Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1912
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY .REGISTER, WEDNESD>AY jSVEmNG, JANUARY 3,1912. FELIX AKD FINK—"I don't fall for this winter sport thing," says Felix to Fink. MR. 6RIM MOVES TO lOU UUOCKKY msiNKSS IIKHK. I 'ormrr Hlirli Solum! rrliirl| I.A HARri:. .1:in —T.a Harp.' uiil losr nn<^ u: I .IT <.;.! •.•.-(.;. n;> " . 1 n H. K. Cri:i! :inil '.v:: iiy w '.-.i -v nmv ',;\,•on . N'nr;ii Hri ^uiw.iy -•.rict. rin'w^ S2;-; Soafit W.-i'Jiincr .in l.>;:> \:r tlri.ii l ;.i< '.'iir. i .Icti.-- --y- r.^ry s»t'r.> in \: . jin .i ;> !-,<iu in -ojfii-ii :in.i .•) :.<>.>.l li"-f. wjiiil 'i i.- ••i':<'. n-ws T.' ;:is ir.nm Mr i;r;:ii. l>;r r \.\~ --ri, R.!^ wi-.'; iiitii su. . • • i ' !ii;-in'>-». — Wo li:i\< ;i ..: • '.in.' i-:' p. \ ^:;\- j.T .W.i;. : > li.,i-.:'.'r:;i, and Jc»t>!ry. Miss .loro- r*^;!!;!:.!! y;>r.:-- day fron; P.-i.. nj..'r: lilir.ais. « : i r-^ s '.K' aiipr.iitil f-,:r..r;il of ":;rr imt;.-. Jo;;i: Kai.n'::;; Mr i; ;\oui.iU i!!.^.: :it!;i» .loiifs hi i '.rrr ar.rt ;!-.i> r-'in- were tak. n :o Io-.\:. fur iiuri.r.. —F. .s Hal-.ii. M. U. Ociilt»t Mi -jsr-". nlar;. ' .ir.ii Ar;:-^ f-fv.-r • r- tfr!;:intii a ri ::;ii>.^r n; rri-rnis AW !tieMi:,y , .^r.'nc Mr Ki. y.j in!::;;i!u .if \V.-;;>-. i;;;^. K.iusas. ua> tiir civ.\\ n!:;-of -'iv ,i n u-i..--. Vrnt. Hyames sna 1 >.-!tl.-.vv P.^t-r- son wpr<. i.!.'' v:s;;ors at r!;p hicr. fcho hi?h scLi '.-l an 1 :r.;.--i!i .irnT <>:' "Si'!.f .o.'~ fn -• r.-r.i;i;r;':r-'n riri'' tail-: a; Chap-i ".-.oiir. !;•• i.- a-iiniliriir tn.e; law scLo'^i in I.a•.^ •• aic y.-ar. I Mr. ar,i Ii;:rry 1'. l)..:y ^;.,-n: ' Monday in M.-.-nn. j Mi.=> A:n;a l..^\\e iU vi^ir in Ne- 1 vada durir.c The wv,.k. j C J. na:n >Tt. M; P'-rlins'-f^n. •<\af a ' bu.~ir.p.=? visitor in ;ov\n yosten'.ay. .1 V. Porst-:t ami fan;ily. of Krio are r>ovini: to prf«irrty on Soutl. Was''.m s;ri.t:t. Mrs. I .i;. y Bob'-..- i? visitins in Fori S<f!t tf:i-= «r. k Ivijow p.-ti v-on. !;a.- b<>-n sj»;n'lin?'h.-lidays h. ro. r>:arne'l toUartN -.-viMc af;<^rr.non Miss Ajiila P>-!.>rs'^r. wl! irn by \h>- way <.f IRA B. FRANTZ UK(;iSTKIU;i) OI 'TOMiniMST Uu:ut.<oliI'.. i\a8. FORNISH NO TICKET FOR TOIiy w v> rj:o-jnsrELLA>EOC8. FOR SALE-MISCELLAXEOCS. IM)IV\ i;<>V MIST KAKN MONKV TO (JKT »A( k IIIIMK. .Muran. af;>'riio.iri all (ay tli>' 17t!i. .l.-ri. a;i ,i I..ilia: I'.'. .laii IMli ami I'.'lli. J.ifJ ir.IiJiKl li> HmTjiI,. lUIJ Show t.itx III MiulliT"..--<;us CltJ KC3U I !..! Mrs I.. , . : I ii.-.',y 111. >; - w •!;.ia> s. ii A .' . -.i n u... .\;a > i. r. r I.::i..'s is II. riar'K .;an- c. I;..! S. p-, :•: ;., CiTV ! a !. -t. . s!. n!:.v .IAN :'. t«!iy <;riti"l. I'..) VMS |. ft li-ri' iast i;..' K'.inalt) lull jiliow. of ^•.