Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1912
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THE REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 61. Succe»«T to the tola Dally Reglater, the I Ola Daltj Record and th« tola Dally Index ' lOLA, KAS., JAN. 4,19^THURSDAY EVENING. Dally Register, Establlthed 1S97. Weekly Register, Establlahed 1S67. EIGHT PAGES LEAP VEIUIWIIH II LEtP FOR Hi lOLA MAX WITH EI«HT PKOI'OS- ALS THIS GLAD >EW YEAR. THE WEATHEIl. Forprnst for Kansas: Fair aud con> ttnupd rold tonight and Friday. Temperature—Highest yesterday at 4 1). m. 16; lowest today at 6:30 a. m. 5; deficiency In temperature yei-ter- day 8 degrees; deficiency since January iFt. 20 degrees. Yecterday. SPIRIT OF THE SEASON REIGKS BIT IT RAINED TOO HAW FOI{ TKOFESSOR WALTERS. Dnulilo Qiinrtpttr oi' l>n-tfy (ilrls Fopped the (jui<>li<rii and He Ciinldn't Make :i Clioti-i-. Iii-ar Cupid. lis iif iliii'— I>'a;» year's »l!ii)i ;y — Of thee 1 siiiB. Rest rhanc<> I've liiul y t To win a man. you lid. I,el every sulfnijrriii- Present ili>- ciim Today. 1 a. ni 7 3 a. m Ci :! a. m B 4 a. Ill 6 .'. a. ni 6 »! a. nt 5 7 a. •) 6 8 a. m 7 ft a. ni n H» a. m 14 11 a. m \'< 12 nonn 16 •'.(in for 24 hours ending T .•;iy. tr .Tii'; deficifncy in pre- 1 1. ui 12 2 p m.. ..K> 3 i>. lu ir. 4 p. nt 16 ."« p. m 14 C p. ui K! 7 p. ivi .,12 5 p. Ill 12 '.I p. ni . ,.11 M p. IP - 9 ]!' p m. . S IJ ir.dt 7 I 'l. If you llliuk Cuiiid l1 (,r".iri ruddle uj) a liillc cli..'-"'! in l .i -ap Yi -ar tjian at any oilier li 'iie. ny a sec.iiui thought. If yi)u will uiily look aioimd you will see the evui'in -i- on every hand. .Most of ibi- tiiii"- it'.-: on tlie third finger of the left one. In ease It Lsn't there, be !:ii ))ef',;l for ror.dl- tlons are most favorable Some places. Pxtra IncJnceni .'iiI.'; are offered in order to promote the .spirit of the fiea.«on. In K.-m.-^as City. .lus- tice Cassiiiiir J .1. Welch has offered to perform the marriase <'ereiiioiiy an<l take the bridal couplf a motor car ride, all free if the bride will aver that she proposed. In Tojieka another Justice ha.' .said that he will furnish the marriage license, r.erfonn the cere niony and jiay the oarefare of tli'' "contracting panics" from tlipir homes to his office if the girl v. ill state that she undertook the contrait A\) of which shows a most admirabi- and commendable sp'rit on rhe par; of the public officials. Rut tliey should live in a community where tlie sentiment of a se.ison is reoo^nl/.ed: -where model girls live the modern gait and where Cupid is given fr'-e rein. The little god is unhampered by formalities in lola. He does not require the coaxing of the J. P.'s or the p. D.'s. Just a fair chance and he's on his way. For instance: One man. Professor "Walters of the Was'iincton sohoo!. i.s already the recipient of eight propos- i-ip:ta:'en slnri" .Ir.nmry 1st, .0' Inch. Ki >lati'. e liiimiti'fy 7 a. ni. tona.v ver i-ent; liaimrt -ier si a level 20. i:; inc'ips. .•^iinrisi. loi'liiy 7:r .'.t a. m.; sutisii |i! p. lu. THE CEMENT HER DEUYtD iHS\<JREK>IE\T ri'ON AIM'ROVAl, AMI AI'I'ORTION.MEXT IS CAI'SE ('«iifi'n'nri« of .Mantifiirtun-rs Wlli lie Conlinned in Hope of Arririil nt Ileflnltc l'nder>iiaudinir. Kansas City Times: The organization of the nierper of all the cement m:inufa>:iiri rs in the West, as pro- p.ifed. is nu'et:n;j with cppn^ition fri:i!i sr;me (if t!ie companies, wiiich s:iv il'.cL- |.lr,u;s ha\e.n(.l been \.iluod lii.uli ^ndiiiili by the apprai^^rs. Rep; •.si 'nrriti'. e.s of fifteen coi)!p:in!ps met yes -ir !:!y t;; il --.ii-s u plan of merger. .Ai ;!:e errl <;f t !ir iiipfi'n.? it was an- n.iiiii .