Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 15, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1954
Page 6
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yourself together, Mark," Jim said. "This is your wedding. Remember?' ftlchards, Detective Lieu rabbit light now." the Colorado City Police, The door was opened wide , His normally tanned the usher. The strains of the wed ith the deep lines on either wide motilhj was slight "Hep. Hep! Let's go." Jim w.i eh.* -His pug nose, Which usu VQ him a semblance of boy '/&' MMl'.l ' H^J^JI *h.~... 4. tL... only' added jiow to the siioit'ol dissolution.' Hi-s short iiair'was, in 'more, than usual together, Mark," HOP! If AR/' HOMV ARKANSAS Monday, March 15, T9S4 ibid.- "JThls, is your v/edding, iitb'eify'CheeF'up. Other pco- ttji,v« '..dona !t and' lived." u tried to smile and the $ was "enough to make -t&i'Y,?. " cbango her mind coulil see you now," Dunn ,l"Ge ( t your, mind off yourself ' u, 'tfha'n^f?'. " Look at r.io Striped B)4 this-'Silly coal, and all the .couldn't get this done lot 'you! Strictly formal, reception at the IV^f, w^il u. * [6,okJ awfully pretty." Mark i Htf'Jed, feebly. ., ||-baUer," Jim' adrnitteJ, ppo, ,th'i>' quick alterations (slothes %hoJd-,' together." * ^ ' - jl —yone > itv-CcJldra'do into the 1 church lionnof Jorth Car liter* of old Mary • Jjort.foundeV of . s ,i s ,to r svhom ifcany ir^J as "'that police i decided it was time 9ctjon, Ifp, unearthed a ijaot, tand administered g^ M i>JJmi went, on. 'ven visit's a'-)litt!e vlijcfpiColoradp \ City—Having "fdi-^jrivate deteqtiv«" ( from 0 t f l?e, his best man! Re now,-, you're ,a tqvigla boy. ' jgars-^-wpll, cigarets." ^d.*but' }t was obvious listening. "You—you L|d npt bother to Answer. He 'ilrca.dy offered ' concrete ! ^e 'rjng's safety at least s/in^.as niany minutes. 1 f^ced, uish^r poked ' .his '•"^"•"-'-i door, sniffed dJs id,, "Ready,- gentle ^pjann" moved the bpttle" from -•-* to h$s )eft hand, i returned *"BtC,n1 tott-n *. '*T-P if J iif<*«n'4- -ff,n W it' wasn't for least Was calm and "Psssssst!" The usher was point g. Jim did not falter in his stride. He handed the bottle to the usher. "Sorry. Didn't know you were thirsty." The music rose triumph anlly, Nancy, in Jim's estimation, was nearly perfect. In the first place he considered her five foot height a fitting contrast to his own .six three; ! She was perfectly -proper lioned, her black hair carefully waved, her dark, large eyes spark led with he;- inward summation. Al so, Nancy had a brain she u-jcd. As society editor of the Colorado City Flume, she was well aware of happenings in one level of local life. As, daughter of Otto Drover, Chief of Police,' she was equally AVCll informed of events in another. And. on ocasions when the two worlds overlapped, her knowledge could be invaluable. "I like to cry at weilriings," she admitted. "And this one especially 03 years, had warmth in his c.ves for his daughter, and for 'Jim a glint which would have chilled a frozen ;cod. It wasn't, as Dunn had assuncd himself, anything really personal. Drover simply had a low opinion pf cops, an even lower opinion of private detectives, and a socially built, extra low compart mcnt for a private cop interested in Nancy. *Thc two men exchanged one brief pumping motion v,=hicb ended on the downward swing "so their hands snapped back to their fides with a minimum of lost effort. "Nice seeing you again," Jim said. "Yeah," Drover said. "You look pretty in those pants." "Thank you. But really you should see me when I'm dressed up. A fine; figure of a man," Jim said-modestly. "Stop it! Both of yOU,"' Nancy said. Drover patted his daughter's shoulders, and Nancy was quick enough to brace, herself for the show of affection. Stevens oh Feet Rapping McCarthy by JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON, — A man dnz- cd by a direct hit on his head with a political coconut stays flatten ed or gets back on his feet and pitches some of his own coconuts. Robert T. Stevens goi bark on his feet. Now lie is Jack, the would-be giant killer, the only man among -he Republicans in Congress on the 2jsenhower administration who ever look on Sen. McCarthy (R- Wis) in a iifo-and-dcalh struggle. This 54-year-old wealthy businessman who came here to be secretary of the Army was lead' ng an actively but seemingly quiet ife in the Pentagon until MeCar- :hy hit him square on the hoad, and in public. Most men might have felt the