Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1912
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. \ VOLUME XV. NO. 60. Successor 'o tue lola Dally Register, the loU Oail> Record and the lola Daily Index TOLA, KAS., JAN. 3, 1912—WEDNESDAY EVENING. Dally Realster. Established 1C97. Weekly Register, Established 1867. EIGHT PAGES ES" lOU HEHK OX ¥IK<V lUW. JOH> A. KLKIMIANS, UV KM'i-KA, THE WEATHJ;:K. Forecast i«r KuxiKaN: GrDcnilir fiilr tuniKlit «nd Thuntdiiy; not so coJd in nest portion tonl^iit. Tenuierature—Highest yesterday at 2 i>. III. 2S; lowp.s-t today at !> a. iii., 11; tlollcioncy in triiiperatnre yesienlay 4 Vi's-torday. 1 p. J !l.-. CLOSED 2 eOSINESS PUGLS lUT TIIKV HE.Ofi:M.I> S( Kt'KHIM; Oil. A IT EH "I'm on till' Job to EiifitnT Ihc l.ntv,* Sayx Klrlnhaiis Ihiil U niint 1 Shail Ihu" Statt' Food Inspoctor John A. Klt-ln hans of Topcka, m;uh> his first trij) in an ofllcial capacity to lola today. Mr. Kleinhans has bmi traveling the southern portion of tho statn but has been assigned to the southeastern part to rthe roniinj; year. He will niake regular trips to this city in the future. As a result of thi' insiiector's first survey of local conditions last night, two business places were ordered closed until they were scrubbed out. The scrubbing was done late in the evening and the houses were open as usual this morning. "I'ni on the job to enforce the law." says Mr. Kleinhans. "and I shall do that without fear or favor. I could have started prosr-cutions here but It is. not our purpose to be arbitrary about the law in cases wiien* we lind that it is siiv.ply a case of neuleiM and not defiance. I simply told the persons whose places 1 ihspectwl last cicning that I could not pass ihrni and that they must scn?b out before they reopened. Tliat was sufllcirnt. Husiness iieo|)le are not law-hreakcrs as a rule and all they need, peneral- ly, is a warning. I maUe ilie warning Imiieralive, howmir. and t!;e condition of leniency is alwjiys tli:il any faiih nius! lie corri-<"ted at onee, not next inonih." Tlie liivisiiin of weU-.tHi; and iii'.it'- iires Is just now reeeUluK aiietition. iiciHirdini; to JiiHjii iMiir KleinhauH. Short welpliis and sliori ineaiJureti re- eel\e little lenienrv from the Inspec- Tliesi^ violations UHUUlly carry 3 p. n; 4 ).. ni •"• p. 111. r. r. 7 p. II) 5 i). ni.. 11. Ill 1" II IP 11 p ID ]•^ :i!tll. .L'l - '-II . IS 17 IS IT Today. 1 a. 111.. 2 a. m.. S a. in.. 4 a. ni.. :> a. ni.. |! a. ni._ 7 a. III., s a. ni._ !i a. in.. Ill a. ni- 11 a. in.. 12 noon -17 -17 -.16 .-14 -14 :!} — 12 . -II .11 -II .12 Prei'liiliriiiri-i i„r 21 lioiir.'* ending 7 a. III. leil,i_\. 1 i;u e. Kel.'tixe I'lii.iUllly 7 a. ni. today S .'i jiereini; i!'u- piiiiirll denrees; lia- :<mii;lrr : . :i level i'.H'Jl liielie.-^. Smiil^e iiKi .iy v."'.! a. ii;.; i^iin-i', ."•: I 'l ji. ni. ASK MAYORS TO IIVE RICH! ill GO HIES .S«KKn\(; IIEDITTION OHDEIIEI* irv co.iniKKCE <i».»i.wissio\. WILL HELP GSTILFfilfHW THE 05M»KU .tIM'MES \IS(» TO I'.UKIX. I'llUDI (IS AM» SALT. KunMi>^, TcMiK iUid Olilnhniiiii Ulll Ihlei'lj H"ifeli( li» the (''in :i:iN- >!(.:•".s '\i\r Order. ro .ii.Missio\E«s wori.n SWE E >or (iJl TO 1"AY I'UOH OVEllSEEll The Salaries of Four Agirrrpnlc More Thau Saiary I>ald the I'oor l'oniini>sioitiT. torn. Willi till III ciiilly kiiowledne and lli< denier who Is Rhorl-welKlilnt; lilii ciis- tiiinerii may I 'Xiieet to llnil liiwpector Kleinhans on his trail ivutn UiiH iliiie on. There arc InHanres. of course, where the dealer Is iiiiposed oil liy the pianiifiicturer. Take ileiir as :!ii (1!- usiratiou. It Is sold mainly in twi'ii- ty-foiir, forty-eight and nlmty-eiijh: pound sacks. The dr.ili r buys in large lots. It Isn't nii't li of a (rick for manufaciiirers to keep a quarter pound of flour ov;! v{ a twenty-four pound sack and nn trick 1o keep four Hounds out of a barrel, supposed fo contain 196 pounds. If a lloiir mill has a caiiaciiy of 'MO barrels a day and a barrel is short weighed four pounds the miller gains t.L'Hil ponn<;s or six barrels a day by short w.ipht. That sort of weiplii pives the (li.