Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 16, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1954
Page 6
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.r SfAM, ttOFt, ARKANSAS KILL .WITH BY HUGH LAWRENCE NELSON , Irtc 1X1 ^ ir; : f^ £ ' ' \ •. • ble, had diverted any attention I municalions Commission today for from the escape of the two "mon-'a radio station on 1300 kilocycles 'No tine SAW the actual aattck. Any outcry he might have made vas choked completely by the noise of the crowd. '. STORY: Jfrrt Dunn, a pn _. detective, was In Colorado ',''to attend the wedding of his Stid ; Lieutenant Mark Richards ten, Chief of Police Otto Drover The, chief's daugh- wlth Jim at the reception fieri "she received the news that !iy:father had been stabbed. ipy Drover sat huddled in the r,?of 'ithe back scat of the !j, sfedan, while officer Early .'J slowly through th<? trec-lined fctaht residential section of Colo,Jim Dunn held one of hands in a grip of companion-, \ <a time when there was on- liness. The girl's body shook fnhodiqally, but she was dry. .stunned. ' e •. wadding," Nancy said ^•"Mark" a,havgn't,tried to get in touch ;Wn, J1 Early said. "Not yet. \fas i easeful not to say where ^ ng. put don't worry. I'be .here lo take charge." Jtb/'^Nancy said firmly. "No. fy—you^mustn't'do that to him ''•^•a'-tOjiJoan,' Not right -away, 'Lug/.to -headquarters, Tim." 1^. looked 1 at .Tim, for guld- ^and, ,.Duhn nodded. There ir i v bex activity and motion to |?t fancy's mind. He would ^position, where _he might help in ihe investiga- Dr.' Pardoh would bo . ._ \y t ' to,mihjster>\o her "drose, 'Jirn'k'new Nancy' ijxength , of% character, of jSope^with • eviifi' this situa; * >Vf ^|,-Jhqrt hirrj,'deeply was &$}ty" for drainiag away ijgth and 'energy 4n such, n IB life'cossary Blunting apd g.^of'icertain .responses and "e bes,t lor a while," fidi'oye,, swiftly . along 3<, tunnel; formed • by the the of leaves and branches. jrQver brokp Die silence |oh'c«fi< spoke as "much to her' Q-'the others. "Dad did knoV 1 °n his mind. I'm • f W ;%t<|r j Offices looked as j£ a ' 'n throul 1 and . 'with 'gpnq it all througl 1 , and the • perspnnel man at the ehboa'rd, TVfayor Edward Stone ' of an, inside office, looked rily m o r 9 cheerful at soroeone else, then re.^is lost expression of bp- n^, 'Proyer, I can't tell you— y—I'' knpw words don't F anything," cy nodded, ne turned to the two men- >^puldn't be/here." /,'as)ced,"Nanc'y ?aid. "I \vant Say "FREE"! We Mean r RE E • ||I.OO Tube fil? Oinfment i. Joted Clinic Makes (/lost Unusual hf, fy Apy Afflicted Peispn- INo Coupon-No Chorge !&'aye'.no "strings"; we don't T ^e'*with" something! Wa list this: In order to intro- -tQ anyone who is afflicted U^jl (ftemorr^oiils) or any . /rectal condition, the Thorn- [Inor'Clinic will send free on 'sample) of Tl)oj>n,ton Jlin- Ointment—free and post- uwjid; iSend snly your full name, j au4 Address. A port card wHj eii this offer i? limited 3 withdrawn at any time, irest you write at onc^, fhorntofl Miftor Clinic, "ktowood Blvd« Kansas C»ty i<\*,This offer i» exactly as i above—no chf -no Wl) pow to know." Mayor Edward Stone was a tall man*'With tufts of gray hair over each of his protruding cars, bald otherwise. His large horn-rimmed glasses perched on his beak, of a nose, and gave him a bira-of-prey expression. Ho was tall and thin; and his body stooped ag if it had learned early in life the necessity of dodging overhead objects designed .for people of lesser statue His brown yes once seen without the distorting barrier of lenses, erased c ntlrcly the vulpine idea, They were deep set understanding and combind with the lines In his face to give an impression of sympathy, of knowledge of the crisis which life held in store for everyone who lived. Firsthand knowledge gained bitterly. Obviously Stone was trying to place Jim. They shook handb while Early was Retting a "nothing new" report from the operator. Early said, "This is a break for us, Mr. Mayor, Havin? Dunn here, I mean. He helped nr. ^out before on a murder case. Maybe he can help agnin," "A policeman" "Private detective,'" Jim said and tried ,to keep all dofcnsivdnbss from his voice. Stone Said, "I see." He want on quickly. "We'll be glad of all the help we can get. But I hope to be Rafale to get in touch with Lieutenant, Richards to take charge." "Pleape—no," Nancy, i,aid. "Let him haVp a little time at'lciaet," ;S|one smiled at",lhe girl. "We'll see t I appreciate your ides, your thoughts of others. Frankly, I do npt know, mqch abput "'hat happened.' I only arrived here a few moments ago ngysclf. Sergeant Early, I believe you have been mope or less In charge" "Abput the way to put it," Early admitted. '"pood," Mayor Stone said brisk ly. "Let's go in an office where we- can sit down." It was perhapp inadveittnt that the office chosen was that of Chief Drover, Nancy made no objection n o sound, She did look up :il Jim as he helped her with a