Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 13, 1976 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1976
Page 5
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Bicentennial Wagon Train Like a Trip into Past Bv Paul Hnllnu , _ .. . _. . _ i.i..... FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bollen ByPaulHolley (Iowa Daily Press Association) COLFAX - The Iowa bicentennial commission heralded the bicentennial wagon train as "an experience your children can tell their children." But the bicentennial wagon train is more than that to lowans. It's hitching up horses named Sheba, Danny, Skipsy Dollar, and Spirit to the wagons each morning. It's a mule driver's high pitched whistle in the morning air. It's the employees of a beef jerky factory passing out free samples of their product to the wagon train riders. It's a traveling way of life that touches all who see it. Wednesday's 22-mile trip from Des Moines to Colfax found Keith and Jo Ann Gates of Waverly driving the Iowa chuckwagon. Keith, on a three-month leave of absence from his job as Waverly's state liquor store manager, will drive the wagon behind his team of horses to Valley Forge, Pa. "We saw a small item in the paper last September." says Jo Ann, "that told of a need for people to drive the wagons in the bicentennial wagon train. We wrote the commission, filled out an application and waited a long time. "Then they called us in for an interview in January and when we found out we could make the trip in Iowa, we figured we might as well make the whole trip." The Gates are paid by the Diet Not Sole Factor in Heart Disease ByGaynorMaddox (NBA Writer) How can I avoid getting coronary heart disease? More and more men die today because of it. Doctors and research scientists say there is no definite or infallible answer as yet. Diet plays a large part in the attempted answers. So do exercise, not smoking, heredity and environment. All these are called risk factors. The fear of increasing cholesterol in the blood has blinded people to other factors, such as the need to combat high blood pressure. . So don't rely solely on diet or on exercise. In fact, don't rely on any one thing. Keep at them all, says Dr. Ray Rosenman, Harold Brunn Institute of Cardiovascular Research, Mt. Zion Hospital, San Francisco, California. At the National Dairy Conference for Food Writers in Atlanta, Dr. Rosenman warned about the importance of diet in the control of cholesterol. "It is a prime factor in the cholesterol battle, but not all-important as many people thought." This highly rated expert in cardiovascular problems defines the two types of personality — Type A and Type B. Type B is more or less calm, able to laugh easily, not tense. But'Type A usually is a person rushing to get more out of life than is possible. If you can't send you, send ^^^•rheC iRed Cross. The Good Neighbor. A Public Service ol This Newspaper S The Advertising Council "Type A persons are at higher risk for coronary heart disease, particularly if they exhibit other risk factors. By the same token, the prevention of coronary heart disease is also far from simplistic. 'Although we must use faith as our guideline rather than hard fact at this juncture, there seems little doubt but that the total elimination of risk factors should be our goal and at the earliest possible ages." Here are some stratagems for Type As. "Avoid days that bulge with events. Try to allot daily time for some solitude. Avoid individuals who bring out your hostility. Desist from catering to your egocentric tendency. Stop hurrying the speech of others or your own. Make time-elastic appointments whenever feasible. Never over-schedule. Begin to read books again. Stop skimming. Don't be afraid to arise earlier and leave work later if by doing so you can avoid feeling compressed by time. Fight hostility by laughing at it. "Identify common daily sources of stress in order to avoid thern. Exercise to avoid physical tension. Define goals, set priorities, reduce the number of back-to-back activities. Focus on process rather than outcome in order to diminish a chronic sense of time urgency. Spend time restructuring social, home and work environments. Only in such ways can the Type A individual control his behavioral excesses. "What are the important culpable factors that can be controlled? — diet, weight, physical activity, hypertension, high cholesterol, cigarette smoking and excessive Type A behavior pattern. "Will this guarantee protection against coronary heart disease? Not necessarily. But it will be a reasonable investment for .good general health and well-being." ' , state of Pennsylvania to drive one of the official wagons. They also receive expense money