-s- honest, miller a prolit of from lo fSn a day ovrr the miller wlio gives full measure. -Afany unusual and sarprislnp conditions and things have been broiis";it fo light b.v the weiglit and i»ea.=i!re inspectors but ihe greatesi surprise of all w-as Ihe finding of a cheating device so cleverly made and atiachod to an even rrra, balance scale as to appear to be a part of the scale and its mechanism. The board upon which w-as ainiched the "pushing up" device forms a handsome base ujinn Vhich the scile s'.i.Hls and no one would suspect that it did not belong to tho scale. In the weiph* and measure depart; Tnent at Topeka, all sons of devices- used to give .cliorl weiuli! and measure can be found. It is one of ihe most intcrestir.g state departjr.ents to visit. READY FOR OI'EM\(.' OF ( A.VAL Six ra>senirer Steanirr> to hniugur- ate a >cw ra >senger Line. AVashington. .fan. :!.—Six large, fast steamers will lie in readlne?.-- 'o Inaugurate a i;'vv )iassv'ii!;e;- line between Valpari'^d. Chile, and .\e«- Y'>ik when the l'an:iaia Canal Is eomideted Tills infom;!ll<in w;;.-- i <Ti ';ved > t n- terduy at tin- Paii-.\iiierlian r:ii!,:i. and and W;IH Iriierpreied :it ii )i ;aa;;ii; that a new of cniuii'iiiileatliii! I"- tween the I'n led ."laie-; .'IM ! H I- l.iilii American cieinirles nt tin- U'i ':.|irf hemisphere Vii iild dawn with the opening of the big ditch. According "i the advices ilu' So^ith American Sti •Miishiii Cuiniiany will at once begin ll.e constnictli'Ti of the wssels in order that the new service may start si '-.niltaneonsly wiili 'he canal openirc. American thip builders, it Is s-r"'.!. will be given ojipor- tunity to bid for the construj-tion of the vessels. rARAGlAY HEVOLT (<»MhMES, Fn-neh Jflni^ter Hii's Viir?d That the Capiial Is Itlorfcaded. Paris, .Ian. 3.—The_ French minister at Asuncion, Pataauay. has .succeeded in getting throrgh by a circuitous routr" a dispatch to che foreign office, dated December l"ith. says that the reroJntton continue.s, but •without serio;:s fighting. The capital is blockaded and all co'ninrunications are badly interrupted. Miss Bernice Root returned to Cresent College -at Eureka Springs, today after a visit with her parents. The following resolution has been passed by the board of county coiuinis sloners as their best plan for retaining the services of a poor commissioner in Allen county: Wliercas, The records of Allen County, Kan.'-as, show that the office i.f Poor Ciiuiniis!:.i(incr has resulted in a sreal Hnaueial saving to the couniy, aiul that x'.'.e inain'ainance of an officer whi).-e hiisino.-^s it, is to look after the iioor in tiie county and to the liroifet and iiniiartial rendering oi aid in cases where worthy i^oisons are in need and the jirojier refusal in cases wliere unwortliy persons airily for aid. Is oV i,reat value to the citizens and taxpayers of ihe county; that in addllidii to the saving of let (cd by ih< i-:oper administration of an officer WHOM! whole duty it Is to attend to vadi matter.-', the enmity will affect a !-a\ing in ^•al:,.•y for rea.'-on that Ilie law alhia. id tlie of;!ii ..s vvlio per lorill .>^1H -.'I iJllfie.s ;i p, r (Jlelll CiJlllp .'n- sailiui. ar.d fii (|ucu!l,\ ilie caUIng upon till in\(Sili^ailng and ajiplii-.-ition of line Ji.ison, cllII^IlHlles a ih;.\'s work, !iiiJi.iiii;li It iiil>;iii not Jiiive re- ipiliid il:- iimkliigMieli in- i..-iln,ill;ii; iimre than nn hen.- lo dn Ml. (iider Ilie old .sysii'in. when mayors in e.leh illy and trustees Itl f'.wh lown sh\\i IfHiki d after the poor and the r< r.ili riii« of .so iiiueli of tho time (if said ii.ayeis was tuKen iiji in the iiniliTlng (if siiiJi duties thai the 1 -1';:! iI !