Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY ^EVENING. JANUARY 4,1912. lOLA DAILY. Jilft£GISTEK ""^"'s- w'" doubtless be regarded tp be forgotten, and today not one TtM lela bally Radord and *•>« loia Dally indax. THE BEGISTEB FUBLISUIKG CO. entered at Um Oai as PoitMoe as Second- Matter. Advertising Rates'ldade Known on Appll' matlon. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In Iota, Gas City, Ljinyon- vllle, Concreto, LatHarpe and Bassett: One Week 10 cents One Month ./ 44 c^ntj One Tear J5.UU BY MAIL: One Tear. Inside ci-uity ..' $2.00 One Tear, outsidp cuiiiiiy J3.00 TELEPHONES: BusJnes? Offlci- 18 Society Reporter IR Job «uid Binder)- r><'r>f HI Cfficlal Paper City of Batsett. Official Paper of Allen County. for n long timi! us tbu last wura on horse feeding. TH.\T FEEDINfi EXPERIMENT. If you own a horse we hope you did not fail to read the dispatch from Manhattan which appeared in a recent Register and whiih reported the result of an experiment to horse feed-' nrntie no;r,f:i:itic:i ing which the State Agricultural Col-^C'lurk or an: « lege carried on last year In c6-oper;i- tion with the army officers at Pt. Riley. The writer of this read it with special interest porlutps, for the reason that he had something to do wiili helping to get the experiments stari- | ed, but every man who has a horse to feed ought to profit by the work this dispatch reported. As everybody kn^ws there is a loi of red tape about the army. When a certain custom once ^cts started there it is self-perpeiuating, and little short of a revolution can break it up. Tin- army got the habit, many years ago of feeding its horsesybJiil and pralrl" hay, and it was like pulling teeth to get it to even try anything else. Hero were the horses at SU— Riley, for ex- IVHAT HE LEARNED. The San PrancTSco Argbuant is a very conservative paper. Its editor has been making a trip across the country and writing bis observations iMick to his paper. From Washington he writ?s: / "Within the past two weeks I have gone into cU sorts of companies and listened to ail sorts of opinions; and out of this experience I have gained thoft' distinct Jnipressions, namely: (1) That Mr. Tafi v.ill be re-nominated and re-elected; (2) That Mr. Sherman will not be re-nomlnated, but that some othe.~ Easterner, probably an anti-machine Xcw Yorker, will be substituted for him in the vice- presidency; (S) That wli'Ie there will be a good deal of o];«n di.ssatisfactlon and some sulking', 'li"iv wiil he no radical split in the !t«^r.\ibUean party; (4) That both Cov':;:r/ Wilson and Governor l!.!;-u;;.;r -.ill i v;.'-i:rally be elin)iiiat(?(I l:. lor;- 'h • !'< cocvatlo coll- ven.'.n iiie^ns; I'li lii "'he IJeaio- lil no lo Champ •-r Western or Souiheni in.-.n; nil Thr.t William J. Br.van will contiir-'j to be the dominat ing head of (lie Democratic party. ample, eating their heads oft on oats that was shipped in from "South Dakota and prairie hay shipped from all over Kansas, while all around the post were great fields of corn and alfalfa and it took all thr "inflooenc ' that ^ould be brought to bear on War Department bureau chiefs to so mueh as let an experiment be made with any other kind of feed. The order was fipally given, however, and for 140 days 93" hor-- .• were fed as directed by the experts at the Agricultural College and it was found that other feeds may be substituted entirely for oats in a ration for work horses with as good result? and much cheaper. Oats, once anO for all was proved a better feed for •work horses than corn, though mon expensive. Seventy-six horses fed oats gained sixteen pounds—an average gain—while the same number of horses eating corn lost twenty-nim- pounds apiece in the same time. But corn when fed with the proper amour' of alfalfa of the right quality p :i-' as good results aa. okts and was per cent cheaper. Alfalfa h;>y, i)ror- erly fed was found to be a mor-? valuable roughage than either timothy o- prairie hay and it cheapens the cos' of the daily rations fcom SS to 40 per cent. The ration, si* 't^arls of corp four of oats, four of bran, and timothy hay probably lfl ,6i4i >e»t that ra: be fed a work horse, though not th cheapest. Horses fed an oat ratlnr did not show any more spirit th.n those that ate corn, which disprove an old theory. It is a valuable series of exprri Tlie Dopiiriniont of Commerce and Labor is conducMin>; an "'xliaustive inquiry Into the co.