Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 3, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1943
Page 2
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,. -",", fsis of News by V jckemie ^Editorial Comment -Written Today and Moved by Telegraph or Cable. =reatly toward making May the most successful month of the aer- Labor Leader •i-ne com..".-..- didn't amplify -I Ci I OUIS hi, statement, but the point he and U I J I • »-W " ' J r&3^S£ Shot to Death HS!^5CI ,^V«i&iV« grand job. but U ey nt™ ., i „/,.:.. O i a borate country home and ji^^^i^SupffSles^I^^^ • • ^^" ™ ^^^ , -__ v— ~~~ (i ., » oe tod on grounds such a !j el J^ r i -•-- ""*' ^^^^^^ lilt. IJtKtlv ^ ^ ^ ^ • , _. \ t? ,1 4 titu nlCn V WOll 111 Uj K *"• »i_. n stn Af\f t»fl Market Report: . " ' ..___!* J*^.4»^«\«Ll ^By-OeWITT MacKENZlE Anglo - American ^'experi- gran o. chines to increase their capacity. indlcatoins are that this deficiency is being taken care of. The idea of this round the clock bombing is a fascinating bit of strnS. It keep Sf the Boche constantly on the defensive at a i points. They must be on the alert day and night, because they don t Anglo - American "ex-peri- tiay and mgnt; oecuu^ ».w »~ •• Of trying to bomb Corporal know when a n attack is comming. into nea? impotencv is said TWs means the German f,fitter »11 informed auarters tp be squadrons and the anti - «?'J tl '"-. K? splenclidiy! according to cr ews get little opportun, ; foi and it shouldn't be long now sleep. In order to ;give *££ nl \i •e the wear-and-tear begins to and gun crews adequate ies.. h.s fighting machine. i would be necessary to have v U* ina- .us ***•*"*> *••• ie effect of such bombing is. of tose. cumulative. That's to say, (Her naturally has reserve sup•which are considerably in av^flce of his immediate require- lents Thus even if att his war- iction were halted at one it wouldn't necessarily stop WOUIQ oe nctcoouw .- ------ , , crews for each ship and each battery. Hitler just hasn't got em. Few things are so wearing on a soldiers endurance and morale as constar-t bombing with no chance for sleep. mysero at his elaborate country home and officers were searching today foi three men said to have been with Newell when he wa'S last seen. The men were not identified, but Jefferson County Sheriff Amos Lee said Mrs. Newell told him she had seen them before and thought Ihey were contractors. St Louis county sheriff s oin- cers said they were holding Newell's stepson, William Ralph Grasswick, 1G, and a girl who was with him They said the youth was driving Newell's car when officers St Ke 'I? 1 ' nothing to indicate Grasswick was connected with tne shooting, they said, but that he and the girl will be questioned today. '- bod, U.S. Wrecks Jap Scheme in Pacific Washington, June 3 W)The ultimate wreckage of Japan's ambitious scheme to smnsli American power in the Pacific and dictate pence in the White House is sect by authorities here in the history of 12 months of warfare following the enemy's decisive defeat in the battle of Midway Island, which was joined a year ago today. Not once since that boomeranging thrust aimed at the conquest of the North American continent itself has Tokyo been able or will inn to launch a major new of fen sive and now the initiative has ST. LOUIS -UiVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., June 3 —(/n— (U. S. Dcpt. AgiO — Hogs. 9501V active and stead? to strong on 180-300 U). averages nt 14.3040- latter figure top and paid frco- Iv' 10 Ibs. strong to 10 higher; good and choice 140-160 Ibs. 13.25- 8V 100-130 Ibs. 12.25-13.10; sows fully steady at 13.50-90. tie 2300; calves, 900; active' steers 10-15 higher: mixed yearlings and heifers strong: other classes steady; good and choice vealers 14.90 - 1G.OO; good and choice mixed yearlings and heifers 1450 - 15-75; heifers nt the top' common and medium cows 1 00-12.75; medium and good NEW YORK COTTON New York, June 3 — i/l')— Cotton futures turned reactionary today. Trading turned nulet on the setback. Profit taking and,hedge offerings outweighed' further trade fixing against