-i :i an ai: <<irieni had not been rem'"(I fli"! t'-;if t;^p coni'eronce \V( r]i' }!•' enn!:i ;::P!i trrf .T .v 'I :i- 1 Ijn of me:,!.-!:- was to .ip- piiiSe .T. -I^ II'' iliF 1 lants :'nd appor- k 'n !;ie niercrd company ac- i -<';(iin:r to t!ie appr :i 'sfil value of ilif .nrli»'lir.-.l p'ants. Seme o;' tlie owners said t'.ieir "ilants had lun been ap- ;.!:'ised l);>;li i noucii ;in:l thai they ! w.iuld not acept cnnsiM^rati.-n or. ' bj -F'- of sicfk aproriinnnienf. .\no;lii -r tronbie t'lat b ?-.:s i;;e mev err is to so orcanizp that !; will not eonfiiit with I 'le ani'-tvust laws. The ctment business has been demoralized ti :P mariifacti'r"'.s sa> by ove:-pro- n:: i-nn of manuf?rtuiii!'.r r.iniianips. vf.-i;'.:ing in over-^irnthirtinn and a Ee IE FffiHI ORDERS TO THAT EFFECT ARE I.SSIED TO IMPEKIAL TR«M»FS. 8EGIN HOSTILITIS SA'OROIIV YI'AX Slii K.U NOW HAS MONEY IN HIS- HANDS. And F^^•^^ Tonfidpnt Tlint He Can Yet Chwk tlip Rp»iilii»ron.—.Min­ ister I'linni; Units. IN THE WORLD OF SPORT Shanghai, Jan.. 4.— The Imperial Roverninent in Peking sent orders today to all generals In command of Imperial iroopa that they are to resume hostllltie« al eight lu thi' forenoon, January Cili unless ihey I 'e- c'ive nolifieation that armsiioe between the "two for/^ri has IJm again renewed. The fact ihat Premier Yuan Shi Kal is now in possession of cori- sidirable luiids received from I lie Kuipress Dowai; r has If is lieMfved. insi;ired him frrsh contldenc.' in his power to cluck ifie revolution. Chineif .Mlnisfcr yiilts Wavhiniitnn. Washington. Jan. 4.— The Cliliusr' .Miiiisti r to Washington, Chang Yin Tang, will (lui! liis post after a sta.v. of over a yeat. The r-asoii for this decision is unknown. He will leave the Capital next wetk for China, leaving Vung Kwai, first secrejary, in charge of the ligation. HEATHEN FORCED TO TESTIFY. alVof •marriage "in this, the jHad learl^^'f "V'-''^^"'"^'^ voar. When the Profesvor returned j price of ;-enien:_ to !r=s than ,iie res'. from his holiday vacation to open j d making school, h« found eight daintily pre- t. It was to foriett thi> situation that the raev.cer lirst was proposed. SET GIVQRCE DECREE iSlOE l?ellc and T. i:. FllJislramdas Iteiiiuriled in Courl. W<>ri It ".i.'is ;i l !:ipi).'> .N''vv "^''-i.-'-^ dii 'y- aiKi r-<r^iri(in> Uiat Judm i)s(-i' I 'rill.-" wa .H cili-d lllion In piIiHI'M hi'' yesK i-diy iiJM rr.onii. Tlie coiul te- uiili'il a en 'uii'.- lie n lu '-laiit'.y sci'"- i .ileil f]\ liionis auo. 1: was a form of marriage c remoiiy uoi rare In legn' pared missives awaiti:ig hiii! Thfv •were dripping with the ii );;ev ••: i'."'-! Ki-ant phrases and sjVi.-ir'ir . .•.•:t!, ihi | kisses of love ball-.ed periods and commas-and one intenogatidn. Tiir-y were not al! the same in form, but tbey all meant the .--aine Ih^n^ The\ read after this fashion: Dear Profissnr: 1 ran restrain my impulse to cimfc -s my love fur vou u i I.M'V •' You are the iilol of MV I;. ail. Will .VOU name the <.;.y* Sure they were all sii;neil and the names were those of sfiiie of th^ perfectly lovely and admirable yotini; In dies of lola. The Professor read the propo.«als again and again. The . names were all dearly familiar to him i'"•o'-"'''"" s'"'"^'''' He was pu7.7led. Confronted with ' I" rsotis performed lo Join proposals from eight clrls. any one:"'"" ''"'^ houds of matrimony of whom Is worthy cf princes and •S'-vcral monilis aco, Hille Ftizsim- klngg what could be do? Kcho.