Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 12, 1962 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1962
Page 5
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'Our Junior College Is an Asset 1 Says Lloyd Haagto University Women's Assn. Lloyd Haag, chairman of the local school board, spoke to 36 members and guests at the Mon- dav meeting of the Association of University Women at the Luau Inn. Page 6 Gnrilon City Friday, October 12, 1962 Besides the 412 students, 70 are enrolled in night classes nvaking He told of the needs, condi-j 488 at present using the school tions, problems and hopes for facilities and more will be added the future of Garden City Junior d ur ing the winter. College. ' "The purpose of the junior col- "Juco has an enrollment of 412'; lege is three fold," he said, tech- i which is a 25 per cent gain over | nical, to train those who will go last year. | on to a 4-year college, vocational, to train those who are interested in Agriculture and other occupations, and terminal education for those who will not go on to a 4-year colleige, but will benefit from the two years. One problem at present, is lack of adequate housing and school facilities. Laboratories must be some classes are in Jones g r a^ e east Junior High, and otti- the'Senior High School. Teachers must also be shared with high school. Finances is a third important I problem. Hutchinson and Pratt, by special legislation, may levy another 1V£ mill fry submitting it Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Gottschalk, «h.«d ** hi* school, ' vention of the John Deere Co. They plan to visit in the east before returning. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Clark, Center Colo., left this morning , for Columbia ^ after spend he ^^ [(] ^ ing several days with Mr. ana would Mrs. D. H. Reed 307 N 9th. Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Reed are cousins. g ]Q . Inez Dunn Tells Jewelry Styles Nine members of J a y c e e Jaynes and three guests, Mrs. Robert Garnand, Mrs. Phil Bunkers and Mrs. Gene Kissinger, heard Mrs. Inez Dunn give an illustrated talk on fall accessories Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Dale Berry. Several members modeled new fall jewelry. Mrs. Don Coulter, president, conducted the business meeting. A thanksgiving basket will be given to a needy family. Instead of a money making project each member will donate $1 to the treasury- Mrs. Bill Hedges won the hostess prize. The assisting hostess was Mrs. Kenneth Sizemore. The next meeting will be Nov. 14. 52nd Anniversary Honors Silers The five children of Mr. and Mrs. O.L., Siler, 910 N. 5th, observed their parents 52nd wedding anniversary with a family reunion. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Bert Siler and Louise, Fuller-ton, Calif.; Bob Siler and Lynn Siler both of Anheim, Calif., Mrs. Charlotte Brownback, Odessa, Texas, and Leanna Siler of Udall. The California group visited a week with their parents, returning Saturday. the entire county. Mr. Haa.o concluded with. "We should all be proud of our Junior College. It is a community asset and we are sure that it has a brisht future." •Morton Phillies, Assistant Dean, of Garden City Junior College, pointed out that the Junior College is an American institu tion of the 20th Century. "The present needs are: more facilities, mow teachers who are not shared with high school and improved housing," Mr. Phillies explained. "At present they could use full time physician and chem- istry, math, English, and commerce teachers, all full time," he said. At present time the student body is made up of 118 men and 80 women from Garden City; 24 men and 10 women from Finney County; 43 men and 17 women from adjoining counties; 34 men and 10 women from other parts of Kansas and 65 men and woman enrolled from tne stales of Connecticut, Texas, New York, Missouri, Florida and Colorado. Mrs. Frank Crase, AAUW President, the third speaker of the group and a member of the Junior College advisory committee, says that there is a need to inform the general public, that more could be accomplished with better equipment, that the public needs to know all the facts, understand them and then push for an even better junior college. Other guests present for the dinner meeting were Mmes. Arthur Brandon, Pauline Way, Morton Phillips, Chester Russell of Waycross, Ga., and James Alt man of Folkston, Ga. Mrs. Ira