Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 3, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1943
Page 4
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HOPS STAfc, HOPS, I ope Star Wanted to Buy inc. GOOD CLEAN TWO-SEATED CAR. Plymouth or Chevrolet. Will consider pick-up truck. Rufus Anderson. Hope, Route 1. ' 28-6tpd Mrt«, Hope Ark. t. I>AIME«< Lost i«« «« under [ f\f >*-*-means Associotcd PPBS3 i-rMeons Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. '- RaM (Always Payobte In *.'• By-elly carrier, per week I5c; , >Wda, Howard, Milter ana counties, S3.SO per year; else' " ited Press is exclusively entitled to i 'for republication of oil news dis- SBCHcms 'icfeaited to ft or not otherwise IttSsattect iri, (Ms paper and also the local Swua.^.^.iiu.i—(.herein. BOYS' BROWN L E A T H E R pockctbook. Lost Saturday, May 39, near Saenger theater. Contains four dollars and identification papers. It found please return to Hope Star. Mf SIDE GLANCES By Galbralth trges on Tributes, Etc.: Chorges will be "<t all tributes, cards of thanks, reso- or memorials, concerning the de- Commercial newspapers hold to'this Vthe news columns to protect their from a deluge ot space-taking me- The Star disclaims responsibility i safe-keeping or leturn of any ted manscripts. nm • r • I Classified s mu^'be in office day before :~ , publication. Ml Wont Ads cash in advance. i iNot taken over the Phone. i time—2c -word, minimum 30e taix times—5c word, minimum 75e ftJJilhree times—3V a c wofd, minimum 50c feiiOhe month—1 Be word, mmmium 52.70 S-Rates are for continuous insertions only 1*THE-MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER g$S££"-"-,'.- YOU SELL." ' For Sale ,.^~—/LOOK: SA.ND BOXES >r the children, delivered com- *j,--v piete with clean washed sand. |||lHempstead County Lbr. Ca. ,.^,..'-^_ _ - . . g^j Flashes of Life By The Associated Press Family Affair York Pa. — Graduating in the same class at Lower Chancetore High School, Harry Barnett, Jr.. reported to the Army and his mother. Mrs. Stella Barnett, went back to housework on the family farm. Mrs. Barnett, who left school at 1G to marry, returned 19 years later and was an honor pupil. Hidden Treasure Kokomo. Ind. — Police aren't happy about the fact that a single parking meter brought in $5 for one hour's parking. They are pawing through the nickels from about 1,000 meters looking for a $5 gold piece which Mrs. W. L. Gunther inadvertently dropped into the slot. Goodbye, Betsy Asheville. N.. C. — Recreation Park is going to sell Betsy, the baby elephant school children bought in 1926 with their pennies and nickels and gave to the park. Betsy, now 23, no longer is a baby and the only man who could keep her is in the army. Since he left Betsy has torn down her house and snatched the top off an automobile parked near her lot. The management is asking bids on Betsy. > "I'm always gelling Uiem mixed up. General—is it a Panzer movement and pincer division, or vice versa / Wash Ttibbs Worwegian Brush O'ff Crane „,.. , \ MBNiSO? ENAR,WHAT t>0 of THE \you KNOW OF ELSA.PAuV" JAS30NAI v OF (JjEOftd 0LERT; SAMUM6, V0UR EX* CELLEMCy I6HTERJ H*l- ELSA X 6VEN BEAUTIFUL IS THE \6IRLS CAW BE SPIES, MOST WiOU RJOLS 1 FOUWP BEAUTIFUL HER NEAR. AAV C.IRL IN TBUNK TODAV. you LEUTEUIKo/ MOST WATCH HER 7 AMP REPORT TO ME s^r, <£ f Uv 1 PO NOT <5<3 TO DAMCES WITH EISA, IF VOU WILL 60 WITH ^E TO THE DANCE 1 WILL MAKE A 6OCV REPORT TO 7V.REO. U. B. ML Oft. npOqi? BY NE« 811 Popcye 'No Man's Land" Thimble Theater FUNNY BUSINESS 3§HKD CHOW AND COCKER Spaniel puppies. Dogs boarded l>y day, week or month. Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmpd KvHAVE RECEIVED NEW STOCK '*' of first line Atlas Tires. Bring your purchase certificate. Standard Service Station. Washington, Arkansas. 28-Gtpd |* CORNET, PERFECT CONDITION 'j,J. S. Gibson, III, Phone 898. 2-3tpd FOP Rent f 1 "CLOSE IN NORTH SIDE OF FUR >f' A nished duplex apartment, tw fj. lj beds. Decorators just finished re * decorating. Mrs. Tom Carrel /.Phone 164. .. 