Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 2, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 2, 1943
Page 4
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^ iVipiji *• (:•• OME, ^K*^*^;^^ ..... .. '• " - • "-^- ' " '"^jfS^ IL *^ A Analysis of the News by Mackenzie Editorial Common Written Today and Moved by Telegraph or Cable. By DeWITT MacKENZIE We perhaps too often think of TJncle Sam's fgihting - machine solely in terms of the men who are on actual combat service •" quent delay in undertaking major operations against Japan. Apart from everything else, this means more casualties among our boys. Every minute counts Thousands ot men can die in the last thirtv minutes before the cease fire is gi'ven. Even thc final sixty seconds take their toll They did m the last war and will in this. Flashes of Life By The Associated Press Trapper Trapped Washington - Thomas Ross, a butcher, opened his trap at the wrong time and it cost him $*>. Ross, accused of setting a trap to catch a dog in his victory garden, tried to show the Judge it was harmless. The trap snapped sluu, cracked a thick pencil m two ike and the air- for malchstick and the fine was the army, the navy force. That probably is nautrai, they are the ones who risk their | J«' lives on the firing line in defense . now of their country. Still they're only 1 ton part of the machine. They arc ar ^. . . «__-*_i_..«4 nf o/-\i i t*cr> hi 1 promptly imposed. They're Not Iron Men Tenn . _ Spinach is menu at the Milling- Station. to scrve i, 4 00 pounds k and thc mcn Dodgers, Cards Battling for League Lead By JUDSON BAILEY Associated Press Sports Writer The National League is expected to have a stupendous scramble for the pennant every fall as a matter of course, but this year the Brooklyn Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals are staging a spring show that may very well dwarf anything that can happen later. Usually at this early date there are several teams that must be regarded as pennant possibilities and skirmishes among thc leaders are considered as rehearsals for the main event. This generally could be counted upon to stait , .i *!_,.*. ~,: n ,-,f *iiitiimn in where s LOUIS? possible that the of Russia wil Louis when the vuii is Anyway, here is N Ko. who bosses pugilistic \\oiKs in Soviet Union Seiguant Louis is a «.JN Korolcv a guerrilla part of the macnme. ±uvy " v" , of sninach a week a Absolutely vital part, of course, but o^ spinach ^ ^ ^ behind them and integrated with m^ ^ sp&c ^ Jr .. Now wc bave with them are many parts which {' also are essential to make the ';, vast machine run. » \ The soldiers and sailors and air- tf" men are the experts who wield the ?' •> instruments of death against he !', enemy. But other elements of the I machine have to equip and maintain the fighting men or the battle front will collapse. A thousand and one industries fabricate the armaments: farmers produce food: various units transport these essentials to the theater of war by land and sea and air and still another goes clown into the dark caverns of the earth and produces — with arduous labor and great danger — the coal with out which much war manufactur ing must cease and transport mus be disrupted. .Failure of lit out not only spinach but prac- ically all leafy greens." Nice Going, Pat! Hartford, Conn. — Private Sam Buchieri wrote to his parents from he Aberdeen (Md.) proving ground that a captured Italam ruck had been brought there with the names of several American soldiers written on it. Among the autographs he found that of his brother, Corporal Pat Buchieri who is serving in Africa. It Used To Be PDQQ Washington - The War Production Board added a new alphabet svmbol - CSP -to the federal glossary today. It stands for -Component Schcdeduling Proced- which, the WPB says, will when the first nip of autumn the air caused the players wives to start looking at fur coats to be paid for out of World Scries proceeds. The script has been changed this l(J 1 IUI llttO uv,fc.