Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 1, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 1, 1943
Page 4
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MOPE STAR, HOPI I ueiouy; 1 ^'_J:__l/-_ =:= rrr=--^=: Explosive State Analysis of the News by Mackenzie Editorial Comment Written Today and Moved by Telegraph or Cable. By DeWITT MacKENZIE By DEWITT MACKENIE The Russo - German battle-front is In a highly explosive state. The great fighting - line, along which many millions of troops are facing one another on the alerts, is seething fiercely. The Nazis arc making lightning stabs at thc Russians, now here and now there, and the. Reds are replying in kind —each feeling out the other's positions to learn disposition of troops and find weak spots. Also to keep up the war of nerves which al- ways'precedes an offensive. The lid on that pot of trouble is rocking about so violently that it's strange it hasn't blown off before this. Both sides evidently are set for major action. Each gives the other credit of intending to launch . an all-out offensive— and likely both are right. Hitler in particular has been showing signs the last few days fo getting his war - machine trimmed for a possible last huge gamble against the Bolshevists. However, he is proceeding' cautiously so as not to get caught with an Allied invasion of Western Europe while he is in a life and death struggle with Stalin. ; The fuehrer's first problem is to determine v.'here the Anglo-American Allies ere going to attack, and he must be burning a lot of incense to that much talked of intuition of his. He has another possible clue for his mystery today in the reports from Spain that there's a massing of Allied cargo vessels, transports and warships at Gibraltar. -Does this indicate an attack in Ihe Mediterranean theater? It cer- tion of the machines is the loss of the Nazi airmen involved. Heavy depletion of its ranks of trained pilots is one of the luftwaffe s greatest .weaknesses. Meantime th e Red Airforce is showing signs of increased strength. The war of the air has been intensified all along the front, from Leningrad in the north, to the Sea of Azov in the extreme south. Each side is ranging deep into enemy terrtiory to destroy communications and supplies. Such aerial activity is partly defensive, but it must precede any offensive by land forces. Taken in conjunction with the other operations, it means that both sides are warm ins? up for eventualities. It's worth nothing that June is the witching hour for offensive- minded generals in tlie European zone. Flashes of Life By The Associated Press Wartime Cooperation St Louis — A novelty store owner was called to jury duty and the manpower shortage threatened to close his store, but not for long. Unable to hire a helper, he ran this sign: "I am on jury duty this week. Store hours arc 7:30 to 9:30 a. m.; 12:45 to 1:30 p. m.; 4:45 to 600 p. m." He was punctual; his cutomers were faithful. They awaited the opening each day. Memorial Day Play Leaves Ball Leagues Tangled By JUDSON BAILEY Associated Press Sports Writer Baseball has three big weekends this SCHSOH Mcmoriul J.)«o \ Independence Day and Labor Day —and thc first of these has given the major leagues something to shout ajoout, if they have any breath left. In three topsy-turvy days comprising thc extended observance of Memorial Day in thc big leagues 39 games were played for the entertainment of 371,713 paying customers. When thc whole bewildering business was over, Ihe standings of both leagues had been scrambled — but the New York Yankees were on top in the American and the Brooklyn Dodgers still in front in the National. The Dodgers preserved Mr. Double . then Attention Housekeepers! Washington — There's a new specialist rating available for thc WAVES—"U" for utility. The Navy said the rating will be for women especially qualified for housekeeping duties at women's reserve centers. the Double Play Boise, Idaho — A bundle-laden WAAC made an awkward attempt to salute a Gowen Field major. He chidcd her about the results. She thrust the bundles