Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 13, 1976 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1976
Page 9
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A Dishonorable Discharge for Peronism? ii^i 9 V— f Hut if hp had not acted now BUENOS AIRES — (LENS) —• When an army gives as much forewarning that it is about to take the country over as Argentina's did, it ought to know what it is going to do with its new power. Argentina's army has given itself the job of cleaning up the civilians' mess often enough before, and usually the soldiers have left a large red stain on the carpet. This time the army's intervention should, and could, be like a surgeon's scalpel: short, sharp and clean. Gen. Jorge Videla, the country's new president, has inherited a political and economic wasteland. More than 2,000 people have been killed by political terrorists of left or right since Isabella Peron succeeded her dead husband in July, 1974. Inflation is currently the world's highest, at a rate variously estimated between 400 per cent and 1,000 per cent. The country has run up a total foreign debt of $10 billion. And the ex-president herself was under suspicion of corruption. It will not be easy for General Videla to deal with a disaster on this scale, but he has two advantages that Mrs. Peron did not have. The armed forces are on his side; and he is not beholden to the Peronist trade unions, whose runaway wage increases have pushed inflation to its present height. Modern Argentina has been trapped between the Scylla of Peronism and the Charybdis of the army, never able to escape from the one without disappearing straight into the maw of the other. After Juan Peron had been exiled by the army in 1955. he nevertheless retained his power base in the unions, which took advantage of Argentina's occasional returns to democracy to gobble up the country's economic prosperity. So the army would step in again (there were six military coups between 1955 and 1973), and usually overstay its welcome; when unpopularity drove the soldiers from office, power reverted to an electorate and union movement thirsting once again for Peronism. The army tried banning Peronism during the periods of civilian rule, but to no avail. Successive civilian presidents had to bargain with Argentina's most famous exile in order to get elected. But General Videla has a better chance than, most of his predecessors to break free. Juan Peron is dead, and the military junta will no longer have to contend with the king across the water. General Videla can reasonably hope that Peronism will go to pieces without its founder, and do so quicker than Gaullism is in France. Indeed. General Videla restrained his more impatient subordinates from mounting a coup earlier precisely in order to give time for the process of Peronist disintegration to set in. The power of the unions will remain, of course, to bedevil future civilian governments. But an elected non-Peronist president should be able, with the backing of the army, to keep the unions in hand. The army's seizure of power took place before Argentines had a chance to replace Mrs. Peron democratically, in the election due later this year. But if he had not acted now General Videla would probably have been replaced by a tougher soldier. As it is, he has got off to a less repressive start than most Latin American military rulers. General Videla has given himself three years to get the guerrillas and inflation under some sort of control, and would then like to hand power back to a civilian government. It he sticks to his timetable, he may avoid driving Argentina's voters back to the Peronist barricades. For the first time since 1945 Argentina can glimpse the hope of a non-Peronist. non-army future. Official Council Proceedings COUNCIL MEETING MARCH 15,1*76 The Carroll City Council met In special session on this date at 5:00 o'clock P.M. In the Council Chambers of City Hall with all members present. City Attorney Tan Cretl was also present. Councilman Galetlch presided In the absence ot Mayor Schechtman. The Council met for the purpose ot conducting a public hearing on the proposed 1976-77 Budget as published In the Carroll Times Herald on March s, 1976. No written or oral ob- MEAT PROCESSING For Freezer or Locker • On The Farm Pickup (Or you can bring the animal in yourself) • Butchering • Cut-up To Your Specifications • Wrapped • Frozen BERNHQLTZ BROS. Phone 792-4242 Cloud Saturday Afternoon Carroll Carroll's Only Home-owned Dairy Distributor Also, we tell Eggs, Meats and Butter jectlons were heard lor or against said