Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 2, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1912
Page 5
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FELIX AND FINK—"I miTht have known," said Felix to Firik, **that things wouldn't break right for me.'* i HELD NEW yEJIIi'S FEUSI 3m» ATTKMIKn RKTAST SKHVKI) BY M. E. IHIKIH MK.MHEKS. Dinners i\»r tin- Uorlliv I'lnir Si-nt Out fmni the Knii <(Ui 't Tiilili'—Im- Iir «Meraont ( lut) Moots. T.A HARPK. Ka>,. .Tan 2 —Tiin-i- liumiriMl mon, wair.i n :in>l riiiUfrri. Metliodist rhiin-h in.-arand ihi-ir frii>n(1~. assonible.i in Ui,-- Ms^onii- lia'.l ycsteniay for a social ;:iiu > ami to iianahe of a N .w Yvar"? iiinn>"r. Rp\. I'lvmer offorfd jiravcr nnil_tii-n the sood ihinps wcro ^i.ri-.iii on JRA B, FRANTZ REGISTERED OlTOSIETlilST Huaabultit, Kas. Moran. nfr.'rni^o:! of .Ian. Hi and al! d.i.v the ITth. ljnari>e. .Ian. ISili and l;Hli. H. 0. .viJvirs pelvvkh «n iiis TiMi' n» itri'Eur, ii:aii». WANTKO FOR CUSTOMER—A l.rlvate loan of 5»00 on a new «lght room liousti on paved street, close In, cast front. Want it for three years and ani v^ilUng to pay good interest. The Peterson l^and Co. WWX I {i-i!i:iin in Wi->ti'rn kunsasTnnnj SouTjiI Ilaj*— >i'ns \o1 «'s uud IVtsoiuiN of (;a> City, .".ndy n '-''t forni>^rly in biisini'ss !, 10 lull ii'^v o'Jip'.oyoil liy tlie M-Sro- !•• !l;an Kiiihvay i-^iui'any in Kansas Ciiy. a .'^ivorl .-Jaiurday to vi.-it hi.': r.o;'i«=r and ?haUi: nnrrts f;:.'nd:3 curint; the wpok, IV K PoRn;ni;Ton <'.!ii>i'ed a car of tab!.-<. Diiini^r wp.h sorv.>! from 12 j \ uniil 2 o"cIork i!> ti-.o ;hou^ii!:;ilno.-.- | of some of -oo .i NU'iiu^dists : i 4 j ^ oT ti'.i-' i oor fau::l:> s win- j>ro | ^ \idod wiiha bii; Now Yiar 's .iirnt-r con^jstins: of t'.ie sanio ffs »a-' jTovii;- | ' od for :l-.e lii^ banqtn;. .X^.i-.n ;inii a.cain. t!;i' old >^ayin:; ciii bo aiii'Ii'd— •"It is n'-.To b'o.-s. J 10 :!ian to • receive."• 1.. us !o th'! Knn.-at City marki ts yi'.-- | ':;'.ay aitornoi^n. Tily. Kas.. .Ian. LV—Mrs. A. I!. Si.. i.ho:,i tiitiTiaini 'd tho followini; iri'iiiis at dinui-r Sunday: Mr. and .\Ivs William Sniiih and son, Chal\v-!a old ' ' ''"'^'^r -ind ' . iiildroii .Moomoy ii-it, today fur .Sprinp- ti.-bi. Illinois, for an .•xt«>ndt-d visit ' vnUi hi.s brotl!or> and old school "—Brine :n your v..inh or i'oik it noeiis ropairin;:. a'ton;!' r. ' pii-n to all our uork—Wators A: 1>;.;' ' fortfj Iiru?rs and .1. \\o:r> xirs.-C .1. llalfci •vvi;: i-ni-rtain Mutual In-.i'rinfUJon! i-iub this #'\,n-i inK at lior liouie on So.iih \^I•>^ stro.i Tho i>lani'.s Culia. Porto i;ji-o ' and Cuaai will b.- li-.o ^ul^j. its for ; >>!k in It.Trllosvl'.lc. iMi -sion. Sin.-p .Miib orL;;ini/.or!. I .""In l;;irrif. .if Loxinc-on. >?o . is th,. :a.!:.< havo 1.., ti wr-rkin:; tholrl:'- •-'i.-- • !' '.is !^r..i h. r. .1. V. Harris rpforonoi- ;ib.-;irfos ,.s..r ur.w .in.; i! is ; tiin .f.y f!;.s w.