^i of living. A similar imriiry wiis ccndueKd by the Depardncnt of .A.crirultiire !>:ui another by a Senate Cominlltec And this last one when li is roinpletcd. can lirobably be bollvd down lii:r> the llnal^ residue of the fovnur two, to-wli: That anybody who is willing to live with as few crinveiilencea, comforts and luxuries as h.' put up wiiii thirty years ago. can live just as clieaii'y now as he eoiihl tli; ii. U is the ccn- venlences,-the tile|.lioti>. the automobile, th<' strr.i ear, the waterworks, the el'itrir light and iiower, the deliiery at his own door of eiery- thing one buys,—the hiiairies.—fruits and vegetables and flowers out of their'season, phonographs, magazines, movihg picture shows, base ball, basketball, football—the thousand things that did not exist at all thirty years aco or that only the rich were able hep to have, these are responsible for the higli cost of living. Anybody can live clioaply in these days, if he would be content with a cheap living. dian in five can tell you what is the name of the man .«'ho served as vice- president with William McKlnley." As a further evidence of reviving > faith and courage on the part of Big | Business, it may be noted that the Erie railroad will add to its equipment this month 45 new. locomotives, 60 passenger cars and 4,000 freight cars. The Erie constructed 140 miles df double track year, another evidence of tjie good sense which real Izes that people and products will insist on being .Tiovcd, whether the Sherman act is repealed or not. Several Wichita families have followed Billy Sunday to Canton, Ohio, in order to attend his meetings there. No use to sneer at a man who can win a tribute like that. And by the way is there any other subject than that of the Christian religion with which any man could make so profound an impression? 's Shoes Those Kansas City burglars who go up to the door of the house they intend to rob» ring the bell, and when the ring is answered hold up the people In the house and, take what they want at their leisure, are entitled to credit for originality at least. Also that sort of procedure saves wear iiid tear on doors and windows. Two AWlene nun wore tr.lking on thfe subject of adv<>rtisi:!g the otl-.^r day, remarks Chas. Harger. S;i:il one: "There was once a man in the I'nited States, not so many years ago. whc, for a period of about six inon.iis was ,with one or two exceptions, ihe most prominent man in the country He Was advertised from Maine to (ril- ifornia and his na\ne was on ov< ry tongue. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and perhaps millions, were spent in this advertising and yet I vcn ture to say that you cannot tell me today the name of the man who ran for vicopresident with McKinley in IHOC." The non-believer in advertising was forced to admit tbat he could not remember the man's name. "There you are," said the other. "That man, during the cumpaiirn of 1890, uap the n:o«! advertised next lo .McKinley and llryaii. in thy Tnlied Stales, and yet, just us soon as the idverlising stopped,, his naim' began The Governor of Michigan seems o have smoked out Taft and ijiFol- < tte all right. Tliey both cani'^ forth iiromptly with-the admission that hey are candldati>s tind that they do not cxin'ct lo v.'ithdraw (o make room for Uoos 'Vi 'lt. And TtiUl.v keeps on saying nothing. m PairsjMen's High Grade Shoes All sizes frgni 6 to 