suddenly into the major's arms, saluted him snappily, grabbed her parcels again and vanished. ta'inly could mean that very easily. However, that's Hitler's worry. As remarked before in this column, if the all highest decides that the first Allied assault is coming against Italian terriory and not through France, he may launch an assault on Russia forthwith. An invasion of Western Europe is the one that would place him in the greatest immediate peril. Hitler is estimated by observers to have something like 3,000,000 men on the Russian front. That represents a terrific weight, if he still has the equipment to match it. His objective in another offensive, of course, would be to render the Red Army impotent before he has to rush to defend him- i self against the other Allies. There's small likelihood that the Nazi chief can show anything like his former striking-power. His losses in materiel the past year have been recorded in Moscow reports as colossal. For instance, dispatches from the Russian front state that during the month of May the Germans lost more than 2,000 warplanes in thc eastern theater. And far worse than the destruc- His Last Success Tecumseh, Okla. — "I have diagnosed a thousand cases" said Dr. U. S. Cordell, "and have been able to tell within an hour or two when a person will die." The 72-year-old doctor had a heart ailment. Carefully he examined himself. Dispassionately he named the day he would die. The day arrived. He didn't die. But he took a nap the next afternoon — and never awakened. slendcr margin at the head of thc senior circuit by dividing a doubleheader at St. Louis before 25.664 fans, the largest crowd in thc National League yesterday. They were shut out 7-0 in first game as Mort Cooper pitched a spectacular one-hitter. Billy Herman spoiled a no-hit chance for Cooper by smashing a double in the fifth inning. The Cardinals themselves were blanked 1-0 in the second game although Harry Brecheen, rookie southpaw, held Brooklyn to four hits while thc Redbirds made five. Fred Fitzsimmons, who pitched seven innings before being removed for a pinchhitter, was credited with the victory. Dixie Walker doubled, went to third on a wild pitch and scored on a squeeze bunt by Dee Moore for thc game's only run in the eighth. The Yankees split two games with the Chicago White Sox, who had knocked the Washington Senators out of first place in thc American League on Sunday. The Sox scored five runs in thc enth inning to give a ridiculous inish to the first game, which hey won 10-5. But the American jeague champions let loose a bar---••• • the nightcap ROUNDUP SPORTS Uncle Sam Sends Call for 2 Big League Stars New York, May 31 B—(/I')A cou pie of prospective sluggers fo Uncle Sum — Vcrnon Stephens o thc St. Louis Browns and Ells, worth (Babe) Dahlgrcn of th Phillies — arc giving the maji leagues something to rcmcmbc them by. Stephens left the Browns yestc day in thc middle of thc sccon game of a doublchcadcr al Ho ton to go to Long Bench, Calif for his induction exam. If I passes he will have played his la game of the season, but his .37 batting average is not likely to 1 forgotten soon. Stephens, a shortstop wl switched to the oufticld foi h last few games after recovering from a knee injury, has led tnc American League in hilling from the start of thc season and n;> other slugger has approached h'u pace. Oris Hockctt of Cleveland is in second place with .330. Dahlgrcn is a newcomer to the lop spot in the National League with a .3fiR average. He was notified a few days ago that he had passed his preliminary physical lest and would be eligible fur induction in Iho next quoin of his Philadelphia draft board, probably n July. Dahlgren boosted his batting vcrage 27 points in a week and imped from fourth place to first Billy Herman ot Brooklyn, the cader a week ago, slipped to third vith .338 back ot Stan Musial oj he Cardinals, who has a .345 nark. Office to Chorus By Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr Associated Press Sports Columnist 514/993 British War Casualties June 1 — W)— Britain has suf fercd 