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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 3

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1975
Page 3
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THE TITONKA TOPIC April 10, 1975 4 — Former Resident Traces Family History For the past 18 months, Lewis E. Heifner, son of the late Lewis C. Heifner of this community, has been tracing the Heifner family lineage. The family originally imigra- ted from Germany in 1764 and migrated westward from Pennsylvania as the yeari passed. Through a research contact in Germany, Heifner has learned that on July 30, 1764 the ship King of Prussia set sail from "The Downs (London) about the 30th of July, 1764 for Philadelphia. " On board the vessel, originally out of Rotterdam, Holland, were Albertus and Catharina Huffner and their two sons, Jacob, 8, and Vallintin, 6. The ship, with carjo and passengers, arrived in the port of Philadelphia on Oct. 13. 1764. Little is known about the family at this writing from 1764 until the year 1780 when they appeared on the tax records of Franklin County, Pennsylvania. The Federal Census of 1790 lists the family along with other relatives living in Pennsylvania. The Federal Archives contains information about Vall- intin's Revolutionary War pension application filed in 1837. The information contained therein tells about his service with various lieutenants and captains in the campaign of Germantown and Brandywine Creek battles. Also the application told about Vallintin's service under Generals Washington and Arnold along with Marquis de Lafayette, who was also a participant in the battle of Germantown with the red coats. Lafayette was wounded during the battle of Germantovtn. Vallintin and his brother Jacob married sisters in approximately 1781-S2 and later settled in Huntingdon County, P ennsy 1 vani a. The second son of Vallintin, Petrus (Peter), who was born in 1793, and Peter's wife Catharina (Enyart) Heiffner had a total of 14 children with 10 reaching adulthood. Four died in infancy and are buried, "on the old home place in Smith's Valley, " as it is written in a family Bible belonging to Peter and Catharina's j LEGAL NOTICES I "YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW" Titonka, Iowa April 3, 1975 COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS City Council of the City of Titonka met in regular session Thursday, April 3, 1975 at 7:30 p.m. in the council room at City Hall with the following councilmen present: Boyken, Heyer, Jaren, Krominga and Schuster. Also present, Orlo Zwiefel, Herman Tjarks, Charles Beed, Alfred Redenius, Loren Hansen, Bill Kiley and Clerk Alke. Minutes of March 6th meeting approved and financial reports accepted. Representative from Eddy-Walker attended the meeting in regard to a used street sweeper and requested at least two councilmen to investigate the condition of the sweeper. If purchase is made, the sweeper to be put into tip-top shape. It was decided to have a dog tie-up from May 1st to October 1st. Council heard objections to amending the zoning ordinance. Planning and Zoning Committee recommendation to change lots 6 and 7, Block 27, Way's Addition, Titonka, Iowa, from "Rl" Residential to "Cl" Commercial was read and change approved. Following discussion, motion was passed requesting that an ordinance be prepared covering the change to permit construction of a steel building. Letter from League of Municipalities in regard to Endorsed Group Insurance was read. Motion was passed to enroll in the group insurance plan for the balance of the year covering city clerk (cost: 50% paid by clerk, 50% by city). Application for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program discussed. Resolution No. 3 indicating building permit system and review procedure adopted. 5 ayes, 0 nays. Resolution No. 4 applying for flood insurance adopted. 5 ayes, 0 nays. Letter from North Central Public Service Co. in regard to Vac (29.4 to 28.9) drop in price of propane gas was read. Received notification from Engineer Henely that DEQ has issued Kossuth County a license to operate Sanitary Landfill at Hurt. Discussed the seeding and maintenance of the lot south of library. Resolution to become a part of the Kossuth County Communications Commission adopted. 5 ayes, 0 nays. Resolution to designate Loren D. Hansen official representative and Richard Isebrand, alternate, adopted. 