Corn, Mrs. Homer Campbell and Miss Berniece Smith, president of Kansas State Teachers Assn. comprise the higher education committee who were in charge of the program. A pumpkin scarecrow was flanked on either side by shocks with golden wheat heads set among colorful autumn leaves scattered with candy corn the length of the table. Hostesses were Mrs. Charles P. Remaley and the Misses Gladys Darnes, Georgia Matthews and Elma Claire Tromble. BUFF STUFF ... from Gorden City High By CONNIE CONGDON Hi! My name's Connie Congdon and I'm going to be relating Duff Stuff this year. Since you'll be seeing my byline here every two weeks, let mo tell you a little about myself. I'm a senior in Garden City High Scihool and will soon be 18. Even though I'm not the tallest person in school? ? — I still manage to see a lot and hope to share sonic of the 'goin's on* with you. This week hag been pretty hec 'Be Your Age' Says Mrs. Craig Sorosis Club met Monday tfter noon with Mrs. Pete Drevnick, 1015 Theron, with 16 attending. Mrs. Bill Kessler served as co-hostess. President Mrs. Rex Ladner conducted the business session. Members discussed the names and ages of their children. "Be Your Age and Look Great" was the program given by Mrs. Virgil Craig. Mrs. William Lewis, 712 N. 1st, will be hostess for the Oct. meeting at 2 p.m. 22 MODELS AT THE ALPHA TAU style show last night were from left, Mmes. Phillip G. Porter, Bud Laughlin, Bob Jackson, Tom Reser and Doug Tedrow. Fashion Show Highlights Rush Party For Alpha Tau Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi tic what with all and bustle and frantic studying that always accompanies 11i e end of a six- weeks period. It's hard to believe I've only been a senior for 42 days. This weekend I can really relax (I'll slow down to 90 m.p.h.), and concentrate on prc- hustle Connie Last night at St. Thomas Epis-1 in which she told that hems are copal Parish Hall the Alpha Tau staying up this year, rich tones chapter of Beta Sigma Phi wit-, 'will be worn for daytime wear " " " and cocktail dresses may be quite glamorous. Afternoon dresses may nessed a fast moving colorful fashion .show narrated by Mrs. Charles Vaughn. have A humorous prelude oa fash-! predominantly high necklines. ions was given by Mrs. Vaughn Casual dresses may even be in Your Problems by Ann Landers — DEAR ANN LANDERS: Why don't you quit kidding the public? You are constantly urging readers to "see a psychiatrist." I'm beginning to think 'you are on a nice, fat retainer from the National Wig-Picker's Association. . My husbana and I have a long list of friends who have been in analysis for years. They are just as nutty as ever. They drink just as much and are just as miserable. The only change is in their social vocaljularies. They _ _. , . . now use such two-bit words as Open House Time Listed "projection, displacement and Open house for the 80ta wedd- identification." ing anniversary of Mr. and Mrs 0™ of my husband s assoc- E.P. Rogers will be between the at «s has been in treatment for hours of 2:30 and 5 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of the First Methodist Church Sunday. —(Mexican food sale, G I Forum Club, 107 West Santa Fe, Sat. Oct. 13th, 5 to 8 p.m. —12adv -orner \ ORNAMENTAL FROSTING 1 cup sifted powdered 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 egg white Beat eg® until it is frothy but not dry. Then sprinkle 3 teaspoons sugar over the whiles and beat 5 minutes. Keep adding the sugar a little at a time until quite thick, then add lemon juice. Beat with fork until it forms a point which Mall stand in any position. It is then ready to press through a pastry tube after it is tinted the various desired colors in different small dishes. For best results the cake frosting should be smooth and a little dry. When changing colors in the tube be sure and wash and dry the pastry decorator thoroughly before putting in a new color. REBECCA BEBERMEYER 508 EUGENE (Send your favorite recipe to the Cook's Corner. Each recipe which is published will earn a $1 prize for the contributor. Recipe* will be judged on the basis of reader interest or originality. They may be taken from a cook book or magazine, but the source should be given and should not be a current issue.) Mom, I don't understand why I can't go down to WREN STUDIO and have my picture taken! WREN'S are the best children photographers I know. Seems like a shame to let my childhood go