textile orders and scattered buying. *'• 'Late afternoon values wore 1:> to 20 cents a bale lower, ,lly K0.21, Get 19.93 and Doc. 19.79. Futures closed unchanged to .1 cents a bale lower, .llv opened 20.24—closed 20.24 Oct opened 10.07—closed 19.9G-97 Dec opened 19.83—closed 111.81 Men opened 19.60—closed 19.59 May opened 19.47- closed 19.45 Middling spot 22.14, off 1. of the Unite in time of wur. •The operators promised they would abide by the board's order and call oft negoliuloins. Lewis de- clai-od however Ihc WLB was act- inn "illegally" in Inking sucb a h ThVroupon the whole issue was shipped lo the White House for Wiinl of any other place to go, Mr Roosevelt, it wiis said, reviewed the entire background of tlu- wa»e deniiinds. Secretary ilckes was reported as suggesting the men be f-'iven $1 a day, linlf 'the nmounl sought. This was re- SKIN of PIMPLES ACNE TETTER ECZEMA ROTATIONS (e«em«. Check ItcKlng-Burntog llio withfomousiic Ointment. 1'romotps lienl ng, Icswna scarring. Uso onl>.Ti ilircrlwl. C Uwwodmly will. lllackn id White Skin Soap. ..it, ..v .« - .- ... .j Vino 1 UU-l-.(i), muuiun* ...••— n sive, and now Ihe initiative has i uu -• ^ i 2 .50-13.75; good and passsecl so thoroughly into Amei- sou ,,gc bvms mcd | U m and lean hands that no other enemy cho <-c ve^it is • nomlna , rnngo j t 0,-^iim- rirnnortions seems good J^.au io •','.' . ,„ , n . „!.,,,,,v,. ^j,. il> vrw«»v»*» *• •.**• — —-'— «. kig 'fightmg-machine forthwith. ilfhis means the destruction of an tastrial city might not be felt at j (front for some weeks. Contin- 'l-day and night devastation of K.iBBBUfactunng centers over a wide l&Va, however, \vill accumulate a * M 'iun of disaster that in due ^iftiarse will hit the f" 6 ^. 1 ** »" F%valanche. Then will be the time T.*oV the Allies to put an army onto me continent from the English W&annel and march on Berlin. feone of the results of this bomb- ring already evident is that the bfozis are having to increase the ? manufacture of fighter planes^ m Border to defend their industria ^centers from bombing. This ^'onteans a decrease m the produc " ' m of bombers and consequently ,,_ the raiding operations of. th ilbftwaffe. In other words, Hitle '"^having to turn his air force into '&• defensive weapon. _ **™rhile the Allied bombing is giv- amazmg results, a Royal Air commentator m London -i"" said greatly increased • USAAF bombers are ge theory upon which the efficacy of all-out bombing o Germany is based is being well substantiated. Hitler's army is his strongest remaining weapon, and l of eo '^eded for operations from Brit- id time hp paid rtfc UIC acn.*~ nine »H- ^ tribute to •American, daylight Strongest rein«"i""s "-«t----. his is being deprived gradually of ts striking power by the Allied erial assault. The deterioration will proceed more rapidly with passing time. That is it will if the slowing down of war production here at home doesn't cripple the great offensive. ConwoY Youth Name Assembly President Conway. June 3 -W~ Paul Bumpers, Conway, was elected president of the Youth's Assembly of the North Arkansas Conference of the Methodist Church today, succeeding Albin Murray, North Lit- tle Bumpers, a Hendrix College senior, will serve through the 1944 assembly. Other officer elected were Miss Joy Triplett Marmaduke, secretary; Miss Ruth Brummett, Fort Smith vice president; Miss Rutn lewart, North Little Rock, treas- rer; and the Rev. James Upton, Dsceola, director. District directors named weie Miss Clara McGill, Batesville: the Rev E J -Holifield, North Little Rock; the Rev. L. M. Conyers, Bentonville; the Rev. Martin A. Bierbaurh, Greenwood; the Rev. Vcrnon E. Chalfant, West Memphis; 'the-Rev. James Upton, Osceola; -the Rev. R a y m o n d L. Franks, Paragould; and the Rev. Harold O. Eggcnsperger, Beebe. Recapture of Wake Island would give American air forces an airport ten bomber hours from Tokyo. The Continental Congress adoptee the Stars and Stripes as the flag o the United States in 1777. e Sir i win uc *.jv.n-j v.v. - - Newell's shorts-clad body,, pierced by five .38 caliber bullets which entered his back, was found last night by Jefferson County Sheriff Amos Lee. Dr. O. G. Hen- slev of Herculaneum said Newell had probably been dead about 12 or 15 hours. Lee was summoned by Mrs. Newell when she returned lo their * . _, ii. Tnf f af*cf"in LmiJSSCU OU mwi w. 0 ..