514,993 casualties in all rank of empire armed forces in th first three years of war, Deput kid who was picked as thc outstanding performer in thc Central Collegiate track meet, set out to become a track star after watching Jesse Owens set two world rc- lother in the 1930 Now he. averages a meet against age of 18 hits In which the Yanks won 10-4. The season's largest crowd, 50,671 was in Yankee Stadium Sunday to see New York cuff Cleveland twice and Monday's largest baseball throng, 31,892 was on hand for the games with the White Sox. At Washington the Indians and Senators battled to a draw. Alex Carrasquel, pitching the last two innings of the first game, received credit for his sixth victory without defeat as the Senators gained an C.C.C. meet. . . about 12 points .. . strong competition in thc sprints hurdles, jumps and discus and javelin and he's thinking about entering the National Decathlon Championship if the Navy Doesn't get him first. . . schools in New lave been late. . . The "Kid" bat has been winning bi Miami University at Ox ford. Ohio, consists of pitcher Jir Liming, who won't be 18 unt Sept. 16, and Catcher Carroll staett who's due to register to the draft on Oct. 12. . . When fcath erweight Champ Willie I'cp test ficd in a recent court case con corning a street fight, he admire the defendant's "fine right hand' - ' hat th; RAF Planes Make Day Raid on Nazi Bases on Because war lobs ore Turing cirls from films, one Hollywood studio Is having Its office work- double as chorines. Rose- ers milted to and some of them may next tall --- , have to I ing or taking one punch. quit for lack of opposition. Guest Star 107,, were prisoners of war and 88,- »t Prime Minister Clement Attle told Commons today. Attlee said 92,089 had killed; 226,719 were missing; 891 294 were wounded. The casualties, as dsitributed among empire forces, were listed thus: United Kingdom, 275,844, Canada 10,422, Australia 53,959, New Zealand 19,345, South Africa 22,615, India 101,919, Colonies 30,829. 8-7 decision. Then he returned to the scene in the tenth inning of the bee nightcap and lost a 7-6 verdict in 'the 13th frame. Earl Center, los- in the first game, was 2MQBWK Deaths Last Night the winner in the second. The Boston Red Sox swept the second straight doubleheader stopping the St. Louis Browns 2-1 in 13 innings and 7-6 in ten. The who had replaced Bos- the cellar Sunday, bid fare> Vernon (Junior) Stephens the major leagues' leading hitter who left for a draft induction examination in California. Hal Newhouser pitched two-hi ball as Detroit shut out the Phila delphia Athletics 7-0 but Rogc claims --attention to any of them. One Weakness Jack Sell of the Pittsburgh Posl- azette relates this conversation twccn two horsemen at Wheel g Downs who were discussing a end: "He's a smart operator id No. 1. "He was an uncanny TnQ Rcds may p i a y at break of lack of picking the right spots for day By The Associated Press Mrs. Matilda Delano _ Newburgh, N. Y. June 1 i/P)— Wolf£ pitched the A's to a 4-3 vie Mrs. Matilda P. Delano, aim; of | - President Roosevelt and wife of tory in the second game. The Boston Braves held ont Col. Frederic A. Delano, chairman tnird p i ace in the National Leagu n- bur of the National Resorces Plan ning Commission died last night. Montreal is 1,000 miles from the ocean, but is 300 miles nearer Liverpool than New York City. ^ • » *Axial rotation of the world increases from zero at the poles to 1,038 miles an hour at the equator. RELIEVE Ease, soothe chafe. Form n r* iv medicated coat of protection BED betwcenakinandehafingbed- pnnrC clothes with Mexsana, fort)U If Ed merly Mexican Heat Powder. by splitting with the Pittsburg Pirates Jim Tobin pitched hit ball to beat his former tean mates 6-1 and then Bob Klinge blanked the Braves 4-0 on eigh safeties. The Pirates, who had vaullc from sevenlh to fourth place o Sunday, lost their first divisi berth to Cincinnati, however, the Reds beat thc New Yo Giants 6-4. Weather halted •Maybe Robert uim's new pitcher isn't the best hurlcr in the world, but he's got a ceiling like a Flying