•••at (lisalipolf.t- l; will 1 )1' ri -nn't!i- it) a Slid comli- i;.!y. :. '• far- I-.-; ..1 \Vi. an .\!i-s r Ma; .s :a ;i ..i .i- ::;.r >:r^ ii.'.i- ..... " (>:;!! v. : , M.iniiay. .•:r.i 'III.' li.-.ri •:ir:!- y...N;;,!ay niornini: f rof i j-^ ,,l--rs siKKI.Y forn-.,r,y . principal n. S IH «. Jt.llTK > Vnr orT aril. I ./> l.UiT or l ••iisti l^oiu'Is liv Mi>riii!i'.r. Sa\'inl.iir:: for a ^:.-r: frit n<js. Mr. ar..l Mr- i ".f 'r'i";i V<- lin. wlio a-. \:-:::ni: Ki!i!. ,;slt rin r\ • r .-in. Cirv w i;!i ! .Vrr- .1 .\.v f.r .a.| \ ^ far!;: -::i;'p.-.'. a car • A.--' y,,:i k. ar i st.TUia i! iv::!; (." --a.:.'".\ .iv .>r 'i:.i;r..-!co .: pii;ja-:'^. S;-.;. !:;;si:;i: w a">-:-. a :i'>-A' • r- '.y ;;r..i •I. 'i V ' :..t. '•.A -' •• -•• n; .r c-.u-' ii:y • ti- A- .';•! ..II n -irin. wiil l- ir. davs tbi-- wi-'K Frt'd P'nrilin V, cot Tat'' . n if havin~ it in-r. of town. (' E Pennir.iTt'.n hoirs and catt'i'i to market today Rudolpi: My, r ar^d O-.v.n sp.rnt Siin'iay witii C'i:;:^-nf"' Ga't- ir; Kansas City. Mr. and Mr.- W H Piikctis r-n-. r- tained with a New Year's dinner .Monday. Mrc. A. Iv Everlinr- and dattcV.- ter. '•3t lola. w-rt t ;.e only oul-of-iowj gTjests. Miss Fine >!orrisr.n "la-s rf't;imed tn >roran aft^r sp<r;.iiiitr ;i;e IioiWays Vilih her sister. Holt and .s<in are unloading a L;-.r of Hoar and feed today. Mllh iiii molbp.-. Mr--. Pavid Morris.m. K;. ri;.- i'„i!i" v. irh rf-turned to Wichita y.>--erday. }., .,,^^^1^ ^as nr.. of i;.- I'. !v, tlv iiDaili of Jli tolnr. H- wa.s M ! ;'..uiii.y .ii 'ii i-cMiIiiti't tiad -.Kiik. ' :: WIS wiii; r.illiculty tliat Mar'\. ' I -'os!. r was .ilili- to locat" Iiis '.i'aii f .i ::;'r, .lolr.i CtranJ, ir. rfoiitii .roil. Ills f.itlicr wro;.' Toiiv ii hi- V is!:> .1 «<) rc'iirn li" ;:!.) s.Tiil .-! lick--?. Tony ansxv. r. d : . •'•!,• a 'l'ra 'a' ivi . Yrst .'n'.ay a lottrr' . f... f ;in 'i .Air. (Ir .irid I.' III IIJ: Ton «y !• ov ins: to a bad invi-stmenf, th> . r •Aoijld I (' un.!!)]c. to s-'iid lh< • . r, • for a n '.::nb,T of iiiontlis. Tony ) ^ •ciir ^'d •.Mirk at ..snt- Iters anii >.!":n a f-w ii \onrl;s li'- cxiii-cts to s.iv .d , i;oii.:;li ni(in.-y to buy a ( :'y '•oiiiiril ni- ' yostprday af- '•:>.!; iii r.->cular s- ssiou. only th'^ 1 s.- 1 . in:: trr .nsactod. ;. I.. -.1 '.f 'i'ra ^is aili !i;iori discov -T\ • ;r.:. poari in a c;..n of oystt -rs • . r.;:.v. Mr. I ;oyd took ihi- stcn'- tn -Ji -s afi .Tnoou to ascertain its y.hi'. Miss K'h--! rnlii?on afr^r sppndinp •; ' !...:i.i;r -s h "T .'nt .s. Rev. Mrs K. M I'liHison r.-turnod to ;..:.d -!i ,iri; ;i:.iay lo continue her • I ~k i'l !••?'. !iiy I •>':-'i:.-. Vor ! :• >I;aWy -.von !-r.'d why t !i.- u-,..'; so low Tutsday nicht and -.s' r.'