Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1912
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 4,1912. One Price to All Our 21 si Semi-Annual GLOBE lola, Kansas Shovel Sale Now Going On! Men's Suits and Overcoats ==At a Big Reduction == GLOBE lola, Kansas A Saving of 1-5, 1-3 and 1-2 on All High Grade Suits and Overcoats. See Windows! 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All 50c fancy silk Four- in-Hands 35c All fancy Silk Strings.. 15c HOSIERY Regular 10c kind 7c Three for 20c Regular loc kind, 3 for 25c 10 Per Cent Off on Shoes! 10 Per Cent Off on Hats! Men's Shoes. 800 pairs of Men's Shoes work and dress — w-orth up to $5.00; your choice— $1.85 Most Everything in the Store Sliows a Marked Reduction-See Window Display Men's Hats 100 Men's Hats- worth $2.50 and $3.00, Shovel 'Em Out— $1.98 Everything marked in plain figures. One Price to everj- body. We Pay R. R. Fare to and from lola. Ask the salesman. nBflUT lou's m m: (((M»IMO>S l!i:i.'h 1 ;lMi'VK\riVK J.Y KAVOKAIM.K «IIH M-J.. ill |1»M 'l-i-.M.^rrt, !•>•-' ior IlM|irinrnirlil» >"". in:; fliiurfs ar>' iii^'-r'stinc. T''i.'' Sli'lf Tux Comr!;5?>it>'i r 'y .ij )arpf1 tS: • y-ars 19i,;i! l^'l". but w.- oom- ptir • th.' I'-'i:', -^m! HMI in 1 (11 :.l ;:i>'>:. Ill 1 'li - !"vi.>s for .til |)ijri:c ^-.T n.p foll'.'v.s: Cou'.uy C.-t.'-ral ''.'> (•oiinry li.ji!,! l.'i "<'<ti;:;f;. Colin Ho-.iSi- Five Big Stores means a big purchasing power. Wichita, Pittsburg, Weir, Kas. and Oklahoma City. Sweater Coats A big assortment- worth $1.00 and $1.25, Shovel 'Em Out— 85c Boys' Knicker. bocker Pants. $2.00 Pants SI.50 $1.50 Pants - $1.25 $1.25 Pants $1.00 $1.00 Pants ...85<J 85c Pants 65c 75c Pants COc ;<ir';. w.- k--. ; an till- T.iX C ')::1 fur s '.r f •>tii|'ari.-i';n ilir lax 1. vi.-; Ihr. Iv .iiisas in tl;.- I'.ii'.i atiil r.'l'i ConiiMt'ri'ii:;; OH this r>i'a!- •••ii'orially ilif I{'>;i^'>'r r:ill<'<J atf-iiri"!! !0 Til- fa. t tha' sub'-tati'ial- 'y ;.!! incr sis.' in taxation which hai! T;''K.'n pla. ijiirinp tbo^i' snv.n v.ars h..d l >.>-n in locul nv.nt'-rs. That i.< to say thn .- XIJ : n'li-'.iris for silicol districts, roads, bridges, stroets.—the clas? of.<M)<rn?.'i: oi 'T ahw'!) rht- ii.-o- p'.f Jiad til'' most dirt-rt rou'ro!.— \v>^r»' TIK' on^s wlii. h s'l.i'.vd rh^ pr.'at esi increasf. ratli^r tlian such' » x- l)«'ns«'s a» v..-r<- <hars: ab!f to the !• p- isla'viro. or Ccncn or th'» Statn or National administration. And it shows ;«l>o tliat as a rii.V th'' !ri<-rf >asp of taxation has been greater :n the ciiies :h;ai anywh. rf- . !sr. This rerort of ti'.*' Stat.> siou and th-^ R< r 's conimenr unon it, sugafestf-d to Commissioner Frank K. S'mitb thp id.>a nf locking up. th<? records of Alien county, and at the request of the R->gister he has prepared the foilottln:; siatemont:' In the matter of the irrroase in taxes for the Stat > of Kansas, insofar ns the increase relates to the Ciry of lola and Allen Couatx, tie follow- Tota! Cltj of I<.l:i. <*..r..ral T «;i Hoiid Wa'cr and I.i: Ir .Street and Al!.-y ... • . ...1 ^^ . . ..l," ' 1" .. . Total 1 Si-hoiil Dl«.|rirt >». i:J. Gener^ l.')<> Bond *" Total l.f-u This would makr- totn' U-\r for the city of .'oJa of "• initio for t'je y^^ar 1!)03 as ajjains' totnl levy of 2.005 for the year I'tll. The levies for 1S03 however, v.ere based on a valuation of aboi:i H of th" actual value, so to be fair the ltrvi>»s for iliat year should be -iivided by ihre^ to get at the true siiuaticn. We would then liave p ro!;:! of 1.01 for l'.t03 and 2.005 for li-n. The levies for the City of Io!a for the year 1903 liased on H valuation of $1,302,660. or about >fi actual value were $1.95, as follows: General Twp. Bond (Levied Conimr Water and I.iglit . Street and Alley . by ....1.00 Co. 10 .•?5 Hi) Total 1.95 Th" levies for th- City of loia for the year l!tll bas.-d on -in actual c: -Ii valuation of f 5 ,4»;4 .;'7'» -.K-re as follows: tJ.-neral .Tw;). Uond ((.evi»-d by Co. Comm.» '"''> Wat'-r and LIKIU OS Str. .t :;ii'l Alley I'f. , Int. rual lull'. Hon is and Int. .2ii Hark 01 Interest on r«fuiidinK bond.".. .0 «i Interest If r^fundiu^ bonds., o:; Library fund O.T Sinking funi'. rtin::inL' bonds.. .!>•; Sinking fi'.n'l. water bonils.. Ml Sinkini; fund, e '..i -tric bonds., .ul Total .!».5 But, .<!•;-, of this WLS lev|.-d by ttie county cbmiulssioners to i-ay inierest of an old issue of to'.vn.