Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1912
Page 6
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THE lOIA DAILY RECgSTER, WEDNESDAY EVENiy^G, JANUARY 1912: Continuation of the big sale on our Fij^st Floor is at its Best! Big Bargains in Night Gowns Sonio are slightly soiled from bandling and tlipse are the biggest bargains yet. / High Neck Gowns, wore 50c. now 39c Slip-over or high nerk Gowns, were $1.25,. now 75e Slip-over or fancy Gowns—slightly soiled—were 9Sc, now 500 Slip-over or fancy Gowns, were $1.2.i, now 89<^ All Gowns marked $1..'JO and $1.35, now OSCt All Gowns marked $1.75, now Sl.-Jifi All Gowns marked $1.?S, now 81.50 All Gowns marked $3.9S, now . S'2.9S All Gowns marked $3.50, now $2.50 And up to $6.00 Gowns, §3.98 Women's Petticoats Greatly Reduced In this lot you will find a number of samples at alniOEt One-half Price! $C .r .O Petticoats now S4.9S $4 .-)0 Petticoats now S2.f)S $4.f*S Petticoats now S3.50 $3.50 Petticoats now S 'i.oO $2.50 Petticoats now S1.98 $1.50 Petticoats now Si.25 Womerk's Combination Suits. ror.>*rt Vitwr and Dnnvcrs or Corset Cover and Skirt am sHihtly soiled and mussed from handling i.nd these Ofo marked at less than cost. V.dr-.ons Combination Corset Cover and Drawers— vfi-e $1.50; now T5C Women's Comhii»ation Corset Cover and Drawers— were $1.25; jiow 98<^ Women's Cnmlii»iation Corset Cover and Drawers— were $1.75; 'now Sl.CJS W omen's Corset Covers. At (iri'Btlj KediHcd Prices— Cike N()ti«c'. sr, Fancy Corset Covers;, \verL' iZc. now 19<^ 'M; I'aniy Corsi-l Covers, were r .iH-. now litiitf 4S Fancy Corset ("overs, were HSc. now ^ :-- 756 :'>•! Fancy Corset Covers, were $1.7-5. i!o\v_ S1.25 WOMEN'S DRAWERS AT BIG REDUCTIONS Women's good quality Drawers, were 25c, now -19<?! Women's good quality Drawers, nicely tiiin !.,e'l. were .'MC, now __;}9o Women's good quality Drawers, nicely trii :iri:.ii, were OSc, no\v ._7i5<; WHEAT STILL UP SCBPLrSIXARGEMIXE SSFALLER TliAX WAS JEXl'i-CTED. Cattle Reported Strong With Quotji- tious a Few roints Aboie yesterday. (Ky th" Associated Pro.'i.s) Chicago, Jan. 3.—Reduction of Ar- gentine export surplus lifted wheat. The opening was >^ to V4 higher. May started $1.1)0 to Vs. unchanged, rose - to $1.00»4. Close—May i'J'i; July 94%. CORN—Jan. oSTi; May CZM<S%; _July 63 14- OATS—May 47-i; July 4.">-}4; Sept. 40%. LARD—May $3.40; July $;t..".2i.^. : POilK—May $15.<J5. Chlrngo Livestock. Chicago, Jan. 3.—CATTLK, receipts 23.000. Steady to ten lower. Beeves $4 .70^,8.50; stockers and feeders $3.- 2o@5.70; cows and heifers $2.00(5 6.40. HOGS—Receipts 34.000. Slow to Hve lower, l.iglns $5.S01i fi .iaVi; mix ed $5.S5fi6.20; hea\-y $5.S51iC.2u; rough $5. sot/ 6.00; pigs $5.101i6.00. ' St. Lonis Grain. St. Louis, .Tan. 3.—WHKAT, clo.=e, "Weak. May S^Sii July 93%. CORN—Ix)wer. May 64%; July 64. OATS—Weak. Dec. 4S'>i; May 4f)»4. A LETTER FROM MR. LOXG. lola Yardnin-iter Is on Ills Farm at FInplcr, Cal. Further proof that Thomas O. T>in,?. formerly yardmaster for the .Missouri Pacific railway In Tola, is on earth, happy and prosperous Is contained in a letter received by The Register from Mr. Long this afternoon. Part of the letter follows: "Ple.'sse correct the statement in your pap<>r in regard to my disappearance. ! left McPlierson December 16th at 12 o 'clock and arrived at Flagler, Cal.. Dec. 171 h. I have a farm here and my wife and daughter reside on it. I wired my daughter in Denver tV ;M I would arrive In Denver on Dec. 17th hut on account of the stornt. 