—ves. I'-i""-^ f*"" »"d received a de- what could he do? " ,<''"'•• '^^ divorc- from T C. Fiizs5m- He couldn't marrv eicht. that was I '"ons. Yesterday afternoon they snre as fate. What then? Turn them ; ^'"f"' s=i''"^l'>" l'"f<"-e the rour- all down, the onlv alternative. And l''<':u!in« that ih.y. had become n c- this the Profe.-sor "tearfully did. cnHI. d I'Ud that the deer. be e<-\ The following niornini;. he sent out |, , „ , . , . , eight replies, much" after this form:) Fo"st rpiouing in th. Mv near Mi<s : 1 would if | "I'I'oitunify to briaa together iho-iPS- I could, hi'l I cant. T.'iere are {'rancid coup.le, made this emry In ihi seven othirs | court dcrku permitiing .Mi. and Jlr.« Then a hapi.y tiio ,ip;:t ?;ru."k him. ; FM7simmon.s to resume the marita'. That coarse, -old note ui reply iiiUsi r ^-lation: have wounded everv heart. Whv not ''•'" ''• nanus m this a personal wr.rd of aiiiireciathm io/'.V"P" appearing in court in person everv girl that had taken advantage ,the court to v-.icat. of Leap Yea:? .lun the thini?. That "^''^'^ '^''^''''<' of divorce and Professor and the,""" api neation vvr.s very night, tie eight girls toek a sleijih ride mding up with a jiarty at the home of one of) the girls. | "You see." t.'ie bevviidered Prosr?--or ' explained, "iiow ^ery impo.=sib!e i; •was for me ^o make a choice from eight beautiful girls. Nof, If but one should " Perhaps she will . .sustaiiiet'. CLOSED TWD LHHIIRPE CAFEf stale Fond inspector Kiclnhans Find* Tlicm Insanitary. ATCHLSON IS WITHOIT (JAS. ?!:M.' Food Insjiector John A. Klein I bans closed iwo restaurants in l.a- •Will Seek to Enjoin Kansas Natural i Hurpe this morning and ord-r.U thai From Shuttinff Ott. tiny remain closed until they were seiiibbed out and pl;:red in a sanilarv (Tiy .\-v .ill..! I'-.-.-v ; condition as reijaired by law. Atchison. Kas.. Jan. 4 —J. W. Wag- : These n stauranis will not be al- gener, superintendent of the local icjwed lo open until they bave bf-n gas company, announced today that he | brought up to the standard jirovided will bring suit in tbe Federal court to enjoin the Kansas .Vatural Gas company frcm shutting off the gas sup T)ly for Atchison to aid consumers in Kansas Cltv. He will attempt to obtain the aid of other towns similarly affwted. All the schools are closed today on account of the low gas pressure. THE F1.V\XJ«»H\S0N FltaiT. Flnil und i^'ormal Airri-i-inent IA Hr' Sticnei .Saturday. ' OJ.v llie AMNiK'Idte*! I*r<'«j«l Chlcagii, Jan. 4.—Jack Johnson lo- iday announced that the formal agreement for t^p Flynn fight would be .signed Saturday In a downtown hotel. The heavyweleht champion said that the details of his jvropoRed flg^ht wUh McVey prob'tbly would be made public next week and a formal aereement signed then by himself and Tom An- drewi. by the statuti's." said .Mr. Kleinhuns this afternoon. "I shall deputize ih> local oll'cers to see that this order is enforced." Inspeeior Klelnhans will remain In this virinily several days ;ind every puiiUc phice that coiues vvitliin the ;e;;ijlalions of the st;ite food lawc will •lie Inspected. MISSOIRIAN IN TROrULE. One .Man Killed and Another M'ounded Owr It Trifle. (Hv tho .\!<>i 'K -l .it<>rt rr.'dnV Klrltvllle, Mo, Jan. 4 — f^e Mills aged twenty-one, was held today pend Ing an Investfgatlon into the killing of Homer Hatfield, and wounding of Rransfetter «t Shlbleys Point Tuesday. It Is said that RratiEtetter nnd t^atfleld upbraided .Mills for leaving gales onen on th* Bransfetter farm and that Mills fired two Bhots at Hatfield and two at Branstetter. Head of the Cliirago Fire >Vorshippei-s in Court-Today. iKy til- .V<-.ii'i:il il fi'^ssV C:-ic.'go. 4 —AEx'nst his I 'e^'re Oil iiriu Zar .