-.k. t;!. ;i !:• . i ,.is yturnvl . :"• a -::iv in K in-;u' r :ty. 0:-»a: C'l.i.'-Ji «iU \i.-it in M —!-. > Hal:!'. M. D. Ornll »t Isaac M>ors !. ft yosrorday for Kan- f ri'> TO oiijoy iho woe'K with his n. C W. .>{y.>rs. .Aliss .\-r.a .MiKoon, atfor ^iiondinc ::.o ;;o'.ii!ays \\\-\\ \;,'c paronts, rcturn- yot'oM'.ay lo foVfiyvi'.ie to re,suuit i", - -. :.i ..; tt.«<-k. .\!-s. K. S. Hahn and son Charb s •••I 111.i> .;;:.rni'<in U--: K;in.-,.< \ \ ;.i \:si: ••••r ;.ai' i;ts ini'.iMniioIy. :;n.i Mrs f. J. Kvar.- ;>.';i:i(b N w V'ar - in io!:i. iast • v.mi- \ fi i\ ors f:o:i: !;. ro att.n.ii .1 Hoy an.i I.onnio I!ur;on af:or a •.•oa-ant \isi; «i:!i frioniis <ind mla- ••v.^. n'lrn. d w.ok !o ti-.tir - lirovir.i; ni >t on'.> ir.; hc'iiiful .Mr. an<! .Mrs W l: I.. :,; «,;]• m (1;- tawa .v .s ;.;,iay r. n,; ,» 1,; i,c 'of th'ir nif. .• N'l.-- I';.-.;:,.. Kol in- pon, ti- l»rof K<..-;-r ..f : .• DiiaA.i univorsity. to bo i;. :,; at ;:.o-Irbios home Tlils af.f -n .-.o .Miss K(^'.>ir.s ..n is known in t ;>o :': r.,- i;;i"s and •-- jx>rUi;y wt-i", kE .iwr. .n l''.:i. as si.o mado i;i'r i..^:!.- ti -.-ro for -• :!;•• !:t;>- Mrs AV. i: .lol iisoc .'.vA Mrs. M Foran. 'if l'!i:on.i. w-'--,': ,..or Siini.".i.i- at rho F itoMr .s h ^::.o, Frank Boyor t:;;- o^.r.iniT for Denvrr ("oio to ;>•: i;.:-.. s; !,i;,.kv. win i,ri>b-;-iy ^,,-;rf "^wrk Ji. i sppnd ttif -winter Wst.--. B<?rt Pattt-n. < Coliics-. i'.Io. i- •, .-it- inc hfrp thi.s wof-k .Mr. and Mrs H Myor r- -irr. i fr.-^ni Si^Inia and I -iv>ron.v. ;i:"-.r a short vl.sit with rela,:;-.-s Merofr Gatos wa- ; "-a -in:/.- r.- minded of iii.s IT 'r: bir:. lay ann;.- r- farr. Saturday nipht wr.-n a larir" number of his friocds ca:i:- s; .r-.iilni: in prvparod to s;>^nd liio <•:,•''.< ...n- in?. Gam6> wvre play-d. af'- r w.i. ii rofreshn-.pnrs wcro sor -.od .icd a as an' pveninc rei'ort.i Mort-r r -it:--'! many nice present5. Mrs. S. M. nanforth r-;::'r.-d y s- terday to Thayer. Mrs .M r ParfTTii aciTitupanied her hoiui.- lor a siic.-t -.isit. Stove rr.P2*^m and Waiter H:iff:r:^. aftrr a pleasant stay with Mr and Mr?. Mrs. L. K fiiez'nj. returned y-s terday to Hep'-er. Will Anderson is oon'?n:platicp opening a tailor shop in Prair;>? Ha!:. Kuly Bunch, of Humbo!'.!t visi'-d I. E. Bunch and fan:;iy y.?r,-r'!.Ty Mr. Bunch att^-nds i:;p Kans:is \'\\\- versity and is in Huir.bold: t;i" .holidays. ; Ira Fo'wlor bogan his clutios y.'s*.--r- j day for tho Fort S<.Atx Grort-ry roir.- ; pany after a fe* days vacation wi-i; ; his family hore i Mr. R. Peet yes^prday 5 »'!d • •< - ' Hire show maohino and .-rtir" outfit ; to a man at Fulton. Mo Cha-;.-^ Th*'^ i b .-<!d left Twstprdar uiih t".f- ..-i-fit Mr Peet intends to jiurchase a rex machine .^oon. .Mr. and -^rs Gonr^o Mali nr.i. a ':o' i a week's visit in I'dall. Kas., r'-.urn- I orf home ye.fterday. ( P. W. Deist bcsran •xortt today in Gilbert barber shop on The north side of the square in lola. n ••••r ;i f. \. d:.ys. Mrs .\ \<>;n wii: on ;.:t.iin .