1 could not gel tliere. She thought som«'tliirn had happened to me but 1 nni vcr> much alive. We are having <'ol(" weather and stock is suffering. 'T:;y is worth $20 a Ion and corn S' "5 per cwt. My wife and boy say tluy could not get along witlumt tlie 1;.'Kisier." REFISKD TO GRANT PAROLi:. St. Lonls Livestock. St .Tx)uis. Jan. 3.—CATTIJT. receipts "500. Steady. Native steers $4 .50@6.75; cows and hejfers $o.75 '(r 7.00; stockers and feeders $3.25(^5.25. HOGS—Receipts 13.500. Steady to ten cents higher. Pigs and lights $4.75(ff6.25: mixed $5.50g5.i»0; heavv _:t6.10(g6.25. - Lead and Spelter. St Louis Jan. 3.—Lead, firm, $4.- 37%;; spelter, steady, $6.30. Kansas Cilv Grain. Kansas City Jan. 3—WHE.A.T, receipts. 15 car.=. Cash wheat, unchanged. No. 2 hard. $1 .00 ^1 .05; Nn. 3. 98 @1.04: .\o. 2 red I^S'-: No. H P6 ©98. Close—May $1.00: July 92';. CORK—Steady. Ko. 2 mixed Gl'? '65; No. 3, 62>-:®fi3: No. 2 white, 64-5? «3: No. 3, 63. Clo.=e—May 64%; July -OATS—Unchanged. No. 2 white 4S- ^(549: No. 2 mixed 47 ^1 'i. R"i'E—P5c per bushel. HAY—t'nchanppd to fifiy rrnts bigher. Choice timothy $21.('0'fi22.00; choice prairie $15.00^15.50. BROOM CORN— $70fn40 per ton. Kansas Cllj Llrestock. . Kansas City. Jan. 3 —CATTLE, receipts SOOO. Strong to ten cents up. 'Native steers $5 25(fr ^no; cows and heifer.'' $2.75(fi 7 .*i0; siocker's and feed ers .$4.0O(?76.4n: bn:is $3 40&5.25; calves $4.25(fiS on. HOGS—Receipts in.nro. Ten cents lower. Heavy $<: litfi fi 1": packers and butchers u 15; lii^bts. $5 60 Kiinvas City Produce. Kansas City, D.c 3 — IirTTKR— Creamery 36r: fiists ,",4; seconds 32: pncklnic slock 21. -EGGS—Extras 301->: firsts 2SU: seconds 1". Commlssfonors 'Will Not Releaso ^frs, Rosenborir From .Tail. The board of county cotumlssior.ers late yesterday afternoon refused 'o approve.of the application for a \y.-role ])resented by :Mrs. I.ou Rosenberg. Tills loaves th" prisoner (nn- fronling an indoterminate period in jail. Mrs. Rosenberg has nearly served out the jail sentence imposed but wa( (In'd ?100 and conimiltpd to custod: ••u:uil ihe fin<» and costs are pai'l.' Tlip jirisoner i.s unable to pay (he fin' and must then-fore remain in jail rn- til released b.v due process of lav. This process may be one of s->veral. The judee who impospd the fine tn;y remit all or part of it: he may parole: (ho board of commissioners n::iy pardon and the county commissioners may releas!» because of the poverty o fthe defendant. But, if none of these sources conclude to be lenient, it will be a long lime before Mrs. Ro.senberp is free. The fact that shr has a court record operates as a hnnt^ icap to her in her efforis to obtain clemency in this case. CHINA'S CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT. OF* mm FAHM TO STEIRT tUARTKR SECTION NEAR HARPE UR!N(;S T'iOH. LA Jo liurger Buys Itiisiiiess ISiiildi:)!; l.aMarpe—The Record for the Meek by Frank Mood. ill Some rabbits have horns all ricln. This office has always regarded stories to that effect as nature fake' but It Is ponvinced now for there ! one right here to show for itself. 