.ay morninc. It was ilue to :] . i'ip's in till- north field fro'zini: 11'. It .VIS not ut'.iil noon yes', rday '] :r Mr. Carniain lonati-d tht> troiibb^ Td.. arsum '^nt in the injunction suit "•: ' ,ty of Gas v .-rsus th'- lola \v,\-, rv orks -.'re b -dns h< ani li. for< .liid-.;-- Fousf tV .is afi.rnooti. T!." I'vi- h'.irrl by l!;.- court last ir,(.:r>.. Mr^ .T. .= si.- rranc afr-^r a visit with .Mr .Mr."!. .A, I.. .lackson r>-vjriieil • -• - l.iv lo !' r l.oni.'" in Mulberry, ".ii • ; Mr-> •"..r.i Tlionipson and .lit'l;. a iiaipani'd byr homo for a V.-AXTKI) FOR CUSTO>JER—A I private io .in of J M)0 ort a neik- eight ' room house on paved street, close In, .\i<t front. it for thr^ years and am willintr to pay good taterest. I 'jie I 'l'icrson Land Co. W.\.\TKI>-ri.K.\.>' WHITE;; UAGS. Kcalster od'Ice. \VA.\Ti:i)-liIN-ING ROO^f GIRL and disiiwa '.ler at once. Pecnsylva- iiia liiite 'i. WANTKD—GOOD LAND, • WKM. iinpruvtd lylni; near lola. \\'ill b'liy ia!f ;.'c:ion or more if woYtU tlie i.'.oncy a-kcd. Cive price ajid fall ! ar-icii!ars riply. Owner.- only. .M< .-li.'w l'o!i:pany. Tulsa, O '.vla. 1-OR SAI.K— RiniXG PLOW ALSO walkiDK i)lbw, cultivator one set double harness and uillk wagon; UlS N. I'ot ton wood. Phone 374. LEOALS. FOR SALK —SCOTCH COLLIK pup six inontlis old; tilS N. Kim. IF Y-OIT WANT TO SELL YOCR land or city property; If you want to exflmnKo for merchandise or land: If you want to buy or sell anytliinR; Call on, Thi- Allen County Investment Co.. 2i:'. S.nith WashIn^'ton Ave n .ll Phone lola, Kans. WANTKP—MEN TO LEARi» HAR- iti-r trad-". Here is an offer i hat in- •"ud..>s t'tds \»:tn tuirion. A taethod •::at .'^aves yrars of apprcnMceship. i'.>sition waiting in city or t'ountry s::op.5. Write Moler Carl .cr i'ollese. Kans.ns .City, Mo. WANTEIl—WOOD TO SAW \nTH h-.-.v.z. saw. Phone 401. * WANTED—GOOD SECOND • HAND .ras kitchpn range. Phone 2.')ft,' W.\NTEn—TO TRADE iQOLn •.vafcii for .cood .-addie; 217 W. Mad- •si.n. . WANTED—AT THE Y. yi C. A. •afe. ijiree room Blrl.=i, o5ie mid- I'e atti'd lady; must be qui^k and SiMv .Mill for Sale. — Will s*-Il at public auction Satiir- li.iy. .lanuary t;tli. V.>V2. at :; p. m., on ta :t sid." CitiZfns- state Hank at Huui- bo'dt Kans., one Saw Mill Outfit. Good mill and H'^ni ti-rni-. OFKK lAL STATEMENT Of the financial condition of llie .\Ilen Ciiinty State Hank, at lola. State of Kansas, at tli<> close of business on th.? lITth day of li.xcinber, lyil. Ue »«inr «e !i, Loans and discount.s $ 107,? (!•'-rdiaf's _ t;."r,..«<7 i;\p>'nse ni'count 4.0.1'j .">" fuhcr bonds and warrants. 7,'»ori.Oii Guaranty fund with State Trias, bonl!^i or cash 2..''00.0n Casii it>-!c.s and cb^arin;;- housi- it'.ICS 2.f.2'.>.l.". Casli and siijlit pxchans?''. l-L-al rescr\.. ..i 2S2.410..'!" T .