\iliishl llanish, he;i:l ol ilie .^IazlIa/Il ••aIl in!:, vv.i.s'u:[|ny eallei! 'o the witness siand" beforp Judge PInckney in the juveirile court where Charles R. I.inds'iy is e.'-eking to gain iinssessiim of his nei'lievv. Willia'ii Lindsay, heir to an estate in Phila- ie'phii who was leken frai'ii the 'Temple-- of the .Va2il ».-nans. The boy WHS not in court nor vv,»s his niotli?r TliP MB::daznan cult is said to be a .pvlval 3! the ancient Persian fire 'vor.ship. and many forms and cre- "onies .together with posinvinsj an(' "^reatiiirj; exerel .ses. are said to he ir ts FIGHTING R08 EIIIINSISOEAO THE EM) Ct.MK AFTER BCf TWO) HOIRS OF ILLNESS, V Liinir Rcrnrd ni Gallant uiiil Con- spIrnoHs Sen ice itraiiiiht tS a Close. r COLU IS SERIOUS OUT WEST cripple for l.ife. He suffered three oth | er wound.^. but as *onn-as he wa.s dis charged from the hospital he again plunged into the fighting and served until tlie end of the Civil War with i great credit. ; With the ending of the war there ' came a period of stagnation which I marked the passing of the old.wooden navy. Evans drifted for a time into civil pursuits, although never relin^ I Trains are Stranded and Towns are IT IS CAISINfi HEAYY LOSS OF LIYESrtK K OX RANtJE.S. NO m m ON eOOSEVELT THAT IS THE WORD SENT OUT FKOM WHITE HOUSE TODAY. PRESIDENT WILL NOT HAVE IT NO TRI'TII IN REPORT THAT RELATIONS ARE STRAINED. Tlio ritimate Intentions of RooseTCit Will Make No Difference. (l!y til" Assoeiatoil Press) Washington, Jan. 4. —Word wa.s Is- .sued today to the supporters of PresI dent Tafl t'lat under noclrcnrostances would the I'resid-nt countenance attacks on Hem? 'velt ho matter what the iiltimaie intention of Roosevelt In re-, gard to the l!e )iubllcan presidential nomlnntliiii lu'glii he. It Is reported that the President expressed himself as unable lo ac nuut for reports that Ills relations with Roosevelt were strained. fjtiishing his connection with the service. ' Eians the Leader, inv th.. .v-sociat-d lY .-si I , ^^'O" a* congi-pss mani- Washinstcn. Jan. 4.— Most Jof of-'^e^'fI'"nmse to meet the insis- fi:ial Wa...:.ington did not learn of the ! lent demand of i,ecreianes Chandler sudiien d.m'se laM evening (If Rear i and \\l-,itney for a renovation o the Arimiial Rcbley D. ICvans. until lodayj^'nf^"^vy Kvans came back in- Tt:e funeia! will be held tbmonow ; S^P ' vi.-e and was one of th^. lead .M;rrr.oon a; AH Souls UcUarian • ^1'"'^;^ in I'^ann'ng the rudiments ;-hur.-h. Pailbeare.-s will" he ):ho£:'n j of w'lat is now the American modern fijai among the mval offlce-s who;"a\>- ' ^ervPt! under Admiral Evans. • I I: 'vas Evans who took the little d's Isolated by the Heavy Snows of Past Few Days. fn .v the ,\ssnciat.>il Pressl Kansas City Mo., Jen. 4:—With dam age atiributable to the cold In Wesi- orn Kansas already at a high figure, reports to the local rnited States Weather Buriau today showed a still further drop there since yesterday. .\t Dodge City the mercury stood four below. t-Vttiiu; Ready to Name Hookt iH.\ tti" .\>^oeiate(I (-"ress) Washington .Ian. 4.—The appearance of tivt" nieuibei-s of the Senate .Iiidiciaty Commitee at' the White Hoii >p today gave rise to the belief that President Taft had liegun bis iisiul snundin.g of that committee before sending to the Senate the nomln- at=:n or a su.