\" S li.ib t..!i!orror\ afti -rniHin. V,i'.;i- Wa 'iA 'T is "losinir a numbor Lis f^a.' i-.i-'-s as a r< su'.t of ti ^i aiirni' fli-' a-., riioj' r.i The IianuNT of I.n (;rip)ie — Is ;:S ;a:a; •.a ,i .'-,.y to pnouuio- n a To euro \our la .srripiv^ ioui:t,.>. • K'i-Vs lb.i-..y ar. i Tar I'lm- K .s K Fis'.v^r V.'a~hin?:on, • i w:s tro'ibli d witji a s> ver* afaik of '.a *!.at 'hr-'a' . r.-d p::-ii;i .i n':a \ fri-cd aiiiiseii K'i'.^vs H.irov .-ir. ; T :ir Contpor.nd and I sTo: r. " •• af-- r t :ik :r= fi;- fir-' fow 1 r .i.Tk •'-<•• b.-.'-'.^s aCil tiiy la ciijp" M.i- I tr- i • (b' : .c^nuin* It : til.- y.;-.* pa. k.^-. .1 I> M;in- .\:'.>rT W:>. :.r t;:,. ;r.)\:b;o for Mi .-s ..iiri A.- Kan.-a- T .i;op :ionv •.i;i.p .-ry. ;s n'.' on,-. ..f kind tiiai iTs 1 • :.;n ! w;:.n i: .•oui .-s ro bf-lni: :i :;>-i! for ti;-' d!:;if.-5 whii h he Is .-.!'• d upor, -o iv--fo'ni. inorn- i.o r>-.»;'.-d a a.,'« Yak four horse >w --r r:.o;r ,roy.'.- i-.r .'I hrr'^afror h»? lil " s:.ct*. tr^-.ublc" with his "po;*- CALIFOBMA LAXDS. Wf are acents for CItms Heights frnil land- adjoining the city of Saoramciita Free round trip to bt.'yrs. We are sole agents for this territory. CDARLES i. POTTER. Inia, Kan«a«. X VT.VY.'SliKhVE. .4B.SrH.4fT Is one Thich contains accurate information of all records relating to the properly described therein. A complete and accurate Abstract is th« basis of a good deed. There ar<» no Ijetter Abstracts than those prepared - by THE PETERSOX ABSTRACT TO. PfaoM 97 Old Court Bonse BId«. •:ialos. Mr Moouiey came hore from iUiiiois :\\ yoar.s ai;o and witb.out reuriiinp: onco will no doubt have a Jiiost oi:ji>ya!do ^i.sir. H. O. who left hero in a AX "ithhis household pood.s last tiajr .iday for Ruporf, Idaho, writes his .rji' he i.s snowbcunii out in vVsiorn Kansas on i!io I'nlon Pacilic • :ul will bi> tbor.' lor :i number .of i!,.;-s at bast. If hi- bad not uioi ' irfi !i;ls liiisi ^ap. 1;.> uo -.ild have ar- ii '-il in I'lip. rt ro::iorroH or noxt l.iy. iioy II 'ii.lri< ks. afier a pleasant vls- i' Willi his paroiits in I'arsons, ro- '.irii .fl b .Mi> la.-t nlKht lo roHumc bis lutios in il;t> liiKh sfl.1)1)1 room. IMtia. till' six y.'ar olil ilaunhtor of \\: .It;.I Mis 1. l.oHK is roportod ','iii>- ill M:s. .\ W.'st and cliildr.'U. Karle ..inl .Miti 'ii". will b-avo tomorrow f<ir .\Iai >li- bl. .M.' . to join lii-r iiarent.s W'\ 1. ak.' Ii.'i- fiKiir.' home !'.;•.> .^-'p.tir.r .-i.'iit lilt" hollda.vs fill his ii .,it |i,<r ill Mi-'Iaware. Okla. Tl.o Gas t'iiy Iov.t .- of outdoor lift' i;.- f'.V.i iL' nd\nntaKe of this cold srai. • by isslnt' the !••'• as ft tuoans of port. Til." Kb.trie Park, the t'licro- " 'o and tbo UinyonvlUe Pond ro tii .Try 'iiirlnc tho ontire day with \y'\: rs of v.intor spoif. In tho »'y ,>n;!)i :s lito ntajority of tho skaters from •;iro will Ro to tho Kloctric Park, .vh -r- tir.