Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 2, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 2, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENINg JANUARY 2.1912. 3 JANUARY Continuation of the big sale on our First Floor is at its Best! 2nd Floor Bargains™ Big Bargains in Night Gowns /I Soiiio Hre slightly Kolled from h:indllDK ond thf-sc are the biggest bargiiins yet. '.j HiRh Nock (JowtiB. wore r.Oc. now 30<* SUi »-nvi»r DP lilRh tu-ck (IHWIIS , wire $1.2r., now Sllp-ovcr or nuiry downs—aURhtly golled—were Slil»-ovor or fancy Gowns, w.-n- $I.Ur.. now All Go\»rns marki'rt Jl.'.O .-tuti J).;., i .u .v. All Gowns ni;irk<^ $l .r."i. . All Gowna marked tl.'.'S. ii< v. All Gowns iiiarR'vl f.i.'.ix, nov AJ) GowB.s juarked »3.r>0. nowjia.Sil And up to $6.\ -75© 9Sc now 50^ HgO 91,25 Sl.RO ;.oo uowQs, ssiss Women's Petticoats Greatly Reduced In tills lot you win find a number of sniuples at alniurit One -hiilr Prlc*! $C .riO Pcltleoats now _ J |4.r>0 ppttlcnatH now 1 |4.fl« Pellfcnatii now - i $3.r,0 Peltlcoata now. S $2.ri0 pptiU-nats now -S $1 .1 ,0 Pettlcoala aoR- i Women's Combination Suits. ' CupM't TOUT and Druwy^rN or Canet Covrr jind Rklrt Sumo nrr sJifflitly polled and muHHcd from iiand- IlnR and theuo are marked at tons than cuKt. Women's Combination Cornet Cover and Drawers- were <1.'»0; now 75 <S WoiiinnH Combination Corael Cover and Drawers- were now 08^ Women'H Combination-Coruet Cover and Drawers- were ll .T'i; now. 81.35 W omen's Corset Covers. .It firpaHy Jlpduccd Prices—Tike Notice! S -'i Fancy Corset Covert, were 2iic, now 19^ 'Jij Fancy Corset Covern, were .lOc, now _ —119^ 4S Fancy Corset Cover*, were 08c. now 75^ 36 Fancy Corset Covers, were $1.73, now -8U B 5 WOMEN'S DRAWERS AT BIG REDUCTIONlS Women's good quality Drawers, were ZUc, now 19<i Women's good auallty Drawers, nicely trimmed, were fiOc, now..30c Women's good quality Drawers, nicely trimmed, were 98c, now .i7o'^ 4 PEBSONmS I \Jj. B. Hess, of Humboldt Is a business vlEitor ia the city Vovlay. —DB. 0. L. COX. OcuUst B. T. IJarber droro by auto to Humboldt today for a brief business visit. ' —Dr, McSIIIen. Phones 12 and 2SS. Mrs. George I... Williams left yesterday for Par.sons for a visit of a week wifh, friends. —Dr. Lnry M. Ilnll, Osteopath. Telephone I'iO and 661. Frank'Fussman and W. A. T!ye:ly of Humboldt, are business visitors In the city today. —6% Money. K H. Cunningham. Harold Smith, of AUoona. Is heic- for a visii of several days with friends. "Just Say" HORLICK'S If Means Original and finulna SMALTED MILK the Food-drink for All Ages. More healthful than Tea or Coffee: Agrees H-itb* the weakest cfigestion. Ddidous, invigoratmg and nutaitxxa. Rich nulk. malted grain, powda form. A qnick kadi prepmi ia a Bunnte. Take BO tobititiite. AskforHORUCj^'S. Others are imitations^ J. Peterson: Farm I-oans, Insurance, Abstracts. ^^••;I 'e and City Timekeeper George D. Th (imp?on at dinner New Year's Day •;hp afternoon was spent in.various : oi 'ial divcnisenients and discussion of ;;iiinicij)al topics. For Sale—Nice young horses and •L »)p.; at a barsain at my place one I -I'e 'i-si of jula.. John T. Wood. Marria?^ license was granted late [y.^sterilay evi'nfns to .Molife Mae Hurtl W. D. Port has rfturned frnni Call- ; '"'I 11- I- Weaver, both of Chanute. fornla. where he has been for an ex- i — fcnJcJ business visit. Tiio rnmmitfp<» on arrangements for — il.o Allen County Poultry Association —It will be <o your Interest to buy 'lii: j'liuliry show, which is to occur your Flniir ami Feed of H. Klauuiann,' H'At week, hii.s announced that every 2UG S. Jefferson. Plione •!''.>. 1 •M'iiraMfin Ua^ hren made, and that — i c -\i :yiiiinu- Is In readiness for the blK Alborl and Ira Smith, of Wfl.hi. avf 1 • ». .ihlt. Tlip v.!;ow which Is to be tlie here for a visit of scvcriil days • ":-(;<>i of it.>: kind ever held their cousin, Mi.-^s Alta Mnurc • 'n l'::a i;^ Ki lio in the Iowa stort — I . •'i :i !itr.:. —Fred Rowdcn, Period Dccomtor.' Phone ;SG. Jlen WiltenhPrff rcliiijicil l;i )-t nic!it from a brief vi.slt wiili 7jis p.ircni.^ )n St. Louis. —The W. C Teat.^ Healty Co.. Krcs.