Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 30, 1969 · Page 18
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 18

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1969
Page 18
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f~ 1 n —p, THE REGISTER-NEWS — ^ rT - VERNON. ILLINOIS THURSDAY, JANUARY 50, 1969 YOUNG AMERICA Bridge Lesson ; ln.v Play Kills Kasl's Threat i liy Oswald and .lames .lacol>y For Jefferson County Sign-Up Dates Revealed In Grain, Wheat Programs NOUTII A msii .i v Q i:; 2 • a r, A !i 8 7 ::o VFST A K !I7 v 8 r; 5 • J 7 A A K i::: I:\ST A •! v ic J m o ! i 1 x i:; A q is 5 -l Signup dates for larmers in Jefferson county who wish to take part in the 1969 feed grain and wheat programs have been announced by Parker Pierce, chairman, Jefferson County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Gv.ri m i 11 ee. All commodity program sign­ ups will be held during the same period February 3, through March 21. Signup applications indicate the farmer's program intentions, including the extent of his participation in the programs. Under the feed grain program tor 1969, farmers may earn di- ; version and price- support payments as well as qualify for prrice-support. loans on their corn, barley and grain sorghum i crops; feed grain diversion payments will be available to all program participants in 19(59. I The wheat program provides diversion payments for reducing ; acreage below the farm allot- \ | ment, and price- support loans \ ; on all the wheat produced on the farm. It also provides mar-: keting certificates to bring re- ! turns up to full parity on the part, of the wheat crop allocated for domestic use. While the signup period for 1969 commodity programs will extend through several weeks, the chairman urged that farmers who wish to take part in the programs file their applications as soon as they decide on 1969 production plans. "Time has a habit of getting away from us sometimes before we know it, so it's good idea not to delay in filing program intentions,'" he said. 25 30 Copyright 1968 FORTUNE Despite the current emphasis on youth in American society, young adults—the 18-24 age group—account for o relatively low percentage of the total population. Their numbers have been increasing more rapidly than the total population since World War II, but their percentage is moving up only slightly and between 1948 and 1958 dropped. CROWDING INTO COLLEGE 18-24 Year Olds in College or Graduate School sorxii rr>> A A Q J :-: 2 V A9 7 • A K Q 9 A H) North-Soitili vulnornhle West North Vast South 1 A 'l A Pi.SS A i 'l.SS Dble V 1957 '58 '64 '65 Copyright 1968 FORTUKE !n fust 10 years, the number of young adults enrolled in college more than doubled and is expected to rise by almost the same number again by 1975. The percentage of all young adults in school has increased at a slower rate, however. Horoscope Forecast l'"ri(l ,-i\ The early morni n i; finds sonie delays and obstacles that ean retard the things that you want lo accomplish unless you utilize this period to complete your plans for the day. The afternoon and evening are just' great In put across whatever ideas you have or the pro- duets \nii wish lo merchandize. AIJII-.S ' \l.i! . L 'l lo Apr bo Wail until allernoon before coining to a tme understanding with family, since they are very much annoyed in A.M. Improve present' security. Why do you lose your temper if \uii can't get votir w.iv those repairs to home ar" pleled as you planned. AIOOX CHILDKl-JX Uune July LMI The morning ma> out rather slowly hut later e\ even thing works out O.K.. especially it: personal allairs. I >on't slum die social tonight. L'L' to start l.KO i July L'L' l( cialisls who ha\e he persuaded to ves with you. tliev are so dc .Aug. L 'l i Spe- ingenuity ean ally thenisel- ind it is good derate and thorough. Bo individual lor aid. sun or you assisl group who TAl'RI "S < Apr. L 'li I. Scheduling activities < you achieving far mini had even planned. Keep Ihnsi appointments on the dot. GEMINI (May L 'l to June L 'l If you show others how Witcnd to spend it. they assist you to have more <>| wherewithal you want. Be :Vlay L'ln fly sees than von you will the VIR( lO (Aug. _'L' lo Sept. L'L' i .Much soeutbilily is good for you both during day and evening now, since you can make right contacts lo go along with your fines! plans, l let as much enjoyment as you can from the get- togethers. 1,11! Show form RA i Sept. LV. li executives you the civic work i Ucl will that IT'S WHAT 'S HAPPENING KICK THE HABIT. JOIN THE IMAGE BREAKERS SLEEK NEW SHOE FOR MEN In want you lo and stop seeming so unruly. Also, get busy with regular routines so you ean advance more rapidly. SCORPIO lOi-l. 'J!! to Nov. 21) You gel so many fine ideas from your paper or new contacts thai v nl barely know which one to start on first. Pick out the most promising which bring your lines! talenls lo the lore. SACITTARH'S i .Nov. L'L to Dec. L 'li You find it rather difficult to lake care of conditions so early, but later in the day your intuition gives right impe- some tus. (Jot. your obligations out asks ,,| )|„, \\ a y before you turn to the romantic in P.M. CAPRICORN' (Dee. L'L' to Jan. L '(b Avoid seeing that partner Today's coulacts are all desirous of your doing some favor or work for them, so be enthused to do so since it is also lor your good. Kind just the right addition to your wardrobe. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19* Once that dull work is finished you can go out in P.M. socially get good results that are impossible in A.M. Situations arise that clear the air with everyone PISCKS i Feb. L 'li lo .Mar. Lil»I until later in the day when you and have a delightful time. Be Willi eongenials for your ideal kind of fun. Don'I be 1 o u d, though, or you spoil things. London'! uhvvay system carried 9.5 million passengers in ' the first years of its existence, according, lo the Encyclopaedia Britanniea. per- Ihev s .". A .1 A s Pas: . Openintl lead A K I Juke Winkman's pupils all | manage to develop a reasonable anount of skill in dummy play. • In today's hand we see Wink- i man as dummy. Smith's final bid of four spades did nol meet with Prol'fes- ' soi Winkman's approval. As he I oiiils out Soulh bid four spades all by himself and there was no reason for South to Ihink lhaf he would be able to make n. Actually, North might have ..umped to four spades after 'tis pnrlncr's three- diamond hid !;:l Winkman knows his pupils pretty well and was nol going lo fall into thai trap. West opened the king of clubs and continued. South rufled and ol'yed the ace and queen of : paries. There was really no in trying to gel to dummy IT a trump finesse. West's double had clearly located the king of trumps. West was in with the king and might well have led a heart j but Wosl took the easy route >f continuing clubs. South ruffed again anil play•d his last frump in order to haw West's last one. East had icen forced lo discard twice | and had played a diamond and : his last spade. South ran off his three high diamonds to discard one heart if-en dummy. Then he stopped to think awhile. Winkman could almost watch his mental pro- '•osses. Where was the king of hearts' West bad shown up with ace king of clubs a nd k i n g of '; pades. Last had bid twice, would have d.ine il vv i t h ju .Pt the queen of clubs and the ! eart jack? No. be wouldn't. ' How can I make this contract with Ihe king of hearts in ihe East hand? Uvpulually, South worked it oi,l. Ho led his fourth diamond and discarded another heart (:om dummy. East was on lead ,i:d had to play a heart. South let it ride around to dummy 's qilien and made bis doubled com rue!. 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