The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on November 2, 1961 · Page 12
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 12

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1961
Page 12
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12 THE OTTAWA HERALD Thursday, Nov. 2, 19fil His Coach Never Held Up I5y JOHN BUCKLEY The Atchison Globe WritU-n for The Associated Press ATCHISON, Kan. (AP)-William M. Martin of Atchison not only recalls his early day experiences in Oklahoma, where he drove a stagecoach, but he depicts the p;i;-! v.-ilh his whittling knife. Fur 18 months. Martin drove a stnqc between Guthrie and Kingfisher, n distance of 44 miles, and wore a .45 .six-shooter to protect his passengers and express packages. On occasions, when carrying lar^e amounts of money, he had a man with him who rode guard. "In some parts of the West," he says, "they may have said that a man rode 'shotgun.' But in Oklahoma, we said he rode 'guard.' T would like the writers of TV westerns to take note of this." His stagecoach was never held up. When the weather was good he drive the 44 miles in 9Va hours The Concord coach was pulled by four horses. Two horses were added whf?n the road was muddy Towns on the stage run were Alfalfa. Wondcll and Cashion. The relay station where the teams were changed was at Cashion. At the age of 77, Martin has a lot of time on his hands. He i a retired plasterer and bricklayer A year ago, he took up whittling and carving. Since then, he ha whittled a miniature Concord stage coach using second growth hickory and plywood. He also has produced a miniature covered wagon, a breaking plow pulled by oxen, a chariot pulled by four horses, a miniature sawmill and log wagon complete with tools, and other things he saw as a boy and young man in the West. One of the interesting things about the miniatures is that Martin has fashioned dolls to go with them. He is very particular about the miniatures and the dolls. Everything has to be authentic. The wheels, running gear, tongue, double trees and the stretchers of the stagecoach are made of hickory. The stretchers are lead double-trees. The body of the stage rests on leather straps. His wife, Anna Elizabeth, related that when Martin gets started on one of his whittling projects he makes an awful muss. But, she says, she's glad to see him so interested and busy. Martin did not make the miniature horses he uses witMii^sttoge but he fashioned all of the harness. Proud of his handiwork, he would like to display his miniatures r<4 a Kansas Centennial celebration. Martin worked as a cowboy on several Oklahoma ranches. He was at the 101 Ranch at Bliss, Okla., 4% years. He traveled with the 101 Ranch Wild West show part of the time and was injured critically in Pulaski, Tcnn., when thrown and trampled by "Chain Foot," an exhibition horse that killed three men. He has a silver plate in his head to remind him of the incident. CARVED COACH — William Martin, Atcliison, an old stagecoach driver, displays miniature Concord coach he whittled using second growth hickory and plywood. Beer-Guzzling Horse May Have Died Of The Staggers By KEMER TYSON Valdosta Times Reporter Written for The Associated Press VALDOSTA, Ga. (AP)-Brown- ic, the beer-drinking horse, is dead. He may have died of the "staggers." But in this instance, staggers has nothing to do with the 28- year-old Brownie's drinking habits. It's a disease horses sometimes get. After Sam i\l. Wildon, a produce farmer, bought Brownie 18 years ago, man and beast became drinking buddies. "He loves it better'n I do," Weldon, 68, commented. Brownie has been known to get a few drinks too many under his collar and to act up as if he had lost his horse sense. But Weldon j said his plowhorse-pet had not had a snort for several weeks prior to his illness. Two weeks ago Brownie became unsure of foot. Weldon called in two veterinarians but they couldn't help. Brownie died recently at an age equivalent to 104 in humans. One of the vets said Brownie's death may have been caused by the "Staggers" or by sclerosis of the liver. "Staggers" stems either from eating moldy, poisonous food or a virus carried by mosquitoes and the illness affects a horse's brain resulting in loss of coordination, explained the vet. Now that Brownie isn't around anymore, Weldon figures he will have to be more watchful when he goes to town for a few drinks. When the horse accompanied him, Weldon didn't worry about getting a little woozy—Brownie would pull him back in the wagon observing traffic lights without any guidance on the reins. Once in his lifetime Weldon was nabbed for drunken driving. That was the time he left Brownie at home and drove a truck to town. May Test N-Bomb In Nevada WASHINGTON (AP)-The underground test caverns in Nevada may be the site for the first tentative experiments on the theory of a neutron bomb—sometimes referred to as a "death ray" bomb—which would kill without leaving wide destruction. When preliminary field research might start or whether it had begun was a tightly held government secret. But the theory of an "N-bomb" seemed to suggest that the first step would be to find out whether the nuclear reaction would behave in a test as has been worked out by slide rule, com puters and projection of nuclear physics facts. The theory is that a harnessed nuclear detonation can be made to produce a bust of intense radi ation by high-speed, deep-pene trafion, lethal neutrons—without creating the tremendous shock, intense heat and radioactive contaminations of present nuclear bombs. Such neutrons, various experts have suggested, could penetrate steel and several feet of concrete. Similar speculation has come from Soviet scientists. Sen. Thomas J. Dodd, D-Conn.. who is one of the Congress members urging resumption of U. S testing in the atmosphere, said Wednesday the United States- must press "every possible effort to convert the neutron bomb from a theoretical concept to a practical reality." OGG'S MARKET 602 Maple We Deliver CH 2-3442 Plenty FREE Swift's Prem. BACON 59 Lb. 2 Heads 29C OLD MILL SAUSAGE BEEF SHORT RIBS FRESH Ground Beef 2 r 89c Lb. Roll Lb. 45c 25c Lbs. CRISP ICEBERG LETTUCE RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT 6, 39c SCOTTIE Facial Tissues 2 .'I": 49c SHURFINE PEANUT BUTTER £ 45c SHURFINE Cranb'ry Sauce SdS, 89c SHURFINE SECTIONS GRAPEFRUIT 5 ^ 89c VOGEL'S POPCORN 2 I; 1 :, 29c STALEY'S POPCORN OIL FRANK'S KRAUT SHURFINE RED BEANS 4 c f n!s 49c FROZEN FOOD SPECIALS SHURFINE Orange Juice 4 cans 79c BANQUET — Chicken, Turkey, Beef MEAT PIES 5 Po ,. 89c IDA-ORE HASH BROWN POTATOES 3 Pkgs 39c SNOW CROP Strawberries 2 P k gs 49c Mild Yellow ONIONS 3 Lbs. Z3C Lbs. JONATHAN Apples i u . 39 Pint 43C 2 303 OQ/. 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