Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1912
Page 4
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 3, 1912. lOLA DAILY EEiii&'l'iilt ''^^'^ aL-^specially aboat The lol« Dally Record andr'ie tala Daily Index. TUB BECnSTfiB fG CO. I£ntered at the tola Poftottlde at Sccond- aass VatUr: Advertising Uate« Murtn Known on Application. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Calrler in -lela. Gas City, Lanyon- vllle, Cencreto, LaHarpc and Ba*ett: One Week lu cents One Month ...41 o<?nts One Year 15.00 BY MAIL: One Year. Inside c<>uiii> One Year. out !<I<lp i:.>iii,tk tsm TELEPHONES: Business Offlr.- -U Society ReporliT ... 1 !> Job and Bindery IHin HI next election day. Offlrlal. Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper of Allen County. A BIC YKAK AHEAD. U is gi'iiorally concede'th:>l llio best baroinoter of liusinesa in H K- United Stales is tiic demand for iron and steel. Wlien this demand is heavy it means that the lailroails'ex- pect to do a big buRiiii'SS ^lud that the factories are KlvinK oficH' for new machinery, thus forecujitiliK iicliviiy all along the line. It is sratifyiiiK therefore, to note a dispatch from I'lttsjiurg to the eITe<i that with the beginnlnp of V.\\2 fully 100,000 idle workmen will ilnd employ ment in the iron aud-Q^ Industries of the country. Kvery plant in operation will largely inerease their complement of' workmen and scores ol idle mills and furnacci VijilCresumi operations. The disiiajjj^* |l*n proceeds to enumerate a dozen or more big mills In the vicinity of Pittsburg wliich have been idle that will resume operations or that having been running short of capacity will put on more men. •>'>• , It is a good sign. I^ indicates that the feeling of discouragen^nt which has so long existed In Jjie..^East is passing away, and beinjg r,replaced With a sentiment of confidence'and optimism. And about all that is needed 10 make business good is just that feeling that business is poitig to be good. There has really bi *en no reason for the general depression that has prevailed for the past two or three years. There has been no finai.'- cial disturbance of magnitude since 1907. Crops have been abundant. The balance of trade has been in our favor. The min«^ forests, and other natural resources^have yielded their riches in the usual measure. There has been no widespread calamity of .juiy sort. We have been at peace with all the world. There has been not a single physical reason for dull business. The depre .ssioii has been i)sy- chologieal. Mig business has been blue. It has felt,—and it has had some reason for feeling,—that it v.;.;being unjustly and unreasonably liar- rassed by laws (hat IntTfered Willi l)rlvate enlerjjrise without yi< Idiiip any corresponding public, good. Am: it has a(Te<'li'd lo believe.—i^ierhiips it has really believed.