1» was shot yesterday b.v Henry Horl; ett. up in Deer Creek township an'' brought down today br one of Iii> neighbors. Mr. J.' R. Howard. It ha- five distinct horns, one under eri'l eye and threo growing in a gro'ir at the' left side of its nostrils. Tbi horn.? are coniral in shape and aboi:' half dn inch in length/ They evi- dentl.v! grow from the skin and ro' from the bone, as they break off r." (!ier "asilv. Hunters Ray that a goo.' many rabbits similarly adorned havr bi'pn shot about here during the pnsi Ihiee or four yeilrs. and they ar" or the opinion that Ibe horns indlcnt< a dis<'ase of some sort, stoutly denying that (liey are grown for eltlif: ofrensf.or defense. Dr. Sun Yat .Sen w;is yesterday inaugiiratr-d president tjf tiie Chinese rcpi^ijiic and probaMy wil'. witl:i!i a I weeks, be Ihf acting lii-ail of ont- of tlie world's oldest aU'l largest powers, i.'pon his slionldiis as president wil :levnlve a responsibiliiy perhaps greater than that of any .-iiigle ii>an in rei'ei.t yeni';. lie will have ilie lorinin^ « an old empiib steeju-d in its Iradilions and heathenism iuio a modern civili /iM^ cnuntry wiili educational advantage for all. no class distinction, higher slanclariis of morality, til'- elevation of wfiiian to her ,.roper spiure. arid lb formation of a new and ''lleclive army. Dr. Sun is popular willi the C-iiiicse.J.ecause lie, inf;retliaii any other ii '.at! holds the sympathy of the masses and the respect of tlie classes. He is bioacl in his ediualion^ thoroughly Kunip ean in dress and manner, and Idea.s, and i.i i.ot railical in his desire to at (mt\p do away with the old Chinese iili.a but rather prefers to do this by a gradual development tlircugli .several gen'Aatioi'.s. GLJY CENTER HERE TONIGHT lola Bofs are Prcjiarwl to Fitrlit the Hardest Buttle of the Season. —Evervthhiir going u\> except Mon- ly'B Meals—20c. F. S. Canalsey left this morning for Iloran for a 4)ricf business visit. Foley Kidney Pills —always give gativfaction beenusc fheriilwayh do tln^ work. J .T. Shel- iiwi Hreinen, Ga.. Prtffs: "I have used Foley Kidney PIUB with great satlu- lacilon nod found more relief from Mlu'ir use than from any other kidney medicine and I'^e tried almost aP kinds. 1 can cheerfully recomniend t!iem to all Fiifferera for kidney and bladder trouble." J. D. MundlB Co. F. r. Nicholson business. is in Altoona on Tonight the high school basket bu" team of Clay Center will be here for a umiu- at the auditorium with the to­ la high school team and It is ceri.iiii that Ihe laurels won by invincible playing will be yanked from soiiu-- lH)dy'8 head. KItlier Ihe unbesmlr. h- d record of lola. or the ehiinipion- fclilp hopes of ("lay Center, will be no more after tonight. Year b'-for - I .-isi Clay Center won the. male high school ' liamiilonHhip, and it Is understood ihal three of (he men of Hie cliiimplon (hip learn are on the prepent team. The lola boy« appreciate thi- Kirengili of the Clay Center team, and they vill be prepared when the whistb; lilows. The locals were never in bel- •er form than at jires'-ni. The game oiiight will be called at S:30. l.ecn ten days during tlie month on' ch .01 of an Incli or more of rain .••ell. During the month there were loi-.rfeen . dear days, eiglir partly cloidy ones, and nine cloudy. The greatest rainfall In twenty-four hours occurre don tiie 10th wiien there was a i>rcc;i)itati(>ii of l.;t:i im-lies. Tlie ^!ro ;lgest win<l blew (in t!ie lUtli from Ihe northeast, reacliin.i: a maximum of 2S iiilIeK an hour. LEI6H HUNT'S SON VERY ILl .jlessiige Rccehed Here State.s Thu i Lintield Hunt has Luck-jaw. THE IVETTE.ST DECEMBER. TOOL "INSURANCE" With every Tool or piece of Cutlery bought at our store our absolute insurance goes •w'ith it. STAkRETT MACHINIST TOOLS and , KEEN KUTTER TOOLS and CUTLERY Brigham Hardware Co. Past 3ronth Noijible for PnH-Ipitation Which Was Far Above NormnL The summary of the weather of December, 1911, which Observer Hol- 1 r.nb has just^ finished compiling. 