Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVEmG, jfANUARY 4..1912. If we haV€ your size in Suits, Coats for ladies; misses and children, ladies' Tailor Made Skirts, also a big line of Dress Skirts, you can buy them at the greatest reduction in price of the season. We still have a splendid line to select from. In some instances the cost is not considered. Our elegant line of Millinery going at 50c on the dollar. Bring your orders for Millinery here and you will receive them promptly. Big line of fine Wool Dress Goods and Silks at prices that will please you. Warm Underwear and Blankets—our prices arc making them go as fast as we can tie them up. Warm Gloves, Mittens, Furs, Wool Aviation Caps—a big line to select from. RICHARDSON'S oiToioioraioioioioioro 50c Plaques 25c lola Furniture store PERSON/tiS I III-. I<l:iisil<'ll. iif Ciirin-tl. s|ii>iil ti'i'ihiy ill this t-iiv iiii liiisiiu-ss. t'oiinty I'oiiliry Show noxt an-' CALENDAR PADS Blank Books Filing Cabinets Office Supplies Desk Stationery IVncils, Pons, Inks Evans Bros. Stationery Store Mr. and Mrs. I'hiirlrs Monro an- s|>f iiiliiij; ;i I'vw iliiys in WflUa \\<n- inn ri'lativos. —C7o Monpj-. U. M. Cnnpinglium. Mrs. Carl llnbi-rts Is roportoil to ha cDi linpil tit hi'T doMii' ttitli I'llnpss. >Viliiani Christy, of Wiihlta. is in ihr 4-ily for a sliorl l)usiiioss visit. —Dr. Lncy M. Hull, Osfeopatb. IVlPpliuDc l:!0 and CGI. i; \V. X.-iKhl.arcrr. i.f 217 South SIriii' siri'i't. is ri'inirl4-il in hti jjyr- Innily HI. -Dr. McMlllpn. I 'lionffi SS and SS& .Mloriii'y li. CiiiTil ri'liirni'il tills II d 'li.iu' friiiii a liili-l vi.sit In Topoka. -IIB. O. L. rox, Ocnllat Mr. and Mrs. Williuni Savan''. of rJ'il ] South Tt-nn^-ssee stri'j't, are tlip iiar- Soiiili Ti'iini-s.-:i'i' stri'i't, an- the (lar- j i-iils of a .son ivlio arrived this iiiorii- i-iits of IIIHtll. u Kill liurii yi'sli'iilay afti-r-jiiiK. - Frpd Rondcn, IVrtod Drrorntor. i'lKine Mrs. !•; \V. Myli-r. I'oiinly sii|u-rin- ti>ndent. who has boon in Mildrpd ami Moran for thi- past si'vi-ral days In- siHTllnK si-hi)i>Is. n-tnrnud lo tola thi.s afti'rnoon. —Tlinsp Cafp. llij; 2Hc Mcnl?. Monty's Mr. and Mrs. Huston Clinp. of 110 SMOKINCIHEAT THE MEW TI»AY. Yon don*t need a smoke house. Apply WIUOHT'B B110O:-a Uqutd-eiving tn-o coats, vhicb 'vrUl impart the rich nrotna and delicote flavor of hickory smoke to the meat, kocping It aonnd, mraet and InsiQct free indeflnitoly. Bold for 16 ysan oU over U. H. and Canada. Got tfao Ronnluo. Full}'nuorniitcod. Bold only in Hiunreqimrt Iwttles with metal coii. ABU jtinrdrunRistfor -WRIOMT'SSIWOKB.- yadutmly by E. u. WRIGHT CO.,. ^ KANSAS crrr, vo. Sold uaiU uuiuiteed by S|i «clal Agent— S. U. Uiirrell - Alh-n County Poultry Show at tin' Iowa .Siiin? hiilldiujr ni'.M w»"»'k. Forim-r .SIii>ritT II A. Uiclianlson. of SaM'iihiirK. IS ill I hi- i-iiy today on —Catfish and Fresh l.;iki' Trout at Cowan's. Tho two-year-old son of Mr. and .>lr.s. Cliarle.s Kunk of North First street Is ri'i'ortcd to In- seriously ill with scarlet fi'ver. aiul the home has ht-en i|uaiantined. Mrs. Uruce and dnuRliter. .Mrs. Doty, of north of ."\Ioran, are Ijj the tity f"c a viyli of several days with .Mr. and Mrs. K. \V. Arnold. Tlu-y will leave soon for Twill Falls. Id^lho. to niako (heir lioiiip. Slicflleld Ceyer. who has bi'en in tho pity for till' iiast .<5PVPral Oa.vs for ii vi.sit with his iiarents. Mr. and .Mrs. .\. 1'^ Cieyor, returneil tliis aflernnon to his einiiloynient at Tulsa. Okla. —TliP biK Allen -how np.