by without a famous WREN'S portrait in the family album. Besides all the guys in my crowd are bragging about their WREN portrait. You just have to call 6-4951 for an* appointment and let WRENS do the rest. Mom made my appointment at WREN STUDIO and was she happy as she looked at all those beautiful proofs. I was happy too cause I knew my Christmas shopping was finished. I'm giving everyone on my list a WRENS portrait of m-e. (Even Sally, she's my favorite girl!) There Just isn't a nicer way of expressing Christmas cheer than a WREN STUDIO portrait. Besides they have a fabulous toy box that makes picture taking a down right pleasure . . . says David Nichols. 4 years. He has become so dependent on his analyst that he as to phone him in the morning o ask which necktie to wear. We know three couples who iave been divorced because one r both got mixed up with head- hrinkers. (One woman married psychiatrist.) These people tood each other fine until they legan to poke around in each ther's subconscious. If you can show me just one >erson who has been helped by >sychiatry I will eat this paper. -•FROM MISSOURI Dear From: Please read the .ext letter — and start nifoblin'. ( * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: I'm a ollege girl who has read your lohimn faith fully for the last our years. It always irritated me when you advised people to eek professional help. I figured it was a gimmick to duck figuring out a solution. Now I know letter. Trouble is no stranger to me but these past two years I've had more than I could handle. Life seemed to be closing in.'I felt overwhelmed, and helpless, was afraid to make decisions, and ;erribly depressed when I made the wrong one. You urged me to see a psychia trist. At first I was annoyed, had expected you to come up 1 witl a magic formula to solve all m'. problems. Later I got to think ng, "What do I have to lose?" o I made an appointment. I've been in treatment for six months and I'm beginning to un- lerstand myself — and others. feel better physically, too. Hany of my old aches and pains iave disappeared. Oh, I still get down in the dumps occasionally, but now I can cope with my depressions. : no longer feel helpless. I know omorrow will be better. And it always is. The point of this letter, Ann, is to encourage others not to be ashamed to get help if they feel ;hey need it. All of us can use guidance at some time or another no matter how self-sufficient we may be. Thank you for showing me the way. I will always be indebted to you. -^HOPE Dear Hope: Your signature is the key. Often the promise of a setter tomorrow is the only thing that gets us through today. DEAR * * * ANN LANDERS: If your column didn't do one other :hing but let people air their gripes it would still be worth the srice of the newspaper. This is whv I am writing. We have some close friends whose children are getting on my nerves. Whenever my husband and I go to their home the chil- ren plant themselves right in ;he middle of the adult group. They listen to every word and often enter in the conversation. Last night I was trying to discuss some legislation which will affect all of us. The 11 year-old boy stood right in front of me and began to pop his bubble-gum. His parents became far more interested in the size of the bubbles so I finally gave up. I told my husband I refuse to accept an invitation to thai house again. He said O.K. but the mother ought to be told the reason. I'm afraid if I tell her she will be offended. She's a nice person and I don't want to hurt her feelings. ADELLE Advise, please.— This takes skill and practice IT TAKES SKILL TO FILL A PRESCRIPTION To be sure see us!! NORRIS DRUG STORE 3)2 N. MAIN FREE DELIVERY SERVICE NIGHT CALLS • BR 6-4430 Bft 6-323J Dear Adelle: If you stop going over there without an explanation you accomplish nothing. Level with the mother. It could be an enormous favor. Parents are usually unaware of the damage they do when they put their youngsters constantly on stage — front and center. These children are a bore to adults and later a problem to themselves. To learn the knack of feeling comfortable with the opposite sex, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "How To Be Date Bait," enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to elp you with your problems. lend them to her in care of this iewspaper enclosing a stamped, elf-addressed envelope. Calendar of Social EVENTS FRIDAY GEORGIA MATTHEWS P-TA Fun •Tight — 5:30 p.m. Serving supper. p.m. booths open. NEWCOMERS BRIDGE — 8 p.m. arden Bowl. Call 6-7867 or 6-8076. ROYAL NEIGHBOR LODGM — •30 p.m. Covered dtsli suppi-r. Bring ovored dish and table service. Scott ity lodge expected. KAniKnAY DELTA KAPPA GAMMA — 6:30 .m. Warren Hotel. Call Bertha Yox- 11 6.5754, for reservations. MONDAY ADULT ART CLASSES —1:30 p.m. fternoon clnfls — Civic Center. Out- oor water color 1f possible. 