Fortress. He's six feet, scv- inches tall. No Morning Mourning (News item: 32 per cent of Reds fans vote for morning games) Middlewest Picked by GOP As Hot Corner Washington, June 1 —(VP)— He- publican party leaders, expecting the middlcwesl to be the main battleground in next year's presidential campaign, may • call a meeting in Chicago or some other central city this summer to start prcmili.'iry work on a 1944 pUit- form. Attending would be the 40 members of a "post-war advisory council composedot 24 Republican governors, five senators, 12 representatives, and eight party officials announced by National Chairman Harrison E. Spanglcr last night as having been formed to develop a "realistic peace-time program for American progress" for guidance of the next national convention. Thus, the Republcians arc duplicating their procedure of four years ago — cutting timber for platform planks for their next presidential candidate a year or more in advance of their party convention. mnry Blane. a Hie clerk clad as a chorus girt, above, seems to nil the laiter role In good shape. irped by the executive in Washington. 5—Plan for a "free and prosperous agriculture; labor conditions which will insure labor ils share, and conditions which permit industry to expand. broken clouds over the sou coast today to resume attacks Ihc Nazi-held channel coast. Many formations were seen from thc ground and others, flying too high to be seen, where ""«« ; The daylight stabs by fightci planes followed what was pro- mod to be night attacks by mbcrs, as residents on thc bng- sh side of the channel reported c sound fo bomb explosions from i (> ic Calais region. German fighter-bombers at- eked the southeast coast of Eng- nd this afternoon and four ot icm were reported destroyed. Two enemy aircraft, penetrating rltain's southeast defenses and citing off London's sirens for Iho rsl lime in a week, killed four crsons and injured three today vith a direct bomb hit on a subur- an shelter and six others wcro illcd in another suburb, it was ij" cportcd authoritatively. Bombs wrecked several homes. In two long sweeps yesterday over northern France and thc low countries, British medium bombers and escorting Spitfires blasted /. airports, communications, docks and factories at Zecbrugge Nicu- porl and Brugge in Belgium, Vils- singcn in thc Netherlands anil Caen and Cherbourg in France. Thc Spitfires downed two I'ocke- , Wulf UJO's in a running battle wiln $ about 30 enemy planes over Niou- port. One of thc British fighters waslost. Ruins of a church in a southwest English town where German bombs killed at least 18 children ? and three Sunday school teachers Sunday were still being cleared away. Twenty-four other chiklrcn were injured, 14 seriously, and any still arc missing. Thc FlAF's bin four-engine bomb- f s have been idle since Saturday - ght when they hit the llunr val- y city to Wpupertal with 1.500 ins of bombs in ils first rain of ic war. • l _ just will . and produce thc things which will add to our standard of living." The council includes Senate Leader McNary of Oregon, House Leader Martin of Massachusetts Chairmen Townscnd of Delaware and Ditter of Pennsylvania of thc Senate and House Republican cam paign committees, and five govcr nors who have been mentioned fo cither first or sccond place on th 1944 national s horses and he cleans up more lan his share of prize money." "He knows how to bet, too, No. added. "Ho gets fifty or a hun- red down just when thc price is liev '' "Of course, there is one litlle •oublc with him," No. 1 admitted. He's always broke." One-Minute Sports Page And this is how they'll work it, They'll feel quite gay if they only (stay On top o' thc morning circuil. ticket — Brickci Ohio; Dewcy, New York; Warrci California: Green. Illinois, an Saltonstall, Massachusetts. While other possible candidate were not named to thc counci Spanglcr said all plarty leaders wi be consulted by it. He mcntionc specifically Wendell L, Wlllk and Alf M. Landon, 1936 and 19 standard bearers, and form President Hoover. Advice of agi cultural, financial, industrial, ai