Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1912
Page 2
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r » THE lOLA DAII/Y REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 3/1?12. The N. T. T. club «nd their hus- liandB were entertained elaborately Monday nlghfat the homp of Mr. and. Mrs. H. H. Sherman for the annual holiday dinner and party. Each year the club celebrates on New Year night and the gentlemen are Invited. Entertaining with Mrs. Sherman •were Mrs. U B. Gladfclter, Mrs. Fred Freeman and Mrs. A. H. Hecox. A three course dinner was served In addition to the flowers that occupied the table, calendar placO cards made a pretty l^t of color. After dinner the company played games and four handsome prizes •were awarded to Mr. Fred Freeman, Mr. C. E. Stebblns. Mrs. A. H. Hccox and Mr. D. Sarver. The morrlost con test of all •was a spell Inp contest conducted by Mr. Dillbc. Mr«. C. K. Stebblns and Mrs. O. Marsh spoiled the most words correctly and won the favors the hostesses offered. In decorating 'he liousp for the party Christmas colors, which are also the Club colors, were nso/l In all the rooms and holly and mistletoo branches occiitiied conspicuous places. The tollowlng couples werv there: Mr. and Mrs. Orant nillhe. Mr. and Mrs. C. -M. CuinmingB. .Mr. and Mrs. Fred Freeman. .Mrs. D. Kakin, Mr. and Mrs. L. n. Gladfelter. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hecox, Mr. and Mi-s. T. A. Joyce Mr. and Mrs. O. Marsh. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Powoll. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Stebblns, Mr. :ind Mrs. 1). S. Siirver, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Thotnitson and Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Sherman. •> •> * The Baptist Aid society will meet tomorrow with Mrs. T. F. Brackenridge, 502 North Walnut street. All members are asked to be ])resent. • •:• • Miss Sapp and Miss Saunders, of Galena and Miss Williams of Anderson, Indiana, who have been visitinR Miss Elizabeth Apt. left today. Miss Williams went to St. Louis where she is attending school. + .V ,The Ix)yal Brothers, a club of young men. had a business nieetin? followed by a supper last night. • • • The W. C. T. T'. will linve a meet- Il^g Friday afternoon at the rest rooms. A Frances Willsir.i m-'morial program will be rendered and a membership contest will be planned. •> •> •> Mrs. Roscoe Clark, of Kansas City who spent the holidays with relatives here ^returned to Kansas City today. • • * Miss Clara l,aury was hostess of v. group of young people last night at a party which was planned as a reunioi for a number of lier friends who ar* home from school. Music and games and a supper served very informally were included in the entertainment MIsB l-aury-s guests were Miss Aim: Gobin, Miss Ruth Price. Miss Helen Price Miss Mae Dennis, Miss Kate Root, MIsa Kdna N'igh. Miss Nellie Ogier ,of Buffalo: Miss KIsie Hall, of Fredonla; Miss Myrtle Max.son. Miss RIlla'Egle, Mr. Ralph Price, Mr Frank Root, Mr Claude Mgh",'Mr Ray Enfleld, Mr. Rjilph .Mnxson. Mr A. E. Brown, Mr. HInes, of I-awrence Charles and .lohn Ijiurv. • • •> Mrs. .1. R. I'epper went lo Kansas- City today for a business visit of ."si 'v- eral days.. She will return hota«iFVi- day and will be accompanied by Miss- Mary Wood, of Cassopolis. Michigan who will spend the remainder of the winter here with Mr. and Mrs.:F,;-\I; Woods. ^ < '^.l Dr. Poultry Panaicea * Makes Hens Lay! Pkgs. at 25c, 60c, $1.25 Sold only at BDRRELl'S i?