—thnr-!r"tms the deliberate purjiose of those hi. iiolili- cal control of the country, or weklug to gain such coiitrof, to enact yet more stringent leglslall<nr—Hnt that feeling is evidently Isuhsiding,. to a degree at least, llailroad managers and the heads of other big corporations are beginning to realize, we believe, that they have been more scared than hurt by recent legislation, and that whatcMer iha aeBwgog- ical agitators may say on the slump the jieople wUl assert th ^if comir.aii sense in the long run and will no: stand for destrnetivd legislation. And so, in spite of Ihe fact that we are at the b *t!inning of a j>residenti:; campaign, the outlook for brisk bus'- ness is very much better now than ii was a year ago. That is the feeling over the country generally, and we beUeve it is the fe»Up»'<tKsl^ "^'"^ "have been pretty hard hit here in the , gas belt. But it has been no worse than we expected. We have known all the time that a gas field could not last forever, and we have expected the time to come when we must look ;o some other resouie-- to help us hold the ground we have gain;d. That time is here and the thing for us to do Is to face the new conditions with new courage and keep on •"hustling, The year that is just ended was a very much belter year tiian any of us believed it would be when it began. Let us all work and i)lan and boost to make this one better yet. It is really too bad that Senator LaFollettc missed the train at Uin- sing, Michigan, the other day. It certainly would have been interesting to see what sort of an- erupt'lon would have followed the n.iive suggestion of Governor Ogborn that the Spnat'.ir and the I'rpsiiient gel, off the presidential track to make room for llev- erldue or UooseveU. It wcuUI been Eomewliat interesting ;>!su to note ib .i- reply that would have b-"n nvidp to the Governor's observatloi! aboat the Senator's campaign meth- ois and his failure (o tackle the Urcw ery combine in \Vist&ns::i. A TKOl'BLEI) DII'LO.H.\T. 1 That r.iaP5 er>nven;:nn rf Ohio "Pro gressive !>• ;.ub;i<;:Tis" a noise :IIK ' liPi'i! so ni:' !i .•• .-c" in the il:>w.spij)fr.-; ; .'.Me M.•>.',• h.rn warrani'-tl Were fall of \h<T). that v. hen :i vole w it eai-- le :in ::(•!:: <in!y > I r. • oi;!,'" il'.' ors of 'i'l'.:.'! y ::;ri : lamatii!;! ' 'j!.;:ini;, iif Kiii;i:a'.il." .have !• .1 vv .v .y lellow- •rs. Till' Tor.into (Canadai (ilobe says ihal the farnvrf. of the Ciinairiii' \'ortliw,sl have alri ;'ily loi^l $12.i'ii*»:^ i)|)0 on t'leir grain aione by the fail- ire of tile reciprocity agreement. That is to say, ."Tiey li;ive sold their •••Ileal I 'nr that nun-h less .than the .\meric:.ii price. And that would -eeni lo be very >;no (l ei idenoe that, the. tarin on wlii at is of very direct •ind sub.'Ji.nilial benelil lo the Ameri. an farmer. Indei'.endence Ut|iorlir: Si-n;:;or Curtis is on nine ci-mniitiees of thi- Senate, live of them iiiiiiorlant ones, refiuiring conimitree meetings five 'lays a week, lluring the past year le has made ll\"i reports, or more than •il Ithe rest of the Kansas delegation •ombiiied. Seiialer Curtis has lieen n Wasliingiou a long time and is a >ard v.orkiiig repn .tentative, as • liown by these stnt-iiu nts.' If yo'i ;ire tliinkiny of b^comin? .in inmate of th.e rei!"ra!^ penitentiary a.t ••'ort Leavenworth we would sii.c;j;'t;i hat you send to the wardei;. Major ii. W. McClanghry, for a copy of his innual report. It is a beautifuily 11- ustrated volume of nearly lOo iiagos ind presents in a very attractive W.TV 'ie most 'ntr'r-sting fcniures oi thiy amouf resort. The advance cojiies of l.aFollelte'.s peeches,' given to the Associated res.'! for dislribiifion illlTereiil itles Rtich us "Coii.