labor leaders also will be sought. Four women arc on thc council Edilh Noursc Rogers, of Courtesy Gets A Sour Look Hays, Kas. — </P)— The Hays News reports that a fellow opened loors at stores, banks and other Buildings for 10!) women in the Christmas rush. Three thnnkcd Vim, five thought he was fresh and he husbands of seven stared lim as if they thought so loo. '•\, at. ewson once was belled for game? That was when Service Dept. Ensign Frank Hocrst, former Phillies pitcher, is Gunnery Officer on a merchant ship. That has just completed a round trip to Murmansk. . . And he probably bombing any worse than he Shibc Park. Sounding a keynote for international cooperation after tho war., in line with recent party pronouncement.';. Spangler said th c problem of a lasting world peace "must be mot courageously and realistically" and must be approached in a "spirit of friendly cooperation with tlie other nations "' lh " wnrlf1 ' —Heps. Massachusetts and Bolton. of Ohio, and Frances P. two national of thc world, keeping in mind thc welfare of out- fivo the party's 1944 broad cam- Market Report t second game of this doublcheda in the sixth inning with the sco 0-0. Philadelphia's travel-weary Phillies finally won thc first game of | their western expedition by beating Chicago 10-4 after losing six straight, but the Cubs set them down 8-2 in the second game. After i riding high for weeks, thc Phillies I now are in sixth place. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Newark — Perk Daniels, 197 3-4, Chicago, outpointed Pvt. Clint Conway 179 1-2, Cleveland, ""• few 150 • SoWiers are selling a real ta-lo of "nalure in llie raw on the insect-ridden battlefronU. But thanks to 1'I.IT and our oilier in- eecliride-s tlie \>r.-te arc gelling their* tool Bight in the neck! The army lias found that these famous inr*<-l-killt;rs blast many "hrat!ien"|.<:*U.Jii-ta3tlieyknork off inauy chili/.<;J iu-ecU at Lome. FLIT haa the highest Baling established for houicJiolfl uj.s<;rii- cidea l.v the National Bureau of Standard*... the A \ Baling w 'don't you fi^lit yuur iieaa will. JrLii? - JJuy a bottle — todaj! After the (10). Mass. — Tommy Jessup, 139, Springfield, Mass., out- pointed Joe Peralta, 133 1-2, Tamaqua, Pa., (10). Baltimore — Buddy Walker, 195, Columbus, Ohio, outpointed Char- ; no ley Eagle, 185, Waterbury, Conn. (12). -«•»*• • ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., June ! _ (l (p,_(U .S. Dcpt. Agr.) — Hogs, 30,000;-some opening sales 180-280 Ibs steady to 10 under Friday at 14.15-20; top 14.20; relatively little done; 170 Ibs. down and sows 1Q.-15 lower good and choice 140 - 160 Ibs. 13.10-60; a Ibs 13.05: sows; 13.35-65. Gallic. 4,500; calves, 1,000; generally steady; steers in light supply; good and choice steers 14.5016 25; medium steers 13.50 - 14.50 good and choice mixed yearlings and heifers 14.50-15.60: commoi and medium cows 11.00 - 12.:>0 medium and good sausage bull 1250-13.75; vcalcrs 50 lower, goo and choice 15.00; medium an i good 1250 and 13.75; nomirii I range slaughter steers 11.75-1B.5I ! slaughter heifers 10.75-16.25; sloe | or and feeder steers 11.00 - l.i.G Sheep. 3,000; supply mostly Texas clipped lambs; practically early sales; a few odd i chice native spring lumbs 71-8; oats were unchanged to 1-4 !f and corn unchanged at coiluigs. Cash wheat no sales. Corn No. 3 yellow 1.05 1-2. Oats No. 1 mixed 76; No. 3 while barley malting 90-1.07 nominal. own country." Spanglcr outlined aims for paign: , l_To build a "better and happier nation and do our full share in building a peaceful and better world." ''—Plan for "an abundance as against thc New Deal philosophy o£ scarcity which is rapidly bringing 'us to a condition where our people- will be hungry." 