Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 13, 1976 · Page 12
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1976
Page 12
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New Road Maps Will Show Entire Transportation System in Iowa By George Shirk Iowa Dally Press Ass'n. AMES — A road map is a road map is a road map. Or is it? The Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) apparently doesn't think so. and as proof dii one will have to do is examine the department's overhauled 1976 official road map of Iowa. Not only will it tell us where most of the roads are. but it also will pinpoint where the state's airports are located, where the railroad lines run, including Amtrak, and what the available inter-city bus routes are. The whole package is superimposed on a Skylab photograph of Iowa and can be yours next June —all for only $100.000. A lot of money for a map? Well, not really, since the IDTO will manufacture 3.5 million of them and send them out to all parts of the state where the public can pick them up for free. But also, the state-appropriated money has gone to pay for nearly a full year's worth of planning by a half-dozen people at IDOT's Ames headquarters to work out the details for what they think is one of the more comprehensive "transportation maps" issued in any state in the nation. The project of revising the map fits into the new image of the IDOT. created a year ago Union Clampdown by Argentine Rulers By William R. Long Associated Press Writer BUENOS AIRES. Argentina (AP) — The military government is taking firm but cautious measures to control organized labor, which has been a dominant force in recent Argentine history. The movement was molded into a powerful political force by the late President Juan D. Peron. But unions did Tittle or nothing to protest when the armed forces overthrew Peron's widow and successor. President Isabel Peron. in a coup March 24. Since then, military authorities have suspended all collective bargaining, banned strikes and taken charge of many important union organizations. In a communique early this month, the Labor Ministry warned that participants in any "stoppage, interruption or reduction of work" will be subject to imprisonment. Government authorities and industrial managers claim absenteeism has declined sharply, but they give no figures. Another communique said union members would not be given leaves of absence to be shop stewards, as was the practice before the coup. But the same communique said leaves of absence will continue to be granted to members who work as officials in union headquarters. This was seen by labor sources as an important concession and an indication the government does not intend to dismantle the labor union movement. The government has, however, "intervened" in a dozen important national unions, dismissing their officers and putting military men in charge. The latest interventions, announced April 6, were in the 100.000-member schoolteachers union and the 5.400-member merchant marine union. The armed forces also have taken over the General Labor Confederation, the central organization of Argentine unions. Unions in the confederation have about 2.9 million members. One-fourth of those workers are in unions that have been intervened, including 180.000 'metalworkers and 115.000 textile workers. No official reasons have been given for the interventions, but they appear to be based on concern over corruption, leftist militancy or political involvement among the union leadership. \ Authorities are known to have begun compiling lists of reputed union troublemakers in at least some industries, telling management that such to replace the old highway commission. Now the emphasis is no longer on just roads, but on every phase of transportation in Iowa. That includes river transportation, rail transportation, air transportation, bus transportation and road transportation. Naturally, if the department is going to handle all that, it may as well have a map that includes details on each mode of transportation. However, the new map does not include bicycle transportation routes, since fitting all the new information onto the highly smaller map necessitated the department to delete many low traffic workers can be fired. But sources say officials have warned management against "drastic action" such as the mass firing of Peronist employes. One qualified observer of labor affairs said such moderation indicates that the military authorities want to avoid provoking any reaction among workers that could lead to widespread disorder. 