'iHI\K OF IT. Si"))).and ihink a mniiient about iliat i I oi:.{h that liotlie!' VDU so u'.ueh. "S 'liu must lisive I n run-di>wn when .voii got it, l^r if you liad been pei- tictly strong your system would havi- liiiovvn Ir off In two 'ir three days. Take our aiivlce about ibis—what yon ri'nlly ni id Is to build up your hircngtli and enrlcli ymir li'nod; then the rough will dlsajipear. We know It. Carl Scliultz (if Coney Island. N. Y.. s.-.y: . "It only look !wo riottles of your (.'ill :ou.-' eodVliver and iron iinpa- lail'-'Q, Vinul. to pill lue on niy feet ;,i.'a:ii wleu I wa^ all iiin down with a se-.-c re CDUgli and culd whicli jiad last n) tv.'o months. 1 am recommending if to all iny friends." Vin'ol is Die greatest .strength cre- a;or and body builder we liave ever iei n and besides its value in healing U|> weak sore lung-^, it gives new strength and vitality to all weak pale. .\ telephone message reciiv il' b Dr. J. T. Ri .id irom l .i -igli iliiin. i. Kansas i;ity, .••lales lii ;ii ;iicordMi.£ !• tjie diagnosis of .1 pby.sici.iu ol Ih.i (jiy, l.iiilli Id Hunt, tin- l :!->e ;ir-oli Am of .Mr. and .Mrs. Hiiiii, 1.-* sutler i'fiK Irom lock-jaw, result lag-I rum at (ijierailon which the hoy uii^liiwii, last Thursday I'or ad-noids. Follow Ipi: the operation Ihe clilld's iluuia did not heal ax r.-itddly as i< slioiibl ajid iilllioUf.h tlie possibility of lelaii lift was realized. Il was liol thoiiKh that it'coiild develop so soon .is ll.' germ UHuall>-' 'ienu :re.-< an liicubaiku period of from sevi a to ten days, o, ev'ii eleven diiys It is tliouglit, U:. Il>,is rtason. tliat llii- ilhignosis (,t-th- y,»ungsler's allmt ni as bck-Jaw cia. b« a mistake, and the many fri. nds i the fiimlly in this city ceriainly hop' that the liitle boy is not sufferinf. from any serious malady. '.Mr. and Mrs. W. R. .loiinson. o Pcv.nee. rikla.. who have been hen fo'r a visit with her .sister, Mrs. H (J., Dodge, ret.trned lliis morning t< ^ . . - .1 , , ... ..... tbeir home. M.r. and .Mrs. Walte. shows that the month was the wettest run-rto^vn people. \Se guarantee Vlnol cr.izin of Vale OUa , who were'niar De.-ember since the establishment ofito do this and give back, your money | recently aiiii who liave beer if yoa are not satisfied. Hurrell's ,„j;king a honeymoon visit at the honu a local office of the Weather Bureau the pi^lcipitation having amounted to .133 inches,during this month, exceed lag by 2-50 the normal of 0.93. Precipitation even approaching that of the past month has not been recorded In any previous December. On almost one-third of the thirtr-one days of the month rain' f«II. there baring Drug Store, lola, Kans. of.' H. C. Dftdpe. returned to Ihei- liwne this morning. Mr. Colzin is i _ , , ., , 1 lll>im* llll» iliiflliiu^. .1 —Dont fail to show jour chickens K^Jther or Mrs. Dodge, at the Allen Country Poultry Show- next week. —C. J. Peterson: Farm Ix>ans, Insurance, Abstracts. Mr. and Mrs. John Christian ol Ca'rlyle are; the parients of a boy bori: th(H morning. slon. M feet off east side of Lot 10, block -. Kisinore $60.01.1 D. II. Sparks and wife to C. M. Ralston, west I'-feet of east feet of lot 11. hiock Z Klsmore Jl .'i .UO ('. .