^£E The Ilrsnll Store West Side of the Square ROSEMARY RUT A MEMORY Flant Long Pralaad in Song by Famoua Poota Has Almost Completely Dlsappparad. reunions are very ideasant as they occur every year. All the family was ^resciil Including Mr. and Mrs. T. M Slack, .Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Draper and f:imlly, .Mr. and Mrs. Chas Slack and family, Mr. and Mrs, John Slack anc family. .Mr. and Mrs. George Slack ind family. .Mr. and .Mrs. .lames Slack Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Sla-k and Mrs Heath of Neosho Falls. The l.oyjii Temperance Legion will have a nieeiing Saturday afternoon : I the W. (". T. V. rest rooms. •> •:• Miss Mary Remsherg will he host ess of I he .Missionary society of ih Koformed iliurch tomorrow afternoon. •> •> * —A Chamoi>-. Powder Puff or ?l>oni:e Free with every p,?ekage n FHce I'owdcr at Spencer 's tliis week only. Mrs. E. A. Rosebush, who lias been visitnig her mother .Mrs. W. E. Lyons several weeks will go lo Erie tomorrow to spend a few days. She will return to lola late jhis week. .> .J, .J. The Montezuma club will not give a dance until the tiiird week in .January. They had considered a .holiday dance but abandoned the idea because of the Klks' dance and other events planned for this week and next week. •:• •:• Mrs. E. B. Keys entertained at dl'i- ner Monday night for Mr. and Mrs. Varner and Miss Louella Varner. + + * Miss Zoe Atcnisou went to I>aw- Tence Monday night and assisted the Y.\P. B. society of that place with an entertainment. She contributed several readings to the program. * • * There was a very pleasant reunion at the home of .Mr. and Mrs. T. M Slack, 412 North First street New Year day when their children grand children and other relatives came In with well filled baskets with all good things imaginable »o €at. and completely surprised Jlr. Slack. These The W: C. T. r. is interested in suff r.ige to the exclusion of all else this yonr and in view of the vote on the "qual suffrage amendtiient lo the Kansas state laws which will be t:ik n this year, it has pledged itself to assist in every way possible in th< .creation of sentilmint favorable tt ,v(-!es for \xoinen. The I'liion's lecturers have \u>^n in E:'rucled to help cnnipaigu the stati ;t)id the braneli organizations are to arrange meetings at which the suff- r.-ge speeches will be delivered. Mrs Adda y.rhiuT. of Pallas will be her' .Tbout the twentifIh. of .Tanuary and V ill give a sulTrace lecture under the ars'piees of the local W. C. T. I'. The I i-csiiective jia'ronesses are to meet Frida.x ::fto:noon *to prepare in part for her coming. lola i.s ricarded as doubtful territory by 111" .n ^illtJiiif sufTntgists of Ih' Slate. Tile einhs horo have tak'-n absolutely no interest in the iiroiiosition irade by sl:itf lenders to organize a suffruge league here and workers In .Topeka. l,jiwrence and other suffrag' tDwna have liltle fallli In (he liicliiia- ilnn and ability <ir women In this eriuniy lo Iu'lp sseciire and aflirniativi vote .Mr.s. Zeliiii'f lias j>rr'pareil a iii-w and, aeconling lo those wh6 liavi Irard II. a very convincing Rp "ecli in favor of snfTrage and It Is expected she will arouse something like Interest In the organization here of an aujtiliiiry in the stale suffrage leugu" Douglas county has engaged Mrs Zehner for a four months tour of th( lowns and country which comprise TiThar district. A tour by automobile ^^nw^Tbeen planned and the lecturer will talk to citiz<na of the towns In an impromptu fashion at whatever time her party arrives in th"ir midst. Mrs. Zehner has also been en.naaed to talk votes for women in Cnffeyville. CORRECTLY FlfTED GLASSES $1.00 up Ha. Pac, SaaU Fe aod M. K. t T. Jf»teli|M»9Ct*i; Ft. Scott, Parsons and otlier jilacea. • * ..Mrs. H. i'. Merriman. of Sania Bar­ bara-Califorriia. who has been in Ih? Fast with one of her daught.