-cessor to the late Justice Harlan. .Vs matters .stood today .tii!'.<^ Hook of Kansas, appeared fore mos; in the President's mind, and it wns nude. -tcnrl he sought to discover .. there was any nhjectlon to .Tudg^e Hock in tl -e .lii ;l''.-iary Committee. .Vene- of tlie five Senators'admitted t'.'t h;-.] r"r:i. t^d to Judge Hook. I;iii he .Dip any nertitia'ion is .sent In I'le I 'lPs -ilont wi'l en'-l in other mem- tiCiS eC the ciimn'i' fee. STILL PROlMNt; THE POOL. IJoruinenfary Evidence InlrndDCPd In the Puckers' TrlaL Ciiirago. Jpn. 4.—A mass of docu- • i,ii.v lue meicui.v »iuuu luui i ......... , .,,up,„„.. The longest period of cold , m^ntary ^o"^,'.^'"."^ °£,J^ , iv..Tch boat Dolphin on a cruise arrmn.; 1 and deep snow known in many pears,!'"r.-=. circulars urd s.a'istics hearJttg HRYAN NOT A CANDIDATE. •Cannot Conrcive nf Anv Condlti'in' W Jiifh >Vonld yUiki^ Him Our. Tai Fla.. .Ian. 4.—"I caiinu: mn- •elve aiiv roiidiiion that wniiiil make I possible for me to consider tin- iiiestl(.ii of my hecoming the cpndl- 'ale for tli- presldeiitlal miii -.iaallon of ':e Iiri |^;i (ralic |:!nty -'U ]!I12." This was I lie d>'claration of Colone' 'I 'lliiMi: .|.i :!iln!;s r .vau on h's arriviil i .'ie i .iiliiy Irniii Havana. In •coiiip ;in.v vili .Mrs. 'trvan. Tlwy left today for Wafhlngton. Mr 'l:van 'Icelined to comment on the ac •Ion of the progressive |)emocralK of '1h!o in pMghIng his name to the front If. a candidate. •' COLLISION KILLS TWO. lima Engineer nnd Fireman on an Frelislit Train Cni<ihed. *Hv :hf 'lritiMl F*r ''«st O'l'ahn. Jan. .4.—Two men were killed In a head-on collision today be- •w(cM two freiRlit trains on the (Mil- •aeo .C- fireni Western ••>» Pentley 'o'-.a The dead are FlPRlneer Wilson >n;l Kire !i';!ii Fisher, nf the westbound i ^'in. The p;her ergine's crew jii-up- "I and estaped. One train was .iii-t "Virg the siding vvhen th? other •rashed Into if. 1 the world to rest the struitura " .-.trength of this fiiit product of the I'j infant steel shii,building art of the railed States. He always got the best Rear Ai!!ui.-al Rofi'ey D. Evan • '•'i^i.lini: Rub" to an ai.'urring nation, died siiililrniy l:;'e ye.-ieroay- at his lu Wa.^!,ing:ou. A^uie fn.!ig (-E- , , because his su- iifin pnili'd tlie carter oi one (it the( , ^. ,j ,.. unboiit Ml j.e iKi.I iiiioved in sMiiP "lim.-. ' Yrrkicwn he dropped In at Valparalv: v .ats a .-ufi.'rer from old .ls ; t'hile. In I'-'.'l and f: und an opp!.;-- siistainpd In the Civil war utul I;.;IJI "'nHV "> di .M'hiy aM of the .ieicrmin- recuitput attacks of ilieumatic gout rMUm nnd courage he p(.s:^e-sed. Some Mie BKfd fighter .«pcmed to hai 'e nhak i "f Ameiiciin sailors had beenmal- Mi n.f X'u- bur.lcn of h 's ad .aneiug I 'i ' :'l''il murderou!.-ly a-saulte<! •.av- H-Jisplaved high si^rlts at -'" TI I-:*'''"''' f*>lt " •''">' to demand hreakfa-t and ate a hearty lunchroii at no. n. Stricken in l.llirary. While in hi.< library at 2 o'clock the ilmhal vvas n: l.^'ki.'U. Inftar.iiy his lauii'y Epnt for li:. K. S Adatts. who „„ his a,:iv;n found ti.e pn^en. 'n i i;!:^ ^ < n o s'1^;^ an •=real p.n n. After treatmeiit .^.m r. ; Amrrlcan na: crrriM; TARIFF ON STEEL. - llnusr Siib-Cnniniiltep Has Airrped on New Steel Schednle. fT\v ihp v.««frf *1 »teri P»-P««> Wa-lilngton. Jan. 4.—A bill making 1 ceneral red net on ol from thirty to liirty five per cent on all steel and •ron I 'li'ies of th° present Payne-Ald- ich taiiff law wr-s agreed on by the ""louse Wavs and Means sub-cominit- •ee today. Ti 'P hiii woiiid add to the 'ree 'i.