Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 2, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOtA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 2,1912. lOLA DAILY UtiGlSTER ^ progmm or one battleship a year it The lola Dally Record and fhe tola Dally will be but a short time until the navy of the United States, instead of ranking third in the world, will fall to the fifth or sixth rank. Index. THE REGISTEB rUBLISIIL >'G CO. Entered at the lola Pontotncc as Second• CUuu Uuttrr. AdvertUinB luiun Mnrtr Known on Appll- outloii. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In lota, Oa« City. Lanyon Vllle, Concrete, LaHarpe and Baitett: One Wpck 10 contu One Month 44 centu -One Year $6.00 BY MAIU: One Tear. Injilrto county 12.00 , One Tear, out.iicle fouiity ..{3.00 TELEPHONES: BuslneMR Off!p<- IR Society nt 'portiT 1!> Job and Bindery IV-pl HI Offirial Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Battett. Official Paper of Allen County. so.irE SOIND SENSE. Here aro some samplo sentonco^ from an nddross dolivored to some six hundred farniors at Manhattan the other.evening by President Henry J. Waters, of the dtate Asricultural Coil'-'ge: "In five years the alfalfa, iiroducing land of this state has increased from •400,000 to more than 1,000,000 acres. "In 1909 there were 02 silos in Kansas. Now there are more than 2,000. No such developments as this have ever been recorded r.nywherc else in the world." "Only one school in Klinsas taught agriculture five years ago. Now nearly 500 high schools are teaching agriculture and domestic science. More ) than 6,000 of the 7,000 rural schools of the state ;ire ttaching the same things, apricttltur','. and domestic, or one of the two." "Home life has not licen neglected ' either. We-have upon this cjimiius, the largest domestic science building in the world. More young women ar< enrolled herv in that eourse than are studying home economics anywhere in the world to<lay." ".More land drain .Tge hiis been sue cessfully rondueted since October, I'.MO than in any other time since thf stale w:is organizi'd." "Kansas, I regret to say is losing a million dollnr.s or more a yiai through bad designs for bridges. Tiic college has b'^en constantly in tht , field to imjirove those conditions and is prepared through the Slate Hich- way Engineer. W. S. Genrhart, to sup ply proper plans and supervision to ^ save the people"^ money in this respect, and in the building of roads al.'^o." "One chief trouble with the American farmer today is that he is buying too m:iny things that he might better produce at home. There are too many idle hours there. The American farm has become the home of specialties. We are mo\ing thing.s about too much. We are buying things on the Pacific coast that wo ii-islit sot in Kansas. Kvery stf:>.k we eat carrier three o rfour freight cli .Trgcs upon it. President Waters told of a man in Marion County .shipping corn t' Kansas City while at the saa;f tiin fifty miles west of liiiii m< ii wore buying corn for flieir cattle, buying it In Kansas City to be shii);>f(i to Marion county. He liad never seen, he said, a better proof of the absolute lack of co-operation, the failure of men to get together for their mutual good. It is that kindjjf talk, that sort of practical common sense teachin.u. that is worth roor« to Kansas' in a month than the jabber of ail th-^ political "Reformers" (for ofTioe onlyi would be worth in a thousand year? Another great schcrao to separate inclc Sam from liIs money is the Nn- tionul Swamp Ueelainatlon AsBocln- tlon. There are said lo b^ So.diio.tioo iicres of Bv .-anip land In the I'niied Stales and tho afon -.M.iii! Ati.soelallon has been organized for the purpose of having these laiidi draln«'d and tliUS made useful. The very llrst iroposilion of couis*;, it to secure "PVderal Aid." .Now the i'nited Stales of America doesn't own an acre of swamp laud, ll is all in the liaiuls of the several states or of individuals, companies or i-or;ior;itions. it would certainly be a lovely rLrra;:;-. M nt for who own lh "se I ;:'ii!.s lo liave them drained a! the DII I .::.