•) iiiiinty coiiitiilsslnncrs lound il ti' '.li • financial advanrape of the county til pill about four of siu-li mayors on a iiiiinilily salary of J12 each, and in ad.iiiir.n thereto in all the oth- rr'townsi.ips and ciiic.= in the cdiiniy the iiriiprr eVficers • were 'iiaid the ;i;onlhly n. ijuarteriy bills as filed for ihiir sfi\!(is render! il in Inve.stiRat- ing and hrrkin^ after the i>oiir. The ;>ri-,nt ci.ii;:iii.-sioner of the poor re- ;e;ves a .••aiary of 541.i;7 a month. .•\nd Wlierea.-, tlie iHiimlation of Alii n county, as shown by the la^t census. Ill's .\!l»n M 'uniy in a class where i; vannei hiwlully have a coii:- mipsionc! of tiie poor; Taenf-.Me. in order to effect a saving to tile tjx;'aycrs of the county, ;lie i;ia:-ii of County Commissioners (if .'w!ru eounty in tl:e interest of the taxpayers, have rcsohed to request ihe inayor.s ot cities and the trustees of the townsliips in said Allen county to waive their respccti\e rights and :uiiis in respect to acting as agents of the lounty and attending to the I'.Oiir in ilieir rcs]iective cities and townships, sn thai the compensation paid t!;fm, may be used by the county, in reialuiDg a conimisioner of the poor, wliose duties it will be exclu<>ive ly to attend to t!ie poor of the coiimy. hi )levii;p that by such nieihod the county w'iU be better protected .•igain.-t ilii- giving and extending of aid to the unwortjiy and a large saving re.'^ii!; therefrom as well as from a saving in moneys paid out for such service under the township and city plan. In Witness Wiiereof. the members (if the Hoard of County Commissioners have heniiii'o set their respective hands on tlii-i :'.;d dav of .lanuary, mi: r, M. HKV.VOI.M.s:. Ch'n M M. rn-iMlSON, IIK.MIY 1'. TKAVl.S Cdllitlllssloiier Ueai'.ei- iif tlie [{eglsler have heen made laiiil'ihir wlia the einrpi my wbkh timfioatd the Ihiurd of t'l'unty '•iiiiiuils?l<int'rs In ih" niniter of tiie I'oor Coniuil»loner. and will need no exiilanatliin "f the forepidng pre- amlilcs and resolution. After consiid- ering every pnase of the (luestlnn and discussing it lip one .*ide and down the other the ciimiiilsriomrs have hit upon tiie |ilan ouilined above -to settle tlie Miatter. Of course the success of this plan dejunds wholly upon the co-ojieration of the r5;ayors of thc^ various cities .of i!ie county, llul it Is believed that !her<: will be no trouble on that score. Indeed so far as the plan has been siihniirreri to them the mayors have welcomed it as relieving them from a trouh'isoDie and disagreeable duty. .\sido frcm that they all recognize , ihat a man who has a permanent of- I fice in the court house where he can always be found and who gives his whole time to the natter can render belter service, lioth to the county and- to the poor. He can serve the county ! by dl.-trlbating help only to those that ' are known to be worthy and In need. (liv til- Af-<Ni.,f.l I'r<">.) Washington, Jan. :!.-—Radical reductions of freight rates on live slock jiacking house products and salt today were prescribed by the interstate Commerce Commission to ajiply to all western and southwestern railroads. The Commission holds that the pres pnt rate on live stock from points in •New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma, to Ki. Worth, TexasiOklahoma Ciiy and Wichita, Kansas, are unreasonable: existing rates on fresh meat and other packing house products from Ft. Worth, Oklahoma City and Wichita fo points In other states also are unreasonable, and that the rates on salt from the Kansas field to Oklahoma are unjust. The findings of tho Commission, prepared by Commissioner Prouty an- the result of positive Investig.itiJ'n. and afft^ct rates to all points east. .Mileage rates on till commodities are prescribed by the Commission, thr' reductions amounting to an average, aiiproximalely eight No order is issued at this time by the commission, hut the niilro:ids .