Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1912
Page 2
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2 TSE lOLA DAILY REGIi Buy your— - . . BLANK W,:^ Typewilfeii,"lfe Calendar PaC^Wc.' -At- A Mothers' program honoring the memory of Madame Wlllurd, mother of FVances Willard, will be rendered by tlJe.W. C. T. U. tomorrow afternoon. The tmsiness meeting will follow. + • • Mr.-and Mra. George Trorabold and children^ who spent Christmas in lola and also remained for a New Year dinner at the home of -Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Stevenson, have returned home. Orders for quilts which will require six months and possibly longer to fill are on file «^th the Mothers 'club secretary. Housekeepers know the value aad attractiveness of "Mothers' Club" quilts and the ladies have frequent meetings to sew. Proceeds of their work goes into the treasury of Builders' Chapel. Yesterday the^ club had a New Year prOgiram and among other things en- Joy^jl A group, of songs by a quartette Of ladies. The annual election of of^ fleers occurred, with the following results: President, Mrs. Jason Watson; vice president, Mrs. S. M. Snodgrass; secretary, Mrs. A. F. Florence; assistant i —Tjie i-loKant line of Pretty .Millln secretary. Mrs. Davis; treasurer. Mr.-?.' ery jroinK i>t r.n lent.s on Die dollar.— W; A. Woodruff. i l{ieliard.sonV. * •:• * Th» Violet club will liave the f.irt- nightl)r afternoon part}' tomorrow at »J DRUG STORE tile'ReiJil "Store , West Sid«?%MI ««ci|tlBre .cenlly left 'Xttwata; -Oklahoma and wVll probably make their home in Eu reku permanently. * <' '> Tlie Art club talkf^l nlwin livliisf , , ' Anvriian artists at their nifi'tliiK .ves the home of Jtfrs. P. W. Ammcrinan.; lerday iift.rnoon aiid tlip program Slfl North Chestnut, street. ' —You should see the pretty line of Adelaide lloblin-au, at the head of th< New Dress and Silks at Richardson's.Ceramic department of rniversitv ^. ^. jl'ltv. St. Ixiuls: and there wt-re com The evening (o-mnastum class, (n <'nl8 upon flie arhievemenls of lion which liaB a membership of sixteen . ONell John Sargent. fJeorge innes I wa^ very instructive. Miss Hula Hei- ine'rt r< ad a jiaper on the work of business girls, will have a slumber partyr tomorrow night in the Y. W. C. A. rooms. The girls expect to have th^ regular gymnasium exercises b(>- fore the ^"slumber" begiiife and in the morning they will prepare breakfast In the gymnasium which does double duty as athletic room and dining hail most of the time. Electric lights have recently been installed in the rooms and several gas heaters are scattered about so that the girls expect to be comfortable and merrj- whether they carry out i)resent plans for B slumber party or noL •> • • Rumor has it that one of the lodges in town is considering plans for a masquerade ^ance. if the members vote af&rmatiV£l^ when the plan is formally considered a large number of guesU will be asked. * * + —All of our pretty Hats going at half the marked price.—Richardson's. + * * Miss Louise Hyde entertained with Mrs. Frank Travis yesterday, afternoon for the Priscilla club. Only the members were present. The hostess served tbe usual supper. • -r •> —The clean up prices on all Coats, Suits and Skirts are making them move briskly at Richardson's. •> * -i- A tthe meeting of the Foreign Mis• Bloriary society of the Methodist church yesterday afternoon Mrs. J. H. Price and Mrs. O. W. Holmas; the president, were recipients of favors from the society. Mrs. Price was celebrating her birthday and was presented with a spoon emblematic of the society. Mrs. Holmes was given a brooch which is the ofRcial Missionary pin. Mrs. P. O. Hanson told the society some interesting facts about Cbipa and it's religion, «fier which a group of ladles helped Mrs. Price, the hostess of the day, to serve tea. Twenty-live were present. • '> <• Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Robinson have returned from Ottawa where they were guests at the murriage of their niece. Miss Florence . Robinson, tn Professor Foster, of Ottawa I'niversi- ty. The brld^ formerly lived in lola. I Miss Theo Robinson, who also attend-" ed tlie bedding, went from Ottawa to Hutchinson where she t<'ach<'8 domestic science In the public schools. * * • —Big price reductions on Coats, Suiis and Skirts.