\t week. County Poultry Mrs. \V. II. Moniiell. of West Jark.oon avenue, underwent a SHvere operalion yesterday nfiernooii about tlireie o'clock at her home Tor a dan BeroiiB ^Hness with--which she hat been ot^oed to ber bed tor the pas' Six mouths. She Is reported to bi /loins ait well as roiild be expected. Mr and Mrs. A. E. Balllett. wh< have li »en visitmK for the past fou monibs^vlth frienda and relatix'ea Ii Roanoke. Ya., returned home today. FYienfls of the couple are just becoming "wlge" to the fact that Mra- Ualay Woutrldge and Frank WiUlami were n^rrled the Saturday befort Chrlstu^s. Thpy are at home ti friends at niS South Sycamore., —Catfish n'nd Fresh Lake Trout a' Cowan'fc. ^ * The lioard of niroctora of the Y. M C. A. w)ll hold their regular monthl; niwtlng tonight 1/ the parfors of th< Associitthm building. The only Ini purlantt bUKlncss to come before th' lUHeting will be the making of ar rangeiiients for the olectton ' of>''f1v new dliectors In the near future. —Thtr W. C. Teats Keally Co.. Krer nidg. Offfce rootflfl 22 to 24. Mr. nad Mrs. Kugpne Ihrlg, of U O I BH Iduliu, fxUit have been here for u V I H I with hl<i iinrentH. Mr. and Mrs. W. J Ihrlg. have Koni^ to Cuitcordia for t visit of. several dii.v.s with Mr. Ihrlg'i liroilieK They will return here fo' another V I K I I before leaving fur tlietl hnine 111 Ttolse. —Doh't fall fo show your ehlckeut at .theVAllen Country I'oultry Show next w ^ek. The Clay Center high school lia .ske ball (ejtin. uhirh wa.s defeated by thi loJa hfeh school team In a very e.v eiling -ganu' here last nlgUt. left to day for Huffalo. where they play th< high .school teaiii of that city tonight From Ihere they will go to Baldwli for u {jame with the team of that clt: toinortiow night. The results of thesi gaiiies^ will be ivatclied with interes by lola fans, ns Baldwin and Buffalt are nriuing the teams aspiring to tht stall- r!iampionshlp, and the results o' the Kaines will yield some doiie on th« resuHn of tho tournaiuent at I<aw lenee in tlir spring. — Kicrvlliing going up except Monty's .V.eals—2()c. Uf'fif C. Kast filed suit In the district fourt this tpornlng for a dlvorcf from *her husband, Denver C. Kast. The. iirlde alleges cruelty and non- ^Ml>lHirl as her grounds for action. She ;::-ks .to be awarded alimony and the cu .<;o 'ly of their minor child. —r. C. Hutchor sold a car load of mulcH and Southern Horses. They will Jbp shipped out today over the Muskogee. Okla. Mrs. Knott came'' from Muskogee and bought them at l !«itcher'!» barn. Mr. Butcher says tile market will be belter" now; several car loads have been sold within ili.e last two weeks. The regular wetifcy,- meeting of 111'- lola'Workmen's Society was held in the t ;ity Coinmlasioners' chamber last iiiKh5[. There was a good attendance and (in interesting and helpful session lieldv A reference library of technical books and magazines has been Installed and is no«v available to any city "employe. Checks In payment of dividends on .tl^ferred stock in the Dixie Portland . :emen't company were received in lola be past few days and were cashed *ith a purring noise by the fortunate jwners. " ..^ A sensation was caused in the Fort- and Hotel lobby today by the appear- ince of Sam Hanks—minus 1^ fam- liar, handsome mustache—and Pink.] Hice—plus a boom for Roose^^elt fbr President The annual meeting of the! stock^ "lolders of the Allen County State iank was held last night in the bank, md it Is pleasing to know that the itninst harmony exists in the faiully -that is, the stockholders. —Farmen Attention! High gradi liBtlllata for aBl«. Telephone 785 lola ir Hambdldt Refinery. M. Huager ord. 304 W K»I Ktr <wit A. G. Mumma and his brother-in-law •\ O. Spurler. returned this afternoon roni UoskcU, Okla., where