- ex!<'iu :e: but where would "^V" • booplf" who foot the )>ii!s :>i)." :'.ei of i ':e benefits,—where wi'ri! v.' iin? Here's to Dr. Sun, tbe new president of China: May he never set un til he gets good and ready! Everybody knows the French had a row la Morocco last summer; but how did Spain get Into It ? A good record was fl:tingly reward cd when J. Frank Snilljh was reaj pointed iiostmaster of Pleasantf.n. nilly Sunday's neM engagement is at Canton, Ohio. . K.-U J. -?,. i.. I,. U . U \ . t- 2- l.<L .» j> vfr .V ^ .> -> .» ^ *i ^ ^ ^ if. AS IT SEEMS TO ME. h AS IT SEEMS TO ME. -ot -> nartl.s llle I-ruteri.ri.-: Thi- Oklahoma City Tiaiis i;; I, iiing to underst.;i!d 'li^ sintinvi'i ef the Re- Iiublican.s of tliis sla'c In ii^ issue of yesterday it admits that theii> are not enough insurgents in the party to make it worth while to organize them. Heretofore it has contended that there was no Taft sentiment in ilie state, hut it now admits that the I'resident will undoubtedly get the full Oklahoma delegation to the national convention. First thing you know the Times will pet to be a Regular Republican newspaper. THE WOKI .n 'S I.KAIIIX(; \AVIKS. Inasmuch as the Democratic program in Congres.s .seems to be to authorize one ii<'W b^tllcshiii e.ich year whereas Admiral 'Drwey, as head of th<' .Navy Hoard insists tliat wi- shonld have four, while I'reshi'nt Tuft wll! probably ask for at least two, wliirli has been the regular Republican allowance for seviTal yi'ar .s. there is likely to be morr or li-ss (l <'bate oi: the 6ubje <-t and the following figures may be of inHTi'si. Tli. y are taken from an cffieial statiiu.nt m;'.de th- time the last naval apjiropriation hili was passed. Ai that time-ih'> tonnagi- of the various navies, built and nov.- under course of construction was given as follows: England 2,]73,S3S: Germany 903.84;.; I'nited Slates S24,K>'i: France 725.231: Jaran 4!<3.';71: Russia 401,463: Italy 327.0.^^; Austria 209.Sr.9. England has S dreadnaughts and 49 first class battleships at present, with 10 additional dreadnartghts building. Germany has 4 dreadnaughts and 22 first class battleships, with 9 dread­ naughts in course of construction. The United Siatps has 4 dread­ naughts and 25 first class battleships, with 6 building. France has 17 firsv class battleships with 2 dreadi;;iug'ito and a battleships under con?! ruction. Japan hts I'J first f ! battleshij )P with 3 drei <)!iMi.elu,< and one additional battleship authorized under construction. It Will be seen, therefore, that with The eiiormo ^is snow'al! in tlie mountains of Colorado is one of the surest s 'uiis of anii'b- raitiiall in K;in- Ka« ncM .July and .A-i^ust. —()ltaw;; lepublir. The lijg fcuow fall will do no harm. Put all the otlKT ^authovities on tnet- c'orology express the opinion that all tlie rains that come to originate In the great eloude of vapor that ilsi- from the Gulf of Mexico. Taf;. on his w«s*<'rn trip recently, I' .ide a half thousati<l hipeech-.s.\ ft which Were reported in the lola Reiii.s 'e;-. but non.- of ilfin drew a aiUiiie like the hea-Uns; that paper Li ^es 1 :;Fo!Ielte's scoTid 6 |)ee<'h in 0 ;iio-"l.:iFolle!te Still Talking."— n Scott Tribune. Certainly not. Taft was saying something. But why should a ll:'m- ceralic paper be so sensitive about YiT. I„-iFollelto? A l.lllle Leaven, .My Dear Felix:— Did we have a happy Christmas? .•\nd which of my gifts do I like thr best ? I wish that all the rjiiestions that come to me were so easy to answer. It WHS an especially hap))y day, one of those times when everything works together. It happened to be the first time that we had had the whole family together since the advent of th< One Child and that" was enough to mark It as a very great occasion Doubtless a v.