-ire iilven until February li.-si. I'.ilJ. ti, put into effei t the ^ilfe.•^ KU^-pes' d. If they shall not have dene so by date a niandato?-y order wlil 1),- issued to compel llieiu lo make Ihe pi. scribed rales erfeclive. It Is cd the carriers will ac|uii:s( e, LESS um.i) AMI sii.\Eit . MIM:O. Vi:il lllrei-litr's He|'«'«I Shons Fnllini: iUi During I 'asI Year. Washlngion. . I HM 'J.-—The gold )ir:i- iliicllo'i iif the I'tilted Slates dining I'.Ml i\ -s Jiy''"-!"! ••2N and the silver •irndiieiioii .•.7.7'.l('i.l 17 o'lnces. acc<ird- !np to a pieliiuln:iry estimate Usued !( .lay by Cicovpe K. linherls dlre.-lnr •r tl;e iiiin!. This Is ii reiliictlnn In u lid of nbi'i't J<:.,ii(ii^ and In s-llver of ,'.\<-iu\ r.iJo.nrii ounces, as compared with the returns for 1010. Aninng the states and territories ;! •• principal gobl prcdiicfion were: California wi;li $20"10'.iS7; gCoIorndo $t;<.l.".;; si.ii; .Vevada with fl.S.- ?''S..-,7S; Ahi.ska with f l(;,lUi2.flT»!: Sert'.i nakota with $7.4:hi "67: l^ah >.,:th $4.7"1'.717: Montana with $.'? n;S,- v'e; Arizona with f2,!»r.4,71"\ and Ida"lo wi'Ii $1 ICH.L'Ol. In the order named. I'tah, Montana Nevada Colorado and Idaho led as silver producers. Af tlie average )>rlce for the year the total silver iiroduct was worth f"t>.- ,-::.4,r.ori. The net afliounf of cold and .silver ised in the industrial .irts was approximately ,'54,000.0011 million ounces •-rob', had 24,000,000 ounces of silver. The coinage of the mints was: Gold $]7e.s22; silver $6 4.'i7.30l; nickel and copper. $3.1-'iti,726. Total $f,."«.71»0.- «."iO. The net gain In the country's stock of- gold coin including bullion 'n ihc t;oa.»ury during the year was cl'.se to $100 000,000. The dirtctor's report gives the final ficures for tiie production of .gold in the world in 1910 at $4."i4,703.ft00. 0>E l»KAI> IN H. 1. WRECK. I t!e::d-iin Colliston Near El Keno In-j Jiires .Viiiiy and Kills One. HERE IS A STARTLIfJG STORy SEI'KETAKY >A«-i:i. REri-AHES IT, • ,i„. .\ss....i:,t .1 j-n.-si IS AN ElKECrnK SI ATI IE. | Kl Keuo. Okla.. .Ian. :',.—In a liead- I on collision on tlie t{o;k Island rail—; 1 read today near liere. when the'"Fire„ ' ,,,, . „ ^ 1 rlv." soutiihouad. and pho.senger train Ifelj'us llmH-jcr. ha Iliere .1lKst;^.;,_ together/,lames Pot- Mio .iirEiJs WAS roi,!.- TWO YEARS At.O THAT .lIc >A .1IAI !A Ke a Federal Corpdratiiiii Commission Established. ;T.:S) ] ler. of Chickasha. OUIahonit. engineer j on the "Firefly" was killed; and ; twenty pcrs'ons were injured, j Xoiie of the injured is believed tp i bo in a dangeioiis condition excep'i Had Diri'tted :i Serie.-: of nyifflniite E.xjilosions iii Iiidianaiiolis, .Sajs Former .Hiiycir, (I:y 111- .\s .-'i 'i it. il I'r-v.-;) CONGRESSIONAL HRINR BEGINS. iJdJIi Houses Reasseinlileil iif Noan Today lint Nolliiag Ilohig. H'V the .\>isiM-lnt"cl fr"s .i< Wasliincton, .Jan. —Both •f Ccacrejs re-assetrbled nt noon to- lay, a^l^r recess for the Christmas 'lolidays. which began necetr.ber 21st. PractiraTly no important business Is pending for today. (Jueen Expeits AnoOier Heir. inv tiie Assiiel'it' 'I Prissl The Maciie, .tan. If Is stated In • our! circles that Queen Wllheliiilna •s ev|/rcllng nn interesting family rVi '!;t, Fowler (|ulte Crns«.Nnllon Fllglil. .\i w- Orleans. .Ian. 2—Hobert f! '••iiwler's frans-contlnrntal flight from I .O-- .\Mcr!"« to New York w.^a dnnoil tinlay according to announce- iiient of the aviator's mannper. Fowler exiincts to make e:chibi;!on flights along the Miss Kinma l-aiiry returned to P.ak- er Cniversity this afternoon after a visfi with her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. ,1. W. Kaury. ons the commissioner feel confident that tl'e mayors will he not only v.ill- ing hut glad to sign the waiver which will he sent to them In the following form.:. I, the undersigned Trustee tMavor) of Townshlj, (City), in .