>tal ?.'ii ;..:6«.S7 LFal.IIitle.*. Cip-iai sroik [laid in .^•iin.Ius fund ^_ Cn.Ii\iiled profits FOR RE.VT—MTSCEtr.AjrKOUS. FOR RENT—.j ROOM HOL'SE FOR li?ht house keeping; 310 S. Second St. FOR RENT^A FIVE F.OO.M BRICK hous.?. Phone 778. FOR RENT—MV ROCK CREEK r.fiii. Inquire of Dr. W. S. Hendrick.?. T.OST A\n Form f'.iv.ino.on 4ii 'f.|tri .00 I.i n.ll." l.'.ici.fn; 2n.fi2 Interest . Kxchance _ Tndivi.iiial dcpo.-irs 4I3,4I2.(.trt Hanks' and hankrrs' deposits 74..=;6fi.61 C.rtificatos of deposit lin .«4.5b Ca.-hi.^r's and certified , chocks lOLA R. R.TIME TABLES A. T. & S. F. RAILWAY South Bouod. So. 201—Dolly Passenger 1:05 p. i» N J . 203—Daily Paastr.ger 3:t3a .iix N L ;UI —Daily (except SunJ &r) Possex- ger &:50p. la No 215—Dally (except Sunday) Way Freight. Arrive 12:ul p. m. Depart 1:05 l>. m North Bound. No. 102—Dnilv Passenger 2:2S p. m. N .i. 20-1—Dailv P.i.u.-senpor 2:20 a. m. N .3. 20S—Dally (except Sunday) Fasgen- ^er 6:20 a. m. No. 21S—Daily fexcej't Sund^iy) Way Freight. Arrive 11:15 a. m. De Piirt 12:01 p. m. MISSOURI I'AriFIC RAILWIT ' Freights—West Bound. 4D1—Local (daily ex. Sun) Iv t:45p.ltf. 4.-|l—Colo. R.'d Ball Idailyi Iv.. .8:38 p. m. Freights—East Bound. 4.i.8_R^d Rill (d.aily) ar. 1:10 a. m. «2—Local idaily ex. Sun) or S:00 a. m. Passengers—West Bound. 4i)T— Kan3 .is Cicy-Vates Center Mai! and Kxprc-'s (dallv) Iv 4:47 p. qi.. 4.;!)—at. I.ouls-Wichita Ma'J and Express (dally) Iv S:S3 a. m. Passengers—East Bound. 410—St. Louis-Kansas City JIall and E K- rress Cdally) ar. 7:17 p. m.' 40S—St. Louls-Kansaa City Mall and Ex- prcs-s (d,aily) ar. ..8:S3 a. m 3L K. & T. RAILWAY South Bound. •No. STI—Way Freight, (dnily Bwc^pt Sundav) 4:Sn a. m. No. 71—MIX€^ (dallv) 4:45 p. m Sn. 7:1—Paii.<>-ng(>r Cdally) 12:19 p. m. No. 23—Flyer (dally) 5:50 a. ra. North Bound. No. 2t—Pasxpngwr (dally i 1:26 p. m. N". Tit--MIX"d fd.illv) 2:S0p. m. 'S'>. T.^Z—Wnv Frolnht. (dallv I 'xcopt Sinihiv) 12:1<> p n . •STI and GT: will carry pn»»rng.rn MERCHAXTABLE ABSTRACTS. Every Abstract made In our offlM I B piaranteed to be a mercbsnt- able abstrnrt or rooney refunded lOLA ABSTRACT COBJPA.NT Frank Wood. Manairer FBOFT 4IBTn^ .U. niKVPTORT : \ 1.-' nr.. 'I .T ': • lj;.sk'f b.-.:! ,'i.'ji:!n s '-:!0 'Is. tl..- 1."::-^ - c l'r.--s "xriv. - to rh- 1 'j.'.r :c:ory ov-r tii'- Car'; ir :'. i-.'v F'-;div v.ry s:^, !;••• P. s^ i' r. - . • .Tl . in . \ a : !}irt.i::;:: -:i ::i. ! 1. Kv. niu^ : n..- fjr :ii:.' ;.-!H! Ki-.-;. •!!• loi^ . . --;..!' - •;::•! •.T :• I'-i a- f.'St. :;r;.(.y. a ad r i.:,iin The city coiinril will uieet 'Jus ev-j .;. •• -j -jj,. i)r,-s :.'.--u i on::!:. lits or; •ening in re ::ular ses.-^ion. i |., .jj;,.i,.y s .-•.•:r v..,-',i a cn-.-r J. L. .!