3— -Plan to help big and little business to "succeed and not to be ruined by irresponsible bureaucratic interference and arbitrary con- commitlccwomcn, Mrs. Bertha Baur of Illinois and Mrs. Dudley C. Hay of Michigan. Other Senate members arc Vandenberg, Mich.; Tafl, Ohio, Austin Vt., and Hawkcs, N. J., while other House members include Carter, Calif.; Dirkscn, Ills.; Hope of Kansas and Miller, Missouri. POULTRY AND PRODUCE * Chicago, June 1 (If) Poultry, live 9 trucks; firm; all hens 14; all fryers 27 1-2; all springs 27 1-2; all broilers 27 1-2; leghorn chickens 24: roosters 20; ducks 25: geese 25; capons fi Ibs. up 31; un- \ dcr 6 Ibs. 27 1-2. Butler, receipts 1.124,670; unsettled; prices as quoted by thc Chicago price current arc: creamery, 03 AA score 46 1-2; 92A, 46; 90 B, 45 3-4; 89 C. 45 1-4: BR cooking 44; 90 centralized carlols 13 45 3-4. Potatoes, arrivals 248; on track 241; total US shipments 822; supplies moderate; demand good at lower prices; market weak and unsettled; receivers and jobbers confused account ot change in price regulations. California long whites 100 IDS. sack US No. 1, 4.05-10; commercials 3 80-4.00; A 1 a b a m a bliss triumphs US No. 1 3.80-90; Louisiana bliss triumphs victory grade 3.56-85. lots 10.00. NEW YORK STOCKS New York, June 1 —(/I 1 )— Buyers igain leaned toward peace stocks today when thc market resumed business after its lengthy recess. Threat of a fuel shortage in Ihe wake o£ widespread coal labor walkouts kept most steels and rails in the background. Motors were prominent from thc opening on and tobaccos hardened at the last. Many favorites managed to register top prices for 1 to 3 years at one lime or another. While plus marks were well distributed ncai the close, declines were Plentiful Transfers were around 1,200,000 hares. . , Rail and utility bonds improved 4-plan to "restore to tho slates and to thc people thc powers which over thc past ten years have been THE PINES Swimming Pool Will open Wednesday afternoon, June 2, at 2 o'clock, if it isn't raining. fUT Roy Anderson & Company Phone 810 Hope, Arkansas INSURANCE We close our place of business every Wednesday afternoon. In case of emergency 'phone 85. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago. June 1 —(,?;—Rye assumed the leadership in g trading today with the July tract advancing into new .rain con- high Sports Mirror | By The Associated Press Today A Year Ago — All Amcr- __ ican League clubs waived on Jim- 1 H ,- 0 und for the'season at the open- mie Fox and veteran first base- i j n ^. but later profit taking sales man was sold to Chicago Cubs of j caused a break of as much as 1 1-2 National League. j cents before resting demand stead Three Years Ago — Damaged | j e( j lr , t , market. Goods won American Coaching Club Oaks at Belmont Park. Five Years Ago—English Derby at Epsom Downs won by French- t bred outsider, Bois Roussel. before 400,000 spectators which in eluded British King and Queen. Bois Roussel paid 20 to 1. Later interest all but dried u] wilh prices below the closing love of Saturday. Wheat and oats drift cd with rye and trading came a virtual standstill during the las hour. Wheat closed almost at the day's lowest levels, off 1-2 to 1 II i The largest planet, Jupiter, is 86, 151.43 v [500 miles in diameter, [lower, NEW YORK COTTON New York, June 1 —(If)— Cotlon futures lacked a definite trend today and price changes were narrow Advance in the mid-May farm parity price for cotton to 2021 and New Orleans buying and trade price fixing against textile contracts were steadying influences but were offset by scale up hedge and profit selling. Late afternoon values were unchanged to 5 cents a bale lower, Jly 20 19, Ocl. 19.33 and Dec. 19.80. Futures closed 10 to 50 cents :i jly*" opened 20.24—closed 20 18 Oct opened 19.98-closed 10.83> Dec opened 19.85,closed— 19..-I I Mrh opened 19.63—19.51 1 - '9.52-closed 19.3U )t 22.1 on off 3 ry July 95'1-4, September »7- N-uormnal. |R SWELL TAST6 EXTRA MILDNiSS CAMELS HAVE GOT T TAKES! * IN THE ARMY * they say: "GENERAL'S CAR" for wheelbarrow II PEEP SIGHT for expert gunner JAWBON E for credit (as opposed to cash) for the favorite cigarette with men in the Army 1 •: I F/RST The favorite cigarette with men in the Army, Navy, Marines, anU Coast Guard is Camel. (Based on actual sales records in Post Exchanges and Canteens.) ^^^^BBr ^MIpfllBw^BMp ^WH^^ ^^^&

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