chair and her eyes.were huge in her drawn face. Early got right to business. "As you know, Mayor Stone, the minute I got in touch with you, I was told to coma hero and take charge. I'd already started things, and I had managed to got a few facts from the sce,ne of the prime.' I'll try to give them to you " Apparently "Chief Drover had driven'directly downtown from the wedding reception. He hud parked his car, where it had later been found, in the Holt Block, and h walked north on Holt Avimuc. A triple bill of horror pictures was being featured at n -.matinee at the: Nugget' Theater, with the doors to; open at 1:45. There was a large crowd, of young peopln, and two men had appeared suddenly and begun throwing out candy to the crowd,' Descriptions of these two men varied a little to size ' but the general idea had bee i simUar. The men, who wore loose concealing smocks, were also outfitted in crude wigs of coavso yarn under conical hnts. Their features were distorted by the long, protruding teeth described variously as from one to three inches in length, They both \vorc- yellow gloves, and they m&c!e curious noises and hideous grimaces at t na crowd while distributing the candy. The cashier, of course, had joined in the general belie f that this was a.publicity stunt, although she admitted she thought it odd the manager had not mentioned it to her. The manager himself, when finally reached at the -reception, denied any knowledge of such a stunt, but was presently being held for further questioning. Chief Dnvver had had difficulty friaking his way through the pushing crowd. The two "monsters" Obliged by tossing out handfuls of Candy so a path was cleared for him. In fact, they formed a gibbering escort for him, and everyone had a good laugh. No one,saw the actual attack. Chief D r c v e r stopped moving abruptly. Any outcry he might lave made A-;.S chokcil completely by the noise of the yoimg people. He staggered a few steps, turned partway round and fell to the side walk. His fall, as well as the commotion caused by the candy scram- stcrs." A crowd hnd gathered around the fallen man at once, but it was some little time before! anything serious was suspected. The single stab woufirt had bled hardly more than enough to dampen the dark cloth of Drover's suit. According to a first examination by Dr. Pardon the murder weapon was something in the nature of an ice pick. Every available man on the force had been called out. The neighborhood was being combed painstakingly. So far no one had been found who had noticed escape of th'e two men. (To Be Continued) the Applies for New Radio Station -WASHINGTON UP) — Heni-yctta Broadcasting Co. (care, of D. C. Sammons, fi03 W. 2nd St.), Ru.s- sellvill.c Ark., applied to the Com- The Negro Community iy Helen turn«f Phone 7-5830 Of bring Item* to Mist Turn** it Hick* Funeral Horn* Watch this column for the announcement of one of the biggest musical program's of the year at Disagreement Brings Staying MORRILTON, »JP)— Sheriff Marlin Hawkins said a long-standing dis- at her home Saturday, March 13. Funeral services are incomplete. A./3C D. C. Smith of Wichita, Kansas., is visiting his wife, Mrs. MyrHe C. Smith, and children. The senior choir of BeeBee Me- Bethel AME Church. Don't miss it. jmorial CME Church will rehearse Tifri Allen of Hope died Saturday, March 13. Funeral services were held Tuesday, March 10, in the Chapel with Hicks Funeral Home in charge. Thursday night, March 17, at 7:30 'p. m. All members are asked to ' be present. Mrs. Betty Daniels of Hope died 500 watts, daytime only, at Henryetta, Okla. The senior choir of Lonoke Baptist Church will rehearse Tuesday night, March 1C, at 7:30 p. m. i Keystone Lodge No. 43 will meet Tuesday night, March 16, at the regular meeting placed at 8 p. m. agreement over property lines apparently led to the fatal shooting yesterday of Floyd C. Williams of the Birdtown Community n e ar here. Hawkins said William C. Simmons, 45. admitted shooting the 51-3'ear-old Williams. The two men owned adjoining farm. Simmons drove into Morrillon and surrendered shortly after the t«e*d«y, Mofth 16* Sl Coron g er Robert Harris said Wil liams was struck in the chest by a shotgun charge. " The sheriff said Simmons is be in" held in jail here without charge pending further investigation. Halt the U. S. menu who reach age 65 this year will live 12 yeaig longer. NOW OPEN HOPE _ BOWLING CENTER 205 S. Main Street OPEN DAILY LADIES INVITED Iff* S that MONTHLY LOOK? WPf v * for that «{««*»« C A R D U I m 'X X ,\i i '^ ? 'e '$?_ W -<>/ L0W,L(W YRICES ;~*. 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Can HQRMEL SPAM STOKELY'S FINEST FOODS STOKELY'S HONEY POP PEAS s Ifc STOKELY'S CREAM STYLE GOLPEN CORN STOKELY'S APPU AjJF JPlI ^IfF ^P. PP . ... " 5TQK|pr^ BILLOW CLiNG STOKiLY'S CUT ALL GRIiN ASPARAGUS Can 303 ' / v ^ , ,^ ,\y '' / ,',•,** ' ' '' \>, •" ",, 1 ^ •-,-*>>, , t . '

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