Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1912
Page 3
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1 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING^ JANUARY 3,1912 On Coats, Suits, Furs and Blankets. Warm Winter Goods of All Kinds that will please you. TRADE WITH US and we will SAVE YOU MONEY lldi East RICHARDSOF^ lis East Madison I j Pay lessforGroceries 1 1 P£ RS 0 N I S 11 ji Start the new vear ri^ht i i I 1 Start the new year right by trading with us. i 1.-, !hs Siif.-a N- 1 1 111 111 I'dt ai....- !•• 1" I .IMS Cdrti l.'X' U' c.'lis ("r^n !IOc 1 ;i: T . :i>i- S.V Sii'ail To'vi-. vT . :!'is l!ril;ir: U' laiis ili.n; i::y . iHIc " runs Klliit ;'. ( ans I'lirk i Ii, :i:'.s •-'.•iP 3 litns n >>'i r < . :! !:iip«=- < Ill's siiiull i:i!!s Illf •• W'-.a " ) 1, ^ : • •.! i :!:.(• •' 1 n - I..:!.-) tile M.S. :: 1! s •J.-ic . . -.'.'.I- (1 7 ll> l-'i;i!(. 1 ill'. •.':.<• •.'.•.II . ;.- •.'.-.«• :: i:;v \,.., I.:.::-,- |,!.;r f • l;;-::.-! '.•:•.•[ (I: i:s -JUc , ; •• I;, •j:..- 1". !...:-s i. !••• S-.T .-.He 7 IMP.-I .-'iiti (ij- \ S .;i'i '.'.•«• i: Wl.i'.- •J.-i.^ ViVi-.)' I.:; r .iu, • r :':,< ". ;!.-•. SI ••.VI il •JII,- I.-M ;-,- i;. i'l ;>ii.-i Illc 1 S;l l.-.iii. ^•l.•k Si 11 .•'.n.. •.'.-.r .'••(•::'; •; • .vt<- 1-;l;"n;M T-a. (;:n ;!->v. il.r T. ^ ]••<••••.] (:.i|. 1 •i:<:; irkjrs. \-.:-: •::<v :• Mriii;'.. •_»:.!• ;; b..-M:": • .'. !MI \' • ."Iti-i ' • > 1 *1.. O ). r, - v:.'^.-. Mi; i ;... • II ( : '. '1-1" >«."i,- CiO.T Vi':- nUi;:: <;,il. • N ;': :• It). .I.-- V 1" il,. i-r.U -i.'I V I'.'c (.in K. I ' ! 1' !• •111,. 1 llis y'.iJri •V"f M.s !-"'-<i:i C: ;i<-k,i = r'.-.«' I'M jii. l'..N-fr;. •liprs , :. \h>. IVi!" 1 •.r <i (;.'ii' l" il,.:. !'.:••,. 1.:.!-.! •I ;i, Kir It i .-• ' fi .'iC ' *MU' •. 1. ,. ' 1 ^ \LI. K i N i'ls Mr. and Mrs. C. H. FerBUson. of • •.') South Htato street, are the par. .' a iliiiiphtpr. Iiorn yosierUay. - C% Monpy. R. S. Cnnningham. r.,; Irwin l.ift this afternoon for! \'i-i.'is, .\f\v .Mr.xico, whero lio will j !.• i"<ir Koiiic tiiin- on business in j (•..;.:;.i'liuii wi'.li a liig real c-iiale deal.) i —Dr. Liivy y[. Ilnll, Osteopath. Tell plione 120 and 6C1. U. Ilradley. who ha.s Iieen hpre (•7i i>iisini.-^s and lor a visit with j 'lis (lurlrp: ihe iiast srvcral days.' w l.^avp in tin- i.iornins for lii.s lioiiie il, ^ ;ill.v:i:.-r, Okla. . I Just received a shipment of New 1912 Dress Ginghams in plain colors, stripes, checks and plaids, price 10c a Yard See North Window. MMSAYS - nr. IIcMlllpn. Phonrs tS Md I f'-i'ialn II. A. KwliiK wr-ni to lulL •.mil I'inr^ f-'i- a sliort vi.->lt on I T W. )'.ii'.--.':i ntuni.'d last n^'lit J I fimi Iowa, wlioii' 111' has lii-en fur j past M'vi'ral day. on liiisiiii'ss The gnnie between the Yates Center and tola h.igh school girl's basket ball teams bag been postponed land the boys of the Y. M. C. A. are ! making an effort to arrange a game ' with LaHarpe high school for c pre- llniinary to the Claj' Center-Iola contest tonight. The roMttiien arc itiithorlty for the HiatonuMil that thert; have been more sirnnRiMM In lola thU wlnii >r .than there has Ix'i'ii for niitny winters jiaxt, and ll IK tiroliahty true. u» the pust- iiien linve ti iiiucli heiter npimrtunlty for nlwiTvntion In this partlt'ulnr than nnyliody I'IB ''. Many "f HK " B'rnnprprs nr.! »li<iNe who liavi; removed to this tlly H'cently. .lerry TJetlwell ramn down from Kan.saK rity fhl.s nfternoon for a brief bli.slni'..'8 visit. Mrs. Harvey RldRe and Frank M. Green leff last night for I.