—RichardsonV. • * * Mr. and Mrs. Henry Evli»r yesterday received word that th^ir daughter. Mrs. Poster Beesoii, who was operated upon in the morning at u St. Joseph hospital, had rallied nicely and her condition was very satisfactory to the attending physicians. Mrs. Beeson recently visited h^r parent.': here and went to the hospital directly .from lola two weeks ago. * * * Mrs. Bert Miller, who has been \ Tisiting relatives in Hartford for' several weeks, is here to visit Mr., from Baker to spend the holidav and Mrs. H. M Miller. Mr. Bert Mil- j with her parents. Reverend and Mrs. John Alexander and Walter I'rltch- flrd. • * * The Y. W. C. A. bowling club will moet at seven o'clock tonight. « « The Ei)worth l-ejigue of Trinity church had a businnss meeting Tuesday night and a program was rendered In connection. Two recitations were given by Miss Amy Anderson and Merle Grant; the male quartette sang. Miss Inez Johnson gave a reading and the entertainment was com- l)leted by music by Miss Alta Ragle and Miss Susie Smith. '> '> Mr. and .Mrs. J. A. Wlieeler have invited the couples who belong to the Original Whist ciub to be their guests at dinner on Saturday night. * * * .Mrs. L. W. Mayberry nnd Robert returned last night from a visit of two weeks with her parents. Mrl and Mrs. Simpson, of McPherson. •:• .t. * The Woman's Relief Corps wllM meet tomorrow afternoon in G. A. R. hall. •^ • The second number of the Trinity I ycenm ieourse will occur~tonight at thr-churcb. Reverend Johnson will lecture on "Enoch Arden" and "The Village Blacksmith" and stereopticon views will be shown to illustrate each poem. '>->•> Mrs. G. M. Shelley leaves soon for SUgler. Okla.. to make her home and a meeting of the A. Y. U 1. club which was held at the home of Mrs. r,. T. Mills yesterday was the occa- .sion of the presentation of a gift from the club to its departing member. Mrs. Shelley was given a silver spoon as a souvchir of her association with the club. An unusually appetizing repast was served and the following ladies were present: Mrs. J. M. V\t'^. Mrs. G. M. Shelley. Mrs. Nellie Foster. Mrs. A. R. Everline. Mrs. C. I.. Washburn. Mrs E. T. Wilson. Mrs. J. A. WiERlns. .Mrs. F. M. Connott. Mrs. E. P. Slack. 4. •:• The study clubs will resume work next wei'k after the holiday vacation :.nd will continue the meetings uninterruptedly until the snring adjournment. The I'nity Club will meet Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. S. A. Coffman; The Music Club will have a miscellaneous program Tuesday ;ifternoon at the home of Mrs. P. K. Waugh and the Current Events club will convene Monday afternoon. A meeting of Sorosis which will occur Thursday afternoon will include the annual election of officers. + -S- * Shields orchestra will give a dance next Monday night in Masonic hall. * <• -> Trinity Aid society had a business meeting and social afternoon at the church today. • •> Miss Inez Johnson who came home ler is now- in Eureka and Mrs. Miller expefctsto go there soon. They re- CORIfcl ^(?rLY FITTED GLASSES $1.00 Up C. O. Johnson, has returned to Baldwin. 4. Monday night Reverend Carl W. Nau. rector of St. Timothy's church, j officiated at the marriage of Miss I»ul8e Youngberg and Mr. Frank H. Yates of Ottawa. The ceremony occurred at the Rectory at six o'clock. The Ottawa Herald includes the following in its notice of the weddiiig: The bride is well known here where ishe has made her honie nearly all her life w-fth her brother and his family Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Youngberg, 109 North Locust street. Mr. Yates is a traveling salesmaif son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Yates of Wichita, who has made Ottawa one of his stopping 'imSn for years. He assisted at Uie HJdrtmuste" store during the holidays and is now