budget estimate. II was moved by Knauss and seconded by Bunger lo approve the HI FISCAL YEAR ENDING JUNE Be It 'Resolved by the Council of the City of Carroll, Iowa: The annual budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1977, as set forth In the Budget Summary Certificate and In the detailed budget In support thereof showing the revenue estimates and appropriation expenditures and allocations to programs and activities for said fiscal year Is adopted, and the clerk Is directed to make the filings required by law and to set up his books In accordance with the summary ana details as adopted. ,/s/Louis R. Galetlch Mayor Pro Tempore ATTEST: /s/Ueon P. Oswald, Clerk On roll call all Council members voted aye. Motion carried. A report on Bicentennial activities was given by Councllwoman Wlnd- schltl and members of the Carroll Jaycees whom were In attendance at the Council meeting. A report on the flags and holders as requested by the American Legion was given by Kraus. It was (hen moved by Scnulz and seconded by Kraus that the City purchase 50 flags and holders from Revenue Sharing Funds at a cost of $582.67 plus freight. On roll call all Council members voted aye. After a discussion on the matter. City Manager Gute was Instructed to § et an estimate or bid from Anrew's Roofing on repair of the old library roof using tile as Is presently contained on the building. It'was moved by Schulz and secon- ded by Bunger to approve payment from Revenue Sharing Funds for the following: 1.) Demco—for library equipment 1660.00 2.) Xerox — for copying machine $2,532.00 On roll call all Council members voted aye. Motion carried. A report was given by Councilman Bunger regarding Municipal Golf Course, fees, memberships, etc. He recommended that the green fees be Increased from $2.00 to $3.00 on weekdays and from $2.50 to $3.50 on weekends and Holidays. He also recommended that membership fees not be changed at this time. It was then moved by Schuli and seconded by Bunger to Increase green fees as recommended and execute the lease of the 55 acres of farm land lying north of the Municipal Golf Course. On roll call all Council members voted aye. Motion carried. It was moved by Bunger and seconded by Kraus to approve the application for a Class "C" Beer Permit for Ouane Qulnn d/b/a Qulnn's Grocery. On roll call all Council members voted aye. Motion carried. The Council discussed pay requests on the Recreation Center by the General and Mechanical Contractors and agreed that materials would -have to be on the site before payments would be approved by the Council. An Ordinance providing for the vacation of the West 156 feet of the East-West alley in Block 1, Wattle's 3rd Addition to Carroll was Introduced by Bunger. It was moved by Bunger and econded by Kraus that the rule requiring Ordinances be read at , State Bank No. 925 Consolidated Report of Condition of Commercial Savings Bank Mil. Thou. of Carroll in the State of Iowa and Domestic Subsidiaries at the close of business on March 31,1976. BALANCE SHEET ASSETS Cash and due from banks............... —.......... U.S. Treasury securities Obligations of other U.S. Government agencies and corporations Obligations of States and political subdivisions Federal funds sold and securities purchased under agreements to resell 3. LoanS, Total (excluding unearned income) 10 518 b. Less: Reserve for possible loan losses ... 178 c. Loans, Net -Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank- premises Other assets TOTAL ASSETS (sum of items 1 thru 15) ...'.-; LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations • Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations. Deposits of United States Government Deposits of States and political subdivisions Deposits of commercial banks Certified and officers' checks TOTAL DEPOSITS (sum of items 17 thru 23) 24 153 833 646 522 300 980 89 262 785 three separate meetings be suspended. On roll call all Council members voted aye. Motion carried. It was moved by Bunger and seconded by Kraus that the Ordinance be approved, and that the Clerk publish if one time In the Carroll Times Herald as required by law. On roll call all Council members voted aye. Motion carried. A copy of said Ordinance, known as Ordinance No. 7607 Is on file in the office of the Carroll City Clerk. There being no further business to transact at Ihls time the Council agreed to adjourn. Louis R. Galetlch, Mayor Pro Tempore ATTEST: Leon P. Oswald, City Clerk April 13.1976 Breda Skit — --Staff Pholo Caesar Salad (Don Koster), left, and Baron Von Broccoli (Ed Rohner) strangle Tom O'Hawk, (John Wittry) during a one-act play at the St. Bernard's dinner theatre at Breda Monday night. About 550 persons attended the three night 'program. Volunteers from the parish and community staged the meal and program. Proceeds will be donated to the St. Bernard Church and Schools in Breda. a. Total demand deposits.. 