-^t cnri'enters tools and other iitirles of ordinnry use. NEW LAW SAVES LIYE.S, Miners Owe Their LITPS to the TPIP- phnnp Rpiiulrpment. 'B\ th» .\».<nf.nted Pr>"~v Pittsburg. Kas., Jan. t.— The trle- rhone required by a recent state law probably saved the. lives of J. K. Kearan and William Martin, shot- firers. In a mine near h'-re. The men wer cut off from the entry shaft by a !.'as explosion. They telephoned their location to the ton. The rescue par­ ly found both unconscious and almost suffocated. Roih were revived. RREWERY TRI'ST QIITS. Didn't Walt for Snit to lie BrouKlit Amilnitt It IR'- till. A ««tK -lnli .<1 I»r-««V Mllwau\fpe. Jan. 4.—The Journal today says the Western Urewers Shipping Asfoclatlon, one of the leading trade organlxatlons In the United "'es, has dissolved. It being deemed l.v :oiiie of Its members that it was In violation of tbe Sherman anti-trust law. The Working society of the Presbyterian church will have a meeting a« three o'clock tomorrow afternooiL at the church, .Officers for the year will be elected. was thought the danger had pas.^ed. S.!ii ,,ly alter 4 ochuk. Iiovvever. he awakened and raising liiujsi'lf with ililfiriiliy. announced tiiat le was choking. , "I cinnot get my breaih," '-^P said, and .'pnk ha;k. At 4;1.'> o'clock he iied c(mscious to the end. * .At bis bedside a; the time of his Jfatli were his wife bi.s daugliter, Mrs. H. I, i^evvall and h's daughter- •n-hiw. .Mrs. Frank T. Evans wife of ai.';();:ars only son. a litliipnaiit •niiiniander in the navy, now duty on tbe torpedo boat de.stroyei' Mona- .lac. a: Roston. Tile hews sjiread with great rapidity and caused a profound shock In -Ificial circles. President Tlift" was one of the first to exprp.-^s l.i.s grief and condo'fncp. He said: "Admiral Evans was nneV of the p;ot.(ilon iiml nparatlon. The odds agalpur him were gro- tpsouely large. The tiny Yorktown lay In the liarlinr under the guns of the whole Chilean fleet ye; Evans nrv.-r faltered l.i't carried'out his pur J o.-p and sailed avvav frfiinifihnntJy and the band ional air to su'len salii'es from the Chilean fnits and vvar-hip.s. Diiiliic ihe Spanish vv;i: he ban crramanii cf tiie Lattl'sir.n Iowa and for his services in destroying Cervera 's flP' t IP received ti;e thank.s of i CcTicrrss nnd was proiiio'ed. I!'= 'ast .•" ivp sfcv 'ce w :i.s as cnm- niander t :f the fleet on the first leg cf " IS :v{v-f .1 round tlie world. has. accordini; to reports, caused a 1 ''"' ''"eg' d ngroenients of the great loss of livesiock, frozen or ^- ='ii.' summary siatements of starved to death on the ranges. ,!':;-l shf, n-onts. avera;.;e" price re- of Great Bend. Kan-sas trair'f i^''' •'»'' 'margin of profl's ftarned, service on the branch lines is sill!! d on uniform te.=t cost alleged to completely blocked. Iso'ated towns! have hern sent out by the agents of are crying for aid. Dighton and Jet-i ' ^ '• ndants. were read to the Jury more are SI ill cut off from civilization | ":'hiy 'n the park'is' trial. Mrst of A force of Ihreo hundred men is ih'- doM .ments were ideniified by wlt- vyorkiiig day and night in an i iTort to ri Kcue a stranded freight train and i.ii 'ii th" br.inch line lo ii-;i.'llc. HOWlKi: St ORES THE NAVY. < (ii:f.'rc«»:tii:!i MaJiCs Serlmi ; ' »'.z,iinst Na»jil Oi'llce ss Wii'iam D. Miles fornttr mana- •ji:r o ftli/> Armour f'.-ifkfng Company I ..t K:ii--i- City j Wiirissis- t'ji aovernm'-nf In the j rar'ki rs' iriai. 1; ihrir lesilmony Is at j I.-irriiice on material polnn with that ;'livi n hy ihem le fore ib" F^'leral •-rnml Jury. m:iy tliemselves f*ice an liuiulrv. Mil '-.H. whose answers to cer Serlmis Ch.irgi cers. ill- • h" v...