5 ayes, 0 nays Discussed the EPA requirements for operation of the lagoon. Bills listed below allowed. Meeting adjourned. GENERAL FUND: U. S. Post Office; Stamps $ 10.00 Titonka Telephone Co.; Phone bill 12.45 Titonka Topic; Printing and supplies 49.90 League of Municipalities; Budget assistance 6.00 Myrtle Alke; Salary and prepaid expense 117.93 Matt Parrott & Son; Supplies 62.32 Titonka Savings Bank; Withholding tax 196.20 Treasurer, State of Iowa; State withholding tax 42.35 Iowa Public Employees Ret. System. IPERS 122.23 Iowa Employment Security Comm.; PICA 204.30 STREET FUND: Colonial Research Chemical Corp.; Chemicals $344.62 William G. Kiley; Salary 215.04 Huisman DX Service; Gas, oil and grease 58.40 PUBLIC SAFETY FUND: Huisman DX Service; Oil and grease $ 13.40 William G. Kiley; Salary 40.00 - Loren D. Hansen; Salary 441.12 Farmers Co-op Oil; Gas and oil 83.03 Frank D. Fisher; Repairs 15.26 SANITATION FUND: Interstate Power Co.; Electric bill $ 19.96 Donald Norland; February and March hauling 8.00 William G. Kiley; Salary 170.84 RECREATION FUND: Interstate Power Co.; Electric bill .. $ 6.00 Titonka Senior Citizens Center; Rental aid 40.00 Capital Controls Co.; Chlorinator repair 81.60 WATER FUND: Interstate Power Co.; Electric bill $470.00 U. S. Post Office; Stamps 24.00 William G. Kiley; Salary and postage 99.24 North Central Public Service; Gas bill 116.47 Marcia Behrends; Meter deposit refund 1.85 Myrtle G. Alke; Salary 58.11 Callies V-Store; Supplies 1.89 TRUST AND AGENCY FUND: Titonka Savings Bank; Federal Withholding Tax . $ 14.00 Iowa Public Employees Ret. System; IPERS 10.24 Iowa Employment Security Comm.; FICA 21.56 ROAD USE TAX FUND: Sun Oil Company; Oil $ 8.15 Anderson Implement; Repairs 22.94 Brown Supply Co.; Grader blades 55.07 Gary Sleper; Diesel fuel 13.86 Tyke Service Center; Repairs 18.15 Harold Wibben; Snow removal 15.00 Huisman DX Service; Gas 28.91 Farmers Co-op Oil Co.; Hydraulic fluid 9.37 SEWER CONSTRUCTION FUND: North Central Public Service; Gas bill $ 33.84 Myrtle G. Alke; Salary 58.11 Huisman DX Service; Gas 13.85 Colonial Research Chemical Corp.: Chemicals 122.85 Joan's Electric Motors; Rewind motor and repair 204.00 MYRTLE G. ALKE_City Clerk Attest: WALTER BAADE, Mayor oldest "son Isaac. In 1853, Isaac and two brothers, Thomas and David, headed west and settled in the Johnson County area near Oxford, Iowa. The two remaining brothers, Joseph and Charles, elected to remain in Pennsylvania. ' Thomas and David farmed adjoining farms according to a plat book dated 1870. Thomas owned one 80 acre parcel and two 40 acre tracts while David had one 80 acre tract and one 40 acre tract. According to historians of Johnson County the Heifners were rather prominent citizens of that county. Thomas donated land for a new school and later donated a one acre parcel of land for a cemetary. Isaac did not join his two brothers until later since his wife was pregnant with their son, Wesley S. Heifner. Isaac worked in the Davenport area until his wife was able to travel and join him. The railroad reached Rock Island, 111., but did not cross the Mississippi. Isaac and his wife Mary Ann (Smith) Heifner, lived for a short time in Mariposa Township in Jasper County and were recorded living there in the federal census of 1860. However, later Isaac and Mary Ann purchased two adjoining 80 acre tracts of land in Jasper County in Section 4 of Sherman Township near Ira, Iowa for $20 per acre. The land records at Newton indicate they paid cash for the land. Among the children coming to Iowa with their mother, Mary Ann, was Thomas Madison Heifner who was born in 1849 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. He was probably a namesake of his uncle, Thomas, who lived near Oxford. Thomas Madison Heifner was too young to join the. U. S. Army at the outset of the civil war and could not go with his older brother, Abraham Milton, who left for service in 1362. In 1872, at the age of 23, Thomas Madison marrk' 1 16 year old Emma Frances Castor of Sigourney, Iowa. She was living w£h her widowed mother Sarah. Mr. Castor was serving in the civil war and died at Vicksburg, Mi.ss., and is interred there. Thomas Madison was employed on the railroad at the time he met his future bride. Following their marriage the Tom Heifners farmed with his father, Isaac, near Ira until 1890 when he moved his family of eight children to Hancock County west of Woden. The family lived there for five years and later purchased a 120 acre farm 4 1/2 miles east of Titonka. Thomas Madison and his wife Emma were the parents of 14 children. Of this large family only five are living today. They are: Edgar Allen Heifner of Doran, Minn.; Galena Zwiefel, Titonka; Wesley Zane Heifner of Marion, Ohio; Vincent C. Heifner, Titonka; and Pearl D. Krominga, also of Titonka. Thomas Madison dici' in 1927 and his wife in 1940. Hcifner said he has collected many stories and information on the various branches of the family since the time the three brothers left Pennsylvania and even prior to this time. It has taken him many hundreds of letters and numerous phone calls to assemble all the data he has to date. Among the descendents of the Thomas Heifner family of Oxford, (not to be