Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 30, 1969 · Page 15
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 15

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1969
Page 15
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 30. 1:H 3 «5 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS " Daily Magazine Page - AS YOU WERE ... Mil / ARE OUR A n AJJ 11 S EGGS ARE YOUR ^\ 1 (FRESH? EGGS FRESH? ) V_ „ By CHIC YOUNG I FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS B> BLOSSER PS '^Bpyy VVJHO DOBSVT \ ARC VOU STAMPING .WANT V PtuMic SCIENCE HAC „ - OMTHE BOTTOM? • BeTtefc eer A\B our of HSSE //^/ -^—^Li^ '—R ^ nil'- occupied by the armory.) -(1- -(I- -o- VKAHS AGO TODAY Jack Garrison Dear Boris Beaatonovsky One* again you have lost the title of "Two-Fisted Star of the Year" - by vote of our impartial jury: Robert Welch, George Wallace* H.L.Hunt and Moishe Hayan. '•- Rrawlingbum of ' -«rvr of • cro; CAPTAIN EASY the «^ . urate Br %t ;""honor 1 nectfuUV . &UT THIS VIRR 1 SUSPECT ^ THE JURV IS PREJUDICED!! ( I GUN6 CROWN THAT BUM, J BRAWLINGBUM, ALL —' ^C.\ HA! MA!! ,vy 7«> VKAKS AGO TODAV The unusually cold weather •A Mie last few days has caused '.lie formation of a covering of strong ice on (Kinds and creeks. B'.M for the snow that has fallen today, .skating would he ex­ ec:.cnl. S'lvestus Crawford died of j>e ivimonia at his home in Sprint? Garden yesterdav. Sgt. Charles L. Wood of Co. H. 9th Illinois, arrived today on his way home in Keenes, :rc>i, Camp Cuba Lihre. having been given an honorable discharge from the military service. -O- -i I- -< )55 VKAItS AGO TODAY Judge W. 11. Green. Sheriff, \V. S. Payne and Mayor Frank : Fortcr have been selected as members of a committee to di-• vide the $500 reward for the! capture of the man who robbed \ th" Jefferson State Hank. The end of January is approaching and there has not beep enough frost to kill the j vegetation and many farmers j aro able to keep stock in the •, pasture with verv little feed. '• ' i -o- -o- -o- I 5 (1 YEARS AGO TODAY I ''Squire" Samuel D. Cooper. for many fiti/en of 1 aft- rnoon. John JI. I .<oterday years a well known this city, died this Ames. Jr., died late of injuries received ; while coasting on his sled. Sen. Charles I. Wood of, Keenes has announced his candidacy for reelection tu the st.-'ie Senate. ( -(I- -( >- -o- I- A EARS AGO TOOA\ "lie first robins reported loi 1DL-1 were seen yesterday. The Circuit Court has decided that the firemen appointed by , Mayor Koons, whom the Council refused to pay, are entitled l(. their salaries. T'.'.c population of Nason is now 150. according to the census company. , -o- -o- -o- 10 YEARS AGO TODAY f Jood Samaritan H o s p i tal treated 7.301 patients during l ?V, it was revealed by Sister i\I oy Clare, administrator. Henry Mossherger is the new- president of teh Sportman's Club. He succeeds George Griss .i .n W. F. Jordan is the new ' vc president, and trustees are rer-oited by Mrs. chairman. The Rev. Larry Wagley, Karl Jamison, the Rev. Bayne Wilson and Arthur Edmison will s -Ci \e on a "Family Night'' panel Sunday at West Sale m M thodist church. Xelda Willoughln-. a senior at Woodlawn hajh school, has been chosen to receive the annual Good Citizen Award from C. Living-| ,ho DAR II u (son. Mrs ( ' , ' ;,t ' 1 bosless Jack Setzekorn. J and Inland II lit son. Mrs r "-' 1 '' u 1 11 bl Gem-re Swingle was reelected t,nsloss " l,> OK S Fi,st • M; " president of the Jefferson Coun-! ; "'"*' Club Monday evening, tv Sportsman's Club and Del- •'«"»neite C,ree n l«-rg will I vt Richards was elected vice il)r e..