«ervalion." "The 'ublic Honiuln," etc. ilut tluy are all eally on the subject: "Whatever Is. -, wrong, and nolxiily hut .M-' i^ ave the country from lOverlaslIng' ipasli." Amli:is«iii 'Jor H.ihkmelhiY- r.> III rr Vim IVIdi. W.iil'iii.'icn. nil- .Ian. ;i.— .\s 1 :-••. ve':.'-;,i|ir. iiii;ii.tieil: "l;i '3sian .'1 '.lissjiil 'ir. .Mr. 1! iliUliietierr. allnlit ri.'ri i :s i ii-iiiiil,!!!' ai lee Ise-i.I.nt'.- •• at llie W'.iite lloi:..;e !l ;e otle^r li:'.;., lie ii! .1 ll-.s' 'il t'i.'i;.;. I*'!;>> i.'T'il Me' i>f a ! I MI'^>!I;.I I ;M-I' l:ir r v.iter I'aii IK JT .-..i >r::l;y j.;. r/eii. '!"!.(' ;~iie,'>(;(]f. I:i tw(>< I! Hi.:.!;! ;,tii! tile ("rited Siati s v.ill < i' C"i',ir:'e b' ::iiii- e .liiy iiiiM-'.i'il i;;i llil<n:j:h t''e eli'li'iie!:- i.i' .Mliloii'".; y. leit at l!ie ^-ir." tiii'.e the K-.i:;,-;!.-!!! !:'liie-"ntati\e liere! It lie Vii '.C' . T:ative..(;:.J'.i: Ctiild ;il l"'.e Ui;ys::ri C^oivt. ii.'< > \ Cie •it;-.-,,r i' ll-.iir ie:;io:'. iiiiivL-y. I iiie- tuie ill 1, V e'f ihe C'-\:\ le!e:;ia!li.' wliii li !;i;. iiiii.^i daiiV sendiri;; ti ,'•-eh; s?;:::..r 1. .'i!.p elir'T :-,e,-.' tf tl'eii i!!i r-iy ;irg !•;: .I'e ees.-;atiiiii n: ;l>e part iif i!:"- riiit"! St •.l-- v •!.•!> ]\,^ 'liiiL-eir i..: y f." i .',e inipr.e: ieal. On t!ie nthi-r l:a'iil he Icmws the afi'.-ilf ui ('i)!;f;ress atu! m' the I'iT.'-Uiei.t anil is cT^u'nui'.Iiy i'l-iweiii lu.i liii:.; i .-s. knows fiiil.ier -.l':!! no r.tfer he'' :!i^!it I'f ni.-taUrn j ':; :ent oi' lu'i; i;.; ii-.s lii> ideritli in |t:!)'!c life :.t:'! till' ei:il a e..;eer .vl'lih represent'; l.i.s life's wor!;. Seldom iUi>-i auy i; ir.t in atiy wall; of 'if'- have great T rls-io!isil)i!il!es iiri his shoul- liei.: il:;!:; a diploieni wli n l !i-e Is J'.iiv ie:i| iroulile between liis. eO.inUy and the country to whom l-e is aeereiiited. I SEN ABE HELPLESS AS CHILDREN When Taken Snddcniy III—Here Is a CouiKKiu-.scu^c Safeguard. Big, strong man is as. a helpless infant when he is suddenly ill. "The sturdiest ciiap in town usual! loses \v.6 self-ionLrol, and is ulterly uni'.b'.e to ic^aid iiU c '.i5 .dii!oa with the common ."^ente that cliaracterizes hi.s eveiy-day actions. » . Kor exaulple: lie comes hom^ired i ais a heavy dinner and sits down to :c.i;l and Eir .ohe away a quiet eve'nlng Si'iiiic.iiyihe notices a weight on hi .-to;j,.'.c;i; tnen shar;> luiins around his l:cart, and'a feeling of suffocation 'I liougiua of "heart disease" rush ov er iiini, and in his agony lie fears the werst. H!s trGub:t was aeaie indigestion brought on by overlo;;dinK his tired stomach. .\ couple of Uexall Dyspepsia Tab lets might have given him relief— might have tavcd him hours of sii^f- ferlngr tairy a jiacUage of Rexall Dyspep .;;ia Tbiets in your vest puket or kroi tUtm in .voiir iioai. Take one after each heavy meal, ata ward off indi sestion. Rexai! Dyspepsia T;:Mets relieve s'oinaeh trmibles by aiding nature to : tlplily those tlemeuls, tiie absence of •.\hicli in tlie ga.-tric juiie.- ctiuscs in dlge.sHim and dyspepsia. Tl'ey lend t< aid the siomneh to dige.-i all kinds of iiioil anil to quickly cnnxeri it into rich red blood. We know what He\!:II I)yspe|>sia Tal'iiis «ri; iind what tiie.v will do. W ^•iiaiantei' them to j^elie >e inili ;;esf Ion and dyspepsia. If tluy i:iil we will leriiml your money. Throe size-;. 