Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 23, 1974 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1974
Page 8
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Page Eight Court Docket City Docket Kenny Ray Knox, public drunkenness, $22.75 on plea of nolo contendere Frank Prater, Owen F. Townsend, public drunkenness, forfeited $22.75 cash bond Edward Smith, no driver's license, plea guilty, fined $12.75 Algie W. Aaron, driving while intoxicated, (out of town resident), plea guilty, fined $112.75 and 1 day in jail Morris E. Abner, Travis Bobo, Eugene Flesher, Horace Lacefield, Monroe Moore, Willis Scroggins, Edward Smith, driving while intoxicated, plea guilty, fined $112.75, ten days in jail and driver's license suspended for 90 days. If defendants take course on alcoholism offered by Red River Council, jail sentence and driver's license revocation will be suspended on good behavior Edward L. Sampson, expired vehicle license, forfeited $17.75 cash bond William G. Cox. reckless driving, forfeited $32.75 cash bond Richard L. Stroud, hazardous driving, forfeited $17.75 cash bond Betty Joe Bishop, disturbing the peace, forfeited $32.75 cash bond Steve Haddix, disturbing peace, transferred to Juvenile Court Jackie N. Logan, Petit Larceny, forfeited $57.75 cash bond Emerson Stewart, possession of intoxicating liquor for sale, plea guilty, fined $157.75 Emerson Stewart, possession of taxed beer for sale, plea guilty, fined $107.75 Emerson Stewart, possession of over amount of taxed beer, plea guilty, fined $107.75 Emerson Stewart, possession of over amount of intoxicating liquor, plea guilty, fined $107.75 Eddie L. McKnight, hazardous driving, tried on plea of not guilty; found not guilty Randall R. Odom, expired vehicle license, dismissed Stale Docket The following forfeited $29.75 cash bond on charge of Speeding: • Virgil Akers, Ricky L. Cox, Paul W. Delzell, Kelly R. Eakley, Albert E. Elder, Edison W. Fomby, Sam S. Splain George E. Green, James R. Malcom, Teddy K. Morgan, Tom C. Meriwether, Ronnie M. McMacking, Kathy D. McKamie, Tony L. Stroud, Randy E. Thomason Rickey L. Cox, James Mathis, no driver's license, forfeited $29.75 cash bond Frank W. Barrow, following too close, forfeited $29.75 cash bond Ed Johnson, J. C. • Peel, George A. Peterson, violation of Arkansas Hot Check law, fined $5.00; check and cost paid Frank E. Barnes, Raymond Wright, failure to answer summons, forfeited $48.75 cash bond Atlas Van Lines, Inc., driven by unauthorized person (2 counts), forfeited $74.75 cash bond (Same on both counts) Lloyd R. Sandusky, nonresident fishing without license, forfeited $49.75 cash bond Hulen W. Hammond, fishing without license, forfeited $49.75 cash bond Bill Harold Oliver, failure to stop at scales, forfeited $49.75 cash bond Jerry Lipps, Inc., improper lease, forfeited $197.25 cash bond Ella B. West, fictitious license, forfeited $34.75 cash bond Hunley Pet Foods, log book not current, forfeited $54.75 cash bond Babcock Canada, Ltd., J. A. Barringer & Sons, Direct Service, Inc., McNair Transport, Ouachita Nevada Treating, Ryder Truck Rental, Vasarette A Division of Mun- sing Wear, overweight, forfeited $49.75 cash bond Caravan Refrigerated Cargo, Dallas Hays Co., Rory W. Ray, Curtis Ray White, no authority with ATC, forfeited $197.25 cash bond Ella B. West, no driver's license, dismissed Dora A. Auld, Bertha M. Fielding, fishing without license, dismissed The world's largest dome is the l^oaisiana Superdonie in New Orleans. It has an outside diameter of 680 feet. IIOPK (ARK.) STAR \\nlncsdav. October 23. 1971 Chrysler, caught in squeeze, reports $ 8 million lose in third quarter fT (AP) - -Chrysler losses. nine-month earnings are $21.4 reported a loss. General Motors 1973. »„„„ , ln ._,M 0 t n ,.«,«„„,• «ojo ,-„ ouarter loss DETROIT (AP) - Chrysler Corp. has reported a third- quarter profit of $11.2 million in U.S. and Canadian operations and increased sales revenue worldwide. But the firm wound up losing $8 million for the quarter because of overseas losses. The North American profits were offset by losses totaling $19.2 million overseas, Chrysler said. The figures announced Tuesday show Chrysler still in the black for the year so far. The nine-month earnings are $21.4 million, an 88 per cent decline from $181 million a year ago, and a per-share drop from $3.42 to 38 cents. It was only the second quarter in 3' 2 years that the nation's third largest auto maker reported a loss. General Motors and Ford Motor Co. plan to report their third-quarter results next week. The loss came despite record revenues for the period. Sales totaled $2.8 billion, up from $2.3 billion for the third quarter of DS.GOVTCfUDED 1973. Trading of the firm's stock was temporarily halted on the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday. It closed at 10 3 i, a low for the year. Chrysler Chairman Lynn Townsend said the firm has been unable to recover $249 in material and labor costs added for each car since January 1972 despite price increases averaging about $1.000 since 1974 models came out a little more than ;i year ago. Townsend blamed the third- quarter loss, equivalent to 15 cents a share, on "a combination of decreased units, inadequate price increases and increased costs which have persisted throughout the industry during 1974." —Be a courteous driver. CHOICE U.S. Gov't. Graded Choice Beef ROUND STEAK FOOD STORES FRESH FROZEN MEATS Fres Shore Breaded Shrimp M5: 99c '•Pkg. «7%fC I Pricei effective ' rhroirf.fi Sunday, I October 27 in your HOPE Storti Quantify I rijhlj reserved. CepyriiM 1974, Th«| Kroger Companv. •*»«? M. «|<» 1 ....,<W* Only beef which has been examined for texture, color, maturity, marbling, bone structure and other quality features by an official U.S. Department of Agriculture grader can wear the U.S.D.A. Choice Shield. 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