Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 17, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1954
Page 2
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ARKANSAS '•} .,«*/ \** # -r F. t Sftfi*. ; it -wn «u ffiat if I JFrorti MARKETS ftes" grow- as oth- wny , °i4'' *•' age -makes some ' Jt *** v * ' ** <»-'*** ^«/ fttch At 43 the cfflly - haft .delinlteSy fiat*e hasn't itls, Vorkjn life He kftls, Or Dald off on *»8 "home, %|nbugh to retire on or ialtes him foi* granted, , the Airrtttiire,. and other ^rafhitn us a vague pup- it .autpmatlcolly .opens doors ttti^.41ghlsjtheir cigarettes ties. The,,only cople , that City Council ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK ttAflONAL STOCKYARDS, 111 • Hogs 7,500; active; barrows and gilts steady to 10-15 higher sows unchanged; chholce 180-240 lb largely 2100-25; mostly 26.10-15 for iyO"Z3u ID OTI^* lot choice r^o 1 ~~ — —~*~ — ~~ *•— *• --•-*•«» -%** nn_ 23.35 bulk 240-230 lb 25,75-26.00: f StreetJ Department and purchased 260-200 -lb 25.00-65; load 298 ib 25.25 load arotmd S25 lb 24.40,' good early clearnnce choice J50- 170 lb 2.100-26,00; sows 400 Ibi Continued from Page One ,, u . „ blds for ° ncw lruck for the . down 23.50-24.00; 22.50-23,25. heavier sows Battle 3,000 caJves BOO: opening *low some initial sales steers anc butcher yearlings steady, including few loads and lots good and choice .Steers n4 20.00-23.00 and hlgh^ftnice leiters at 22.00; cows about steady aut 'buying hardly : as aggressive os yesterday; utility and commercial cows 12.00-11.00 canners and cutters 9.00-12,00; bulls and veaJ- •«rs steady utility nnd commercifil .bulls 13.00-15.00; cutter bulls 10.fiO- ;12.50 good and choice vealers 23.00-27.00; few prime reaching arc r ce Salesmen seeking to sell pillow wor Interrupt , yo'ti ,,,_»C<S8.> M "Sul 5 ' -bjicjoup and jic ''any . , , -.-„-,~, one — -and l a "al- birthday -party at the - •' - . 'some cham enough to .blow P^ife fi m^^uf ecalled oases o'.flot' ,on1y :'bfthda4but ly Nothing'but d<d feel bet' jflnd :29.00; commercial and good vctii- crs 10.00-22.00; Sheep 500 Izmbs active, steady to strong; run mostly choice to prime wooled lambs 25,00-50; sales 25.00 ,24.00; ngcd sheen steady: slaughter ewes 4.00-8.00, used motor for a street department truck;; exchanged typewriters and will add another tele- .phone at the police station; and .gave the go-ahead on carpenter work at the sower plant. Chief Willis ' was authorized to appoint another assistant fire chief. The Chicken Is King i n Ozark County .By HAROLD HART SPRINGDALE, Cotton, long king, of Arkansas' flntlands, and the state's No. 1 money crop, rapidly s getting an occonomic counter- Colls Korean Reduction Unwise Move CHICAGO, (UP) - bembcratie National Chairman Stephen A. Mitchell said last night that President Eisenhower was "a party to an unwise reduction of military strength before Korea." Mitchell faltly -ejected Vice President Richard M. Nixon's Plea that American* "get behind" Mr. Eisenhower and trust his professional judgment on military matters, Mitchell, appearing on 'a tele- vison news conference, said that When Louis Johnson was secre- i ar , J :,. of , do f ens e Mr. Eisenhower testified in support of Johnson's much-criticized economy defense budget. Mitchel said that the current controversey over Sen. Joseph R. Wednesday, MttthW, range A NEW YORK 'STOCKS NJEW YORK, March 17 .W) — The stock market swung about today in an irregular manner with price changes holding to a rather .narrow <*)eningeontinue d in early traamg, and then the market turned lower. Before it could get very far, a recovery movement started in the second hour and carried on into the early afternoon. 'Most price, changes were in minor fractions, with only occasional issues gaining or losing as much as a point. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO, March 17 I/W — Live >oultry steady on young stock; veflk on hens; receipts 623 coops I .0;b. .pftyingprice s unchanged to cent lower heavy hens 20-31: tght hens 18-20 fryers or broil" ; 1018, duck,- part in this Ozark hill country. It's chicken raising. And it's big business. None of the small time" backyard flocks often associated with the business. Tn less than five years a 'inconse- sas has moved from a inconsequential producer to second to Georgia, the nation's leader in turning out chickens. Production of-broilers in Arkansas last year was a record 74,000 000 birds, up 2 per cent over the 1952 turnout of 72,627,000. The 1953 gross to chicken farmers was $54,553,000. Arkansas' 1953 production was second to 12}j631,000 broilers raised last year in Georgia. Hand in hand with ithe tremendous growth of broiler industry in this state has come a surge in turkey raising. The Federal-State Crop Reporting Service'sawys there were .70;000 turkeys in ASrkansas as of Jan. 1 1954. ^Compared with 47,000 on th same date in' 1 1952. Turkeys last year grossed $304,10 for Arkansas -farmers, 'Who from sale of McCarthy a chance Democrats a chance Political hay, but at a high price." "pretty "It's not good for the • country." he said of the recent exchange of charges and cou.iler-cHarges b»- tween McCarthy and the army. Mitchell expressed disapproval of McCarthy but insisted he was the Republicans' "problem," "They elected him to his posi- ;«on," Mitchell said in <a reference to the Republican senatorial caucus, which chose McCarthy chairman of that House's Permanent Investigating subcommittee. Mitchell said Nixon's speech Saturday was "not a sufficient" answer to Democrat Adlai E Stevenson. Nixon made a television appearance as the official GOP spokesman to answer criticism by defeated presidential nominee Stevenson. Mitchell also charged Nixon wns 'not very careful about the facts" in suggesting the Truman administration "deliberately -planned" budget deficits and would never have removed economic controls. The national' chairman said that the portion of Nixon's speech NEW JOB—John Slezak is the nevir undersecretary of the U, S. Army. The 58*year-old Chicago businessman replaces Earl Johnson, who resigned. to e make which concerned fairness in con- to • make Sessional investigations —an ob' vious reference to McCarthy —was "good as far as it goes." Bui .he said he hoped "it ,will be followed by .effective action bv the President." ' " He also said the Republican leadership appears to be preoccupied with "running for office rath'er than running the government." In resonse to questions by newsmen. Mitchell also said that Democratic complaints of a "one-party" press were becoming less and less valid. • He .commended the press for "digging out the facts" on what he called, the "hoax" that 2,400 discharged government employes were all security risks or spies. He also said the natural tendency of the American press was to view with "distrust" t he .government in power, although "it took them a long time" with the Eisenhower- administration. The Dominican Republic has salt mines in an underground block of salt estimated to be miles long, an dayeraging a mile wide and 120 ., vunf;f ... o ,^ iti»ix, »v*i_*C U11U i£,\J j feet high weighing 300 million tons. : | New Twist to Canceling Memberships By ROfieAf t. LOUGHRAN CHICAGO (UP) — The under- World mriy -have used an "innova^ tion" in gangland slaying s when it canceled the membership of two fellow lodge members and stuffed their bodies in an auto .trunk, police .said today. The frozeh bodies of the slain hoodlums. Paul (Needle Nbse) Labriola and James S. Weinberg, werf found last night without a bullet hole in them. Thin red marks and ugly welts on their necks and chests indicated they were strangled, possibly with piano wire. But police believed they were first given a -"Mickey Finn" by their assassins. , "It's apparently a new system of getting rid of troublesome characters," said Police Captain Leroy Steffen. Labriola, 37, who .once had his oversize nose bobbed by a plastic surgeon, was the spn of a member of the Uhioni Siciliano, the nucleus of Al Caponn's mob. His father, step-father and uncle all died violently. But .like his tubby friend Wein berg. S3, Labriola • never rose lo the upper ranks of .the underworld. Some source said the two men were considered pests by bigtimo gangsters in the crime "syndicate." . Laiely the two hoodlums had been selling "protection" to tavern Owhers in suburban Elmwood Par!?, a business which cannot be carried on with in unity without syndicate favor. • StomacliJpiDar Get fast, soothing relief with PERCY MEDICSNE turkeys in 1952. _Jtter u 'steady; rt'ceits 1,442,8,80 wholesale buying -prices unchanged S,j(Scq;i;e>AA'-ra4.75; 92>.A S83.5 3t/62:{fj'f § 6 C'59,25 cSdrs SQ B 9' 5 C 80. '• '•' - ! " " steady receipts 20,901; 'holesale buying p r,i c e s un large ,'39,-39,5; U.S. —ii — ~-. — ••- <• U. S. * standards 5.5 jjgurrtjnt recqip'ts SGj " chTdeks n d? - ••- , \vith ifii "lilA !?.,*!