\llen County, Kansas, hereby waive " richt to act a.» OVftreeer of the P> ar in my said Township (City) and agree that the Board of County Commissioners of said County, may appoint a Commissioner of the. Poor whose duty it shall be to oversee the' peer in my Township for City). Was'.iagtoii. .Ian. :!. "The mere ;,p,|.,ries Warren.-bu'rg. fireman of the], lnrtiaiiap..lis, Iiid.. .Jan. .\ationa vaking up of a large comhina-ion f pin-fh- who proh.ably wHl die. Per-P''"'"" "ibcials, .ainiiatcd with Samuel uio a number of-separat:- parts by no ; t..r iimi Warrenshu.-g both live in I';"''>1" l-\ the American J-ed.-ra- ituans meets the .whole Trus; 'lU'-'^-' C'hickasha. When lliey saw ihi- Kirn it II." says K(cret:>.ry .Nagel of ilw •ipproaching. the engineer and I),-! ariiiii III If Comii.erce and '••ib'T; ri"j-,.n.;.n of train forty-one imi on tnej ill his repnri ir.iiisiiiilti d to-1 brakes and Jumped. The wreel; oi-j'' day 111 I'rcHiden; Tafl. • -• ' ' 1 ..111. i.i.w.i.-!-I lion of Lilior, were iiiforiiieil two years a.i.-,i> by Charles .\. Hmikwaller. "Il" ;is mayor :ii thai tiii:e cntidiicl- I a ricret iii\e.-.i(paiiim that .lohii , ,.„• red .'na track e.iiiliip.d will, block '1. .M'Ni'iuara had diivfed a series of ,. il/eaiiilte evii.'ii.sjdjis Seireiary .N'apel declares thai 'h" I sU.nals and pidhiibly was caits.d by -heri'ian l:iw li.<ii proved lo "be ' „,„. „|- j;,,, |,;jin crews disiihiying or;.ii ifre.llve r.laiiilo heyoisd all ilnilbi j .bis. The h'lrclly was i oiiiing toward Tn Witness Whereof; I have bere- and he can serve the poor by being j unto set my hand on this day p'ways within reach. For the?e roas-j of .January, lflI2. .:lld that ;i ih-;;i'ee of (iiliiliin.'ltlon .of i:iiH;il Is uitlle nreeHsary, but he MiMs lhat Ihe .*^ii|ir"me Court d'chi- loUH III the ,Sl;iiid.iid tHI and Toharro eawes ha^e deiiK.iisira'erl that the next. :.<• p In the enii'uil iif^ioeat industrial corporal Ions will be the creation o.' ti vertiMiieni federal ap"iiey. How much i out ml sh:!ll be exi r- ei.ied. wl.'tlier by ei|i1 )IiliKKio!l. fi 'rteral iiiiorporaiion or e.iher iiieaiia, which have been ailvocated recently by .Judge i:ibert H. fiary, George W. Perkins and other liiianciers before :he .•^enafe C-iiii!i:ittee which has been •ohduciing lie:irii!ps to determine •<hat chaiu-es would be desirable in the anti-trust laws, Secretary .VaRel does not definilely say. ; He favors. howeVer, a development of the powers and scope of the Bureau of Coriioratinns. "\ certain depree of coinbinatioti of capital is admittedly essential to the carryiii!; cii of our great business ••nterpris'^s," s:iys Secretary N'ac-'I. "To control nroperly such necessary combinations we must have soi.-e jd- ininistrative federal ofTice or ct-iiiniis;'- =ion which sh.ill m.ike this work'its I'.usir.rss. "We must liave ri pernvm-nt authority which shall by steady .ind continuous s'.ipervision and pubi!;-ity safeguard th" public interests ;ini^ at the same time allow full sco;)c for iiccessary and prop'^'- Inisine.s.s eflic- •i-incv and d"ve'opment. "The decisions of the Suprpmo Court in the .St.7nd; rd Oil and Anteri- ean Tobacco Cases have hroupht firc- ihly to the public allention a fact re- •'catrdly 'present'd for the iioshive idininisrrativo rrptilaiicn of great in- diistrial rorporiitir.n?. "The recent de'ision and re-organ- iziition which followed have mati,e it that another imperative step remains 'o h« t.ik"n and that this is •he c'ftablishrnnnt. by appropriat-i ],-.c. \5lation of axbroad system of suiter- vislon and nuhllci'y for all those In- lustrial and commercial orL'aniza- tlons I'lipag'^d In Interstate and, iivli r- tiatiot-al business. » ~. "Wl" tlier this shall bo dutie 'by in^aiK^ of federal Incorponitloti oi; bv :i fi 'ilernl oll'ce or conimlssiiiii e.