< Uldg. Office rooms 22 Vo 24. Colonel .r. n. .Afrhi?on l<= mrtUinp :ir- raiiRemontR to co sn ')n to lii i laiii: in Colorado for a business visit of aevcrnl ncek;. TOT Sale—Nice your:: linrses and \ m-iles at a 'j&rsjin :<t Jjiy I'l.-ic? one mile east of lola. John T .Wu-.d. Walters who Irft lo",-i rvinr- time apro to take a positioii in ("••< :;y- va'.e, was brought to the sa ?ii ;;v. ium here the latter part of la.-^t wppk wit: a danprrous illnf.=.-=. Mr. Walt, r- parents reside in this city. —Do not al'ow your . kiilni-\- :ind bladder trouble to develop beyond tl'.o reach of medicine. Take Fol »>y Kitney Pills. They give quick results and stop lrrppularitie<: with sur|iri.>'- Ing promptness. MiS!! nuth fforton, who has been here iluriug the holidays for a visi: with lier parent.-. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Horton. will return tijni>;bt to St Louis, where she is attending Hosiiit-r Hall. —^Tbc Missouri Pacific -will bave on sale January l.'Jih. H'.h a^d l."'th rouod trip ticket.-^ lo Denver. Culo.. for National Western Stock siiow at $23,33, with usual stop mer jirlvil- eges, licit on return to January 31st. Phone 160. E. E. Munger, Agent. City EnKlneer and Mr.-:.. V. V. Fry entertained Commissioner Glynn and wife. Street Commissioner Butler and — 1 J. .Miin.ipT l .iA'au. <if thi> Ciraiid, thli^ u'lrnliif; lionki'il "The FlirtluK I'riii- .-^.s" lor til - 'J'.:ril. iji.-t. /l'-.-l/J''.< Ihl.-- .•KtracIjDii, tiiere will lie two other big •ITS tliis iiMiii!ii: "Tlic S«-rvaiii In the lii.'i.M •• \v|ii>h appear.'* on ihi' IJlb. i;.ii ••('.rlplil K>os." wliii'Ii i.s sdivilul- ' l Un \\\<' IMU. The lalter sl .ov.-. It :- s;iiij. w,|l hi' rpne of the lnrK "-^t and i;: isi i'(i[;iri; productions ever .seen ill t!:>-- lity. —Dr. WirL Oytropath, Tel 4S7, SSS. Cl'avlis Miinrp. ai: Piiiiiloye of the !•>!;! I'ljrtliiiid .siisiained a very pain'•"1 iiii 'iry of the left hand this morn- t'.is: when a h.eavy Iron fell on hi.i I'.ind. iiia.-'.iiPK the two middle finder.:. H«' will 1 )1' laid off from work for M'veral day.s. V KKWAUn.' * •r ward of ti'.".i'(* is hereliy of- 3- V f .-!fd by tlie owner for Informa- S •:- :iiin l.:.ilii:i; to the arrest and * V conviction vf the persoas who * daiuauir-d ilip building on the v V fa: in known ar: i!ie Kurt farm.* mil*'.-^ <ij.-f of Ut Harpe Kas. * •r J \V ,M.\HKKR Agent. « •:- * J. N. Sapp, of Mornn, is In the •:lty toda}' on business. Mrs. P. 11. Odell Is visUing with lier ton, K. K. Odell, and wife. Arthur Richardson, of Altoona. Is here for a visit of several days with friends. K. I.. Strawn and F. J. Oyler left this afternoon for Humboldt for a brief business visit. Mrs. Charles Vance, who has been J here for a visit with her nsother. Mrs. Cox. returned today to her home In Altoona. Kddell Jones, who has beeii home for a holiday visit with his parents. Jlr. and Mrs. K. N. .Tones, reiiirned today to his studies at Manhattan. Miss Ulanche Pansier,. who has been employed in the olflce of J. K. Powell for the past ten years, resigned her ]>os(tion Saturday. She has been succeeded by Miss Alice McGow .^n. Secretary Berry of the Y. M. C. A., is RPttlnK up a list of several hundred questions designed to be answered at the boy.?' confercncp, which begins ni 'Xt Friday, the purpose being to discover the general caracter of the boys of lola. The Tola Record Howling team consisting of Decker Kersey, Braden, C.ummings and Boot defeated the Ot- i;iwa team, consisting of Cusick, Fer- Kus. Summers, Hodge and McCarthy in a scries of games on the Becoi'd .-illcys last night by the score of 2r,»;« to -Moa. Mr. and Mrs. f". A. .Martin went to Iiila Sunday on the noon train to visit Winficld .lonps, tlic young man who was terribly burned at the Cherryvale electric light jilant a few weeks ago. Tliey returned home on the early j niornlnc; train and report Mr. Jones Improving.