11. These are broken lots and consist of two and three pail's of a kind—Shoes that sold from $3.00 to $5.00 pair; "special sale prjce— $t.85 87 Pairs Men's*Work Shoes, regu- ular $1.50 sellers .sale price ||g These are Not fiie So- Called Sample Shoes but our regular stock in broken sizes of high grade footwear, including Hanan & Son, Wm. Kneeland, Harlow and ifexcelsior — all high grade shoes— at Sale starts Tomorrow Morning at 8:30 -Continucs 8 Days SHIELDS SHOE STORE See Window Display \ CUILDRKN I.VJVKED. Russia was our friend v.lun we needed friends; but it would be a good deal easier to love the old bear if his habits were a little more civilized. This thing of executing prisoners sounds more like savagery than war. That was a perfectly beautiful personal tribute the Ohio Insurgents paid to l-aFoIiette. But the chances are the Senator would have traded it, and pal dconslderable boot, for one' little line endorsing him for President. The witty paragraphers poked lots of fun at those Grant county bachelors for advertising for wives; but one of them has landed already. It pays to advertise. Kvrn the announcement that Mr. Taft had to shake hands with 8,000 people on New Year's day does not seem to have thinned the ranks of the presidential candidates. Of course Mr. LaFollette looked good to the Ohio "Progressives;" but .Mr. Any-body-to-beat-Taft looked a great deal better. The Chiroptactors,—whoever they are,—in convention assembled, having endorsi'd Capper for Governor and Stubbs for Senator let the New Year proceed. Ordinary ru (liur(lr!< »ild I'lUs lliir>li I'bysic Canso Jiislre.<<slu(i: CttmpluliilH, You cannot be over-<areftil In the >eieetIon iif inedieine fit^fchlldren. Only She very bowel medicine should ever be given, except in emergency cases. Ordinary V pills, cathartics and purgatives are apt to do iHore harm than .i,ood Tliey may cause griping nausea iiJid other distressing after-effects that are fre- (|liently healUi-destroyiife. We. personally recommend and guar antee Rexall Orderlies as the safest and most dependable remedy, wliich we know, for constipat.on and associate bowel disorders. jVe have such absolute faith in the virtues of this remedy that we sell it oa our guarantee of money back in every instance where it fails to give entire satisfaction, and we urge all in need of sucii medicine to try it at our risk. Rexall Orderlies are taten just like candy, are partlcularlj:!. prompt' and agreeable in action, may be taken at any time, day or night; do not cause diarrhoea, nausea .griping, excessive looseness or other undesirable effects. They liave a very mild but positive action upon the organs witii which they come in conu^ct,-apparent­ ly acting as a regiila.ive tonic upon llie relaxed muscuiar coit of the bowel, thus overcoming weakness, and aiding to restore the bowels to mote vigcr'ais and healthy activity. Rexall Orderlies con nionly con.- plclely relieve constijiati'on, except of course wlten of a surgical character. They also tend to overcuine the nec^s slty of constantly takin;: la.vstlves to day after a holiday vi.^lt with their parents .\h. and .Mrs. !ta Xoye.-s. ' and ' .Mr- Puu^'h luado a l.usiness trip to I IMttsburg tlie latter )>:iit of last week. .M. Stewart visited la.'^t i-'rlday and Saturday with his ilaugliier, .Mrs. IC. L. Voiini. mar f'lianute. Foley's llcncy and Tar Componnd "Cures in K^ery Ca-xe." —Mr. .las. .^IJji:al1'ery. Mgr. of the Schlitz Hotel, *Pinalia, .\eb., recommends Foley's Honey and Tar Com- pojlnd, because it cures in every case. "I have used it myself and I have recommended it to many others who have since told me of its great curative power in diseases of the throat and lungs." For all coughs and colds it is speedily effective. .1. U. Mundis it is speedily effective. .1. U. Mundis Co. DISTRICT X). 40. .Ian. 3.