Construction Mies Construction Inc. needs Track Hoe/ Loader Operators. Experienced In underground utilities, top wages, paid holidays, Insurance, 401 K, overtime. EOE. (316) 945-7227. COUNSELOR/ Job Coach/ Child Care Worker. Seeking an adult to work with youth in a job training program. Part-time, great pay. For Information call (785) 536-4848, (785) 452-3641. DAYLIGHT DONUTS Frying Position Part-time. Nights. Apply in person, 670 S. Ohio. No phone calls. DISHWASHER Apply in person Bayard's Cafe, 2301 N. 9th, Salina. ELECTRICIAN: Local company now accepting applications for full-time licensed journeyman electrician. Wage based on experience. Benefits, paid holidays, vacation, retirement plan. Call 825-4010. ELEVATOR & MILL OPERATOR: Farmers Co-op In Lucas, Kansas is seeking an employee to fill a position In the elevator and feed mill. The job will involve operating machinery to move grain to storage, mixing and delivery of feed, and other tasks Involved with grain elevator operations. A CDL will be required. Health Insurance allowance. Contact Farmers Co-op at (785) 525-6455. 35 SPECIAL NOTICES I 35 SPECIAL NOTICES the Salina Journal For... LEGALS Legals can be published Monday through Sunday. Please submit legals three working days prior to the publish date. Call Ann Wisinger (785) 823-6363 Ext. #239 1-800-827-6363 E-Mail: 333 South Fourth • P.O. Box 740 Salina, Kansas 67402-0740 Salina Journal EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT HOUSEKEEPER Wanted: Executive Assistant Head Housekeeper for 100 unit+ motel. Qualifications: good people skills, able to assign work and see that it is done, some weekends and long hours are necessary. Must have current references. Apply in person only to Ramada Inn, 1949 North 9th Street. Starting wage S5.50-S6.00 per hour. Past 30 days eligible for review. Position open immediately. EXPERIENCED CONSTRUC. TION accounts receivable clerk. Excel experience preferred. Monday-Friday Sam- 5pm. SJ 380 P.O. Box 740, Salina. HOST/ HOSTESS. Apply in person. Bayard's Cafe, 2301 N. 9lh. EXPERIENCED ROOFERS needed for construction company. Call (785) 823-7933. Full time Mechanic Must have own tools. Good customer service needed with motivation. Benefits including health insurance, 401 K. Apply In person. 707 S. Ohio. FULL TIME Sales position open. We will train. $5.15 per hour to start. Apply in person only. Vemon Jewelers 123 N. Santa Fe 9am - 5pm Tuesdays- Fridays FULL-TIME: We need 13 men and women to start immediately In our set up and display department. No experience necessary, company will train. Must have reliable auto and be willing to work Call Tuesday 822-0953. GRANDMA MAX'S Now Hiring: Cashiers Servers Bus People Cooks Dishwashers Excellent wages & benefits. Apply to Kay, Human Resources Office, 1944 N. 9th, (785) 825-6787. restaurant Harvest Help Wanted Bennington Farmer's Coop. Call (785) 392-9926 after 6pm or 488-3355 days. HOUSEKEEPERS Apply In person only to Ramada Inn. Starting wage $5.50 per hour. Past 30 days eligible for review. Position open Immediately. the Salina Journal Classifieds for hard-to-find 35 SPECIAL NOTICES I 35 SPECIAL NOTICES Classified Line I Ad Deadlines New Ads, Cancellations & Changes (Excludes photos, borders & artwork) Publication Day Deadline Sunday 1:00 pm Friday Monday 10:00 am Saturday Tuesday 1:00 pm Monday Wednesday 1:00 pm Tuesday Thursday 1:00 pm Wednesday Friday 1:00 pm Thursday Saturday 10:00 am Friday Subject to change for holidays.

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