^rs since the death of her husband. Dr. Merrin;an. is in lola on h'-r way home and will be the guest of Mrs. Tl. A. Ewln^ ;?nd other relatives for a few days. •:- •:.Miss Martin of Tulsa, who was a holiday gu;:st of Miss Kate Gcyer. returned home yesterday. •:• • •:• The Thursday afternoon card club will he entertained tomorrow after,noon at the home of .Mrs L. L. -Northrup. ' \ •:- •:• .Miss Nellie Shepard. Miss Ruth Mass(>ncalc. Miss Joy Hershberger. Miss I.eanha Roirers. .Miss Ada Letn-'r, Mi.'^s KU-i Vezie. .Miss Argle Goal. Miss Bertha Wisem. Miss Jaiinita Herr, Miss Wilbuna Renner were antests of Miss Grace Si ill well last night for a party which WHS a holiday g.ithering of :h" K. C. Club. The hostess served supper after the amus<> ments which she provided for her guests. + •> * Yesterday in this department was Included mention of a chafing dish supper given-last wp<k at the home of Miss Mary .\orthrup and l^raln" Norihrup Two or three friends who called were served with n dainty supper but no guesis were askea for the occasion. . Harold Smith and Wycllffe Richard son of Altoons. who have been In the city Tisiting friends for the past B«'VIT al days, left last night for Kansas City for a brlel V J B U with frenda thtrti When Samuel Pepys went one; day In 1660 to hla favorite St. plave's to pray he had his pew all covered with rosemary and fcalze. Scott celebrates the good old time when the boar's head "frowned on high, crested with bays and rosemary." Herrick, too, has a song In which the bay and the rosemary are coupled. What (asks writer In The Scotaman) has become of the rosemary as an article of com merce? It cannot be bought "In the shops," nor so far aa personal ezi>e- rience goes, even In the herb markets. One can get oil of rosemary and oth er rosemary preparations at the chem Ist's, but only here and there In an old Tillage or country garden la the plant Itself found. This seems a pity. If O 'lly In view of Shakespeare 's well known reference to rosemary "for remem brance," in the fourth act of "Hamlet. .For remembrance! There Is, In truth, nothing more haunting than tbe scent of rosemary. It la not exactly sweet it la not quite spicy, but it suggests all sorts of old memories, and lingers longer with one than many scents that are actually sweeter. In Butler's "Hudlbras" we read that "some rev erend men approve of rosemary making love." Tbe plant was certainly once more used at weddings; deed, In ancient times, to wear a rosemary was as signlflcent of a wedding as to wear a white favor. When the nurse In "Romeo and Juliet" says "Doth not rosemary and Romeo he gin with one letter?" she presumably hints at this emblematic character of the herb. Out rosemary has its prac tical uses even today, especially among country people. A stew in vin cgar Is used for headiicbes, and preparation from the leaves Is a slin pie remedy for falling hair. Sometimes the flowers are pressed into service In the kitchen, and at pig killing time.