—Mr. and Mrs. Charley McKinney and family were visitors at Clarence Beahm's Sunday. Mrs. McKinney's father, Mr. Clark, accompanied her holue. The 'threshers are busy threshing for Lon Foster, Ralph Kills and K. Bayard this week. .Miss .Nellie Ellis went back to her school after a week and one days vacation at Silver Leaf Tuesday. Mr. .\yers was in our country posting his sale bills for .January 11. Word was rc -eive;'. from .Mrs. .lohn Long and Fiie likes Pennsylvania fine. The (<y.--tr: tnjiper at Walter Cox's was w< II attended. W. U. .M<-Kini .'e ,y v.-ent to Ottaw.? Tue.sfiny to F^e his mother. Mr. .Mt- Kinnty has just recovered from the ''DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is what our patrons say. We do the best dental work at the most reasonable prices. f!efore having your dental work done by others call upon us. We are In our Lallarpe offices EVERY THURSDAY. Office hours: S to 6 Sundays 10 to 12 Evenings 7 to 8 ^ . , , , ,. , typhoid fever. This is his first trio .feep the bowels in normal condition, j since October. He will return Tnree T/PS of pacKages 10 cents, 2.. i i,£„ng Fridav. Makes your hair grow long, heavy and luxuriant and we can prove it Get a 25 Cent Bottle, Now and Forever Stop Falling Hair, Itching Scalp and Dandruff" Hair Becomes Soft, Fluffy, Lustrous and Abundant After a Danderihe Hair Cleanse Danderine is to the hair what fresh showrrs of rain and sunshine are ,to vegetation. It goes rifrlit to the roots.^ iiivigorairs .-,;-d strengthens them. Its exhibrating, stiniu'a- titig and We-producing properties cause »i;t: hair to grow abuii^itly Jon^, strong an,! beautiful. It at once imparts a sparkl::i;; brilliancy and velvety softncssi, to tt:e luu.-, and a few weeks' use will cause new Iiair sprout all over the sc:dp. Use it every da- for a short time, after which two or tline times a week will be sufficient to complete whatever growth you desire. Immediately after'applying r little I5in- derine ail dandruff will diappcar, sll itdii::;; €4 jljc scalp will ce-i* y4,.>licrc will be lio more loose or fsliiug lair. '' • If you wish to d(Mil>le the beauty of jrr.ur hair in ten minutes ^-urrly Ir^ ^is—moisten a cloth with a little Daudenne'and (l:aw ii carefully tlimu<;h your ii:uf,Tlakiiig onesuiall strand at a ti.-nc, this w'il cleanse the luir of dust, dirt or any exrc<sive oil—In a few ipoinrnts ynir l.:>tr will Itc wavy, fliiffy and ahaaJatt a<J ("«vris .nn\i/K*ln|«i>l>lc u >lt- jiew, luitre )i .ui lii:.eWnrri ^ beauty and •htniuier of true H.'r Jiri.lili. " If you cit:c for bi :•'.<:ri .l, soft hafr and JOK »>f il niu 'y ;.'.-t a .'5 c>:iil>i|ll«: i>f Knov.l- lon 't Dsndrriiic from #if^«Hi>'iii; tti rc or iMlet coumcr—real «ur]iri«c awaiu.)ou. KKFI,E("riO.\.S OF \ K.ICIIELOR. Frotn the New York Press. Optimism Is a ver.v uncertain way lo produce bread and butter. Codd intentions need careful nitrs- Ing to keep thein from going into early decline. The way for a man to: convince a girl she ought to marry him is for her father to try to convince her she ought not to. The worst about a town in the middle of nowhere to a wotnan who is proud of her complexion is she can't buy it there. A man wants to march in a political parade where he is ignored, and a woman to go to a reception where she is snubbed. cen;£, and .'lO cents. Rviuember, yen can Obtain Uexall Reiii^dies in lola only at our store.—The Jtexnll Store. Bnrrell's Drug Store^^ West Side Square. ('OTT.\(JK fiKtVE. ,lanuary "..—.Mrs. Dov^ns Is nt her daughter's again after iR visit In Cba- nute iwith her sister. School began New Year's Day after a week's vacation wWch (he teacher .VtlJR noerstler, spent at- her home In Chnnute. 5^ l.eto .Inhnson. of Harmony, vls'ted Monday night wltli .1. II.- .l.ohns<m and family and went fnxn there to lluin- boldl -where she will v|slt a few days with her cousin; Lillian, who Is at- tefadlng ichoo' there. , i Ur. R. K Voye;* and y*Ife left Xev.