2."> cents, ."o cents, and $1.10.^ Sold only at our stores or by mail. Kenieiulier, you can obtain Uex- .I'l Krmedies in this coiumiinity only a: ciir stori"—The Uexall Store, liiir tells Drug Store, West Side Square. SUPPER PAID FOR ITSELF one who can keep tli grouch. • Oecasionaly P- man l!\u;t.^ up aloud ^hirt when he v .:ni ;s lo <>ii a bold front. \ The sticr;ess of your aim may de- -.ei'd ii|)on the tr.rg't. It 's iniieii las- •er to hit a cow than a ralniit. If a iiiHn iliscovers a far-away look in Ihe .-"ves of a wo:iian he is tryini: •.<\ ;:;lk to i'«.'s up to him to say good- . bye. The,!r.:'.n wife thinks he je i merely a piece rf fnriiiliir.' to lie sat • upon is en; a lot i-ore sympa- ' thy than lie gets. on his IJKF^KS (OLD IN I'EW HOIHS. -.e-.en:! Ho^es IVill .Snrely End Ihe .11it>t Se\ere (irlpiie Jlis.-'rj. KKKI KCTIO.VS OF A H.VCIIKI.OK. I'rom the .XewYork Press. Th ' only one who loveili a cheerful is liifliself. ^ What makes a .iiirl's hair curl so M;i »vra!ly. sh" s:iys it does. It's so easy to liav.' an opinion on eny question tli.»l mos; p-ople hav- it vTcng. - AVithout title or lre.isiiri> a woman c!in make out soimhow: but wiihout a '•• I ieiiM-er "I !iOW. A woman c.'.n tell you what tli" baby Is lr.\iii^- lo say li iter ili.ui ilie baby cniiiil if he km'W how to talk. Talking about growing old, just b"- :e.ise you haiipeii to be fifty or sixty r something like that: Consider Dr. yman Abbott, seventy-eiglu years Id and the viliior of the (luilcok. 'oing good,' vigorous, i-ffeeiive wcrl. very day of his life. That is the way o grow old. A Canadian paper offen-d a prize for the beh! (ifitiwer lo the quest!fi!i. "Why 1 voted uguinsi reciprocity'."' and the winning essay contaiug hJK^ily BUSgegtlvc and lllumlnatlni-. sentence; "The DehiocralB will shortly be In power in the Slates. They are pledged for a low-r tariCI'. Then we shall pet all we are now offered, and In return v. ill r ••icele T-othiiii:," Ue- memberli'p that i; wriilen by a Canadian who was :r.ial!isi reciprocity that senience vill r ally bear reading tv.Ice. P. S. And it wouIdnV do Jiny particular harm to'^ui It out and paste it in your bat wbere it will be The Lawrence .Tourn::! iiieludes a :nusli factory" as one of the new eii- .•ri '-'T '-s achieved by the historic ciiy '.urins the past yrar. K\ery little it addrd lo wl:a; you have got iniiKes •ust a little bit more. - . \ n roimiy I'oiiltiy Siiow next U'.u'Mer Mnnt Ad.-s net the I51z. "Excuse me, I'm in the wrong room." was the ajiology with which •.i Pittsburg hotel thief got safely away from apartments in which someone \.:!S found awake; but he got in the ight room often enough to accumu- ':.'.e $12.").00 during one busy night. Washing Clotfes Not Hard V/ork ^Vhen You Use Persil , You don'^have to rub, nor ! scrub, nor use iny addi- I lionai soap or soap powder » .1 1 .! ^vh'-n ycu use PersiL Just The Ottawa Herald cel"brate(i t:." ; . . _ • Of course the snow is perfectly lovely and all that; but there is real-_ y no law against shoveling it off t!" j sidewalks,—particularly when it b'- j • ins lb get sloppy. V-w Ye-ir by getting cvt a sixteen; sn_:k vour clothes over edition in which the progress | ni,-*'}!! and bo.'i th 'jiii in'.