#on. Kansas, callpd there by the sudden death of their brother. AV. N. Green. il. H. Funk returned thl.s afternoon from a business visit of several days In Stigler, Okla. Tiie minimum temiieraiure of this morning, II degrees, was reached aliout eight o'i'loek. jhc mercury stand ing stationary at this point until 11 o'clock. This is very unusual, as the minimum teniperalure of the day us- iially opiurs jiist before siinrlRe. Snow fell in Hurries both yesterday and today, but the amount, was nothing more tlian a trace. • The Clay Center boys, who arc to play Ijaslxet ball again.>;i tin' lola hiKli sclinol team tonight, arrived this af- i ternoon, and visited the high school jthis afternoon. Tlieflay Center lioys are nl*oui of the .same .'•i^ie as tlif boys of the lola live, -and if aiuiear- anee counts for anything they are good, clean sjiorts* as well as good I b;iskot ball jdayer.'!. Fon .5:.\Li':— fioon MII-CH cow- just fresh: C2.'5 S. Walnut. Mi-i?. \V. P. Dell wlio lias been visit- in:; with n'lalivoa in Cciipva P'turned hon;,' tills morning. Miki' I.<'onard who bus been visiting bis parents in Chicago for th' |ia'»( two Weeks n-turnrd home .ihlf i-i'i': liiioli. WORK FOR JHMY CXMPflGN loIjinR Held XriPtlnpt In Hnmholdt, Channtfe and tiarnett lest^rdajr. >< "Workers In the local Men and Re- llgton Rbrward movement went to 0arnett ,7 Humboldt and Chanute yesterday, 3ind held meetings with th-? end in view of arousing inter />8t in tlie Movement nnd of Inducing these cities to:^send delegates to,the Eight- day cun^inlgn of th(> local .Movement, which ift'to begin next Hunday. Rov. I. n. Prnther. J. W. Jiihnson. and K. V, Uerrij-held a moetlng In Garnett; Rev. John Price and K. N. Jones held n meetlifg in Chanute; :ind Rev. W. H. Shults find R. H. Bennett held a mnrtlng' In Humboldt. Kvcry one of the thrfjo meetings was n decided success,^ nnd much enthusiasm was arouseilJ among those Interested in the movement. In the threo towns the intention was expressed by those lnterest>>d of organizing branches of the mof^ement in those cities, nnd of sending^ delegates to the eight-day campalK nhere. tt is probable also that en^h of the three cities will send delegatus to the boys' convention, which neglns hero Friday night and continues over Saturday. > 1 BALKED BY A BRONCHO. Ilnnk UobhprV Ifnrse Rnckpil and a ' ; Crowd Got Him. jr.y (III* .AssiM-iati'd {"rrssl . Tulsii. Okla., Jan. 3.—A man entered theibank of Bisby fifteen miles soutbe;jst of here, held up Cashier Lipscomb today and secured seven hundre'd doll.irs. He rushed out and mount^ a Texas broncho which be pan bucking. The man was pulled from his horse by a crowd, and found to be .0. C. Brock, dishwasher in a Bixby restaurant. He was placed in jail. . BRI!ST0«- H.IS >E>V BILLS. ritini: KMHI:: V,' . :iluay- •!:>. MM 1.,.; .1-, I -'^'M-. y..;- ,, U'l-l-i'li f-.-ai-. W.ii'-- .»•!.. <.r •[•;:!•!'•' I'M. ' l.ifl \. iVil.'f tl r' r. ;•;!> k i I'.r.i'.iUU: .1 •i-k |."li';^. .\il k >i.:i.