>< *i f "' lf ""I-" to»*?«i$ w, F a faces' be jjpyejj^nt.- ".<aj -'y,acd t sqme-i , ft iJ- "* « .».!> YORK COTTON ' . •', '• NE WXQRK, March J7 Iff) —Cotton futures displayed early steadiness today and (then tuped irrpg- qlar under the influence of hedging and profit takine. Nearby con- trafts snasged on liquidation with switching from May4o later mpnths was moderatelynctive, . Late af"ternoon price;? -were 20 cents a bale higher to 5 cents lower than the proviousclose . May 34,47, July 34.58, Oct. 3^1,07. 1 -\ - —• * — — GRAIN AND PROVISIONS 'CHICAGO. March 17 1*1 — Prices firmed in qll pits in active deal- liar s spread throughout the state. ( 'Lowe}l Tj Lankfqrd, poultryman -lAlriculkire ^Ektensjyn haft; 1 wajich^d -lhe»? industry grow. He says, "Broiler .production has spread pretty well throughout the state. No longer is it confined to the northwest area." The twd big markets today are northwest area and Balesvillp- 'ftJ^ m , the northeast section of the state, 1 '. RusseilvJlle Names New Head Coach on -the 'Board of Trade today. Soybeans raced up several cents, •packed by strength 'in soybean oil, Stn'd lard sho't 'ahead to new seasonal .tope, -Loose lard sold at ir-' R a pound, uo g from yester- and at -a now high , for the, tf) — John •Douthitt is-the''^w head football coach at Russellville High School, •,' succeedinpi' , Marvin Salmon, now an' assistant football coach at Arkansa^ Tech, Douthitt has been he'ad coach at Paragould 'High ScJjpol for the past two years. '*• ' Army Hires Dockmen Under Civil Service NEW YORK, Iff)— The Army starts hiring dock workers under 6ivil service regutntions today to load troop and cargo ships at its gtrike-boutid bases in Brooklyn. Staten Island and Jersey Cilv N. .T The call for civil service longshoremen — approved by the Pentagon —was issued by Brig. Gen. Calvin de Witt Jr., commander of the New York port of embarkation. The civil service employment means that the longshoremen will .be working dl- teetiy for the government and not Tor stevedoring firms under contract to the government. Eleven ghips destined for European and Indochinese ports are tied Up at Army bases by the outlawed waterfront strikte, now in -its 12th day. LITTLE ROCK (UP) — A. Li! « (Al) Holley of Mal.vern today" filed his corrupt practices pledge with Secretary'of State C. G. Hall for state senator in the llth dis- .rict. Holley will ,run for position No. 1. Other candidates alreaady filed '.or the same position are C. Van Hayes of Benlon Elmer Tackett of Hot Springs, and Milton G. Wilkin* son of Malvern. Sen. Q, Byrum Hurst of Mot * Springs has filed for re - electlonflP' tor position No. 2 in the district CAB to Check Mail Routes of 'Copters WASHINGTON, WP) The Civil Aeronautics Board says it intends to keep tabs on experimental movement of mail by helicopter in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago to find out whether the benefits are worth subsidy. The board said this yesterday in announcing that it proposes to pay New York Airways $1,348,464 for carrying the . mail by helicopter from Oct. 15, J902, through the end of 1953. More Candidates File for Office RelievesCOlDS'P/UN IT'S ASPIRIN At itS BESt ASPIRIN 36 Table!» 254 -100 for 494 -200 only 79« JOIN NOW GROUP FORMING NEW :.