^'atcr he town has made dnrii;.t; thr SOftClK-d V.'ilU Pcr.Sii for xas attractively set forth fifieun inic.utes and your wasl'iiwi- done. Too much gold may be the c.-.use j Poi ail s.ri 'cy tiinc, b.bor, (f high prlees, but It i.-=ii'r a very eom- 1 c!:)th :'.S li 0 d •nun coiupluinl when the blliii come, j jj j,^ any -^V/i^:^^ cases necessity i h i r i n'^ I'OINTEI) I'AKAJiKAI'lIS. J il 1 r I n ij a From I1:P rhicaeo .N'ewn. ' - 1 l>o your best and let It go at th :.t i 'AaSHU OlHPn. Cupid doesn 't pay juiy alK ii'loii to O 11 e pnciC* a flaif of truce. ' o i? P V I' ' I A man never knows wV .ai he can '* ^ »> i . i do until he Jries—or yhom. I .'fe has tnany shadov .-s - but most shadows' are due to sunshir .e. C '^t in 1nnch with great Onanciers i if they will stand for the touch. . si ^ Our Ilea of a truly great man is At .ill Oroccrs, g e V. pro'i'c tiiis. 10c Pape 's Cold Compound i.s tlie result of three .\i:iis' research at :i cost of ! more than fi :fy tliousanil dollars, and j .ontains no quinine, which ^ve have ' eoi :eliisIvely ricnionstraleil is'not ef- ! :'e(iive in the Irealiiient of >olds or It is !' positive fHct that a dose of P .;;ie's Cold Comiioiind. taken every •vii heiiri- u'i ;i! tliree consecutive ilo--es are taken, will end tin; .griiqie •.ni! iip tl'.r- most sevure cold eitlier in tye head elies;. baijk stom- liuii S or :inv oi llie" body. U proiuii'ly reii'M's the most niis- •lalile ac;-;.'fp. ilullne.^-. head and Te .-e :• unfed li.i. fe verish .'iesSj sneez- •v .'j. .-o:!' i:,ro:it., running of l-ie ndye. :i'.iii()iis caMrriial iliseharge .<ij sor<- uess Kti :''iiess and rlieiiiiiatic twinges. Take 'A-' !i::riiiless coinpiiiind as di:.(ii'(l vi ;i' I'1 know lei!i;e th:»t Iheii is no olli. ;• meili-liii. iirule ajtywhe:i e'fe in t!,e worlil, wl.ieii w'lll cute yoer e •' ' 1 r e ;i .I ;;rlpr'e iii^-ery as Iirniii|.! ;• : I 'd wiiiM 'ii' a'l .v odnT a-- -Istanec or !•:.•! aller-effi as a • rl peek:!'.;" of P;'i'.''s Cold Coin- •ie .;t:(l v, hlrh :M:y druggist In the 'vi -rUI e.M; Mipply. '/ >^Avi: VK(.'KTvi:;.KS vxwyv roi,». V I.Nf <if Conimodiiies and !,inv Ten;- l>ej<r!Hres They cnn Stu.'id. — In vi'w of the fact that t 'i"> local •venilier offic" r( reived TnanyJnquir- ie.:; immediiuely after the publication of the prediclion of tl'.e r.-cent cold wave in regr .rd to th-' temp^'ra 'ures .which CPU b" V.iiii .stood bv Jifferrnt fruits and ve!r<^t:!li!i -3 withoyt damage, dota sieured from a '.bulletin i.--.sued from the Weather Rureau on "Protection of Food Products From^ Injurions T .'mneratur-^s" shpuld b"' r.f esiK 'cial in;eres( and value :;o farmers and fruit raisers. If everV rais.^r •Mid of freit ::cd vegetables v.ere well versed on the teniperi'.tures \"!iieh damage different products, he "ould be enabled by rcison Qf the (••let that Ihe weather biirej.n fore- easts n cold wave several hours before it^ aj;.rival, to guard his i ^mperty fro III Injury. Observer Ho'comb is Tilways g'ad to give such information •vvhei! asked, but ii reference to. Ihe following- list of fruits, vegetables, ;'nd different commodities, \rill giv-? ro- only aceurt'te informnttnn. but will save ii<'in and trouble wlien it is I'esired to know liow low the t^^mper- tatiire nr:sl br^ to Ihem injury: .