-.r- cl.sltip fdWiTS of r''pii':.llnti :itnl s'llii- ervlsl-m mav be a secondary (lues-' Hon. The llrst loiislderallnn app-'irs 'o be the esi-iblhlimi nt of a jierma- ii'-nf adieliiistrailve i -.uldlelty, r'w-ula- :lon and s'lpervision. The iliiiff Is I ('ca'i.-rlv rlp" f "r sticli .•(cffoti. f'l.'h- llc' opinion aiMl ihe views of tnany'l corpor:;:(oTi maiiarer.^ nre as onr." Secret.-iry .X-ifl r'-eommends tliaf the nure:i;t of Corpcntlon? be dev,:!- ojied ;o tiikf- nil ilu form cf sup'^wis- *on he r=iica"sts It would be but a logical exnansicn of the bureau's operations and policy, which he s,i.vs. have relied sobly on publicity for the last eight .ve.-irs and have • demonstrated beyond nu.-'Slion wh:i* a »ys- lera of pirman'-nt supervision cciv do. l-:i Heno at ihij rale of tlilrty inlles an hiuir. A lie;s\y snow was falliilp. .\e;iliir engineer eonld ire tlie otl'i liain tinlll It w;is too late to .-lop. .luiiicit Porter the enpineer who was Utiown as ."1 r-ky .llai" because he liad hei n In ti liiiiiihir'nf WIIN K S and •ilways I'scapi'iil Injury, was one of t!ie oldest englneins In imlnt of service on e:iri of Ihe Itork Island sysleiii. lie lefl a widow. FELL INTO DEN OF SKINKS. Vn Illinois Hunter Sufferlnir fro»i a Horrlfjinir Experience. fny th» Assecfafeil PressI • Sterling. Ills. .Ian. 2. —Overcome by t^n powerful filiates and severely lac- •rafed bv the teeth of several skunks, •n.nies Oriils l.=! in a critical condition 'odfv. OrulH was hunting and slipped on the v>dge of a ravine, falling into den of skunks. filUM OF imiAL IROOPS 4 IIINESE SOLillll'rs HEM.AKE FOII TIIE HEPIISLK. r ':(v VTITC Kxi;eet«,d lo Ficht the 'Rebels and Their Jlei'cetion llt :rls the riiroiie. I'eking. .laii. :i.—Tiit? Imiierla! gov- cniiiieiii troops stalioui li j.i Chin 'I'wiug Tao. a treaty port on t.'."> Gult •i! Liao Tang, v.lio ntiicber about four ihousar.d. liave notified tne foreign legations in lacking that they desire tlie formation cf a republic. They are acting in co-operatum with Imperial eoverniiiont ti'.'ops stationed at tiiow. w!:o"were yesterday reported to have declared in favor of a republic. Outside of i'eking. Lanchow and Ching Wang Tao are tlie two principal iiiiliiary ceiitiTS. and the complications broiighl about by mutiny of their garrisons are more disturbing lo file c6:irt becaiis" the Kniiiress Dowagvr. in handing over $:;.0O0,0iiiV from her jirivate treasury to Premier Vitan Shi Kal. relied on these troops to niardi together with tho .Manchtis e'galnsi fh'.> Kevol'.itionaries in the t.VlUtll. ilE( .SIYERS HELD AS HOSTAGES 'I'll! • was niaiU' l<i!iiw:i by llii"!:wi' I -r 111. lay i\ le-ii }>,• 'W.a i::|iii iiiiil tlijii il.e (!o-, "iIliiM'ill's line: i!|;:i:lc;i left crtlbl ai-i'il IH! i-l(|ll,lv ||,|. ylri .•.t;<lliet: of Imir e\pIiiMii:i' dlpiled .••paiesi MlieM \"ii-) Spn i ki ' e.e'i- iivil eiitif lactor. on i;cccii;til cf ijil ii.'.1 (illl.les. Hookn ;i'!er ibelJ-liil I'l. . . ; • ( led lo be .siilipoeii;ied I.;, (I; eial grand Jury whicli ri:.i;ii, I i; .'cisliiii liidiiy. "I tobl a score of la'or le-i'.r. what I knew and tliiit ll.'> Ine; V.'.-.;,CIS were to blame." said i;ii(ii.:-,v:'.i'ir "Voii see. 1 kaow all Ihe labor unio:) boys." "What did they siy when yoe '.il:ir<-d the Iron Wui i.ers •'" "There are lot; <if 'Viod men in ui'ioii lab.or ;i!'d t' "v nl'Wys litiVi- denounced acts of •. i'iii,-i!c'». I 0>1:il!ii:ii'- cf tlieie s'iil it wa< 'i shr.iiie.' "ii-i' •TV of tii'.'S' ti'eri teH Combers 'hat siisp.dor, p->l"ied stiongiy !.i the guilt of tiie Iriiti Woike;:-!?" "I don't know wheiii i t';(y t.''li! I'li: er n<ii: hat t-am <;(>;ii"e,-.s is onf^ i>f tiie iiist if.foitr.n! l!.'"l in Ihi--- loiiiitry." mnis III KTosm I'RESIDENT GIVES OUT STATE- ilEM WHltll SETTLES THAT. FIGHT NOW ON IN EARNESI niESIDENT WILL >0T RKEAK »1TII KOOSEVELT, HIT— He U-o niJI Nat Gel Out of Hit Viuj Hut Mill Hnii the itaee to tlie End. Waslilnpton. Dec. 3.