nirnp right away. Stevens, n«;r- laps because he was a political novice, seemed not tti know ho was it and spoke at first as though ic had scored a victory. He soon learned his action was generally considered a surrender. It was reported he sobbed -Thr>n ic got indignant, then mad. It was hard to see, though', how he could fight back after the shell acking he took. But he did. The public didn't know at first ,hat he had bee dealing with McCarthy long before he gnt tho bump. Laic in February Stevens, ae- PRESCOTT NEWS Tuesday March 16 The Prescott Garden Club will have ils annual Daffodil lea on Tues day afternoon from 2:30 until 4:30 o'clock in the home of Mrs. J. W. Teeter with Mrs. Geroge Cashman, Mrs. Leroy Phillips and Mrs. D. S. Jordon associate hostesses. cusing McCarthy of abusing Army officers, refused to lot the senator question any more of .hem until he had first faCi<d him n a public, televised hearing. But the day before this meeting Stevens accepted' an invitalion to unch with McCarthy and lhr%; Republican senators on his comnittee: Mundt (SD) Dirksen ' (111) ind Potter (Mich). In a "memorandum of under- landing" which came out of the meeting, Stevens agreed to let McCarthy quiz his generals. Mearthy agreed to nothing, at least n writing. Stevens went back to he Pentagon and-told his generals ic had won his point with Me'arthy: Army officers henceforth would be trealcd fairly. Stevens aides got a look at the memorandum: , where did it say anything about Wednesday March 17 The Prescott Musical Coterie will present their ' Guest Day" program Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. O. G. Hirst with Mrs Clarke White co-hoslcss. Mrs. Si- Club will meet on Friday afler- noon in the home of Mrs. D. S. Jordan at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Frank Grifford Honored Mrs. C. R. Gray, Mrs. Marvin Cunningham. Mrs. Guy Brown, Mrs. Andy Eaves and Mrs. H. C. Vandiver honored Mrs. Frank Grif ford with a pink and blue shower in Ihc home of Mrs. Gray, A variety of spring flowers in artistic arrangements decorated the mono Gloden, pianist, and Miss entertaining rooms. Margaret Hunter Scott, vocalist will . M . rs - GnlTorcl received a corsage be presented. The Spiritual Life Group of the First Methodist Church will meet on Wednesday morning at 9:15 in the home of Mrs. Imon Gee. The Men's Fellowship Supper of Ihc Presbyterian Church will bo held on Wednesday evening. J. H. Bcmis, Lynn Harrell. C. W. McClelland and George Teat have charge of the supper arrangements. Jim Nelson is program chairman. ...Thursday March 18 The Benjamin Gulp Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution will meet on Thursday afternoon in Iho home of Mrs. S O Logan with Mrs. D. L. Cass assisting hoslcsscs. Friday March 19 The Victory Home Demonstration if Pvt. Schine didn't get the fair- haired-boy treatment. McCathy and Conn- denied the Story the report told. McCarthy additionally .accused the Army of "blackmail." 1 He produced what he called memoranda from h'is committee's files charging that: Stevens and the Army's chief counsel, John Adams, had talked of Schine as their "hostage" against McCarthy's'. investigalion of the Army and tried to divert the investigation by promising "dirt" on the Navy and "Air Force. It seems impossible that Stevens and McCarthy can both come out of there with their hair still parted in the middle. designed with a baby rattler and ribbons. . Games were played with prizes being won by Mrs. Carl Richardson, Mrs. Wilburn Willis and Mrs. Grifford whose prize were her gifts presented to her in a decorated basket. Sandwiches, cookies and cold drinks were served lo 30 guests. Miss Virginia Otwell Complimented Miss Virginia Otwell, who left on Thursday for El Dorado lo make her home, was complimcnled with a going away party given by employees of the Ozan Lumber Company office on Wednesday ev- ehing in Ihe home of Mr. and Mrs. Dock Kizer on the Camden road. A buffet supper was served from the dining table overlaid with a 'linen cloth. A bowl filled with William the Silent jonquils and white jonquils formed the centerpiece. Matching arrangements were placed at vantage points throughout the house . . Following the supper Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Dews, and Mr. and Mrs. Adam Gulhrie Jr. were in charge of the enterlainment for the evening. Miss Otwell was presented a gift of luggage. Others present included Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sage, Mr. and Mrs. John Haggard, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bolton, Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Ligon, Miss Dorothy Bradford, Miss Hazel Matlock, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Easterling Mrs. Jim Hamilton and Miss Elizabeth Francisco. fair'-.treatment It Stevens said, he wds Well, so sweet. You could "Whatever you say, Nancy," | understanding on that. Drover said "Now, I have to go The reality began to — an appointment." He turned him Hn honrri that c didn't, had a But, verbal 'running ijjfe' a seared just> tell how they felt. So — so dedicated." 