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Tuesday, April 13, 1976 12 be complete without some idea over what kind of terrain the system has to cover. That was no problem to Studer's people, who merely took a photograph of the state that Skylab provided, shaded it a light green and superimposed the road, rail and air. system onto it. That enables map-gazers to see that when they come to a river on the map, that it actually exists. Same way with cities and other details that could escape one's attention on a "regular" road map. Also, if you're curious about where the rail lines run, one will be able to consult the map for the official word. If one is a pilot who cannot find the IDOT aeronautical map (which is published separately by another division I all is not lost if you have the new map, which tells you where the airports are and whether they are small, municipally owned establishments or whether they handle commercial flights. And, if you don't drive but still are interested in getting about, all you'll have to do is consult an insert map of Iowa that shows what buses go where in Iowa. The same map insert will show what commercial airline flights are available at each of Iowa's airports that handle them. Finally, if you like to travel but are at a loss in figuring out where you'd like to go, the IDOT map has provided an updated, expanded index of historical spots in the state. The new map also will expand its listings of state parks and other public recreation "areas and will keep inserted maps of the state's larger cities and a mileage chart. All this, said Studer, is the result of "an attempt to show the entire transportation system in Iowa." The Iowa Book Shelf Edited By Mary Ann Riley THE WINTHROP CONVENANT. By Louis Auchincloss. (Houghton- Mifflin, $8.95) This author (and New York lawyer) needs no introduction to lovers of fine fiction. For years he has been both an entertaining and an edifying force on the literary scene with descriptions of both the fine and the false values of the American gentility residing on the Eastern seaboard. His characters are people of 'old' wealth, people who are educated at prep'schools and Ivy-league colleges, people who make a mark of some kind in the world at large, albeit sometimes a black one. The men always behave as gentlemen and the women make an effort to be ladies, at least on the surface. In his new novel. Auchincloss traces the so-called Puritan ethic or sense of mission which guides some families in this group. Each chapter is a story in itself, beginning with that of the 'real' Governor John Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay colony in his confrontation with the would-be-martyr, Anne Hutchinson. His grandson was a judge at the Salem witch trials and his deathbed struggle with his conscience is the subject of chapter 2. The next descendent is the fictional Rebecca Bayard whose sense of duty tinged with guilt for her heritage drives her to a fateful decision. The final two stories are contemporary: One woman yearns for a worthy substitute for a fashionable, empty life, and another, writing to her son, a Vietnam deserter, discloses her affairs and her alcoholism in an attempt to set the record straight. The author of The Rector of Justin, I Come As A Thief and many other continues his inimitable tradition, for which the Lord be thanked. -* Mary Ann Riley WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A KINKAJOU? By Alice Gilborn. (Lippencott,$8.95) First, look up the word in a dictionary because the animal isn't identified until mid-book. Secondly, be thankful you aren't a neighbor to the author's mother about whom the book is written. "Cee" and her 64 animals — give or take a few — on 10 acres near Littleton, Colorado. The reader's first impulse may be to send a Mail-0-Gram to Littleton's Humane Society. However, it's quite obvious the animals, ranging from horses to hamsters, are well-fed, well-housed, well-clothed; and they're given more tender, loving care than Cee Wolf's family. Lest the reader be tempted to go and do likewise, let it be understood, keeping a private menagerie is no picnic. It entails round-the-clock hard labor and plenty of hard cash. The local veterinarian becomes practically a member of the family and the people who sell grain, minerals, salt, dog and cat food and assorted animal necessities — well, that's a one-way street. However, the book's written in a spritely manner and it's a lot of fun if the reader doesn't take it seriously. , Oh Yes, a Kinkajou is a foreign sort of raccoon. Most Naturalists agree, wild animals are better off in the wilds.—Kelly Adrian Larry R. Kahman (left) and Lyle D. Schoer, AAMCO Transmissions, Sioux City, Iowa. "Our two-man company has the same Blue Cross and Blue Shield coverage giant corporations have!" You don't have to be a big company to have Blue Cross and Blue Shield protection. t As few as two employees make your firm eligible for the same Blue Cross and Blue Shield group coverage huge Iowa firms enjoy. So, if you've been thinking that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa with 1,200,000 members couldn't possibly be interested in your small firm, you've been making a mistake. We're most interested. Fact is, we'd like to talk to you about it. Without obligation. Just write or call us. We'd welcome the chance to prove you're not too small for us and we're not too big for you. ®' Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa Des Moines/Sioux City ® I®' "Registered Mark Blue Cross Association ^Registered Service Mark of the National .Association of Blue Shield Plans We Care. \,

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