\. .Morgan and wife to L. F. Tom- liii^oa. .Mercantile Midg oh Main St. S:iv()nbiirs $200.00 .1. T. IJalstcn and wife to C. .M. Ral- siiin. ;) l;et tiT west side of lot 11. block 1'. t:!s!!.ore $ir >.i)ii Hoover Kt slierifl". to,.Aetna 15. .t- 1.. .\s-n.. 111! 111. hlook 17. Overstreet's I'nil to Ca .-i i $.',00.1111 ;:aii!e Ki same. Lot 11, Block 17. Ov- erstrei f's -;'d -Add to C.a.s. .$:!.'.ii.i )0 Dcrtnilicr liMI. ileo. F. ()(l :ir and wife to .fohn T. Wood, green house and tract of land Oil i:i ,i -trie i!y.. ICasi lola__$100 .iMi ) Will. Tl'uiiupsoii and v.ife to .losepli I il Hiuger ainl Wife mercantile Jildg ' II'.". .V. .Main .St.. I.allariie.. $1000 .00 ;i ;l!i .M. l;r:iiul til Louis D. 1 less, •4,S.li7 i ;i <r. s nil S nf lliimlioldt $M00.(iO I I 'ri'iik .sinilrtard arm wife to .lohn I). I TiM.-. >; loU- 1)11 Vi'as'.iiiuton Ave.. 1 L.-ilTiriie . . $100 ,110 (). C. Saidi! ami wll'e to .lo'ui D. Tolle I i'' iileme and ilirv.- UitA li>V< S. .Main ; .'-'t . I .aliarpe . $10.00 j l i::','-! anil wile to K. ('. ,Kasl. lot • Si-; . .Stanley and Cliesliiut i-ls j Cas I'i'y . $1.00 ; ('.' ac.i', wife to C. A. Ownbey. jijui (jiree lots on Stanley St . (las- . $1.00 December :{0, 11)11. Lniiynn Ziiie Smelting Co. to E. Williams, lots :; and i. block '>, South .Melrose $92."..00 Wiiii.iiii .1. Wondside to Ida L. Wood- sid' . boarding house No. 709 St. fola $1.00 Total S2t;.4Sr..7-> Daily average $4414.1'S Ottawa Herald: Ottawa's bowlers met crushing defeat at the hands of Tola last ni.t:ht. Tlie Ottawa team was I" composed of Mikr^ McCarthy. Lee Fergus. Claude Summers. Kenneth Hodge .ind Robert Cusick. It was defeated 20, 27 and ll'.O points in the three games played. Ottawa exprcts to redeem itself next Saturday night when an lob team comes here to play. For Sale—Nice young horses and mule.; at a bargain at my place one .;'e St or ;c.l;i .lohn T. AVood. -Miss Rose Marr who came dnwn from Kansas City to attend;. t!ie iiiar- riage of her sister. Miss Gra-e .Marr to -Mr. W. R. llooton Sunday ni.ght. returned today. Realty in lola and .Allen Coiiuiy was fairly active for ImjKi.iy «-eeIc. T.'..- to-ai sails \vei-.- 'i_i.. !s."..72. a daily average of jl.!!! is. One ui tin- most iniporiaiu deais of tin- u.-ek wa:: tlie lr;inster of the i-.". i; ileniiefi rami. Iii 'ar I.aliarpe to Chnide I). Stewart. The (onsidiration is f..ive!i in tl'e record a.-^ $7 .21"'. .loe iWiru .'i iMiiight the business li.iildin;; ;:i 12". -Nii .-th .Main street. La!lar|ie. lur SI.1.nil. I l-o'iowiiig is llie report ot llie v,.- k j 'as riiriiished by llie lola Ahsnart ' ; Coiiiiiaiiy Frank Wood. iiia :ias;er. lola i .•-•'al.' Hank i'.iiililiMg. ! December -Z'.i. lilll. j .1 I'.. .Manley a-i.l v.ite tn Frniil; I..! W.ilk.;- and ilehry lUiojH'r. i-e:iil-! • • :;ie L7 S. 2tid St.. inla -S'.'.' !• .i'" • ('!ias. .\.!sori and -.vhe ;.i !s:ia'.- ,\I>i;s . •| lot :!ii;t South >iiiin St.. and leM .l-j , ence .'!:•.'. Soiitli .lelM .si-n Av'}. la ! i Marpe _ . .. . ?I.iie j:. Caylord to .lohn Cma. resiibiice t lor SK corner .Mason S;. aad Se.v- i anl .Ave., fieheva . . SI IMI.IIH [ K\n Cr. i!r. It !o .\. C. ('iiiler. re -id; ••!!ce .\\v coriier CollKirn an.i Neo- I siio .