-i :|:'i' - DR. 0. L. COX. Oculist. .^i|•s I': W . .MyliT. rtiiiiily Mi|iiTiri- I..'M:II'| IS iti .Miir.ii) >i:iU>>, iii'iii'ii- i;,:; .-rljcols. V (• I!. f?ai'ni '-r arid dmiulii-'r .MS i.iiiiTli'. ulio'liaie liccn \ islnii.i; ill I.av .T ,>ni e during llie liolidays. ;\I.; lionif ye^^terday. -l)r. Wlri, O -Vilpopaih. Tel »88. l-:ii!a I'owell, who has Iieen in • fill a \i<il willi .Mi.-s Dni.^illa •• . r.tiiir.«=i'. i'onip yesterday. .•Mlornry (1. I!, (ianl Is in Tnpeka ul'.'MiliU'f; si:iii'i'i!w. cniut. - Ired RoT^den. Tcrtod Decorator.! i':;i :>i. :sr,. y.r and M!-=. .1. .1. Maii.r.ev. nf -112 S ir 'i ^n-fi;. are til... prill r>( a t:irl : 'iiornini:. FIT Nic-e youn^ horses and i.'i' .- a 'i.-.rsajn at niy one r:..)< t: .-! ri julil. .lohn T .Wood. X:-- .\;\-,- i-,a!!anl:ir of Iluirilioliii i : "ll- :•!:'. fi.r a \i-it Ai;!i .Mr. an;! !•, i: nnni. ' - .".-n.I til.' .\!:,'ii n.-inty P.-iiiI;ry .'-•:•( ... .}:!n. :> Ui }?. ii:r!ii>ive. Stalks returned ycster- ••.\ ,"•(••.•••> CiiaTiTire. w.'iiTi' slie has ln'on f" • 1!-;: \vi;ii .Mi-? Luui.-e VeDowi-lI. ;;n(l Mrs Frf-il l-'leii;ini;. of Cof, \ . . \'?:t,-ii inr- vist'.r'la.v v.illi • • ! .. .\!'.. I'.loml, <)f Sci;:!i • --:t will i,e to your interest fo buy '< ::• l-"i()i:r an;! Feed of II. Klaiiiaafin, I. .Jeff T.-f^n. I'lione 2.'>9. ( .^I;>. ("!i:r')r.! i;i:i!.iil ,'S Ir!' iixlay fo;- j nklal.iiiaa (';:y ! M - a Inii-l' vi.-il wiili i f-iriic!.- : I C . ("iiiiiiltliii lifl llii.< .'ifii'mooii : for points ia \Vi SUTII l-'.ai'.sas on bii.'-iiK ss. i .Miss Il'rairi' .MeClinlofk Ii'ft yes• I'Tday for Kiiieaid for a visii of sev- rral days \vil!i irii'iids. .hhit ('roue, of Top'k.-i, v.lio ha.s lieeii IKTI ' for a visit w.ili lii;-, sister Mr.<. Carl .V'a'i r.!iirn<"I to liis lioir." j yi.s("i\lay. ci-AY ri:\n;i{ BKAT «ANHIHHX Some of the Important Mpnsnres HP • Has Introduced. • iliy the A.s.'joclnted I'rcsn) Wa^ington, .Ian. 3.—Senator Bristow today introduced bills which vitally affecting competition in rail and wafer transportation. The first would •irovitfe 8 line of steam ships through M;e rranama Canal to Central and South-* America. The second wouU' •niienil Ihe Interstate Commrree law> n prevent any rnllrnad having an in- ""ri'fT. In eoiiiiii'ilng steamshij) eom- >."inlef:. i':-aiii >VI;lcli Meets lolii Touiifiit Kea I ni\ersll} KreshieN Ii to 27. Mi;5s riara Harri.s lias return.'ri from a visit with hir iirolher. I'erl Harris, and f.-imily, of Hi rin.sion, Kas. Frank Root.who has been home for a vacation visit with his parents returned to his studies at Jfanhatfan, today. .•N'oiiilay nl;:lu tlie Cia;,- Center higl si'lKiiil liusket liall team ilef.'ateU tlii \Va>liliiiin Kri'shmen by tiie seore o 11 Ui 'Jl ami if ttiry {nn iii> th': brant of liusket bull they diil night they win uudouldodly win the stati lilgli seliool cliampionsiilp. according (o (lie Ciiiy ("enter Reiml'Hcan. Fol is tin fxtrtica from a:i articli in the Hepiiblican. "Tli:- hoys left on the noon tnilr for lobi wiii>re they yUiy Wednesda.» nf,i.-;;t. witli the lola lili^h ; ihooi, and fiiiiii there they go to Hiiffalo ii;!!' tiirn to Uaidwiii. The r!iaiJipio:is!i-i iif tlie sttite lies between thes'- tiirei .eaii'S and Clay, and >!iesp •,vill lie 'lie hard(»st games Clay h;is played sc f.