Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 30, 1969 · Page 8
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 8

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1969
Page 8
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I 8— K THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS THURSDAY. JANUARY 3i', 1%* DEAR ABBY . . Common Law Not Enough For Her Abigail Van Buren DKAR ABBY: I am an attrac-years and have had a Qiihua- tivi, intelligent, affectionate wo- j l"'" eight years, man of 2.1. My problem is that'! Tl,ree years a S° 1 began hav I MII ready l.o marry and settle down, but my 26- year- old boy friend, whom I've been serious ly dating for a year, is not. HIS REASON: Ho says that all the males in his family (his ing asthma attacks. Six months ago my attacks got worse, so after a series of tests with a specialist, he said I was allergic to dog hair and had to get lid of our dog. My problem is my husband. father included) take common:He refuses to believe that this Pl'RNALL SPEAKS TO ROTARIANS Shown above are David Furnall, right, guowl. speaker and W.iiier Price, program chairman of the Rotary Club, al the regular meeting Tuesday. Attorney I'uniail addivss'Hl the eliii). Iclliim nl the adventures "1 .i "Private Piio!." explaining thai lie has been Hying for .sever:;! years, but due to the press of business has not been nine to devote much ti ne to I'lyin-.;. Mis ivmarl.-. \MTP extremely interesting ami ttt some parts humorous Rolai'ian David Payer wiil ne responsible tor the programs lor the month of February. Kl'ed Mo.siniann gave tiie customary newscast. If was announced that In roe now members have licen added to the club and another one is expected to hp added nod month. Guests of the meeting wer» Sam II <i s s a n of Genitalia, Ronald Reynolds, Steve Zcl- man and Bob Snyder, son of Dr. James Snyder, on an Army furlough from Germany. law wives. They don't marry. No one outside (lie f a m i Iy know his, so there is no scandal, lie claims that marriage hiiis "love" — that if two people really love each other, a few words mumbled by a minister won't make the union any more sacred. I can't see myself going in for this kind of relationship. He claims he loves me and wants to live with me, but it must hp on his terms. I don't want to lose him. What should I do? WANTS MARRIAGE allergy is clue to the dog because we've had the dog for so long. My husband has always been a very thoughtful and considerate person, but lately he seems more concerned about the dog than me. Don't tell me to have the doctor talk to him. He already has. What' do I do now? ALLERGIC DEAR ALLERGIC: Surely a formerly 'thoughtful and considerate" man who suddenly refuses to accept your doctor's diagnosis, can't be considered DEAR WANTS: Tell him that • reasonable! I think your bus- SOCIALLY YOURS By NADINE Society Editor Joe W. Clark of 1 Denver, Colo, has returned to his home after visiting with his mother. Mrs. Kthel Clark - , who is a patient in (he Good Samaritan Hospital. e- -o- Airs. Meiiey Keele of Mr. Vernon called to report her husband, Merley Keele reeeiv e d many cards, lot tors, gifts and telephone calls for his birthday January 1M. as reported in the iiii-tiiday column. He received a big birthday cake at a family dinner, with all members of the family attending except two grandsons, who live out of town. Oil Away Make-Up Some of the multitude of cosmetics tasks that baby oil performs well include: whiskying away make-up quickly, even stubborn eye make-up. A thin film of the oil left overnight; keeps your skin lubricated and helps prevent moisture loss lo keep it smooth and soft. if two people really "love" each other, a few words mumbled by a minister aren't going to make the union any less sacked, and if it's all the same to him, that's the only way you'll have it. If he doesn't see il. your way, lose him and find a fellow whose father was married. DEAR ABBY : My son is nearly 12 years old and he doesn't know a thing about the facts life. I think it is time he learned, but his father says, "Give him time. He will learn." 