9 280 b. Total time and savings deposits .12 994 Other liabilities TOT A L LIABILITIES (excluding subordinated notes and debentures). . • EQUITY CAPITAL Common stock a. No. shares authorized 2,000 b. No. shares outstanding 2,000 Surplus Undivided profits TOTAL EQU ITY CAPITAL (sum of items 32 thru 36) TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY CAPITAL (sum of Items 30,31 and 37) MEMORANDA Average for 15 or 30 calendar days ending with call date: a. Cash and due from bdnkS (corresponds to item t above) b. Federal funds sold and-securities purchased under agreements to resell (corresponds to item a above) C. Total loans (corresponds to Item 9a above) 7 12 1 22 22 839 630 85 469 167 84 274 79 353 BAPTIZED TEMPLETON — Aaron Joseph Irlbeck. son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Irlbeck of Templeton. was baptised April. 10 in Sacred Heart Church here by the Rev; EUgene T. Schumacher. Merlin Schrad assisted. Godparents are Steve Irlbeck and Cathy Starman. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs, Louis Starman of Carroll and Mr. and Mrs. Felix Irlbeck of Templeton. Its the Great House Paint PRICE featuring two topSPRED R performers! (Par value) 1 2 74 200 400 832 432 7RS d. Time deposits of $100,000 or more (corresponds to Memoranda Items 3a plus 3b below) 4 10 22 186 820 013 879 351 55 200 679 6. Total depOSitS (corresponds to Item 24 above) Standby letters of credit outstanding -. Time deposits of $100,000 or more: a. Time certificates of deposit in denominations of $100,000 or more b. Other time deposits in amounts of $100,000 or more I, Patrick R. Moehn - Vice President, of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that this report of condition is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief. Correct—Attest: Patrick R. Moehn, Frank J. Liewer, James F. Kerwin, Thomas Rogers, Jack Stangl—Directors. State of Iowa, County of Carroll, ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 8th day of April, 1976, and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. My commission expires September 30,1977 Notary's Seal Mary Fehring, Notary Public. Cuts painting time while it adds color! Flows on so easily, you'll {eel like a pro Durable, flat finish fights cracking, peeling Hundreds of exterior colors to choose from Dries fast; lets you clean up in soapy water Appointed to Council for Mitchellville Mrs. Jean Miller of Carroll has been appointed to the Advisory Council for the Iowa Training School for Girls. The school at Mitchellville has been in operation for over 100 years, serving needs of delinquent girls throughout Iowa. The Council was formed last June, with the intent to offer recommendations for improvement in the operation of the facility and other areas dealing with juvenile delinquency, including pre- and post-institutional programs. Activities thus far have included development of a Career Day program where women from diverse occupations discuss with residents of the institution various aspects of their jobs. An Assertiveness Workshop is in the planning stages. Recommendations to legislators regarding aspects of juvenile care have been an on-going phase of Council activities. Other members are from Fort Dodge, Des Moines, Newton, Marshalltown, Mitch- cllville and Dubuque. Included are three of the institution residents, elected by their peers. Domain Bill Changes Fail DES MOINES, Iowa (API Legislation to make minor changes in the eminent domain law has failed in the Iowa Senate after complaints were voiced that property owners sometimes are given a raw deal. The Senate turned down the House-passed measure 21-26 Monday but two motions to reconsider were filed. "I'm going to vote against all bills that pertain to eminent domain until I see a bill that gives some protection to the land owner." said Norman Rodgers. D-Adel. Sen. Lowell Junkins, D-Montrose. who had favored the bill, voted against it but filed a motion to reconsider as did Sen. James Gallagher, D-Jesup. who opposed the measure. Basically, the bill would have made it easier for a judge to select a condemnation commission and would have eliminated the exemption properly owners currently have to stop construction on property that holds an out-house, garden or orchard. The opposition