^TS.. lola _ _ -. !j2.''"0 .0(i • Frank Coiieiilii; and wife to ('. Lucas. ! lot 2. liIoei:.:i2. :;nd lot block 2".. t Creenlea ?l ."ii .Oii I .Mk-n County to C. !•?. I.yiiian. I.ot .A I less 1 acre in NW corner, also ! tracts sold. W;iipples Sub .^.S2 :;.72 i Fiiited States to .Tohn W. Wlu-lcliel. patent to 124.l!i acres '2 mile nortli ! of Savonliurg , December -JC. 1911. .' i! F. Phillips :ind wife to Clara .1. .\i:stin. residence NF corner .Vort'a 1th and K. .Monroe Sts. lola $liiOO .Oii '(dm R. .Stewart and wlie to .1. .A Rowley, residence 91.T .V. Waluiit St.. lola $1 iiO F. Raney and wile to F. II. Leslie, lot block S.'.. Coiiireln, $ir ,il .00 neceniber 27, 1911. K. -Myers and husband to Maruaret 1, .St.'u.irt. r.'sidence lot No. 71.''i I-;. .lackson .\v<v. lola _ .St.'O .iin 'leiiry '>. .Adams and wife to .lohn C. ifiley and Mary Riley, iwo residence pioperlie.s .\.>, •!e2 ami 4iit; .\. Tayl .ir St.. Cias City $."2." oO '".erdette V. Gill and wife to Thus. 1'. Lee. Tniste.'. .\F '1 2"-2.'.-H»: less • .• acre in SK cor nart of lot 11. lil()(-k 02. lola: lots 10 and 11. block 1;. .Midland .Add and lots 1. 2. :!. 4. liloik 1. and lots .", and 4. block 2 Fast .Midlind .Add ^ . $1.0(1 ' 1!. .Iru-krtoii and wife to I..' 'i>r l'>.t i.-rliaimh. resideni-f 422 South :!i-d S' . loia .... $.',iio.t >ii •; }•: R.jnneft aud wife 'o Clainb- n Sli.vai^l. 101 ill .iei;es .". iiiib s SF of l.allaiS'e . ' .?72oii .iiii ';. i;.- Fil'eler^; and Inisbaiiil to P.'ler Palil. so arie^ 2'i miles .\\V of Sav- '•:i!'iir'; - . * I20II.0I' I (' I (iilehlnsiiii and wlfi- to .)i>li:i )! Iiilliin. re.iideii,-e properly t".". .\' .lefierson -Ave.. I.aliarpe i\'<" :. .\, OWlllleV et al M .1 W. K.'l>ll.'lin­ er and wife, residence .ind I'iree lilts on Stanley St . C,:M Citv $1. IMI -Vie .1 Prowell. .Ir.. to C.rai •• F. Ilo -^f-" wi'k and KMa M. Ho wick, (piil cl:tii!i deed-to lots 1 riMil 2 and K of lot ;:. bbiek 12 I'd;. -'I .nn 'o-eiih W. I'.raiicher an'l wii'.' to Filw. .\. Mraach(-r. uitd. interest in i( 12. blk 2;;. Miiinhiddi Q C. I> Jl.U'i loseph W. Itraueher et al lo Mauley H. Brauci er. Q. C. D. to and. interest in sw Vi of :;t;-2':-i;v • .«i 00 'o-^ejdi Hraiicher and wife to I law ley H. /nrancher. Q. C. I), to und. ir>l.^rest in lot 12. block 2:;. Hem- bo '.dt , . SI.110 December -is, 1911. 'Jose W. DeHiiven et a' to Chris S. M'ack and wife, residence propeitv 4('"; S. Colborn St.. Tola. 81 SOf 00 tohn D Rems'ierg and wife to M Lowe, blocks S. 9. 10. 11. 12 13 .and 14. Renisberg 's 2nd Add to Ga.- City $1000.00 'ohn D. Renisberg and' wife to M. Lowe. lots 6 and 7, block 13. Rems-f bergs 2nd Add .to Oas $200.00 C. L. Mooney and wife tp C. M. Ral-' * REWARD. * •Ir Reward of .$2.''.iiii is iierehy of- rS fcred li.v the own-r for informa- rS tion l.,'adin,g m t!ie arrest and * rS convic'.ion of V dama.ged ta- ' fa! Ill knn vti : Z^ii milL.- . •:• .1 w t;:e ]iersons wlio 'luilding on the s the Kurt farm, ( f I«i Ilarpe Kas. MAKKFil Agent. •;• Oi'lire Res. • •:- I'IKIIIC I^.'I, IMIHIIC 1,S.1.Y. •!• •:• DR. .1. t;. WAf.KKR. * -:• KrcsH llldg. * Su. -.--:or to i>r. S. .A'. Coffman V Spii-la! tiltention to Dbstetrlc.H •:• and 1)1: ease of Clitldren. 'S •!• rS? rl- ij? vr ^- •'.i w rb ?f Sr * flr .Buv the Whiting Line Hand Made KITCHEN KNIVES They excel in quality, .service, edgeability and I durability. .Get them at

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