-1 Year's i\i>y for ilieir liQiue in I/)ui-j slan:i. ' i .M:t; l!.i;.ei and Dr. Orren Noyes re- 'urn-d ti> Valentine .\»'br'., last Fri- .Mr. Beahm wil! Saturday for his regular appi'intriient and hold a protiacted meeting, .Mr. and .Mrs. Wil lie .lensen will stay wltii Mrs. Hraiiii!. —Charles Durham, l.ovlngton HI., has succeeded In finding a iiositive cure for bed wetting. "My little boj wet the bed every night clear thn.' on the floor. 1 inert -several kinds c r kidney medicine and I was. in the dru.i.^ store looking for .Kwnethlng different to help him when 1 heard of Foley Kidney Pills. Ater he had taken then two days we could sec a cliimge an when lie hafi lak <'n two thirds of : bottle he was cured. That Is abou six weeks ago and he has not wet ii hedr 'since." J. D. .Mundis Co. THE NORTBRUP NAiTiaNAL BANK 101,A, ii.\>SAS OVER FORTY TEARS OF CO.NSERYACTIVE R.VXKINC; IS lOLA Dfjio.vitorj- for the Inltod .Sfate.s .^^tiitc of Kansas, and Allen Countf ... f OFFUER.Si L. NORTIiUUP, President -D. P. XORTHRUP. 2nd V-Pres. F. A. .NORTHlIfP, Vice-Pre-ideM MELVfN' FROXK. Cashier. K. J. C 0 KF;-:Y . .Assistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Intere.<;t Paid on Time Deposii^ Safety Deposit Boxts for Rent , YOUR lU SIN ESS SOLICITED. i^ighest For Hides and Furs. jarket Prices Also Fine Lump Coal for sale —at L. KRUPPS .rUNK YARD Phont; 314 POINTED PARAOHAPII.S. Pi-cm the Chicago News. The man who is considered a "good fellow" by the boys down town Is seldom that kind of a chap at home. When May and December take each othe rfor better or for w.orse the chances are they will both get the worst of it. Up to the timeET.\OINbn-fnry.. I'p to her wedding day a girl believes that if a husband has bad habits It is because his wife never feeds him angel food or meets him at the door with a kiss. a Bad Cough Vanish Quickly -ior Mop Back The Qulckect. Surest C^ugh Remedy You Ever Used. Fam<ly Supply for 50c Saves Vou $2. (.'E>EY.\. .Tan. "—We wish you all a lianp: New Year. How many have .turnet' over a new leaf? .Mr. and Mrs. Noah Settlemyer of this ii'ace, and brother Monroe, of Yatrs Center, will start for North Carolina this week where they will visit relatives for the next two months .Man.v.v.ill be surpri.'-ed to learn tha/ Ira Lowe who has been at Oneida K [iD.:-r.<. fcr the past several month; working; has now joined the army am is at St. Louis at present. .Mr. and .Mrs. T. K. Bosworth visiter Friday with Mr. and Mts. J. H. Lamous ot north of town. Yv'ui. McClelland has gone to Chicago for a brief business visit. .Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wilson of Col- —Here Is a remedy that will cure your cold. Why waste tlm^ and money exper'mentlnK when you can get a urpparntion that has won a worldwide reputation by lf» cures of this <1l»e(»«e rni can always depended irpon? It li» known evarywhere as Chambprlain'K Cough Remedy, and la a nHidlclD« of real merit For Mia by All deftleri. Tou have never used aOytbIn); which takes bold of a had couyb ^nd couquers it •o quickly as Piuei Cough* Syrup. Givea almost iustant relief andi.'usually ttopi the most ol):>tinate. deep-seated cough in • ony. will visit here Sunday with tht 24 hours. Ouaranteed to Rive prompt and j latter's sister, Mrs Tal Sherwood ETg'cou-h**""* '""^ '''"""^ : /iiiex is a special and liisldy conreu' trated compound of Norw^ White Pins extract, rich in guai.ncol and other healing pine elements. A OO-cent bottle makes a pint—a furaily »ui)ply'—of the best cough remedy that money can buy, at a saving of $2. Simply mi; with homemade siicar syrup or straitvid hooey, in a pinf bottle, and it is ready fi^ use. Easily prepared iu 5 minul<;s--Hiirctjtiona in pockase. Children like I'ini«t Coiigh Syrup—it taste* good, and is a promp-, sa/e remedy for old or .voimK. Sliinuhiu'^ the appetita and isi gli;:liii.v luxatite— 'Itblh ROO <1 features. A hanily householi^ medicine fur hoarseness, xsthnin. broiii Intis, etc., and unuxuully eiTm-liie for ioeipient lung troubles. I's'il in ninrr huuuit' s'll in ninrr imnuit' in the , L". 