~".VothIng but death can keep mo out of the .fight now." President Tr.ft is reported to have made thi.-- :stuti:iient to White House^ callers today and to have added that he hrfd no objection to the statement being luadc public- It was Intended to set at rest ail reports that Taft nilght withdraw in favor of Roosevelt, The Pre-sident is said, to be thorough ly aroused to the gravity of the situation In the Kepulilican party and is determined to let his attitude be generally understood. He has declared that under no circumstances willjhe •withdraw his. name from conslddra- tion by the Chicago convention next .iiine and has asserted that his position with re:4i;cct to the nomination !.:s not changed In any particular iince he first entered the White House' With Taft's statement today as their inspiration, it is said his supporters will Imniediatelv begin active work in hi.? behalf. Jr was that Taft's friends have gone so; far as to advise hlni to openly break: with Roosevelt and to •••.allcnge the^atter to make plain his inf< ntions. "The President has declined to do this.. e White House ha.'; been fairly rioi lb i! with calliTs lately who have biotiplit nurd to Tafl that Rposovelt iiad .'O far dci-llned to say that he wiiiilil not aeiept the nomination If It vvi re Irndercd to hint. It also has bootl re;oriiil to the White IIouso that I'.iiii^evolt lii'lle\es an nrg!inl/.ed effort - Ill ap ii;iide til 'Smnke hitn out" and .lit lie, decUtiiH 111, be "miioked out" • lilur by the Tiirt iir iJiFollelto terii'S. i :I:TAII.S or .lled 'MIIEH HILL. I'i (tiMii'liies ^'rilce With Age In Fixing UnUn. PACKEHS RID NOT FIX P/:!,'ES. Af Leas! That Is the iTe^lhaony of Atlorney Aeeders. I r>y tie- .\v.^oi-i;it,-il lYcs-i) Chicago. .Ian. :i. —Fltit di*ial of i-io giivcrnme.'it's contention that the o!d packers' ]iool attempted to fix the jirice of fresh meats and of livestock was made by Henr.v Veeders on cros.^^ exai'iination in the jiackers' trial o- day. He declared that the only .ilijeet of tho combination of ipickers was '< regulate the aniount of fr!-:! inoat b'l be shipped into difTerent iiiarkefs, jlr- said each of the ngreeieei'.r!;'de by the packers in flu pi-ried d'sc-;ii.'<' contained a provisi-.n Ih .r .t no eiT n-' s'.ioiild be niiide lo li.-c i ri'-"S. Ilalhin Laborers Kesort. to I'riniltite .lletliods lo (.'et Their I'liv. I l.y 111.' A--"i.i(. .1 J •|•.^ssl .Viirfo'k, Va., .Iiiti. :; -Two Federal court ti.'iiii.'ils. reeilier.s fur (lie liank- I'liif Sii'lililleld .Marl. Clay and Tnms- poMatlon Company, nf .«i;iJl):)IeJd. Va., ar'' held a« hos'ages by Italian labor- "rs who ere clniiioriiip fnr their pav. Tjie receivers. .1. T. Il-aid and .lolin T. Relrl uttfliU'lvii lo >;ike (i boat for Norfolk today but wire forced to re- irrn fo ah"'''!; Tl.ev .-ire jiof br- li-'Ved to be iti liiiiaediale danp.-r. (ASHIEK FOKGED THE NOTES. HISHOr QIAYLE AT BALDAVIN. He Will Sneak fo the .Sfndents of Ills Al'na .Haler Next Snnday. na'dwin Kas., ,lan. 2—Rlshop Qiiayle of the Methoillst Kidscoiial iiiurcli wll! st"*''ik to the sfiidi-nfs of Maker rnlverslty n"xf Sunday at the I'lr^i Methodist Kidscopal cliiireh in |:.;'i:'.vin. Itlslioii ()iia.i !e l.s a graduate i,f Maker rnlvrslty ainl one of tlie inat'.y big men of tlie diiinirv who bad to work his way ihroiigh college. MISSOI'KI DEWOriMTJ JIEET. f'on'.eiilfon Will Tn to Iron Out the riurk-Folk Si(!ialihle, /III- th- .X -'sr.i-iUi il .IT. s- , WashiiipfoTi .Jan. "—^!"n'^ler.•: of tlie Missouri Democrii'I'; cop.Hiiitiei' met here today to c.;'l a ;state fr^n- v.