( nes iwho ;:as be.?n in Idai;« ! F ,..di.?!rv is a SPCO :;'! :;'.::::. am! for the p;:--t few Kiun :;;s. rcturr .e .l jj,,. has never play, d cn-.-r f.?r ti:- Hollecs- •irs: .•:i :n in a ma:(.h. d p:i!:io except a I.:.week a j tpyjTi," obs-rvfs '1.- Pr .:s^. ••'i } p« ar to b- al.uu' rh" i..f'i sr ! jti-a has :i:i:H>:ir .-d in Car-:..:--'. ' s. h..»o: Iio.'uo yesterday. .Mr. and Mrs. J>-ffor.=^)n •Rorth have r>-turn»'d fryu; visit in Clay C'-ate.-. Miss .\nna Jones, of Elsu'.orr v:s;t!%? Mr. and .Mr? J W. H.jlt. Mrs. .Tani'i-s Snii'.ii i- r.-port- d -^n t'ne Sick list Mrs. J. 1 .Jon.-- and cavs:-.:-. F-rn j 01N7ME.NT fails to care anv returned Monday from Ilutcaiason af- of Itching, Blind, Fl-pd'c- c- ter an enjoyable week Pr:>rrudlc^ Piles In 6 to 14 days 50c The nine months old cu:Id of ilr. < I i\ W ir <• : •!• (' i;i!.;:. o: . ;:v o;i bi:-ii'•. I -Irr-Ii' •. .T::rk Cook. .•:;'cn lias n-Himf^d :'.:)>] .loplin wh.rc li- .1 PILES CURED I>" SIX TO 14 DAYS. —•your druscist wi'J reftind rponej : (>.-v.;;o will b- in tb.^ ss for tlif D' ii'.inK III- raiiy lor :i fi 'v li.-iys. V i.o r.cnCy r'tiirncd fr.;^n S -..i'..^ s .iys th-' old ta.-^ sm'^lt- . rs ir. •' ci 'v -.\i:l b-^ pur in op..r:i- •ii .n in :i f' v,- d:(ys pi-.ibably fh*^ 1.">th < f i!'.is month. The r.-cent injunction .-'.i; of til- < i'iz'.ns aeainst rb.- sn-.*"!- ;. r c.-iini--iny 'v is won bv th'^ laii'-r. . Carl nar!;liolt of LaHurpn was a lii!sin.-ss c;ii;.'r h-re vesterdav Mr. and Mrs. C W. WilHs. of Hit"- villrrrrirnrd home yesterday aftfr •i v ;-i' '.vi;li Mr. and .Mrs. .\. H. Pb-p- h-rd. }.Trs .1. R. II-atb 'vho h:is l "--fn \ is- 'i -r.? b.-r h.ijsband and son in. Hnm- bi'.!' r «"nrTi .'d ho :n<- y st. rday. Gor.kin W. ich who is ho-'i.' from •-v. r. fi^r till-- liolidays w;is a viailor at i!;n b.i^li school ycst.rdftr. Mrs ''>tis Pitis and Rosa Corn.; ••v. r" ralli!;^ on fri. nds in lola v. s- r^ay RussoII. 'ho three yf-ar oid son f>f .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Lupardiis ;s re- ;.r,rt"d on the sick list. nfaf. White only. O. L. FosfeV, Prop. FOR SALE—MISCELL.i>TOUS. LOST—GOLD BAR WATCH FOB Phnne 94 or 123S. Reward. FOR SALE—ONE GOOD YOF.VG •'iw; sofjn to be fresh. E. 1. i.'rowell. i MO.NKY TO LO.\N—WE. H-AVE i client who has ?1S00 private money to j loan on Allen <Munty land. If you I want this, come quick. The Peterson .Xbstract Co. FOR SALE OR TRADE—TRAC::-in encinei 20 iiorse power; good con iirion. I'aone i70. FOR 'or. five S.\LE—NICE cottage. FURNITURE' W. E.- Starks. For: LEASE, POSSESS I (XV AT "nc^ and ou rea.sonable teryis The Maj' - li- Tiifat-r; best money maker in t;.e city. In()ulre of Hooker Shapol. VOfX S\LE—FIVE •WHITE OR- ;iin^-t(in pullets and one cockj^iril. Dr .S 'eii.somo. Phone 814. ^ . SO ACRE MISSOL'RI FAR.M FOR lo!a (;:is or La Marpe property. ?.2'i- a< re Cidorado homestead ior lola G:!.