- Non Cancellable HoBpltal Policy.' Home.Security Life Ins. Co. • Guaranteed Never to Raise . Rates. • Ages —Birth to 100 Years. ' • No Medical 'Examination Required! ' • Good Any Doctor or Hospital • Demand Non .Cancellable Policy. Call or write your Reliable Agent! CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P. O. Box 104 NOWOI*EN 205 S. Main Street OPEN DAILY LADIES INVITED C.I • . . New Lion gasolines from America's most modern-type refining units, guarantee your car A- V -i. ' ' . fl '.improved flour' business, and ddmtfnyed' dry weather Jn the South- weatj,helped Wheat, Qains in feed grains were small except" for Maroh oats, up around a cent on fehort- coveuing, Wheat" closed g to 1 -cent igliar, March $2,30, corn V» Jovv- ,er to '/i higher, March $1.S3%, oats . mnchanged to % higher, Marcli 77x. rye unchanged to % higher, $1-17 , and soybeans" ]'.4 higlier, March $3.51-$3,50'4. •Cash wheat: No. 2 ypllow hard *.ft4^. Corn; No, 2 yellow 147i',. !/a! No. 3 l,53^-50"/j; No. 4 Uss/,. 54 No, 5 1.51%-53 sample grade l.i%58. Oats: None . Soybeans • None. > BapJey nominal: Malting 1.20-G2 feed 92,4.14. Field seed "per 100 Jb nominal; Whito clover 10,50- lp.60-11,00; red top 87,0058.00- al pike 17.50-18.50 timothy 12.5013.50 red clover 27,00.28.00. ^ . ^. Comniunity ~ ,i' T| •/ 1 n ' ' By Hotpn Turner - • ' -Ph&ne 7-6830 h brJno'Items to Mlsa Turiwr jflt.HlokB Funeral Homo Mrs," Willie-, i\l, JBelcher of Schaal died at iher ^liome Tuesday, J6. Jneorfipiete. -services are The (Baby content will close Sun" Chafed Wifh Rape of Boby Sitter •VAN BUREN, W) - A 25-year-oU ^an -yesterday was charged with wing a 21-year.old baby sitter uf- tev threatening Jjer and her employer with a kmfo. Pvosecijtor ^rom Partain harlje .Jones wjth rape is set for M.arcj> 30 in Cireyit Court, Pertain said the mother who e rn- {he baby sitter toW hiin returned home from a Mauc.h 21, at Bethel program. The day night," AME Onir . , babies are , being • sponsored by :the lollow^ng classes,; Benjamin Davis, Jr, Class No. 1 Meredith T. Watldns, Jr. Class No. 2 Larry Mui drew, Class No. 3-5 Januce M. Wood, Class No. 4 Dpnnis W. Foster, Class No. 6 and Missionary Society Kenneth Thomas, Class No. S. !• r llfl'il ETUVI n f ' ' , •• LIVH c I n IL... all the power any motor can develop NEW LIOfi KNIX-KNOX... all the power most motors can develop The Humming' Gospel singers p£ Texai'kana will give a mu- slcnl an-ogranrrat Rising Star Baptist Church Sunday night, March 21, sponsored by the Usher board. The public is invited. with Jones w.^en he threaten- ti) ypmen wiy» a Hnife. The deputyprogjeputor said the fvsan the and wit- she re- ' rtb? 4s, merely The radio group "Charity Travelers" .will appear at Bethel AME Church Friday night, March 19, at 8 p, m. This .group, under the direction of the Rev. J. W. Wilder, has presented concert programs in many States. The Rtv. J. W, wilder director of the group is featured song leader, Tickets are on sale by members of Class No. i Pon't 'fatl to see and hear this group of Gospel singers, The public is invited. There will be singing and a barbecue at Nflw Bethel Baptist Church 4',4 miles south of Hope Saturday night, March 20, sponsored by deacons Woyd 'Washington and Joseph Stuart. Sunshine p an d of 'Rising Star Church gave a party ?t the J)Q- fej.i 1 m n > f rr' y v^fy^ •»**••»•* « faAmHmzm* £_^.,l.~i -"j^to; v Lion's newly completed 5V* million dollar refining units,..most modern-type in America... have made possible the greatest gasolines in Lion's history. New -Lion Ethyl is now guaranteed to deliver 100% Power in any car—even those with the newest Jiigh- coropression engines. And your (thrifty friend, new Lion Knix-Knox, is now guaranteed to deliver 100% Power in less-demanding engines, NEW HIGHER OCTANE RATIHGS! New Lion Ethyl will satisfy 'the designed octane requirement of any car today. And new Lion Knix-Knox, at the regular tprice, Is ;stepped up in .octane rating, too! PREVENT "THIS KNOCK YOU NEVER Hf4ff'*—Your engine can be -needlessly damaged and power c.an 'be wasted by using ^gasolines which -develop ; a knock &t high speeds—the knock you neyjtr hear because of the engine's roar. New Lion gasolines contain a newly f available, high-.powered ayiation fuej ingredient (Whieb assures full J anti-knocfe protection, eveji -at highest speeds, For premium performance at regular price, .try new lion Knix-Knox. For even qykker storting, fofter warm-up, smoother acceleration and m»r« miles per gallon with any car, xise new Mon Ithy I-unquestioned best quality I t/t» Aowfo'* owif wton meter hfh^ 'T^^ ™ 'r^W *"» ^l^^lt^A^lf^^fffW'!, • (I-

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