«« —• u , year, though. Thc Dodgers and Cardinals know they arc the only two teams in thc league with any reasonable chance of winning and they are counting the games they play against each other this spring just as crucial as the ones that will come at the close of thc campaign. The two teams made 35 hits, by St. Louis and 15 by Brooklyn, paraded a total of nine P«chcrs to the mound, and passed the lead back and fourth like a hot tip on the second front. Finally it was a two-ru n homer by Harry (Little Dixie) Walker, his first of the season, cided the game. Atlanta Crackers Rack Up Seven Straight Wins By Thc Associated Press Thc Atlanta Crackers, who a while back seemed to be losing everything but their draft cards, have sneaked up off the floor now and uncorked a seven-game win- chairman of thc operators' negotiating committee ol the Appalachian joint conference, and E*ra Van Horn, chairman of the joint negotiating committee. The May 25 directive ordered resumption of collective bargaining on thc major issues, such as por- Production Hoar means the 108 days supply held by the utility companies but this idea was only in the coiwer- lal-to-portal pay the six - day ning streak. Almost unnoticed in the mnd scramble between Nashville and Birmingham for thc Southern Association lead, the Crackers have moved into fifth place ahead (f New Orleans and now slan'l only four games out-- of first. Last night they waltzed away with their fourth victory in a row over the last-place Memphis Chicks, 5-2, Ihe loss, incidentally, being il-.e Chicks' ninth. Nashville regained top place in thc standings yesterday by dividing a double - header with New Orleans while Birmingham dropped two games to Knoxville, runner-up for the cellar position. The Vols ran off with thc orcncp, 9-3, and lost the nightcap, 1-4. The Barons didn't even come close in their twin bill with the Smokies, losing thc first half, 1-8, and thc afterpiece, 7-12. Chattanooga and Little Rock lal-io-poi uii I'n.y, '•'"- "•• i week, charges for equipment used by thc miners, and certain contact wording. The order called for n report to the WLB within ten days and said "the parties shall continue thc uninterrupted production of coal under thc contract terms and conditions that existed on and prior to March 31, 1043." wound up all even after their double bill in which both games wore decided by one-run margins. Thc Lookouts copped the first, 4-3, Washington. June 2 Operators and union chiefs swept their bargaining table clean and resolved today to start from scratch in fresh efforts to cut short n wage dispute that has shut down the | nation's coal mines and poised *a paralyzing blow at war-vital steel .... producers and United Mine | Workers President John L. Lewis called another conference in Washington with the expressed intention of going at thc problem from the beginning. This was decided on ai- I tcr each side rejected thc other's compromise offers yesterday when thc second 15-day truce expired and 500,000 coal diggers quit work. Interior Secretary Ickcs termed 1 their action a strike against the government. As fuels administrator he has been operating them mines by presidential direction Thc Office ot Dcrensc Transport tatlon held out another slop - B"P measure as n possibility a ba "nnonesscntialrail travdanc a arbitrary 25 per cent cut m tiain "whUc'thc strike hit both bitumr inous and anthracite fields, 6 current wage fight concerns only thc soft coal mi.icrs. "««"» coal no- golialions were scheduled tentatively for this afternoon in New York but. informed sources m Washington said they probab s would be delayed. The anthracite pact usually follows tho pattern of the bituminous coal agreement. ^ My best Friends were- amazed ...at my Improved ures, any one of these .*„ ____ ~ units may mean stoppage of the whole machine. It may mean defeat! , , put American industrial production "on a timetable basis." CSP will mean, WPB hopes, getting the right equpiment to the right manufacturer at the right Walker, that dc- SPORTS ROUNDUP •By Hugh S. Fnllerton, Jr. but lost out in the second half, 0-1 Gil Torres hurled nine-hit ball to lead Chattanooga to victory over Little Rock in the 10-inning f game of their twin encounter. first Al I: r At best it's likely to protract thc war That means unnecessary death and maiming in the fighting ranks, and additional suffering at The fortunes of war sometmcs are capricious, and a nation may encounter adversity which it is unable to ward off. Even an act of nature, like a flood, may play havoc with part of a war-machine. Barely, however, does an all-important unit collapse as the result of a dispute among the people comprising it. It would be a damnable tragedy U any quarrel should interfere With essential war production at this critical moment. That's irrespective of the merits of the argu- - ment of either side of a contro- vcrsv There's nothing that counts ex- time. Burglarzied &•,„„„ i oretuuen => j."