- or I.a I.larpe property. Call and us about tl cm. .Mien Cc.unty In•.- 'inert Co., 213 Soutli Washington A.e., lola, Kans. FOR SALE—A CHOICE, itr.].roved IHO acre farm, 2% mllef -ontii anct 2 miles west of_ Moran known as the Wetnerhold farm. See or address C. Kohler, .A^ent, Monin, Kas.. Route 3. FOR SAJiB—PI.VE DININft TABLE and Cjeijairs; 3 straisht chairs, rock- "••rs.-^esser commod". .1 bed.s. carpets ri::s an-! other hous^ :.i '.d furniture, at r, dii^«»d ,-;rii>:s. P'.i. I .a.T.' i,>;:;;a!::. FOR S.\LE—I." BRED EW^p.S. O.yE •^iiro;;sh:re ram w-ith paper.-. Phone •|3>«F5. Walli.s Ewingr. R. 2. ' OLD HENS WANTED! We want '•C'OO hens by the r.rd day of .Tan^ary to fill t^n order, and will pay you l»c per pound lor you will 1 ring us. other kinds of poultry wanted also. Y'ou have been waiting-for a be^-r price you could'sell—so cull out your flocks and get rid of all indifferent and worthless birds while you are certain' of a good price. THE COGHILL COMIvnSSION CO., (Sorcesvon to lula Produce fo.) WHOLESALE POCLTBY, BITTEB, EGGS A>D HIDES The Allen County Realty Co. Make 'a Bpeelalty of selling AKen Cou -ity Farms. We also write Insurance of all kind.s, collect rents, pay taxes fc'r non-residents, and do a general real estate business. V.'e represent three of the best lonu companies doing business in Kansas, and solicit a share of'ihe loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and quick service as can be bad anywhere. The Allen County Realty Co. R. L. Tlinmpson, Mgr. OFFICES EVAN3 BLDO. lOLA TO TRADi:. Goo.i SO acre farm srod, improve- n.-n'. 3 mil'.'i of 1O:M, M irade for iii.r.lware. ' Good ,SO acre farm ,good", Improve- nii-nf.--. 4 raiips of lola to J'ade for -'.nern'. merchandise. THE IV. f. TEATS REALTY CO. KRESS BLDG. j FOR SALE—GRAY- MA«E TEN I yeirs old, weight 1373; gray horse 8 j year? old; set good harness; plow and cultivator. C, R. Carn^n, Gas Kansas.^ rOR SALE—"APPLETON"' TWO- hole sbeller, like new. always, kept i under cover, for belt, power; power ' required from 2% b. p. gasoline, up; fully mounted. Price t35 cas!^. Phone ICIO. E. G. Whitney, Moran, Kans. FOR SALE—A mare city broke, sn-eet. GOOD 'DRn'IXG Call at 6?0 S. Ohio FOR SALE—TWO DOZ^N R. I. Red chickens. Address 714 Tkorth St. Phone 230. ; Farm and Loans K-VXSAS AM) OKLAHO.MA \.tt\t Rate; Annual or Semi-Annaal Interest—Privilege to Pay In Fall Keduccd Rates on Fire Insurance! R.M.Cunningham 'tli CoDrt House BIdir. lote, Kos. L\.M) FOR SALE! I have for sale the cheape .'-t I'lC icrf-s of gras.^ land in All^n County For a pasture it can't be beat—ever- iastlug water—or It all can be mown, '•lose to R. R. .station. Part time. I. al.