—Cherry vale Bepubllcan. Jacob JIalden, of Bassett, was arrested last Saturday afternoon by Officer James Frederlckson for tres- l.assing on property of the lola Portland. On being arral.gned before. Justice J. P. Duncan he pleaded guilty to the charge, and was fined i ^M and costs, in default of the iiayment of which he was committed to JalL Maiden was hunting on the lola Portland land at the time he was arrested Dr. F.,,S. Seattle this morning sent the brains of the horse belonging to Joseph Hudson, which died yesterday from the "stajfgers" to Manhattan for oTtaminatjon by the experts there l>r. Beattie has s ^nt tl ^j, brains of a numbpr of animals dying'of this disease to Manhattan recently, examinations being made there In the hope of furthering knowledge concerning the disease. Auditorium SKATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings at 7 ' o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. .tD.VI.SSIO\ Ercnlni; Itlc Skates 1.5c Afternoons Sc Skates lOr ?IJEFK.tTS K.VGLISH rilAMPIONf S $ ^ Home Health Club By Dr. David H. Header Luporte, Ind. BrsSIAXS HANG PERSIANS. One lot of Ladies' and Misses' and Children's Coats and Capes worth up to $5.00; clean-up price 9Sc •:- Offlrr Res. 5•:- Phone Kfc ITione 18.J.Y. « V Dll. J. 0. WALKEB. * -r Kress BIdi:. ^ V Sij.<ce>sor to Dr. S. A. Coffnian * V Siietia'. attention to Obstetrics * w and liiseaye of Children. * ST w * 5- -r * -JT * * 5! * 3^ Si & rS 5- * SOME MORE WANTS FOR HKNT—MV ROCK" CBKEK fani). Inquire of Dr. W. S. Hendricks. Sixteen Hare Been Exeruled Tbun • For hr Court Xartial. tUy the .Vsi!<oci:itnl PTM:;) Tabriz. Jan. 2.—Eight Persians v.cre hanged yesterday by order of I he Russian court martial and another eight execute;! this afternoon In connection with the recent attack on Russian troops. U)ST—MKTWKKN W. B. KELLBV Tranfer and 2U .S. Jefferson, check for $8.50 made to A. E. Johnson. I><ave ai 2U S. Jefferson or Piione Liberal reward. FOR SAUK—OSK GOOD YOUNG Cow; soon to be fresh. K. I. Crowcll. FOR SALE OR TRADE—TRAC- tion engine. 20 horse power; good con dition. Phone 870. FOR SALE— .MCE FimKITDBE for five room cottage. W. E. Starke. Respect Due to Rank. ~ Alice Wenban is a cHS dweller and, ss such, accustomed to the whereabouts of the lordly Janitor by vhoae kind permission her people live and have (heir heloi^. Right across the street they ara building another apartment, an activity which greatly iaterecta the young lady. She apenda many hours In the contemplation of the Job. The excavation filled ber wltb breathless interest. The foundation proved even more exciting. And BOW , that the building is In a fair state of progress, she Is quite beside herself. And she wants to know yon know. "Mother," she asked -when tho hrlckUyers began on the ground floor work, "they've built the janitor's boose flrst Isn't that funniyr'-r-Glav*- Und Leader. ' t Editor's note: lately the Board of TraU'c. of .New York City, adopted the resolution which follows: "Health and (lie protection of life are more precious to the People and more necessary to their happiness than the ex- tcnylon of our commerce, the foster- lugtof our agricultural Interests, the solving of our financial problems, the efflciency of our postal service, the improvement of our rivers and harbors or the enlargement of our navy.'" And Holy Writ has said: "All that a' maa hath will he give for his Ufe. The Home Health Club, esubllshed by Dr. David H. Reeder. 13 years ago, was organized for the purpose of conserving heaitb by advice given through the public prints. He teaches in plain and every day language "How to get well, how to keep well, and how to remain young." The movement has met inith Immense success. Tbi; Register has always sought for the best and most practical methods of supplying to Its readers, information that would be of (he greatest interest and value, hence arrangements have been made for the Home Health Club lectures to appear regularly In thise columns.} New York City, Jan. 2.—While tht English iioclety boxers may defeat out social Huns with gloves, it has remained fur a FhUadelphfa society leader, Mrs. Stuyvcsani Fish, Jr..