- and ol .otri'- liclits have the ovor our ponds. Jtiss .Mae WJni.niis, who has been sjiondine the ho '.idays in Nt-vada re- rno.', boH>r. last evonlne. S. K riommins aftor a pl^.Tsaur visit in i'loasaiMon .ind lloiiourt. Kas. .v-t;rt'.>-.l homo Sunday. Mr an.! Mrs. K .1 Torbott visited Mr. an.i Mrs Hirn.ou in <.' .,;to last Smday and .Mnuday. Jfr. K'..-.- .M. .Xiisror. of Helton. Ka.s . .vas tho ,pu "Sl of hor- yos- tf niay. Miss Zoliu.i Wri,-br, of Hronson. is tiio Rucsr of Mr. and .Mrs. Kdwin lli :nt"r this wo.-k. .\rthtir Kiniiian writes from rollins- villo that be h;is sorured work and is woll .satisfied with tb-^ place. Tlio I-idivs' Aid of the Christian Church will mor -t tomorrow afternoon wi'h Mr .s. J W. Kastwood of North McRao sffot ^t. All members are urged to attend. WASTED—CLE AH-WHITE BAGS. Repisfer office. WANTED—HOUSE FX'RXISHED for lijtht housi?keeplng. Inquire at I'ennsylvania Hotel. WANTKD—niXIN'G ROOM'GIRL and dUhwasher at onc». Pennsylvania notel. , » WAN'TED—GOOD LAND, 'WELL improved lying near lola. AVlll buy half section or more if worth the money: asked. Give price and full particiilars for reply. Owners only. Meshcw & Company, Tulsa. Okla. FOR SALE—RIDING PLOW ALSO ' walking plow, cultivator one set double harness and milk wagon; 1418 N. Cottonwood. Phone 374. IPIIROLE FOR IILBERT'ECKLE FOR SALE>—A GOOD DRR'ING mare city broke. Call at 620 S. Ohio street. • lola Youth .Soon to Be Released from Reformatory. Albert Eckler, the lola youth who several years ago was sent to the 'iitate reformatory at Hutchinson, ha - IF YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR ' ing been convicted of a charge of bur land or city property; If you want to glary, is soon to be released from the exchange for merchandise or land; ; penal Institution on parole. . A letter I( you want to buy or sell anything; received yesterday evening by Chief Call on. The Allen County Invest- \ of Police Coffield from Superintendent racnt Co., 213 South V/ashington Ave. Bell Phone 900. Ida, Kans. WANTED—-MEN TO LEARN BAR- ber trade. Here is an offer that includes tools with tuition. A method that saves years of apprenticeship. Position wailing In city or country shop?. Write Moler Barber College, Kansas Ctty, Mo. WANTEI>—WOOD TO SAW WHTH ! uzz saw. Phone 461. WA.NTEP—GOOD SECOND HAND cas kitchon rause. Phone 2.'.ti. W A .VT EI >—TO TRADE GOLD v.ati-h for tood saddlo; 217 W. Mad- Isiin, Amrine brought thin information. The parols is to b« granted on certain con dltions and one of them is that Eckler return to lola, live with his mother and support her. Supernltendent Amrine asked Chief FOR RENT—NICELY FURNISHED Coffield to investigate conditions here front room in mode'rn house, close to and see just how Eckler may. utilize FOB BE5T—XISCEIXAHBOIIS. square. Phone 326. FOR RENT—5 ROOM HOUSE FOR light house keeping; 310 S. Second St. FOR RENT— A FIVE ROOM BRICK house. Phone 778. LOST AJiTJ FOUKD. LOST—GOLD BAR WATCH FOB. Phone 94 (|r 1233. Reward. WANTED—TO RENT A .i ROOM