for their two teams of horses. The Iowa segment of the wagon train will take a week to travel from Des Moines to Calmar. The train will continue on east and is scheduled to arrive in Valley Forge July 4. > Keith says he is looking forward to the entire trip. "It's going to be a nice, low-key vacation where we can really see the country," he says. Gates' son Jerry, 21, is taking a week off from his job in Waterloo to accompany the train as an outrider. Daughter Sandy 17, will also ride the wagon for a few days. The official wagons are Astrology G Tlmei Herald, Corroll, la. j- Tueiday, April 13, 1976 3 financed by Pennsylvania'and the states along the train's route. The Iowa train has official wagons representing Pennsylvania, North Dakota. South Dakota and Iowa. The official wagons will make the entire trip to Valley Forge. The train is also make up of some two dozen independently-owned wagons. Some will join the train at various stops across the state and travel a few days while others, like the one owned by the Jim Jolle family of Kent, Washington, will make the entire trip east. Jolle, a farrier (horseshoen by trade, his wife and six children started out for Valley Forge last June. They left Wednesday April 14,1976 Bernice Bede OSD ARIES (March 21-April 19) Associates will make heavy demands on your time and talents today. Yet they're not apt to be too cooperative in return. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) The boss will have his eye on you today. Don't try to slip 4-H News HALBUR — The Halbur Happy Lassies held a 4-H meeting on April 5 at St. Augustine Gym. Roll call was "A Household Task I Take Care Of." The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sharyl Dopheide and the 4-H Pledge was led by Mary Eischeid. Talks were given by Kathy Klocke on "Guides For Cleaning Bathrooms" and by Jeanne Neppl on "Bicycle Care and Safety." Demonstrations were given by Sandy and Sharyl Dopheide on "Doing Macrame," by Patty and Wendy Wittrock on "Cleaning Windows and Mirrors," by Lisa and Lori Halbur on "Making a Mobile" and "Look at Balance Through Pictures" by Corrine Heinen and Kathy Klocke. Hostesses were Nancy and Julie Dentlinger and Lauri Behrens. After the meeting the girls worked on a quilt for the 75th jubilee of St. Augustine Church. DEDHAM - Rough Riders .4-H meeting was held Thursday. April 8. at 8 p.m. Mrs. Robert Peter. Mrs. Leonard KoesterandMrs. Lee Engen were hostesses. An illustrated talk on "Retail Meat Prices" was given by Chris Seidl. Mrs. Gary Hackett. of the Carroll Museum, talked on the Bicentennial. FAN FAKES Step up to some (eg-shaping dress shoes on tall columns of covered heels. You'll agree — it's HIGH time! Twist vamp in smooth green, blue, orange, white or camel, $20.00. Ellerbroek's Shoes WestgateMall Carroll their wagon in Nebraska for the winter and started out again last month. "This is our first time east of Wyoming." says Jolle. "It's a different kind of trip and a great way to sec the country." The Jolle children. Lind;i IB. Monica 16. Bill 15. Jcannie 14. Patty 12. and Andy 5. are allowed to miss school but they must send reports to their teachers. "The teachers figured the trip would be more educational for them than school." explains Jim. The Jolle wagon, a 1904 Studebaker which has been in the family for 55 years, has not escaped the citizens band radio craze. Bill, who goes by the CB handle "Pitchfork." has a battery-powered unit in the anything past him. Perform your tasks to the best of your ability. GEMINI <May21-June20) Be on guard socially today not to do something unthinkingly that could seriously offend a friend. CANCER (June 21-JuIy 22) It may seem like all at your house today have chips on their.shoulders. including you. Don't let things get out of hand. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) If you're doing mental work today don't let your attention wander. Poor concentration will pave the way for big mistakes. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Budget your resources with extreme care today. Try not to assume new obligations till you're sure the old ones are taken care of. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Forceful or dictatorial types should be avoided today if at all possible. They could cause you problems. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Today's conditions tend to restrict you from doing things of your choosing. You're better off drifting with the tide. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Screen carefully any proposition offered you today by one whose reputation is even a bit questionable. It could be a bummer. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You're still on somewhat shaky ground where your image is concerned. Thoughtless actions could saw off the limb you're sitting on. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Give others credit for their ideas today. They'll do the same for you. If. however, you don't, they won't. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Business situations may be a little more complicated than usually today, particularly if you're dealing with strangers. Be wary/ YOUR BIRTHDAY April 14,1976 Some surprising opportunities could be offered you this year through persons you may know casually. However, don't jump in without investigating in depth. wagon's front:seal "I get a lot of comments from the truckers I talk to." he says. "Most of them say 'Run that by me one more time.' when I lull them I'm driving a covered wagon." The family sleeps in n camper which Jim drives from town to town each clay. Driving a team of horses is nothing new for Lester and Pearl Welle of Milford. They arc employed by Living History Farms of West DCS Moines where she runs the country store and he lakes care of the horses. "This trip is a lot of fun," Pearl says. "You can see things you'd never see in a car." Although travel is at a slow pace, the trek is not without problems. Horses and mules are the only source of power and. unlike automobiles, they must be treated on a personal level by people who understand them. One problem developed early in Ihe day when one team became "balky." "Thai team doesn't want to pull," said Clark Coglcy of Lohrville. wagonmaster for the Iowa trip. "We're gonna tie them to the back of another wagon while they're still hitched and lead them for a couple days. They'll get the idea. Horses usually learn fast." Wagon train participants- treat their animals with respect and often tender loving care. "The horse on Ihe official wagons are-shod especially for this trip." says Keith Gates. "They have iron shoes with the metal boron put on with a welding torch. This makes the shoes hard so they won't wear out and they'll gel better traction on the hard-surfaced roads." Gates says many of the horse owners bathe the animals' shoulders with warm A-A-CHOO/ * FOR WT COLD/ salt water each night to soothe possible strained muscles. The owners also paint the animals' feet with a preparation make of lanolin, turpentine and pine tar to keep the hooves from drying out. The trip becomes serene after the train leaves the shoulder of the busy highway leading out of Des Moines for a country backroad. The dusty road, minus heavy traffic, hears only the clop-clop of hooves and the jingling of harness. "Hey, gee-up Misty." yells Gates. The gray part-Arabian shakes her head and steps up the pace. All of the drivers talk to their animals — sometimes shouting and sometimes soothing. The horses seem to know what the drivers want as they speed up, slow down or stop. All along the wagon train route, people drop what they're doing to wave and take pictures of the train. In Colfax, the excitement of the train's arrival probably exceeds the Fourth of July celebration The school band leads the train into town. Children line the streets to see the now-unique sight of horse-drawn wagons while their parents and grandparents watch a glimmer of past days. That evening, a standing-room-only crowd watches a bicentennial revue presented by the Penn State Singers and the True Singers from Monroe. la. As the night air becomes chilly, riders and drivers stand around a campfire at the Jasper County 4-H Fairgrounds and talk about the day's activities and what could happen tomorrow. The balky team seems to have gotten over its sluggishness and the other teams are getting used to the hills. Tomorrow: on eastward. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! SPECIAL MOHAWK CARPET SALE! All First Quality-All Newest Colors-All Newest Patterns-All Newest Fibers SPECIAL "Carpet of the Month" FEATURE SPECIAL $6.95 SPECIAL $8.95 SPECIAL $10.95 So. Yd. ^ $11.95 So. Yd WHEEL OF FORTUNE EDEN VALLEY CANYON PARADISE COLOR ELEGANCE Compact Shag-Plush Lustrous 2 ply Nylon. Great Performance at a Budget Price. Priced to save you money! Multi-Color Texture in Continuous Filament Nylon for (long wear. #1 Selling Carpet in USA Cut and loop Span Dyed Shag. Now available in 29 outstanding combinations. Brand New Style! Brand New Colors! Samples just You must see it! PUT IT OVER MOHAWK CUSHION FOR ULTRA LUXURY Let our courteous, decorator-trained people assist you your color co-ordination. with Mohawk Carpet Color Center PRENGER fURNITURE "Quality Name Brands you know at always Low Pri»>." West on Hwy. 30 — Carroll CALL FOR SHOP-AT-HOME OPEN: Wednesday & Friday till 9 Sunday 1-5

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