- rf --lean hands that no other enemy drive of similar proportions seems possible in this War. The reconquest of Attu .island, which also dooms the enemy base on nearby Kslkn. already strips the Japanese of the minor gams they made from the grand strategy that resulted in their defeat at Midway. Complete cleanup of enemy forces in the Wesetrn Aleutians seems probable sometime this summer. On Attu more than 1,500 of the foe have been killed, according to __ j -. e 1-^,1 1 fie nnn an actual count of home, in Southern Jefferson Leesa Mr^Newll told him she left home early yesterday for .in all-day shouping trip m S>t- Louis, leaving Newell with three bodieX and probably uncounted other hun dreds perished in their suicidal de fense of the snow - capped, fog- bmmd island. Th e few that remain alive and fighting have been broken into disorganized groups. Japan's uncompleted airfield on gooo 12.50 - 13.75; nominal range slaughter steers 11.75-10.50; sUiugh- ter heifers 10.75-10.25; stacker and feeder steers 11.00-15.05. Sheep, 1,400; supply comprised of odd lots native spring and clipped lambs; two doubles reported back; a few choice spring' ers to butchers 10.00; majority eood and choice 15.00-50; odd lots shorn lambs 15.00 down. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago. June 3 <fl") Poultry, live; 12 trucks; firm, prices un- i changed. Attu and all the useful terrain friends When she returned she Sfd. the house was locked, one window was broken and Newell s car was gone. She called Lee who said he entered the house through the window and let her in through the "rhe furniture was disarranged and Lee said they found Newels .45 pistol, fully loaded, on the dining room table. His body was on a bed, covered with a sheet. Two of the bullets which psssed through his body were found buried in the mattress Newelfs job as business agent of the Hoisting Engineers Union PQ £ 'waff ined ye?a 500 in 1936 when he pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to defraud _i , ., n :nrT Tf\VCJ**n AILU auu "*i "**- "" : nd anchorages are under Amer can control and it is believed in tallation of American enmpment s going forward apace. With Amer- can ships and planes dominating he outer Aleutians Kiska is offect- ve'v blockaded. The first Japanese attack on the e Aleutians an air raid on the navy base at Dutch Harbor in the GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago. June 3 — W paced an upturn in grains today, moving up more than a cent to new mid-year highs on ngrcssivo commission house buying and covering bv orevious short selleis. Strength in rye was reflected in other pits, wheat and oats rocord- 1 ing fractional advances. Buying developed on the basis of a private crop forecast eslimr.,- CIO, AFL (Continued From Page One) seven members of the War Labor Board, War Mobili/cr James I'. Byrnes, Interior Secretary Ickes. who has been government operator, of the mines since May I. and Undersecretary Abe Fortas. The War Labor Hoard, resented and ignored by Lewis. watched nearly two days of futile nef.iotu- tions betsvcen Ihe union and pro duccrs and yesterday ordered them halted. The Wl.B said bargains : | conducted during a strike was •coercive." Lewis and his union. ,> BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise MADE BY THE WESSON Oil PEOPlt X the government by using forged employment cards to put union members to work on a WPA high- vay construction project. A few weeks ago he called 200 - A ew wees a of his' men off a government pipe____ i_*4. «*- Tiii-rtn Mn-j,-~m -'OYl fiuVy uasu »tL ivvtn.»» **—• center of the chain — came three battles of Midway 2,000 miles tp the south. Bombs fell on Dutch Harbor about 6 a.m., June 3, anil American planes spotted tne armada approaching Midway at -J The nature and intent of vhe Japanese strategy became clear as the fighting developed. The enemy had thrown his main,armada ot great and small warships and transports at Midway and his secondary force of aircraft carrier groups and transports at the Aleutians It was a gigentic pinceis movement which, it successful would have given the Japanese a prvae cr ins lower production of wheat aw rye than the government s May 1 At u.u close wheat was up 3-8-3-4, July $1.44 7-8-3-4. July Sl.