7:30 p.m. venlng das., — Windsor Hotel. ELKS LADIES BRIDGE — 2 p.m. TWENTIETH CENTURY BOOK CLUB — 7:45 p.m. Mrs. W. E. Jones. SOS N. 6th. WOMEN'S DIVISION of the Clinin- jp.r of Commerce — 12 noon luncheon. Warren Hotel. Call Hazel Gardl- ne pROORESSIVE READERS CLUB - 7:30 p.m. Mm. Jamea McWilliamn. 1404 E. Chestnut. ACORN CLUB — 2:30 p.m. Miv. Lee. Kemper, 508 N. fith. TIJKSDAY FORTNIGHTLY — 2 p.m. Mrs. _eni-B(! Purnell, 303 Spruce. Please note change of liostera. NITE LIT?'S HDU — 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Li-Rov Vnnnaman. 012 Safford. Bring farnilv picture tweed with fringed hemlines. Coals and suit dresses will have an abundance of fur trim this season with the White House influence toward luxurious styles. One coat modeled was black with white fur trim. A cocktail dress fashioned of pure silk with a plunging back neckline caused a stir among the spectators. Crystallette necklaces accented the necklines and a few dramatic hats were worn by the models. In the above picture Beth Tedrow was wearing a three piece casual moss green dacron skirt and blouse with a matching wool sweater. An orange and brown striped mix and match outfit in wool with a matching brown blouse was modeled by Brenda Laugh- paring my parents for the shock that comer, next Wednesday when the not so little white cards with the not so good grades are passed out. I'm referring to those harbingers of a rough next six weeks —REPORT CARDS. All this frantic fact-finding and fitting in the right boxes beside the right Tudor Kings, Spanish Conquistador, or quadratic formula, hae seemingly squelched party-giving lately but G.C.H.S, students. This is probably only a temporary situation. However, last Friday's Civic lin. Anita Jackson was attired in Center party was not much affected by all this heavy studying! Seniors and Sophomore an avocado green co-ordinate suit, completely linead and worn wth a matching fur blend sweater. This suit had both skirt and slacks of wool flannel. Mary Jo Reser was chic in a smart avocado green wool checked outfit with button down the front trimming. Her accom panying accessories were gold jewelry and a gold beaver felt hat. All of the outfits came from th 0 Town Shop. The Alpha Taus and guests were seated at their quartet tables with decor of fall leaves, multi-colored cloths and candles. Hostesses were members of the rush committee. Guests were Mmes. Dick Thornburg, Dick Dickerson Maurice Mayflcld, Bob Wilson, Joe Taylor, Robert Lor.g, Ron Thomas, Miss Nancy Ober and a transfer, Mrs. Charles Maylander. Attending from the Xi Iota Exemplar chapter of BSP were Mmes. Bob Small, Duane Garner, Bob Minter and Dick Fankhauscr. 19 Attend Zeta Upsilon "Prose" was the topic of discussion Monday night by Mrs. Bill Ackley for 19 members of the Zeta Upsilon chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. 'The rhythms of prose are the rhythms of the speaking voice," she explained. Entertaining the group in her home was Mrs. Norman K. Moore, 1406 N. 12th, who was assisted by Miss Pat Branson. Mrs. Jim Murdock became a new member of the chapter by transfer. The business session was conducted by Mrs. Charles Romine. Members voted to buy sorority pins for the sponsor and director. A belated wedding gift was given to Mrs. Gary Salyer. The ritual of jewels banquet is scheduled for Nov. 3 at the Fla- minigo Inn. A style show is also planned for November. Mrs. Ackley received the hostess gifl and Mrs. Robert Gardiner a Secret Sister gift. Mrs. Lawrence Miller, Hoi- comb, assisted by Mrs. Johnnie Roark will entertain at the Oct. 22 meeting at 8 p.m. alike, were there and a pretty^ neat looking crew we were — Pop • Beringer having declared it "a" dress-up affair — (in other words,: we were to leave our "gruibbies" it home and wear school! clotfoa-). The Lamed cheerleaders were there and surely weren't shortchanged in the dancing field. Our Garden City boys seenred to fdf- get any previous animosities they