they have een for u short biisinesH. visit. Mrs. K. K. Odell, who hab been vislt- ng for the past twci weeks with relii- ivf« In Neosho Falls, returned home oday. Mrs. S. V. Allen, of Kansas City, to- iiiy Hto)iped off for a visit with Mr. ind .Mr .M. K. K. Oilell, enroiite lo her loiiie, after a visit with friends In N'eoHlKi Falls. narlle8 \lllo Knterprlse; Mrs. I>. IhlfcBt and Miss Estli'jr Ruble, of La-, larpe, who have been visiting the ramily of Miss Addle Ruble, for sever il days, returned to their homes this •nornlng. Ottawa Herald: Mrs. Maude F^ins- on, of lola, formerly superintendent of public Instruction of Allen county was a caller at the office of superintendent Ktta Joe McCoy this morning Mrs. Punston is now ,1 traveling representative of Crane & Company o' Topeka. The Register, told some time agf. . ilMjiit an lofa man receiving tliirty >ne dilferent shares iif stocks In plac/ of his one share of Standard Oil. ^tock. The other day he received nr impressive looking letter from one of •he numerous subsidiary conipanie.S.- and on opening it found a dividend check. His fractional share of stock =n this company Is .something like '.MC-'»S7.!)S7.SC7 87;{rd.s. and the dlvi- lend was for three oent.s. When it is -e/pemherpd that it took two cents in oostige to deliver the three cent dividend, one cannot but wonder. — f:. .7. Peterson, Farm T^ans, In- jurance. Abstracts. -as; ^wdi-spves and^ges EXCEL In BukcabiKty and CdOkahfilty. KK.iSUNl Best material and niirkninnship. X« jMilns or e.<- penNH fipared to inukp thi-ne Htu\eM (tie OM.Y HKKT Ciist ST(IYi:.S on tliP niarkel. Stu tliem lit Auditbrium SKATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday and: Saturday Evenings at 7' o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. AllMISSION £rcnlag ]UeSkates JSc Afternoons 5c Skates lOe RegL-ster Want Ads get results. REWARD. Reward of |2o.OO Is hereby offered by the owner for Informa- tluh leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons who damaged the building on the fn I in known as the Kurt farm, Z \<i miles east of ^M Harpe Kas. J. W .MARKER Agent. Ij ^TAVjr is a splendid time to nilllni have those pictures Xa-. IIV f f T'hg holiday rush la over, so we can take plenty of time to : get ,a(;quainted and bring out your best points. AT^O—we have some interesting tbingH in new style mountings. ' ' Gibson's Studio I 110 N. Waslilngtbn. Viilcbiii'orTliaitoy^rbiii frtra or oaio n. / or -li^taK:,, J-tCA.-! Cot.NTlr. I FHAXK 1. i:iir.N-ET mnkM mtli that ho B fonlor ruuiet at tt» linn of K. J. c.imEr ft Co.. tfoUiK tuliim In thp my vl TCIMIO . County; and Ruio ntorrMld, ana thai 'Kinl llrm will pay tlw nim fit OXli II1'S1>KKI> Irt»I.l.AUH for fnth utH evfry of (UTAhrni ttiaK x»ialut Be cBr«I Ity uic u» ot MAU.* CATAMIIII Cijue. rnAVK J. CHK.SKV. Hvnm to beloTo ami nji>:*-riticil in lay pn^-nc^ :l.u tlh any of I) '•nntxr. A. li.. IIM. • A. W. GLEASON, iUin CntAiTh Clin- i« t;.k'n Intfreallv and iir«» !ilitwtljr apoii iin biuKl and muroia mrtunn el 1.1 •yibm. ticnil (ur tntliiinnlalK, (r>«. F. J. rm>.\-i:Y & t», Toiwio. /' doM by all l;runhts. ?Sr. TaJiJ Hjira Faiul)'- ' 111 lor cewHwmo. K THE BIG WHOOP 'EM Overcoats! Overcoats! I have just trot twcniy-nine Overcoats on hantl, con.<istinir of thi.s^tjn's latest styles, that have gut to jjo. One lot of Mackinto.^h Rain Proof Overcoats', worth 111) to S10.:'0: Whoop 'Em Out price .$6.45 One lot of fancy dark stripe Mackintoshes, convertible eollai-.- rain proof, that is worth $12.50; Whoop 'Km Out price. .$ One lot of Black Thibet Overcoats, convertible collar, 52 inche .