Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa on April 10, 1975 · Page 9
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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 9

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1975
Page 9
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Portland News • By Mrs. Victor Fitoh Thursday, April 4.. ! U* Mr> /? d Mre> Victor p itch returned home Monday evening , *fter .spending several days i^ S I Nebraska. They visited relates H and friends in Chadron, Hay Springs and Gordon and also in White River, South Dakota. They were there during the bad storm that ranchers predicted W f a L eQVe £, WOrSe than the st °«n of '49. Thousands of head of cattle perished in the storm Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rinzs- dorf attended the Sun Rise breakfast at the Bancroft Baptist Church and the Cantata in the evening. Easter Sunday dinner guests m the Herman Harms, Jr. home were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Harms, Sr., Irvin and Roger. fT'-i md ™ rSt Harold Harm s and farmly, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Hansen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Rollo Moore and family, all of Titonka, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harms and family of Rake. r Miss Diane Moore of Mason City and Miss Virginia Moore of Ankeny were home for the : Easter weekend. ' Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Young were Monday afternoon coffee guests in the Donald Ringsdorf home. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Zwiefel oi Titonka, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schlei of Fenton, and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Olson and boys and Steve Boyken of Titonka were Easter Sunday afternoon Visitors in the home of , Mrs. Galena Zwiefel and Orlo. : Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mei: ster and boys of Cherokee were : Easter weekend guests in the I Bernard Meister home. ; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Eckels t and family, Mrs. Linda Meister I and boys', and Mr. and Mrs. ' Doug Marlow and Cole were '• Easter Sunday dinner gu.-.sts in I the P. W.' Marlow home. I Mr. and Mrs. Earl Zwiefel '';, were Monday afternoon visitors in the Levant Moore home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schlei of Fenton were Monday evening Jvisitors in the Earl Zwiefel <home. '>. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Phelps and family of Titonka were Easter Sunday dinner guests in the LeRoy Phelps home, rural Titonka. Mrs. Linda Meister and boys and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Meister and boys were Easter Sunday dinner guests in the Bernard Meister home. Th i/ also celebrated Brett's 9th ' birthday. Miss Diane Rlke of Ankeny spent the Easter break in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Rike. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Meister of Burt and Mrs. Nick Kargas of Garner drove to Rochester, Minn, on Easter Sunday to spend the day with Mrs. Meister's sister, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Reynolds and family. Chuck Lars en and his girlfriend, Debra Woiwood of Waterloo were recent visitors in the Glen Larsen home. A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peterson on March 25 at the Emmetsburg Hospital, weighing 8 Ibs., 6 oz. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Mennet Trunkhill and maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Harold Penning of Algona. .The boy has been named Mark Allen. He has a brother David, 4, and a sister Tamara. David stayed with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Trunkhill, while his mother was in the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Marlow and Lisa, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Eckels and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Doug Marlow and Cole were Wednesday .-upper guests in the home of Mrs. Linda Marlow in honor of Brett's 9th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. James Walker and family of Rish City spent Easter weekend in the ChucK Jandl home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weber and family spent Easter in the paternal Frank Meyer home, Fenton. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. John Elsbecker and family of Ceylon, Minnesota; Mr.'and Mrs. Phil Elsbecker and family of Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Meyer and Holly and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Meyer and Darla, all of Fenton; Harlan Hutchinson of Lone Rock, and Leonard Hutchinson and Leo Youngworth of the Heritage Rest Home, Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Alan Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. Joal Meyer spent the Easter weekend in the parental Eugene Meyer home. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Arend and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Broesder and family of Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rickie and Angela of Wesley were Easter Sunday guests hi the home of Harvey Larson, Lone Rock. The Four Corner Social Club of Portland will meet Tuesday afternoon, April 8, in the home of Vera Fitch. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larson, Mary Hanson, and Mr. and Mrs. Vern Teeter of Algona were Monday evening guests in the home of Mrs. Gladys Christenson in honor of her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Ellis of Emmetsburg were Easter Sunday dinner guests in the Ernst Nauman home. Easter Sunday dinner guests in the Trenary home were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker and Mr. Harold Smith, of the Titonka Care Center. Mrs. Duane Mawdslcy attended the Virginia Circle of the Burt Presbyerian Church on Wednesday afternoon in the home of Ethel Dremmel. Ten ladies were in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kain of rural Algona were Wednesday evening visitors in the Ernst Nauman home. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mawdsley of Madrid and Michael Mawdsley of Ames were home for the Easter weekend. Sunday evening a Becker family Easter get-together was held in the home of Maybell Becker in Algona. Attending were George Becker and Susan of Fort Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Mawdsley, Jr. and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Becker, Linda, Janet, Norman, and Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. Thees Schnakenberg and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scluiakenberg of Luverne, Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Trauger of Alden, Ray McWhorter of Burt, and Cindy Sill of Mason City. Progress might have been alright once, but it has gone on too long. Savings & investments are the highest here. Home Federal Savings & Loan Assoc. ALGONA OFFICE 50511 State & Harlan Streets (515) 295-7251 GARNER OFFICE 50438 325 State.Street (515)923-3621 Annual earnings on your savings and investments are compounded daily. - Yields 5.39%- ON PASSBOOK Day-ln, Day-Out Passbook Savings Any Amount — No Minimum 5 3 /4%- Yields 5.92% - CERTIFICATE On Three Month Certificates $500 Minimum 6 ] /2%- Yields 6.72%- CERTIFICATE On One-Year Certificates $1,000 Minimum _ yields 6.98% - CERTIFICATE On 30 Month Certificates $1,000 Minimum 71/2% _ Yields 7.78%- CERTIFICATE On 4 Year Certificates $1,000 Minimum 73/ 4 %_ Yields 8.06%- CERTIFICATE On 6 Year Certificates $1,000 Minimum ..viSS^ Accounts Insured To $ 40,000 /yil .rill Minus Aulom.itiivillY ifinvrstcd on M;i;cl; 31. .Mini' :i". Si'pt. .')'l nntf Dc' 1 .'II A !>iilJ>t;inti.il iMlL-u.'Sl |ji'iuili\ i... roquiic-d ><n uiirlv^ •villuli;iw:il on "II furlilitMVes. Monday, April 7 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Discher attended a Gotch Valley, Coon Hound, Bench Show at Humboldt on Sunday afternoon. Martin Voight was a Sunday dinner guest in the Ricliard Trunkhill home in honor of Tony Trunkhill's 12th birthday. Afternoon guests were Mr. Jack Trunkhill, Scot, Susan, and Stacey, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hanson and family of Bancroft, and Mr. and Mrs. Mennet Trunkhill. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Trunk- hill and family drove to Muscatine where they spent their Easter vacation visiting Mr. and Mrs. David Weston and family. Mr. and Mrs. Clark White of Omaha spent the Easter week with her parents,. Mr. and Mrs. George Koestler, rural Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Harris Harms and family were dinner guests in the home of h^r parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson, Algona, on Easter Sunday. Mrs. Mildred Thorsbakken and family of Emmetsburg and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson, Algona, were Sunday dinner guests in the Harris Harms home. Mrs. Gary Huber and Lynn were Tuesday evening dinner guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Kruse, Lone Rock, in honor of her father's birthday. 