might have had about the game and entertained them quite well. The floor was pretty crowded but didn't stop a persistent "Pony Line" that wcavcd in and out at a fast pace until exhaustion set in. Principal Tom vSaffell came by, so every faction in school was well represented, from sophr omore to faculty. A few graduates of last year's class were there — David Davis, Doug Weber and Danny Fank- hauscr slopped by. Doug Crotty and Dean Angeles were playing in the "Counts" and Rhea Foster, home from Wichita University for the weekend, came over to see how old Garden Garden High wa s surviving without the class of '62. For Garden High debaters, this week ends more than the six weeks — it ends weeks of planning and seven days of hard work getting ready for today, the first day of their Invitational Debate Tournament. There is one sure sign that this annual event is approaching — Dean Nolte, debate coach can be seen "Scootering" down the halls, lists of every shape and form clutched tightly in each hand, and. with a worried or disgusted (sometimes both) look on liis face. (Mr. Nolte has had singular success in the high school debate field and is a most con- scientous and hard-working debate coach and G.C.H.S. is understandably very proud of his many accomplishments). All fifth hour classes today . ELK COUPLES BRIDGE — 8 p.m. Elks Hall. Hosts: AT re. "ml Ml ;^ 1K ; 1 Lewl« nn<l Mr. mnl-Mrc. P. C. Mlr-l,"l. ROYAL NEIGHBORS SOCIAL CLUB — 12 IIDIIII luncheon. Mrs. Anna Adam. 408 MiiKimlin. Tiring covered rtl«li and tahlf sen-lee. GOLDEN RULE IIDU - 2 p.m. Mrs. Cfcil Snodgrass Plea^e note change of place. Mrs. Vaughn Is Delta Mu Speaker Mrs. Charles Vaughn was speaker for nine members and a guest Mrs. Walter Arnold, Wichita, at the Monday night meeting of the Delta Mu chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha. President Mrs. Vincent Reichert was hostess for the group which met at her home, 2012 X. 7th. The hostess prize was won by Mrs. L. Hatfield and a Secret Sister rift was recived by Mrs. Tom Pore. Hostess for the Oct. 22 meeting will be Mrs. Walter Snell, 1102 Pershing, at 8 p.m. —3 doz. Frozen Spudnuts, $1.00. —12adv FIVE POINTS CAFE is now open under the management of MARIE RHOADES HERE'S A FABULOUS TREAT FROM COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. A BIG MOVIE TREAT SATURDAY MORNING 10:00 A.M. Just bring two empty pop bottles of the following kinds Coke - Bubble-Up Orange Crush Nu-Grape Sun-Crest flavors FOR YOUR ADMISSION TICKET See this thrilling action story . . . With John Wayne in "RIO GRANDE" Special Prizes Awarded for "Coke" bottle the farthest point from Garden City Doors Open 9:00 a.m. Show Starts 10:00 a.m. were used by debaters from all over F was as their first round got underway with G.C.H.S. fac ulty acting as judges. Garden debaters won't debate unless a team drops out — but will certainly have a good opportunity to "scout" strength and weaknesses for use in future debate tournaments. The tournament ends Saturday with the awarding of trophies. This is rough competition between many of the best debate teams in Kansas — so watch the winners as they will be our formidable opponents this debate season. And speaking of rough competition, I'm hoping most of Hie G.C.H.S. population are reading this on Saturday morning as we play Russell tonight so everybody should bo in the stands at Russell, yelling our boys on to victory. I'll be there, boating the- bass drum and having a ball! So tonight, let's eat, drink and be merry for Wednesday we may be "A-less and FUN-less". —3 doz. Frozen Spudnuts, $1.00. —12adv LAUGH-FILLED— TUNE-FILLED— FROLIC—With That Twist Beat NOW SHOWING Spectacular thrills in the jungles of India mwm m ,«, JOCK MMONETrtui th EWwito! witk GilEHORA. Hint tl tta Uwtatt . . Blazing action JAMES SIWAW Rimi ROMAN fOBNNECMM WALTER BRENNAN Co-Hit—Youth on a Rampage— They took like kids -but they want love like adults l Plus Color Cartoon Boxoffice Opens 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Matinee Sat. 2:00 88 MW2 It is a most unusual and memorable movie . . . the story of the most defiant man alive . .. Mfffli HfCHT, iB BURTUmER € BIRD MAN OF AUMAZ STARTS SUNDAY liiimj iif» turn3 AIIIIIS NOW SHOWING Box Office Opens 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 BONUS OWL SHOW SATURDAY A Thrill Epic of The Underworld — "THE MUSIC BOXKIP

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