-hi.slcss. nrej-irient of the county club. """ """ I'aul Hayes, president of the Jefierson Service Company, announced today that the coop- annual meeting Saturday in this 5 t K.AIIS AGO TODAY 1 ratives ninth w Id be held city. Miss Shirley \f\ss of Mr. Witt of s dents Jane DeWitt. daughter IIK I Mrs. "William R. De-• Paris. III., former resir of Ml. Vernon, is thr- ;Mi. Vernon's first sound pic- l..;i" was (irescnted tliis after- n<v«i .it two o'clock at the Ma jostic Theatre under the aus- tnces of the Davis - Buckham Co.. local Studebaker dealers. Miss Inex Green member of a ;imminent Mt. Vernon fam- ii\. died last night at 8 o'clock ;>t the family home on Broadway. (The Green home silo is Xolta and Miss S "p Dahler. students at Linden- woo;! College in St. Charles, Mo., are visiting the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence No'! a. s' n peter an. Tex. Mrs Lloyd Stan from there to Mexico spend two weeks. -(»- -O- -O- iil YKARS A(iO TODAY The .Mothers Marc.i ..>:i last night netted S-108.S.'l •y TURNER WHY. VE5 7 JUST A WOKKIBP M5ISH60K WITH A MAPAM...MRA BIT OP PROTH AMP A BIRp OF PAR- MeKEE HA5 > ~~ A TOUCH OF FLU. WHOM INQUIRED?. Hatlos They'll Do It Every Time THE WHLETS COhi Fl DESJTIALLV, THIS PLACE KEEPS A TH0ROO6H UP-6RADIM6!! AND JU5T BETWEEN) ME AND TME LANAP POST, I VOhST NECE55AR »LV MEAN OUR EQUIPMENT If By WALT WHETTERBER WOW, THEN I 'choice of Paris High School fo',.- , the Goofl Citizen award of the : Daughters ol American Revolii/ i lion. ;• j Mrs. Harp Dunham attended' | a meeting of the St. Ixmis Dun-' i cng Teacher's Association held r. and Mrs. Robert starr and j ; ,t (he Jefferson Hotel in SI. ire driving to Hons- j^o'iis, Mo to visit Mr and i fvbhic Aldridge. Joan Chancy, They will fly j Becky Cook. Judy Dale. Gai> City to I K^frloston, Reeky Fields, Nancy j la-:ell. Rolland Mays. Leshi 'Page. Susie Robinson and Clark •Yiitli. music students from the io Mt. Vernon Casey Junior High, is School have heeii chosen to pai,-_ ticipato in Quad- State Music Festival to lie held at I'adliiah.- \v. |)o it VEAH-THE GOOD HOURS-• • SO FAvR HE'S BEEN H0PPIN6 24 HOURS PER PAY, 7 PAYS PER -fop,* AW 4 TIP Of l DOM DELAN6I6 "'' P.O. BOX 376 r .'r-vPOP.T /c^, 1 II-.II la r l 'i)<i >psi (iiiK The I'niled States as:|tiiied its. first insular possession in 1S0S; when it anexed Hawaii and ob^. j lained Peurlo Rico, the Pliilip- I (lines and as a ivsml; ol 1 tl ;e wai will) Spain. HEED ^ ^^^^ A SUWMOVIN i 'llHICft • (£j Kim h>»r,irf* S>nille*l<. t»r. . Mb? WntM nihil PRISCIILA'S POP JU5T BETWEEN YOU AND (WE Fll?(= CHIEF 4551 STAN. FIRE Bv SOB tLIBBERS SO YO 'J 0OU6HTrHl$ BALLCLUB>, UPyV--y<?£j HAVeiMT &OU6HT1He W06MP i AWTHM6 / \ A&our — _ ORDERS JBL1C BRARY 9 AM. TO 9 P'"'- (THAT DOESN'T LEAVE THE LIBRARIAN MUCH TIME . -J FOR PUKJ 1 P UBLIC LIBRARY By At VERMEER • 1 FROM NINb LL MIDNIGHT , , ( SHE GETS TO PUT VL-^ BOOKS BACK ON THE SHELVES/ // 1 WeLL,90hl'T--0fZV0U CM diier /?uw pom TO THE ALLEY OOP Bv tf. I HAMLIN NEA, Inc.) SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL THE WIPE ANP II RSUT All OF THE TlME. \.1o BUGS BUNNY VOU MIGHT SAY WE'RE CCWPLETEp/ INCOMPATIBLE. 600D \0EA - I'LL SEND MER. EEK t MEFK S? •y HOWIE SCHNfclOEV " 3o PEOPLE SAY I'M DEPRESSED A(X THE T/AAE"! UJELL, IT 'S TRUE! I'M P66R -Y COUCERAJED ABOUT THE TERRIBLE PROBLEMS THAT FACE THE UJORt-D THESE DAS -5... AMD CWTIL EACH AMD EVERY OUB OF THOSE PROBLEMS ARE SETTLED J'LL COWTIWUE TO SUFFER.' I HOPE THE \AXJRLD, APPR-ECIATES IUHAT IM DOIMG ' L— #5 I THINK \ PON'T WORRY, HE'LL Y~ A YEAH...TH'GUY Y'SCAREP HIM GET HIS VOICE BACK... I AAAK? WHO SENT US SPEECHLESS, / WONDER WHO AAAK IS? OOP.' A... WINTHROP IM9 k, HIA Ik, TM l. f US Pal 0» By OIL.' CAVIAR YOU'RE GOING TO THE CANDY GTOQS?OKAY IF I WALK ALCHG WITH XXI? WH4TAGE yOJ GOING TO BLW.. ICECREAM? CANDY? UH -OH. ..PIPE TOBACCO FOQ. MY DAD. HAVE A NICE WALK. OUR BOARDING HOUSI WITH MAJOR HOOPLt , OUT OUR WAI Bv WILLIAMS HE"& IM X iT'6 HOPlfN 1 j L OOK AT tws,vou SKEPTICS/ L A , 8HAPE THAN )/TOO I^UCH \ ~UHCOLH '6 "5I6NATUREIM THIS \A BRONCO-J gLiT MAYBE / BOOK CHECKS PERFECTLY vJlTHjl BOSTEK / HE'uU 6E / THE ONE IN THIS VOLUME- Ot< / > WITH / f MAO EN 'OUOM / FAMOUS HANDWRlTlei6 / X \ vHWEbj/ \TO LEAV E// g £30U6HT A6EHUIME LlMCOLN 'r « LETTER FOR* 20> MOW WILL J ^' A fl'U $ YOO AGREE- THAT I BESTED J 7 ^0 4V ( ISW _OF6L0RV», Q 1W I, l.t*. i^. T,M. U t . U.i. fit ftlf

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