houstj ilosu to .Mo. P. dfiiot. Phone 2t;:;. MONEY TO LOAN—WE H.AVE A client who hai $1800 private money to : lo^n on Allen county land. If yon I want this, come quick. The Peterson I Abstract Co. his time when he is released. Eckler was in the gang that robbed the post office at Geneva but this charge haj9 Iieeu dismissed ami there are no fur ther cases pcndin;^ against him. SuperlntendeniTAmrine says that Eckler has 8ho])^n a commendable spir it while under restraint and that he btilieves that the chances that he will inake good on parole greatly outnum ber the chance tliat he will not do so. FOR SALE—MISCELLAXEOUS. TO TRADE. Good 80 acre farm in Coffey county, > lose tx) good town five room bouse newly painted, good barn, fair orchard, some fine creek bottom land; £0 acres in cultivation balance in pasture. Mtg. tl70O at 6 per cent interest. : Want good fair size residence property for eqirity. 53 acres fine creek bottom land ad- ojining town in Anderson county. All in ruKIvation, very rich, black deep ioil. no overflow. Fifty bushels of com per acre this year. Mtg. 12000. Want residence property for equity. THE W. C. TEATS REALTY CO. Kress Bid?. FOR SALE—FIVE WHITE OR- pington pullets and one cockeril. Jit. .Veusome. Phone 824. •SO ACRE MSSOURI FARM FOR lola Gas or La Harpe property. 320- acre Colorado homestead for lola Gas or La Harpe property. Call and see us about them. Allen County.In­ vestment Co., 213 South Washington Ave.. lola, Kans. —fharle-- Durham. Lovington III.. as siici^oded in finding a positive £;'!•? for bod wetting. "Mv little boy wot tine bed evory night clear thro'/ on tho r .oor. I tried several kinds of kidney medicine and I was In the drug ='nre looking for something differenti to help him when I heard of Folev-^ Kidnoy Pills. Ater he had taken them two days wo could .=ee a change and whf»n he had takon two thirdt; of a boftle ho was cured. That Is about .«ix week? ago ?nd he ha.^ not wet in b.d since." J. D. Mundls Co. FOR SALF^A CHOICE, WELL Improved 160 acre farm. miles south and 2 miles west of Moran known as the WethorhoM farm, poe or address A. C. Kobler, Agent, Mi<ran. Kas., Route 3. FOR SALE—SMALL FARM HOME. Address C. B. Chandjer. lola, Kans. OLD HENS WANTED I We want 5000 hens by the 3.-d day of January to fJU an order, and will pay you Sc per pound for all you will bring us. All other kinds of poultry wanted also. • You have be«n waiting for a better price so you could sell—so cull out your flocks and get rid of all indifferent and worthless birds while vou are certain of a good price. THE COGHH^L COMMISSION CO., (SB«ie«g»rs to lola Pradnce Cfc) WHOLESALE POCLTBF, BCTXZBii JBGCIS 4XB HIPE8 The Allen County Really Co. Make a specialty of aelUng Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for con-residents, and do' a general real estate business. We represent three of the best loan companies doing boai- nesa Jn Kansas, and solicit a share