'Saturday was her mother's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Huber and family were Saturday evening dinner guests in the Willie Kruse home in honor of the event. Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Jentz and family and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lampe and family were Saturday supper guests in the Eli Gerber home at West Bend, for a family gathering. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greinert, Christy and Randy, of Ringsted and Fred Haack of Fenton were Sunday supper guests hi the Mervin Jentz home in honor of Randy Greinert's 18th birthday. Mrs. Harris Harms and Mrs. Luke McGuire spent Thursday and Friday in Rochester, Minn, with Mrs. Jess Harms, who is in Methodist Hospital, room 118. Mr. and Mrs. Louie Huber of Titonka were Sunday evening visitors in the Gary Huber home. Joel Jent/ came home from college to spend his Easter vacation in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Jentz. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lampe spent Sunday afternoon at the Catholic Order of Foresters at die Bancroft Catholic Church, with mass at 1:00 aaid initiation and banquet at 4:00. Mike Lampe was one of those initiated. Mr. ^and Mrs. Jack Thompson drove to Rochester Wednesday morning where they had a check-up at the Methodist Hospital. They also visited Mrs. Jess Harms while they were Uheic. They returned home on Friday nijit. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brink of Algona were Sunday afternoon luncheon guests in the Jack Thompson home. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Locbach, Jr. and family were Easter dinner guests in the liome of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Klein of Irvington. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Locbach, Sr., John LoebacU, Dubuque; Ann Loebach, Clarinda: Leonard Loebach and Mary Lou Loebach of Wliittc- morc, and Mrs. Anna Gcishec- ker of Algona. Mr. Arie Dittmer of Burt was a Sunday evening dinner guest in the EuClaire Meyer home. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Long of Algona were Sunday afternoon visitors in the Doyle Trenary home. Mrs. Leora Ree of Buffalo Center and Mrs. Brtty Franklin and family of Minneapolis, Minnesota were Sunday dinner guests in the John Rec home, rural Bu:t. Afternoon visitors and supper guests were Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Rassmussen and Timmy of Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lampe, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lampe and family, and Mr. and Mrs, Bernard Brandenbcrg and family of Bancroft were dinner guests in die home of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Harrison of Cherokee on Easter Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thompson and family were Sunday evening supper guests in the Edmund Larson home, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. John Rec and family attended a birthday party in the home of Mr. and live modern for less with gas •as am HM* your HOUM In whiter, eool tt in summer. It oan took your meal* dry your tlothet, hMt your wattr. K can dlt- POM of troth, and guard your JMM VMM ooftj (Ofrtlo THE TITONKA TOPIC April 10, 1975 — Page 3 — Mrs. Vernon Hansmeier of Crystal Lake in honor of their daughter, Carmen Hansmeier. Mr. Levant Moore, Evelyn and Diane, and Leona Hasse were evening visitors in the Bernard Phelps home a week ago Friday in honor of Mrs. Phelps 1 birthday. Mrs. Jack Thompson visited Mrs. J. R. Thompson Saturday afternoon. Mrs. J. R. Thompson returned home from the Park Hospital, Mason City, last Thursday after spending a week there after major surgery. Gregory and Virginia Adams of Owatonna, Minnesota spent last week visiting in the Duane Mawdslcy home. Their Barents, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Adams; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hauck of Livermorc, and Mrs. Beulah Adams of Humboldt were Easter Sunday dinner guests. Mrs. Alan Adams flew to Brownsville, Texas, to return home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence l-Iauck. Mrs. Victor Fitch attended the Ruth Circle Wednesday afternoon in the home of Eva Shipler. There were 15 ladies in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arend, Linda and Francis of Burt, Mrs. Mike Arend, Rose and Christine of Aljt'iia, and M.