-hole crowd of eiiildren makes a better Christmas, but one hearty, h;:i)py. normal child is so v:'.stly better than h;;ving none at all! The other iteni.s vfcrc fine v.eather. a year thai 'i:td been crowned with blessings, and a very great joy that we could ail be together. Talking about luck: Lawrence is i« have ilie State Editorial .\ssocia- tii>n next April, and every editor whc .•'tl-nds tlie nieetinc will 20 home and '\rite columns about I^iwrencc and K. r.. while the very next wrek ^v.-.ils the Paldwin I^edger, Baldwin i!! entertain the prefichers. and no: <^i' • of ih.-m will as miich as mentior I '.e town in their sermons. .Vmy if the Baldwin T..edger, as a of its Nev.- Year Resolutions, 'ill (lelerniine tn rjuil sMting the first • rd of it.s ediloritil paragraphs in p.s, it V ill confer a great f;iyor on man w!io doesn't like to have his 'ck teeth iaTed loose wit!- 1 jolt. '. I:u-h really doesn't mean anyhing. If it is true, as now reported, that le -Neliraska law re'iuin-s every man (iiise name is filed for any office. •• come forward with a letter to the •• i -retary of State declaring that he is . eandjdate in pood rutJi for that of- '.r<\ it would seem as if the Colonel • otihl h:ive to shoot or give up the •un. TalHtia alMUit whether He will or 1! •'t. h're Is what he said on l.ciion f.l;;:.t. IfMil: "The wise cus- "n) wl.jeli liinit.s the President to two rms :-egards the substance and not !!•• form, atid under no cirf iims'anees wi'! I he candidate for or accept 'Other nomination." They evidently belit-ve in the short .ii!oi in China. The National Con- I 't'tioii which is to determine the \>rm cf government that rhai! hence- orth exist in the Kmpire is to con• of twenty-one men. In the course of l:is Ohio speed:: s -Tiaior I.aFolIe;le has takei: occasion to say th?t he is not a "hide )ound Rppubliean." And that is one tatement to which the rankest regu- ar will take no exception. We had a very simple d .'tiite;-. .lusi the big \>ro\vn roast turkey ai .d iciv- iiion "go-wlth-lt" and a simjih-r des -ert. t1i !e Child's mother helping 111 in the serving, 'i'hen with tlie \a\>b all clear we replaced the centerpiece with a glilter^iin (hree-foot ti-e ill piy big jardiniere and put your white <'arnatlons and a blossoming Ihthle- hem Narcissus on either side with Hal wreaths of holly in between upon the snowy doth. Then with my as- ^istjince. One Child distributed the lifts, dancing back and forth to my seurce of supply until all were served. The candles were ll.ghted on Ihe lit• le tree,—no matter for the broaii day light,—and the grand opening btgan. We h:id all saved all our ; packages until this eager moment hut of course you know how everybody handled his own scissors and wt into his own delights with hi; eyes on the King of the Quest in tlu midst of his unheard-of and never-to- be-forgotten treasures. It was h; wlio "strtick the C major," as we all talked at once and read aloud dear messages and clever verse and clever cards and thanked each other for tender thought and loving ' care; flashed back a joyous bit of wit or liumor, and maybe jnisbefj back :: lump in the throat witli 'he inner knowledge of a pearl of great price sotne dear one bestowed. One Child's inotlier hail a wonderful brass candlestick. Someone had sent MalOen .Aunt a jiacket of barberry candles, and of course we "burned one to th sof'ket according to directions" to bring .good luck through all the coming year." And before anybody suspected it. it was five o'clock—One Cliild^s train coes out at six, and you should have se-n him pile .-"ll the things that would CO into his "autier mobile," pu' on his overcoat—his first real ovor- <o:it!—with his father's own definite air, iind linn, like the cherub he is li-tributc lings and ki.''si'.