mounted when an amendment by Sen. Ray Taylor. R-Steamboat Rock, was ruled out of order. Taylor's proposal would have required the state to offer to sell excess condemned land to the original owner at the price he was paid. Sen. W. R. Rabedeaux. R-Wilton. said the bill was requested by the Iowa Department of Transportation and the Iowa Conservation Commission. Those agencies don't condemn land they don't need, he said, and the conservation commission has condemned only 12 parcels totaling 816 acres in the past 25 years. Want Ads Classified Ad Information Dial 3573 All copy lor classified ads and classified display ads must be In the Times Herald by 1 a.m. day of publication Monday through Friday. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Per column Inch 11.70 Additional Insertions 41.50 CLASSIFIED CASH WITH ORDER One day, per word 12c Three days, per word S6c Six days, per word 3Be CARD OF THANKS 20 words or less S2.SO Over 50 words I0c per word Card of Thanks 3^ CARD OF THANKS Words fall hopelessly short In expressing our sincere thanks to those who helped so willingly to lighten our burden in the bereavement which recently came to us. For the beautiful service, floral offerings and other kindnesses we are truly grateful. During times like these we realize how much our family and friends really mean to us. Your expressions of sympathy will always be remembered. Special thanks to Dr. Tierney, Dr. Joe Martin, the hospital staff and to the nurses who cared for Loyd night and day during his illness and death. Thanks to Father Silk and all clergy: to friends and relatives who sent flowers, cards and brought food; and to the ladies who prepared and served the dinner. God bless you all. Mrs. Loyd Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Michael Holmes & Family 3-73-ltp Note Birthday Of Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fischer hosted a party at their home Saturday evening to celebrate the first birthday of their daughter, Beth Ann, which occurred April 8. Among those present were Beth Ann's brother and sister, Jerry and Delayne, and .grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steffes of Templeton and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fischer of Manning. Other guests were from Manning, Omaha, Vail and Templeton. Conference on Aging May 19 DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The 1976 Bicentennial Governor's Conference on Aging will be held May 19 at the Hilton Inn in Des Moines. The conference, open to the public, will feature speeches by Gov. Robert Ray; John Calhoun. special assistant to the president: former Iowa congressman Fred Schwengel; and Priscilla Ebersole. an assistant professor of nursing at San Francisco State University. A play. "How to Act Old." will be presented by actors and actresses aged 65 and older from the Shepherd Center in Kansas City, Mo. Registration for the conference, scheduled for 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., should be made by May 5 with the Iowa Commission on Aging. The cost is $2. with luncheon an additional $4. Now is the time to look at your changing home needs. More room — less room. We have a wide assortment to choose from. Price range $8,000 to $72,000 plus Please call: Harvey Fleshner 792-1513 Pat or Ray Beck 792-1134 63-73-1tc Leonard (Tike) Bromert 792-3224 The house paint that does what it says! Gelled extra-THICK for smooth "no-fuss" application Follow simple directions for one-coat coverage Hard, glossy sheen resists rough weather Covers hairline cracks for an "ultra-smooth" look 10 Reg. $13.99 Gal. PRE-EASTER and ANNIVERSARY SALE SCHROEDER'S CARPET and DECORATING Across From Safeway 792-9449 Downtown Carroll We want to thank our many customers, sup pliers and buyers for their patronage during the past two years, and wish all a Joyous and Blessed Easter. To observe our second anniversary in business we have many items of merchandise at >/z price. We invite you to stop in and shop our store for good high quality men's sport coats, slacks and shirts; women's coats, dresses, slacks, pant suits; and all items in children's clothing. To give the people of Carroll and surrounding communities more shopping time we have extended our business hours to Wed., 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.,Fri.,1p.m.to9p.m.,Sat.,1p.m.to5p.m. Now is the time to bring in your good resalable spring and summer clothing. Helen and Cyril Eich DRESS FOR LESS SHOPPE "The Little Store with the Big Bargains" Corner of 3rd and Main Street • -

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