\;i;;!"s. in barrels, otherwise un- '••rotectcd, d"grefs; in barrt^ls in or dinr.ry freight car. 10 degrees;, in bar reis In refrieeratcr car. UI jleirrees. Ap:'les loose, 2S; aptiTe.s loos^ in or- dit!:-:-y freight car, l ."i: loos-, in re- fritierator car. . Banp.iias unpro- f 'et .ii. r <i; in ordinary freb .;li* ear Cabbiig'. i;;ected •!'>• in or- 1 difary frelg '-.t e .-»r 'J(i; in refi1^;"r:i 'or i car, zero. Kggs, b;irrel<d or'cnteil.: ; ur.proteiteil. :{ii; iu ordlii :iry fr -Milit 'e ^ir. 'ZU- ill r. frigerator car, zero.' , Ml 'k. iinprr 11..]. ;!j; In orliwiry freight ext. •_••>': In refrlge7,.,.,or car, /'•ro. f >'iii.!'-', nniiro'ei led H'l';,' in or- di:;iry tnlelit e;,r, In refrf:''"i'lo:^. (-.•r. /.I ro. p. :•<•'' •. fre:.|i. lii'b.'I'' ((il'-rwls.- er.r -'if. e<. (I. 'Vt; III orili!':';^- fre|:-lit car. '.": in ijefr'frn n- mr, 111 Irl>.!t 1" -1 ti i:iiprol "C- e'. I','!; ill erdin: IV i •;'.•;>' er^r. :'">: l<v ri f ri-:- iT .-tor f:.r i". S'-'-r" ; r.m'ii.-^s. i:-1 rot < ii-i'. .'i r)i Mii-.rv freight r-ir. Clever Trick by Which LIszt and Ru bini Packed House for Their Second Concert. An article in an Italian reviev.- contains ajo interesting story of Liszt the composer, and RubinJ, the tenor Touring together, they visited a town where a great financial success was expected. But they -were disappointed! for when they entered the hall they found only fifty persons present. Rublnl was furious, and said he —f -wMuld not sing; but Liszt Calmed him. "You must elng," ho said; "this small audience Is evidently composed of musical connoisseurs of the town, so we .slyould treat them with respect. Liszt set the example with a grand overture, and Rtibinl sang to perfection. Li.szt gave another piece, and then addressed the audience. "Ladies and gentlemen," he said. "1 ;hink that you have had enough music. Allow mo to ask you to take a little supper with us." The invitation accepted, and Liszt and Rublnl entertained the audience to supper at their hotel, .at a cost of twelve hundred francs. When the guests separated tiio hosts thought the affair had been a Joke about which nothing more would be heard, but they decided to gijc their coucert as advertised on the following night. To their astiii.iihment the hall was packed; there w;is no standing room. The whole town had turned out on the chance of an Invitation lo supper. —.\llen County Poultry Show .Ian. !i, 10, 11, 12 13, IIerni:m Kue 'lit who iias been here to attend the house p.\rty given by Fred Apt, returned .last night to his home in Osawatoniie. tops og' Slo:in'.s Liniment, fjiven in the f'jcd (5r a little milk, wiil kill hoj cliolora germs in.stantly. TIic liniment h a pttwerful anti- sen *'c and never fails v.hen gi-v'cn in time. Here's Proof. Mr. H. T. Ill-1'.SUN. President Star Pul)!is:]in_T Co.. Slieiby. X. C, WTites: '• I h::d two pigs with what export judge; called choiera. A friend .sii ;;g^sted ti'a use of Sloan 's Uiiinier.t. liut when I rtp.:; cd home 'vitK a bottle r,ne \n% was dead. I dosed the ether v.itii Sl-jan's Lini- latnt. ,;ivcii in n.:!!,. and he recov- trsd. .Hi: now;lis 130 ibs.. arc! is as .sound us a dollar. I am satisfied tliat your linimen; turned the Uick." THE NEWTON : • MILUNOWWiraj '. > -COMPAW — I ! •''£>VJ 0 N.KA 1<5 A 5- Reyt Lump Goal—delivered anywhere in city. U. S. Patent and Fidelity Flour, to dealers onlv. Feed, Bran, Shorts, Oil Meal and Alfalfa Feeds. 