8. and r:juiid.i il.uii ;.iuy other cough ( tatlon Friday night at literary remed.r. Pinex ha> often li''<*n -iinitnteil, but nevff liuni-KKliillv. f(,r iioiViin;: elife will pro<luee ilo- *uuii- irinili-. 'flie ve.'tiiine U guaranteed in iriv,- iilsuluti' aatiiifttctir'n or money reftii dr.l. l'eriiiir,il« of guMr- •Dteo l» wni.'ipi'l in '-ai II ) M < l<ase. Your OrugKi"! hu< INnex or «l!l.,i;l.ully get it (or y»u. Il not, atud Iu T|iu I'tuez Co^ Vt, Wayue, lad. o property in lola and will move tr saniM t'-e first of Match. He will have a sale here some time in February. The Chas. Hook -sale was well attend»-d and things sold well. Literary was well attended Friday night in si.ite of the wealber. A goot! time is reported also. , George Mabie and .lohn jre delivering i ;oRS in the Neo.^ho Falls today. Mr=;.. James Dencev spent several day? last week in Colony visiting rel- at'-es. D. D. Spicer went to CJianute Satur- ("av retMiiiing Monday. i Mis.? Marguerite Knowlton. of lola favored UB with a very pleasing re'-'Mi?- Knowifon returned to her school duties Monday. Foley's Uonej and Tar Coniponnd. —!» a reliable family medicine. Olve It to .vour children, and lake If yourself when you feel a cold corolna on. It eheckn and cures coughs and colds and croup and preventa brdn- cbiUa and pneumonia. J, D, Mundis Co. The Baldwin high school l .a: ki t lall team, whidi some time ago i ;i hat city Bdnilnisterc <l to an loUi tcai>: he only defe.nt sii.itaincd b.v an iohi >asket ball team this season, iias ju.-:; ilnished a holiday trip on whici- il play and won four games, the scores being as follows: BaUlvvln 05. Ilo.toi: LTI ; Baldwin :{7. Morton 2-'; r,l. Whiting Athletic Club. 3U: Baldwin SO, Ho'.ton Athletic Club, 22. T:; , , ., team which lola plays bere toniu-hi .< I.'"'^""^" J^' ;.he Clay Center high school, will pin.. ! '''"'f' ^"''^ ^f,T^^^- )M naldsvLi next Friday Qight. and !• sl'<""^'>' ^ °' •al fans will w:atch the result of •: ; ^anie witli interest, as Baldwin '.v.' indoubtedly be onec-.of lola's I 'n •!•>•: competitors for the stale chiiiiip i'.?- GANCE unit tumor can h«. rurfl wltboot » norsl.-jil nperstion t or IfOTnfnir t>l»isi|.r. Wi. huvt, Kart^-Mifally treRtt-d tti(.M, <l{<fH for tho roat twenty >*-Hn. Olilerfnl. bnmplike. w> tl f^iuit>r,>tl itanUarluni. Hondn-.b* of i^ntiiifipi) pnti.-ut«. Prices ieiMoni4>le. Write for t'Hllt: BOOK. Addrew. MISSOURI VALLEY SANITARIUM, Garfield Abbott avenue, was clock this af- uunoon while .working at the north c-inent p'ant. He was sacking ce- nii-nt in tire wareroom when the con- i.ent.-i 1)1' a bin slipped and engulfed .hip, and a :;a«,e between Uu:' v;.. i'^!'»- Hi; C<;now workmen micbv^red, teams will doubtless be arrauj;eu to.-i «3 fast as they possibly could, •-he near future. they possibly could, hut it was three minutes before they _: '-ot l:im out and he had smothered to ' death. R. E. Cullison went to Garnett thiii morning for a brief business visit. —Alien County Poultrv Show Jan I!». 10. 11, 12 i:;. Wfut Ails Yea? Do you feel weak, tired, despondent, have frcqu6n. bead- cches, ci,ated tori^juc, hitler -or buj taste in morDinj*, "hc-jrt-burn," iwjciiinH of ^a.s ,'nciJ risinjii in throat ?ftcr eating, stoinacb jjaav/ or burn, fcul hr ^ath, tiizzy J^pelis, poor or variablu u .opetitc, nausea ct timej and kindred symptoms? •• ]{ you luiTo ony consid^rnbls number of tho above sympton-.s you aro suitsr^t^ from btiious- ness. torpid liver with indigestion, or dyspcpsitu \Dr. Pierce'a Golden Mrdica] Discovery is mado up of the most -valuable nteutcina) priuotplca known to medical scicaco for tho pormaooat cure of suob abnorraal cunditio.-in. It is a moat efficient liver invl4or»t«>r, «t>jn:ich tooio. bowel fetfulator aad norvo ctrcn:;:hv>^;r.

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