confused with the Thomas Madison Heifners) he has discovered a Charles Grant Heifner taught high school at Manilla, Iowa in 1889. He later attended law school at the University of Michigan. Following graduation he moved his family to Seattle, Wash., where he was admitted to the bar in 1895. Ho was also elected as a State Senator. Heifner said, "I hope to publish a very complete, hard bound book concerning the information I have found to date about the Heifner family sometime in the coming year." Collecting many photos and information has been a time consuming task and only about one-half of the information needed has been received by him at this time. Also assisting in the Heifner family history work is Heifner's sister, Mrs. Irwin Levorson (Gracie) of Waukee. Heifner is a former Titonka resident and currently General Manager of The Globe in Sioux City, Iowa. Branstad Reports to Eighth District Terry E. BrMtstad, Rep. Things are really starting to roll along in the Legislature. Last week the House of Representatives passed the School Aid Formula bill which will provide schools with 10% allowable growth for next year. Several attempts to provide for additional state aid were defeated by the Democratic majority on a straight party vote. I was disappointed that many who were advocating 1496 or 12% allowable growth last fall before the election, voted against the same proposal after they were elected and given the opportunity to make good their campaign promises. I believe that we should have gone to at least a 10. 4% allowable growth. I also think that we should have provided more state aid and not have forced so much of the increased costs onto the property tax payers. Also last week the House passed a law requiring motorcyclists ro wear helmets. This bill provides that if an individual fails to wear a helmet, he would be in violation of the traffic laws and would be subject to a fine. The motorcycle helmet bill passed the House, but I voted against it because I don't think the Legislature should force people to protect themselves. Many motorcyclists who contacted me said that as a matter of common sense and good judgment they wear helmets, but they object to being singled out. They ask why bicyclists, snowmobilers, and go-cart enthusiasts were not included in die helmet bill. I think we need to educate our young people in the importance of safe operation of all vehicles. We should encourage the wearing of helmets, seat belts, and the use of reflectorized materials and other safety precautions, but I don't think we should make it a violation of the law not to do these things. We enjoyed having the seniors from the Armstrong High School visit the Capitol last week and encourage other classes to come to the Capitol and view our state government in action. Potronlie Tltonko Topic AJwtlMH Complete property and liability protection... Scouts To Assist In "Good Turn Day" The Prairie Gold - District Three Council of the Boy Scouts of America is again joining the community in a "Good Turn Day" to help the handicapped people of Goodwill Industries. This is a community project conducted by the Boy Scouts of America and Goodwill Industries that serves a threefold purpose. First, it provides the scouts with first-hand knowledge in community bcttcrirtnt projects. Two, it gives the homeowner an opportunity to clear out much of their unused and unwanted articles which can be repaired or resold by Goodwill Industries. Third, your generosity will provide employment for many people who wish to remain productive tax paying members of society. T'hc format of this program is this: On Saturday, April 19, 1975, the Cub Scouts will deliver a "Good Turn Bag" to the homes in this area. Then, the homeowner is asked to fill these bags with clothes, shoes, toys, small appliances and other reusable goods. On Saturday, April 26, place your filled bag on the front porch where it will be collected by die Boy Scouts, ifyou rent a home or apartment. AID Insurance Services Broad Form Renters policy offers you the most modern property and liability protection available. With it goes greater peace-of-mind for your family. It covers all the perils and risks that are possible under separate policies, And adds many extensions which broaden coverages at no additional cost to you. Some of the things it will cover are fire, vandalism, burglary... and a lot more. Call your AID agent. Ask about the Broad Form Renters policy. Do it before you need it! AID Insurance AID insurance company o • r-! \t • i „ crvon/i Allied Life Insurance Company Services, Des Momes, Iowa 50304. AMCO insurance company Protection for your car, your home, your business, even your life Boyken Insurance Agency TITONKA, IOWA KHchenAkL pans. An Energy Saver feature. And lots more. 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