>; with marvelous imparthtllty to his crowd of worshippers. And you should have lieM-d him call l)-iek as h - left. "I'll I 'oi e again in x' time—nex' time!" Wl it would he Ihe nse of a great oc- cas on if you could not look forwari! to he next lime? belong to tlie Kingdom Ot Heuven, Thank God for ihe Christmas leaven that leavens the whole lump of Christ mns pride and folly. Thank God that wo always receive so many gifts that tell us "certain sure, and lio mistake", that those who send them really love UH. Thiuik you so much for .your cver- fulthfal <-:irnalions. 1 niu^t ti.dl you Just how nntch. Do you .• remember MlUy .Mardenij? Three years ago when her l!ttl-> .losci 'ii vi-as three years old sh-.- hail ord <«-red ^a big box of tarnations for a friiiid's ftitieral The baby v.atcheil licr Vvjstfnlly as she tied tile stems wi;h thu satin ribbon and affixed her card.' Then he .«aid: "Say, Ma.mmti, when Idle wont you del lae uonie Tristmas tarna- •i"! 3;" A'.id she hugg'd hjm to her i:e;irt .-iiid Curistmas carnations from that tiiMi^ forth, made a pHrt of the darling's heritage. ] I am always so glad dear boy, to know that my carn;ition.i will surely come on Christntas Day. -And you will be plad to know tlun Joseph has just bee7i over to see me. His face was a reneclion of the flowers as he atielit .-ighi of iliein, and;he said: '1 irive half of mine to (,^ld Aunt .-;a!ly! Don'l she wat.h fori, you too, .\i!nt .Mintrva, when she's able?" 'I 'heii 1 knelt where the yoiin,g child t .'j'jd ai! i humbly confessed lhat I h;'.(l only sei ;t her something to eat iiMl to wepi-. And I gave lii;ii all of minV to carry to another suffering servant whom we imd hotl) forgot- en! I Joseph's joyous comment: Von an' me is i)ardners! An' mamma and Mr. Felix!" Thank you, Fe!X, attd God bless you. Avsr .M'IXERVA. Official Statement of the Financial Condition of the Allen County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS At close of business, December 27, 1911 RESOURCES LIABILITIES. 1 Loans and Discounts .S407,311.03 Capital Stock .$ 30,000.00 Overdrafts 656.87 Surplus Fund .• . 40,000.00 Expense Account . 4,059.52 Undivided Pi-ofits / 1,411.95 Bonds and Warrants 9,500.00 Interest . 15,163.96 Cash and Sight Exchange. . 285,039.45 Exchange 211.62 DEPOSITS . 619.779.34 Total $706,566.87 Total $706,566.87 THOS. H. BOWLUS, President. State Saving's Bank lOLA, KANSAS Oflicial Statement to.the Bank Commissioner at close of business, Dec. 27, 1911 iLt How heartily a man laughs at yot:r jokes, when he wants to sell you something.—Atchison Clohe. But who ever feels in a joking mood when somebody is trying to stll him soui'^thing? I-awrence Gazette: Bob I^Follette may not tiiink so, but as a matter of fact there were several honest men in the world prior to the time he came on deck. my gifts. Tije most of them areijust the lliiitc. ^Books and bo(»lels, c:irds and photographs. hOM's :ind bows, nl! rtore or less val- ua^ le as to cost niid I 'Xpression, "an'! note of them really useless, since any toktn of rementbrante has its own virtue Atid tifier all Its hard to tell what nle .ised me most. But here is one thing. One of my neiglibors has come Ijjick from Arizona after two or three vfar's residence tli .ipe. I liad thoue'it of her as poor and had tried lo help her her« and had written to her sometime.". And she SPK; nie a curioits mug of the crude Indian ware, with this notr. "I wanted to bring you somethins h.eauiifiil but everything eij* so mncli. The mug only cost five c nts, and Its awful ugly. But you hadn't ainthing Mke It on your .Mex :c::n shelf—and 1 didn't forget yoti." And now I know, not 'only that the little woman "didn't forget me" atid ray peculiar 'Bstes. but that she is"*passlng rich. She can see an opportunity when it offers, and she c.^.n spend fiv-? cents in a way that plari .T the paltry sum on a jplane with things Hint have no price. The ugly mug- was an earthen vessel, but it holds the things tbat ' <• • . ' - \0 BVSl'KI'.SIA OK lIKAKTIirnX. Scl(Ie> Oiit-(ii'.()rder Sfniuachs Kndiun; IndIi;cstioii in Five .Minute.'