-, ir./.l .VlK. Bill Kading of Algona, were dinner and were dinner and supper guests in the Gary Almelien home in Buffalo Center. Easter dinner and supper guests in the EuClaire Meyer home were Mr. Arie Dittiner, Mr. and Mrs. Eug?r;e Meyer and Rodney, and Mrs. Ella Meyer, all of Burt; Mr. and Mrs. Alan Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. Joel Meyer of Cedar Falls, Rev. and Mrs. Henry Friedrich of Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and Kirk Schott of Orange City. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dugan, Ward and Tammy, of Eldon, •and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker of Swea City were Saturday dinner guests of Mrs. Grace Trenary and Kenneth Trenary. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker returned home last Friday after spending about three months in Florida. non-government organization which provides documented third party certification of manufactured housing products and materials and serves a. wide range of building materials and products manufacturers. PFS has received written approvals of its certification of various building products and materials from Building Officials and Code Officials Internatior a\ International Conference of Building Officials, Federal Housing Administration, and 20 states. HIGH QUALITY GERMINATION | FUNK'S G-HYBRIDS see: Doug Mechler Phone 928 2323 Titonka, Iowa NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERYCIE CO. OR YOUR LOCAL HEATING CONTRACTOR QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS Titonka Consolidated School District, Kossuth, Hancock and Winnebago Counties. I do hereby certify that this report is a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to the financial matters of the board of said district for the quarter ending March 31, 1975. /s/ HAROLD E. GARTNER, Secretary FINANCIAL STATEMENT Schoolhouse Fund Balance from Previous Quarter $ 9,918.39 Total Receipts for Quarter 8,141.96 Total to Account for $ 18,060.35 Total Warrants Drawn During Quarter .00 Balance at End of Quarter $ 18,060.35 General Fund Balance from Previous Quarter $139, 507. 89 Total Receipts for Quarter ... 140,0/1:26 Total to Account for , Expenditures Regular Salaries Paid for Quarter $102,597.49 (Teachers, janitors, officers, etc.) Other Warrants Issued — amount 48,498,68 $279,579.15 Total Expenditures Balance at End of Quarter. $151,096.17 $128,482.98 Winnebago Receives Product Certification Building products manufactured by Winnebago's Living " " Component: Division have been certified by Product Fabrication Service (PFS) as meeting the Iowa Manufactured Housing code, it was announced today by Division Manager Donald F. Bowers. "This certification by a nationally recojni/ed indepen- dant testing organization is a major step in the development of market acceptance of our products, said Bowers. "Based upon this initial certification, we are confident that we can obtain similar certification in other states, thus assuring developers, builders and architects and others in the building industry tliat we can meet state code requirements for manufactured building products, including materials , insulation, assembly, fabrication, and electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems." "To get PFS certification, our exclusive manufacturing processes were analy/ed extensively by PFS and our basic product designs were tested carefully under PFS supervision, " Bowers said. "Then to ensure that our products are built to state codes on a continuing basis, we have established a quality control program which is constantly supervised and audited by PFS." The Living Components Division, a part of Winnebago Realty Corp. , a wholly owned subsidiary of Winnebago Industries, Inc., manufactures and markets a variety of prefabricated structures and rooms designed for use in the construction of multi-family residential complexes, motels, nursing homes, and dormitories. The basic products features use of laminated wall, ceiling and floor panels assembled in "box beam" construction to achieve high strength, permitting efficient shipment by railroad car; and design flexibility, enabling simple adaptation to the specific requirements of individual construction projects. PFS, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, is a non-profit I DeVRIES Auction Sales EVERY Tues. 1:00 p.m. Hogs and sheep will be sold the first part of sale. DeVRIES AUCTION CO. BUFFALO CENTER, IOWA ^ SUMMARIZED PROCEEDINGS PERTAINING TO FINANCIAL"— MATTERS AND EXPENSES OF THIS QUARTER $18,000.00 of the Schoolhouse Fund balance shown above is' invested with the Titonka Savings Bank.' ! $120,000.00 of the General Fund balance shown above is invested widi the Titonka Savings Bank. LIST OF WARRANTS (except salaries) ; General Fund ; ' Person, firm or Corp. to whom paid; For what Amount Advanced Systems, Inc.; Supplies $ 56.04 Allyn & Bacon, Inc. ; Books 9.68 Amoco Oil Co.; Gas .' 