-if. but If thev play Ihe brand of ball that has lieeome so familiar to •he basket ball fans here, there can '>e but one" result—Cay Center—the ^tfite Cham|)io:is for l<tl2. LAKlM .LKTTE WILL ALSO .STAY. Thp Jdeu of WtlhdniAiiiiK 'niic*^ no' Appi'nl to lllm. V 'n.v |ii,- -\Mmi,.|i>r>'il l'rf.»K) Cbfr.-igo. Jan- Without referrlnr to G.ivernor Osborn'a suggestion it hlij s-ocerb at I-anslnu. .Michigan, tba Sentiior l.aFoIlrifc withdraw from th* presiiJentinl race, the LuPollctte na tlona^ headquarters here today Issue;' a sta;ement declaring that LaKolIottc had ijiO Intention of withdrawing. . Judirp Swnyjip Also Kiin. ' my the .\.'<siiri:iti'il Wishlngton. Jan. 3.—The field o' candidates under considerat'on hy.thr Prestilenl for the vacaiicy in the Su- inen'i' Court bench ".vas enlarged 'today thy the unofficial announcement iba;4t?uarenie Court .lusti:-? Pwayzp of xSw Jersey is being urged far ap- lH)Inyment. .Jiifli Mfs. Maude E^lnston returned this afternoon from a visit of several days with friends in Garnett. .1 WIA A\D (;A.«iriTV. MMiiiN y\UM Ti> >n»vi. nun.. 'Iiieier nf Viidcr-i.ii ( oiiiil.i ( ii/jje» (!i I(da fci K'e«ide. \. llaii!i;i li'i; y.-.-ii-rday for Wil- Iiaru. Kai'-a?. for a liv.i-iiii'-s vis- vf.. ! li-iys, i!.', n I'lviitx -f'mil'ry .«'iriw at tlie ..• I'll" Mm; n>'\l wrek ,' ]'.• litis; lc;im h;i.-i niaili' J I MS Id i:i) 10 iiitawa Satiir- !ii..:lii for a K iiin' Vvlth llii' ti-aiii i-nv III a Vtailie here .\Iotl- i::t;li <li-l'Uli-d Ottawa. I) - T!..- M'-siiuil Pacific will liave on .!'.aa^iry rjtli, Htii and l."t!i : a.-'! •;]] liiki'I.-^ tu Denver. Colo., fur .Va"ita! ".Vi stiTU Stoek show at :''stnl Fto|i n\'T prlvll- .'_'>. i.'i itiitn to -l.-inuary ;:i;t. I'iaiiie it;". K IV .Mun^ir, ..\Bent. i..iae Stirtt ami faliiilv. Iiave ri- i-ii Ml I'll-: cily fiiijii O.-Jat" Cijiiiiiy . ad will iiiaki' tiieir liotne h'-n- in flit.Ill' at a M'siiienie in the 4 'iil hill k on Si-iiind street. - Till- lii'-r .'lUcU I r'•I v ne\' week. County Poultiy r,i,:i< ;i N< V : .'• • n i;, 'I. pi ;• rr -r .\iiil,-V,-nn .-i 'i!l'.''. l.i- lariii t'li,^.- ii,;;, >•.••' :()r a ill';;?,' ai'.il lot in l.-;;!. i!,- w.ii •< pvil'!:- siii,. a' ;,i.- :a:!.- alT !''. Ki'il ''' i :? |.''!!i;!y. •.•..-.i^ ID ',>!a :"i<i !•.;!:•. .'. 1; !i;ji:i>;:i "ili i ry •i,;e <:'li'. ll 'i - :'.f \<;ii\ ;-y '[c •-ade.i for is .! ii-; tin..- !f;,i(i;.-- ,. yy.g^ ,,,li„ 5;„ji,i,_ „lio lias lii.i.n , i.iai !!-.ii i'i;-;ii...>. -lii.aii' •! In.a. f,,,. .j ^j^j, tlie boiiday " [v. iier ihrtber. Mrs. Kaiina I.. Sinitii —TUe W. C. Teats Realty Co.. Kres.-; 1:rn.Ml vei^K^rdav to Kmporia. wl.i-ie «ld,T. OffiL-e room* 22 lu 24. ;. lie is altendinji sihool. HAIR WHITE AS SNOW Restored to Natural Color WYETIFS SAGE AND SULPHUR HAIR REMEDY ALMOST A MIRACLE My hair was «s white as snow when I commenced using Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy. One bottle restored my hair tp its natural dark brown color. As I am now 70 years old, X consiiSer the result most remarkable. It is an agreeable and refreshing hair dressing, keeping the hair soft •Dd gloasy* without being io^the least greasy or sticky. WM. WESTLAKE, aiO West Maic Stteet, Rochester, N. Y. SnrOKINC MEAT THE NEW WAY. You don't need