<-hip l>oiids leavin? SO as the amount levied by ih*? citv coinmission'-rs. l»ut ot this <o niills !.-vy 40 mills were for internal imi/rovement bonds and interes' funds, sinking funds. Park funds and Jlbrar.v funds all of which has been added by and with the consent of the citizens since 1903. For the same jjuryoses the levies for 1503 and 1511 would be as follows: For 1 SOS- General " l.OO Twp. Bonds (levied by Co. Comm) 10 Water and Light Int. .: 33 Street and Alley 50 Total 1.95 For 1911— General 20 Twp Bonds (Levied by Co. Comm.) 065 Water and Light Int 08 Street and Alley 06 Total .405 A l"vy of l.y.j on *i valuation of *}."»2.Wi>. beirj..' .-li.'. 1.11.3 valu.Tfio;.. ' Would rais-' f-'j.lOl "»i tlie an.ount in : city taxes in dollars r«jr tli.' y« ar V.'< • A levy ol .40 .'i on a i|;;ioii of i.'.- { 4C4.0TO. the IMl v:r3uat/<.:.. wou.;) • raise it; doJlar-j 3i2_.r?3.i:; or :\: amount of 1 iiy laxi.-s for the s:iiiu- i>OSe tor the year I'.Ml. It Would be extr-'uely iiriftisf Ut coiMl'.'r" le.i .'s for tl) • y<.'ar wiMv no Ini. rn:il imiirovetient cuais y*'' is-;. ts.r. no Library-Jand no Park, with the levies of VJil with all th-.s>- if'-nis-uddefi, and adt!ed b.v (he exiir. sed wl.shes of the j-'^ople by p.-fitl. i. 'as in paving and siw '.rs and by ballot In the matter of th- Library The rosi to rh" t ix;>ay>r fer rit.-. exi."n.-!-.- for l:'i':{ w/is $2.".l((t.s7 and the C0.-5! to the tax,>aiieis for tin- .sam • exp.-nse for 1'>11 is ^2.133 13 or more than $3iiji) less. Thes" tiirures do not boar out the charge that ciry tax>-s are getting hisher ;-.r!d hitd pr-v-icus City Councils ni.i'ie sinkins fjiiji! i.-vies as required by law the^i Jiresent levlrs would be much les^-^lian they now STEADFAST C0>F1DE!<CE. Knees Became Stiff i Five Years of Severe Rheumatism The . uro of H.-nr'r 'J. Goldstein. 14 Barton Street. Bos;ti5. Mass.. Is another victory by HoJ»d 's S.irsapariilx This pre.ii medR-liie-h -is succeeded 1 i mar.y cast:.d where o'hers have ulteriy failed, ilr. Goldstein say.«: "I suffered rheuir.atisin live ye.-irs, (t kept ine from bu'ine-^.* tiJ cau.=e<*. ex- c ruriati.-.p pain. SIj l:i!f-e."« wou! i bu— come a.-? stiff .is s;>.el. I tried many niedieines wi;'.out -^lellef, then t... <•' Hood 's Sarfai iirilla, '>*.nn felt mu'h better, lonsider myself entirely eure.l. I recomm.>nd Hood'^•." I: today In usual liquid"Torrr-. or chocolated tableU cap&l 8«r*«tabs. Even thcush more than half the term for which various bonds were Is.^urd had ixpired, no sinking fund levied had .^ver b-en made to retire t'i< .1.- bonds at maturity until the year 191" City taxes are high, to be sure, bu' the reason !s that the taxpayer demnnd"d the Public Ctilities and I:;- ;.-rnal Iniprovt-tnents and practically unnnimoiibly voted bonds to pay fo- them and lie cannot escape th- bur- d-n. FidiowiiiL- Is the city l-'vieg for the v, ;..r 1"«11 fer ihe following cities: To;i.-'<.i . . i SO Cii;;iiure , »;f.4 I Leav:nwcrt!i 70 | lola so j Par.«on.s 714 ; Fort S<-oit 77 I CoffeyviUf. S2 I . Hutchinson fi41 ' Pittsburg S55 The statement furnished by Com- misslorier Smith, as foregoing, effectually convinces the Investigator that the tax situ.ition locally is not as burdensome as it might be, especially if one lived in Topeka, CofTeyville or Pittsburg. It fends to show that, a great savin? is being effected In the operation of the municipal government and that the several departments are running smoothly. Foler KldD^ Pills —always give satlWactloa because fhey always do the work. J .T, Shelnut. Bremen, Ga., says: "I have osed Foley Kidney PlHs with great satisfaction and found more relief from their use than from any other kidney medicine and I've tried almost all kinds. I can cheerfully recommend them to all sufferers for kidney and bladder trouble." J. D. Mundis Co. Try tbe Register Want ad way. Thefollowln? SUilenent Should Form ConclU'^he Prool of Jferft to Etcry lola Keader. Could stronger proof of the merit of sn.v remedy be de»jred than the statements of grateful endorsers who say their confidence has been undiminished by lapse of time? These are the kind of statements thiit are ap pearing constantly In your local papers for Doan's Kidiiey Pills. They are twlce-toid and confirmed with new enthusiasm. 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