*»w *-•-— -Tulsa, Okla. — Mrs. Jess Sisco t u shor tstop made . . . . _i- A! 4 pstrvmnnf* I «.•*•(•• -*»**- . ,, But it was a miraculous fielding olay by Shortstop Martin Marion that won for the Cards as much as Walker's wallop. In thc top half of the twelfth the Dodgers loaded the bases with one out and pinch- hitter Dee Moore smashed Harry Brecheen's first pitch to Marion s Associated Press Sports Columnist complained to police that someone had stolen a bucket of milk. The thieves got it — laboriously — from her cow. Confusion in French Board Organization BY EDWARD KENNEDY Algiers, June 2 - W) - Gen. U4V . „..- actually stabbed the ball after it had hopped P^J^-fi^ toss C was charged to Rube Melton. The two rivals are ticketed for , the final game of thc series tonight and on the result will de- 1 pend whether the Dodgers or the Cardinals are in first place tomorrow. Pittsburgh beat the Boson i Braves 5-4 in 14 innings and the Cincinnati Reds stopped the New York Giants 3-1 to set up a triple between the New York, June 2 —(IP)— Comeback record: . . Ernie Lanigan, thc International League's historian, figures this probably still stands as a record baseball comeback. . . Back in 1888 George Hadock one-time battery partner of Connie Mack, lost 20 straight games for thc Troy, N. Y., club. Then he went toWashington (and no cracks, please about thc Senators still getting that kind of hurler>, and lost two more there. . . In 1891 and 1892 thc same guy had bounced back to become a 30-game winner with Boston in the American Association and with Brooklyn and gets ••ames." thrown out of ball since thc wage arangcment came to a stalemate May 1. ' Ickcs, urging resumption of work declared Lewis could not escape responsibility for thc stop- One Minute Sports Page Orlo (Ilofbcats) Robertson, thc Another record, may be?. Jimmy Dcmarct picked fuor different partners for a recent amateur-pro golf tournament at De- pride of Winticld, Kas., is the new general sports editor of thc Associated Press, replacing Herb Barker, who now has thc bigger job of seeing that your favorite newspaper gets all the best news first. . . Although they may not be any extra bus service to Randall's Island for thc A.A.U. track championships, Dan Ferris points out that the walk across thc bridge isn't any longer than from the station to Bclmont Park. . . And who says you can't bet on a foot rac< it you're really determined. . . . Helen Dcttweilcr, who won all thc women's golf titles in the Washing- Moran was his mound opponent. In thc 7-inning second game Ed ••Bear Tracks" Grecr whitewashed the Lookouts for the second time Ihis season as he bested Tom Surratt in a hurling duel. Today's games and probable pitchers: New Orleans (Horn) at Knox- vlilc (Coffman) Atlanta (unannounced) at Little Rock (Papish) Birmingham (Baker) at Nashville (Gardner) Pontelleria Blasted Hard by U.S. Planes time cirt- page, and at the same icizcd "a few powerful operators for what he called their uncompromising attitudes. Lewis said the government appeal to get the mines going again was a matter "to be given consid- running and the flag flying Even , Henri Giraud appointed Vice Admiral Emile Muselier deputy himself as commander-m-chiet a charged with maintaining order it- mere a uum»i>e> ...-- ^iia-. b *-* --- - tho three eames fe cepting to keep the war - machine Algiers and vicmity today m the I th^ g nig id o t*"*." • - v ' , . midst of confusion and strain ai- individual lives don't matter, much tending the birth pangs of the new less material affairs. A general and his staff can't quit because of difficulties with the troops. And the men in the ranks can't throw down their guns because they don't like the orders of the commander. The two of em have to make a go of it whether they want to or not. In moments of national peril every man, women and child is m the service o£ thc country. Each one is in the same position as the French governing body. This appointment followed an exchange of letters in which Marcel Peyrouton, who once signed an order for the arrest of Gen. tie for third place Reds, Braves and Pirates, to I The Philadelphia Phillies ' Cubs for their second triumph in pounced on thc last place Chicago games 7-2 with old Si John- rt SGvGrv~nit ball« /\iicr~ WB.