a emoke ( part the rich aroma and delicate flwror of hickory <aBoke to the meat, keeping it soond, sweet and irseet free Indclinitdy. Bold for 15 years all ovier-U. B. and Canada. Get the ccnuina. Fully Guarantewi. Sold only in sauare quart bottles -with metal cap. Ask Modeoalyby J E.H. WBICBTCO.. - - KAMSASCnrT. HO. Sold pud GnanwtMd br Special Apeq^S. «. Burrell - T!;o::e Hi.s 20c Meal? Monty's , Cafi'. I — I Harvey Heller returned this morn• ing from Cberryvale. where lie went .Monday to attend a bouse party given by Harry Raymond to a numlii-r of bis fraternity brothers. Mr. Heller will visit here the remainder of the wei'k hi'fore returning to his studies ar K- C- >trs M. I.. Prall and Mr. U M. Pr:;ll. of Muskogee. Okla., are in the ritv for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. r. J. McClelland. Mr. Prall will leave this, <»vcnlng for Kansas City, where lie will attend schooL Mrs. Prnll will ren^afP h«re for wreral dajrs. Why hesitate when WYETH'S SAGE AND SULPHUR HAIR REMEDY ia daUy proddcinf lost SBch nsalts? After years of study and analysis of the hafr, we have been able to produce an ideal Hair Tenlo and Restorer, which con)^s an actual constituent of hair, combined with ^redients of recognized merit for treatment of hajr and scalp diseases. It . makes and keeps the scalp dean and heidthy, gives life, strength and lustr* to the |>air, and ' Restores Gray H^r to Natural Color Wo matter bow lone jand thick sroar hair is, .WYETH'S SAGE AND SULPHUR HAIR REM. EDY wiU make it longer'and thicker. It win re- mo^, every trace of dandruff in a few Jays, atop falling in one week, and ttart a new growth in firom one to tliree months. I . Gnaranteed to be as Kepresentcd or Money Uefmiiled AT ALL DKUGOISTS ft (fMMl SOo. in atMwa SOc. AND 11.00 A BOTTLE Wyefli Cbemtcal Company, *""?^.?SS?L« «.» I nLt ua this atfvsrtlsemaat wttti lOe ia sCamy te i»wm C. R.. Spencer « Co, CANADIAN HOSPITALS SAY ^Pe-ru-im'Gives jSpIendid Rp^ults for Colds and Ciatarrhal Troubles. St. Charles Hospital, Quebec City;- A'young girl, filteen years old, had )ne ef our sisters who commenced to nke Pcnina, has improved and will- continue to/take it. Some others are trying it also. Sr. Ste. Marie, Superior. I Convent of St. Laurent, near Montreal, Mother House Sisters of the Holy Cross. After using Peruna for fwo or three niontlis. several mem- !)?rs of tlie coininunity have experi- •nced such good cfft'cts tha^ they can i-econ>niend its use to others. Sisters 3f Holy Cross. Having used Peruna for the past ew Miontbs, for our sick and poor. «e arc hai>py to .say that it has given IS great satisfaction. The Sisteis of ht Good Shepherd. Montreal. After a continued use of the reme- iy. tiiis institution has found no rca- "^on to change lt!s good opinion of the .cnie'I.v .-ini! e.^iiresses Its satisfaction n tl'• following terms: We, found -*eri;l'.a a reiiet i:i several cases. We •an .'i'v it i.--; a giiod tonic and we are ery iiankfi;! Slster.s of t!io Good ••hepliiid. Oai; of Ml' many hospifaJ-s' tvlti'<-i» 1 ;ve fo-itid .">'ian,i of value in treat- o"d nnd iilistlnaic ca^'es of catarrh s t!ii> r!'!.-'!;!!:!! St. John. \v|;o write s toMows: We are happy to tell yin; liat your Pertm.i has given ii;; satis- acilcn. me i;.