-H 3-8-1-2, corn was unchagnod, Jui, $1 05' oats were 1-258 higher and rye advanced 1 38-1 78. Cash'wheat, no sales. Corn, sample grade yellow 1.0.. '"oats No. 2 mixed G7 1-4; No. 2 W BarS. malting 95-1.07 nom.; feed 85-9G. NEED"B" COMPLEX? DON'T PAY OVER 98<?i BEACAPS HIGH POTENCY VITAMIN B-COMPLEX For Lack of "B" Causing: • NERVOUSNESS «NEURITIS • CONSTIPATION G WEAKNESS « POOR APPETITE • FATIGUE 40 Capsules ^ 98c 700 Capsules ' JOHN P. COX DHUG CO. Hope, Ark. l «siS5i^ Laborers Wanted By Aluminum Company of America Bauxite, Arkansas Pay: 55c to 60c hour - working 48 hrs. week. Rooms available in dormitory. £18.75 — 1 person to room; $13.00 — 2 persons to room. Transportation Furnished to Job Free Physical Examination- Given in Hope Essential Workers Do Not Apply Moo, Representative of ALCO Company in Hope, June 4, IV4J —at— United States Employment Service Hope —201 E. 2nd St. ine project at Illmo, ..—., — - . Effort' to force unionization of rr^en employed by another company with pipeline contracts. Gov. Forrest C. Donnell ordered Missouri militiamen to protect workers and work was finally resumed. Cruisers in the U. S. Navy are generally named after American cities, capitals of territories and insular possessions. Remember - - - Coupon No. 17 Expires June 15 2.98 to 5.00 woulu nave given ">•- -">— bases within easy striking; distance" 'of"-the-United Statent;'•*?• Midway, military and navaV an- torities agree, marked the turning point of the Pacific war .But they emphasize most of the iignt- ing remains to be done. American forces are still a long way from regular bombing of Japan itself and so far 'the effect of American advances has been more to tighten the.ring about Japan s outer defense positions than to threaten any vital Japanese positions directly. Deaths Vast Night By The Associated Press John P. Stevens I Southern Pines, N. C., June 3 - (yrv _john F. Stevens, 90, mterna tionally known civil engineer one ' J . . . : „* 11,o Orpnt Bi/DG£T THIS Lux SOAP Lifebuoy SOAP Aunt Jemima : MEAL SALT MEAT P and G 10 Lbs. 45< SOAP tionally known civil eng nee., u,,, lime chief engineer of the Great QuOKer Northern Railway and a key figure in construction of the Panama Canal, died last night. Donald C. Stuart I Princeton, N. J., June 3 —W)— Donald Clive Stuart, 62, Professor of Dramatic Arts Emeritus of Priceton University and author of several plays, died last night. Dr. Frank C. Brown i Durham, N. C., June 3 —•/?)—Dr. Frank Clyde Brown, 73, Comptroller and head of the English Department of Duke University and author of Fplkore and Foil: song«, died last night. FLOUR 3.89 98 Lbs. SAUSAGE PORK ROAST Nice Cuts Full Cream Salad DRESSING 30c Qt. Jar i The first guaranty of equal suffrage to women in the United States was granted in the territory of Wyoming in 1869. Pie PEACHES lOc BEEF STEW Brisket STEA Tender, Juicy Arm & Hammer SODA 7 pkgs. Regular 5c MATCHES lOc 3 For Sta ley's—Cube STARCH CHEESE SPREAD Quart Fruit You needn't spend a lot of money to have pretty shoes that are quality-made and give you real value and wear! Smart pumps, sandals, oxfords that you 1 enjoy all summer! Of WHITE MARACAIN. JARS 65c ^/ / V/e Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store 6eo. W. Robison 6* Co. ^^gff ^l& ^^^ W w I A f I IV / I I I NASHVILLE HOPE Pimento - Relish Olive Pimento (Will Be Rationed After June 5th] LARD BROILER MASH DAIRTRATJOhl GROUNp_WHEAT , n "" SaUJMACHER EGG MASH GJSWJNGMASH SALT CHOPS STU To Our Patrons: We close every Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock. So on Wednesdqy remember to do your shopping in the morning. Thank You!

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