-, the bushes are often pruned severely to provide leaves for throwing Int the lard. Rosemary honey, too, is highly praised. JUST A LITTLE fISH STORY Henrik Dahl Makes Successful Test of Darwinian Theory, but Pet Meets Sad Fate. Henrik Dahl of Aalesund was reader and follower of Darwin. Wish ii:g to apply his theory to the limit of adaptability of a species to its environment Henrik procured a herring from a neighboring fjord and carried it home In a tub of sea water. He TO newed the water daily for some tlm« and gradually reduced the quantify with so little inconvenience to the her ring that he concluded that the fish n-.lght. In time, learn to breathe air undiluted with water, like the cat ana man. It turned out as he expecred. and the water was finally emptied out of the tub, never to be replaced. Henrik next removed the fisb from its tub and placed it on the ground where it flopped about very awkward ly at first, but soon learned •/) move freely and rapidly. In a little while the herring was able to follow Its faaster without difflculty, and then'it became his constant companion about the streets of the city. On a certain unfortunate day. Hen rik had occasion to cross a dilapidate^: bridge which spanned an arm of th' harbor. The herring coming gracefully along, heedless of danger, now ar.d again springing at lilies, for which it had ncqulred a great fond ntSH. missed Its footing—slipped through a crack into the water and T.-.os drowned.—Boston Transcript. Bear Plays Possum. Frank Hamlin, a rancher l|v/ng between this city and Carlton, was one of the principals in an exciting hunt ing Incident this week. Hamlin ran on>o a large black bear suddenly;.the hunter was cool enough to get a good etanding shot at the bear and to all appearances killed the animal. Upon going up to examine his prize victim, which had fallen as If quite dead, Hamlin was taken off his guard by Bruin effecting a quick and unexpected TevlvaL The bear reared in an attempt to em'arace the hunter, who 'was leaning ovsr him to examine the effects of his shot. At this unexpected maneuver Kdmlin beat a hasty retreat with the b?£r in close pursuit. At times the bear v;as so close as to snatch at the reirestiag Nlmrod's coattalls. Coming to a thicket the' hunter was able tc e'lKiie the bear and with another shot Hamlin put Bruin out of commission. —t^heridan" Correspondence Portland Oregonian. Artful Tommy. Tommy was for the time being lost. For an hour his mother had seen nothing of him—had beard nothing of him, and this was tusual—so unusual that Totnmy's mamma became anxious. She questioned Tommy's sister Elsie. But Elsie only shook her curls. She knew nothing; she hadn't seen Tommy for an hour, quite. Then Tommy's mamma rang for the cook, and tbe cook came In looking hot and uncomfortable. "Oh, mum—mum!" she began, wildly. Gracious, cook! What has happened?" shrieked Tommy's mamma, as she .flopped Into a chair. "My t>oy! my sweet cherub! Tell me the worst!" And the cook told her. "Please, mum. Tommy's locked himself in the larder with the mince pies, and—am be says be'a solni on eating tilt he's too Ul to b« wtalpp«dl" Our Sale on All Overcoats Commences Tomorrow Morning and Lasts 2 Weeks This includes every coat in the house—Men's, Boys' and Children's. We will show you the biggest cut on overcoats you have ever seen. We have made up our mind to sell every overcoit regardless of price. It's up to you to save a bunch of money on your overcoat. SEE WINDOWS! Shields Cio. Co. "The House of Quality" ^^i;;^^^^^^j^^^^^^}j^ll\yo\nH HAS BRIGHT FUTURE Woman Customer Is Much Pleased Over Concession She Won From Young Clerk. CL-DICKESON • Cliicago I!!.. .Ian. :; -I-'roiii stcr.- rraiiher ,to pri -.sidf >nt <>t an luinicnaK i'road arri tninKi .ortiition ron!