-U u,« Phillies announced a deal that sent two regular outfield- Dan Litwhiler and Earl Nay- ers lor to the Cardinals for Buster Adams, Coaker Triplett and Dam Glay. fighting man concerned. so far as duty is Time is'a vital element in warfare. Stoppage of a single unit tor even a few days may react disastrously on the battle front. General Harold H. Arnold, chief of the army air forces, declared yesterday at West Point hat the Allies will end thc war "and end it soon" by bombing. By ending it quicker "we will cut down the cas- U Wtfat a grand goal to work for! But we could fall far short of it if our production were seriously im- P€ This is a great moment in the The United Nations are rush- u . 6 at Hitler for the kill. We need every single ounce of striking pow- Charles de Gaulle, submitted ms double-barreled resignation to de Gaulle and Giraud from his post as governor general in Algeria in response to de Gaulle j demands for a housecleanmg. The appointment of Muselier former member of the Fighting French hierarchy who later broke with de Gaulle and is now regarded as his bitter opponent was expected to add to the increasing tension between the French factions which only Monday cam e to gether in a new executive committee for the purpose of giving unified direction to the French war Action in the American League was limited to two night games m which Washington whipped the Cleveland Indians 3-2 in ten innings and the Detroit Tigers came from behind to beat the Philadelphia Athletics 5-3, ending a seven game winning streak for Jesse Flores. oil's Plum Hollow Club thc other y and thc four "teams" tied with st-ball scores of68. Jimmy shot 69. Righteous indignation When thc Chicago White Sox lew into Philadelphia recently, 10 clubhouse attendant chalked ie name "Frisch" on Jmimy )ykes' locker. . . Jimmy prompt- y exploded. "Take that off of lore," he bellowed. I'm nc Visch. That Frisch is the kind o ellow who is mean to umpires on, D. C., sector before she urncd pro, is due to get her wings soon in the Ferry Command. . . The new football coaching- combi- lation at Milwaukee's Shorcwood Hi»h is still Olson and Lloyd Johnson. And, of course, they promise there'll - be Hallzapoppin next fall. Today's Guest S'ar Tommy Fitx.gcralci, Louisville Courier-Journal: "We wonder if Count Fleet ever has the feeling that somebody is following him." Markei Report war ing effort. De Gaulle had Muselier under house arrest in London at one time after Muselier had taken the lead in the Fighting French occupation of St. Pierre and Miquelon. islands off the Newfoundland coast. He is now the chief policeman of the district in which de Gaulle lives Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Tampa, Fla. - Tony Ganelto 245, Jersey City. N. J., knocked out Herbie Katz, 184, New Yory. New Bedford, Mass. — Jimmy McClarnin, 130, New Bedford, out- pointed Jose Domingo Rozo, 128 \-i Colombia, S. A. (10). Wilmington, Deo.-Notch 154, Pittsburgh, outpointed Al Tribuam, 151 1-2, Wilmington, Del. (10). er which we can develop , Hartford, Conn. — Benny Wil, . liams, 146, Newark, outpointed George (Red) Doty, 148 1-2, Hart- Delay in essential production might change the course of the war. It might easily protract the with conse- JSuropean upheaval — ' tm Protect ahrased skin and *-____ soothe with Mexaana, for- 1*11 hfr merly Mexican Heat Pow- Vnm I* d er . Also relieve burning ANNOYS of heat-rash irritated Peyrouton, one of the controver- ford (g) sial figures of the North African New York _ carmine Fatta, 137, ------ J " i " v "' ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK <5 National Slock Yards, III., June 2 _(/!>)— (U. S. Dept Ayr.) — Hogs, 11,500; generally 10-15 higher than Tuesday's average; good and choice 180-280 Ibs largely 14.2035; a few smooth light weights higher. Cattle, 1800; calves 800; general, ly steady; medium and good steers 14.75-15.65; medium and good yearlings and heifers 13.501 15.50; common and medium cows 11 00-12.25; medium and good sausage bulls 12.50-13.75; good and choice vcalcrs 15.00; medium and good 12.50-13.75; nominal range slaughter steers 11.75 - Ui.50, slaughter heifers 10.75-16.25; slock- er and feeder steers 11.00-15.65. Peacemaker Blitzed By Dogs At War Bulte , Mont. —(/T)— Everybody knows peacemakers should be wary even in dot- fights, but the fellow who tried to separate two quarreling clogs on a Bulte street was taken by surprise. Bending over, he cautiously separled the two snapping dogs, holding one in each hand a