29-t Mideast New York — Abram R. Morrell vas summoned for jury duty in a murder trial but was- excused by udge Peter Brancato when he »ave his occupation — a tombstone and mausoleum salesman. Alarmed Chicago — The alarm clock tha awakened him in the morning to go to work in a steel plant put him to sleep in the -evening, Walter J Pawlowski told Circuit Judg Thomas J. Lynch. Th P sleep came, he testified when his wife hurled the clock a him. -He pointed to a scar on hi forehead to substantiate hi charge. . Judge Lynch granted'him a a vorce. '^TWO-ROOM APARTMENT, FUR- ^nished or unfurnished. 218 West Ave. C. . l-3tpd. , NICE BIG BEDROOM WITH TWIN M"beds. Private bath and private ' " .'entrance. Apply 420 West Ave. B 'or call 854 after 6 p. m. 2-3tch. FURNISHED OR UNFUR Juished rooms. Near Hopewell school house. Rent reasonable Mrs. L. C; Godwin. 2-3tpd Donald Duck Donald's Last. Stand By Walt Disney Help Wanted *WHITE OR COLORED WOMAN for light housework and assist • with children. Apply 315 West Sixth after 6:30 pi m. 25-tdh Today in Congress By The Associated Press Senate May take up MoKellar bill r quiring confirmation of U. S. em- ployes making $4,500 or more. Agriculture subcommittee con- I tinues hearings on rollback ™ food prices. House Continues debate on anti - strike legislation. Immigration committee resumes study of Chinese exclusion legisla- 1 tion. I Blondie "1 wciir it to keep from exaggerating the size of the iish I caught!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson No Sales Resistance! mi By Chic Young y .•^•*ter?--:-~y:*"" I«.H. K..l«'t«H»m >in.UvU<. If* . M'mlJ I IT COMES IN TWO COLORS-RED AMP GREEK! Wanted to Rent Navy river gunboats are usually named for island possessions o£ the United States. THREE OR FOUR ROOM UN" furnished apartment. Conven' • iently located. Duplex preferred. I -Phone 768 before 1 p. m. Satur• day. 12 - 3tdh State health departments spend nearly 54 million dollars a year throughout the United States. - ] — Hold Everything sfs FURNISHED APARTMENT OR ' house with two bedrooms. Call ' 054-W any time between now and July 1st, No children. Reference .ftu-nished. 2-Stpd. r,POUR-ROOM FUR NISHED apartment or 4 or 5-room furnished house. Must have electric refrigerator. Call Joe Perry, 588-J. 3-3tpd Wanted -CARRIER BOYS FOR THE AR Jansas Gazette. Jack's. New .ftTstand. ^P d Found WHITE FACE HEIFER, about two years old. J. W. Ray, "Highway 67, Telephone 40. MJ ffi NEA SERVICC. HjC. T M REG. U S F-AT CifF 7A& MASTIFF BAT IT GLIDES LOW OVER THE WATER. AND SCOOPS UP 5MALL FISH FROM THE SURFACE... AND IF BY ACCIDENT IT FALLS IMTO THE WATER, IT CAN TAKE TO THE AIR. AGAIN, LIKE A SEAPLANE. Boots and Her Buddies Nothing Like \ VrifXVSV rX TO j? re ** - Red Rider She Suspects Nothing By Fred Harmon MOST DANGEROUS TEMPERATURES FOR. THE FORMATION OF /OF cvv A//zcf9Arr ARE THOSE BETWEEN 2O° AND 34° FAHRENHEIT. OUT OUR WAY 'How many''n's' in 'monolon- ous'?" By J. R, Williams f COPR- 1943 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U.-S. PAT. OFF. SELENIOGRAPHV O IS THE STUDY OF WHAT • , _ ANSWER: The study of the moon's physical features. triERE'5 blO PROOF 3 HE MfY5 to RO& US-&UT 1CAN»'T 1AK.E 1H' CHANCE • SIN't TEU- SHE'D BE STIFF.' l SOTTA TrtlNK. OF SOttE.fHIrt' 1 PRONTO.' 'I , OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople •VB M.UST HAVJE COME ISi \JERTICAL X HE OLD BOM OUT NISVAT WITH H6HT AMD A SHERLOCK HOLM.E9 FROWNi \T WAS PRETTY LATE, EV/EMFOR. TO STAKT AIAOS ALXNANS 50ME , JSOMSHOW I'NA GOIMG TO OOTSKAAC.T BOY.' 1 HADE HIM SO HE'D OUT OF MISCHIEF FOB. THH FORM ING PANIC <^r<e UR.OU&H THE NAFMME VJOODS/ OM SOUR "TO THE POST Allley Qop A FINE THIN&! HOW D'YA. EXPECT TO L.OOK L\KE A. ROMAN WEKEIN THEM PANT5? VOU MU6T But Not New York By V. T. Homlin NOT CPKZ.V, OOP...I \ VV/Vo COLD.' A.NVHOW. \ IF WE. MEET KNVONE, ) ' '•'^M STAND IN' /\ DITCH; AO^vV-^X OH, OH.' AVj.^r/ 6EEM5SOU I 6KV. OLD CHAR WHECE. DO VESN BOV6 BE A LONG ,, VMKV6 FBOM HOME, BUT I DECLARE., VENN 5EEM THIS GUY SEEH5 T/O BE- FEIENDLY - 6WEET SHELL KCKIN' HA.NDED THEM ROMKN It Freckles and His Friends Very Descriptive By Merrill Blosser BUD, WHAT HAPPEMED IM ) Is JTSAFE THAT OLD BUILDING OM /To SWOOT WIULOW ROAD ? r OFF MV FAC£? WELL, L HAPPENED To BE PASSING. BY-THREE MEN WERE TALKING-, AND ONE OF THEM SAID --"OKAY, LEFTY---6IVE HIM BOTH BARRELS" THEN 1 HEARD TWO LOUD RE- FORTS--.ANDTWO NAEM DROVE" AWAY/ THEN SILENCE, f\ DREAD AND SINISTER SILENCE. HOVERED OVER. THE =LACE, LIKE A DREAD AND SINISTER. SILENCE

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