|in :i? s the record of the List fourto^'- • ais fur n. I., nickfson. lie is still I young and » K accrfdited with j .ing tin- yoimgi'St railro-ui' iiri -sidcijT li tlie worhl. ll was fourteen years ago thtit j Miss Ellis, descending the steps of Bennett & Duck's hardware store, met Xirs. Ljine going up. "What they got?" I Mrs. Lane demat ded in .a tone that said, "Xothing much. I guess!" "1 didn't look around," replied Miss I Ellis. "I knew what I wanted." holding out an ungainly bundle, "and I got It—a hand bellows for my fireplace. I went in, and Mary Baker's third— no fou'th—boy came right up to me and asked what he could show me. I told him hand bellowses. He brought some up and said they were a dollar. " "Is that the best you can do?' I ask ed him. " 'The very best,' he says, 'but I'll tell you what I'i do, Miss^Ellis,' he K .iys. 'You don't look a very strong Indj', and I'll fill it with wind for ye.' "If you want concessions," concluded Kllis, "I recommend ye to that boy."—Youth's Companion. ( I' THK J,.tmJKI{ OF FA.IIK VIA 11 \TI{I.>I(>\Y. SOPHIE ODDITIES IN SIGNS They Do NotJVIean Just What They Say, but Certainly Attract Attention. "Teeth extracted while you wait," the rather superfluous announcc- ac.i-pted a position as stenograph-, ment of a dentist; while another ad• .n nlllc.. of thr H.irllngton arfd vortlser appeals to ladles in this se- ^ g ';7th ;:'S,o,^U';L^ wiillcT;:^^ ^ -^f- ^^^-^ °'<' ..1 Yukon r.llroad. 1,.- was ma.'e' ^"^'""'^'^ ""^ -i.sldent and given full power ft, | eau«l to now." Equ.iUy open to mis- •M'lop this iiiipDrtant iiansportalitrii ysliMii in .Maska. The White Pas i ii Yukon Hoiile ll(:S •iwrcn SUagAiiy nn<l Wlilli' Ilorse.Si construction arc the following notices: "All gloves In this window r.ic per pair. Tlie-o v.on't la:-i long at the price." "Dine hero once, .ind HBSBAWD WO 4 Nr? ALEXANDER P. MOORE KCvys PAPER MAN \v» HD5BAND NO3 JACK OIATTERTON JZt^OK r^ry^ HUSBAND HOZ X TCDDY SOLOMON TH&\TRiCAL WMAO-ER' HUSBAND NO I. VA'W BRAfLIS '>I;in!-e Mf |.-() lilies. Kroui the hit-i you'll never dine a-ivwhere el;.-;" and 7"''':""> "l";";"'"*^ ."."A competent prr.^on warned to nn leanmhip line to D.iwson. The road' . - - ' \ IS the tirsr railroad of any size <; hiillt in Alaska. lo tlKHCIAL STATK.MK.NT » r the finanelal condition of the Stat-? lavlngs r.ank at lola State of Kansai;. t the close on the 27tfi lay of December 1911. Hesonrcos. Loans and dl.scounls % !i3,G10.2J Overdrafts ."iS,S.3^ .ink building .•..XIO.O:^ Furniture and fi.vtures 1..S27.11 K.xpen.'-:c acc-ount 2,480.24 aaranty fund with State -. Trea.s.. bonds .lOO .Ov I'ash Items and clearing- , house iu-nis 139.2S Cash 'and sight exchange !C !;al reserve .".2.042.0.S dortnke the sale of -i new nviiir ine I that will prove hit'hiy li:cr.!i!v« to the undertaUcr." But perhniLS the best of tlic."o ambiguous adverliscnients if; that of a Japanese l;ii:ndry. which runs thus: "Contrary to our opposite company, we will most, cleanly and carefully cheap prices as follows: [.adles. $2 per 100; gentlemen. $l .."iO per 100. After on.i reads without a shock such notices as the ^following: Under a pair of hob-nailod hoots— "ITnwearable. $3;" in the window of a small store in Portland—"N^w milk." and on a card immediately underneath —^"our own make." , Total $1.•.0 197.3:! LialiilKie^. •Milta! ^took iiaid in » 2.".(lO0.n»j urplus fund . 2 ,.'.on .ii!j n;erc:--t 4,.).">S.4;.: xchanee .')6.63 Ividend declared hut not paid Individual dejin.siis crtlficate^ nf deposit a.-^hier's and certified checks _ Piti .l.iiri;;i. .Ian. :!.--The ariinMUif iiii lit of ihe approaching marriage of'i;iti l'.u.--'ell to Ali-ii-nd"!- P. .M IKH •\ ni -wsiiMper iiian of this city, is of .1.... „ .1 r :i: ..1*1. >....# ..1 I t-i.titiirou rif the if'iMii l'.u.