third one .sneaked up on him and attacked from the rear. 41 st's Commander By DANIEL DE LUCE Allied Headquarters in North Africa, June 2 —(/P)— British warships in their second bombardment of Pantcllcria in less than 48 hours yesterday heavily shelled thc harbor area, barracks and batteries ot thc Italian island, it was announced today. United States Flying Fortresses joined thc air offensive against the battered island 45 miles off the 'Tunisian coast while other American attacks were made on thc islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Thc warships blasted Panleller- ia Sunday night and then returned yesterday afternoon, an Allied 'headquarters communique announced, to carry out a heavy shelling without loss although there was some retaliatory fire from the shore. The communique's announcement of the bombardment said: ••The island of Pcntellcria was successfully bombarded by jiaval surface forces on the night of May 30-31. There was no effective Ickcs estimated only 49 days supply of coal lies above ground, and steel centers indicated their output would be affected seriously in a matter of days. A spokesman for U S. steel at Pittsburgh said production would be "very much curtailed in three or four days. Other steel mcn reckoned that many mills would have to cut then- output by 25 per cent in the first week of thc coal shutdown, and drop 50 per cent more if the deadlock continues another week. Thc secretary issued an order barring rail deliveries to consumers who have more than a 10-day supply of soft coal or five-day supply of anthracite on hand. ™ A Wanted! Men and Women Who Are Hard of Hearing to m»Vo this simple, no risk h*»rin(r teat. It you »re temporarily deifcned, b«lff*rea by ringing bowing h»«d noi.M due to hardened "r eo»gul»t«d wi»(eetumen), try th« Ourine Home Method t«t th»t to m»ny «»y tnui enabled thehi ,to h*»r>*«..*«*I"- *<« most hear better i.fttr .Making thii itm ? le tent or you get your *\t*itf OM. « "^ Ask about Ourine Ear Drop* today at John P. Cox Drug Co. T HESE two Important steps may help you overcome tho discpmforts- or embarrassment of sour stomach. Jerky nerves, loss of appetite, underweight, digestive complaints, weak- "Tpcrson who Is operating on only ft 70 to 75% healthy blood volume or a stomach/digestive capacity of only M to S% normal Is severely handicapped So with amplo stomach digestive Julce^ PLUS rich, rod-blood you should enjoy that sense of well being which denote, physical ntness . . . mental alertness I < If you are subject to poor dlgcsUon or stomach and to build-up blood strength when deficient. Build Sturdy Health • 50 that the Doctors may better serve our Fighting Forces orougnu to them and scientific research Sfo;#-\^^^^f&§ SS^^SS!^8&^ '-IS drug store! Tin 10 and 20 oz. S.SS.TONIC helps build STURDY HEALTH DON'T FOLLOW YOUR NOSE Use The Clossificd . , . It's Pirect If you've lost something, don't hire a bloodhound to find it . . Use the efficient, direct Hope Star classified section. Ads cost very little ;, . . returns are high. HOPE STAR situation who once served Vichy as minister of interior and then as ambassador in Argentina, offered his resignation yesterday both to de Gaulle and Giraud as joint presidents of the executive committee which is to govern liberated Frenchmen and French territory until France is freed. He asked both to give him back his old rank of captian in the co- onial infantry reserve. He n ot a double-barreled reply. De GiTulle accepted the resignation promptly and assigned him to Syria Giraud accepted the resignation but asked him to hold on to his job for the time being. But d e Gaulle got the jump on Giraud in making his reply public He gave it out to foreign correspondents and it was spread throughout the world. Giraud s reply appeared only in the 1 "'- : " press. New York, outpointed Jose Torres, 141, Puerto Rico (8). Los Angeles - Victor Flores, 126 Mexico City, outpointed Don Me Lean, 134, New York, (G). Sheep, 1000; no early sales; Sports Mirror By The Associated Press Today A Year Ago — Borrklyn trounced Pittsburgh, 17 to 2. and remained six games in front of Cardinals for National League lead. Three Years Ago — Pccwec Reese, young Brooklyn shortstop. hit behind car with baseball thrown by Jake Mooty of Cubs and rushed to hospital. Five Years Ago — Helen Wills local mostly native clipped lambs offered with a few loads of western clippers held over from Tuesday. NEW YORK STOCKS New York, June 2 — (/!')