-'M-;ii. ii I! i<i , Wtisbii-gion. Jan. 4—Representative I ;;iin (luesiions have Iwni un.itatl8foc- llowanl. of Oe."igia. urging today be-1 lory, testlfli'd acalust the packers bc- foii iwo'Feiieral grand Juries. fore tlie Mrmse .Naval Allairs sub-coiii- mltte". the reinstatciuent of Meut. Col. IV M. I'erkln:: of th-' Marine Corp.' ! FX-Ci>>(.'RESS.MAN MOROAN DEAft declared il:.'t I '.Mk 'us' di.^.-harge for; — ;. lieui'l • tiinit^l i-i(i:iiiptpnee"' wa- v , lie Served Four Tprms lis Drmopraft ill 'vii-s' ciii-,spir::cy. hatched at the j \rm> and Navy Club in Washington j '•Inward at ;::<'KPil both the Manne rimis and tie .\uy. "Only thiny-tvvo per cent of the of- icers of liie navy."' he said, "arc in ic.tual seivico. The . remainder One ns Rriiiibllran. 'n^ **... As«nriatP(> Pre.s.s'i .Tnplin. Mo. Jan. 2.~Col/ Charles Henry Morcan. former member of. ,' c.ongres .5, who served four terms as a sit'i 1 emocrat and one as a Republican. BANKER WILL PLEAD GUILH Old Man Whn Looted the JfichlCT" Rank Makes No Defense. tvi.> .V".ji .-.!itt ii rri-s .=v Ratllecrcck. .Vi(;h.. .Jan. 4.—"It's l.eavrnworth for me and the sooner I the better," said H. -M. D^aring the ^^l/ll ^^rhSinX '^avy^l""^!"^^'' Albion Banker as he left for De- time. He was a rigid dlsclpt'narian. )f qu':k decision and adminihiy advised in the intricacies of the uia- chinpiv rf cnil.'ers and ba'tieships and skilled in drillrng them,. I am very sorry to hear of his deuth." One of tlie Iron links that bound the old navy to the new, a command- Iftg figure In each, was Rohley D. Evans. He diil not take kind'y to the 'obriqiie; of -FightiUA Ridi," for al- tlioiigli of gruff exterior hi- was a man of the kinJliest impulsei^. Thus It never was urcd In hl.^ prevence by his friends. Rut Mi dauniles.s courage'In'times of great emetgency ;thc grli'ii detenu Inaiinn vvlth vvhich he faced overwhelming odds and tlie stc.i'-. sm with which he bore hl.s ironniU a .td gazed unf'Inchlnply In- the face ^f death made the title so approprlatu that as "Piglit'ng Rob " he w^a knniwn wherever the Kngllsh language Is spoken. To War ns n Hojr. ICvans was a mere boy when he was yent to the naval academy ai. Annapolis. Refore he had got far with his studies the Civil war broke^out and throw'nff bis books to the vindn. he went to sea and was assigned'lo block ade duty. It was In one of two atta<<ks made hy the Northern navy on thi; powerful defenses at Fort FKhcr. N; C . that young Kvans received th 'e wound through tbe thigh that matte him a '4 troit with his son Palmer M. Hearing in custody of a I'nlted States .Marshal. Father nnd son have confessed to forgeries amounting to a hundr(>d and sixty-five thousand dollars that rp- sulted In the closing of the Albion .\atlonal Bank.. "Is there any hope for tlie depositors?" the older prisoner vvas asked. For an in.stant he appeared on the verge of breaking d'own. Then he choked back his tears and replied: ".\'o, none at all." The son, who had been apparently unaffected during the hearing before .rulled States cotn- ir.lssloner Clark here last night, continued to leave most of tlie.talking lo Ills faihfT up to •the moment W^Jheir departure for Uetroit, 1 red cheiTV as the ship and .T tooth-: the Si' , War.' He • •irk a.-; the pr.ipel'ing force. The offi- 1 dcsed his coneressional career ip^the •pi-s furnish tiie wind." THE MAKINfJ OF A MAN. si:<ty-first congress to which ho" was .'ifd as u Republican. (iOCLD oriTS MO. PAC. .