in tlie employ of the N. rS^*--'-- K. Fairbanks Company of Chicago.' • Mr. and Mrs. Yates will remain here|fl for a few days and will probably lat-, * er make their home in Kansas City or Wichita: + * + The Guild of St. Timothy's Eplsco-. pal church will serve dinner fron\ half past eleven until two o'clock to-, morrow In the .X^flf^; A. building. The menu will uirf^. . Chicken Pie Creamed Potatoes Hot Rolls Pieltles Jelly Baked Beans Cabbage Salad Cake Coffee • •> + Question—If seven dignified and de- corus school teachers consider it proper to propose to an elusive man, is It possible for femininity In general to make and embrace l.eap Year opportunities without losing self-respect and gaining public censure? Of course it was ail done for fun- even the man In the case knew that after he had received seven written proposals of marriage in one day but he might easily have had revenge by l-^ccepting one of the proposals and" holding .'its ;author to a matrimonial I 'agreement. Seven girls whose mutual acquaintance Is an interesting 'bachelor, conceived the Idea of writing Wm proposals as a New Yenr greeting. None of the girls has expressed an opinion as to his tnougtux when he opened the first one but ithey. adtiiire his tactful impartiality for he wrote notes to every one of the seven saying It was so sudden and 'they were all so charming he could not make a choice icom the bunch. • • *» The Golden lAxA club had music and a literary pngram Tuesday af- fernoon at the home of Mrs. F. C. Ffske. Roll call .Answers vrere quotations from William" Allen V»'hitp and Mrs. J. T.Lowdermilk-reviewed "A Certain Rich Man." The music was 'furnished by the. hostess and Miss {Haz«!l Herron, -who played a piano duett. The round table discussion re- vf^led many things of Intej-est about Belgium and it's people The hostess >;uve enrnalions as favors ayd the rv freshnieiil table was di'coratfd Willi flowers. * •:• • .Mr. and .Mrs. R< x Howlus will glv 1 party tonight lor their card club. • + •* Teachers in (he Washington school building hud a sleighing party Tues day night, which was a decidedly nov I entertainment. Several sleiglis an n use but no party other than ih >^'ie Tuesday night have been report ed. Our Sale on Afl 'Overeoals ConnneBces Tomorrow Morning apd Lasts 2 Weeks This includes every coat in the house—Men's, Boys' and Children s. We will show you the biggest cut on overcoats you have ever seen. We have made up our mind to sell every overcoat regardless of price. It's up to you to save a bunch of money on your overcoat. SEE WINDOWS! Barclay-Shields Clo. Co. "The House of Quality' Ccryri.-hteJ 1911 ty Co. i\t f JIM In- nn -1 • • Mrs. Fred FInnell entertained a fpw frleuds yesterday afternoon witV thimble <)nrty and included th servin gof a tialnty supper. Her guests were Mrs. George Marr. Mrs W. E. R(?dfearn, Mrs. James Bartlett Mrs. W. B. Cain. Mrs. Seward Blxby Mrs. Guy Garlock, Mrs. Orvillo Marsh Mrs. Tlra Ciinatsey. Mrs. Harry Sifers Mrs. Ward Johnson, Mrs. Ellis John son. .Miss Edith Curtis, of Pittsburg, + « + Knnsa? City Star: Mrs. Rebecca herwood Porterfieid announces the marriage of her daughter, Margaret 1 Tollman Porterfieid to William Frank lin Ash, of Dallas Tex.. December .31 t Trinity Episcopal church. The ceremony was performed by the rec lor. Rev. Robert Nelson Spencer. On relatives were present. Mr. and Mrs. Ash left last nfght for Dallas, where they will make their home in the Southland. Miss oPrterfield was employed at the IGbson studio here until a few wveks ago. * * * Today a sign was put up In front of the Iowa store building bearing a bie rooster, and the following explanatory wording: "Allen County Poultrj- As sociation Show Here 'Next Week. The big roo mis being thoroughly leaned and coops are being gotten in readiness ofr the poultry which is 0 he <«biblted. The show is the sec- md annual event of Its kind and be- ins Tuesday. I0L.