1 "Maybe," Jim' said. < J '"And speaking-of weddings. Do you '"know this is the fifth time I've' been a. bridesmaid" •4 "You know, J was thinking. Abopt' it might''be a nice idea to make this a ddublc weddint?." '"You really think you're safe to bring l th'e Subject up now" Nancy demanded,i • > "That was before I realized how much -a man suffered," Dunn went on quickly. "Today has been a lesson to me, opened my eyes. It's a , terrible thing to sec, A man trapped, wavering on the brink, facing—" ! "Oh, ahul up," Nsncy said, "There's Dad over i)joro by the door. Come on, I want to talk to him, and then I'll introduce you to a few people." Nancy went through a ciowd much like a subsoil plow bitaking virgin ground, leaving u momcn tary furr\v of astonished guests He reached Nancy agdin m the an appointment." He away, hesitated, faced-the coupl again. "Dunn, wonder if you't mind dropping^ into Headquarter later, on" . • . : •' ,' •;•'.'•• -'.'Be alad to," Jim said heartily Nancy had : made good'on he promise to'introduce him'to some people." They had started with His Hon or,''Mayor'Edward Stone. They had worked through 'the' city fathers the 'clow.agirs, .the." : promi.ien». pco pie from • pioneer families' to the owner of ;tne local pool hall. Jim looked at all the people hav ing fun., He decided in stay where he .was until he could make hallway near the front door. Her father, a little too heavy for his complete .escape. A change in the tempo' of sound made it audible again. Jim turned quickly. A man in a blue serge nuit was moving slowly and purposefully through the crowd. He did not need a uniform to proclaim the fact he was a policeman. Not until the man was quite close did Jim recognlzo the man as Tim Early. ments woncjefful $i0blf- jmpprted Tebiljzed Early saw Dunn at about the s-ame moment, and the two men made short work of;dividing the last barrier of people stiij between Jim said. "What's them. "E a r ly," up" "Sergeant Early," he said auto mntically/ "Nancy—Miss Drover. You know where she is" "AuHind We'll find her. What happened" Tim Early wet his lips. He kept his voice 'ow, hut it was filled wiili <m3or. hurt, r.'nd a rtranfrc I ewil "liight in fron: of the Nugget Theater.' Right in the mid die . of a crowd. Two men with snuggle' teeth. Big, buck teeth." Jim grabbed the officer'.s , shoul cler. "Shap out of it- Tqll me!" 13 :i r 1 y swallowed, 'swallowed, again before he could gei; out the words. "Chief Drove) 1 . Stubbed to death." (To Be Continued) dawn on same afternoon McCarthy had told a reporter Stevens could not have surrendered more acljectly if he had gone down on his knees. Then Steven's heard how the newspapers were regarding the memorandum.; Stevens surrenders. Mundt and Potter came to his r'sc-ue saying there had been agreement on fair play for -Army witnesses. Stevens appealed to President Eisenhower for support and got it. Biit what 'could Stevens do now? What• the' public didn't know was that Stevens,. McCarthy and Roy Colin, chief counsel of McCarthy's investigating committee, had had a number of conversations about G. David Schine, Conn's pal and a non'paid worker for the committee until he was drafted into the Army. There were rumors Colin had interceded with Ihe Army for special treatment for Schino. Finally a Democratic member of McCarthy's committee, Sen. McCiellan of Arkansas, repeatedly asked the Army for a report -on all this. But between McClellan's first request'in January and last week, when the 34-page report was release, Stevens had been hit with he McCarthy coconute at the un- lorgetlable luncheon, The report said McCarthy and Cohn first tried to get a commission for Schine,- had later asked special consideration for him, and hot 'Cohn. had threatened to get Stevens' job and wreck the Army Mr. and Mrs. Alford Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Harold Parker, Mrs. Julia McGough, Mrs. Ike Avery, Mrs. W. K. Burke, Mrs. Homer Ward, A. E. McGuire, Miss Carol Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Max Bryant Mrs. Paul Jones and Miss Dio Lewis attended the funeral service for Mrs. Fletcher Parker in Lewisville on Wednesday. Mrs. J. T. McRae spent Wednesday in Texarkana with her mother, Mrs. C. J. Taylor, and attended a family reunion. Miss Virginia Otwell left Thursday for El Dorado to make her home and will be employed by the Lion Oil Co. : ' to Lackland Air Force Base, Texas after a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Smith. Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Nelson have moved from Ihe D. S. Jordon apartments to the H. H. McKenzie home on East Third St. — , jj Mr. and Mrs. Adam Guthrie, Sr. have moved into their new home on East Third St. Mrs. L. B. Hallon and Johnny arc at home in the.Gee cottage on East Main St. Friends of Mrs. Joe Paul Crane will be glad lo know she isrecover- ing from a tonsillolomy performed S-Sgt George Smith has returned at Cora Donncll Hospital. ' f->. NOW OPEN ... HOPE 205 S. Main Street OPEN DAILY LADIES INVITED Anyth is yesterday's car! Come drive MUMBER ONE in power! CHRYSLER 235 n. Nunn McDowell Motor Co. 3rd and Walnut Hope, Ark. A L WAY-* Depend upon Penney's to Be,the First- fo Bring the New Prices! ie men and movie stars. Nobody loves the lax collector, iut actors have long complain•d that they are victimized by tax Taxpayers Try toDepreciate Many Things By BOB HOMAS: HOLLYWOOD, M?) — Chances are, you didn't try to depreciate your legs on your income tax bldtement which js due today, But •sti <uigi?r things have happened, tuy the internal revenue /boys. To illustrate ' unusual requests by taxpayers, tho Lon g Beach 'Calif. Press-Telegram had model Diana Hughes asU the local internal revenue office whether 'she! could depreciate her shapely gams oi) her tax form the answer was a good-humored: "No depreciation is apparent.' 1 The incident W as strict #<ig. But it points up tho contention between. 1,1)6 yry Dup»rl;nent and' taxpayers whose coining ppwtr largely de- ends on their physical price, jphcse include "Tf we're lucky, we might make ig money for five years, perhaps 0," a top star told me recently. 'A guy Gary Cooper might ast 20 years, but how many Gary Coopers are there The rest of us have to move aside for the younger, newer faces that the fickle public demands. "When we're on top, we have io pay up to 73 or 85 per cent of cur salaries in taxes. We are obliged to live like movie stars, and we have no chance to put away any savings. What happens to us when fame passed by" Actors 1 have done mure than merely complain about this matter. They have made representations to Congress and ihc Treasury Deparlmunt. But they have had scantt success. It's hard to sympathize- with the plight of the movie stars, especially their six-figured salaries are publicized so widely. I talked to several internal revenue officials about the matter, and (hey agreed that the situation cannot be charged under• present laws. "The model's legs can't be de- preeialed becausa they are not capital assets," one of them commented. "It's the same way with actors. They can't measure the decline of their earning power because one can't depreciate oneself How are you going to measure the depieciation If such a an weio devised for actois, jt would have to be applied to other workers, such as plajers, wtvitkus, etc. basebail NEW PRICES EFFECTIVE MONDAY, MARCH 15th! 100% NYLON THIS IS NOT A SPECIAL PURCHASE BUT NEW LOW PRICES! HURRY FOR CHOICE! US? OUR LAY-A-WAY! New Low Prices on all of our quality nylon fabrics! DeLuxe Puckers, Nu-Kokette, chrom- spun decorated Splatter Mist, Orion/Nylon 'pin stripes, all in a beautiful array of new colors! Sew and Save! YARD EVERY YARD PERFECT! TREMENDOUS SPECIAL PURCHASE! IMPORTED FROM HONGKONG CHINA! THOSE FAMOUS PEiLCANE TUB CHAIRS The most amazing value you've seen in a long time! A full size chair constructed from peeled .cane and bamboo mode for long, hard service! Wonderful for breeze-ways, television chairs, and that extra chair thgt you always need! COME IN AND 100K THEM OVER g^ PENNEY QUALITY [• IS YOUR GREATEST SAVING! * ' i -• —FT"I"" I FPiiniii • y mpi 5 ' ! ' % ^ A* ^ f\ * * ' j l teft ' r ^' |f '''''i'i"tvii> '' l ' ' * * ' ^CMik^'^iii^lMSill^^

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