7lis father says he learned Into in life and it didn't hurt; him any. (Thai's what ho thinks. It didn't help any either.) What is your opinion? WORRIED PAUL HORTON Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Paul Horton of 1113 Shawnee street will observe their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, February 1. They were married February 1, 1919 in St. Peter and Paul Catholic church in Alton. Mrs. Horton is the former Dorothy Miller of Alton. Mr. Horton is employed by the United States Post Office in Mt. Vernon. The Hortons have lived at 1.113 Shawnee for Community Church Women's Fellowship The Community Church Women's Fellowship met Monday evening, January 27 at the home of Mrs. John EHis, with Maysie Williams, president, presiding. The meeting was opened with the Lord's Prayer given in unison. The secretary and treasurer's reports were read and approved. Communications were read. Thank you notes from the Ivan Gibbs family and The Alice Loyd College were read. The devotional was given by Mrs. Leona Jordan, readi n g from James I and selections from the Book of Acts. Mrs. Jordan closed the meeting with prayer. Mrs. Jack Garrison, special guest, presented a most interesting program on our 50th state, Alaska, complete with colored slides and a commentary by Mrs. Garrison on the dress, customs and activities of the Alaskan Eskimo, the beautiful lakes , rivers and moun- DEAR ABBY: Why should one read Prince Valiant in the comics when real life, as reflected m your column is so much more exciting? I have read and re- read that letter signed "GOT TO WATCH" (when his wife delivered their child), and the sheer drama of the event sent cold chills up my spine. j 1 can just picture the scene, i The pitiful little woman weakly calling for help, and our stalwart champion engaging in hand to hand combat with three people, fighting to get to her side (They tried to keep him out of the delivery room.) , , Wow! Who said that America DEAR WORRIED: What a 12 hns ^ into a gray flanne] world? Not so. There is one hero left. I take my hat off to old "GOT TO WATCH." BRAVO IN ALBUQUERQUE band needs a few "TESTS" too . and a good place to start would!'* 2 years. be his head. i Thev are the parents of four children, Mi\s. , . . , , A 'Juanita *Godard of Worden, 111., Paul R. Horton of i ^ 0 ^^M££* $ ,, , _, ,.„ , , TT . „ TT , c , ,,i . ana otner objects of interest Concord, Calif., Jack Horton of Hartford, 111., anu v . erc on djsp]ay The onUre Donald Horton of San Diego, Calif. They have nine gram was enjoyed. grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Delicious refreshments were Open house will be held Sunday, February 2 at served by the hostesses, Phy- their home between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. I His Ellis, Mary Lou Hester and All their friends and relatives are invited to call. | Louise Partridge. Little Egypt Roadrunners The Little Egypt Roadrunners group held its January meeting on Monday evening, the 27111,^ in the recreation room of the Illinois Power Company buil<£ ing. There were forty- f o ur members and two guests present. The club was happy to have Dorothy Kent, who is recovering from a recent illness attending. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Welldon Dusharme. :: The host couples were tile Dale Sharps and the Melvih Cochranes. They planned a po't- luck supper and took advantage of the oven in the kitchen of the recreation room to bake hot rolls for the group. The group discussed activities for the approaching camping season, including the possibility of having a joint campout or two with clubs from neighboring towns. Entertainment, a movie about life along the Amazon River, was furnished by Bill Fathered, vice-president of the club. -O- -O- -O- i, Delta Tlio Chapter The Delta Rho Chapter of the' Delta Theta