\ TAKES THE XEGATITE. At a meeting new several weeks ago the debatlni? council of the Jola hieh school decided to accept for the debate which Is a part of the inter- schoiastic contest between the lola iind Ft. Scott high schools held here he last Friday in March, the question nbmitted by Ft. Scott which is: Resolved: That the United States should grant subsidies to ships own- by private citizens of the I'niteU States, and engaged in foreign trade." According to the regular terms of the ontest lola was given until Debember 1 to decide cither for the negative or affirmative on the question for debate, nd at the recent meeting the vote was for the negative. Twelve of the lola students are already working with the intention of trying out for the debate in the preliminary which will be held in about three weeks. At his time two of the best debater^ win be chosen from the number trying out to contest against Ft. Scott J. T. Watson has received a letter from a billiard enthusiast at Yates Center who desires to arrange match games between lola and Yates Center billiardlsts. He suggests that a team of two from each of the citlef* meet In each city for a game ot 100 points. There are a number of good billiard layers in lola, and It is probable that match will be arranged. Red Jersey Sweaters All sizes * SERVICE Piiif Foe .Members of Citmpauy H Infere-iied In I'ropoMHi Legislaliuii. ."^ Members of Company .M tlit lola company of the Kunsa.s .N'iriiunal truardr, aie uatching ul.Ji Inii 'ie:! the progrc 'S .s uf leglsluthm lunipg as its i)urpo .se the pluclnK of-incmbVr.s of the state iiiiiitia on s'niall percentage 1 r actual Kur \!ce pay. .A bill linown •.'S the Peiipei bill lias liien inlroiluceti In congres's, the priivL-'ious of ivhicli are lhat all regula.rly enlisted nten in . le niilliia »(•! vice of tlie v£riou.-< Ftates that a(Ioi)t tlie law If inisseii. will rccclv,' twenty-five per cAit.of ilie regul.-ir army pay; all captains will receive twenty i)er cent; lieutenants fifteen per cent, and staff officers five per cent, in return for this cumpenFaiion the requirements are niflch greater, requiring regular, drill ut stated intervals; that all equifiment be maintained at a higher atapdard and that more time be devoted the ^•;udy of military affairs. The faem- liers of Co. .M in lola are anxious for tiie, passage of t !:e. bill a.s (heiv pay would enable them to fit up and maln- lUin an excfflltnt armory and other features that would add to the attractiveness of a membership in the company. TEXA.S AGAINST TARIFF CQT. Sheep and Goat Raisers Oppose •'Free Raw .Malerlul." San Antonio, Texas, Jan. 4.—.\ num, I'er of the prominent sheep brejders lad wool producers of Texas mtt "In .ais city recently and decided vthat •'le Texas sheep and goat raisers ihust' 10 all In their pow^er to prevent' any senseless slashing the tariff rates .a Schedule K by congress during this winter and the coming spring. Capl. Charles Schreiner of Kerrvllle, president of the Texas Sheep and Goat Itaisers' Association, said there appears great danger of a radical <iown -j ward revision of the duty on woofcand mohair which would greatly enrich •he -American manufacturers at the .ost of the American farmer and stock xan. He believes the reduction should bear alike on raw material and manufactured goods, allowing the Acieri- jan producer the difference In cost of jiroductlon here and with -competing countries. ; T. B. Shannon gave a big banquet to his twenty clerks at the Kelley hotel last night, this being the second annual event of this kind which Mr. Shannon has made a regular institution of the Shannon store. Afte^ the banquet each of those present g»ve an impromptu toast. Miss Grace Ball, who has l>een bere for the past two weeks visiting her parents .Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Ball, during the holidays, returned today to Kansas City, where she is studying vocal music under Professor Wallace.' Foster Wignt, who has been here for a visit during the holidays witk hla larent?. .Mr. and Mr.s. R. E. Wight has gone to Cherrvvale. where he.has accepted a position. Another Supreme Court Cundlda|e. Washington, Jhn. 4.