\"MW TVKE V. 0. OIT OF POLITICS. That fx the I 'liriHisr of u iUII hy Nor. rls of Nchrusku. (Tly the AmiK-liiteil I'rewi) Washington Jan. 4.— "The iiostomc^ department has come to be a huge political machine.'' declared Ueiircsenta the .Norrls, of -Nebraska today. In explaining a bill he has introduced, placing every postal employe except the Postmaster General under the competitive classlfltHl service. "The roll call of a Republican convention," said Mr. Norrls, "sounds like a list of second class' postmasters." .If/I!i(»tialrp's S <^n Faming His Liviniri at Hard Labor—Why Not! ! !!>:>.h Shifts from That Road to the ti :v r ,i.. Assiieiat..! Iresst I Denver Sc GrandP. Denver. Cn'o.. Jan. 4. — I.awrence [• Rrovvn. I!.P only son cf J. J. Brown ; miliionaire ir.ine owner and prominent I "n Denver soc ety. is compelled to i>oi'-id 0 driil in a Victor. Colorado, 'i ^ine in ord.-r that liis young wife and !ive months old son may have the ne- j railroad, .-md member of the latter •essities of llle. Over a year ago; cni )i ).anv s ilirertorafe. Geo. J. Oould Rrovvn married .Miss .Ai.'een Morton. ' x-s'snfi) as chaii man of the board and Knn;^as City debuiar.te. His fat!;.er 1. .Iffifv l.irh'er president of the disapproved tiie ir.arTi^ge and told the i ompai'v was elected to succeed him. "on to shift for h'liiself. Young Bro -A -r. (f.v tl A- • -.rited Pre.asV York. -N. Y.. Jan. 4.—B. F. r.isl' ir-Priilent of tbe Missouri Paei- P,'.: Kal'wv. wos p'ected today presl- r'i;;t cf the Denver and Rio Grande says he and his family are tho:-.'..i;ghly LAFOLLETTE L -ontcnted HAD ITOMAINES. TRYING TO RAISE (JAS PRICE. I The Senator Suffered SpTpreJy Bat Is Now liptter. Wyandolle ."ornonitlon Runs Against, ir" '::/''V' '^TnV „uffer- (hc rtilliies Commission, !. Jollu it. Ills. J.-n 4 -StR suffer- ii !v th." .\ssr,oi-.t.-.i P.-.—1 ''1^ from til" ePfeet? ot Dtomalne pols- Kai'sa-: City. Mo. Jan. 4—A tempo- en -.vhieb a'tackod him latei ^t night, rarv 'tMnriction restraining the Wyan- S< rat.'ir l.aFr.Metfe .spoke Tor half dolt.' Co;i:itv C.a.s Cotiipanv from in-'an hjur hrr" todiv in i crowded the- '(rensine tie price of g;is from twen-i litre Tl". .S. n.'itor arrived In care of V tjve to Iwetitv seven cents a thoiis- -nd. vvas Issui 'd from the Cdiilt 'I'' ^\'y.'>ll"I <>tTe Coiiii 'v ?od;>y iii-n pvlt'on \' llie Kansiit- I'lililleH C .lIi 'lulsHion. phvsii i;>ns. He was taken at once to D!.^!r !ri : re l;ctel -i)!! ulven treatment. After Kansas.' liis Ml' Ir.-s in which hv reiterated hia M 'Pici; '1' 'he pr'neicle .H Involved In ibe iiiiii:,'ive, r "fnendum and recall, l-e left for d' wn-state towns. HAD MAN AND HAD LOAN.S. Indiana Rank Vov to Ihp Wall From . I'snal Cause, ' 1" • 111*- M-nnijtt*>ll Pr*"^«l Terre Haute, fnd., Jan. 4.—With the AtiAIV 'IIIE SORROWFIL STORY. Utnlhcr w„i„„n Who T««»V HIP Easiest Wav l^l»» the Prlre. • \e*v York .Ian. 4—Afollle Lorraine '>nee r> well krovvn ac»res' '-as foifd •t.>,.,l In t-er ai.artment.' to''-'v. f'er i s'nienunt that W. H. Taber. president hridv ipv f ce (lonn m f»-p' floor «-|t'' | rf the American State Bank, la short • •••o oirnty ?ri" ho »M«.« e^d one ha'f,'w <"niy -five thousand dollars imd that inert w-iH|'the iiiii'id*Ho"i«io bei. There ,^'h? bank has made loans on worth-.'co •-•cr-t\ poi-»rai "'farette st-ibs e- 'ess secnrlties on twenty thoasand •hn floor.! The police took the h?lf. more, the state banking department filled bottle to determine Its contents.' today closed the institution.

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