5. 53 American Guidance Service; Books 22. 57 Anderson Implement Co.; Oil 6.00 American History Illustrated; Magazine 10.00 Area III Material Center; Supplies 93.75 Bankers Life Co.; Insurance 1, 745. 22 Beed Hardware, Inc.; Supplies 106. 99 Boomgaars Family Center; Supplies 9.08 Brodhead-Garrett Co.; Supplies 150. 30 Boyken Insurance Agency; Insurance 246.00 Dick Blick; Supplies 48.43 Clearing Account; Misc 239. 75 Central Scientific Co.; Supplies 184.13 Cooks, Inc.; Supplies 9. 90 Carolina Biological Supply Co.; Supplies 17. 55 City of Titonka; Water and sewer 112.04 Decker Audio-Visual, Inc.; Repairs 48. 98 R. G. Dickinson; Supplies 55. 50 Earl's Market; Supplies ' 38.07' Educational Audio-Visual, Inc.; Supplies 68. 67 Farmers Co-op Oil Co.; Fuel and oil 4^505.34* "" Follett Publishing Co.; Books ..'. . 10.02, Farmers Co-op. Elevator; Coal 5, 361. i Frank D. Fisher; Parts v. ; •-•'-«*• 1.9, G & H Motor Parts; Parts 126.42 Raymond F. Gaul; Transportation, meals, & lodging 418. 53 Harold E. Gartner; Mileage 42.30 Grippen Paper, Inc.; Supplies 1,100.00 Houghton Mifflin Co.; Books 584.02 Huber Supply Co.; Supplies 55.08 Hawkeye Superior Bus Sales Co.; Bus body 7,148. 64 Hobar Publications; Equipment. 211.40 Honken Electric; Repairs 28. 60 Holt, Rinehart & Winston, Inc.; Books 7. 65 Honeywell, Inc.; Repair contract 1,183.19 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; Supplies 1.74 Hogard & Son; Iron 86.76 Iowa Association of School Boards; Cassettes & book... 16. 50 Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System; tax 3,415.04 Iowa Employment Security Commission; S. S. tax 5, 802. 96 Interstate Power Co.; Electricity 2, 309. 50 IDEA; Supplies 240. 50 Iowa Testing Programs; Tests 139.47 Josten's Library Supplies; Files 60.00 Josten's; Covers. 140.02 Krafft Music, Inc.; Music and repairs. 316. 94 Kossuth County Auditor; E lection costs 94. 71 ,. Klipto Printing and Office Supply Co.; Supplies 6. 68* Kossudi Motor Co.; Parts 12. 27 Ley Motor Co.; Bus chassis and parts 5, 895. 38* J. S. Latta G Son; Supplies 84.17 Litton Educational Publishing; Books 20.15 Marshall & Swift Co.; Cleaning 17. 67 Metropolitan Supply Co.; Equipment 828.40 Mid-Bell Music Co., Inc.; Music. MGM Motor Freight; Freight Malecki /vlusic, Inc.; Music Means Paint & Wallpaper; Wall covering.... Charles E. Merrill Publishing Co.; Books Midwest Shop Supplies, Inc.; Tools Northwest Office, Inc.; Supplies and repairs. North Central Book Distributors; Books Nell's Educational Toys & Books; Books Donald Norland; Hauling refuse Petty Cash Fund; Postage Postmaster; Postage Parker Publishing Co. Inc.; Books Rollie's Food Center; Supplies Rand McNally G Co. j Books The Reader's Digest; Magazines. 5.75 8.08 15.89 48.58 46.69 216. 57 113.08 21.10 35.28 24.00 88.20 274. 80 14.22 35 18 78 29 67.50 Sun Oil of Pennsylvania; Gas 1,670.07 31.05 10.50 31.30 14.02 85.43 44.00 10.75 4.00 272. 67 .... 186.68 .... 435.64 .... 112.80 53.24 .... 5.00 271.86 165.41 40.36 144.51 14.35 .... 10,3.45 ..... fi .SO .... 32.62 .... 129.90. 18.00 13.25 Schmitt Music; Music. Sioux City Music Co.; Music Scott Fores man and Co.; Books South-Western Publishing Co.; Books , Science Research Associates, Inc.; Books , State Agency for Surplus Property ; Bolts Sieg Fort Dodge Co.; Parts Social Studies School Service; Book , Titonka Telephone Co.; Rent and calls Titonka Plumbing, Heating & Supply; Repairs.. Tyke Service Center; Repairs Tri-Med Surgical Co., Inc.; Supplies..,....,, Teaching Resources Film;.Film Technological Applications Project; Supplies.. The Titonka Topic; Publication, supplies & ad. Triangle School Service; Equipment Taylor Motor Co.; Parts , United Building Centers; Materials Ventura County Supt. of Schools; Books Rod Wilbeck; Mileage and fixture. The World Almanac; Book. Walter's; Books Mrs. Jerry Wubben; Papering and painting J. Weston Walch, Publishers; Supplies Yelland and Hanes; Supplies • TOTAL $48,498.6$ I, Harold £. Gartner, Secretary of the above named School District, do hereby certify that this report, pages K s 2ji'»u&3 is a true and correct statement of the proceedings perJaif4ng*tgS . fioancial%iatters of the Board of Said Ptotrtct fos &* *" ing March 3H, 1975.'"" fl Subscribed and fo?%</v fej^< i* ><

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