of the loan btutaesa, and guarantee-as cheap rates and quick service aa can be had any- vhere. The Allen Coanty Realty Co. B. L. TlWBPMBi >S& OfTZCES.SVANS BLpa lOLA FOR sale ;—FINE DINING TABLE and 6 chairs; 5 straight chairs, rocker.";, dresser commode, 3 beds, carpets rugs and other household furniture, at reduced prices, lola Land Company. FOR SALE—15 BRED EWES, ONE Shropshire ram with papers. Phone 938F3. Wallls Ewlng. R. 2. TO TBADE. Good SO acre farm good improvement. 5 miles of Jola, to trade for hardware. Good SO acre farm .good improvements, 4 miles of lola to trade for general merchandise. TBE W. C, TEATS BEALTT CO. KRESS BLDG. FOR SALE—GRAY MARE TEX years old. weight 1375; gray horse 8 year* old; set good harness; plow and cultivator. C. R. Carmain, Oas Kansas. Farm and Loans KANSAS .1>D OELAHOXA Lan Rate; Annnal or SemLAnnaal Interest-PrivIIefre to Pay In Full Reduced Bates on Ffre Insarauct: R.M.Cunning^ham 01<I Court House Bldg; loU, Ku. LAND FOB SALE! I* for sale the cheapest 160 acres of grass land in Allen County. For a pasture it can't be beat—everlasting water—or it all can be mown. Close to R. R. station. Part time. 1 also have 60 acres Improved land close to lola that I can sell at a bargain. Terms reasonable. CO. BOLLIjXGEB Frank Root, formerly a member of I lola high school basket ball team is authority for the statement that lo­ la has a tough proposition on its hands when it meets Clay Center here next Wednesday nlghi. Frank Is attending Manhattan, and be recently played with the Seniors of that college Rgnlnst the Clay Center team in :i game which wa« WDn by Manhattan by a mnrgln of but 1 point. Hav- •ng seen both the Clay Cenior tram and the lola team in action he knows v .hercof he speaks. Foley Kidney PilN —always give satisfaction because •hey always do the worK. J .T. Shel- -ut Dreraen, Ga., says: "I have used Kolfv Kidney Pills with great satls- .a .-tlon and found more relief from ih»-!r use than from any other kidney medicine and I've tried almost all kinds. I can cheerfully recommend them to all sufferers for kidney and bladder trouble." J. D. Mundls Co. THE BIGGEST BABGAHf IX TOLA. A seven room, moaem boose vrltL two-story bam and 75 feet front, cement walks, shade and fmlL If so<d before January first. |12»0.00: half cash. C. L WHir.^KKR. NEED HEAT .IT THE JAJL. CoDuty's Gn.« Well In ttae JaU Yard Has Given Oat Sheriff Hoover Kerr appealed to the board of county commissioners tills morning to provide a new heating system for the county Jail. The gas well in the lail yard has given out aQd the combination gas and wood stove, with which the building is now heated will not bold enough wood fire to make the Inmates comfortable during cold weather. "No plan to heat the Jail will succeed unless we ha%-e a new stove." said the sheriff. "And coal Is the fuel to use. We have burned several cords o wood this winter in an effort to keep the Jail warm but it's