Tau Sorority will! meet Monday, February 3 at the home of Mrs. Roxie Gaunt, 612 Strawberry at 7:45 p.m. ; year- old boy doesn't learn at his mother's knee he is sure to pick up at some other low .;.)i'H. Sew and Save Veronica's Views... By VERONICA VOSS DEAR ABBY: My husband and have been married for 27 pfflneaue Flveryliody hns a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Hate to Write Letters? Send $1 To Abby, Box 69700, Los An- geles.Cal.. 90069 . For Abby's Booklet, "How To Write Letters For All Occasions." SEE OUR BEAUTIFUL SELECTION 7 WALE CORDUROY By SINGER Our very own type 140, ideal for all garments and wide enough tor home decorating. 100% cotton, machine wash & dry. 45" wide. Reg. $1.49 — NOW f\ A * Yard 94* READY FOR THE NEEDLE SUPER-FLANNEL Wrinkle resistant for easy care. For suits, children's wear and coats. 83% wool, 15% nylon, hand washable. 51" wide. Reg. $2.98 — NOW $4% \ 9 Yard SOUFFLE The look and feel of imported leather. 100% expanded vinyl, backed w>th cotton. 54 inches wide. Reg. $2 98 $*98 NOW j Yd. BARON DOUBLE KNIT An easy to sew and care for fabric with a new and different texture. For your fashion perfect wardrobe. 60 in. wide, wash- Reg. $6.98 $^|98 NOW *£^*" yd. A FEW PIECES OF 100% WOOL 60 inches wide. A real bargain. Reg. S2.49 79 NOW § Yd. SUPER CHECKED GINGHAM An all combed cotton gingham in four sizes. Machine washable. 36" wide. Reg. 69* Yd - ONE GROUP OF DRESS LENGTHS ON OUR REMNANT TABLE Reduced gm g\Q/ Up To COME IN AND BROWSE AROUND REGISTER FOR OUR PRIZE RUSH GAME Pick up your free game card. You aright win one of many valuable prizes. No purchase necessary. BRAND NEW ZIG-ZAG SEWING MACHINES ONLY $ggOO 2 VACUUM CLEANERS FOB THE PRICK OF ONE! $ggoo BRAND NEW SINGER SEWING MACHINE $3995 No Gimmicks 3 Left. PERSONALS William Draege of Irvington j was a business visitor in Mt. Vernon Wednesday. Sarah Sue McNeealey shopped in the King City yesterday. ! Dixie Stonecipher of Texico I j transacted business in Mt. Vernon Wednesday. i Mr. and Mrs. John Suhler of R.,e, New York are the par; enfs of a daughter born at 4 :53 • o'olock Wednesday afternoon, i January 29 at Port Chester Hos. pital. She weighed seven pounds and nine ounces and has been I I named Ashley Thompson. The I grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. i Robert K. Thompson of this city j and Mr. and Mrs. Lester F. : Sutler of Crossriver, N. Y. The great- grandmother is Mrs. Charles J. Thompson of this city. One of the $64 questions has been for many, "Why did H. Allen Smith, after 23 years, living the same house in Mt. Kisco, N. Y., decide to move to Alpine, Texas?" This week the secret has been revealed — a very long story in the Magazine Section of the Houston Chronicle, and a 'phone dial, tied the whole decorate place mats, toaster j thing together, cover, curtains. Easy slitchory ! In 1946 he and wife Nelle, Add springtime sparkle to a kitchen with giant daisies. i Poster-bright, rick-rack daisies adds accent. Pattern 7130: one 8 x 11%" motif, two 4V> x 6U", four 5V2 x 6 '/2". FIFTY CENTS (coins) for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Alice Brooks, Mt. Vernon Register-News. Needlecraft town? , TnCy tarn ? d around and Dept., Box 163, Old Chelsea \ ™ ent _back^spent the night there. Station, New York, N.Y. 10011 Print Name, Address, Zip, Pat tern Number. traveing in the West for material for a book, "We Went That- away, " drove through Alpin, heading east, and after a few miles out, he turned to Nelle and asked her what she iiought of the town they just went through. She said, "What He never forgot it, and is glad it hasn't changed in 23 years, -o- -o- -o- lts red tile roof visible 10 miles away. ' He brought his six foot totem pole and has it erected in the yard. The study, two small windows. . . asked "Why not picture windows?" In the earthy vernacular he uses he informed the interviewer, "When I'm working I don't have the vaguest idea of what is going on outside; Don't want to know. I'm tb'6 easy to distract." -o -o- -o- So, a native Southern Illinoisan, transplanted to New York for "Lo," these many years, has planted his feet in Texas — and according to his report by 'phone this week, he is pre-- ty well satisfied. . . if he don't have to sell his house to pay for it! Giant, new 1969 Needlecraft Catalog - over 200 designs to ! . h ™ °? a , tour for f to choose. 