.. You can eat anytltlns' you* stotuaeh laves witl:(i!it fear of ini!igestion or y .'pepsla. ur lhat .voiir Icmd will fer- ii-'Ui or <ii;;r on your stotiiaeU If you I take a little Ditipeiisln eccat:l<m- ally. ; Vour meal^• will taste good.,and any liing .%ou i.ii will be digested; nothing can ferment or turn Into acid or il'^on or stomach gas. which caii.«es beldiing dizziness, a feeling of fullness after I'ating. nausea. Indicestion like a Iiijii!) of lead in stoniai*Ii), biliousness, heartlmrn water br.rsh, jitiln n stontai ll and intestines or' other yniptonis. Headaches from the stomach are' l.soltitely unknown where this effee- ve reriie (iy is used. Diapepsin rcal- y ('"e.- al' the work of a healthy stoin tels . It digest^ your meals when your .-stomach cant. A single dose will di- ir.'st all tlie fod yon eat and leave n 'thing to fer :i:ent or sour and upset tlie sloinae-i. C .et a large nO-eent case of Pape's i >ia|iepsin frriiii yoiir anil -tart taking now, and in a little wiiilc yoM Hill actually brag ah#iji your iea!t!iy, stroni; stomach for you then ean ea! ar.vthing and everything >:on ^vaI^t wit'.out tii.> slightest discomfort :)r mtsety. and every particle of ini- ii '.uity and gr.s f.iat is in your s-tomach and inte-tin.-'^ is .going to be carried nv .ay withov.t 'BP ,\ISO of laxatives or any oiher assistance. , Sheuid you al this moment be snf- f> rinu i":' '.; indicerticn or anr stomach dirordef, yoii can surely iget relief within five iiiinnte.-. RESOURCES Loans;and Discounts $ 93,610.27 Ovei'd rafts Bank Buildin.o: '. •Furniture & Fixtures Expense Account Guar't}' Fund with St. Ti-eas Cash and Sight Exchange.. 0,oJ 588.39 510.00 1,827.11 2,480.23 500.00 52,181.33 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock ......$ 25,000.00 Surplus Fund 2,500.00 Interest and Exciiange 4,615.04 DEPOSITS .. 121,382^9 Total $156.497.3^ •Total $156,497.33 The above statement is correct— H. Hobart, Cashier 3111) NEW TK.\I{ IfEVET-S. Just In .Show How Some .Iff «s Well a< Others. K:insas City, .Tan. 1.—.Vew Yj-ar's wouldn't he .\"ew Year's witliout a eel- •braiion ."it the hotels, with somethin.*; ;.' liti'e extra in 'he way of food upon the tables, sometl'.ing else a liftle cx- tra to drink the health of the n""wly ar ;;:-iived. :!nil everybody^ sla:ic!ing al I lie stroke Of niidiiiglit with glasses ; raised and th" ore!H\*tra (ihiyin.i; i ••-Auld l.ang Syne" It \v,is ihJ' stinie , old. ever new, .\(-w Year's r-'vel last • night. Some three or four thousand j Kansas Ciiyans celebnited if-tit the' hotel ciwes, dnink the lieallh of the ' .New Year, sang, blew-whistles and horns and made twrry. , Tte real celehr.ition rf course, did not commence itniil niidnl-iht, hut Oif cial (Statement of the lola vState Bank Made to the Bank Commissioner at close of business, December 27, 1911 RESOURCES Loans a;;! Discounts $179,369.26 Ovcr(!i-afts 31.89 Real Estate (inc. bank bldgr) 9,058.80 Cxuar'tv Fund with St. Treas 1,000.00 Cash and Sight Exchange.. 103,433.94 Total $292,893.89 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock .$ 25,000.00 Surplus Fund 12,500.00 Undivided profits, net 931.74 DEPOSITS 254,462,15 Total $292,893.89 The abcve statement is correct—J. H. Cr^mpbell, CasKier NOTICE OUR STEADY GROWTH. Deposits December 27, 1907 8122,249.40 Deposits December 27, 1908 176,875.51 Deposits December 27, 1909 216,528.43 Deposits December 27, 1910 220,093.70 Deposits December 27, 1911 25-1,-462.15 We pay interest on Time Certificates ami Savings Ac<:o-.mts. We rent Safety Deposit Boxes from 50c to $3.00 a year. We respectfully solicit a .share of your patronage. there was no lack' of fiiri aft^'r that j.,,,,] hour. Bl.'inch King, who is ;ipi,e:iriiig j jjn, in "The Wall Stree, Oirl.'r'at the Shu- ](inlsiile' thoiisands'oV "persons \"''dg^^^^^^^ h'.rt this week sang "Bedelia and!,,,, .„„| M..