_—Easier tendencies appeared in thc stock market today after leaders faltered in mild attempts to advance in thc face of heaviness m the steels and rails. Occasional gains spotted thc list after a slow beginning, then trends wavered and plus signs in many instances were replaced by fractional declines. Thc pace of dealings, after ris- in" sli»htly around midday, slack- lened at intervals going into the final hour but ran around 1,400,000 J Curfew Rings In Providence Providence, R. I. iff)—Curfew ihall ring tonight in Providence, just as it has nearly every night since Revolutionary times The city annually appropriates $125 to the First Baptist Church, which provides a sexton who rings the church bell at sunrise, roidday ana 9p.m. Nobody seems to mind—ana few seern to notice. _—-— ir»» When gathering nectar, bces= nly one kind of llov/cr Moody lost first match of comeback campaign to Mary Hardwick. 1-6, 6-3, 6-3, at Weybridge, England. Today in Congress Senate Ncars final vote on trade agreements, schedules final action on tax bill. . Agriculture Appropriations subcommittee works on 1944 Farm Supply Bill. for thc full session. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, June 2 —(.4')— Grains moved within a narrow range in a slow trade today. Prices were off fractionally early in the session but around mid-day a small rally developed which carried quolalions. back to about the preceding session's close. Wheat closed 1-8 lower to 1 higher, July $1.44 1-8—3-8, September $1.44— SI. 43 7-8, corn was Lin- 8l XJr y tere subcommittee contin- | changed July »1 M ™f™£ ™ ^rollback food price hearings. ^^^ ^^"h^eV debate on Smith-Connally C^wheal No .J hjjrd on each trip. ing touches on labor leg! Smith and Interstate committees study Barley mallina Oo-l.OO num. Feed 85-93. Commander of the Army s 41st Division, now lighting in New. Guinea, is Maj.-Gen. Horace H. opposition and our ships sustained no casualties or damage. "Another successful bombardment of thc island took place during thc late afternoon of June 1. Hits were obtained on barracks and battery areas. There was some retaliation from the shore, but our ships sustained no casualties." Thc Italian fleet dispersed along e Italian west and cast coasts ppcared powerless to intervene ;ainst thc British Navy and no lemy air attacks against the war- !ips were reported. The second bombardment almost coincided with a smashing ssault by Flying Fortresses, aug- icnted by bombing and strafing ormations of Lightnings, against ic volcanic rock which has be- ome thc most - punished Axis ter- itory in thc world. Thc warplancs plastered small vessels in thc island's shallow )orl and covered hideouts of the enemy garrison with bomb bursts. The Italian seaplane base on Stagnone island, off the western tip of Sicily between Trapam and Marsala, and shipping in the Sardinian harbors of Terranova, Porto Ponte di Romano, and Porto Torres also were extensively damaged by the nonstop air offensive. (British planes from Malta hit at Italy itself last night, attacking railway communications in the southern part uf the kingdom, a Valletta cmomunique said.) One plane was lost in the widespread operations by the Amen- eun squadrons and there was only one air combat during the day when ten enemy fighters attacked a formation of Mitchells over Terranova. Mitchell crewmen said the enemy coordinated their tactics, making simultaneous passes at the combers from the sides and below No fighter was shot down and it was not specified officially whether any Mitchell was lost. However, in the slushing raid 01. Stagnone island by Warhawks, a considerable number of seaplanes THE PINES Swimming Pool Will open Wednesday afternoon, June 2, at 2 o'clock, if it isn't raining. PASSENGER TRAIN SERVICE RESUMED •H BY THE c at anchor was destroyed tmu others were damaged, it was an- ers were nounced. • Passenger train service, recently interrupted by the Hoods in various sections of the territory served by the Frisco Lines, has now been resumed. • Remember, Uncle Sam has first call on our facilities to meet war-time needs . .. Before making a trip ask yourself: "Is this trip necessary?" • Until the war is won, we cannot promise the comfort and convenience that Americans have learned to expect on the railroads. DON'T TMm-UHlESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY t :

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