- tt defeat the champion English teucer The champion Is Baroness) Dt .Meyer and last year won dlstlncjlon not only in England, but defeatec( all save one of Europe's best fencjers. i>be is now visiting In America and recently lamented the fact that she had no wortliy opponent in America. Mrs. Fish and Miss Bayliss arranged u quiet visit with the baroness at thei Fencing Club and In two bouta' th« English barone :ss was defeated, much to her chagrin. I.oraine R. Northrup and Mr. Albert He.ith of Chicago, who has been visiting hira, left this afternoon for Chl- oago University. Eradicates scrofula and all other humors, cures all their eflFects, makes the blood «ch and abundant, strengthens aU the vital organs. Take it. Get It today in usajritquld'Simi or chocolated tableU ~ vCuMse and rrPiitnient of Colds, in the majority of cases one does not know how he caught that "dreadful cold." In about the same ratio tbc-y have been obtained through down ri^ht, uselees carelessness. In a lesser ratio the trouble has been achieved by. over-carefulness—what Kx-Presld- en( Rooisovelt would term "mollycoddling." jtn ordinary cold is a trifling mut- tec that nature easily overcomes, and this Is why so many persona neglect the little Infliction to let the cold teke ::are of Itself. But generally a sud- len cold Is a very serious matter and npre deaths have been caused by hem than from almost any other (Mown cause. A strong and vigorous USD may take a cold that quickly l^vclops Into pneumonia that will kill lim In a few days, and delicate young persons may contract apparently slight colds that In the end produce bronchitis, pleurisy or consumption. Sometimes the mere entering of a cold itniosphere. when the person is very warm, oi- to enter a warm atmosphere when one is very cold, may bring on the troulile. And the colds icquired in these ways are generally 'he most dangerous. Every sensible < iierson, however, knows of these dan- ^Ts and knows, also, that the suddei removing of wraps, because one feel, V little discomfort after becomftig ov .^rheated. or the failure to place abou •ine something of a wrap after vlolen ixerclse that has caused much per -^ilration. Is nearly sure to bring on t 4old. A stableman, \ who knows thi 'east little thing abont his business vfould not fall to blanket a horse tha' llad Just come out of a race or othei wvere exercise, and even an amateui ^hlete knows better than to alt .(ground without having put on e -iweater. or something of that "sort after athletic work. And yet many a woman has cu-.iie out of a heated bal' room, where she has been dancing foi hours, and by sheer carelessness It the matter of removing her wraps, hat nished into the embrace of deadl) imeumonia. • In short, colds are like nearly al' diseases. In tho matter of Incurring hem: they can be avoided. If propei care Is observed, and as has been sc (^ten said In these lectures, the first <nd very best rule, as to health. Is to avoid disease by care, cleanliness antf ((omnion sense. From all the causes of colds: Exposure to draughts, dampness, bad \^eather and the like, colds are the rjesult of congestion that may not be {particularly noticed at the time. The (jbld atmosphere contracts the nill- HaUB at tiny Wood vessels at the aur- ^^ce of the body and by thia contraction the blood Is forced from the cap- fltariea. Driven from without the Blood crowda the other vessels and distands. them, causing a dangerous fx(»s« In one or more of the vital or- fM* Thase are genaralljr Uie organs I 1*1 Your •V All depositors having accounts in our Savings- Department will please present their Pass Books at the bank, to have the semi-annual INTEREST fefr- the last half of the year 1911 credited thereon. You^' can either draw this interest in CASH, or have it:' credited to your account which will draw 3% inter-^ est, thus making COMPOUND INTEREST. y ' YOUR INTERESt IS READY! " State Savings Bank Capital $25,000.00 Surplus $2,500.00 3%Interest Paid on Time or Savings Deposits! 