no use. A big coal heater is the only hope for relief." The commissioners told the sheriff to search the town and see If he could not secure a grate that would bum coal In the old itoTe. —C. J. Peterson, Farm Loans. Insurance. AlMtnetL FOR SALE—"APPLETON" TWO- hole sheUer, like new. alwars ksiit nnder rarer, for belt power; power' reqairefl from P- WoHims np: fnUr naiate«. Ptle* t» eaah. FboBA TP CUBE A COLD U OXE DAT ^Take Lantfir* Brdnio QnbilBe Tabled, firnsittis fraftart aaB«r If tt t$a» to cure 'SL w;cbdnrB risuk*- The new suits for the city basket ball team have been ordered, and are ;.\p2Cted In some time'-this week. The boys of the team are authority for the statement that the new basket ball toggery is to be the classiest ever ."=een ia lola, and it is piredlcted that they will open the eyes of local fans when th«y are first brought onto the court. The city team is working hard. It already- has the individual excel- leEce and i.'L now making rapid progress on the development of perfect team work. —Mrs A. R. Tabor of Crider, Mo.. ha.i bo?:: troiibled with sick headache fo; aboi:; five years, when she began tailing Chamberlain's Tablets. She has taktn two bottles of them and they have cured ber. Sick headache is caused by a disordered stomach for which these tablets are especially Intended. Try them, get well and stay well. Sold by all dealers. Ernest Roe who has been here for the past week or a visit with relatives and friends, left last night for Des Moines, Iowa, where he Is einlileyed. Foley's Honey aad Tar Compound. —is a reliable family medicine. Give It to your children, and take It yourself when you feel a cold coming on. It checks and cures coughs and colds and croup and prevents bronchitis and pneumonia. J. D. Mundls Co. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall, of 713 South Buckeye, entertained with a watch party Sunday night. The time was passed with games and music, and promptly at twelve o'clock a chicken supper was served. The following guests were present: Mr. and Mrs. John Cowell. Mr. and Mrs. Omer Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Fern Ooodner, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hall, and son. Wilson. lOLA K. R.TIME TABLES - A.T. A S.¥. BAILWAY South .Bound. Ne.201— Dallr Fasaenser 1:W pi ik No. 2ez— Didly Fuaengar 3:0 a. Na tor— Oally (ezoept Sundsyj Paaeea- cer >'-^1P- So. 215— Daily (except Sunday) Way Prelgfat. Arrive 12:01 p. m. Depart 1:0S p. nx North Bound. .Vo.20!—DaUy I^9senxer..^....'.2 :n p. m. So. 204—Dsily FasaenK 'T Z:2U a. m. No. 208—Daily (except Sunday) Pamea- ger 6:30 a. m. So. 21S—Dally (except Sunday) Way Freight. Arrive 11:15 a. m. D« port U:01 p. D MISSOUBI PACIFIC BAIL WAT Freight*—Weat Bound. ^91 —Local (dsUy ex. Bun) Iv t:45 p. m. 4S1—Colo. Red Ball (dally) Iv.. .8:38 p. m. Prelghti—Eait Bound. Red Boll (dally) ar. 1:10 a. m. 492—Local (dnlly ex. Sun) ar 8 :00 a. m. PsMengsra—W**t Bound. 