Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1974 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1974
Page 6
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Page Six SIDE OUNCES By GILL FOX IP 1)71 br »M Ine I" »!« US Pll OK "Let me put it this way: I would not refuse a draft by the Television commentators!" OUT OUR WAY ByNEGCOCHRAN , WHERE'S HE GOIMC. VDOWM TO THE GREGORYS--THEY ] _ ( WITH TH 1 6UMMVSACK J HAVE THE OMLY TREE OJ THE 7 AMP EAKE ? ==::/ STREET, AMP HE OFFEREPTO \^ RAKE UP THEIR LAWM.'HE'LL BE „• BACK SO WE CAM ALL EWJ-OY / THE SMELL OF BURM- S LEAVES.' OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE HE HER FOR USING SLITTER IN THE PIECRUST, FIXED THEPRIPPINS SINK FAUCET ANP 5AIP W REMT W^e /" A AMAZIN6LVr/ COMPLETE LOW.' A PILASTER MRS. HOOPLE HE'6 M IN5URKNGE. EXECUTIVE STAYING HERE TILL HE A HOUSE.' HE6ETS UP AT 6 TO J06 BEFORE WORK.' WHAT 5 TKE SCOUTING REPORT ON THE NEW 00ARPER-*- V/H05E SIDE 15 . HE ON? ERFECTION \S HARP TO LIVE WITH* EEK&MEEK HOPE (ARK.) STAR Nevada Answer to Previous Puizle ACROSS 1 Nevada mineral 7 — City is its capital 13 Form a notion 14 Interstice 15 Abate 16 Live 17 Noted city. — Vegas 18 Craft 20 Conducted 21 Lower limb 23 Card game 24 Noun suffix 25 Soak flax 27 Piece of lumber 29 At this time 31 American humorist 32 Pinnacle 33 Oriental coin 34 Jaeger gull 36 Boy s nickname 38 Individual 39 Energy (slang) 41 Feline animal 43 Altitude (ab.) 44 "Raven" author 45 Priority (prefix) 47 Procurator of Judea(Bib.) 50 Chantry 53 Leveler 54 Beonlike 55 Twilled fabrics 56 Onsets DOWN 1 Ledge 2 Utopian CARNIVAL 3 Smaller amount 4 Anatomical duct 5 Summer (Fr.) 6 Of the kidneys (anat.) 7 Comics 8 Exist 9 Legal point 10 Dirtied 11 Of greater age 12 Requirement 19 Plunder 22 Well-born 24 Peaceful 26 Implement 28 Affirmative votes rataci ana HC113F1E3 rar^n * HHEIEI rarara arnnra 30 Vestures 34 Deer horn 35 Recent (comb, form) 37 Spruce 38 Spanish product 40 Texas city 42 Play host to 43 Primates 46 Building additions 48 Anglice (ab.) 49 Golf mound 51 Presidential •initials 52 Indonesian of Mindanao By DICK TURNER •10-M © I9M liy NW. Inc. IM Htg US. fat Oil "Whaddya mean, vandalism .... I'm the artist!" The only thing to wear on crowded buses is a never- press suit. BLONDIE A nip in the heir calls for locking the liquor cabinet. + + + Sure sign of fall — they're tearing up the roads they should have repaired during the summer. By HOWIE SCHNEIDER FRANK AND ERNEST ByBOBTHAVES ONCfc VOU 6ET FLASH GORDON Thursday. October 24, 1974 By DAN BARRY LORP.' M1SHTV CALISULA FeULER OF ALL ROME.' I AM A PROUP CENTUf?ION,. IT IS NOT FITTING THAT I SLAY A WHOSE HANPS ARE BOUNP.'l BFS... THANKS, CHUM' PORTHAT-I'l-LTR/, NOT TO HURT YOU.' THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM \MH fcer CFF THAT FHOE ALLEY OOP By DAVE GRAUE WOW/ THOSE COLLECTOR FELLAS DON'T FOOL /AROUND, DO THEVr/NO, OOP/ LIFE IS VERY ,_ KNOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONG WHILE I SUDDENLY.FEEL FREE! THEN PERHAPS THE SAME FORME/ ...I CANNOT THANK YOU CAPTAIN EASY VOU THINK THE MUT WHO'5 &EEW TRVIW T' KILL THAT COW MANJt By CROOKS & LAWRENCE ALIAS* DIRK WAM PUVEFZ.! MAVBE i ALRZAPy HERE AT THE CATTLE, HIDIW6 OUT IN THE CRATE HE SHIPPEP HERE BEFO-REHflNDl LOOKS LIKE HE'S BEEN OR-- A/0/.P WHAT WA-£ THAT WOISE? VOU'RE KI6HT WOIV! HE'S YULE'S JUST LIKE IW THAT PHOTO By CHIC YOUNG THERE, I VON AGAIN/ THAT'S .WHAT HE SAID WHEN. I BEAT HIM AT' OLD MAID " TMAT PUTS ME.-<J| FIFTEEN GAMES ) AHEAD./ j-~S ^T <rs<T I'M JUST TOO INTELL1SENT FOR A .SILLY GAME LIKE BACKGAMMON WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI I'LL BET YOU HAVEN'T KILLEC? A <3E?R4A IN YEARS, HAVE YOU? ANDYCU.'WHEM WAS THE LAST TIME YOU KILLED AOERM? I DON'T KNOW. ¥ / ITfe MOT THE SORT OF TH I NO ONE PUTsS DOWN IN ONE'S r MEMORY BOOK. CAMPUS CLAHER By LARRY LEWIS I'VE APDEO PtROSTTt OP THE THEATRICAL DEPARTMENT TO OUR STAFF VOUR AFTER-TOUCHDOH/M, \ ENO-20ME DAWC6S HAVE BEEN TERRIBLE-' •3 14:4 b, t.[A l«i !M H<! US fx On lIV^S''" BUGS BUNNY ' DO VOU HAVE ANY HOBBIES -^ , 7 FUDPS> ? , \ I LIKE TO ~-- T PUTTER. AVVOUND \ ...WORK WITH MY j n ' ) \ HANDS/ I GOT JUST TH HOUSE PER YA / ByHEIMDAHL&STOFFEl PRISCILLA'S POP ByALVERMEER THIS PL-ACE'LL KEEP YA, &USY FER YEARS...AN TH' PRICE IS RIGHT/ VOU'RE f NO, NO.'\ ( I REALLY' NOT JUST SAVING- / \ MEAN ~r~ t i AT / v r ~w- < NEXT W&EK ISJ i HALLOWEEN!A'

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