„.JJ ,., street from |''il]er tape bombardment thtit d til" rooms with carnival colors, The auiateuys who -i-..,.,,, ,„ ..,,.,„, Powell street, th" mass o'" i-.s of least a few new songs. -;.d not given full play to Xh^Vc pow-' Vafe ^-treei was' a is in Auld Lang Sjiie also eonirijiiit-, j.o..,i,,„ ;,i,,„„ 11,^.. ll to the Impromptu vocal program. I 1 s the only beveragi , , , . . , , — of the cafes and th" lelped the gen -ml I'lP. It V.MS the 1 ^,,^1^,.^. .i-,.,„_ ji,,, GHzzley Bear, and: • -II iij Ilie iiii|jiuiiijiiii tui..ii |FiMKi*iii'* F resistence In the Marbb- room. Harr-y Bulger, oC j ciianiiirigne was the "Flirting I'rineess" at ihe Grand. ! ^p^veil in tiiost o! same old but ever new spectJiclc— soei'Mv and some folks who are not in s (;<-iety, having t !ie tinu'of th.e ye:ii'. Somebody always siur;.i "! ' Don't (•;ire" on these occasions. Several •oinehodies sang it last night and it net with general approval.-for nobody •:'.red. There was plenty of noise. Tiip intinageiiieni had provided prnrer pap.M- (oloeia! hats and, fifvy- seven varieties of horns and tin whistles, which seemed to go vejl \vi^h tlie headgear. It nlso presented the •iuests with ealend;irs. posfrihly ;o re•!;i::d them that anotlier dav isi coi::- ing. l'rl«;ro (.'Ivr* >oisj ^V»«lconiP. San Francisco, Dec. 31.—San Fran- i.sco's reputation as a carniv;i} city 1 was upheld tonicht with a fervor not liii.inished because ft was Sunday. \A 'arly»as five o'clock down 'tow:: ctrr -en showed signs of conge.-siioiiy rt.l 'he din was uiiro:irflus K.';:r'i other po;iular d.anees wer-j done by .•rofession:t!s oti improvised stages. I'dliv's Iloiiey jnid Tar Coinponnd "Cures in Ewry Case." —Mr. -las. Mefaffery. Mgr. of tho .'-'elili'i/ Hot-!. Omaha, Xeh.. recom- iiends V ::'v ;• Honey and Tar Coni:i ;i !nd. I; •,;ui? it curfrs in every ea.^e. ••! iia \e I!-.,! it iry.= elf and I have rec- iiiiiiiienrlp;! i! to many others who 'ia\e ^ince tohl me of its great curative iiotter in diye 'riVes of the throat and lungs" For ali eongis and coliis \y is .-iieeiiiiy efteetive. .1. D. .\iundis ;, .-I'et dily (fi. ctiie. .1. D. Munuis Co. ri:e Ida high se!:ool basket ball t' -.'11 will not have a very lou.g rest tiftir its game hert* U'ednestipy with flay Center. Friday night the !M )ys go to Xee.iria .Mo', for a return j:anie "DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is what our patrons say. We do the best dent'.il work at the most reasonable prices. Before having vour dental work done by others call upon us. We are In our I^Harpe offices EVERY' TMIRSDAY. Office hours: 8 to « Sundays 10 to 12 Evenings 7 to 8 egliest For Hides and Furs. arket Prices Also Fine Lump Coal for sale —at etachments of police prevented hood- ^*''l'' '''at city. lola's vls- luini«m but < »erv i .nrr .-Ufs Um.: cj tory over .Nevada some time ago was celebration was periritted and be fore ie"i"P decisive than any they have won ! dark venders of eonfetti \.ere calling ^ta .cn. and the lola bo.vs are con- for an eMra supply. W-.^y^ ago th" ':i '<-:u tiiey can repeat the dose. l>o|)ular cafes hung up Ihe no! seat : rign. and every place engaged, was —If your children are subject to at- filltd by dinner crowds,' many of tacks of croup, watch fot^ the first -Vhoin joined the auiomolJle p.irad • syinii:'~iii. hoarseness . Give Chamber- ' slowly traversed .M^llket sire-t Iain's Congh Remedy as soon as the for .in hour or two preceding thj ar^ child bfcr;iijes hoarse and the attack rival of 1913. >• ^ may be warded off . For sale all . In the cales Uiere wwi-» conXettt dealers. L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone 314 ' The V.'averly (O.) Watchman has a When you want a reliable medicine ne wformnhi for rep.irtiug ^s'ddlngs; fo.r ^ ^ough ot cold take Chamber- "Ontar Hayes and Miss Jane I^rcell Iain's Cough Remedy. Iti can always were marred last week after a long be depended upion and is pleasant and and UreaoBjie courtship:" safe tp tal (9. .IHnr ule by i ^l dealers.. 4

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