^o have 60 acres Improved land -lose to lola that I can sell at bargain. Terms reasonable. C. O. BOLLINGER THE BIGGEST BARGAIX IX IOL.I. .\ seven room, moflem bonse with •wo-<;tory bam and 73 feet front, cement walks, shade and fruit If so;d before January first. ^1250.00; half cash. j.iiiV C. L WHTT»KEK. Phone UH .rSsAST CALIFORMA LAXDS. We are agents for CIiws Heights fruit lands adjoining the city of Sacramenta. Free round trip to buyers. We are sole agents for this territory. , CHARLES * POTTER, lola, Kansas. A DEPEMIABLE ABSTBACT Is one which contains accurate information of all records relating to the property described therein. A complete and accurat6 Abstract ia the bails <»{ a good deed. There are no better Abstracts than those prepared by THE PETEB80X ABSTBACT CO. Fkfsef? 014 Coirt House B14^ Total $7<)« 366.8 S'ate of Kansas. County of .\l!en. Si. I, T::os. H. I'owlus. President of said bank, do solemnly Fwear that the above statcnipnt is t.nie; that said '•ank has no liabilities, cnt] i.s not in- iorser on any note or oblisration. other r;?an shown ou the above statement to •he best of my knowledge and belief, help rae God. THOS. 11. BO-^Xt'S. President. Subscribed and <?Tvorn to b-fore me, •his r.rd day of .I.-<ni:arv. If .l2. iSRal) .MYRTLE A NEWMAN. -Votary Public. Comni;s.-ion .^xnire; on the C'th day of .lu'.y 11)12.) "orroct. .\t:&st: CHAS. W. BOWLUS, GEO. R. BOWLUS, A W. RECK. THOS. H. BOWLUS. Directors 'First Publi,=hed in The lola Dally Uepistpr .l::n. 3. 1012. Notice of Appijlnfment. AdralnNlrator. State of Kansas, AMen County, ss. In the Matte^ of the Estate of Peter Wedin .late of Allen Cointy. Kansas. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT. Notice Is GIv.n. That on the 2Nth day of I I.H rjubcr. .\ I). Ifill the unilorslgned wav by tiie Probate Court •if Allen County. KanFa», duly ap- ;..i.'nted and quaafii-d as .-Vdmlnlstra- t..r cf the estate of'l'f;'r Wcdin', late of .\U n County, dtcras'-d. All jiarlfps intcr-^t.d in siiid estate will take notici. and rrovern th >'niseives accord- ins'y \ DORA WEDIN, ilj-:;-l"-17 1 Adminl.stratrix. iFirst. P:;blis':f-d " I ':;blis';f-d \ 'n the fo! :.vist..r .T\>n. 1P12« the lola Daily [• I '.'iiiil Settlement . ' K:in.-a,s. A'b-n County, ss. L'l • •• '.butt- Ci'urt in and for said Coi'.n-y. in the matter of the Estate of .lesse Rosenber^er, deceased. Creriitors and all oth^r persons in- tertrttd in the aforesaid estate arc hen-by notified that I shall apply to t'le Probate Court, in and for said Coun'y, sitfinc; at tae Coiirt House in loia County of .Allen, State of Kan.=as m the Sth day of Kt.bruary, A. D. 1912. lor a full and final settlement of said p.fate. .INO. F. GOSHORN, .Vi!m:ni:-t.'