100 pounds per sack—guaranteed weights. Uew.Qn M\iim^ & Oevator Co, I PHONE 157 Willis Pereaii, Agent THE NORTHROP NATIONAL BANK lOL.V, u.iNSAS OVKK KOKTY YK.VKS OF CONSIiKV.VTlVK n.VNKIMJ IN lOL.V DrpiMlory for (lie Inited .Stales, .Sink" of Knn.sis, and Allen County 0 FFI(I;KS: I.. I.. .N'OKTllRi;P, President I), p. .\ORTHRUP. 2nd V-Pres. F. A. .NOliTllKUP. Vice-President iMELVlN FRtliNK. Cashier. U. J. COFFKV. Assistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Interest Taid on Time Deposiis Safety Deposit Bo-xts for Rent lOUU BL'.SI>K.S.S SOLICITED. 2X£ Highest P^arket Prices For Hides and Furs. Also Fine Lump Coal for sale at L. KRUPFS JUNK YARD Phone 314 JSieifQ is OcaSy Qne Thai is USES Tt :E VICIILD OVER TO CURE A COLD IN OM:: DAY. .\l'.v.-iys remember the full name, tor sij.n!atnro on every bos. Lonk mm .n rnfr:! car, zero. •or v\'T. !•>. Tu '-nl -is. : i:i crdinury ' freight Miss .Vor- Flr .-inoi- "in'.. Tif r;,-. . niite. and John R. llnffmnn. of Iol>. wer»» married in the nrobatt? court rTMirlor this morning by Judge J. B. Smith. r, should ai\v:iys bti u>.-»d as a preventive of hojj ch <)lcra. Mi;. C :nRl .r.: Itoui.i-!'.. Rorkville, Iv.d.. writes : ''My n<;=;.'.',!f,rs' le>(p •.\.\ around .-nc ^^• i-.-i i< li iliobra, I 'lr I'kiiit i.'iiie Weil by hiii .iii '.s I .liiiinent :i: a pit v <.-ai..;i-. •," %\tic\a\ d!r«*clIon» with •very BOe. itr.rl % 1.00 bold?. Slo*n't (dvlcr on hofMt, hot* and poultry 'rco. Addreu Dr. Eari S. Sloan, 1 {est fur ANtliiiiii, Catarrh, Hroneliitis Why need suffer from ary hroat or nnse trnubles wlien -ooiUlnc; lealini; nVO .MKI Is Knaianteed to ban ^ii all iiiiser.v or'money baek. "Tl.c iiiider-lKned l.erewllh reeniii- iiends IIYOMI'M to all wiio are affile I Willi asilima, ea'arrli, or bronelilt!'--. lYO.MKI was used by my wife ri r j roneiiitis and astli.nia and I used it I or b:one!;:tis and sore throat. ' 1 It has civen relief and permanent estilis and I write these few lines for he benefit of all who are afflictfd vith the ailments ninnrd above." Theodore Boelilan. Traffic .Manager of he Concordia Pnb'ishin.g House Cor. lefferson .\ce. ann .Miami St.. Concor- lia. Kas. .Ian. 2nd. l!>n. C. 15. Specer & Co., and druggists everywiieie ell HyoniFi. .^.A. complete outfit in- Indin.g inhaler eosts $1.00. Extra irttlles if needed 50 cents. Jn-t ij; eathe it. roim GniTiiBs miicir vmnsn A >(arinless Remedy, Made from. Garden Sage, Restores €o1or to Gray Hair. Masterpiece of Advertising. A phy.sician of Montpelier, France, |^ was in the habit of employing a very ! I '>r ingenious artifice. When he came to a <own where he was not known, he pretended to have lost his dog, and ordered the public crier to offer, with beat of drum, a reward of 23 louis ta whomsoever should bring it to hhn. 'The crier''took care to mention all the titles and academic hgnors of the do tor, as well as his place of residence. He soon became the talk of the town. 'Do you know," says one, "that a famous physician has come here, a very clever fellow? He must be very rich, for ho offers 25 Iduls for finding his dog." The dog was not found, but patients were. CEXTRAL AVEMK. .