407— Kansiiui ctty -Yates Center Mali and Rxpress (dnlly) Iv 4:47 p. m. 40»—St. Ixjiria-Wlchlta MaU and Rxpreaa (dally) Iv I :n a. m. Paaaanoers—Eaat Bound. 410—8t..Louia-Riin..iaa Ctty Mall and Bk- nrrsa (daily) ar. 7:17 p. m. 40S—St. Loula-Kanaaa City Mall and Bs- presR (daily) ar. .t-M a. m. TL K. k T. BAttWAT South Bound. •No. 571—Way FrelKht. (dally evevpt. Sunday) 4 :10 a. m. So. 7K—Mixed (daily) «:«E m. No. 73—Pna.ienf:er (dally) I2:tf-p. m. No. 2&—Flyer (dally) ....6:50 a. m. North Bound. .... Paaaenger (daUy) l:Wp. m. No. 7fr—Mlx^d (dally) 2:S0 p. m. •No. S72—Way FrelKht. (dally except Sunday) t2:lfp. m. •571 and S72 win carry pasaeiucera. XEBCHANTABLE AB9TSAGT8L Every Abstract made In our office la guaranteed to be a I ^trehCB^ able abstract or money refondei lOLA ABSTRAOT COMPANT Frank Wood. Uanager. MOHET tft LOAiri * WUI toad on honeBhoId rooSa * pteHOfl. orgaju. wwlnc-^ na • • ehiaM, dtsmwiaw and.jewetTv • • J. W. raVRT e • • • • • •V*?**4^* • • • « Boyil Typewriter AfMey * 9 Controls Exclusive Sale of th* 3 9 Boyal 8laadard 'Typewriter « a - In Allen County • S E. H. Bisibg. Ageat • % Northrnp Building loU, Kans. S Typewriter Bepsin and SappUet • ««««»»««••«-•«••••• <B Dr. C. V. Bosi • DENTIST • 4i Boom Ho. 1, Nortbmp Bldft. • <S Extraction wltbout pain by the • use of^'troui Oxide Oaa * Phone-(j*.cr 668; Res S6S • >3 >s9««see»«»««»«»«« « WHY irOTf • 9 Hare Tour Piano Tuned br aa • Bhcperlenced Tuner—One Ltr- • 9 Ing In your borne town. • T. 0. CAXAT8BT « ' Plaa* Tsaer aad Bepalrer • Roberts Music Co Phone 411 • «S9S9999«99S9 «9«*9 9 F. L. B^ LEITELL. X. 9 BpecialUes— • « Diseases of the Qieai • Diseases of Children. S Fhoaes—Office U't Bes. 147. 9 lOLA STATE BAXK BLDQ « 9 $9eSSSe9999S»»9999 « Seal Estate ani LlTeatask 9 XucnOXEEB « Satisfaction gnanateed,Wlr«or • nbona at my ezpadaa for dataa. 4 B.B .CLm; « rates CBBtra ttrer iCbm. Oiik • EHILMF HEIQELl 110^ South St •ABITESS ASD 8ADDELBT i£ eatml Etfabtast An EJaiM JL 4.44444.4.a|. 4444^ •••••••••««««999 • K05ETT0L0i !r • on all kinds of household'gootfa 4 or Jewelry—anything tof TaJna ^ BIgua Pawn Shop. East Side 4 Square. OfDce in Fruit Stora. 4 All transactions strictly confl- ^ dentlaL . • • •••••••••••9999* —Here Is a remedy that will care yoi)r cold. Why waste time and money experimenting when ypu c^ get a preparation that has won a, worldwide reputation by lu cures of this disease and can always be depended npon? It is known ever/efhere aa Chamberlain's Cough Remedy-, and Is a medldne of real merit. For sale by aU,dealera. ' Hat SpHugm,Ark, Round Trip Tickets, lols to Hot Springs, Ar^, with retnm limit of three mpnths from date of sale, with Btopfover prlTllesae going and rettmi on sale erecy day In the year, for 818.60 The (ma way fare la I11.M. E. E. MUNGEK. PkeaelM. KkFB«.lffmi —9teinezs AttratloBl ^ dlatlUataiu; sals. Tetepboa*'! sr-HaabdUI^;^SaaMq'. K.^

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