-ator of the Estate of Jesse Itof.nb'-r^er. Deceased, lol;... .Kan.. Jan. 3, A. D. 1912. II 1 -3-1 :1 -17-24 ASSISTANT rO.ST.VASTER INJURED An Accident to R .L.'.Vdams Resulted , Y'erj Serlonsly. Santa Fe passenger train No. 207, liu" her.? at 10:33 p. m. from Kansas City ran over R. L. Adams, assistant postmaster at Gamett, north of Garnett Saturday night, cutting off one leg below the knee and the other at the ankle. The Santa Fe physician at Gamett states that Mr. .\dams is recovering nicely. He was formerly in the undertaking business at Gajnett, is married and has five chfldt 'en. T. M. Brown was engineer of the train which ran down Mr. Adams. Mr. Drown says Adams attempted to cross the tracks north of Garnett with the train about fifty yards away and slip ped, apparently on the ice. and fell acros.s the track. The fall seemed to hare stunned him as he-had time to roll off the rails but lay motionless. The accident delayed the train. It being an hour and tea minut«a late. * •••*•* + + * + *••• - 1 + M05EY TO lOAXI '/ ^ Will lend on bonsehold KO«< I K • piaaoe. organs sewing ms * * sklmao, diamonds and Jew»'r* » * J.W. COFFTT f Hi Hortfc Street • S Royal Typewriter Aicency 9 ^ Controls Exclusive Sale of tht S Royal Standard Typewriter 9 -S In Allen County « E. H. Bnssing, Ageat ft ^ No-thrup Building lola. Kans • ^ Typewriter Repairs and Supplies 9 « Dr. r. Hf. Rnsi * •5 DENTIST * -S Room No. 1, Vorthmp Bldg. * 5 E .Ttractlon without pain by the • 45 use. 'Of ^krous Oxide Gas v • 5 Phono—(~ce 533; Res S.iJ * •S WHY 50TT • •S Have Your Piano Tuned by aa 9 ? Eiperienced Tuner—One TJ T • S ing in your home town • •S T. 0. CASATSEY • « Piano Tmier and Bepalret • Roberts Music Co Phone 4J1 • ^ • £ F. L.^ LEAYELL, M. B. • Specialties— 9 « Diseases of the Cbast S « Diseases of ChlldrsB. 8 « Pkones—Office 117 < Bes. !«. B * lOLA STATE BA.NK BUW • 9 B Beal Estate and Llvestoek .ACCTIONEEB Satisfaction guaranteed.Wire or phone at my expense for dates. B. B. CLARK, Yatea Ceater Orer Com. Baak FHILLIF HEIGELB 110% South St KASITESS AND SADDELBY General Bepalring, AU Klnda S, 4' •><»«« i><. <.<••:•«<..>.> i> « • • • • • • MONEY TO LOAX on all kinds of household goods or jewelry—anything of value. Bigus Pawn Shop, East Side Square. Office in Fruif Store. All transactions strictly confidential. Hoi Springs, Ark. Round Trip Tickets, lola to Hot Springs, Ark., with retnm limit of three months from date «f sale, with stop-over privilege* going and return on skle every day in the year, for 818.60 The one vay fare is I12.M. E. E. MUNCER. Phone 100. Jio. Pae. A —Farmera Attention! HIch grade distillate for sale. Telephoaa 735 lola,. or Hnnitwldt Refinery. Id. Hungif- toxi, 304 West tUNk

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