--ell to Ali-ii-ndir P. .M IKH '-. ncwswiipiT iiiaii of this city. Is of l':ii'li('ular inlerest to tliuxe fiuiiliar with iln' injiiiiiiionial ventures of the .-IK cessfiil Lillian, because in ea<'li inslaiici' ;^iie lias, through some fortune f Prov iii'-ncre. Ix'iKiliited In her, can-r !>y lifr alllaiie<>. Her llrsl husband was David liralmi.-;. a niiisical diice.oi. wlio >;ave lier her start in her theatrical c;:rrer. Husiiand nuiii'ier luo was- eihly Soloiaon, a tiiealrical •i:anager, v.iio lilted lier out of ihe ranks .md iiiadi- her Husband r.iinilirf ihrie. .lack (.'liail"rUin, was a leading tenor who taught lier much • -• - —= " — .....),,,.„ I.,. Muvi.nrlo,- \I ,.»,-o well r .UIIlllCT nine. .laCK l.liail'Tloll, was a leuuins l>-iii>i mm Ldufiui. m-i ,,.1.1,11 JM the uay of acting: Her loiirth veiitiire is to be Alexander .Moore, well 1. noun newspaper man. wiio will untloubledly see to it Iliat all iiai)ers take il-:o cognizaiM -e of her (luality. and ll :at po .~terity will be sure to know of t]:e cl'.ariiis of the great actress. Of course, it Is no disiKiragf.-inenl lo the clever actress, for had she not ]io .«ses£ed a fund of original tal-,-nt .-h.e could not iiave gaineil her iiopularity even witii t!;c hacking she hi-s liad, !iut it has certainly been a big asset tc her carP'T that her husbands were the one.s to i;er into limelight. , l.-).Of! in7,7,i3.3fi 16..">13.9t' ioo.oe{ Total $l.-.6 497.35 State of Kansas. County of Allen ssi I. II. liobart. Cashier of said bank? solemnly swear that the above taiemen! is true: that said banl^ Was no lia'dlitie.-. and Is not indorser onj any note or obligation other thair hown on the above statement, to the best of my knowledge and belief. Sd^ elp me iioA. 11. HOBART. Cashier. uliFcrlbed and sworn lo before me. this 2nd dav of .lanuarv, 1912. i eal ) DOHA .M. TROWimilKlK. .Notary Public:*.] Coiinnls.Hion expires on the 28th day of .lune 1911.) Correct, .\ttegt: J. S. WALKRR, .lOK M'KINLBY .1. D. ARNKTT, .1. K. X!GH, 1 CII.VS. H. APT,: n. E. CLIFFORD, Izaak Walton. The customer xvaitct- fifteen minutes for the Tifh he had ordered. H9 was very quiet as he sat there, bat internally there v/as a seething. At tbe end of the sixteenth minute the .waiter, who had been in total eclipse for fifteen minutes and a half, bustled up. "That flsh will be here, sir, in five minutes." Fire minutes elapsed three times. Then the waiter bustled up again. "The fish win be here, sir. In a minute." The customer turned to him. •Tell me," he said quietly, but with a certain emphasis, "whar bait are you using?" lOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME" DEPOSITS L. E. HOKVILLK, Pres. AY. S. KAIF-IIA-X, 'ind Vice Pres. .1. n. CAMPUKLL, Cashier. A. AV. BECK, Vlcc-Pres. F. <>• »E>SO>', Asst. Ca^Mer SAFKIY DEPOSIT UOXKS KOK RENT. At a Disadvantage. "I suppose you will miss your boy while he is at college." "Yep," replied Farmer Comtossel, "I dunno v/hat I will do wkbout him. He got the live stock so they wouldn't | move unless he give 'em the college - yell, an' I can't remember It" Dr. .lewell. of Moran, and Dr. AVII- '8on, of Humboldt, were over today , attending the regular monthly nieet- png of the ]>ension board, which oc- ^ Icuri -ed this morning in the office of directors.ED,, JJ. CbrHUw. THOS. n. BOWLIS, President J. F. SCOTT, Cashier Alien County State Sank lOLA, KANSAS ESTAni,IS!!i:i) A QIAKTKH OF A CENTURY. Capital $30,000^00 Surplus... $40,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS .) S.VFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB VEST

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