Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 11, 1962 · Page 3
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 3

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1962
Page 3
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Flight Is Oversold 76 Have Tickets to Moon By JOHN BARBOUR WASHINGTON (AP) - Sixteen American astronauts have tickets for that first trip to the moon. But the flight is sadly oversold. There are only three seats available. Only two of these will land on the moon. One astronaut will have formerly PRAIRIE GAS & EQUIP. bruont FORCED AIR HEATING & COOLING SYSTEMS 5 YEARS TO PAY CUSTOM SHEETMETAL WORK Ducts, Elbows, Fittings Sravel Stop Rain Gutter, Metalbestos Flue Pipe, Furnace Filters, Grilles, Registers, Complete stock Minneapolis-Honeywell Thermostats & Furnace Controls. For Prompt Service or Free Estimate Call . . . BR 6-5550 109 N. 8 to stay with the main spaceship, parked in orbit around the moon. It will be a tricky effort from the moment the 300-foot Saturn ; rocket blasts off from earth to that second of glory when a man-! made space cab comes to rest on the lunar surface. ; We are going, President Kenne- I I dy said, on "an untried mission ! to an unknown celestial body." ' The trip will be made step by | I step, the first cautious ones already taken. Three Americans have orbited th e earth for a total of 18 hours. Sometime early next I year, likely, at least one astro- | naut maybe more, will go into j earth orbit fir a full day. < After that the space program , will take its first major step—to i Gemini spacecraft. The Gemini, ', about twice as big as th e Mercury j spaceships, will carry two men into orbit around the earth, after early test flights. It will be able to t stay in orbit j for up to two weeks, with enough | oxygen and electrical power. Or, for shorter periods astronauts can train themselves to maneu- ber in space, and to find and dock with another orbiting spacecraft. This training will lay groundwork for the Apollo spaceship flights to the moon. Apollo spacecraft next will make flights around the earth, then a flight once around the moon and back to earth. Finally a special Apollo crew will ride atop a monster rocket with enough speed to go into orbit for several trips around the moon. From a garage, in Apollo's midsection perhaps, there will be released a small two-man space "bug" with two crewmen aboard. HENRY HALL AGENCY k i I A small boy recently fired'his new ''shotgun'at a bird patched an the wheel of; : a farm wagon. A resulting blast broke 'windows and loosened plaster in 600 homes: 'in'nearby towns, damaged stores and other; ;buf!d<ngs, knocked down two high tension wires and cut off the power supply for the entire areatt in <»t m i M . ^_^_ ready for, the hunting season?? ItAN YOU stand the expense of paying for ' loss which you may cause?? CHECK WITH lus about HUNTER'S ACCIDENT 5- LIABILITY ; PROTECTION. Get yourself some insurance [before y r pu start "gunning down" any of ;'Your friends or our customers! Those two men will try to touch down on the moon. One at a time, they will explore on foot the lunar surfate. Back in their space cab, in communication with the earth j and their mothership, they will • hold their own countdown, and fire th e rockets that will put them on an orbital intercept course with the mothership. The space cab will dock with the Apollo mothership and the two lunar pioneers will rejoin the third crew member. Then, at a precise moment during their whirling course around the moon, the three astronauts will fire off rockets to tear them loose from then 1 lunar orbit and send them .hurtling to- ! ward th e earth. Both countdowns—the one on the moon, and the one in lunar orbit—must be exactly timed. The relative positions of the earth, moon and spacecraft are fed into computers in the spacecraft, and the men will check the compa- t nents of their rocketships by elec- > trical means. ' These in-space countdowns are the most critical points in the i trip. Harry to Lead Demo Parade To 1st District TOPEKA (AP)—Former President Harry S. Truman will lead a parade of four top Democrats into the 1st Congressional District this month. Truman was nased as speaker for a stale Democratic rally in Hutchinson Oct. 22. The rally was originally planned I lo boost the campaign of Rep. J. Floyd Breeding, D-Kan., in his race against R&p. Bob Dole, He- publican. Their districts were combined by the 1961 Legislature. But after agreement by the former president to appear, the state committee took it over as a major rally for Kansas Democrats. All top party candidates have been invited. A crowd of 1,000 is hoped for at the $5-a-plate dinner. Secretary of the Interior Stewart UdaM will be in Kansas Friday with his principal speech set for Norton where he will participate in groundbreaking ceremonies for t/he Norton dam and, reservoir. He is also scheduled to appear at Liberal and Bushton. Breeding will hold a district rally at Salina next Tuesday with Rep. Carl Albert, D-Okla., House majority leader, as speaker. Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman will speak at Hays Oct. 30. Breeding Hits Dole Statement KANSANS APPLYING for a state motor vehicle driver's license for the first time are required to take a vision test, a written examination and finally a driving test. Trooper Cecil Botkin gives the vision test to a woman applicant at Leavenw.orth. (AP Photo I Written Test Big Stumbling Block for Driver's License BLKHART, Kan. (AP)—Rep. J. Floyd Breeding says it is incredible his opponent would say the new wheat program "prepared as it was by farmers themselves, is a deliberate effort to subjugate the farmers to government control." Breeding said at a political rally it's no surprise the statements were made by a "Lawyer without and background at all in agriculture." He referred to his Republican opponent in November for. the new 1st District congressional seat, Rep. Rob! ert Dole. The two-price wheat plan which becomes effective in 1964 will en- 1 able farmers within a few years to get rid of the wheat surplus, . Breeding said. Until this is done, | there is no hope of returning to i a system of freedom from controls for farmers, he declared. "But if the advice of Uiese self- appointed farm experts is fol- Onrdcn City Telegram Thursday, October 11, 1*62 lowed, the farmers very well can find themselves completely free ttf sell wheat for a dollar a bushel," Breeding said. By JERRY MOSIER The Leavenworth Times LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (AP)The prospect of taking a driver's license examination is one few persons relish. Apprehensive area residents, facing the s i t u a tion, usually are put at ease by Highway Patrolman Cecil Botkin. Botkin is one of 25 troopers in Kansas assigned as driver's li • cense examiners. A major part oi his training has been in dealing •with the public. An important factor in the test, Botkin says, is getting the driver to "loosen up." "Many of the mistakes the applicant makes are due to nervousness," he says. Botkin is mild-mannered. His instructions are given in a friendly tone and usually are repeated so they are clearly understood. As to who are better drivers, men or women, the veteran of 13 years of Highway Patrol service had this comment: "Women are usually more safety conscious and careful, but men are more skilled in handling their cars because they drive more and they understand the mechanics of their autos better than women. "Teen-age drivers are the best drivers of any age group, but only when they wish to be." The younger drivers are batter equipped physically to handle a car because of their quiok reflexes and keen eyesight, but too often they like to take chances, he said. Botkin gives from 700 to '3 tests each month. His territory includes Leavenworth, Atchison, Brown, Doniphan, Nemaha and Jackson counties. In 1949 Kansas enacted a law requiring anyone applying for a driver's license for the first lime to take the examination now given. Prior to that time a license | j was obtained by making a simple written application and paying a small fee. The examination is given in three parts—a vision test, a written test on traffic signs and laws, and a driving test in the applicant's own automobile. The trooper said about 5 per cent of the applicant- fail the vision test, 30 per cent the written test and 10 per cent the driv ing test. Real Ranch Kitchen Goodness! Hear BETTER Again- Be YOURSELF Again SONOTONE FOR. THE BEST IN HEARING AIDS SONOTONE OF WESTERN KANSAS 506 W. Kansas Phone OR 6-6841 ED PORTER LUMBER CO. 804 E. FULTON PHONE BR 6-3541 CERTIFIED DEALER Quality PLYWOOD • CEILING TILE HARDBOARD • REDWOOD INSULATING BOARD • ,D08RS Hurry! 3 More Days Yew Buy One Item AT ITS REGULAR EVERYDAY PRICE... ADD i CENT and Get 2! Combined With The... 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