2 of the throat and chest: the lungs, pleura, tonsils, etc., and for thfs reason tonsilitis, bronchitis, pleurisy and pncunionla, are so often superinduced by a sudden cold. When one la in a recumbent position, and lying still, the circulation Is decidedly lowered and one cannot at such times safely en- du)-e the same decree of cold as when standing or in exercise. Indeed when one Is in motion, mufcing. strong muscular exertion the blood curreqt Is worked Into a proportionate current and it is hardly possible for one to catch" a cold even under extraordinary exposure. However, having "caught' your cold the next thing to do is to try, at once, to relieve yourself of It This is not to be done by entering a hot room, all at once, and doing things that change your temperature too suddenly. Such a proceeding Is liable to aggravate the situation. Occupy a room where the temperature la about 70; avoid any draught there, even a warm one. But have the air pure and not dry If the air Is dry place a vessel with a little water on the stove or dre, that the atmosphere may be somewhat moistened. Our forefathers and mothers knew of thfs when they kept the old time urn. with water In It, where it would cause the effect mentioned. The chilliness and shivering that so often accompany the first stage; of a cold are due to the d^-turb^nce of circulation caused by the driving of *he blood from the surface, as men- ioned before, and the exiiosure of the ntUlons of tiny nerves it the .':urfare vhich are depressed by the driving \way of the blood circulation. The ihills and shivers are of ti ner^-oi's lature. "To relieve this r<mditlan ia •o "break the cold." This will occasion the exercise of some patience and no little "bother." But that, it is better to endure, than to have a flght with an attack of pleurisy, bronchitis or pneumonia. j. The best thing to do is to take some''' energetic exercise. Then, after hav-j log become accustomed to the atmos-; nhere of the room, place the feet in; hot water. Use a tub or other ves-J wl deep enough to allow the limbs; o be bathed in the hot water above ii he knees. From time to time have-; »he hot water renewed, or kept to. )uch a degree of heat as can be borne.,' Keen the feet In this bath for twenty j to thirty minutes, or longer, then: withdraw them while the wnter Is yet; hot; dry the feet and legs, thoroughly, j Wrap them In a Ijot woolen hlanketj <>nd get into bed. When the feet and. limbs have been clammy, as well as; cold, before the bath, it Is well to add. to the hot water a reasonable quantity of vinegar or acetic add. It Is highly beneficial to rub the feet and legs, after they have been dried ana before wrapping them In the hot blanket, with hot olive olb While the footbath ia- being Uken, if the chilliness persevere, take hot drinks, lemonade, ginger tea, or evea hot water, plain. Never take anything in the nature of alcoholic drinks. Alcohol, in all Its forms, is poisonous and Is a false stimulant. It should liartlcularly be avoided when one la being doctored for a cold. When the cold is deep-seated, use hot water bottles at the feet, or hot irons, the object being to attract tb» blood to those extremities and away from the overcrowded organs above. Sometimes it is needful to place co^d, wet towels over the spine aBd on the chest,: covered with dry towels, of course. Let the diet be light and keep the bowels open. Do not upe strong physics for this purpose, but enemas of warm water. If the patient is {nclined to be constipated.' Xaap Indoors for several days after'the oqld is broken, and be always careful to avoid extremes of heat or cold and.^ all .dampness. All readers of this publication are at lilierty to write for information pertaining to the subject of health- at any time. Address all communications to the Home Health Club, or Dr. David H. Reeder. LaPorte, Indiana, with name and address In full, and at least four cents In postage. —Persons troubled with partial paralysis are often very much benefited by massaging the affected parts thoroughly when applying Chamber. Iain's Liniment. Thl». liniment also relieves rheumatic pains. For sale by all dealers. ^ ..i. CALENDAR PADS 1 Blank Books Filing Cabinets 0£Bce Supplies Desk Stationery Pencils, Pens, Inks GANC£R Md lam w A. e«Md^v)ttm am^ MiSSdl Rep. Uadenrooil Out ot Dmttt. • Washington, Jan. 1.—Representative Underwood of Alabas^, Pepip- craUc leader of the Hoiiae; was able to leave his room today for the flAit time since Friday. AU danflm* of appendicitis has passed It la' vnder- •tood.

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