* years olil. Wi-noui Hupiiis. af ile'e I with calarrli. is iiiii'''i relieved lore ihnn be baa been for n niiiuiier if ye 1 rs. an obstinate cough, which half,a bottle of Peruna caused to disappear. As to myself, two bottles have convinced me that'P^una Is magnlBcent as a tonic. --^ Before the trea^ent J could not walk for a, quarter of an hour without experiencing much fatigue. Now I can walk a mile easily. Through these three cases we desire to make known to the public the efficiency of yout; remedy. Hospital St. Ahii. of St. Johns. •j^.^JProvinee of Quebec. A later letter ' received from the same institution reads as follows: Three weel^s ago I wrote to tell you how satisffictory we found Peruna. Wc recotaraend tt highly for eolds. coughs, catarrh and neuralgia. I have used it myself as a tonic with the best results, taken as directed, half a teasiioonful every half hour. PKRIJXA not only promptly relieves coughs and cpld^dp their first stages, lint is eipially prompt and efficient for catarrhal diseases In the chronic •(.ige. It is only rea.son.nble to sup'.lose that b-gs medicine will Be necessary to cure a slight attack than after it has been allowed to become clironic. (^Btnrrb of the respiratory organs Is Tlire" patlenti. Iinve trl-d It,, a cfmimon aliment In Canada. Therefore, when Peruna was discovered by Canadian jieople to be n reliable remedy for these catarrhal diseases. It at once became a iioptilar medicine. \.sk Your DnigKi-st for a Free Peruna Almanac for 1912 1: Arbucklp Ariosa Coffee Demonstration —AT- Fryer Bros. Grocery Saturday, January 6 i Pound R*ee ^^i^^^ tm anyons who wUl BMI 4 o( urasplnit and maUlnc tha aoay. Till- local order of Ktigles bad an mieting last niglit in ih-/ -V. n. V. W. hull, and iJisialled their olllcer.s, who were elected two WM -ks ago. as follows: H- O. Dodge, l)iefnIor;-l,calle Wolf, Vici'-l)lelai9r: ll.rt Carter, Pj-el ati-: A. W. Anderson, Si'cntarjrT W. J. Wyeoir, Tre.isur.-r; J. C. Woodln and K. C, Wriglithouse, Sergeanls-at- arms; Sanfnrd .Ion"S. Inner Guard; C. V. Gross. Outi r Guant: F. H. Crn- ne;t and Ur. H. li. Goshorn. Trustees. The loca lorder of Kiiglea had an open house and dance for their friends at their palatial new club rooms on East street N'ew Year's night, and an uniisually eujo.vable time Is reported j by all of the large number of guests who attended. The house was prettily (jecorafed with the colors of the orler, and everything was arranged for the pleasurable entertainment anJ comfort of the guests. C. II. Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Tnylor. and H. H. .\!l..n. a brother of Mrs. Taylor, who have been visit- in-^ in tlie cif.v, returned to their home in Omaha this afternoon. CALENDAR PADS Blank Books Filing Cabinets Offiee Supplies Desk Stationery Pencils, Pens, Inks EvansBros. Stationery $tore;, rrbere will be a me<!ting of the \V. R. C. Friday afternoon at G. A. R. hall. SOe Plaques 2Se lola Foriiitnre store Auditorium SKATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings at 7 d'clock, and Saturday afternoon. ADMISSIOV Evening lOc Skates lae AffernowK'SO'- - &katw-l«e —C. .1. Peterson. Farm Loans, Insurance, Atisitracts,

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