-rifion to settle th? Clark-Fo'.k dif- NAYY YAKI) »5r :N tjni. He Got Throuph AYIth :*U4.0fll) Ilefore ! ;• .:pV„e He Was faiiglit. (Hv ;h- .\.-:-^<i.:ini.-.| Priss) Washington, .Jan. 3 —rDmiifrcll-r of ti'e Ciirrcrey Mttrray acnouncfiPlo d,-y tha: the fo^r-d nnt^s which cnus-I TI„,V Will \ol Stand for Introduction ed the failure of the Albion National | " ,,1 Sclentlfir Time System. Hank, of Albion. .Michigan, amounted ( to $l44.r.0S. Ti'e notes according to a ! Wasilri.ipfoii. I). C. .liDi. Senator !I. .1. .McC-i-iiier. of North Dakota, ihalrir''iu of flip Senate cotntnlttee on le-::;-- i -iis. will soon Introduce a ser- v .ice iiejision bill different from any no.v i .er ,,ii;,ir. If is designed ,to combine the best ffn'ures of the Sherwood and the iiiilloway bills, being graduated as fo leripth of service of •he soldier.^; as in the Sherwood bill, •''.so as to the |i.'-ec-"t age of the fol- diers as in the SiiMoway, bill. The' rates per month fo he proposed in the McCiiiiiber bill are as follows: Age ''.". $12 a niunti! to thO'^e who served no days or more; ?l."i for one year's service ;$I8 foi- *J years: $21 for X •rr-: A.^ie Ri;. Sl-'i for 00 days; $18 •or one year: $21 for 2 years and $24 for three years, .^ge 70, $18 for 90 da.vs: S2t for 1 year; $24 for 2 year.s ^•.nd $27 for three years. Age 7.">, $21 for !>0 davs^ $24 for oiie year; $27 for 2 years, and $.'?« for 3 year."!. It is estiir.ated this bill would In"lease th" pen.=:ion expenditures about ?3ii.0on,ooo or about 20 millions less •hap (he .cherwood bill. The corres- nond'rcr rates orooosed in the Sh<»i-- •vood III! are: .Service of 90 dT-.q. ji.^.- 0 mopfhs, $20; 9 months, $2.'i; one year, f?A DlfKEVS' ,SOX IS DEAD. . The Lertiirer Was Slezed WHli Acute Indigestion In New York. Norfo'k. V;> .Tan. 3.—As a iirctest fvpewrlften ar.nouncement i'ljur 1 by r.?ain^t the effort to. introdife a sci- the Crinpfro'lcr were iilaced in the .-ntlfic ffn'e V'steR) n';0 mc -'lan ^.-s at bsak hy tl'e cai-hler. (the Norfolk Navy Y'ard'.krd out Another Lii'ior I'olon Arr'-st. Ih" .»«-i/"^t-f» »l Pr "ss>.^ Mii.scatlre Iowa. -Ian- 3-—E'rmett T! Flood, natlorial orgnni-er of th» -Am- erlcaa F(idcration of l.»bor. was arrested here this afternoon In connection with the Button AVorkers trouble. today. Shift Aonr F'e. tn V'rU. I 'tV Th • .\ • . •-•'•I f 'T-'-s-'t S.vdney Au.stralia. ,Ian. 3—The ' between Jack .Jobnso- a'nd P.-m .\'c- Vey is to take place in Paris iustoa:' of .n Sydney. New Voi-k .Ian. 3.—.Alfred Tenny- •oti Dickon? eldest surviving son of cij.-irles Di.kens. the novelist, died siiddenl.v of acute Indigestion at the. Ho'el Ai^tor here late today. Mr. ')ickens was in this country on a lecture tour. .Mr. liickens was a godson of the ti""f. T<'»ny.»on. lie wa.'J In his slvty- ••"•'•nth year. T';e lecturer wa* on his way to at- Nnd the H.eater last night when tnk- •II III He was better this morning •ind was iiiepiirlng to go lo Klngntnn, N Y.. to nil an engagement when he •.v:is apnln removed to his room from the hotel lobby. Alfred Pickens' home was In Mfl- '•rei.'^ne. Aii«fralia. No arrangemciits v.lll lie made for his funeral' until i-r-rl ha' be'-n rcfplvod from his 'lldren there. Ills wife died a num her of years ago. LI\A GETS HER DITORCE. \ Ser.fiii. T'>v4>i(ws Harr'aee Rroiiirbt to I<s Loglral End. n;- .\s-s/vi»te<l Tre.ox) Par:s. .li.n. 3.—Lina Cavalieri, the -era sirger. today was granted a •'ivorce from Robert Winthrop Chan- reif .i }<r .\ec?dent In St ,Toe. fRv ''ne As-soeinted Pr«><i'i1 <• <^t. .Jns»nh." Mo.. .Tan. 3.—W.^. Bas-'et'. aged sixty-four, formerly a well • "e-«-e newspaper man, 'was found ^•'dx^n a rooming house here today., 'ii-; death was supposedly accidental,^ —resulted from inhaling gas fumes. an army telegrapher in the •"Ivil War.

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