\ feeliiif: of sadness areompanies the •i '•"•., ;y ),i ihe fir.-t ^r;!.v hairs, wliieli, i::'.fi>r',.iiiiat! ly. are lo.ikc.l ujien as lier- .-.his of advanein;: a^-e. Oay hairs. • :>.wevi.r. .".re not nlwa.vs an indication ' f .•idvaneiii.i,' .i.c-. fer ai.-in.v people have irr.i.v liiiii--; <|iiiie earl.v in life. Of eniirse. i; is iinnKte.ral, antl ia.lieatvs tb:it there !-: sonielhiiig •.vron;: with the inilivi'liial, :;i!d that Nature neiils assistaiue in 1 ••rreetins the treiible. The same is true r hair that e..nstantl.v falling out and niing lliiaiier every day. If every- fhins i.s r;---!it with .Vatiire. the hair. 1 vea in eoiiin.iratively clilcrly ,ieoiilp. lii'iild bo I '.-.ij:. tl'.iek .111 (1 glossy, with- (.•itt even a ^.II •eak of ?r;iy. Tlv i (Ji- il assistant to Nature in re- .-t'-it;; ;iail the \hair is \Vy. !!:"•; Sji^e iind Stili'hur Ilah- R.-m: 'y. a clean and wholesome riressinjj .••r i !;:ii.v use. It not only removes ': :!(ir;ifr. but strensthens weak, thin rl r:Ilin;j hair and promotes its :.-;"V .-|h. .\ few attsdieatlons will re- lore failed or gray hair to its natural . ..lor. Oi.'t a bottle to-day. and let it do for V..11 what it has done for thousands of .•.\\>-r<. 'l!;:s prep>aration is offered to the :.':'.lio S.X fifty cents a bottle, and is recc:,itneii.7i.(! and ."old by alt drnsffists. i Speci.-il Agent—S. R. Burrell .Ian. 2.—School started Monday al- '. tern week's vacation. I .1. .1. Townseiid anil family hti-.e The Hidden Tabernacle Xo. 2 cele- moved on the Russell llotttnstein brated the .New Year with a reception farm. ' ' at the home of Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Bass, .Mr. and .Mr-. Kos>^ .MIna<cJi ealle 1 N">""' dreel. ThiH pjeeptlon was It liov .'iCnniehH .Siindaji'^venlnK. threefold nature, l^lng the birth Mr, and Mrs. Khrl Overboil .spent "f Airs. Ha»!: and the Mnd anniversary Sunil:.y evenUijj wlili Mr. and Mis. .1. II. I.a-h. .Mr. and Mrs. Overiiolt b I'iti'.-i!:iv lor Ciiloiaiid !i> make their •'ullire ii'ii;e. .Ml.-s Kiitjr- Still.\'''e -i:ent vaeaiii n week wTlh Ilia Town-end. iif her marriage. The membcnt of the iirder lo which .Mrs. Rass is an ac:l\e meii:b.i spared no pnlns to make this rvci'iitiiin one of the best. The ho'ise was beautifully derorated with the c^ilor.s of the order. The hours Karl MinnU-ii visited at Ros.s Min- f''""' 2 p. m. until 11 p. in.. More !•• i'.- Sirir -.v. Mr.-and .Mrs. R II. Hottenst.-Tlb and . than one hundred guest.s called. Music was furnivhed from 2-to 4 p. m. by •l?ii-'.j'rs irteila, Adda and Vern Misses .Mildred Garner, Eureka SmUh callfd at .1. .1. Townsend's Sundav.r . Flossie Ewell. .N'aomi Burgess and .Mr. .M:. .'.rnold will have a .sale at his '•!"!''''l Wes 'oa; from 8:30 by the farm 'alf mile eiist of Central .\ve- ' Oichestra. until the close of. nue. Wedne-dav. .Ian. "rd. after whi'-h reception. The Doctor and bride he and his familv will leave for Call- ^'•••^ R^s?- woulib not care If their fornia to make tiieir future home. x i^"'"*^ -.iould look in this style every day !n ti:e year. .V very pleasant time Try the Begister Want ad "way. was enjo.yert by all. Several out-of- town guests were in attendance.

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