—Chief Ju^t^ce Orrin Carter, of the Illinois Supi'eme -ourt. was urged ui)on President ffaftj today by a delegation from the Chi-J oago Bar Association, as a candidate^ for the existing vacancy in the Supreme Court The severe cold of the past jfew lays was continued ^oday. The mln- mum temperature of today occurred this morning at 6:30 o'clock, when the mercurj- stood at 5 degrees. From this point It rose gradually until at noon it stood at 16. In the middle' of ^tbe afternoon it has risen several degrees above this but remained below freez- ng. Big Oil Land Sale. Tulsa, Okla.. Jan. 3.—Oil men have ninned additional faith to the loBge- vity and magnitude of the Ferryman oil pool recently discovered a ^ew miles south of Tulsa, following the sale of 380 acres of land producing 2000 barrels of oil dally to the Gypsy Oil Company for 1350.000. The aale was m^p.bjr the OU Comply. I'KAIItlE HALL. Jn. 3.—We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that iyi2 may be a happy year. In .spIU' of the coid weailier Sunday (lulte a'number got out to Sunday School and church and listened to a line seimon by our presiding elder, -j Congratulations and best wishes to the new little ones at Tony Stewart's and Albert Hedland's also at .Milfred Page's. • Mrs. John Kohler and children spent part of last week with .Mrs. T. .S. Wil- lium.s. The Ladies Aid Society expect.s- to 'I'lie Epwortli I.*ague gave a social meet with .Mrs. Baker ail day Wed- Ht Frank .Myers last Friday night, nesday and sew carpet rags. 'IIH - evening was spent in playing puues. miislc and refreshments. with I Rutli Keller spent Sunday Bessie Williams. .Mrs. Cu.sick spent Monday after- Uutcliering was the order of the tUiy last week and the young people noon with Mrs. Myers. iMive been putting in the mo .st of the iilghts skating this week. Tomorrow the. lola hig .'i school Grandma .Myers. Oddy and Grover imsket bail team will go to Nevada, .^-peiit Several days of last week at, Mo., for a game tomorrow night with I- rank .Myers. The AndrusB children came home from Humboldt for .the holidays and Hoy Duggan came in from western Kansas for a week's visit with home folks. Franz Keller is visiting in Iowa at this writing. .Mrs. Geo. Andruss and little son who have been siiending a few weeks in Texas, returned home last Satur- lay morning quite well satisfied with Kansas. the high school team of that city. In la game here several wc "k3 ago the ' lola boys defeated Nevada by the score of 51 to 14 and the Nevada boys are anxious to have a chance to redeem themselves. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Cummings left last evening for T'niontown for a visit of several days with relatives. From there they will go to Bronson and thence to Pittsburg before returning home. Just received a ship-^ ment of New 1912 Dress Ginghams in plain colors, stripes, checks and plaids, price lOe a Yard See North Window. TO CURE A COLD l.V O.VE DAY —Take Laxative Bromo Quinine ^ Tablets. Druggists refund money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature Is on each box. 25c. jLvik3n.j LVlrvlM »5 Stylisl><fabrics, fashionable garments, strictly up- to-date at tremendously reduced— honestly reduced prices. Suits—Half Price Y(,u shoultl be cjuick to take ad- vantiige of this half price offering: $12.50 Suits for ...$6^5 $15.00 Suits for $7^0 $20.00 Suits for .$10.00 $25.00 Suits for $12.30 $30.00 Suits for $15.00 Skirts at i and i which means that you can buy $3.50 Skirts for $1.98 $5.00 Skirts for $2.98 $6.50 Skirts for $3.75 $7.50 Skirts for $4.50 $8.^ Skirts for ...$4.95 I Misses* Coats. Reduced one-half to ohe-third. Coats at T and i $5.00 Coats for $2.98 $6.00 Coats'for ;$3.50 $7.50 Coats for $3.75 $10.00 Coats for $6.00 $15.00 Coats for $8.95 $20.00 Coats for $11.90 $25.00 Coats for. $15.00 ALL OUR FURS At Lowest Possible Prices. $7.50 Ladies Fur Sets $3.98 $10.00 Ladies' Fur Sets..... .$5.90 $12.00 Ladies' Fur Sets ,$6.75 $15.00 Ladies' Fur Sets. $8.95 $20700 Ladies' Fur Sets $12.00 Children's Coats Reduced one-half to one-third. 'L

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