3 free patterns printed : build , h, ?. 110n ? e ' took u p inside. Send 50c now. j f hlU - the y § ot °5 ^ n I looked across the valley and NEW! "50 INSTANT GIFTS" — i down on the town of Alpine, fabulous fashions, toys, decor a tor accessories. Make it today, give it tomorrow! Ideal for all and said, "Right there. . . build occasions. 50c. "16 Jiffy Rugs" to knit, crochet, weave, sew, hook 50c. Boof of 12 Prize Afghans. 50c Bargain! Quilt Book 1 has 16 beautiful patterns. 50c Museum Quilt Book 2 — patterns for 12 superb quilts. 50c Book 3. "Quilts for Today's Living." 15 paterns. 50c. I would have liked very much to have been a mouse during The real estate man taking t the interview with Red Gibson of the Chronicle — knowing Allen Smith. Mr. Gibson said he was a "Salty Dog," and he is — but with a sense of humor and a quick wit, which keeps you on your toes. -0- -o- -o- Roses this week to my "good neighbors" Vick Steward and 1 took a deep breath, pointed to the ground between his feet me a house right there." And that's where it is right Mrs. Mary Jane Engh. They Quick Quiz Q — Where on the earth's surface is there neither longitude nor latitude? A — Zero degrees longitude and zero degrees latitude is in the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa. Honor Roll Students At Belle Rive School The second quarterly honor roll students of the Belle Rive Community consolidated grade school has been announced by Walter L. Puckett, superintendent. Students with high honors are as follows: SEVENTH GRADE: Mikah Adams, Rita Bowers, Kathy Capps, Kathy Denham, Paulette Frailey, Timmy Haile, Andrea Scrivner, Flora Shelton and Madonna Wilkey. EIGHTH GRADE: Donna Bowers, Randy Phillips and Cindy Voyles. on top of a small mountain The town, population 5,280 is 4384 feet above sea level, so it seems the climate is ideal. It is the biggest and liveliest town in Brewster County, Texas. He is back at work now on a sequel to his newest book, "Buskin' with H. Allen Smith." Another project is a book on the last surviving descendants of the cannibalistic Karankawa Indians of the Texas Gulf Coast. The new home, according to the Chronicle, is atop his 5 acre lot. It is white stone and stucco elaborate but not extravagant have been indispensable the' past few weeks — are surely "doers" and not "onlookers."" The Complexion Diet Famed beauty experts say the best foods to keep skin young, and beautiful are those with a, high content of vitamin B 1 such as yellow vegetables and fruits- carrots, wax beans, squash, peaches, apricots, etc. Too many' starches, as well as tobacco and alcohol, play a large part in producing a dull and lifeless complexion. •<•• SPECIAL PRE-INVENTORY CLEARANCE ONE LARGE GROUP DRESSES COATS SKIRTS SWEATERS SLACKS JUMPERS KNIT TOPS Pri ce Sizes: 7-14, 6-14 Teens, 8V2 - 16>^ Chubbies 'WHAT'S NEW FOR TOMORROW IS AT SINGER TODAY' SINGER SEWING CENTER YOUNG MISS DEPT. PARK PLAZA Open 9 Til 9 P.M. Except Saturday 9 Til 6:30 P.M. Mammoth Catch the CAR OF THE YEAR" AT THE MT. VERNON AUTO SHOW February 1 and 2 RAMADA INN We've got the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, MOTOR TREND' "Car of the Year." You don't win this award on good looks alone. Not only does the car have to be good, it's got to be the best. MOTOR TREND says it's Road Runner. And to celebrate, we're giving tremendous deals on all of our Road Runners right now. So stop in today. Catch the "Car of the Year" at our place. S & W Motor Co. ^ liOl Salem Rd. — Phone 244-1220

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