«j luny;, worth ,$16.00; Whoop 'Em Out price $11.4.5 One lot of black aiici f ancy stripe Overcoats that are strictlv all wool, convertible collar, .worth .$20.00; Wp.oop 'Em Out price .SI 4.45 One lot of slip-oji JJain Coats, cut full and roomy, roLjular price So.OO; now. ..$3.95 lalso have just nine Overcoats that are slightly damairofl, some are silk lined, that tire worth up lo .SlO.DO; choice while thev last, at $1.45 SWEATER C OATS Have you e\er li'ied one- I have some dandies! One lot 50c and Toe grade 45c One lot $1.25 grade 85c One lot S2.y0 grade ..$1.95 One lot $3.00 and $3.50 grade $2.35 " '. DUCK COATS $1.50 ^rade. sale price S1.15 $2.00 grade, sale price ; $1.45 $2.50 grade, sale price $1.95 $5.00 Corduroy Coats. $3.45 Reduced prices on all Winter Grloves! Tliat is g'oing to launcK atimy place Friday, 4 carry any over. Remember, you have three solid months of winter weather before you, so come prepared to get your share. The only way to appreciate the good values I am going to offer is to come early whether you live near or far away. Men's Pants! Men's Pants!! Men's Pants!!! Ring cut the old—ring in the new. Why not start the New Year with a new pair of Trousers, when you can buy them at such prices? One lot of heavy Pants that are part wool, well made, worth $2.00; Whoop 'Em Out price $1.15 One lot of Fancy Worsteds in a stripe pattern, and also Corduroy, worth $1.50; Whoop 'Em Out price 89c One lot of Pants, various patterns, regular price $3.00; Whoop 'Em Out at. .$2.25 One lot of Pants worth up to $i3.50 and $4.00; Whoop 'Em Out price $2.85 •One lot (if Pants, fancy worsted, extra fine, worth $5.Q0; salej^e .$3.65 One lot of^Drummer's Sample Pants- some are sligh.tly damaged, worth up to $5.00; sale pric« ., $2.15 One lot ofLDrummer's Sample Pants— that are wool-i-worth up to $2,50; sale price • , $1.45 One lot of Knee Pants, worth 35c> sale price 23c HATS! HATS! One lot Hats worth $1.00, sale price... .50c $1.50 and $2.00 Hats, sale price $1.35 $2.50 Hats, sale price $1.95 $3.00 and $3.50 Hats $2.35 One lot Boys' Hats worth $1.00 at 75c All 50c and 75c Caps, sale price........ .45c SHOES! SHOES! I would Hke to have a chance to prove to you that It will pay you to buy your Shoes of me."5 Reduced prices on all Shoes. This sale; will be in full blast until all Winter Goods are sold out. LEE WIENER, PROP. North Side Square 10 W. JACKSON AVE. Ida, Kansas Men's and Youths' Suits If you have put off buying a Suit until now you will not regret coming to my store and buying a Suit during my sale. Remember these prices are made in order to make a quick clean-up on all suits. One lot of Suits in gray worsted) heavy, well lined, worth $9.00; Whoop 'Em Out price $4.95 One lot of dark brown wool Suits that make a dandy knockabout suit, worth $11*; Whoop 'Em Out price $7.45 One lot of fancy worsted Suits, made with peg top pants, large cuffs on pants, broad shoulder effect, worth $15.00; sale price $11.45 One lot of fancy Cassimeres in dark blue effects, with a stripe, that are worth $22.00; sale price ; $14.95 One lot of Men's Blue Serges, all, wool, worth $18.00; Whoop 'Em Out price.$12.95 One lot of Blue Serge Suits worth $12; Whodp 'Em Out $8.45 CHILDREN'S SUITS. ~ These will be sold at about One-Third the Regular Price. UNDERWEAR! UNDERWEAR! Why not lay in a hupply of Underwear for nexf winter, when you can buy at the following prices: Extra heavy standard fleece lined Underwear, 50c and 75c grade, Whoop *Em Out price 7.. I 39c The best Rib Underwear, extra well made, sale price ..39c $1.00 and $1.25 grade fleece Kned and Rib Union Suits 89c

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